Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game

4.6 (174.2K)
205.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zynga Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game

4.58 out of 5
174.2K Ratings
5 years ago, pintokee
Unhappy player
I’m sorry to say this but since you have made so many changes with the hit it rich game that I don’t enjoy playing it like I used to. You are actually discriminating against all players. You put us in a category of 1-2-3 and I don’t know how you determined what category each one of us should be in. You increased the amount of points it takes to play a game and by doing this it takes me several bonus spins to get enough points to play any game. Also by changing the daily race to a weekly race this gives the ones that you put in the third category are the ones that gets the chance to win and we now have a lot of players to compete with I know you control us when we play and every once in awhile you let us win just to keep us playing. It is very discouraging when it’s time for a bonus spin and it always stay in the same lower range for the level you have me in. I would like to start enjoying to play the game again or I’ll start looking for a new game that doesn't discriminate their players all the nicknames I’ve put in you tell me they are taken. I’m gettin the feeling you don’t want this message sent I know every one I’ve put in has not been taken I keep trying til I get lucky your own company name has already been used by someone as their nickname give me a break
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4 years ago, FreakyTikiMs15
Would be a lot more fun if it weren’t so frustrating!
I like Hit it Rich. It is the most professional looking slots game I have found. The quality of the graphics is excellent. There is also an extensive variety of themes from which to choose. But—-during these stressful times, it would be nice to be able to win big and often for those of us who are limited to what we can do outside our homes. It would also be nice if you increased the winnings on the free bonus wheel. Why not start at $10M and go up to $100M? Why all the odd amounts? Personally, since the wheel was last ‘improved’ (the only improvement I saw was the 48M was upped to 60M). Now I only get amounts under 9M with a 60M win once every few days. How about really improving the wheel to only round numbers—10M, 15M, etc.? How about giving your players a free gift of 5B or more? As has always been my criticism of this game, the coin packages are much too expensive and the winnings for challenges, races, etc., much too low. They aren’t worth playing now with the current meager winnings. I can never build up a balance more than 40B because I dare not bet large amounts. I can say one thing for a fact, and that is I won’t ever purchase another coin package because it would only be throwing away hard earned money. I hope Zynga reads these reviews and actually does improve the game one of these days. When the game becomes more fun than frustrating, I will be happy to rate it 5 stars.
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3 years ago, missymjh
Zyngo Games Are Fun
I played this game years ago and then I quit. I don’t remember why but I began playing Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka and I love both of them so I went back to this game. I have fun. I can’t afford to buy coins at this time so I have to build my coins up and just play at the lowest bet. But hey you want real style Vegas Casino this is it. Here’s the things that you need to remember. First it’s a game. Second they of course would like you to buy but offer options for free play. Third if you had the amount of real money you play on the games and were playing for real money you would not play so reckless and expect so much. Fourth this is just for fun so have fun. Fifth and Final it’s A Free Game and You Get Free Coins. Play with lower bets till you build up. On a losing streak Stop and come back later. Quit blaming the Game makers because you don’t get billions of free coins with each spin!! Reality Check People. Thank you very much Zyngo I have fun with your games and I enjoy playing. I sometimes win big and sometimes I get foolish and lose. Either way I really enjoy this game and your others much better than any other slots games. Have fun and enjoy people and make friends enjoy spinning and respectfully remember that it’s a free online game.
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5 years ago, sjrem
I probably can’t even imagine how much I’ve lost since last night which ruins my position and the number of tokens I’ve lost because your game has malfunctioned for over 24 hours I’ve hit second place on the first game and I am working on first place and second and I’d really hate to have to lose because your game is taking my tokens and malfunctioning. This is one of the only games I played regularly and I had really hate to go to GSN or another game to play games I’ve spent a lot of money on tokens and this is very disappointing when you get it the fax let me now and if I lose my place in the standings I guess I’m not gonna beat you and since it won’t let me receive tokens and his vans from my friends because of Facebook that’s in that dish no negative I’ve got it listed as being sent but I can’t use it because of Facebook but I can send my friends what they need how is that fair I’ve played this game for years and now this shame on you and I really can’t blame it on my phone because it’s a brand new XR Apple. Just lost 75,000,000 in tokens because of malfunction was it enoughTo rest first place and battery can you verify there
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8 months ago, Slot player2
Five stars
Super great games that are fun to play if your a loyal player and loyal to buying their coins. You will soon realize that being a loyal player entitles you to the benefits of HIR’s eventual taking of any and all of your winnings, which they do professionally and consistently, they will on occasion throw you a bone, especially when they see you bent over. . Elite status means a week of special treatment, like free daily bonus coins that your not allowed to hold onto or their partner pair ups with a given partner who either never plays, is not in your level of play or most likely only exists in their pretend world of make believe with make believe winnings. These Al players are almost always a step above you in the corporate algorithm taking away any wins you should be entitled to. If you love playing great slots while continually buying coins to keep playing and you enjoy being the loser they see you as, then this is the game for you. there’s only one winner here and it isn’t going to be you. Greed will eventually be their downfall, but until then Pucker up buttercup.
