Hola VPN Privacy & Security

3.8 (2K)
45.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hola VPN Ltd
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hola VPN Privacy & Security

3.83 out of 5
2K Ratings
5 years ago, Emaoj
Mostly good
I’ve noticed it will randomly disconnect/turn off even when I have a good internet connection. I haven’t seen anything about it timing out or idling so I’m not sure what’s going on with that. Otherwise, it works most of the time.
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4 years ago, donotgethis
Money isn’t safety
I rated this one star because we shouldn’t need to buy protection. It should be free. I wanted to be protected but then I realized that I have to pay. I wish you didn’t have to pay. I understand that they have to make money somehow but they can at least put money to some countries so if I want to connect to UK for example then I need to pay. And let other countries free. That way we can all be protected without having to pay
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6 years ago, Iowaquilter
Easy to use
I installed this program so that I could access my email account from another country. It was easy to install and worked flawlessly for me.
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6 years ago, vpn_1
Little slow, but working well
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2 years ago, stufanny
I wouldn’t Say it’s the “World’s most popular VPN” when it’s clearly not, especially considering it only has 1.3k reviews compared to 100mill reviews. I don’t like this app because it says it’s free to use when it doesn’t even give you a few free countries to choose from and you automatically have to choose a plan. So yeah definitely misleading.
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5 years ago, Carina83
Works great on iOS 12.2
I first downloaded Hola on my PC and paid for the premium service. It works great on there and I finally downloaded it for my iPhone as well. It’s amazing!! :D
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5 years ago, fishannchipss
It should stay in until you turn it off but other than that excellent
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7 years ago, Piero II
Reliable platform. Multiple user potential. I use it to access programs restricted to viewers in other countries.
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5 years ago, Pilothauksson
Doesn’t work in Saudi Arabia
I was happy with my purchase and got a good deal for 3 years of subscription for approximately 115 USD, 3.4 USD a month, best I found so far. But then I have to buy another subscription from another VPN provider that works in Saudi for this application to work... this doesn’t make sense. 2 stars for good deal!
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5 years ago, dp981
Used to be fab
Used to be fab until they made it Hola+. Even then my subscription is valid and active, the app continues to ask for a renewal. An absolute disaster
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6 years ago, THUG GEE
Good app for Africans to unblock their blocked apps
Thanks to this app,,all my my blocked apps are opened and I’m dining them again.I recommend this app to everyone...it’s very good for we Africans
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4 years ago, MrBadGuy39
No Perú :(
I hadn’t had the chance to test this on my mobile, the desktop version works great when I want to connect from Perú but the mobile version does not connect from Perú, big turn off but I’ll keep the desktop version
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7 years ago, Gcampo1
Works fine
I was in Asia and I wanted to watch a tv series and I have tried 3 to 5 VPN's but they were all refused by the site 'till I tried Hola. Thank you, Hola!
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5 years ago, 😤triggered_af😤
Doesn’t work properly. Every time I try to do something, all it does is freeze and takes me out of the app. I went to the apple store to check if there was something wrong with my phone, but turns out it was just the app glitching my phone out.
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5 years ago, Mimi&Inaki
Absolutely Great!
Wonderful idea most of what I watch is not available in my travels. This way I’m always in great shape. Thank you!
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5 years ago, luizgonzagamec
Working good
So far is working properly in Canada and Colombia (connecting through a US server). Giving 5 stars
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3 years ago, SomafmOne
Still no longer working!
I’m paying for a service that is still not working right. I did what Hola support recommended and that is to install their vpn manually. Well, it still does not work the way it is supposed to do.
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6 years ago, Sim19618u
Amazing is an understatement!!!!!!
Absolutely perfect and the not way I can watch all my favorite shows in the UK from the states😍😍😍 love hola!,, thank you!
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6 years ago, hshdji
Easy and useful. Can see my country’s videos wherever I am now.
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4 years ago, tadeusz1987
Issues to cancel subscription
I wish it was as easy to unsubscribe than it was to subscribe. I’m trying to cancel my subscription and it’s just not possible. I always receive the same failure message.
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5 years ago, Mugs 333
Can’t get free app to work
I tried signing up for the VPN Free App and it didn’t let me create a free account....so I deleted the app and tried to reinstall it again....it still wouldn’t let me get the free app. It says that my email is already registered and won’t let me use my email to create a free account. Please help!
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6 years ago, Sxwryt
Buy Premium Service not working. This App is joke
I have bought premium service and sent them email why my account not working. 1 time response they say fix, but tested still not working. After that no more response for 10 days.. wasting my time and money. THIS APPS IS A JOKE, DONT BUY PREMIUM.
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It worked once for me and then it just kept glitching out!! I tried restarting my phone so many times! It still didn’t work! Does anyone have any suggestions for me on what to do? Please and thank you.
