2.2 (337)
22.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Yamaha Corporation of America
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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2.2 out of 5
337 Ratings
5 months ago, Nutrynion
Is there such a thing as updates anymore?
For starters, a dark theme would be nice. Secondly, after already connecting, going to another app and then back to this one it goes through a series of prompts each and every time which is the biggest chip on my shoulder. It’s already connected. Please don’t prompt me again that it is through a series of not one, but multiple pr omits that I have to tap my way out of. So obnoxious. Clearly there is no interest in such a thing as updates and true customer satisfaction though right? As of my review will even change anything. Pfff pathetic.
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6 years ago, mingus511
Pay attention - works fine
So many lame reviews. This is not difficult. First your phone Bluetooth needs to be paired with your sound system. Then start the app, tap on info, initialize, wait for app to sync with sound system, app will switch from demo to whatever is supported by your system. For my yas-108 that’s only a little more than the manual remote. It will vary depending on your system. Once initial setup is done, each time will only require the pairing; when the app is run it will remember your system and switch from demo mode to it after about 5 seconds. I wish my system supported more granular controls but it doesn’t - that isn’t a fault of the app. And yes you may have to turn on Bluetooth manually or pair each time manually (varies by phone or system?). Still, the app works, isn’t difficult, and adds some functionality to that of the remote.
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6 years ago, 1NYCJF
Fantastic app! Better than the remote.
I have an ATS-1060BL. The Yamaha HT app works flawless with this sound bar. I rarely even need to access the app since I use the HDMI ARC hookup between my smart TV and sound bar, allowing volume control with the TV remote. The app has eq settings for game, movie, music, TV and I can adjust as desired. Additionally, I love the clear-voice feature which boosts and clarifies dialogue. Bluetooth works exceptionally well (my Echo device connects automatically when I select Bluetooth). I hope Yamaha continues to provide updates to this app as their newer products use their MusicCast app.
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3 years ago, vtecjustkickedin
Wish I knew about this sooner
I love my YAS-108, but I found the on device and remote control kind of difficult to determine what feature is on and at which level. Ever since using this app I love my speaker even more. If you use this app with your Yamaha speaker you will have refined control over your speaker because you’ll have access to an interface. The only thing missing through this app is updating the firmware over Bluetooth.
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3 years ago, kimmygibs
Buggy-needs an Update!
We loved this app for iOS when we first got our ATS 1080 around a year ago. Love all the additional features that the remote doesn’t have. Within the last few months it stays on demo mode with Bluetooth on. I have to close and restart the app 3-4 times before the app finally recognizes it to connect. I wish Yamaha would make an update since it looks like the last time they fixed bugs was 2 years ago.
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2 years ago, Jakeindc
It works
Have used the app for more than 3 years now and never had a problem with it. I use it to occasionally change settings but I use the Apple TV remote to adjust volume. I would give it 5 stars but the fact it has to cycle thru the demo mode every time gets annoying. If I used this to regularly change volume it would bad. Otherwise don’t understand the problem that people are having.
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4 years ago, maecythedogismyfriend
Holy Smokes It Works!
I don't write many reviews, but this app has saved me $40 and works so easily that I couldn't NOT leave a review! I have a YAS-600 that I bought a few years ago and have no idea where the remote is - and a replacement is $36-40! Randomly typed in YAS-600 into the app store and this (sadly, poorly reviewed) app popped up! Let the app use bluetooth on my phone and it automatically connected to my sound bar and JUST WORKED! Mind blown. So happy and impressed!
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6 years ago, HappyPhysicist
Great App
I have a YAS-107 and LOVE this app. Frankly, I like it better than the IR remote control that came with the soundbar. The app and my Xbox One (for volume and mute) are all I ever use to control it. As others pointed out, the soundbar must be ON to connect. This is its only flaw. I’m not sure why it doesn’t stay in some sort of Bluetooth standby mode. After it’s been turned off is the only time I have to manually reconnect (in iOS Settings).
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5 years ago, Drew90210
It works fine
I usually never write reviews, but I felt the need to write a review for this app because it honestly works fine. Before you go complaining about an app I recommend figuring out how to properly use it. Just make sure your Bluetooth is on and the phone is synced to the device. App will work fine with phone connected to it via bluetooth.