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6 years ago, noneyabuzz
Eh, I guess I’ll say I’m on the fence with this game
First of all, I am extremely frustrated with the fact that is takes about 1000+ years to reach the next level up. Considering you have to climb like 5 levels to unlock the next game, Yes “game” meaning ONE. It’s like, you’ll be super generous and entertaining one minute then next minute BAM, you suddenly have no money NOR given any options to watch a video or something to earn some extra coins to keep playing. Which is fine when you run out of money, it’s the nature of the gams. You'll get the bonus, eventually, but in the meantime, I’ll be elsewhere. However, one thing I will admit I enjoyed is the promotion that is occasionally given, offering, limited time only, full access to play all the slots regardless of the level you are on. That was super fun cause your beginning slots are super boring and plain. Which then brings me to when you offered 10 million to log onto Facebook, just to actually lose 10 million you had before hand and then you’re forced to restart because they set up to fail. I wouldn’t even consider buying anything from you guys, if this is the way you intended on being in the first place. So yeah, this casino app, isn’t all that.
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4 years ago, Tico (aka) Alvaro
Unhappy players
To all those not happy here at Hit It Rich just remember this is an entertainment outlet for us, and if you’re not happy being lack of content, too difficult to win, putting us all in categories, and the list goes on and on, then one must consider looking for other outlets. I don’t work for Zinga, I come here to have fun, and yes, I sometimes have to buy coin packages. This is the best entertainment venue for me bar none, and Hit It Rich is the best outlet to let off some steam. The best graphics, the amount of games available and so many hours of fun fun fun is what makes me come back time after time. For me it’s like being in a real casino, and I like the challenges. In a real casino real money is lost way too fast, here one can actually make good decisions and last a lot longer with limited losses. Just to be clear, no one is making me write this review, I just get tired of some players complaining constantly but they know they can always go to other similar outlets, but they usually come back to Hit It Rich.
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6 years ago, ROYFATKISON
Ramirez,the only one that can be highlander!
The only problem I had is the actions are quite a bit lagging, and the play was just meager as the bonus are small and far between,not a big deal if the bonus during the hour was larger to compensate for the low payouts and large package prices are unreasonable. Why are there no outside earnings for credits like downloads or marketing adds for credits ? I’m overall amazed at how slow the play is and the game lag is not really a seller to me I really don’t want to use the app any longer I feel like it was an extreme and sufferable experience! Great graphics and a very well done waste of development and a good way for engineering and support to consume development funds ! Needs a long term of sand box tuning to be able to be more fun than others that are older and looser to play . Irregularities in the bet and spin buttons ( max bet is barely operable!) lower the betting rate and expand the play payouts and bonus values to make a more pleasurable experience for the game you have in mind of ovreall cost to development and research the playing fundamentals to USABLE gain via field research in field trial at sand box or beta test office for logistics and a greater benefit for downloading top game ability but needs a lot of work to be as good the graphics are! Overall a thumbs down and -5 on 1-10 scale
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3 years ago, All smiles1229
I’m pretty fed up spending money to buy coins and you can’t win anything at all no matter how much you spend even on the daily race I bought coins I didn’t win anything I had 2 1/2 minutes remaining for the daily race and the stupid game popped up with some dice and the clock tick the way all my time why I rolled the dice and didn’t win anything there either I want the option to not play the stupid ad on games and alsoEvery time that dog shows up although he’s adorable the clock is still ticking on the daily game so you end up wasting all your time trying to move up looking at either a dog or some dice I don’t want any of those additional “fun games“ added on especially when there’s a time limit on other games that I am attempting to play I stopped buying coins for about a year then I started buying them again and it’s just a waste of money also I’d like to complain that the winner of the weekly race is always somebody that doesn’t have a name it’s not a real person it’s because they don’t want to give out the coins EVERYONE WITH COMPLAINTS NEEDS TO STOP GIVIVG 5 STARS THEN COMPLAINING ABOUT THE GAME IT WOULD BE NICE IF THE RATINGS REFLECTED HOW PEOPLE REALLY RATE THE GAME
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4 years ago, Nwc99
I was turned on to this game about a year ago. In the last 3-6 months I find it frustrating that all I do is loose and have to wait for the free bonus spin every hr which is usually at the lowest end of the winnings. 🤬 Once I get that I try my luck again and that money gets sucked right back in a matter of minutes. I’ve also noticed that when I’m playing that more money disappears then the amount I bet!!! What’s up with that! 🤬 Only once was I on a “winning streak” and it bumped me up in the weekly races but that didn’t last long because all I do is loose and I lost that upper position to make more money. I am not buying coins to play a FREE game. I’m pretty close to finding something else to play. Is frustrating to think your going to sit down play the game and because you have no money you can’t! 😭 something’s need to change. Oh the new way you have it set where friends give you free coins and you “ reached your limit” go back to the old way where you can delete it. It’s annoying that they sit in your queue all day!
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5 years ago, aqualion21
Worst customer service! They steal your coins!
Don’t pay them any cash or you’ll lose it! I decided to download this application as I’ve always enjoyed Zynga’s Game of Thrones and now that there sharing lover lounge points I decided to try this application. Within the first three days on this application I was playing and had just been awarded my hourly bonus and I went in to a slot room and the slot got stuck. When I restarted the application all my coins were gone! So I contacted customer service thinking they would just credit the 2,000,000 coins back and that would be that but instead I got asked a bunch of questions and then told I lied to them when I couldn’t produce the correct answers they wanted! I had been considering buying there starter package just before going back in the room I’m so glad I didn’t or I would have been out the cash as I’m sure those coins would have disappeared too!!!! Moral of the story this is not a company who treats there customers right so just enjoy the free to play.
