Home Design 3D

4.3 (102.9K)
620.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Home Design 3D

4.32 out of 5
102.9K Ratings
2 years ago, khloethekittykat
It’s good, but it got it’s problems
I’m going to be honest with you… I really do like the game, I have a lot of fun with it. But heres the thing… I have never EVER finished a house but ONE! And the one I finished was just a tiny little house with just one bottom floor. Do you know why this is happening? Because it will glitch. 😞 I don’t know how to explain the glitches is the worst part, But I can with one! I made a little bedroom with a bathroom on the 2nd floor… so I go to the bottom floor and I notice a big HOLE from the bathroom that you can see in the bottom floor sealing! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t know… maybe I did something wrong, but I was really proud of the bedroom I made. I even showed my mom and she was impressed. I can’t have another one of my designs ruined. I really can’t do it! 😔 please fix this! Sorry for my caps locked earlier on some of the words but it’s just how I chat. I’m not mad because I understand that people make mistakes in there games or whatever! But thanks for reading my review, whoever you are! 🙂 hope you have a super awesome day! PS. Please respond and tell me your working on it because I would like to at least know that you are trying to fix it because I am not going to tolerate a game on my phone that doesn’t even work. 😞
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3 years ago, lolyoufunny
Love it!
I personally love this app! I love the features and everything! I like that I can customize everything and how each update gets better! But I would like to suggest some things to the creators. Personally would love of there were more decorations to all types of room, for example vases, little statue, pillows, more plants, more toys ,and other little details, specially in the kitchen. The kitchen need a lot of more modern appliances options for example refrigerators, coffee makers, toaster, blender and more. Another thing more furniture and more modern items would be great to have a variety of options! A big miss for me is baseboard. I think that would be a great feature to the app because it can make a difference when your designing your homes and other fun projects. There should be more light options, such as chandeliers, decorative pendant lights, and more. The roofing is good but would still like more options. It would be a cool feature to customize the ceilings and add pillars. Outdoors has a good variety of stuff but there should be more landscape options to make the projects outside look nice. Personally these are my suggestions for future updates but overall everything else is amazing I love the app I spend hours of designing and showing off my creativity. Tried multiple apps and this has been my favorite for years now!
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3 years ago, End User Experience
Find another app
I wish I would have listened to the reviews. The description and trailer for this app is all glory, but when you try to replicate and design the house yourself it’s awfully complicated. I am very tech savvy and work in IT. This was just too much! I even downloaded the desktop version for my Mac, that helped because doing it on the phone was impossible. The worst part is that the tutorial videos are too busy trying to impress you instead of actually taking the time to help you. The mouse and trackpad gestures will have you selecting items at some times and zooming in at other times. I never to create a “visit” walk through of the house because it would only pan in one room, not how the demo gracefully shows the point of view of going through the entire house! Create a video on how the full “visit” is captured. Also, I built my complete floor plan and for the life of me could not add the tile. The tile texture keep going on the walls and everywhere but the floor! Please create on start to finish tutorial with a live instructor! Also, there should be a ways to type in the dimensions for accuracy. Pinching and dragging the rooms to get the size is annoying. If there is a way to do this I could not find it in the tutorial videos. I hope this review is long enough to get someone’s attention and do something about it. I was unable to submit a mock-up trying to figure this app. Get at me and hire me as quality tester!
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3 years ago, ninjagirlgen
Perfect, but one thing
This is the best home design game ever. At first I wasn’t a big fan of having to build my own house with all of the measurements and stuff, but once I got it down I made a lot of my dream houses. Definitely download this if you want to push yourself and be creative. I’m creative and I don’t usually like to push myself but this is a really amazing game. A few things though. First, there aren’t many options in race and form for the family. I think it would be better if you added a family character maker so we can make our own family members. This would make a HIGE improvement. Another thing, after making one of my houses I noticed a button in the top right corner and I found something that resembled a feature to see it with 3D goggles. I thought it was the best idea to be able to see my house in 3D! But it was a misunderstanding. It would be really amazing if you could add this as a feature, I would love it and I’m sure others would enjoy this too. Last thing, indents, like if I want to have a hallway with indents in the walls to put pots or candles. In one of my houses the living room is an indented area lower in the ground but there is no feature for this, or if I wanted to indent into ceiling in a bedroom as a nice addition over the bed. Please add these features.❤️😄🥺😁
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5 years ago, SpookableMonster
It’s getting there.....
I love this app, it’s fairly good and helps with my artwork, but there are several things that could be improved. The first is that there should be a wider range of styles. Most of the options are modern, which is great, but if you want a more traditional house (aka traditional staircases or fireplaces) you’re screwed. The second is that there are no roofing options that I have seen. You can change the texture but you can’t make slope roofs or skylights. This app is perfect if you’re modeling a one story or box home, but the individuality of old style homes is lacking. You also can’t create backsplash or walls with more then one texture. The third thing is that you can’t even save your work until you’ve paid the seven dollars to upgrade it. I can understand paying money for items, but paying money before you can do anything is a bit extreme. A better option would be to have a free trial and THEN pay the money after you’ve decided you like it or not. Another thing is that it glitches. When you adjust the walls the objects will move, and if there are hidden pieces of wall in a longer wall you can’t adjust height or width. I feel that the app is pretty cool, but lacking in character, options, and explanations. If the glitches were fixed, the free trial included, and the home options expanded to include more styles, the app would be worth the money. As it is now it’s slightly overpriced.
