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User Reviews for HomeGoods

2.64 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
5 years ago, darquechuld
Post better stuff
It’s unfortunate that this company is unable to provide a better online experience. If you are going to have the employees take photos of items, please put a standard on what should be photographed, the quality of the photo and be consistent with when the photos will be posted. The photos on the app are not intriguing enough to actually bring people in the store. They merchandise being captured and the quality of the photo is just meh. However when you go in the store, the experience is great. Store experience and online experience should not be so different.
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6 years ago, Bebe1275
This App is ridiculous
I should have just kept moving along when I read the first 2 reviews. I also should have known better when a couple of the reviews were talking about the store rather than the app itself. I just downloaded the app, it pulls up a pop up window for you to choose your store. You click the one to follow and then it closes. I thought oh, it’s resetting. Nope! It just crashes. Every time. Crashes when I touch the app. It flashes the HG red box and then crashes. Again. I did this three times and then realized, wow, they weren’t just complaining to complain. Seriously can’t even open the app. And yes I’m on an iPad and yes it’s up to date on the latest IOS version. Waste of time... these developers needs to get their act together, this is a big company to just have this app crash. If my developers didn’t fix this, they would be kicked out the door and not hired in the interactive world. Ever! Ugh
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5 years ago, susanoreo
Your story is great, that app is horrible!
I’ve now downloaded the app three times. Very disappointing since it will not open once I put in my store location preference. The first time I chose a couple stores in my area since it allows you to choose more than one that are close by. But it would not allow me to move forward on the website. The cursor just went around and around. I deleted it and tried to download it again, this time Changing it to list only one store. It did not work a second time. This last time I changed stores. And still the cursor goes round and round and round without allowing me to use the website. I’d be happy to use it without putting in a store preference but the app is designed in a way that it requires you to do so. In the time it took for me to play with this app, I could’ve driven halfway to the store – unfortunately I don’t have the time to do that now
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5 years ago, Jenni9bean
Worst App ever
As another user said, when I saw 2 stars I should have moved along. The only good reviews keeping this from showing one star in the Apple app store are people reviewing the actual store experience-not the app itself. I spent 3 minutes on it only to realize the only visibility to my local store is random pictures other customers post while shopping. My store had less than ten pictures and there is no potential to shop/order online. If you like Homegoods, use their sister store TJ Maxx’s app. It is still hard to find brand name deals- but that’s not on them, it’s the brand limiting TJ Maxx from making it easy for customers to seek out their steeply discounted products specifically. So, you do have to sift through a lot to find the gems- but you can order online. Homegoods shouldn’t have bothered even building this app. An embarrassment for such a great store.
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6 years ago, KristaShilling
so sad
i went into the store and they haven’t stocked the shelves properly bc i guess they’re lazy. i’m looking for a specific item — that i saw the matching set to and purchased the matching set. i go home and go on the website so hg can get some more $$ from me, but the website is literally garbage. it’s just a store locator. you know google does that for you, right? it said to download the app to view products. Okay, i did this. according to the app, hg has 2 items. so the app is just as trash as the website. and it has false advertisement. i was in the store and the employee at the desk said everyone gets 10% off their items. i go up to the desk to purchase my items and the employee denied this and said it was only if you open a card. i shouldn’t have bought anything because that was just rude. false advertising doesn’t do any good so stopppp doing itttt.
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6 years ago, Alflover33
No Online Shopping
I downloaded this app to hopefully shop online. But, soon found that the app said “Blog”. So, I thought that I possibly downloaded their “blog” app instead of their online shopping app. So, I started looking for that app. However, that was the only app. Their actually website isn’t a shopping site either. Both the app and website are obviously not for shopping online. I was super disappointed with this app. They did show a handful of items, but the only way to actually purchase them is to go into one of their stores. I’m handicapped and can’t shop in stores, like a regular person. So, without this app working as a shopping and shipping site. I can’t buy from “Home Goods”. I’m so very upset about this. Please, fix your website and app, so people who literally can’t get into your store to shop, can shop online. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Dannylachappelle
What kind of crAPP is this?