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6 months ago, sandalove
Not as fun as it used to be.
I have been a long time player of the Hit It Rich game. I’m talking years. I’m not real pleased with the changes I’ve seen. I enjoy the game so much. I’ve even spent money on it. I don’t do that but in doing so I watched my purchased coin count be completely consumed by the game in a matter of minutes. And I never buy less than 3 billion coins. I rarely played beyond 100 million coins and it’s just not worth it to me. The challenges you raise the minimum amount to play in the challenges, and then you can’t get bonuses in order to complete the challenges. I used to occasionally win a jackpot, but I haven’t hit a jackpot in a couple years now I just stopped competing in the weekly race because to try and stay at a level if you don’t buy coins, forget about it. So I’ve simply been playing off of what’s left in my bank which isn’t very much and when that’s gone, I’m gone. I think you have a good selection of games. I even enjoy the competitions but I’m not just playing to play the points that I have. I hope to continue to play as I accumulate points as well. It’s been so disappointing.
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4 years ago, Rocz888
Hit it rich
Game has been continuously spinning and not stopping until you go out of it. When you go back into it it plays a few pulls and then continuously spins again. Been going on for a couple of days. Miss out on challenges points and losing points on the continuous spinning games. Now it's been over a week and the game still has it constant spinning events. When can this be fixed. Not fun if you lose points on that spin. now the game stops completely before sending the spin down and I have to shut down the game. It stops completely in the middle of play. Now I wasn't getting coins for watching videos and told them. Don't complain to them because right after that for at least a week all I have done is lose. I run my new coins down every time I play. They have the way to help you lose. Guess they want to get rid of problems. Like I said before, complained that I don't get the coins for watching the videos and now when I play I get coins and lose them right away by getting very little wins. A way of punishing you for complaining ? game getting boring. Collect the coins and lose them right away and collect them and lose. . It’s been going on for weeks. Not fun anymore.
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6 years ago, Su-n-Mo
Greed has gotten the better of you
After years of playing this game, you changed the payouts a few months ago, and I have now lost over a billion coins EIGHT times and started over. (For example, 3 adjacent money bags on the stormin’ 7s game used to pay more than your bet. Now it pays half.) No wonder my coins keep disappearing!! This week, you also changed the daily bonus and video payout, so starting over would be impossible to do going forward. I get that you want people to buy coins, but WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO BUY THEM IF THEY ARE JUST GOING TO DISAPPEAR!?! Really? And the advertisers should be paying you to peddle their videos, so why are you suddenly being cheesy about the video pay? Do you value you players so little that you are willing to waste their time for nothing? This has now gone from my favorite game to my least favorite. It is no longer fun to play, especially when your coins continually disappear in a matter of minutes. Shame on you! I’m not going to buy coins just to lose them to your greed.
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5 years ago, Al loving music
I play just about all day. I’m disabled, I spend a lot of money playing Hit It Rich. The recommended game went to bonus with me betting 20/30 Million and paid out 54 Million. I can play a game and have over a billion credits and not go to bonus. It’s like they see me coming, let’s take some more money from her. Trick no good. The games and graphics are fantastic, they keep us competitive with each other so they can gain in the end. You spend more money to win less than you purchased. They called me to offer me a free trip, September 20th somewhere around that time, can’t make it due to health reasons. Where’s our loyalty reward just for being a good customer without having to travel away from home. I have become very disappointed in the winning from your games based on how much I play as well as spend. Just pull up my account Hit it Rich and you will know that I tell the truth nothing but the truth. I have spent hundreds with your company, I need to buy stock in your game not play it.
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11 months ago, SLFGSN
Great games but way to tight!
Hardly win so no longer enjoy and when you do the winnings are so small compared to how much you have bet. In fact now some days I will not even play anymore because credits are so low. I started with hit it rich back when they first started before the changed the point amounts up twice. Been as high as in the trillions but now can’t seem to get any build up only in the 100 billion. Sure glad I built up points in other free games that I can play and actually win more and build up without constantly getting some special offer to buy for all these different contest games to get extra credits. Etc. seems everyday practically a call for buy, buy, buy. Tired of the sales pitches. Please quit trying to sell us so much and go back to the old days. I bet you probably are not too happy with my review of HIR. I guess you have to make a profit but eventually by doing the hard sell to get people to buy you may lose more than you gain and not get old players back.
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4 years ago, Renee A Diffee
Hit it Rich!!
This is about to actually be funny. So sorry you have taken away the ability to have fun. So sad!!! This used to be my favorite app to play, but is getting to the point, it is so frustrating to try and play your set challenges daily. I get free spins from my friends and you limit me on how many I can have a day. We all need to show you how that feels and stop buying any coin packages. I know that’s not nice, but why would you want to limit my daily gifts and chance to try different games. Games I would probably never choose on my own, but I actually like getting to play a bigger variety. However you won’t let me collect free spins from my friends who have been nice enough to send to me. Also, why do I rarely get the chance to return gifts of free spins to my friends. I can only send them free spins if you allow me to. That’s not fair nor nice!!!! Much more and I will delete the app entirely while telling my friends not to try your app. I can’t stand greedy people. Think about it!!😢
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7 years ago, W e g
Hit it rich WHEN ???