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3 years ago, rhymenagerie
Awesome but hope they add more
This is almost exactly what I was looking for. So many features. Easy to use mostly. But I do hope they broaden the options for both architecture and furnishings/decor. I can’t see any way to add a basement and that is crucial to my designs. As others have said, the general selection of furnishings/decor is primarily modern, almost ikea style. Better and more than that— but leaning heavily that way. There are a few options if you want a traditional style home with an antique aesthetic, but very few. Some you can sort of force to work for that because of how customizable things are (probably the app’s best feature), but it would be great if they added more. The ratio of contemporary to traditional styling options is probably 80/20ish. It would also be awesome if there were more options to allow for architectural features like dormers, gables, gothic rooflines, and more impressive staircases, etc. To be clear, I LOVE this app. I splurged on the gold package ($20) because I knew I’d want all the options and features or not bother, and I don’t regret it at all. But I do hope they add more. More traditional/antique aesthetics, more architecture. Oh and more trees!! More garden options!
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9 months ago, supergirl3690
A tiny problem…..
I love this game so much, but there is a tiny problem. So I have had this game for over a year now and still have not gotten bored with it. To be honest I don't think I ever will. But every time I play this game for more than 10 minutes it starts to lag, and I know it's not my internet bc it hasn't done that before. Also, another bug is that when I make a house it completely freezes and stops working then I have to get off and start all over again. That kind of irritates me a little bit bc I love this game and I play it on long car rides. So when it freezes and deletes my house I get a little mad not furious but just a little agitated. Another thing I think makes people mad is that when you make a beautiful house then you get off and it doesn't save bc you have to pay for it. I think you should at least be able to save like 2-3 houses that you make. Then after you make 3 you have to pay for it. But that's just what I think. Also, I wish that you could get above-ground pools and Kitty pools for free on the outside version. P.S. not trying to make people mad with being a complainer but this is just my thoughts on the game. ☺️Have a blessed day!
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4 years ago, Karencarson125
Need some improvement
I overall really like this app but I have some things that I would like to see in the future. Like more styles other than just modern, modern is great and all but I feel like it leaves me making the same looking stuff over and over again. Another thing I would like to see is detaching items from its original thing, like for example if I really like the pillows on a couch but didn’t like the couch that was with the pillows it would be nice to be able to detach the pillow from the couch and move them to another one. Another thing I think could be added is pillows and throw blankets, I think they really give the space personality but because there Arnt any I find myself using the shapes to build a blanket from scratch. MORE KITCHEN SETS I don’t think I can say this enough but there is only one set that is complete and I am not a huge fan of it. I end up not liking the way my kitchen looks but I can’t do anything about It because the other sets I like don’t have a sink or something again I think this is where being able to detach items would come in handy I could just take the sink off another one and place it on the cabinets I like. But over all I like this game and think it has great potential I think with a few improvements it will take the game to the next level.
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2 years ago, MarshM3ll0
Love but need to add more items
I love this app!! I have designed multiple homes and all being different styles. They do have a lot of items but most of them are modern. They need to start adding more mid century modern, industrial, boho, and antique style furniture. Even if they are just add ons that you have to pay for I would be okay with that. They should also make add ons for certain activities. Like a clothing store add on where you can design a shop. More cat and dog furniture too that you could buy that way if you want to design a cat or dog room in your house you can. I was hoping you guys could add a hobby section even if you have to purchase the package. I was hoping for a surfing package. So surfboards, wet suits, skateboards, sex wax (this is wax for your surfboard nothing sexual despite the name). Stuff like that so I can design my surf shop. I feel like this would be very popular if you did hobby packages for purchases it will give you guys money and designers more options. So surf style packages, other sport packages, gym packages, coffee shop packages, and clothing shop packages, pet store packages, stuff like that.
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2 years ago, hope it is great to!
Kinda good, Kinda Trashy…
Ok so don’t get me wrong, this game is good. But it has a lot more potential to become the best home design game ever. I will list pros and cons. Cons = Bad, Pros = Good. Con: can’t save projects. It’s just a waste of time because your going to lose it. Pro: Beautiful Graphics. Very hd. (Please add a option to turn off shadows) Con: Really glitchy and laggy. It also keeps crashing randomly.. Was this even playtested?! Pro: lots of options but all the cool ones are premium… Con: you can’t make a new project unless you pay.. is this a CASH GRAB?! Pro: there are pre-made builds and I can just snatch premium objects from there and dup it. Con: No tutorial or tips so your kinda clueless until luck comes in and you figure it out.. And that is all (for now) Was it worth the time and mobile data of downloading? Nope. It was not. I would rather play bloxburg on roblox! Update: this is probably one of the worst home design games I ever played! It doesn’t even say “are you sure” when you click another project because your progress would be lost! That cost me a waste of hours! This game is like one of those crappy crashy glitchy mobile games! I don’t recommend this for anyone that just wants to relax and make a good house.
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4 years ago, 135811
I love this app but I have one request!
I super love this app! I am interested in interior disign so I have been trying out disign apps and games and this is by far my favorite one so far! There is a wide variety of textiles and patterns and colors and objects to choose from that you can disign! You can disign in either 3D or 2D with I think is really cool! There are only adds every once and a while and they are very short! It’s really fun to just be creative and have fun with it but if you wanted to I bet you could disign your house off of one of these it’s that realistic! It allows you do disign not just one room at a time but a whole house including landscape! I would DEFINITELY recommend this app for anyone! But there is one thing that I would definitely change and it is that it won’t save your progress wich really stinks because I worked really hard on a disign and I went back to look at it and it wasn’t there! So I would definitely change that because there is no point in making a disign if you can’t go back and see your old disigns! But besides that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP!
