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User Reviews for for Sale & Rent

4.57 out of 5
16.4K Ratings
6 years ago, crasshipster
Great app! Great features.
This is a fantastic app! A pleasure to use! Well designed, stable, very useful and easy to use features - search interface is great, calculates payments based on variables, clear map view in the listing page, complete info that you need, and no extraneous crap offers, pressure, or ads to get in the way. Minimal navigation required. Search results and likes are each nicely grouped. I don't end up looking at the same houses over and over when I browse, hard to explain. Thank you for a great app. I dislike house hunting but this app has made it far less tedious, unlike Zillow for example. I actually enjoy browsing now.
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7 months ago, Cherita78
No clue how this app is rated 4.6
If you’re a realtor and you used Homesnap before, don’t waste your time on this one… it is literally the worst tool for any realtor in the field to use. If you are a member of numerous multiple listing services, good luck with adding them all to this app. If you were used to seeing private listing instructions on a regular basis with your listings, good luck with this one. If you were used to searching multiple cities at once, good luck with this one. This is the most useless app for a realtor and now I’m back to the drawing board of doing things the long way, because this app does not provide the tools that I need when I am not sitting at my laptop. Bring back home snap and re-sign contracts with the multiple listing service. And from the looks of the reviews on this app, you have messed up where a lot of realtors are concerned. I’m very very frustrated and will be complaining to my MLS about the absolute useless Ness of this app. I’d rather just use Zillow at this point at least it shows me listings that I’m searching for. This app doesn’t show anything that’s coming soon even though there is an option for it.
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11 months ago, BoiseStateNesto
You’re here because you used to use homesnap and now you have to use this app…
This app is lacking everything that made homesnap a pleasure to use in the field while showing my clients homes. No searching by MLS number, no directions to property, no private agent remarks (agent to agent; which contain a lot of info on showing instructions, property details, alarm codes, etc), no listing history (days on market, price changes), no occupancy information, no access to listing docs (i.e. seller disclosures, HOA docs, attached docs), no property lines, no scheduling showings, limited property details, CAN’T COPY THE MLS NUMBER, etc, etc, etc All the things I need while out and about with a client are missing. I have to leave the app and log into my main MLS to get what I need. I’m going back to homesnap until they shut the app down, but in the mean time I’ll work with the developers of RPR to help build an app agents can actually use.
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6 years ago, MarissaBieber
I love this App!!
I can’t say enough about this app and how much I enjoy it. I am not a real estate professional, but I enjoy browsing, dreaming, and looking at homes and properties. This site contains great photos, it’s also easy to navigate, and the selection of the properties to view is so easy when using the map based feature, which also pinpoints and shows the price of the listed properties. You can search in any region, and I love the ability to search a specific address and have it show estimated property / home value.
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9 months ago, Mae_zee
Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.
Clunky. Very limited. Buggy. No way to contact customer service. FAQ page only good for basics for a customer and no help for an agent. No heat map. No safety feature if you go do a showing that will ring your ER contact in case you don’t shut off the timer. Most annoying this is when I search for homes, it shows me properties from surrounding towns too even though I ONLY want to see a single town inventory. Now I have to search through the useless results to find what I’m looking for. I am so, so bummed HomeSnap is going away. Homes bought HomeSnap, and they could have kept it what it was and be successful. But no, they take an amazing product and replace it with this joke. What’s the point of it? It doesn’t offer anything close to what HS did and doesn’t add any value to my experience. LAME.
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8 months ago, Shae930
Not good for agents!
This app is not a replacement for Homesnap! The listing page is not structured the way an agent thinks about a listing. You have to scroll through the entire page to find listing history, if it’s on the page at all. When you click on the map of a listing you’re not able to see surrounding properties like you could on Homesnap. IDK if you requested feedback from your potential consumers, especially realtors, but to use this app is not an efficient way to do business. I literally have to go to MLS for listing information. I suggest that you look at the features and content of Homesnap for guidance. This is the fastest growing app because Homesnap was decommissioned.