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7 years ago, Poobah76
The app worked fine (albeit slow) with my yas-106 before the iOS 11 update. Following the update, it stops working every time I press home after using the app. I have to quit the app and relaunch it to get it to work. It’s not a deal breaker, as the only real advantage to the app (with my model) is changing the surround modes. That said, it is still annoying. You’re better off using the included remote as much as you can as this app is clunkier and far slower in comparison.
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7 years ago, Logiqal1
Nice Sound Bar, Faulty App!!!
This application will not automatically pair when the application is launched. I paired and connected it the first time, that should be enough. I have to manually connect the Bluetooth every time I want to use the app. The app is not intuitive as to what the actual problem is, and leaves the user in “demo mode”. I develop software for a living and I can tell you that Yamaha is not taking the UX (User Experience) into account. I don’t like leaving negative comments and tried to contact customer service before hand but I quickly realized their answers come from a script.
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5 years ago, Gopherville
Works great with ATS-1080
This worked flawlessly, as soon as I opened the app, with my ATS-1080. I’m pretty sure my model is the Costco equivalent of the YAS-108. I was already connected to my speaker via Bluetooth when I opened this app, and it immediately recognized my speaker model and offered options for it. It’s nice that it has more options than the remote that came with my system. Great app.
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5 years ago, franksnbeans89
Needs improvement
I understand this is a simple remote app, but it could use improvement. The app is slow to connect to the device, and while it is connected it is in an awful “DEMO” mode. It is super annoying and I keep going to grab the regular remote to do what I need. What’s the point of the app if it can’t properly replace the physical remote? It’s supposed to be easier, not more difficult.
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4 years ago, Radiohalo
Not impressed
At first I thought this was a big improvement over the remote that came with the sound bar. As I used it I found that if I left a screen and returned the settings would return to what they were before I changed them. The power off does not turn off the sound bar nor is there a way to turn it on with this app. I still need to use the other remote. The only real benefit to the app is that you can see a visual confirmation of your settings while using the remote that came with the sound bar.
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6 years ago, Robearski
Just bought the ATS 1080
In order to use this app 1) Connect to Bluetooth (okay this makes sense) 2) Open app; it “always” opens in in demo mode (hence the missing stars 🌟 ) 3) Enter information icon (should only be necessary first use) make sure other model is turned off (fortunately it remembers this setting) 4) Stay in the information (setting) for several seconds (seems to give app time to sync up and recognize its settings) 5) Exit information (settings) 6) Wait several seconds. The display will reconfigure to only show only icons (settings) applicable to this receiver and it will switch from demo mode to a functional app. NOTE: Demo mode should be a one time thing; instead all six steps are required every time the app is opened. Fix this and it will be usable by more than just those who have experimented enough to find a path that works
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7 years ago, Hannon316
Won't connect since update
Haven't been able to connect yas-152 since the last update. Before the update it worked every time & I had no lag time so I'm still giving it 5 stars because I think the issue will be resolved for all of our models. If not, it was good while it lasted
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6 years ago, apple2dev
Must reconnect Bluetooth EVERY TIME
I have never seen an app like this. It doesn’t ever work unless you go to settings and reconnect Bluetooth to the soundbar and then kill the app and restart it. The soundbar doesn’t connect through your WiFi like every other IOT device. There’s no automatic connection to Bluetooth, no link to go to the Bluetooth settings to reconnect, not even a notice that you need to reconnect, just a demo mode to taunt you with what you might be able to do with the soundbar if you knew the secret steps to reconnect every time.
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7 years ago, DATC8canote
Clean, simple, efficient
Works just as needed. Nothing showy or fancy, but it works flawlessly to control my sound bar. My only irritation is that I have to continually tap the "Yes" button to open and utilize the app. It collect user information through google analytics and I constantly have to accept by tapping the yes button every time I initiate the app
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2 years ago, lou capwell
Simple order of operations
If you’re not a dullard, this is a brutally easy app to use. Switch your Bluetooth on, select your sound bar, then open the app. If you do it in a different order, you did it wrong. Good luck, I guess.
