HomeByMe - House Planner 3D

4.6 (1.9K)
47.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dassault Systemes SE
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for HomeByMe - House Planner 3D

4.61 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
2 months ago, artzgrace
Best app for interior home design!!
I’ve looked into multiple free home design apps, and this is by far the best. The online website version is a best option I find. Even with the free plan, you have access to thousands of furnishing ideas, from paint colors to couches to beds to kitchen appliances. The ability to switch between 2D, 3D, and in-person modes is extremely versatile. You can upload previous floor plans and draw over them, into the project. It’s amazing! There are a few downsides to the app, as usual with every app. The snapping effect can be a bit finicky and annoying and it cannot be turned off. Also, you can only create new floors based on the bottom floor. In other words, you cannot create a new floor based on the floor of a higher level. Additionally, you cannot adjust the walls in 3d mode, or view more than one floor level at a time. I hope homebyme makes changes to these things in the future.
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9 months ago, mikid1e
in love but glitchy
i’ve tried a few other home design apps before, both online and on my ipad. but this is one is most surprisingly amazing with the app functionality on the iphone ! I love the extensive catalog for products and design options, building options and even love that I can make my own furniture. it’s like a creative dream !! however sometimes it’ll get pretty glitchy. some items will disappear when you’re moving an item underneath it. sometimes it’s difficult to move an item if there’s items around it until you angle camera just right. sometimes it will sign me out of the app and I have to sign back in. this has happened several times. online, after you start adding “too many” items in the space you’re creating, the entire space starts lagging. it’s faster and easier on the phone but I haven’t been able to add doors or windows while using the phone app. i’m praying for an update to fix these issues but otherwise, i’m still in love with this app.
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1 year ago, Jeremy fw
Best free home design app
I don’t normally write reviews but this app is BY FAR the best free home design app I’ve found. I love the wide selection of customizations you can make in a room, the items you can add, and the 3D and walking around functions that make it feel like you’re in the room. Very good for visualizing your design. I needed an app to design a basement movie room I plan to do, but didn’t want to pay for something since I just wanted a general idea. But this app went above and beyond, especially considering it is free and doesn’t have required paid upgrades. FANTASTIC APP!!!
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2 years ago, Hot Chilly Pepper 🌶
A really weird glitch.
The app is great! I really recommend it for people who want to design awesome houses. At first, I was kind of confused of how to use it. But you get used to it after a while. While I was finishing a room that I took HOURS to design, the app just gave me an announcement that there was a problem with the system, so when I clicked the retry button, all my hard work was waisted. I had to do it all over again! So, after a while, it started getting REALLY annoying. I deleted the room and created another one. When I was just finishing editing the bed, the same thing happened again. I’m desperate right now. I know it’s asking a lot, but can the developers please fix the glitch? I would be very happy! Thank you so much developers and great app!
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2 years ago, sam elliot beef
has its down sides but it's free and fun to mess around with
I have been using home by me since 2017 in the past 5 years they have made some great improvements, i have done several different concepts of my dream home over the years and have made hundreds of them that where trash ideas that become very apparent in VR is it the most realistic all the time? no. to put it simply it's good enough to do the job, and for its functionality and frequent improvements, I love it! and for a program that's free it deserves all 5 stars.
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4 months ago, corndogdays
I’m so glad this exists
I have so many ideas and I am horrible at explaining them. Our house has a weird layout and we can’t seem to agree on what to do with it, this app has been so helpful! There’s a learning curve, but it’s user friendly and has great features. I love that I can do it on my computer and phone.
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4 months ago, Lolo&MaevesMom
Great for beginners
The reason for 4 stars vs 5 is because there are such limited options; beds, decorations, windows and doors, desk options, I haven’t seen any light fixtures yet either. Using both the app and the website I can’t figure out how to configure extra space when using a quarter turn staircase, I haven’t figured out how to make a porch (not sure that’s possible), or creating the roof for the final look. Maybe I’ll be able to figure it out, but I’ve created a few different projects and for what this program is (free) it’s pretty darn good!
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1 year ago, Coudoroy
Can't log back in
I've been using the app for about 2 days now and have spent hours working on designing my space, and while the design experience was good, and I enjoyed the 3D and walk through perspectives and the vast amount of furniture and customization options, there was a major problem. I suddenly got logged out and am unable to log back in. I deleted the app three times and attempted again, but it keeps saying to check my password even though it won't even let me get to the login screen. So essentially all my progress and my entire project is lost.