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12 months ago, Vrylin
Worse app for realtors
I was considering to funnel my money for advertisement funds into another software but then quickly I realize this software only helps establish already established agents. If you have a low amount of sales or are just beginning this application is hopeless. They need to reestablish the way that they connect you to Agent so everyone has equal market share that pays accordingly rather than just advertising agents that already are millionaires that are just spoon feeding their team so in the end you don’t even get the agent anyways. This application needs to focus on the homes and listings and rentals and not focus on agents and allow agents to focus on the clients. This would create additional revenue for the application as well as equity for all agents
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7 months ago, b rye
Terrible terrible app for agents.
I loved the Homesnap app. Instead of reinventing the wheel I copied and pasted this review because it’s spot on. This app is lacking everything that made homesnap a pleasure to use in the field while showing my clients homes. No searching by MLS number, no directions to property, no private agent remarks (agent to agent; which contain a lot of info on showing instructions, property details, alarm codes, etc), no listing history (days on market, price changes), no occupancy information, no access to listing docs (i.e. seller disclosures, HOA docs, attached docs), no property lines, no scheduling showings, limited property details, CAN'T COPY THE MLS NUMBER, etc, etc, etc All the things I need while out and about with a client are missing. -BoiseStateNesto
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11 months ago, Real axe
Didn’t know it was possible to make an app worse than Redfin and Compass
Congratulations to “Homes” for creating a downgraded experience in such a forceable manner. I hope that the return on investment is significant in the planned up-charges on the former Homesnap platform, because all of the MAUs you force-migrated to homes will be deleting this app immediately. I will be returning to Redfin after this insult. This app has essentially no information and insults customers who are interred in the details of the property. This isn’t even an app in comparison, it’s basically a goggle search with some MLS pictures. That’s the value in forcing users to an already degraded and out of date platform, there is no value in this for old users of homesnap whatsoever.
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5 months ago, MattyIce0917
Makes shopping for a home easier.
I really like using this app — there’s great content (I enjoy the neighborhood overviews especially) and it’s very easy to view, favorite, and share properties. Another nice feature is that you are connected directly with the listing agent for the property if you have any questions - compared to other portals this is a much more efficient experience. I definitely recommend this app if you’re looking for a new place.
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7 months ago, KaryB
Being Homesnap Back!!
I have tried but this app is useless for me as an agent! You can’t see confidential remarks (therefore you can’t even see if the home is available to show), you can’t copy and paste the MLS, I can’t edit my own listings, I can’t even see if a home is available to show while I’m on the go. Simple things like searching the listing agents phone number is incredibly difficult. I can’t easily send my clients disclosures from the app (the link is not available) When I search for homes around the property I’m looking at, the search goes into other cities which makes it impossible to look at comps quickly. Please bring Homesnap!!! I am unable to work from my phone anymore.
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4 months ago, MGM in Tee
Awesome new features
This app has beat my expectations. I downloaded it after I saw all the commercials. I’m moving cross country for work and love all the videos and content about all of the neighborhoods. I’ve never seen that level of detail on Zillow. The agent directory is pretty cool too. This gives me a good idea of a the agents I should look at who specialize in certain neighborhoods. This is a very well done real estate app!
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8 months ago, Richey,Realtor
Used to be good for Agents
You have taken an agent app and made it into a paid consumer app. There is nothing in this app now that even remotely helps an agent. I signed up in May of this year after putting it off for so long. But I started showing homes in MLS areas that I'm not a member of and HomeSnap allowed me to see everything including private remarks just like I was a member. I hate it now and to add insult to injury I just found out that I am locked in until next May. Ugh. I did not know I was signing a years contract. I never do that with anyone!! But here I am with egg on my face. I've already canceled but I'll still be paying a bill until then and I won't even be using it.
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9 months ago, Aldo Realtor
Homesnap replacement
Homesnap was the best app for real estate ever mainly bc of how easy it was to view pendings and solds near a specific home. I don’t like Zillow or realtor or this new one bc they are all the same they give you all these extras that I don’t care about. I type in an address and it takes me to a view of the home but the way I prefer is it to just take me to a map view of where the house is and then let me click on that house or other comparable homes in the area. That way I can study the area and see for myself what activity is going on. This site and the rest auto populate comps that are garbage and inaccurate. This app looks cool but that does me no good.