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3 years ago, Lollipop123xyz
Money Thieves
I love this app and have used it for years. I liked it so much that I upgraded to the highest version of the game a few years ago (I think it was called the gold version). I did this while being told you will receive all future packs and updates at no extra charge because you’ve bought the gold version. Now they have added a gold plus version that includes more things than the gold version, even though they said the gold version would include everything in the future. It really frustrates me because I spent the money to upgrade knowing I’d have all future updates and it turns out I don’t, and will have to spend $11 more to get a few more items because of the new “gold plus” version. Another problem I have with the upgrades is that if you spend $9 to get the gold version, you can’t decide to upgrade to the gold plus version in the future for a discount even though you’ve already spent $9. You would have to pay the full $11. So in total they would be taking $20 from you to get the gold plus version instead of just $11. If you’ve already spent $9 you should be able to spend only $2 more to get the gold plus version. I would not recommend this app to anyone for these reasons. Sincerely, An unsatisfied customer
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6 years ago, ichibankurochan
It’s good but has its problems
It’s def helped with my remodel of my house, love being able to see some different ideas quickly. That being said there is some glitchyness - for example your second story floor will have a massive hole in it u less on the first story you use the ‘room’ tool, this is counter intuitive because sometimes a room is not a square or rectangle but the room tool is only square or rectangles. So if you build a section of your home with just walls you will have no ceiling/floor on the second story. You still don’t have a ‘room’ according to the program. Strange... after you figure unexplained stuff like this out it’s easy. Also where is the scale textures function? I don’t want tiles the size of somebodies head. That should be a no brainer. Another gripe is how things are scaled. It would be nice to be able to scale and have a control that only effects the side you are pulling on, especially because most items are up against other items or walls. Also the textures/models are very low res, they look like an early 2000s game. And finally please add being able to select /copy paste multiple objects instead of having to drag the same item from a menu 59 times...
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4 years ago, jdjdbchejcnw
More improvements
This is my favorite home designing app, but some improvements would be nice. The first improvement is the ability to make curved walls. I think it would be cool to have curved walls to make towers and things like that. I know there’s already that curved wall item but it would be useful to have an option to place things on it. The second improvement is more railings and pillars. We do have a few railings and pillars but more options would be great. I often find myself making railings with the shapes and they don’t look as nice. A third improvement is half circle shapes. This goes for the hollow circular items the spherical items etc. The fifth improvement is pillows. I love using the shapes to make pillows but they are straight up and it looks weird so if there could be a way to tilt the shapes or make pillow items that would be fantastic. And the last improvement is new curtains. The curtains in the game are limited and need more variations like more sheer ones and canopy like curtains to make any bed a canopy. Thank you for an amazing game and please consider.
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3 years ago, Kradecki
Amazing app, but some issues
So, I splurged a bit and got the full premium; however, there are a few issues. Lighting: So, the shading can go a bit too extreme, because in some of my larger houses, some of the hallways are almost pitch-black because of the shading. That needs to be fixed. Texturing: I do the corners where it applies the texture to the whole room; however, if you create a room inside of that room (say, add a closet) it ends up not only adding it to that one room, but all the outer walls of that entire floor. This is obviously a big issue, as it makes it very tedious, and I have to then do each individual wall (and portion of some walls) individually. Performance: This app is great overall, and I like how it doesn’t hog the battery life (like some other similar apps) however, it causes my device to freeze, and I have to force restart my mobile quite often when using the app. Catalogue: I think the catalogue needs to be updated. Some suggestions include more contemporary items, like modern bi-fold doors, and other things like electrical fireplaces with TVs (like a marble façade, the wide and short fireplace, and a TV above it, you’ve probably seen it in modern homes), integrated fridges for kitchens, and other things. Design community: Hasn’t been updated very often. I’ve seen that townhouse as “design of the week” for almost a year now. Overall, I love this app, and would recommend it; however, like anything, there’s some room for improvement.
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3 years ago, II Barbie II
Excellent app
I have no words. It helps me every time I or a friend of mine moves, I space plan the whole house, it reminds me of google sketch up but much funnier and with plenty of existing patterns, objects etc. the interface is extremely easy to pick up and comprehend, you can create basic objects yourself in the rare case a type of furniture or fixture isn’t there, and most importantly you can import patterns, textures and images to completely customize your ending result. Guys i have created exact replicas of every house i and my friends ever been, it’s not just a time passer, it’s a complete project maker for a new move in. I literally first finished my home here and then purchased the furniture. My mom is a known interior designer and I have access to excellent graphic designers for 3D S max if I wanted and I still enjoyed this app more than anything. Congratulations for your product guys. It absolutely worth of its full price if someone wants the full version. It’s amazing ! :)
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1 year ago, jkaefbwhjfegkabed
Fun but needs improvement…
I love this app. It’s probably my favorite designing app because most of it is free and it can be used to actually be productive. However, there are a few things that I feel like needs to be improved. First, when I first bought the game I was super excited to play. I built a house and I went to close it to eat dinner but when I got back on I realized it did not save. That’s when I realized that you have to buy the pack to actually be able to save your progress. That really frustrated me and I thought that was absurd. I did however purchase the pack but was still annoyed by the fact that you had to pay an unreasonable price to save your progress. Second things is that when I am playing a lot of glitches and small errors appear when I am building. It would be great if those could be updated and I think many more viewers and players would be more interested in playing the game if those updates were made. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Thebookworm ;)
It’s a great game but I wish it was better
I love the game, but I do wish everything was available. I understand the game being used by professionals and they would probably not mind paying, but I got this game so I could relax and be creative. The game does not let you save your work unless you buy a pass. I tried to work around that and just delete one of the houses that the game had came with so it would have room to save the house I made, but they did not let me do that either. The game also does not let you use all of the decorations/ furniture/ building material unless you buy the pass. I did overall enjoy the game but I will be deleting it, because it makes me angry every time I work hard to make a house then it does not get saved and all my hard work is gone. Get this game if you are ok with paying the amount they ask for, but if you are planning to just get this game to relax and be creative I don’t recommend it. Other then the paying and saving problem I do enjoy the game, the design and variety of things is great, and I would keep the game if saving my creations was free. Over all good game though!