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6 years ago, Pa que Respete
No work
the application does not work pay the premium and tell me that I must pay again even if the subscription is active. Technical support very bad, it does not work. I wrote to them and they answered me to go to the question and answer section
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3 years ago, A.FLETCH
I got Hola in my computer and was able to use it for free but with limited time. When I saw it in here I thought oh I can do the same thing here as on my computer I was wrong, if it’s available on other devices it should be allowed here as well
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4 years ago, skyunivers
Randomly charge me!
It charged me for a subscription that I had never even bought nor wanted. >:| I didn’t even use the app.
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4 years ago, Moodius
Terrible. Not worth a penny
It does not stay on. I have contacted customer support three times. Only heard back once and the answer was....”we know it’s doing it, we don’t know why.” Bought this app through TheChive and can not get my money back. Very dissatisfied. is free and works great.
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4 years ago, Swlaver
Was not working during trial and tried to re do login with different email and browser and it immediately charged me for a full year in instead of continuing trial till end of day. Tried to correct it with Hola right away and they said “tough s__t.”
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5 years ago, B190driver
It started great, but...
...now is not connecting to any VPN I choose. I hope they fix it.
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6 years ago, *neveragain
I paid the yearly subscription twice but the app still will not give me access to the new VPN location until I go through the payment process again. I have my records to prove payment was received by google play for Hola. I feel scammed.
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5 years ago, Ziviani56
Won’t work in China
I am in Shanghai and Hola VPN is not working at all......but some others competitors are working 😡
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1 year ago, mthrie
only works the first day and then doesn't work anymore, even after uninstall/reinstall. Honestly why am I even paying for a service that doesn't work. Smh.
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6 years ago, Dee Capitated
Those paid reviews are lying to you I tried with this app for 4 hours straight and it didn’t work I was trying to translate to Jp and it didn’t work it is a terrible app and I highly suggest that no one wastes time with this Terrible app
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7 years ago, Mersona
Love it!
Now I can watch my shows from overseas!
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5 years ago, Yanko Goorall
Requires purchase
The desktop version is free - this app should be as well. This app requires you to purchase a plan in order to use it. This should be noted up front before downloading, but instead you have to go through all the registration process before you discover you must buy. Other apps tell you the cost up front before downloading. The desktop version is free - this app should be as well.
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5 years ago, CallieParr
Do not sign up for anything
I signed up for a free trial and now when I try and cancel my subscription it won’t allow me and they keep ignoring my e mails . Huge waste of money and extremely disappointing service
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3 years ago, meganishere
please don’t get it.
I got hola vpn today and it was working well until when I logged in on Netflix again it got hacked. Please don’t get Hola vpn if there was a rating with no stars I’d rate it no stars 😕
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6 years ago, msdanielley
It’s not free.
I’d give zero stars if it was an option. After adding all my info, it wouldn’t let me move past the payment portion. Can’t even try it out before committing 6-12 months.
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7 years ago, Chevycavalier
It doesn't work for streaming
All the providers have blocked this from working now try something else. I paid for a year and now it is worthless.
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4 years ago, pepe2123
Crashing with latest update
The app is crashing when opening in an iPhone 11 Pro Max . It is happening since the last update 3 days ago . Can’t open the app .
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4 years ago, Latinboyss
Worst app
Worst app ever. First they say download it it’s free and then they hit you with the you have to buy a plan extremely expensive to use it. Don’t use false marketing in an app like that it’s just very stupid.
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4 years ago, Mariam Rafi❤️
Cant do anything
I downloaded the app I signed in and then I wanted to do Spain so I could watch Harry Potter on Netflix. It said I had to pay. So I tried all the places and not even ONE was free to use. I do not recommend downloading this.
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5 years ago, _CLL_
Couldn’t Register
My email address is apparently not recognized by their app as a valid email address (which is news to me and hotmail), so I was never able to use this app.
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6 years ago, GMomGruben
Does not work
Installed, tried it. Was still blocked. Cancelling is not simple. Spending way too much time trying to cancel. Uninstalling. Don’t waste your time or money. Also presented as free. It is not.
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7 years ago, sajaddd1990
Happened to be all right
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7 years ago, PGhannam
V Disappointed- Useless
NO NO NO NO NO NO Completely useless, the app is stupid, all apps video apps recognize you are on VPN so you can see the content titles but can never watch it! Which is even worse! Horrible!
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3 years ago, mengdi1wu
Works with Mac, doesn’t work with iPad
HolaVPN, when I use ABEMA TV on chrome plugin on Mac, it works. But on iPad app, ABEMA tv does not work, no matter what country I put in as vpn
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6 years ago, 215hfjkn
Why is this app not working when I paid for premium
Why is this App not working on my iOS when I paid for premium
Show more
5 years ago, AlexPantarotto
I can’t log in to see Argentina
This is from my cell phone
Show more
6 years ago, andreadg76
Crashes all the time
Since iOS 11 the app doesn’t work anymore, crashes all the time and the browser doesn't work
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