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5 years ago, sasiitwo
Lost remote
My kids lost my Yamaha remote within the first week of owning it. Well, this app saved the day. I can now use my phone to control the speaker. Not sure what others didn’t like about the app. Maybe they still had a remote to use.
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6 years ago, mhsdolgow
Doesn’t work
I have a Yamaha-207 sound bar. Once or twice I’ve been able to use this app to control the sound bar, but now the app always goes into “demo mode” and I have no control over the app, rendering this app useless. Other people have been complaining about this for some time but apparently Yamaha just doesn’t care. If I had known how little Yamaha cares about software integration I would have never purchased their sound bar in the first. Will be avoiding Yamaha in the future.
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6 years ago, This Nickname Taken ep. 5000
Worst app I’ve ever used
How this is an app for a reputable company like Yamaha is more shocking than the fact I’m stuck in demo mode without clear directions to get out of it. Also I’ve never seen a Bluetooth functioning speaker that has no directions to connect a phone and play some tunes. The app is not working so I have no way to use this speaker as a streaming device making it extremely limited in use. It makes absolutely no sense and very disappointed in the product (YAS-207).
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3 years ago, JVRJEEP
Bluetooth Limitaions
So you cannot link two Bluetooth devices to the speaker at one time. I have the YAS-107. So this means I cannot hook up a music source via Bluetooth and then control the speaker using the App, which uses Bluetooth to connect to the speaker, at the same time. Great solution if you use one of the other speaker inputs.
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2 years ago, User 123323221
Used to be good
Used to work flawlessly with my YAS-207 sound bar. No longer works :( have tried uninstalling reinstalling. Unpairing and repairing. Nothing seems to get the app to connect to the sound bar. I don’t want to upgrade the bar because it works great but with the app not working anymore, it’s cumbersome to have to carry the remote around while playing music if I want to adjust something on the sound bar….
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4 years ago, Guun Tado
Better than IR remote that came with
Just got this Yamaha front surround sound at Costco for two weeks. tried using remote that came with surround sound. I found it that it has a lag when I press volume or any of it’s features. Decided to download app, it’s been fine so far.
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5 years ago, MikeOnTheHill1224
Stop working with iOS 13
Can not use at all. Never switches out of Demo mode. And there’s no on screen display. So it is really hard to use the Yamaha YAS 207 I’ve had this system for two years I give it 2 stars because it’s a low quality app. My next door neighbor kid could do 10 times better. Come on Yamaha, spend some money on App developers.
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4 years ago, firebladeharsha
Works just fine
Ignore issues that it won't connect. You need to know how to connect to it once and done. Never once had an issue once the phone is connected to my sound bar.
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6 years ago, Soundless in DC
It stopped working in its latest upgrade. The app simply doesn’t control the sound bar. It says it is connected to the bar via Bluetooth but it doesn’t engage. This app has been extremely clunky from the beginning. It makes you jump from one screen to the other to calibrate sound, select source. Dear Yamaha, pay attention to this customer facing part of your product. Very disappointing.
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3 years ago, Big T Georgia
Had been working fine…
Nothing spectacular but it would turn the volume up and down and change the sounds. Now it opens, connects and just closes the app. I removed and Re downloaded same thing. iPhone
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4 years ago, UgIy
It works fine for my ATS-1080
Does exactly what I want it to do... control/see the volume, switch setting/inputs. That’s all I need it to do and it does it. Just downloaded the app and connected to the soundbar via Bluetooth.
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5 years ago, Mbconsul
What is this app supposed to do is the question
As near as I can fathom it will open in demo mode and the power option will slide down to simulate turning the unit off, even if it is already off. There is no option to turn it on and none of the other options do anything. Maybe if you work for Yamaha it is supposed to trick your supervisor into thinking you are working when you are playing solitaire.
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7 years ago, Cottenn
I like the App
I was prepared to be disappointed after reading the previous reviews - but - I think the app is really pretty good - it’s basic in functionality but I still think it’s totally fine to use with the Yamaha system - I recommend this app !!!
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2 years ago, Fishsaucy
Awesome app!
