Hiway Mobile Banking

4.6 (1.6K)
38.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hiway Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hiway Mobile Banking

4.59 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
5 months ago, Herd of Ten
My review
My experience with Highway credit union is great they are very helpful to me and answer all my questions that I have. The employees of the two sites that I go too are very kind amazingly friendly and Roseville area the new bank I went in and they actually come out and help you with the any questions with the new cash machine and how it operates plus they have Dunkin’ Donuts right next too it yummy fresh coffee fresh donuts yummy. I want too wish all the stuff at both sites I visit Happy Holidays and Happy New Year’s❣️
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4 years ago, Nenibejan
Bill Pay
I use to always give 5 stars to the Hiway app. Now I am Very Very sad that I can’t use Bill Pay anymore because of my older version iPhone. I called the Hiway help and was told to call Apple and ask them to force the latest upgrade to my phone. I called Apple and the tech guy was VERY patient with me. I told him the message when I try to access Bill Pay...the message says basically to log in again. I had tried that multiple times and even reinstalled the app. The Apple tech walked me through a scenario where I signed into the site Bill Pay uses an still I couldn’t get in to the bank Bill Pay site. Apple told me to call the bank and tell them it is not a phone issue. I am waiting for a bank person to call me back.
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4 years ago, vangy13
Good but needs much more improvement
I’m able to see all my accounts and loans one one app but the mobile app limits my ability to make extra payments towards my loan. I have to call in to member services or mail in a check and it’s just extra steps that can be eliminated if there is that option thru the mobile app. Also I recently tried to open a checking account through the add account option on the mobile app. The app said it was created but when I called member services a few days after they saw no record of it. Hiway federal has a long way to go to improve on their mobile app to truly make it convenient for their users/members.
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4 years ago, Density21.5
Registering Device for Mobile Deposit
This application used to make you wait when you register a new device before you could make a deposit. It would also keep you from using a previous password. I happened to forgot my password and had to create a new one so started a cycle of making new passwords and waiting to register to make a deposit. Anyway thanks for fixing this.
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5 years ago, gokfing-gma
I would give the app 4.5 star rating
It’s really easy to use. I like it a lot. The only issues that I have had is when I do multiple bill pays when moving to do the second one it seems I have to back to home and do bill pay again from the menu. It would be nice if it said or had a button that said next bill to pay or back to home simply. It could be user error on my part. I also wish when paying bills on my phone app that I wouldn’t have to rotate to landscape to see & select Pay. Otherwise, I love the app.
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8 months ago, hjyugtfr
4.5 rate
I’ve been with Hiway for 11 years and they are fantastic! But Why I give a 4.5 rate because I’ve been seeing a lot of other CU bank like affinity plus and etc..they release their customer’s funds(checks) 2 or 1 day early into their accounts as long as their company releases their checks to them and I strongly feel like Hiway needs to do this too and they would be one of the top CU! Please consider letting people get their funds 1 or 2 days earlier please!!
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2 years ago, MN MaMa J
Exceptional service
I have been a Hiway credit member for many years. I’ve had 4 car loans, boat loan, signature loan and do ALL my banking with them. Exceptional service since the first day and every day since. I trust them with all my financial needs. You are never just a number with them. Greeted with a smile and helpful nature every time. Exceptional service always!
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2 years ago, SusannRosannaDanna
Off to another bad start
Historically this app in previous iterations has been functionally useless. I have installed and removed the Hiway app from my phone numerous times but because I want to use Zelle, I reinstalled it only to find there are issues within the app using Zelle that will not be resolved for at least 24 hours. So far the individuals at Highway are unable to help and so the complaint goes up the chain. It cannot verify my identity, it cannot verify my profile, it cannot verify my telephone number, and it cannot verify the telephone number of the person to whom I am sending money, who is my husband.
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5 years ago, Mithmabe
Highway app
Its great for looking at my balance and verifying where the money goes but the more things i try to use it for the harder it gets and it takes me for a ride. Every time i try to locate an ATM it takes for ever and or doesn't work. The map isn't friendly almost as if it isn't meant for mobile use. Actually maybe that is how everything works. Bill pay takes to many days. I could write a check and mail it for that service. It could be me since i am not very techie. Good thing is i like the personal service when i visit the bank so I’ll suffer.
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3 months ago, Kelyros
I love Hiway Credit Union! The people are always so friendly and knowledgable. The website is good and the app is convenient. However, I find that on the app the “transfer funds” under the “more” button in the upper right does not work right on my iPad. I cannot use that feature, so I have to go to my laptop if I want to transfer funds. Other than that, I really like all the other features!
