Hodgdon Reloading Manual

3.7 (182)
14.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Outdoor Sportsman Group
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hodgdon Reloading Manual

3.7 out of 5
182 Ratings
9 years ago, Scortch
Right under the download button, it plainly shows that you will have to "In-APP Purchase" the manual. Nothing shadey about it. If you want the manual, YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!! What a concept. Why would you believe they were going to give you FREE here what you have to pay for in print? Not their fault you didn't read the full description before you downloaded. You were just PO'd that you thought you were going to get something for free and didn't pay attention!! My only complaint with this app is that it will not orientate to landscape mode. you can only view in portrait mode. Many have covers on their ipad that do not sit up in portriat that easily.
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2 years ago, RegularWalrus01
Technically works, but utterly terrible
This app allows you to buy (for $9.99) one of Hodgdon’s annual reloading manuals, and the data inside is good data. However, the app has effectively no user interface and horrible usability. The data you buy is literally just a PDF download of their book, and the app’s pdf reader lacks basic functionality. In other words, if I want to look up 30-06 data, I have to scroll to the index on page 6, pinch-to-zoom to see which page 30-06 is on, the scroll through to page 131, then pinch-to-zoom in order to read the text on the page. There technically is a search bar, but searching a cartridge just brings up every page in the book that has your search text on it (which means the majority of search results find the articles in the first 70 pages of book, and it doesn’t direct you to the data for the cartridge you’re trying to look up). Skip the app. Bookmark hodgdon’s website and use that to find their load data.
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3 years ago, Ron.S.S
Not happy with this app at all
I have downloaded the Hodgdon App and I have yet been able to sign into it it keeps telling me cannot connect to server and it has been like that ever since I have downloaded it this app seems to have major issues and if you buy an issue I have yet to find a way to skip to the page you want not happy with this app at all and will not re-purchase unless it is fixed And to add to my review it looks as though the creators of this app do not want to fix it from their ratings NOT a good way to do business
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9 months ago, Brad 518
Good program for my phone
I was hoping that I could use it across different platforms, such as my iPad and my phone and my computer we’re about to see if that works. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Brianb6603
Not happy!
I purchased the 2020 manual and was very disappointed to find that there is no way to bookmark a page or add highlighting to the manual. Then I discovered that each time I open this book it re-downloads the pages! This is crazy. What if I don’t have WiFi in my reloading room (I don’t), and the download is slow... now it will not restore my purchase so I cannot see the pages I paid for. Bad, bad, bad. Do not buy this unless it is fixed!!!
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1 month ago, G Lacey
Don’t buy. Get it free online
It’s nothing more than a PDF file. I was hoping to be able to at least mark pages, something. But its just a pdf version of the ‘manual’ hard copy I purchased. I bought it thinking I’d be able to bookmark loads or cartridges but nothing. The online interface is easier to use than the data I have to pay for in the app.
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3 years ago, Agrippakc
i downloaded the app, purchased a “manual”, and now it won’t let me log in. claims i’ve never bought a manual. When it did work it was not user friendly and was very clumsy. I don’t know what DeVry drop out created this mess but it needs to be completely revamped from the ground up and refunds issued to everyone involved. I work in a Gun store that sells reloading supplies and this app has not created a lot of H powder fans amongst new reloaders.
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5 years ago, bbahntr
This used to be a great resource, I purchased three years ago. Easy to navigate and access any cartridge in the manual. Apparently there has been an ownership change and I couldn’t be more disgusted, angry and annoyed. I had to re- download from the App Store, locked out of my own property and it doesn’t even work again! If I could rate it negative I would. Darn you guys!
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1 year ago, Azguy79
The data is good but it's basically a not so user friendly pdf. I wish I hadn't paid money for it. Hornady's manual is far far superior but I like to access several manuals and thought this would be a good addition as I use several of their powders. I was wrong.
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3 years ago, long time reloader
For apple devices this app is horrible. After purchasing a manual for 9.99 you have to contact their support via email to get it on subsequent openings. It will not appear on your device. The help page is almost solely devoted to questions about why you can’t log in and why your purchases don’t appear. DONT SPEND THE MONEY.
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1 week ago, dougschuetz
It won’t download the complete manual,I have to reload the data each time
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2 years ago, Billd55word
Have to buy and have something before you can use it
It would be nice if they would tell you, you have to buy a magazine before you can even use the app. I use Hodgen powder all the time. Guess I’ll go another route
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4 years ago, Big ****
Horrible, I was looking for something like the website, with load data, not looking for articles I didn’t need, and on top of that it’s not free like it is on the website. It almost makes me want to look for a different powder company to cover my reloading needs
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4 years ago, MadKat75
I love the actual magazine publication but all this one did was take my money, won’t let me login or create an account as this publication isn’t listed when creating an account, I will be demanding my money back or will report this vendor to the better business bureau.
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4 years ago, MXdad721
This APP is BAaaaaaad!
Total waste of money. It’s basically a loaders manual scanned into an app with no app benefits. If you need to reload a big bore rifle round, be prepared to flip A LOT Of pages. Seriously Hodgdon? Get a new app designer and once you have a new app, give all your loyal customers that wasted money on this garbage a credit towards an app they can use.
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5 years ago, Dirty ax
Nothing is free!!!!!
App said in-app purchases. Not knowing what that was wasn’t expecting everything to have to be purchased. Only thing free is the initial download. Just go on their website and they give free load data. Kinda mind boggling if you ask me. This app is a scam! Oh well instant delete!
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5 years ago, Sisco Kidd
Don’t! Lost all my purchases
I had the original app and went digital for convenience. Wish I would have just stayed with the magazine because all my purchases are no longer there with this app refresh. Do not use this app!