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4 years ago, ggh43
Awesome Game!
This is one of my favorite apps to use because it’s easy to use and you can make great houses! When I first got this app I didn’t really bother watching the video tutorials because I thought this game would be super easy to use and it is once you start using it a lot. I didn’t realize that you could edit walls and make balconies. Everything in Home Design 3D is amazing! If you get this app, trust me you should definitely watch the video tutorials. If you don’t you will be able to do some things like pull out furniture and change the wall color or pattern, but if you do watch the video tutorials you can learn how to edit walls and put in openings and you can do so much more! My only complaint is that when I first got this app I was so excited to make my own house, but then I realized that you can only do that if you get the gold version and the unlimited floors one. If you don’t get those it’s fine because you can still make the houses super amazing! I love Home Design 3D!
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3 years ago, Reagans music
Love I but needs improvement
So, I love this app. It’s great for architects, or people who just want build and design houses. But some things need to be improved. So first, the pros. It lets you import textures, so if you don’t like the textures that they already have, you can go online, save a photo, and add it to your custom textures. It also has lots of great furniture, that you can change the texture by dragging the texture and placing it on the furniture. You can view your projects in 2D or 3D. There is a community social-media type thing where you can share your projects with other people. Go check out my page, REAGAN31. Now the cons. The lights don’t produce light, so if you put a light in, it’s just for decoration. If you want to make a big room, you have to accept that the room will be dark because the larger the room, the darker the room. But overall this is a very good app, but it needs improvement so that’s why I’m giving it 4 stars. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Shh... I'm on the phone!
When I first bought this app the save function was deactivated. This meant that if I closed the app my designs wouldn’t save. Well, I updated to home design 3D classic, and it was amazing! I made so many houses and it was just great. So why’d I give it only a 1 star review? Well, after an amazing 2 months of playing it, it told me the save function was deactivated? WHAT?! AGAIN?! Not only did this mean I couldn’t save or edit any designs, the ones I already had just disappeared! It told me I had to update it to home design 3D FULL. But even if I did, my old designs that had disappears would never be able to come back. I was really upset about this. Especially... WHEN I FOUND OUT IT WAS 12 DOLLARS! UGH!!!!!!! I was screaming about this. I deleted it to see if I re downloaded the app everything would come back and I would be fine. No such luck. I always have the worst luck. But that’s a gazillion other stories. Well, I practically cried over this. And I assume that when I download the FULL version it will tell me to buy the GOLD version to save. Which is another, I don’t know... 20 DANG DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!! Home design 3D I hate you, I hate you, I HATE YOU!!! So, never by this app. The End.
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3 years ago, TemerePuella476
I love this app! The graphics are for the most part lovely, but there are a few suggestions I have for the developers. My primary complaint is the lighting. Every room only gets one glowing spot on the ceiling (there’s no indication of an actual light there), and the strength doesn’t change to fill the room. So if you make a room too large or oblong, at least part of the room will dark. My normal reaction to the dark would be to put a lamp there, but the lamps don’t work at all. The only two light sources in the entire program: the sun & the middle of a room. Another thing about the lighting: sunlight can pass through a window, but the light from a room can’t, meaning that at night, there’s no glow around a house or light from the windows, it’s like the light just stops. So that’s just about all I have to complain about with this app though. I really enjoy the program, don’t get me wrong. It just needs a few more tweaks.
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4 years ago, emmiegray
It’s decent but some questions!
This app is absolutely fun! I truly believe this app was created for people who love organizing, decorating, creating, and OCD! This app helps me focus on designing than anything else! But I’ve noticed there are still some things that I hope can be a change one day. ( absolutely no problem if not just a thought!) I’m not exactly sure if it’s the app making my phone really hot or it’s just my phone and my storage? But sometimes it does glitch but mainly it doesn’t glitch like it used to. I would love to be able to at least save my projects if we can’t get new items. I appreciate being able to label what you want to name your project, and I hope maybe one day we could get some new items ❤️! This game is fun but there’s just a few basic things that I hope to have. I can’t pay for the plus or new items but I’m making do. This game is one of my favorite games. Good work Home Design Team!
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4 years ago, He Who Hates Eldrazi Decks
Great app no buts just requests
A few things I know graphic design and implementing certain things takes time money and some motivation. A few things I would love to see: 3-ton and 4-ton outdoor air units, a reskin of the universal plug to include 110v standard American outlet for dual and quadruple outlets, a multifunction skin with a switch and outlet, a switch, a dimmer switch, a dual switch, a triple, switch, a quad switch, a wood slat door, ducts (only if possible). But one of my biggest requests is raised floors and basements. Rarely do we see a house sit flat on the ground most of them have a crawl space or basement to them. Half walls would be wonderful as well. And add a pool tool. There are some pool ideas in objects but for anyone who doesn’t like just the same old boring shapes and wants to see how a custom pool would look in their back (or front) yard would fit in and if it would be aesthetically pleasing. As for the raised flooring I think it would also go without saying adding some decking solutions to reach the raised doors. Thank you for the wonderful app.