I have been playing Hit It Rich for a long time. I love the different choices of game,but it would be nice to hit jackpots and win more on games. I have purchased a lot of coins though out the time I have been playing. For right now I can't purchase as much as I used to. But it would be nice to hit it rich a little more with the coins I have. So I can continue to play so when I do have extra money I will want to purchase more coins. In the mean time I would like to hit a jackpot so I can still play. How do you get a jackpot on any of the games. I have seen the same person get a jackpot. I would be nice to hit a jackpot. It is not like I can cash it in for REAL MONEY. Come on lighten up the purse strings. PLEASE Why did I not get the coins you said I would get if I my friends? This was Colleen Stanowski"I called her and asked to plat again and she did. Please send me my coins.
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6 years ago, Crabmonster
Terrible game.
This game is terrible now. Winning Anything is extremely hard. I had been going from having to keep doing the spins for coins every 2 hours just to accumulate enough coins to play for a few minutes with betting little amounts before losing it all. About a week or 2 ago I was winning a huge amount and I went to over 2 billion coins and was betting 2.5-10 million a spin and doing well, but that lasted only a couple days before rapidly going down to nothing and having to wait until I did the extra spins for coins a couple times before betting it all away extremely fast. I like this game because there are a few good slots on here, but it is ridiculous how quickly coins go, and I have bought coins a couple times but it's not worth it to spend real money just to have all the coins gone in a minute. I understand it is designed to be similar to real slot odds..but this is ridiculous. I've spent my last 50 million coins over the last few days with maybe a 1% return on my bets, which clearly doesn't last long and then I'm out of coins again. Poor game..I thought these games are supposed to get people to keep playing, not just keep paying. This is entertainment for me, not a money pit.
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3 years ago, Rscoh
Horrible customer service
I’ve been playing and earning cards for a month. I just completed a set where I won over $1 billion. I played one $10 million spin on the very next game and my entire balance disappeared. They’re trying to tell me I collected the bonus almost a month ago and there’s nothing wrong on their end because they have “thoroughly checked the logs”. Clearly not since I won the bonus two days ago. They’re response on here is to contact them for support. I DID that and both times they insisted that I had won the bonus a MONTH before. Anyone who plays the game regularly knows how the card game works. You collect cards constantly. I played for hours every single day and they’re trying to say I finished that group a month before but haven’t been able to finish any other set since then? Seriously? I know exactly which ones I had finished and which ones needed just a a couple of cards. They’re trying to say the glitch was the notification that I had just finished the set. NO, THE GLITCH WAS THE GAME STEALING MY BONUS MONEY! Then they act like I’m lying. It’s absolutely infuriating. Worst customer service ever! I would’ve given them ZERO stars if I could.
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5 years ago, SpinMic
I have uninstalled on my kindle and will uninstall on my iPhone after this review. I am so unimpressed with changes that have been made over the last year or so. I’m not even sure how many years ago I downloaded Hit it Rich but I enjoyed it a lot for years. It was great for killing time on work breaks, taking me out of my own head for a while during hospital stays, cabin fever in cold weather, any time I had a few minutes (or longer) of down time. The graphics have always been great and still are. Too many other changes have not improved the Charms gone, bonus wheel ridiculous, “collections” that can’t be completed (no new cards for weeks before the deadline), levels that never advance (I have been on level 464 for at least 3 months). It costs money to play more than 4-5 minutes, even collecting a whole day’s worth of bonuses. I have read (some of) the mountain of negative feedback regarding not-so-great changes made and waited a while to see if any positive changes came about as a result, but no. I think maybe TPTB must only look at numbers and that’s fine. It’s just not fun for me anymore, though; there are too many other, more worthwhile uses for my phone/tablet storage.
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4 years ago, existforpresent
What happened?
This game use to be great and enjoyable as you could win and build up. Now if you start winning and competing you always seem to fall just short enough you lose everything which leads you to make a purchase. Fine everything costs something but at a certain point when there are so many complaints about this game being fair you claim it’s just like the algorithms at a real casino it’s the exact same, well real casino give money back you just take. We obviously want to play to waste some time and not go to the casino. I recently sent you an email stating I liked your game have spent money would love for you to show some love back with some coins to try and build back up. Instead of just being a good company I get told to go to your Facebook or wait every hour to get them. Are you kidding me? Where is the respect or appreciation for your longtime customers? I asked to speak with a supervisor or someone higher up and was blown off like what was I going to do about it. Hopefully someone in your employment actually reads these and gets back to me in a timely manner as I will be looking into submit a claim with the BBB on the fairness of what this game claims to be.
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11 months ago, Brendahmh
Terrible customer service
I have played this game for years, even with all the problems. I have been emailing with customer service for 2 days because they have ripped me off again. I received over 6 billion on my daily free spins, which hardly ever happens and I took screenshots of the win, the money in my bank and when the money disappeared. The reason I did this is because it has happened to me in the past and customer service said they couldn’t do anything because I didn’t have screenshots (why in the heck you would take screenshots of your game playing to assure they don’t rip you off is beyond me). Now, even with the screenshots, they actually have the nerve to tell me that they don’t show I played that game and are refusing to give me the money I won. I have spent a lot of money for coin packages and they treat you like this. Please, go with a different slot game and just save yourself the aggravation. This used to be a decent app but they have gotten extremely greedy and the games do not pay out like they used to. I am definitely going to look for a new game to play and will be deleting this app.