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1 year ago, aden0907
It’s a great app, but has some flaws
I enjoy using the app. I have issues with it randomly glitching and making me lose what progress I made before saving it so I now save it constantly just incase. I wish there was a way to draw walls in instead of a predetermined shape and size. Makes it impossible to do a half wall in a room. Also wish you could adjust the height of a window when in 3d mode like you can with cabinets.
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11 months ago, Itmustbestuffy!
Very cool!
Wow! I really love the app! I have a studio apartment that I was having a hard time figuring out the furniture layout for. I was able to use this app to “furnish” the entire room the way I thought I’d should be laid out, including all the measurements and the kitchen elements. Love the fact that I could add art work and kitchen appliances! Thank you!
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6 months ago, _missbunny
Keep getting an error.
I can’t create rooms in the app? It goes as far as scanning correctly and when rendering it crashes with an error pop up and the room isn’t made. The desktop app works perfectly but I wanted to use the scan feature through the mobile app. Hoping this will get fixed soon or at least give users a heads up if something isn’t working at the moment.
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1 year ago, 2012Asdasd
Been looking for this for a while, in a day I learned to use the tools and I’m doing my home remodeling. So easy to just try different ideas quick or get inspiration from the work of others. Hands down the best design software
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1 month ago, TranThaoMi
Pretty good
Pretty good, I’m using this for my project in school but one thing is, for pictures on a picture frame it won’t import a picture i chose and it jus keeps showing a little loading thing but never imports also not much to choose from but overall it’s not bad everything else is pretty cool.
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11 months ago, llee728
I always loved how simple it was to use this app but recently it’s been very glitchy. I save my work all the time but the app doesn’t seem to actually save it even though it says it was saved. I’m not sure if this is a feature suggestion but it would be nice to have a simple way of creating split levels. Not sure if this is helpful but I’m also using this on my iPad mini just for personal convenience reasons.
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2 years ago, Mdoaos
Please help
The app is overall great but the thing I don’t understand is where to color and add textures to the furniture items I put down a bed and the only options I have when I click on it are replace, duplicate, ruler, and delete And same thing for when I put down a nightstand I don’t understand where to edit it
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2 years ago, LindaRocks
Simple and Fun for Basic Interior Designing
Using this app helps give me a clear idea on how to decorate my new home. Although there are some glitches, I am still able to work through it to get an idea on what I want my lovely home to look for this new chapter in my life.
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1 year ago, Lmp4556
Best App Yet!
I’ve been searching for a free app where I could create my home renovation in 3D and 2D. This app gives you just tha! It’s easy to navigate through, and has a lot of the same decor that I’m using.
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2 weeks ago, Ajhjgvfdgddfs
No Backgrounds!!!
I love this app but it is hard to feel like it’s real when there is no front or backyards, it’s just plain white. The colors sometimes go away and I have to log out and go back in which is very annoying. This app does have its faults but there are not many apps that you can find better than this for free.
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3 years ago, nick2378
Good but frustrating
This is a good app, better than others, but trying to move room edges to the exact measurements I want is seriously frustrating. Please, please add functionality on web and app to add room measurements, not just area, when creating a room. For example, trying to add a room that is exactly 300 cm length, not 299 and not 301. Big time waster trying to finesse the drag arrows to the right measurements. Thank you.
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1 year ago, chromeslinky
Hard to Edit
Looked around for a way to edit furniture size. At least on the app it is basically impossible to find furniture with sizes you can edit, you basically can only select brand furniture with a predetermined size. Not useful for me, since I am trying to figure out what size of furniture I need to buy, given the space available in my room. I don’t want to have to go through a bunch of furniture until I find one with the size I want.
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5 months ago, Tatortott22
Love it but heartbroken
I spent over 8 hours designing a home to show my boyfriend. It was so easy to use and I absolutely love this app, but it randomly reset my entire project back to square one. I am absolutely heartbroken as it was almost finished. Absolutely nothing saved. Not sure if anyone else encountered an issue like this.
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11 months ago, User2738536838
Can’t believe it’s Free !!
Such a great app with real furniture features I love browsing others ideas and it’s so nice being able to scan the room you want to decorate !!
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1 year ago, 22CU22
Kept Crashing…
I downloaded this app about 3 days ago. The first day it was fine. I designed a home and completed it. The second home I tried to design, kept being deleted and crashing. Every time it crashed I lost all of the work I had completed. It happened over and over again. Really upsetting.