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2 weeks ago, Don from Florida wearing a hat
A Nice App For Sure
I used the app to design the layout for a cargo trailer conversion that is currently in progress. Suggestions: 1. I had to use the wall option to lay out the dimensions of the trailer, it worked fine and I still use it. Is it possible to also elevate the wall approximately 1’ or greater which would also allow for design of a house on stilts? I wanted to elevate the wall to show only the tires touching the ground and not the walls of the trailer. Without the ability to lift the walls it looks like the tires are leaning against the wall. 2. There doesn’t seem to be an option to orient (for example a board from the horizontal to the vertical) items. Some objects are adjustable in length but not height and visa versa. 3. Scaling options could be improved to accommodate smaller projects (for example a 7’ x 12’ trailer). I worked around this by doubling and or halving the dimensions to make the object sizes work. Also, the dimension displays are so small it is really difficult to read. In fairness all of this was and is done on my iPhone 13 only. 4. All in all, I have been able to make thinks work to a satisfactory level but not perfect. 5. The Objects Menu could use more stand alone items such as a pillow etc. 6. What you have done so far is totally awesome and you deserve an A++ for making this app available. You deserve 5 stars but I gave 4 stars to just encourage you to keep up the Great Work! Thank You! Sincerely.
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6 years ago, mockingbird1115
Almost perfect, just needs more customization ability
Overall I love this app and it’s pretty easy to use. I used it to redesign my hair studio. There are just a couple of minor things that are missing that would earn it a five star rating. When in 3D mode, I wish I could add the exam dimensions of the night of an object. It’s great that you can change the altitude with a slider, but it’s a guess as to what the scale is and I have to just guess. Another thing that would make this app complete wold be if there were a generic object(s) or shapes that could be used to represent miscellaneous items that are not included in the object list. Those two things would make it 5 star for me. As a bonus, more customization and objects would make the app even better! The app has more possibilities beyond just the home, It’s great for small bizz owners with space to design! Perhaps more packs to unlock by “ liking” or writing a review... or incorporating more objects when you pay for an upgrade? Otherwise, I do love the app!
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3 years ago, Queen Lightning
I love this app so much
I absolutely love this app. It’s almost perfect. There’s still some UI problems, the searching is a little difficult and it’d be nice if you could see the names of furniture. Basements would be nice. It would be really cool if you could choose environments, like make the surroundings a city or forest. It could really use some pillows, maybe sone string lights, more furniture in general, but new stuff is added semi-often so I’m sure those things will come soon. The new loft and roof stuff is awesome. You can just get creative with the shapes if you can’t find furniture you want, so I’ve been doing that. Everything is just awesome and I haven’t found another app nearly as good as this one. It is totally worth upgrading, but even the free version is great! I’ve been using this app for over a year at least. I use it all the time to try out arrangements of furniture in my house irl or to just make up my own houses for fun. Great app, I can’t wait for the next update!!!
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4 years ago, SeaThree
Just needs a few tweaks
Ok first of all I love this app! Let me tell you all the good stuff first. First unlike other apps for homes you like have to have everything on a wall and you can’t move stuff in many spaces not on this app in this app you can almost put all your furniture were ever you like! I also enjoy this app because evan if you don’t have the like pro version you still have a bunch of different furniture to chose from! I have been designing a house that I would want for my family on here and no you can not really make it real life but I does help me get a idea and my family a idea of what a ideal house looks like for me. Now the worst part when I tell you the bad stuff about it. Ok so first the bad stuff is not that bad I have still been making a good house with it but my big problem is how it is kind of challenging to get different thing in there place but I have been getting better at it and you will to thank you for listening bue
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5 years ago, creator41
Pretty simple but needs a few updates
Okay so I know I said that this was rated three for me but honestly it is kind of difficult I would say that it is hard to control but scientifically I can figure out how to manage all of the things that I have to use to actually design and remodel on this game/app. But basically my first issue is the controlling. Honestly this can be quite addictive and fun but it seems hard to control I would like to try once again to verify this or mabye edit it. Secondly I would like everyone to notice how cringy this game seems😂 it is practically a game for helping with remodeling houses and it is pretty fun such like a game to some(sorry for my properness I’m not this proper in real life speaking)but my point for this game being CrINgY per say is just the way it was built I would suggest more realistic tech or models in people or objects for builds . Third I would like to address the fact that there are wayyy to many adds right when I opened the app I literally saw a.....ADD. Pls FIX THIS. Thank you for your time 😔😘. Sincerely,mayharbiz ❤️
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6 years ago, Sailor ParaPara
Mostly great but could be amazing with a few tweaks
I have spent many a late night twiddling away on this. I use it to map out places for the stories I write and it really helps me orient my mind and makes it a little easier to work out a scene. But there are a few issues that frustrate me sometimes: 1) I often run into problems with the ceiling disappearing when hiding or deleting walls or when changing wall height (and sometimes when snapping rooms together, be it far less often). 2) Uploaded textures are automatically resized into a square with no cropping, causing it to be stretched and deformed when using 3)About half the time I attach land to the outside of a structure an overhang can be seen running along the top of the land boarder Improvements: 1) Ability to sort our imported textures into the pre loaded folders 2) Display the angle of a wall when we are creating or moving, especially if angle is not 0 or 90 3) Allow us to adjust altitude of all objects 4) Option to have light sources (lamps, ceiling lights) actually emit light 5) Ability to to lock objects into place 6) Option to delete certain items in a furniture object without deleting the entire object 7) An invisible texture for removing certain parts of an object or making parts see-through 8) An option to make rounded walls 9) Ability to set wall height for the entire project or floor
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1 year ago, Ccgeko
I’ve been using this for many many moves!