Nothing works on this crap app. HomeGoods is the best store ever, and I am always excited to see what they have in their stores, but now that most of them are shut down, how are we expected to see what’s in the stores if the locations, browse section, and pretty much anything else doesn’t work? The button literally says to browse what’s in stores, and when you click an open store to browse it sends you to a dead end page with literally no information on it. Sooooooo, the only thing they have here are a couple of inspirational pics for ideas around the house which makes this app seem like Houzz degenerate slow little sibling. I wish I could give this crAPP a negative 5 rating, and even then I’d still wonder if I’m being too lenient!!!!! crAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, QuaiNoi
Utterly pointless and useless.
So there’s really two parts to the app: stores and online. My store is showing: nothing. Online seems to not have much to offer. Hence there’s no ping to this app. Plus I read that the “store” component is dependent upon retail employees posting items. Of course there’s nothing posted. It’s silly to expect retail employees to post anything. Also because the stock is so random and inconsistent in the stores, I don’t see how they’d keep up or if an item displayed would even be available for long. The stores I love. This app is useless, I mean it works and looks good. But they’ve not integrated their supply, tracking and sales data into this. That data exists but they’re not using it here here effectively. Guys integrate your stocking and point of sales systems or give up on having an app.
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5 years ago, dot_k
Why even have this app?
I was excited to see HomeGoods had an app as I thought, “Finally, I can buy online or at least see inventory...without having to drive in Bay Area traffic and go out of my way just to rummage through and hope to find the items and style on my ‘need to buy’ list.” 🙌 While the See What’s In Your Store is intriguing, I was sorely disappointed to find no local inventory / ability to buy - Just random pictures of people taking shots of merchandise with no ability to filter. Overall, it’s basically just a mirror image of their website (and msite) on an app. Given, I didn’t read the description closely but...sister company TJ Maxx has an app and website with capabilities users want and engage with, and ultimately purchase from.
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6 years ago, THHWTM
A disappointment...
I’ve used this app for several weeks (or, have been trying to when it doesn’t crash), and have been disappointed by the meager postings from store associates. While I understand and accept that style and interests are in the eye of the beholder, who wants to make trips to the store went all that is generally posted (when posted at all) are photos of either run-of-the-mill desk items such as calendars or waste baskets, or outlandish things that most people probably would not buy (metal knight in a suit of armor?!). I follow 4 stores in my area within an hour drive, the best stores, although admittedly busier, rarely post to the app...maybe once every 1 to 2 weeks. App crashes so frequently,nearly every tine I use it, and I’m on an 8Plus, so I was hoping for more ease of use and reliability with this app.
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5 years ago, Rachal2020
Not To It’s Potential! A Missed Opportunity!
I enjoy shopping in Home Goods however this app is not to it’s potential and HG is missing an opportunity to maximize gaining customers using this app. Since this app is relying on the employees and/or customers to post to this Home Goods app this app falls tremendously short. I think a better way to maximize this app is to #1 have a HG team devoted to developing this appt with all the great finds, deals and beautiful decor that HG has. #2 to have a drop down tab with a section for customers to comment and post their purchases from HG. I’m a avid shopper at HG and would definitely comment and post what I purchase from HG. I’m rating this appt 2 1/2 on it’s potential if suggestions are followed through.
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5 years ago, Traderjo's
I got this thinking that I could browse the items in the store and buy what I want. No. It is basically a blog of pictures of things that people posted and there is zero information on the things posted. The store has the potential to make an app that a customer might want to use instead of driving from store to store to find things that they might have wanted to get when they saw them, but didn’t and then when they went back, the item was gone. But might very well be in another store. That’s what I was hoping this would be like. But, it is not. If that’s what you we’re hoping for too, this is not the app for you.