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3 years ago, peppermint2358
Cheaters and liars
DO NOT purchase the Rich Pass. I purchased it at the beginning of October in good faith, played all the way to the last piggy payout and was shown I would receive over 72,000,000,000. When I got on yesterday to play a bit that final payout amount had been reduced to under 10,000,000,000 with no explanation. When I emailed about it, I was told that there was a bug and that it had been fixed so that going forward anyone who got to the end would get the “proper” lower payout. I emailed again pointing out that I HAD already reached the end and earned the higher amount as promised and was brushed off. These people will get no more of my money ever, not on this game or any other. They are liars and cheaters. Be warned. Update - another brushoff. I have deleted the app and am moving on with apps where they don’t cheat you out of what you have rightfully paid for and earned. Buhbye Haha yet another update - zynga responded and recommended that I contact support. That is what I did and they did nothing but make excuses. I have deleted and am no longer wasting my time or money on their cheating games. Leave me alone!!
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6 years ago, TamamaCandyLover
Zynga Inc. can't take criticism!‼️😡👎🏼
Like I said.. This game is a complete scam And rigged to make you lose and have to spend real money, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.. My main issue is "Zynga Inc." I've done a review in a previous app of yours being "Looney Tunes Dash!" And you deleted my reviews of that and I re wrote them, and now you're doing the same BS to me on this one after I said there was glitches and bugs in the game? Learn how to take constructive criticism then maybe your apps wouldn't have half the reviews comments of people complaining about the game glitching and ripping them off. There's a thought! Grow up, Zynga Inc. and lower your egos, stop writing yourselves fake 5 star reviews and learn how to take some criticism .. 👎🏼 I'm never using another app from this company again they are all the same battery draining scams to get people to spend real money, and full of bugs and Zynga Inc. is too ignorant to listen to constructive criticism their reviewers try and give them. And obviously too lazy to fix the bugs in their apps, they send false messages saying they will fix it a year later the problem still exists.. LAZY! Like I said.. GROW UP, ZYNGA INC.! 👎🏼😡
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2 years ago, saaaassypants
Too many costly updates, They lowered the winnings ratio.
Welcome to falsehood and this game I played it for years and now the owners are so greedy. If you really want to win you have to pay for your winnings that’s the bottom line. It used to be a game that was so much fun and you had winnings without investing money to win . . An added enticement they added , a dog , Beware of the dog in the game,they say it will help your game and feed it treats . Really ? I feed it this and seriously that dog has yet to enhance my winnings it’s a real joke and I’ve been playing this for so many years. It was great entertainment and it kept me occupied and I always felt like a winner but let me tell you the last four or five months all it makes me do is take my money and make me feel like a loser they have changed everything about this game, and I’m done beware it’s not worth the money.
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2 years ago, Qweens
No payouts! Getting ready to delete!
Downloaded this app a while ago. I played it all the time then decided to remove it to spend less time on my phone. A few months ago I decided to try it again because it IS a fun app. However NOW - the games don’t pay. I LOVE the hourly bonuses vs the TWO hour ones. But in the end it’s all the same because now the games don’t pay. I can’t believe I BOUGHT coins and lost them all in 10 mins of play and I wasn’t betting big. I have a feeling I’ll be deleting soon. It’s a money game now vs a fun game. 👎🏼 Not to mention the hourly wheel seems to only land on 32M or 34M. Very rarely do I land on any other amount. I don’t like the updated pet game. I got more respins with the old one. And Quest for the Chest…why does it have to drag on for daaaays? I like the card collecting and the challenges and the Gold games. Everything else is eh! The coin packages are super expensive and not worth it. The bonuses are below par because the bigger you bet the harder it is to get a bonus let alone one that pays. Sorry, but greed is slowly taking over the app and removing all the fun.
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1 year ago, Patronda
Its Ight
I’ve been playing for about 4+ years and while it’s kind of embarrassing it has also gotten me through many a brunch. Before Hit it Rich, I would just sit at brunch bored in silent meditation imagining what it would be like to be at home with my dogs playing PS5 instead of listening to a bunch of women talk about literally nothing for 130+ minutes. Now, I am able to play my slots and people will generally leave me alone (I’ll chime in from time to time if it’s a topic I like or know something about). It literally saved my marriage. However, I have probably spent waaaaay to much of my own money for fake money, but that’s another topic. Lastly, Hit It people, please bump me up to a Black Diamond. It took me literally years to get to Ruby and I just want to rub it in to all my friends who aren’t playing Hit It Rich. I was Coin Boss once ya know! But for real, Black Diamond 😄
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1 year ago, Boscher76
Just like many others…
I am not very happy with this game either. Ive been a very loyal player but spending all this money to buy coins that sometimes never deposit into my balance and then you can totally tell when your account switches to LOSE MODE because all of a sudden, you cannot win on ANY game. Feed that magic dog his bones and he never shows up to re-spin and let you win something. When its in LOSE MODE, you will win nothing. They take everything quickly and want you to buy more. It makes the game not worth playing. And yeah, contact your Player Support but they do nothing. Its getting so frustrating to play that yall are going to lose me as a player and customer. That will definitely make my bank account happy. Im probably going to switch to Cashman Casino since it is owned by a well known casino game machine maker.