I LOVE this app. We’re military and have moved many many times in the last few years and each time I find out the new layout of our upcoming home, I excitedly recreate it here and plan where to put my furniture or if it’ll even fit LONG in advance. We once moved it a home far larger than anything we’ve lived in so I had a a couple good months of buying new furniture to ensure I made the future house a home before we even packed up our old stuff. We’re on our way to our original home from many years ago and now I’m on this app constantly planning a massive renovation to make room for the extra kiddos. I’m SO pleased to have been able to plan in the past and continue to plan in the future with Home Design. More than worth it to upgrade to the membership to customize furnature size and much more.
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3 years ago, ekapoc
Better than you might think
The interface is intuitive and there are short videos to show you how to do each step and I’d recommend the first few that teach about rooms, walls etc. because they’re annoyingly challenging if you wing it. I’ve upgraded a few levels for a few bucks to unlock a few features specific for the project I’m working on and I’ve yet to come across anything that’s as good that’s as easy or inexpensive. UPDATE: Whatever was included in a recent update has made this app nothing short of frustrating verging on useless. I bought all upgrades save the last one and have had so many glitches and problems I’m looking for another option. The scaling and elevation features, for displaying something as basic as a stacked washer and dryer or a countertop that extends over a partial wall, reset to zero every time you touch them. And for the second and last time your app just shut down and deleted a project completely. Starting over I am, but not with this glitchy waste of time.
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5 years ago, john three six-teen
Decent, pretty great though! 🤔😁
You should definitely get this game, but, there’s something keeping me from rating it a five. One, the measurements are nice, but you can’t really see what you are doing. It’s nice if you build houses for a living! But 99 % of us don’t. The 3D feature is really great, you can build from an easy high up angle, but then see it from a persons perspective. The other thing bothering me is the space you have, but all in all, who builds an entire neighborhood anyway? The way that you can add texture is pretty great too. Another tip I have is the size of the rugs, you could make them bigger. But I’m not sure, can you even have the time to adjust small things like that? But you know what, my dad approved it, and if HE thinks it’s good, I agree. I’m not really the girl who uses a bunch of emojis, but this is an exception. In the order I felt when I saw this game and played it: 📲👀🤔🤗🥳🏠👍❤️❓❗️😢😶😯🤔😐😮😲🤩I ❤️📲🏠😘😯☝️🏠🤯
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4 years ago, DanceSchoolQueen
Honestly confused!
Hello there Developers! 👋🏼 I honestly don’t like being rude or judgmental, and this app has an awesome idea to it. 🤧 I just would like to be honest here! 👍🏼I love the concept of this game. I absolutely love decorating homes! 🤪 I try to find home decorating apps, and can’t find much. 😒 I found this and let me just say it is very complex! 😬The furniture is nice, and everything! 💗 I didn’t understand how to place items, there was too much buttons, and there wasn’t much furniture to choose from — a lot of items were locked! 🙃 Some items I have for you to improve this is to make it simpler with less buttons! 😝 Please do not take this personally. 😕 I know you probably spent lots of time, effort, and money into this app! 🥺 I hope you have an absolute amazing day! 😉 { Enjoy the five star review! } Hello to the people who would love to download this app! 👋🏼 This game has an amazing concept! 👍🏼 Tons of people rated this app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! 🌷 I personally think this game is a bit complex, but maybe if I gave it some more time I could figure things out! ✨ I think you should give it some time too! 🎉 These developers probably have spent lots of time, effort, and money into this app, and maybe so can you! 😇 Have an amazing day! 💫 An ordinary person who downloaded this app, 🤣 Good_vibes 🌻✨
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4 years ago, vcssduuhvcxdfhj
Okay but pay to play
This designing app is very simple and easy to use. This app can let out an imagination lose. There is just one major problem for if you actually want to design something, you need to pay to actually design anything! Let me give an example, say you want to add another project. On this app, you to pay to do that. I would get it if you made types of furniture styles, building styles (which is what you actually pay for in this app) and etc cost money, but to add another project for 6.99$ is insane in my opinion. End of story is that this game is pricy. I get that the developer needs to make a living, but some parts that you need to pay for are ridiculous. Besides all the bad news, it’s fun and can let your imagination run lose (if your wallet says yes to it)! I’m going to make the assumption that this game is for real architects, since it’s, not the best, but to the level that it could be used for architecture. There’s also a feature that allows you to 3D print your design for free which is an upside to the whole thing. Anyways, have a nice day.
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2 years ago, Smithjcjs
Do not upgrade. Waste of money
I upgraded to gold plus thinking maybe some of the issues were just not available in free version but there are many issues… The import blueprint cannot be scaled as it does allow me to enter scale measurements it defaults to 3’ 3” and deleting that and trying to enter a new value does not work as it does not allow me to enter the ‘ or “ values. Tried different ways and it does not work and it is the same for other measurements. Cannot enter manual measurements of walls either. The icon did not change to the gold version either and maybe that is due to upgrading from inside the fee version. There are many limitations compared to other apps out there for a paid version. Apple will not refund the in-app purchase so I am out $20. Maybe I should have taken more time looking at reviews before purchasing it. There are better options and will be pursuing those. I suggest you do the same as Apple will not protect consumers when products they have in their store do not work as advertised and consumers lose their money.