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3 years ago, TitoAnni
It doesn’t work! It just keeps asking to sign in, select a store and then continuously repeats the same, again and again and again and again and again and again and again. I’ve deleted the app, hard rebooted my iPhone, and reinstalled, only for it to continue. All I needed was my card to scan at checkout. This app wasted everyone’s time. Why do all your stores need separate apps anyway. One, just one app, select the store you need, or not even, just let us access our info across every store with a universal card. This is ridiculous. After the aggravation of this, I just left my order and walked out. Not worth this much stress!!
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5 years ago, LamzyLyn
Tech issues. Tech issues everywhere.
Setting my store was fun. It constantly showed the searching dial rotating until I finally closed then reopened the app to find it took. Then I tried to view items from the store. Good luck if you want to scroll through effortlessly and see more than 10 items. The scrolling simply locks so you can't see all products posted. Also, there's no search feature and the categories to browse are too limited to hone in on what you're looking for. Example: I was looking for accent pillows and the closest I could get was home accessories and bedding. So had the products all actually loaded I'd have to scroll through every side table, lamp, chachki, bedspread and rug to possibly find pillows.
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2 years ago, keoneal5
Can’t set stores
I have my homestore set on the app. I was visiting a couple of cities and looked at the goods at those stores, and the app added them to my “My Stores” tab. I have tried countless times to remove them, through the “My Stores” tab, my account settings page, each store’s individual page, and nothing works. The one time I actually got a response from Support, they assured me that it would be fixed in an update, but that was months ago. The update came with no fix. I’m tired of seeing something I like only to notice it’s in a store three hours away.
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2 years ago, ...Shorter
Great Service at the Happy Valley Rd. Store
I recently purchased a Martha Stewart outdoor furniture set. The table and chairs ended up being too large to fit into my car and required the table to be broken down. Without hesitation, Virginia went above and beyond to help me fit the chairs into my car and later the table when I returned. Without Virginia and Tim’s help I wouldn’t have been able to do it! Thanks for the incredible customer service. I’ll be back!
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3 years ago, Sharona815
Waste of time
This is ridiculous... why even have an app if it’s totally unusable? I love the store and all the delicious items in there. I could shop that store for hours; however, this app is totally frustrating to me since it keeps crashing and never updated with current items in the store. I would never link my TJX card to such an unstable site. I click on the emails I receive advertising the great products, but I am unable to see anything as it always crashes. I’m sure your sales would go through the roof if on line purchases were possible, as well as listing the current in store items. Come is possible!!!
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2 years ago, Chape93
The shop option went away
I used to like this app, because you could browse items from your home store, IN ADDITION TO, being able to shop in the app itself (although it really took you to the website). Now all you can do is browse? What happened to the shop button? Usually apps add to the shopping experience and make it easier for the consumer. I thought there was more to this app, but after the latest update…there’s less. This app was never great, but now it’s just about useless. I will be deleting it from my phone, so disappointing!
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4 years ago, mauimama10
Needs a lot of improvement
I was so excited to see Home Goods FINALLY got an app! However, I don’t really see what the purpose of this app is. It doesn’t have a search button, which is really frustrating. Sometimes you want to see if a specific item is in stock. Or, you want to narrow down the search for a specific category of items. The pictures are pretty horrible. It’s not doing the items justice to display them this way. There’s really no set up to navigate the app effectively. This looks like it was just thrown together by a bunch of amateurs.
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1 year ago, Resa Q
The app hasn’t been loading any new data as in new items posted on THE GOODS or with my rewards in months I’ve reached out to numerous entities to no avail I use to enjoy this app so much I could look to see what new items were posted in whichever stores, call them stores they’d put it on hold and I’d go pay for them and take them home That’s not the case any longer unfortunately Now I have to spend gas and time to go to the stores in my surrounding area to see what’s new . It’s too much If anyone knows how I can get this resolved I’d appreciate any feedback Homegoods has not been able to help resolve it So I’ll give them 1 star
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5 years ago, DrBrown58
So Much for Shopping...No Shopping Allowed!