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5 years ago, Long-time HFCU Customer
Good in many ways, but mobile deposit rarely works
I like the app in general, but the mobile app rarely works (especially on the weekends). Maybe it is not supposed to, but that is when I do most of my tasks (like banking). It simply gets stuck on the “Loading” screen. I don’t recall if I have ever gotten it to work on the weekend. On Monday mornings, I am often able to it to work after a few tries. It sure would be nice to have this functionality on the weekends. Maybe I need to go back to mailing my depositS.
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2 years ago, JLouisIII
Solid app and well featured.
Excellent banking app that is well thought out. I am dependent on it to manage my finances. Understanding, monitoring and paying off loans is a very strong point. Security appears very good. It has made it easy to manage both my personal and business accounts. I really love the ability to deposit checks remotely. Highly Recommended
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5 years ago, TheKimberly1975
Thorough and easy to use
I have never used a banking app as much as I’ve used this one for the Hiway Credit Union. I find it very easy to use, once you’ve learned a few rules. The numerous options are handy, allowing me to do nearly all my banking online. I particularly like the e-deposit and cross member transfer features. There are a features I’ve yet to explore, ie money management, but I know my sister takes full advantage of it and likes it. You have a winner here!
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2 years ago, big cornba
Easy to use
I watched the short videos prior to setting up bill pay. The videos were short and to the point. Encouraged me to proceed. I like the messaging also, if I have a question, I send a message. This program easy to maneuver and up to date. If I have questions the staff is excellent and patient in their assistance.
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2 weeks ago, Okerstrom
I Love this online Banking App!
This banking app is very easy to navigate and keep track of all my kids accounts and my own account. I also love being able to electronically deposit checks from home and the ability to easily transfer funds from my Huntington account to Hiway.
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2 years ago, ando mn
Great Resource
This app provides the connectivity and management functionality I need to administer my account. With almost the same services provided as meeting in person or calling in, this app is yet another way my bank is creating opportunities to securely connect to my finances from anywhere.
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5 years ago, Weirdapps15
Needs some bug fixes
Great app to transfer money and check on accounts quickly, but there are a few bugs that need fixing. If making a mobile deposit, it will often crash after one or two deposits and need to log back in again and start all over. Otherwise it mostly works well aside from the occasional slow service which I think may just be due to high traffic at times.
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3 years ago, Gaozhoua Pa Vang
I’ve been using this app since 2014. I’ve never really had an issue about it. It is easy to maneuver around. They’re great on notifying users when there’s an issue & is usually quick about fixing it. I love the “message a Hiway personnel” feature bc you can get things done while you’re busy at work etc. & typically reply back within a day or two. Overall great service and app!
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2 years ago, Pink4357
Very useful app
Have been using app since it was launched, works well and does everything the full site does. Mobile deposits initially were a bit unstable but now captures images consistently. Love everything about it, can’t even suggest any improvements.
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5 years ago, Alexblue12345678
Needs improvement
The fact that you have a 3rd party running the credit cards is just horrendous - very difficult to manage. Good thing your customer service is great because they get back to me quick with questions. Can only use one form or payment on the car loan - if you use a credit card to earn pint or miles you get charge $20 per transaction. The front screen shows very limited info you need to dig deep to get info about your loans, transfer or do a payment. Disappointed
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1 year ago, bbannigan
Works flawlessly every time
Easy to make deposits electronically and easy to transfer funds between accounts. I can check balances whenever I want. Haven’t had to balance my checkbook in years. Made my life simpler. I highly recommend.
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3 years ago, Oshkow
Easy to navigate and friendly app.
The app is well organized and easy to navigate while using. I would recommend downloading and see for yourself if you would like your account information.
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4 years ago, Tylir B.
Thank you for helping me this far
This app is very helpful when coming to check everything that goes on with your money. Not only that but if you see something wrong in your account you could report it right from the app.
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3 years ago, Kp527
Love the ability to do almost any banking right on my phone. I live over an hour from either branch so having the ability to do mobile deposit and bill payments and transfers from my pocket is a must!!
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4 years ago, Hiway Fan
Not a fan
I do not like the pop up windows for visa and bill pay access. The windows are small with no way to enlarge them and see the entire window. Disappointing... I use my tablet to look at the accounts. It doesn’t make a difference which way you turn it. The smaller pop up window is not good. The full size pop up window was perfect. Please bring it back.
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5 years ago, lvo06
Excellent App
Great app. One thing I've noticed is that when you first enter an account you cannot scroll down to previous transactions. You have to exit that account and then re-enter it to scroll down. Edit: above issue has been fixed. 5-star review now.
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5 years ago, melivang
Bank account and statements
It’s fast and easy to use if you go eco and paperless. You can check your account whenever and wherever you are at. Easy to transfer money and scan your check plus auto payment everything is perfect.