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8 months ago, Austin 26
A Grudging 2 stars
This app deserves more than two stars. It is relatively simple to use and has a decent selection of items. My problem is with my iPad version of the app. It is an Pro with plenty of storage fully up to date and yet the app keeps crashing to the point where I have to uninstall and reinstall it. My second frustration with the app is the color change tool. It is not intuitive and the colors don’t end up matching AT ALL - I thought this was due to the different textures however even the simple flat paint colors do not change correctly. Additionally features I would love to see would be to create a balcony/more railing options. Actually just more options in general would be great. I understand there has to be some limitations and again the app does have a decent selection but mores the better. I really want to love this app and it is a great price compared to other apps- but it’s not without its flaws and unfortunately the constant crashing is a major issue.
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6 years ago, 🌸B E T T E R D A Y S🌸
Its good but it could be better
I love the app, you can make so many cool houses and plans but there are some problems i have with it. 1. you should be able to edit the size of the walls too, maybe i just dont know how to, but it would be really helpful if that was a feature, and i dont mean just adjusting the ceiling height i mean being able to draw a wall and adjust the height of it. 2. Its way too expensive. It doesnt need to be this expensive tbh, you could buy the sims and do more in the game than on this app and youd be getting something worth your money. This app is awesome and i adore it but its not worth 12 bucks, i bought it when it was ten dollars and even then it was still too expensive imo. 3. I already bought gold and i was excited about the feature for multiple floors but then i found out that you had to pay another ten dollars to upgrade to gold plus! Why should i have to pay another ten dollars if i bought the gold one already? The whole thing is already way to expensive but at least let those who already bought gold upgrade for 99 cents or less, another ten dollars is way to expensive just for unlimited floors. 4. How come there are no ethnic models? Im not a huge sjw but all of the characters are white, if you're going to implement people into the game at least add some variety.
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6 years ago, UnluckyKitty130
I love it, but....
I love this game so much. The 3D view is good, and the decorations are cool. But I have a few questions and suggestions. 1. What is the difference between the gold in-app purchase in this app and the gold version app? They are both different prices for the same thing. Does the in-app purchase gold have ads? 2. The controls. Instead of going straight up and down the floors tho, you should make it so you could walk up stairs or drop off the balcony. 3. The objects. When I walk through them in the Visit option, you should instead make it so you can’t walk through objects or walls. 4. Interactive stuff. Going off of what I said in #2, you should be able to open ovens and unlock doors and turn on and off lights. Just make it a little more real. Also, you could make the people animated so they could be walking around and stuff. 5. You could make the outdoor app in the gold version, so everything is together. It saves a lot of time so you could do an outdoor and indoor on the same house without switching apps. 6. HD. The graphics look like it could be a bit updated to look more realistic. 7. UI. The UI is blue and everything but you could update it to look more simple and geometric. Note that all of these are just ideas. Love the game, and keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, HorribleSpider
Need added features, especially for 2nd story
I bought the full version and I like it but it needs better textures/wall papers ... many look like they’re from the 80s and 90s. It’s hard to get a true white on the walls too. It always looks weird (either a glare or a shadow). A lot of the furniture is in a modern or sort of mid-century style and not a lot of craftsman or traditional decor options. There are loads of small issues with the way walls go together, working with second stories, scaling of objects to fit a space. My biggest issue is that there are two houses I’ve needed to work on remodels for recently that have knee walls / eaves on the second floor. There are no options for that. That’s a pretty common feature of several architectural styles, like Cape Cod and barn-inspired farmhouses. No way to effectively work on and plan for an attic conversion either in that case, which is too bad considering that attic conversions are one of the most popular home improvement projects.
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5 years ago, Kawaii_fox20
Mostly good but is expensive 😡😡
In the begging you do need the gold feature or else to me it was kinda like ehhhh or uhhhhh seriously. But I once I bought it it was so worth now it’s like a dream come true. But on the other hand I just wish it was all free. I would recommend this game if you love building and if your okay on spending money on a this gold feature other than that this is game is amazing. There is this bug that ticks me off this every time when I try to move the screen or look around me it freezes and it’s not my iPad it’s your game. I have to exit the game and log back in until the freeze stops you have to fix this now. A few congestion’s you should add different types of roofs like slanted or curved or pointy but Plz make them free. I don’t want to pay more money for a stupid roof if you add one and it’s stupid how you have to pay money for unlimited floors for $9.00! This is just crazy I really hate this game when it costs so much money. Seriously we would pay $9.00 just for more floors you guys are crazy. If you want people to like your game get rid of it and make it for free or just make it at least a $1.00 or 2. This is so stupid almost deleted it and would of gave you a piece of my mind but I kept it because I already bought something and I don’t want it gone for a waste of money. I would not recommend this game if you don’t like to pay money but if you do then get it it’s a good game for rich people on games! 😡😡😡😡
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7 years ago, Heko0612
A few weeks ago I would have given 5 stars!
Update to the review below. The glitch seems to have been corrected! Yay! Hoping my good luck continues! I've been using this app for several months to dive neck deep into a remodel project, however lately it continuously freezes up on me. I have been unable to do more than open a drawing, click on a task and that's it. Done. I close, clear history, reopen only to have the same thing happen. It's now pretty much useless. I've tried many times to delete the app and reinstall without success. I've got a lot of hours of work into my remodel layouts including accurate house measurements AND furniture measurements. I'm incredibly frustrated. I tried clicking on 'support' and got some nearly illegible message about 'maintenance'. And yes, I did purchase all the 'in app options'.