This doesn’t even deserve 1 star! You really lost the opportunity of online sales! I visited our new store today. There were several items I was interested in purchasing. Before buying, I wanted to view them while in the room at home. I wanted to share it with my family. So much for that...I went to your website—waste of my time. I thought I would download the app to shop or mark as my favorites—well that was another waste of my time. Homegoods, how long have you been in business? It won’t be much longer unless you can move to the technology of today’s market.
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2 years ago, Mary#4
Can’t change stores
I live in an area that has a few of these stores near where I live or work. The first thing I had to do was select a store. There is an option to select all, so I did. It wouldn’t allow me to go beyond that page. I tried closing and reopening the app, but it did no good. Then I opted for choosing one store. Work fine, then I wanted to see if there were other items at different locations. It wouldn’t show me any others even after I unclicked my preferred location. Very frustrating.
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6 years ago, pammyb63
Latest update-FAIL
The latest update to this app is horrible. The pictures are too small, first time user features pop up with every use. I don’t understand why companies feel they need to change or update something that works well. I am fortunate that the person in charge of posting pictures from the local store, updates the photos early in the day and shows a variety of items. Definitely not accessing the app every morning like I used to, it’s a shame.
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3 years ago, Amy Rachelle
Generic App
This review is for the app only, not about the store itself, because the store is awesome. This app is so generic and useless. There is no search option available, which is a must for an app. The categories are horrible. I wanted to look for kitchenware and the option was “Gourmet Kitchen.” I clicked on it and it gave me 5 items! It does not even show you everything they offer! I truly do not understand the purpose of this app. It’s also not the easiest to navigate. I feel like you have to click more times than you should just to get to where you need to be. Needs major improvements!
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3 years ago, DrKate aka The Rock Doctor
It isn’t 1994
Why would a retail store in 2021, in the era of COVID, NOT offer online shopping via an app? Seriously? I’m baffled. Do you think I’m going to put on my HyperColor t-shirt, pop a Nirvana CD in my car stereo and drive to your store to browse? I want to comparison-shop at home, pay online, and then have the option of home delivery or curbside pickup. Look—I miss the way it used to be but the world has changed. If you don’t change with it, you’re going to fail. It’s a pity because I’ve heard positive things about your store and there’s a new one in my city.
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2 months ago, tito kayak
Not Functional
This App will not recognize my user name with the password set up on the web page. It continuously has this problem. Works for a while but then suddenly it won't recognize the password. Tried erasing app and setting it up again. Tried forgot password and it does not send an email link to reset. It's funny because I do receive the purchasing ticket by email, but no communication to reset pwd. It's a pain - ended overpaying because couldn't check the account balance and I asked for paperless bill.
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3 years ago, Slntpsych1
All this competition
And they still can’t get it together. At wayfair and overstock you can buy stuff right from the app, but Homegoods has a hard time getting over the obsession with selling you it’s own credit card. You can only see certain select items that are put up by employees so it really doesn’t give you an idea of what’s in stock aside from a few items. They had one job, and still messed it up.
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5 years ago, Beekeeper14
I love the Home Goods store however this app needs some work. I envisioned browsing and searching through the app to see all their great finds. Our brick and mortar Simsbury store is loaded with awesome finds and the app showed literally few pics and of that posted are useless items and doesn’t even come close to representing the beautiful products they carry. If I were relying on the app to draw me to the store It would actual make me shop elsewhere. So disappointed and within minutes uninstalled app.
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5 years ago, 11dweber
Love HomeGoods, Terrible App
So too many problems and I’ve barely had this app a day. I love the idea of checking out what HomeGoods has currently available, but it doesn’t matter if their app keeps shutting down every 5-10 minutes and then I have to restart all over again. The scrolling function isn’t very smooth either. It will stop letting me scroll and I assume this is because it’s trying to load more items. Also this is a serious battery killer.