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2 years ago, earlh1948
Bill Pay and DeposZip
After the recent update older iPhones and iPads no longer work. So either I pay a $1000 for a new phone or bank somewhere else. Been a member for 40+ years but I am forced to leave.
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3 years ago, cjwiens
App > Browser
The compatibility of the application to sync with phone unlock capabilities (fingerprint, face recognition, etc) and an intuitive interface gives the application an edge over the outdated website.
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5 years ago, Foss Wrx
Great banking app!!!
This app makes it very convenient to live far away from a hiway bank. when I travel I am still able to deposit checks through the app and conveniently transfer money anywhere I need, without leaving the hotel.
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4 years ago, joshbangshiswifesarah
Very easy to use and looks great. Although I had a previous landlord that I used to transfer money to into his bank account and now that he’s not my landlord I cannot remove his account from my list of accounts.
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4 years ago, Swedish meatball
Easy to use app when it works
I would have given 5 stars if the mobile deposit worked for me. For some reason the app has no access to the camera and I have no way of giving access to the camera when doing a mobile deposit.
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6 years ago, Ratherbereading2
Hiway Mobile App
I will never bank anywhere else! The mobile app enhances all the great features you once had to find at the bank. It’s that much easier to pay your bills, deposit checks, and transfer money.
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6 years ago, RinNRoy
Simple app that does what it should do
Easy to use. I’m able to view everything that I need on a daily basis. Touch ID-enabled is nice. I’m also able to make online deposits which is the best thing ever because it limits the inconvenience of having to drive to the bank and stand in line with everyone else.
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5 months ago, No no bane
Nice site. Appreciate all you to keep time running smoothly.
In these craft times we need consistency and Quality and you are it. Keep up the great job and your constantly is amazing. Thank you!!
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2 years ago, help needed please.
Love the app
It’s quick and easy to check your account. It also sends a quick email of whoever’s trying to log into your account or use your card. Love it.
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3 years ago, paulraymondv
Works great
Sometimes difficult to find all the info I need but checking transactions, making deposits, etc are on point. Simple and easy to use.
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5 years ago, MnLaurie
Great app
I love this online banking app . I have had the opportunity to view two different Online bank apps , one being Wells Fargo. This app is so much easier to use than either of those and offers options they don’t have .
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6 years ago, Linny9257
Great app
I love the Hiway app. It’s quick and easy to use. I like the thumb print to get into it as well as the ability to deposit checks. Being a small business this helps avoid multiple trips to the bank each week.
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2 years ago, MComby
User Friendly
I like the ability to transfer between my accounts and deposit through my app, saves me a trip.
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6 years ago, Credit Union Member Jon
Awesome Banking App
Easy way to help me bank. Has everything I need to do and even things I didn’t know I needed (!) still I started using them. Not a replacement for the friendly people at the credit union but an invaluable tool to help!
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5 months ago, Buckabra
Thanks, Blaze
For being a local little CU, I appreciate the work they’ve done to make their app user-friendly- I can do everything I need to with my money from my phone!
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2 years ago, kd!72
Good app
App works consistently and allows easy money management! Love the products and fast and easy ways to transfer, pay and conduct business on my accounts. Way to go Hiway!
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5 months ago, Not broke now
Hiway Federal
Easy to use. Have new iPhone and other apps forgot I don’t want my face I want a passcode. This allows. All quick and easy to find. However, new color with merger is visually unappealing.
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2 years ago, Ccsnguyen
Works great
Does what it should. For awhile was a problem between apple and hiway so no access for a week. Works now. I hope it doesn’t happen again
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5 years ago, Fcikelly
Love Hiway Federal Credit Union & LOVE the app
I’ve been an HFCU customer for many years, so when they first came out with their app I was thrilled! I also bank with another major bank and the HFCU app is just as robust as theirs. I LOVE all the features available to HFCU customers in the app.
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4 years ago, Coolkatjack
App problems
Recently when I try a deposit my check through the app it logs me out after the last picture is taken. No reason. Then I Have to log back in and try to get in this may happen two or three times.
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4 years ago, alexson28
Feature Request
I currently use a few banking apps. I’ve come to depend on a feature on BCU’s app where they display the account number next to the routing number per account that I own. It makes accessing this information on the go quick! A nice to have!
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5 years ago, huas4sale
Easy and quick
Dependable app. With I could set up texts notifications whenever my debit card is used. Had some surprise hacks that shut my account down with no notice. This would help.
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2 months ago, Ktebous
Easy and useful HFCU app
I do a lot of my banking using the HFCU app. It is so easy to do things like check my account balances and transfer money between accounts and family members.
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