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2 years ago, brianSD
Like zillow, but with cleaner interface
Seems to give me all the information as zillow, but I don’t have to sift through as many pages. Just gives me the info I want up front. Also, I like the handy mortgage calculator that is built in. This may replace yellow for me.
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3 years ago, buyer of junk
I’ve had this app for over 6 years. It used to be great. When I wanted to sell my home it allowed me to see the calculated prices of ALL homes in the neighborhoods which helped me sell at the correct price. When I was looking for a house to buy it also showed me the calculated prices of all properties in all neighborhoods. This was a great guide which helped me determine if I was interested in a property located in an area with similar priced homes rather than an area that was depressed or if the asking price was overinflated. Now it only shows prices for properties that are for sale. This tells me NOTHING about the area or neighborhoods.
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9 months ago, Working24/7
Just why…
As a consumer, I’m sure this app works well just like Zillow and realtor and all the others. However, as an agent, this app is nothing more than a search app now. Home snap was so much better, at least there I could look up all of the information on a home, including the private remarks and showing instructions. Now I have to go back to my computer to see those things so I’m not sure what good having the app on my phone is. Not sure why that was changed or why they think this app is now any better than any of the other homes searching apps that are out there.
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5 years ago, Marty Styles
Terrible update
Used to love this app, latest update has rendered it nearly unusable on iPad. Screen won’t rotate between portrait and landscape modes, photos difficult to view at a glance and accessed unintuitively, and overall look is distracting from content. Only improvement is switching from map to photo modes keeps location from map mode now instead of expanding to entire city. Still that improvement (which is a return to an earlier feature, since lost until now) is not enough to overcome how tedious this update is. Won’t be using until updated again (and improvements are, hopefully, made). Too bad.
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4 months ago, mdrealtor04
The worst app
This app was meant to replace Homesnap for the Bright MLS users. It is not even comparable. It doesn’t have commercial listings, only recently added historical listings, is missing a lot of search criteria, and on top of that, it one day froze up and said I had to download the newer version to keep using it but the newer version is only compatible with the most recent iOS version. I don’t download iOS updates because they usually fry my phone, so now this app is just taking up useless space. I’d rather just use my browser and log on to the MLS directly.
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8 months ago, smnorthside
Bring Back Homesnap Pro!
This review is from an agents perspective and I'm simply just writing this in the hopes it gets the attention of someone at this company. Homesnap pro was the most intuitive MLS like app to use on the go for agents when not in front of a computer. I've been trying to use this Homes app now Homesnap has transferred us over and it's complete garbage. I get better info using Zillow or Redfin. I really hope that they can bring back all the features that Homesnap had otherwise this App is totally useless for us other then to find an agents phone number.
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2 years ago, 🐯 The White Tiger
Hmmm… 🧐
I’ve just started using this app, and it seems very “simple” in nature. Compared to other apps, there are very few results when searching for homes with the exact same filter criteria. Also, saved searches and homes do not save across devices… so I have different results scattered across my iPhone and iPad. Hopefully, an update will come soon to fix these issues.
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2 years ago, Gissel Zuheily
I used to love it
I’ve had this app for quite some time now and it’s worked amazingly! My husband and I have been looking for a place and I’ve tried using this app a bunch of times and every time it isn’t letting me see the pictures! It’s just a blank screen. I’ve tried checking for an update, that didn’t work. I’ve even removed the app and downloaded it again and still nothing. Hopefully this problem gets solved soon.
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5 months ago, Citizen1303
Gorgeous Experience
The engaging new content on neighborhoods, schools & parks gives useful context on where to live. The transparent & intuitive interface makes it easy to collaborate with my family & agent, which simplifies the shopping experience. Gorgeous presentation with next-gen tools.