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2 years ago, Lindezimmo
Goodbye for now
Goodbye, HIR. I really enjoyed playing your games- great graphics, fun challenges. They were a terrific stress reliever. And I actually made it to yellow diamond level. But, sadly, I’ve recognized the deadly cycle: buy coins, win big, finish in the top 1 or 2, get encouraged to try again the next week, bet the same, play the same games as the week before, lose,buy coins, lose, buy coins, lose, buy more coins, try different games, lose, buy coins, lose, buy coins lose, Stop playing for a week, buy coins, win big, finish in the top 3, then lose, buy coins, lose,buy coins, lose. It’s impossible to maintain a playable amount of coins - so, adios. I’m cutting the cord. Gave HIR 5 stars for all the great games, graphics, customer service. Leaving because of all the real $$$$$ needed to continue to play.
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3 years ago, Just Me Queen B
Previously happy player
This used to be my favorite game and the first one I would every chance I had to play a game and even would sneak some spins when I didn’t really have the time but over the last few months the changes that Zynga has made to Hit It Rich have been horrible and honestly I don’t even care to play it everyday anymore because it has become more of a downer rather than putting a smile on my face. The challenges have become almost impossible, the bonuses are almost nonexistent, the games that really did well have been removed (madmen & a few others), wins used to at least get close to the bet amount and now if you ever even win it’s nowhere close to your bet amount so you lose everything vey quickly. Please make your game fun again. Adding to this review to say wow since writing the original review everything about the game has gotten much worse so I would tell anyone thinking about writing an honest review you will only make your experience worse if you write it.
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3 years ago, TezzyT
Not fun anymore
I used to enjoy the game however now not so much. Thee spin wheel very rarely gives good payouts, the games themselves the payout rate is horrendous, there is no reason I should go from 1 billion to almost zero betting 10,000 a spin and not have the machines hit any substantial payouts. On the rare occasion when I would purchase coins still betting low I would never hit anything worth while so either I would stop playing or have to purchase more coins which I will not do. The free bonus games that friends send used to be worth it but now I find more and more they also pay out less. The dog thing is cute but it takes forever for him to come out some times that I’m out of money and he has not come out once. It used to be fun but now I find a few spins your broke and then it takes a forever to build up enough money through daily spins to be able to play again. The only way to really be able to amass allot of money is to spend allot of money to bet really high.
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7 years ago, Rodtwins
Bonus funds
The games are great! But, when it comes to getting awarded the full amount win, it awards you less. Example, on the daily bonus or other bonuses, if you were to win 100k, 90k, or any large amount, it only awards you a fraction of the amount. Otherwise the games are entertaining. The games are fun, but whether you bet a small amount or a large amount, it still pays out the same......small amounts. Not rewarded properly when betting larger amounts. Kills the fun of playing.... The games are fun to play. What I have experienced in numerous occasions is that I reach 7 days of playing and all of a sudden it takes me back to day one. As far as getting rewarded, it needs to adjusted. Because it seems that if you bet millions on each spin, you get rewarded as if you were betting smaller amounts, especially on the bonus games.
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5 years ago, Ardaniel4176
Hit it Rich
I’m pleasantly surprised by the positive changes that have been made at Hit it Rich. There’s a new daily matchup (one player vs. one player). Between the two of you, whoever wins the most coins at the end of the day wins a small prize. I’ve noticed that I’ve been put against players who are near my rank on the weekly race board, so that seems like a fair way to choose who plays who each day. I also really enjoyed playing in the teams of 4 players that were put together for an event last week. My team of four played against another team of four players, and whoever completed the tasks first, won a coin prize. I can’t remember the name of that event, but I thought it was fun. I didn’t lose much this week, so maybe that’s why I had so much fun? I really hope it lasts! I’m really hopeful for the good changes that have been made, as this is one of my favorite games, and I’ve been playing HIR since 2016.
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6 months ago, Sch5412
Rate HIR
HIR was really fun when it was new to the iPAD/iPHONE industry, but once it took on new management the games stopped allowing free spins and the challenges in each game became ridiculous with the amount you had to win to receive the end pot amount. Example: win 127 billion to receive 20 billion. The HIR store doesn’t even give you enough coin for each $100 dollars a person has to spend in real money to make it worth playing. And after a person wins a decent amount, the games percent of win spins are turned off and a person just ends up losing all the coin they had built up. The response I got from HIR personnel was “what do you expect, you are gambling at your own risk, this is a casino game. When you play 15 or 20 games and spend $100 billion coin and none of these 15 to 20 games even give you any wins you know the win level has been turned down to a 1 percent payback. This is very sad for your loyal customers.
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2 years ago, Ashante2
App gone Bad
This use to be my favorite casino game app. It is also the oldest one on all my devices. Play it every day. But it has gone bad. It’s all about getting your money. The have changed the algorithms to benefit themselves in such a unfair manor. It’s one thing that we give them real money and they give us virtual money but then to rig the game play for you to loose. This last one power tower I think it’s called just is awful it’s all about taking your real money for nothing. This app is a scam. Don’t play or down load it. I’m done. Also it cliches often. When you contact them. They tell you to send them information about it that you can’t find or no how to find. Also it takes a long time to get into the game from clicking out the sale promotions. Okay you know it’s gone bad.