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3 years ago, nickname321321321
I expect much more from a paid version
It’s absurd that you can’t save even one project with the free version. So I paid a lot of money for the Full Version and the options are disappointing. Why are imported textures applied as a tile? Why can’t I chose to scale the texture on the surface? Why can you change the altitude of some items and not others? Who puts an orchid on the floor? Don’t they usually go on tables? Why can’t I change the height of walls? It’s impossible to tell how tall some items are. Why are there no measurements in 3D view? Why are there items like geometric deer heads but not stand alone TVs or books? No Microwave, or toaster but there is a globe. How do you change your layout from being on one floor and designate it as being on another? Why can’t I select everything in my design and duplicate it? I wish I could change the altitude of the camera in 3D mode and finally, there should be a quick snapshot that saves a picture to your camera roll.
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6 years ago, lauashbro
I love the idea but there is some problems
The app is kinda useless if you don’t pay for it it seems, I get if you want extra designs,furniture,unlimited houses etc that you would pay for that. The thing is it gives you pre made houses which is tedious to clear cause you have to do it bit by bit, you can’t just delete it and start from scratch cause it will pop up with you need to upgrade and pay for this app. Then when I start building the house after I clear the old one it mistakes the inside for the yard so it’s grass and I can’t put floors down or anything. Lastly (at least I think) it won’t let you save what you’ve done, I spend hours making a house to have it all go back the pre made house it had before. If you are going to have a option to have this app free at least give a option to save one house! I’m not asking for unlimited room,but what’s the point of having this app if it all goes to waste?
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4 years ago, _reviewer714_
Good app just needs slight improvement on glitches
I’ve been using this app for a while now and it’s worked great so far, but there is a very specific issue concerning multiple levels in a building. I bought the gold version of the app which was fantastic, except for when I begin to design the second floor, it completely randomly creates new floors that split up my previous designs. It can make up to four floors totally randomly I’ve seen, even though this app version technically only allows a few. Sometimes furniture I’ve placed on the second floor is moved down to the ground level for no apparent reason. Or, sometimes, a single room meant for the ground level will become its own floor, completely disrupting the process and causing furniture to move levels. For all other reasons this is a great app for design, however this problem has totally prevented me from being able to use this app for its original purpose.
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6 years ago, YourFriendlyAppleUser
Changes Should Be Implemented
I adore this app! It has really helped as an outlet for my passion in architecture. However, there are some minor changes that I would like to see. First, it would be nice to have access to the roofs; options to change it. A close friend of mine has expressed that her favorite part of playing The Sims is changing the roof styles. I know that others would like to see this change, as well. That would certainly be enough to get her on this app. I also know that other users have shown disdain towards the Gold Plus version’s price. Ten dollars is too much on top of the ten already paid for Home Design Gold. It’s plain silly to put such a high price on one feature. Those are my only concerns at the moment, but it would be splendid if they were addressed. That’s my two cents.
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3 years ago, sushi girl 101 🍣🍣🍣
There’s a bit of a problem but it’s awesome!!!
There is a little glitch and when your working so hard on the house it kicks ya right out I hate it I work day and night on my houses and BOOM there all gone it’s like seriously come on!!! But over all that it’s amazing I love it and I love all the things you can decorate it with its awesome. But if your not that patient then I wouldn’t recommend this game just cause of the glitch and stuff. But if your pretty patient and good with that stuff then it’s pretty cool I love it. One other thing that’s not that good is the prices to buy the cool stuff like come on like your parents or yourself is gonna pay that it’s pretty pricey I wish that they could lower the prices but it’s ok thanks for reading my review I hope it helped you bye!!!! Home design game!!! 🎮
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6 years ago, Nbracey4
Nice app but glitches still exist
This app is interesting and very user friendly i like a lot of the features. they allow you to get a feel for the finished product in advance, and to make adjustments as you go. Like change wall colors if furniture has to be changed. Etc. however there is a glitch. If i click on a wall that was put there by mistake so as too delete it the app locks up and freezes. thankfully any changes made prior to clicking on that wall are saved. Its annoying cause the wall is not there in reality and i can’t remove it from the drawing for one, and secondly i have to remember not to click on that wall or in that area otherwise i would have to close the app and reopen it. If this problem is fixed it would be an outstanding 5 star app for the buck
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3 years ago, Williams cool
Uh well just read this first
Ok so I really do like the game but I don’t like when I make a place house or school it does not save and my parents won’t let me get things that cost money but I really wanna save my creations and if y’all don’t change it soon if your reading this if you helped make this when ever you ask me to rate on the game then I will but I’ll give it a one star and tell everyone it is a terrible game so please do something soon and even if it is my money they won’t let me pay on here so just be nice and don’t make little kids have to buy this stuff or I’ll just delete the game but other then that it is a very good game accept when it goes to safari because at the bottom it has this thing and it is very hard to not press it so just take my advice please and thank you ps your pal and also I’m not buying this I actually decided to delete the game because theeese game makers probably don’t even red the reviews and change the game this is so rediculouse I’m not buying this stuff and I’m deffinetly going to delete this game!!!!
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5 years ago, gsr0812
DELETE!!!. Useless unless you buy the full version. This is not a free app with in app purchases, this is a limited Trial version of a paid app. I understand paying for full version for a decent app, I like to be able to try an app before purchasing, but hate when an app is only a trial with very limited functionality and added to App Store as a full app that is free. They don’t disclose that this is a trial or a lite version. So I download it, create a floor plan, loose all my work because when I switched from 3D back to 2D the app got buggy and only half of if was there. Then I switched between projects and when I got back everything was gone. It doesn’t allow you to save projects, it doesn’t allow you to share. Long story short, you can’t use for the intended function as is downloaded from the App Store. If this was the page for the app with a price tag attached to it with full functionally, this review would be totally different, but this review if for the misleading free version that I downloaded from App Store.
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