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8 months ago, MWabler
I’m a realtor and used Homesnap for years which was extremely helpful when out on the road. The Homes Pro app is terrible. There are a few key things I need when on the road-access to private remarks, access to showing info, access to sale info (like concessions) etc. Homes offers none of these things, it’s no different from Redfin, Realtor, or Zillow and less search friendly. Will not be utilizing moving forward unless those features are added.
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4 years ago, Low Dough
Found my condo on here!
Love the app and actually found my current condo on here! However, am currently looking at land options but not located properly or listed properly on the map. May not be fault of app but of lister. Still easy to use and love the app!
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6 months ago, RacerRhapsody
Bring back Homesnap Pro!!
As a RealEstate Professional that relied heavily on HomeSnap Pro in the field and even quick reference in the office, Homes missed the mark when they launched their Pro platform and dropped the HoleSnap app….. you should have looked at the features being used and at the least integrated all of the stuff we use on a daily. At this point I have deleted my HomeSnap app and unfortunately until Homes gets its act together and adds the features back.
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1 month ago, Maddi1315
Data Rich
I love the data that’s included on the homes. It’s much more in depth than competitors like Zillow. I also really like that you can see archived pictures of the house as well! Gives you a full picture.
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1 year ago, wrongchoiceever
Best app to check out invest properties
app is easy to check and compare rental price of a targeting property. Find a place and zoom in and change filter between rental and sale. Boom! You can see the prices for each bedroom size or house!
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5 years ago, ScoHarr
Well-Designed iPad Implementation
Just installed - and it works flawlessly even on my older 3rd-gen iPad. Intuitive, easy-to-use and attractive interface. Maps function loaded quickly. I was up and running without any learning curve. Bravo, designers!
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6 years ago, Sharon3113
Didn’t work for me
I downloaded the app last week and when I search for houses I click on picture so I could view the houses. When I click on the photo it gives me a blank page. I’m kind of disappointed because it showed quite a few price prices that I like, but without being able to see the list of houses it doesn’t work for me.
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12 months ago, no love 4 this app
this is supposed to replacing Homesnap, but with limited homesnap features. no longer can an agent make a request from the app to schedule a showing. also no longer able to get up to the minute listing information. not able to quickly look at disclosures like we used to on Homesnap. When clients want to see a new listing that just went live, I use Zillow (unfortunately) for the most up to date information.
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6 years ago, Shelbeaner
Rental home
I have been looking for a home to rent with my mother and my two dogs in the area Where I live, and you can be sure I checked a lot of places but I found the best places and your site so thank you very much for that and have a nice day
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4 months ago, Darla1517
Worst App for Realtors
This app does not show important information that is included in the MLS. For one, it does not include the private agents comments. Also, if a house is listed and goes off the market, it does not show in the history of the house. If a house goes under contract, it does not show the buyers agent information on the listing. Homesnap used to show property lines. This app shows nothing. How can an app get so much worse than what we had before!
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7 months ago, Porscheatherealtor
Bring Back Homesnap!
I loathe this app, so many unnecessary changes made. Hard to find listing info that would’ve been spot on with the Homesnap app. To schedule showings you have to MANUALLY go to the Showing time app and type in the address to schedule. Vs Homesnap app it was linked with showing time and you could point and click and schedule the showing within the app. These changes just make agents life harder and frustrating.
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9 months ago, monafzal
Good App but lacking critical Homesnap features
It’s a very designed app. Makes it easy to browse listings. One feature I really wish this App had from Homesnap is the previous sold/rented history that you can see in the region. I highly relied on that to judge properties but I can no longer do that.
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9 months ago, BKHomes
Not a fan..
I’ll forever miss Homesnap 😪 please make it JUST like their app if you’re going to force us to use this now. My dislikes are the following: 1- horrible search engine. Very confusing to use and not conducive when you’re an agent on the go. 2- doesn’t display my sales on profile page. I loved being able to look at my past sales for reference, etc.. 3- the search bar for sold and active homes is also not user friendly. 4- you have to scroll forever to see the details of the listing. Same problem with photos. Whoever was hired to design this app needs to be fired. Please redo and change the horrible orange color, I feel like I’m at big lots.