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4 years ago, Reign 2 U
This is a major rip out avoid
This game is rigged to just fleece your of money , no fun involved If you like slot games then do their Wizard Oz slot they are fair and you get to play longer in other words you get your money worth. This crappy game give little to no bonuses if you bet high , or low, they give a small amount of coins to a purchase which is used up quickly because of their low payout. it just a cheating money grubbing game don’t waste your time ..the only positive it offers a lot of unique games that will fleece your money...but ultimately The Real Vegas in Nevada has a better pay off .I mean seriously ridiculous greedy useless time waster. Play if you like just giving your money away. if you want a game that’s fun for your money then look at a different sot game then this👎🙄
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3 years ago, My three grandsons
Not Worth a Response From Support 😢😢
After playing Hit it Rich for several years I decided two days ago to respond to the request to link my email. I received a notice that an email would be sent for verification. After five minutes I didn’t receive an email. Only received a prompt to play as a guest or verify my email. Thinking I could continue to play until the email to confirm was sent I select play as a guest which resulted in a new identity. Then the verification email finally came through to my email which I verified. But now I am unable to gain access to my account only the new one. I had finally reached level III after years of playing and purchasing coins to now only being able to access this new account but not my account I had for years. Furthermore I reached out to support who has failed to contact me to let me know if this can be rectified. After years of financially support the company it would seem to me I would be worth at least a response. 😢😢😢😢 😞 😒😒
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6 years ago, CLOROX AND FAMILY
Upset Loyal “HIT IT MISS” Member....
I have been extremely patient waiting for technical upgrades and fixes regarding “no connections” time and time again. In my case, about 80% of the time when the game has to REBOOT itself I may usually sync correctly with the accurate “dollar” or “spins remaining” amounts. Today, approximately 4:00 pm (PT) and 6:00 pm (PT), I won FIRST PLACE in the ROYAL RUSH (Magic Mike XXL) game, which should have rewarded me $10,000,000; and, FIRST PLACE in the DAILY RUSH with a winning amount of $109,954,500. To my dismay, the total winnings awarded to me winning FIRST PLACE in BOTH games totaled = $4,000,000+ which is not accurate at all!! I know your CEO and direct reports do not want your gaming players to ever feel we are being shorted or cheated out of anything that’s rightfully theirs. Therefore, I feel your tech team members and others should 1) fix my account to its accurate balance immediately and, 2) please ensure these types of erroneous cliches / errors do NOT effect other devoted or committed gaming players in this manner to start thinking this is going to a normal hit or miss going forward, especially if we are making purchases on your website. I want to thank you in advance for your assistance getting my concern taken care of promptly!!! CJWB
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2 years ago, LuckyyDawgg
Too many bad changes
I won’t get into all the changes that I know a lot of players like myself dislike *cough Coin Boss cough*… But I will say I absolutely fricking hate that you changed the pet and the way it works. Just today I fed the little bugger “I had been saving treats for a couple days” bet through about 5 billion coins at bets between 2 and 40 million on different slots and Not One Single Time, did my pet show up to spin the reels.. utter disappointment in that. A lot of us that do have to spend a few bucks here and there just to make it through your missions I’m sure are just as disappointed as I am. Don’t get me wrong I love Hit It Rich slots but I feel you need to listen more to the negative feed back you’ve been getting from so many. It’s not as fun as it once was, but it has quite a few slots we love to play. Thanks for all the good stuff you have created for our outlet.
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2 years ago, Noneother987664322
Fun with issues and No Customer Service
400 spins and not one bonus spin. That is why I will NEVER make a purchase in this app. 200 spins and not one bonus spin or big win. Red White and Boom locks up app which then has to reopen. Getting to where I don’t even want to play. 120 spins and not one bonus spin. That's again why this is not fun and why I haven't been playing/betting as much. Do not waste real money buying coins/tokens. Just play with free ones and then move on to some other casino game. Non win spins are getting higher. 200 spins and not one bonus spin. That's why this game is not fun. Playing this used to be fun. Minimum bet amount is way too high. Level up progress is no longer visible and there is no customer service to answer questions. Would love to understand the Daily Race winning amounts and why the game wants you to connect to FB in order to use certain Charms. Have been stuck at the exact same place on my level for months and there is NO customer service or support.
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2 years ago, just-roze
Set up to lose
I’ve been playing this for a few years and it took me a while to see how this system is set up to get you to buy coins. In the last 2 years the amount of changes the game has made keeps you stuck and therefore tricks you into buying coins to play. The race used to be daily. Which meant coins at the end of 24 hours. Now it’s weekly therefore, keeping you stuck in a weekly race mentality vs a daily one. A weekly one tricks you into thinking you have time to win the race therefore you buy coins. Then there’s the hourly wheel. You get to spin this wheel every hour to earn coins. It lands on the same least amount of coins every hour. I have yet to see my wheel land on anything higher than 52 now that I moved up to Black Diamond. It used to always land on 26 when I was Emerald. These machines are set up just like real slots. You don’t win. My advice - play for fun. Do not get caught up in the races. You will find yourself spending money and getting nothing in return.
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5 years ago, PointingLab
It is time to say goodbye, I guess!