It is exactly why I needed. Setting up couldn’t be easier. The app allows me to easily control and adjust my sound bar with ease. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Goblin_Weed
App Works Great - YAS-108
Change settings. Turn features on and off. The app is great since the light dots on the bar don’t show the exact level of subwoofer. Only moves with multiple presses.
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4 years ago, TLehman111
Works fine
I thought this app wasn’t going to work based on previous reviews. These people must not have gone to college. App works fine
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7 years ago, Vin P.
Will Not Connect YAS-1070 to Bluetooth
Very frustrating app, it needs some type of updating. I am unable to connect to Bluetooth in settings, on my iPad or my iPhone. It works via remote, but not with the app on either iOS device. I downloaded the manual, and there does not seem to be any help in there either. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
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5 years ago, I lobe battle cats
Works about 10% of the time
Highly unstable, doesn’t connect most of the time after repeated attempts. Works OK once in a while when it actually detects the speaker. The speaker remote is even worse and doesn’t have all options that are included in the app, so have to deal with it.
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6 years ago, GLF77
Won’t connect to sound bar
I have an ATS-1050. After recent updates I cannot use the app to control my sound bar. This is unfortunate since the remote control does not work as well as the app used to. When I now open the app it stays in demo mode. If I press a “button” it crashes. The app support shown in the Apple App Store leads me to Yamaha customer service with no reference to the app. I hope Yamaha monitors reviews.
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6 years ago, BerkTL
Great App
I bought a Yamaha YAS-107 and was reluctant to try this app. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did. Almost NO setup time and just a tad of getting acquainted with it and it really outperforms the remote supplied with the soundbar. Gives much more control faster. I’m impressed.
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6 years ago, Wisconybandit26
Very helpful
I use this with the 1060bl. Not sure why it only got 2 stars in the app store. Works great! I gave it 4 stars because sometimes it doesn't show the Tone control, just the bass control. Other than that I Love it!
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2 years ago, Toyotarav4
It works
I have been using it for past 3 years. It works perfectly.
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6 years ago, Fernando in Colorado
You broke it!
I just bought my yas-107 two weeks ago, installed the previous version of this app and it worked really well! I was apprehensive because of the generally low ratings of this app, but it worked great. Then, 3 days ago, I got an update to version 3.0 and it has not worked with my sound bar once since then. So disappointed! Come on Yamaha, make me happy again!
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4 years ago, stonxx
Easy to link but poor instructions
Your app works immediately after you connect your phone to your sound bar using Bluetooth.
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5 years ago, Bubisamongus
Works great ! Read instructions!
This app works great just read the instructions and you good to go ! People, reading from a book or manual will not kill you !
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5 years ago, DAC27608
OK, but buggy
Generally pleased with the app, but it does have some bugs where it will open in “demo” mode and then also randomly adjusts settings that are there only some of the time. Would be nice to hear from Yamaha on any upcoming fixes or workarounds.
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7 years ago, Desamed
I experienced the same issues as Poobah after updating to iOS 11. I can no longer use my iPhone to navigate my YAS-203 sound bar. This is very annoying. I’m not sure what he is referring to as “quitting” the app. I have deleted the app and reinstalled several times but still refuses to work. Is there anything that can be done to correct this problem? Very frustrated!!
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6 years ago, eodie
Get rid of demo mode
Half my interactions with this app involve needlessly dismissing dialogs about the demo mode. This is a common occurrence when multitasking and swiping back to the app. Instead of waiting a moment to load the controls for my paired sound bar, the app just launches into demo mode instantaneously and needs to be dismissed. Yamaha needs to at least provide an option to disable demo mode.
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6 years ago, Robnadar
Features rich app...
Nice app. There are lot of complaints about DEMO mode. It could have been clarified in the app. If you don’t connect to the unit via Bluetooth, Demo mode would not go away.
Show more
2 years ago, Raff25
Has to be a better way
Please tell me there is another app that works for my sound bar? This one is awful. Constantly disconnects, constantly refreshes and then sometimes will not even recognize my sound bar for days. Very antiquated. Is there another app that would work??
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5 years ago, blue25188915
Works great
This works way better than the original remote the only thing it lacks is the dimming light
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