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3 years ago, Mickey-Marc
Worthless for load data
Why would anyone pay for load data that is freely available on their website?
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6 years ago, earthman2
Do not buy anything in app
I purchased a manual in the app 7 or 8 months ago, it was fine until it auto logged me out. Password reset always fails I can not log back in.
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2 years ago, Cheerful Papa
Terrific help!
Some much great info in one place…THANKS!
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8 months ago, Kendall iTunes
Hodgdon app
You should be embarrassed by this app. Manuals purchased are cumbersome to get to and worse to find anything in, one page at a time. Get with it!
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2 years ago, Masq Systems
This is nothing but a big pdf file that you can’t navigate. I guess I’ll just have to get the real reloading hard copy manual...
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3 years ago, Ore digger don
Digger Done
This is a waist of time you down load the app then it tells you that you need to be a subscriber to one of the magazines on their list. I expected better from Hodgdon.
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4 years ago, gschlar
Not Impressed
I learned an expensive lesson—no navigation aides, no placeholders or bookmarks, nothing! Must swipe through page after page after page to get to one’s target (pun intended) caliber load data. And then do it all over again the next time. This isn’t an app, it’s just access to the catalog. How do I get a refund? And how is it that all nicknames are taken?
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3 years ago, Cuffnum
Terrible App
Very disappointed. Paid for the 2020 edition. No way to look up by caliber or bookmark favorites. Basically paid for a PDF I can page through.
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2 years ago, bbcvt
Just wierd
This app just makes no sense to me. I just want a simple app that’s easy to navigate. The Hornady and Sierra apps are great. This one, I just don’t get!
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2 years ago, Joe-1954
Hodgdon Reloading Manual - 2021
Wow, what’s up with this? Nothing more than a pdf version. No lookup capability. NO SHOTGUN DATA! Why has Hodgdon regressed 20 years to this format?
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3 years ago, dicky fitz
A joke
it doesn’t give you any data just picture of the anual manuals.
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7 years ago, Simplefacts
Pure crap
This is not the reloading manual, it is a sales link to several expensive reloading manuals. Don't waste your time.
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3 years ago, wellhungyoungone
Paid $9.99 to view the reload manual 1 time. Does not restore purchase. No response. DO NOT PURCHASE. YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR $10.!!
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5 years ago, M m v v
Can't connect to server
Won't connect to server. Any solutions?
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3 years ago, Airpiratehkg
Not sure what this is it’s really unusable / bad.
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5 years ago, KEFE IKAI UFA
Doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, Steve284375
Hodgdon 2020 annual manual
Page 107 missing. Awkward to use.
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5 years ago, don.pirtle
Advertisement to buy magazines
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10 years ago, RugerBH
Hodgdon has a great resource on its website for load data, I thought this would be an app of that info compiled. Nope! This is just trying to get you buy three digital reload manuals. Hodgdon I already buy your products....YOUR POWDER!! Just give us the load data that is on your site so we can have it in a nice neat off line viewing possible format. Then we can talk about purchasing add ons. Maybe Alliant will get it right, Hodgdon certainly didn't.
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9 years ago, PhotoB1ker9977
Lost the free version
I'd been using the free version for quite some time, took a little break from reloading over the summer, came back and have to pay to use the manual I'd been using for free. While it was a decent manual before, I am sticking to the online version which is the same thing (without the distracting articles), it just requires connectivity to the Internet which I have in my reloading area.
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9 years ago, Somethingcompletelydifferent
Pretty lousy
Giving it one star because I can't give it anything less. This "app" does nothing except give you the privilege of purchasing reloading data on a per year basis. I don't mind "in app" purchases from time to time, but you get nothing until you buy something in the app. Very mis-leading as well as disappointing......delete.
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9 years ago, Chief Points
Don’t ignore the bad reviews, the app is a sham and needs to be banned from the App Store
The app is a complete sham, it will take your money for purchases and then fail to download them. The developer website listed here in the App store is a marketing link for the Intermedia magazine group and lists no support availability. Don’t ignore the reviews, you’ll be sorry.
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8 years ago, 1KMnO4
Could be easier to search
The data is without a doubt critical but the inability to quickly find specific data makes this nothing more than a .pdf viewer. How about making it searchable via caliber?
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10 years ago, Doodoovoopoo8
This is ridiculous. At least entice with some common load data, then an upgrade! That's what all the other aps do. I would like at least a carrot please!
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8 years ago, ChuckD2Va
No Load Data Included
This "free" reloading guide is actually not a guide, but a tool to download guides for $8.99 each. There are countless amounts of reloading data online that does not require paying a premium. Deleting from my iPad.
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8 years ago, Gcoop3
Not an app
This is advertisement for you to buy a book of a certain year. Waste of time...deleted it
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9 years ago, Stookid
There's nothing there!!
Just a page where you can buy the manuals, what is the point of the app ????
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9 years ago, SGT Truth
Don't waist your time, this app does nothing except allow you buy subscriptions
Show more
10 years ago, vousa1d
Wasted 30 seconds of my life
Don't bother, it asks you to buy the manuals when the app is opened
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10 years ago, Josephmh
Waste of time
This whole app is just a link to buy pay apps.
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9 years ago, Pistolaccents
Bait and switch
Makes you download an app so you can purchase manuals. Throw a bone out first before you try to rope us in.
Show more
9 years ago, Aplboy12
Keeps crashing.. Guess they haven't updated to the iOS 8?
Show more
7 years ago, Airborne Junky
Waste of time
This is worthless. It's a downloading app for their $8.99/ea catalogs. Glad I don't waste my money with on their powder....
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