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5 years ago, Vsbsbsbs
HomeGoods Store in Christiansburg, VA
I used to live in Massachusetts and we had lots of stores there. When I moved back to Va there were no stores here! Then they started opening stores and I finally got to go to our HomeGoods in Christiansburg! I got mirrors, rugs and washcloths! Things I needed but couldn’t afford from other stores! Such a Blessing!! Thank you for opening our store!!❤️
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5 years ago, Sirena58
App user experience & performance is bad
The prior versions of this app provided a much better user experience and overall performance than the current version. Before, everything was a click away when you went to a post to view the pics and store details. Now, it’s hardly intuitive to find out store details like distance/mapping feature, and zooming into pics is no longer available. Apps are supposed to get better not worse. Please improve the overall app experience to keep visitors coming back!!! 😉
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3 years ago, Ryn🥀
Kinda Disorganized
Another reviewer mentioned this and I agree, you shouldn’t rely on your employees or other customers to keep your app up to date. Home Goods has a lot to offer, but going from the looks of the app I wouldn’t be impressed as a first time customer. Several companies update their apps themselves instead on relying on everyone else. (I.e. Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Belk, etc) Also once you decide to work on this app you should consider a search bar both on the app and your website page. It’s very hard to find anything.
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5 years ago, Krazykatlover
Great app design. Needs more engagement
I feel that with more people using the app and contributing, the HomeGoods app has so much potential to become something phenomenal because the market base for home improvement and home decor is so large. It can be a viral app maybe if they provide incentives for active users. But without engagement, it’s like going to a party that was advertised as poppin’ but nobody is there...
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2 years ago, Karen The Designer
Customer Service
I frequent the Homegoods store on Mt. Vernon Rd in Dunwoody, Ga. I would definitely like to commend the management staff. The store has taken a 360 degree turn. It was well organized, shopping friendly, service is great and Ray, Amber and Avi are outstanding. I always enjoy my shopping experience when I’m in this store. Karen Hayes
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6 years ago, Clearance Clarence
Completely useless app
I expected an app that would help me locate hard to find items in different stores. There is almost nothing to view, and no way to look up a particular product and find out where it is available. I was hoping the app would help with that since store employees give the standard answer, “We never know what’s coming in, you just have to check back.” Somebody in this organization orders inventory, surely somebody can tell me where to find the items I want to purchase. Uninstalling this app.
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5 years ago, Me24242468
Home Goods App
I don’t really like the app at all. It seems very thrown together and not organized. All of the items in the inventory are shown as poor quality pictures that looks like the employees took on their phones themselves. Also there’s no easy way to select the category of items that you’re searching for so things like lamps, tables, and pillows are all shown together making the whole process pretty frustrating, confusing, and time consuming. I’ll definitely be sticking to going to the stores in person.
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5 years ago, MsCarnahan
I see potential
It’s kind of hard to believe that a store such as home goods doesn’t have an app , yet they have an app for there other company’s to purchase from I know they get A lot of coming and going items but should still have an app that you can purchase directly from instead of driving all over the nation to find your closest one . Apparently they need better business spokesman or woman to create such an app . But all and all home goods is great !
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5 years ago, hansup2
Installed to search and didn’t find
I installed this app just to find a picture of a piece of furniture on the storeroom floor that I had just seen in person hours ago. The piece wasn’t on the app. They had 2 of them on the floor so I’m thinking it’s not because they were already sold. So, if you have to install an app just to shop a store’s merchandise, and it’s not up to date, then what’s the point? At least I wasn’t forced to create an account with an email address which would have meant being inundated with marketing emails.
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3 years ago, TaarMM
This app doesn’t really accomplish the things that it should.
I can’t search inventory which should be the whole point of this. You can look at some items that they have but not everything. When you “click” browse goods you’d think you’d be able to see what the store has but you only get a hand full of things. In my opinion the app doesn’t have much purpose.
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4 years ago, A. Blades
Not user friendly
I love Home Goods but their app is so hard to navigate because I want to do a simple search for general or specific items using all of the 5 or 1 nearby stores. General could be like “outdoor furniture” instead of just furniture. Doesn’t allow me to narrow my search more than just furniture. Specific would be for a specific brand or item. I wonder if they do this on purpose to make us go through the other furnitures? The frustrating use of the app actually deters me from making purchases.