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5 months ago, gracefulness g
Love the app update a problem
I’m annoyed because since the update I can open my project online but not on the app. I’ve tried everything. I love the app it’s great but I want my project to show on my phone again.
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4 months ago, Car'Darius
I’ve been using the website and app for a couple of years and it’s honestly my favorite thing to do for leisure and work!
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1 year ago, letussearchquestions
Amazing! i want a MakeByMe app!
i love this app and website and would really love to be able to have more access for building furniture!
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1 year ago, How to add multiple floors
Second floor
I really like this app but I watched videos I really can’t find a way to add a second floor also it has kicked me out of my account multiple time but I have logged back in
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2 years ago, Mall time
Good app, glitches too much
I love the app and the desktop version is great, but the app glitches so much you can barely use it. Hope the developers get this fixed because the app is very promising!
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3 years ago, toffeetoad
This app is so confusing to use and the items that it shows don't even look like what the picture shows when you put it down. And having to open up the decor tab then to the kitchen ran then to the kitchen cabinets is so much work for one cabinet to be placed.
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2 weeks ago, Lex1434
So far so good
Making a floor plan is super easy! Can’t wait to start design work
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12 months ago, Ana Carolina Thompson
Faulty app
This app was great for a day or two, then it updated and now every time I leave the app it signs out, when I sign back in my project goes back to the very first save, I’ve worked days on my project and now have lost all of it! I’ve contacted support before and haven’t gotten an answer back.
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3 months ago, Phenomenal App & Banking
Best and Technical Too
This app is fantastic! It’s flexible, accurate, fast, EASY TO USE, reliable, usable and I do love it!
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3 years ago, runtoMars
Very good
Works well for home layouts
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2 years ago, carchi09
Not useful for creating projects
Honestly the site is more useful than this app. Can barely access my projects and it’s extremely slow.
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1 year ago, DislikeFB
App is the worst
The app is very glitchy. I cannot get it to work on my iPad pro. You are unable to actually move items around and it’s very slow. It’s really a useless app. The web works but i do not recommend the app at all
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2 years ago, Mari13519
Won’t work with latest iOS update
Not great with the newest iOS version tried it in the past and worked great but with the latest version of iOS I can’t get anything to load it is all black.
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2 weeks ago, hi t add uftdyftdyvgg
I can’t login
It lets me login and when I go to the website it won’t open
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2 years ago, ITSELLISONJG
It’s ok
Hi I was trying to edit my bathroom but my bathroom is an awkward shape. Please please PLEASE can you make a way that I can edit the exact shape of the room. Thank You😊
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5 days ago, Maaza192
App review
Downloaded this to recreate a floor plan of my room but I don’t even have the option to add a wall to the preselected bedroom layouts.
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1 year ago, girlcaptivated
Doesn't change paint colors
I gave up immediately after it glitched when trying to update every wall with a new paint color. Not worth the time
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2 years ago, MoOoOoOnyyy_94
Do not use this app!
I spent several days to creat my project and it seemed fine, but one day it did not allow me to open my project and says “sorry, an error occurred!”. It wastes your time and ruins your work!!
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2 weeks ago, Tbone11_11
App won’t load project
App shows my project saved, but when I try to open it, nothing appears and it’s as if I never even started it.
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2 weeks ago, Ikkin2112
Similar to 5d planner but way better!!!
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3 weeks ago, $tavelo
Amazing app
I’d refer this APP to anyone looking to design!!
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9 months ago, 2469923454
GOAT greatest of all time
This is amazing
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10 months ago, Irnic
Bad start up
I didn’t even get to my country it chose one for me
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2 years ago, Musical family 765
𝕀 𝕕𝕠𝕟’𝕥 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖 𝕚𝕥
I wish it was like home design I don’t even know how to make an upstairs I don’t really like this😡☹️😞😕. 𝔾𝕣𝕣𝕣𝕣𝕣𝕣𝕣
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12 months ago, design specialist
it’s ok
super great quality and love designing in here it’s just not easy, no tutorial or help button and it won’t save what you have done makes me very mad
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2 years ago, miernfijnfrenhifrv
This app crashes all the time. Just terrible software
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3 years ago, Lady with Triplets
Having technical difficulties
It keeps freezing, and it’s not allowing me to add any furniture.
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