I have been a member for several years and have played my way to highs of $1.2 trillion to about being broke in one month. They demand high bets to win anything but lately there has been little paid out. As a VIP member, I expect better treatment. They can call it bad luck, but I have lost money everyday for over 30 days. My bets have been .1% or less of my total money, so there were not risky high bets, or I would have been gone before now. I have previously enjoyed playing, but since I have lost 99% of my $1.2 trillion, I guess they want me gone. If I was a newcomer and thinking about playing this game, I would not be spending any money to buy coins. It appears they will break you eventually, which is not good customer service.
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3 years ago, Pierces Shopper
Another Unhappy player
I’ve been playing this game for years to try to level up, I still haven’t unlocked all the game let alone have credits from one session to the next some how I win enough to bet higher then start losing quickly. I bought plenty of credits and still would lose continuously , you don’t get much for your money anyway and if you do win somehow the games will not give you a bonus for days and I mean that literally. I went 3 days collecting credits and trying the same game several times a day and still could not get a bonus. So it’s not worth buying credits played you may win to play for a lil while but next few time a you play you will lose continuously. And no matter how many friends you have to send you coins and spins you can’t collect them all, they expire and your stuck deleting the one that have expired. Will it be buying anymore credits... may as well save it for a real slots app that pays and matches what I buy in real money!
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4 years ago, KCS-Love82
Bring back the old Hit It Rich!!!!
I’ve been an avid player of HIR for 6 years. This is my go to slots but the changes that have been made recently are taking away from the excitement and fun of the game. The slots are extremely tight and that weekly race needs to disappear forever. Also, please don’t bring back the quest for the chest. It’s boring, tedious and just gets in the way of gameplay. You guys can do away with the card collection too because no one hardly ever finishes the whole set. Please bring back the original daily race and charms please! Most of us players did not ask for these new below average changes. Make the game how it used to be. There are still a few good things left about the game like the graphics and slot selection. Those cannot be beat anywhere but the low coins and extra tight slots are ruining the game for your most loyal players. Please consider revamping back to the old HIR. It would be beneficial to Zynga and all of it’s customers!!!
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4 years ago, Angry Lady C
Unhappy player
I have been playing this App for many years and have always enjoyed spending the end of my day playing the various game selections offered. There are times when I would have played so much that I I have received the highest achievement award and/or trophies. But most of the time I have had to purchase coins to play the games. Over the course of the last two weeks I have noticed that despite the number of points earned, points are consistently being taken without playing any games. It has happened so often that I am at the point of removing the App especially since I have found other games that I am starting to enjoy. Please fix this issue; otherwise, you will loose another loyal customer. Thank you for your assistance!
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5 years ago, Ragnaros24
Money hungry developers
While I love the games, it’s designed to let you win on certain days/hours and depending if you spend real money on coins. Even so, I spent way too much of my hard earned money just to get little playback value. I mean COME ON, if I just bought $500 worth of coins give me some awesome bonus’s or let me win more often so I move up in the ranks!!!! There is no way I’m in 29th place spending close to $500 on this game. You guys are being too greedy and while i see you’re strategy of hooking them in and cashing in...at least make it enjoyable with some amazing wins. I’ve uninstalled, I’m not going to be suckered in anymore until they fix this. Classic example of American greed. Il suggesting play until you’re out of coins and move on to another app.
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6 years ago, shan0123456
I can’t win anything anymore.. I have not been over $400,000 in over 7 months & I bet 2.5 million to maybe get more money & all I do is lose it. This game used to be fun. Not anymore. & the 2 hour bonus’ hardly ever give more than 3.5 million. That’s one spin on a game and we all know were going to lose it.. Then you have to wait another 2 hours. This game does NOT pay out at all. Another thing.. the challenges. I’m on level 530. Why am I winning under 1 million on my challenges? Shouldn’t I be winning a lot more?? It’s not even worth playing them. I lose all my money before I can even finish the challenges. I’m ready to stop playing. So sick of being excited I have maybe 50 million and then losing it in under 3 mins because the game doesn’t pay out. EVER!!!! I would NEVER EVER spend real money on this game because I know I’d lose it without even getting a bonus. So disappointing. Used to be fun! Trying new casino games!
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6 years ago, Mhaighdean
I play many slot apps. And this one frustrates me soooooo much. I love the games themselves, once you reach being able to play them that is!!! Your step system in “earning” play in games is ridiculous! You make it so hard to earn playing them to begin with. Now, you give away coins for watching videos. It used to be worth watching the videos for the free $3M in coins. But now you cut that in half to a measly $1.5M in coins. I will be the first to admit that I have made choices to purchase items advertised in the videos, even ones advertised in other apps that I play. But most of the videos are mindless repeats of items or apps. I’m over it! I won’t even waste my time for the coins anymore. But that also means I’m not buying coins, or viewing your advertisements! My other apps do not do any of this stuff! Sad. Because you do have great graphics and good games.
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5 years ago, Banditbj
A Blast
Hit It Rich is the best slot app on the internet! The games are interesting to play, and they are varied, just like in the casinos. The visuals are great! The bonuses are fun, too! The races are great because there are promotions along the way, which give the players increased bonus percentages on spins to get coins every one or two hours, sometimes every 30 minutes. They also give a decent amount of coins for watching videos. Most videos are open for play most of the time, unlike some of the other apps that have many games locked all the time. Why they do this is beyond me because I play on apps that have lots of games to chose from in order not to be bored. So, way to go, Zygna Hit It Rich slots! I’ve tried many slot apps, and this is the best by far!
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