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5 years ago, Val A
Problems with rewards
I like this app and, particularly, the ability to keep and use my rewards easily...when it works. I currently have a reward that will not scan and, when I enter it manually, it won’t load. I know this is a current reward because I just received it in an email. This is so frustrating. I’ve also experienced having my rewards denied when they were still current. Right now I’d like to get app support to report this problem, but I can’t seem to do that either.
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5 years ago, grantct
I love HomeGoods and shop there regularly this app is a waste of time. There are only a handful of pics from each store ands it’s usually small items. If I was specifically looking for something this doesn’t help. And even if there was something on the app that I wanted to buy there isn’t any online purchases Depending on when the pic was uploaded I could call the store and ask them to hold, but usually it’s gone already. So this is basically HomeGoods version of Pinterest without an option to buy.
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5 years ago, JoshBrannen
So much opportunity to develop
Loooove Home Goods. But the marketing team for the company is missing out on such a huge opportunity here! This app is lame! Add the ability to shop online, or at the very least view what products you have in store. I just downloaded this app hoping to look at some curtains, but you’d better believe I’m simply ordering online from Bed Bath and Beyond instead of trekking to the local Home Goods store to find a single curtain of each type in stock. Renovate the app and you’ll see a surge in revenue.
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3 years ago, Target store fan
Horrible UX and too limited
I was trying to be a good patron and decide to give this app a try. I often take pics of good finds when I’m decorating a space so I figure other could benefit from. When I posted my first item, I was setting up the pic and realized that the pic didn’t get uploaded, there was no field for price and I couldn’t go back to edit it. Basic form verification wasn’t even built into this app? So now I have a blank post that managed to get uploaded to the app with no way to retract/remove it.. SMH
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4 years ago, CamiDaDancer
Complete waste of phone storage!
When I downloaded the app I was seeking to buy online with a recently got. Due to the fact that we are in quarantine I wanted to cash in online. In the app you are not able to buy online! You can only see a small selection of random, over-prices items that are posted by customers in-store. Why make an app for a store if u can’t order online? Makes absolutely no sense and I would recommend not even wasting your time downloading it.
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4 years ago, Lead foot Mona
Just forget about the app! They want you in the store instead!
Like most reviewers stated; like the store but hate the app. The problem is they have such an eclectic array of goods and most times it’s one off item so you’re lucky if you find that item again at a later date. It’s like going to an upscale flea market Here today; gone tomorrow. People always ask me “where did you find that?” I tell them Home Goods and good luck finding another one like it but isnt that also the beauty of HG?
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4 years ago, shopthrilled
Everything you need!
I have just about totally redecorating my home from Home Goods.I love the store! I can get lost in there looking at all the things they have! If you’re trying to spruce up something in your home are you sure and check out home goods!
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6 years ago, MellisaTaylor
Do people not realize what they're reviewing here...
We're not here to review HG peeps. This is for the App. Which is crap! Crashes constantly. Trying to find a particular furniture item which is used with filters. Great option there. Thank you. When I can get on without it crashing, it will only let me scroll back ten days of managers picks then crashes beforr it's finished loading the tenth day. Urgh! Very time consuming. Had the potential for so much more but relies on staff to post their top deliveries for the day.
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9 months ago, PBSulz136
They removed shopping from the app?
It’s Oct 28, 2023. Two weeks ago I was able to shop in this app. I set up a cart with Christmas gift ideas. I went into the app today to update my cart and check out - only to see there’s no cart, there’s no shopping, there’s no anything! This app now serves as glorified Mapquest to the closest Home Goods store. You remember Mapquest? Gen Z and younger don’t… maybe bring back the shopping so people actually use the app?
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2 years ago, Krichael
Unable to shop on app
I didn’t realize that you couldn’t shop on the app when I downloaded it. I really don’t care to look at the items that may or may not be in the store when I go. I downloaded an app to shop…why else would I need one? Sure rewards tracking is great, but the app is missing a major function that most people want. Not to mention I can’t search by keyword…annoying!
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