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5 months ago, Weigh in
This app is awful and many of the functions don’t work properly. It’s glitchy and there’s always something wrong with it. When clicking on the notification it’s supposed to open the listing but it works one out of 50 times. It just says cannot find property, even though the address was right in the notification that was clicked. Home snap was much better, this so is trash.
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8 months ago, kct1986
Great user interface
This is a great app! Search interface and filters are very easy to use with only a few clicks. I especially like the landing map screen with its quick info lookup popups.
Show more
6 years ago, Mach10Minetti
Use to be great
This app hasn’t worked properly in quite some time. Whenever I search a city it searches the whole state instead of just the city I put in. Plus it seems to be the same properties in the same exact order for at least the last year. When you contact an agent the property has been sold for over several months. This thing needs a major overhaul and to be reworked badly. Very disappointing, not to mention unreliable
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7 months ago, Dagnu!
Not good at all.
This app is the replacement of Homesnap but completely not good app to search house as Homesnap. I don’t see the future that the Homesnap has on this app. It’s very slow and whenever I click on the search or map it showing me “Nor Response” and something it showing error that I never seen on Homesnap. The picture is not loading. Seriously, we must to go back to Homesnap for better and quality activity.
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5 months ago, deathtrooooper
This app is hot. Been using it since the revamp a year or so ago and it’s crazy to see new features and improvements every release. Will continue to follow and use as a daily driver for any residential inquiries.
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5 days ago, Shaners_CA
When it’s actually working, this app is good
There seem to be constant bug issues with this app. I’ve tried to log in over the past week and every time it says “cannot sign in. Try again later”. When it actually works, it’s a good app. But right now, it’s a waste of time.
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2 months ago, Jasmine Zarela
Great app - better than Zillow!
Love all the information it provides, the best part is instead of one estimate you get estimates from 5 independent sources showing you the range of valuations of your property.
Show more
5 months ago, Sniderman_
Needs More Advanced Features
Absolutely great website and app, overall makes the home search so much easier. Just really wish you could select to show only multi family homes on the app just like you could on the website.
Show more
8 months ago, SpokaneRealEstateBroker
What a joke
This app is a joke as a replace my for HomeSnap for agents. It has minimal info for while we are out in the field showing. None of our client information transferred over. The list of complaints is long. I have ZERO idea why our MLS would have chosen this app. It was clearly picked by people sitting at a desk and still printing MLS sheets. I am actively searching for an alternative as this is just making my already busy job that much harder.
Show more
5 months ago, Sheryleva
Best Residential App EVER!
The Neighborhood and Schools related information is very detailed and accurate! I love looking for properties on this app. They have great statistics and high quality photographs! I recommend this app to everyone out there looking for homes!
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6 years ago, LizzieEmGee
Not updated quickly enough
I decided to try this app because I felt like Zillow wasn’t showing me a complete picture of what was available within my search criteria. Unfortunately, the first three houses I clicked on turned out to be already sold - one of them over 30 days ago. Also, I find it a little limiting that you can’t filter property size by a half acre.
Show more
4 years ago, Rorono
Filters are the bomb
You can find what you’re looking for incredibly narrowed down. Not sorting through a bunch of inapplicable leads is nice. Not a 5 star rating, because acreage is only included in comments. Sometimes you get “lot size” but most realtors put junk numbers in there.
Show more
5 years ago, BrandyAO
New version doesn’t show which homes I’ve looked at
Just tried the new version... first, I didn’t love that my filter settings were all reset from version to version. Once the settings were all in place again, and I started looking at homes, I noticed there’s nothing different on the map view to indicate which ones I’ve already looked at... please fix :-/
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12 months ago, DblDuece
App is not as good as HomeSnap app
They discontinued HomeSnap and this was the replacement. It doesn’t have the interactive map like HomeSnap. Also it lists home for sale even if they sold 2+ years ago. I know for a fact that there is not 143 active listings in my city, there is if you include old listings. Don't waste your time this app. They should have just stuck with HomeSnap app that had better functionality. I’m deleting.
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