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User Reviews for Homesnap Rental & House Finder

4.77 out of 5
100.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Lori King Realtor
Best Real Estate App - Investor or Agent
I am a full-time realtor and investor and let me say that this is the only review I have ever taken the time to make in the App Store. The reason I did so is because I believe so strongly in this app and company. If you are an investor, the ability to take a picture of any property and have this app instantly bring up ownership details and even enable you to call them with one click is invaluable. I have also used the functionality as a pro agent and have had much success using their campaign features as advertisement on my listings. Support is responsive and personable and results when dealing with them have always been quick and to my satisfaction. I tell all new agents that this is one of the real secrets. If I had to have just one real estate app, this would be the one. Zillow who? Seriously: Downloading the app is definitely worth it and paying the fee to be a pro agent is absolutely worth it. I have had a return on investment that was in the tens of thousands. And believe it or not, they didn’t even pay me to say this.
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1 year ago, Brianne Sutton, Realtor
Homesnap Pro+
I wouldn’t even leave this one star review! This is a money pit!!! I signed up with homesnap pro+ hopeful to gain more Google reviews and business. I’ve had many friends and clients leave reviews and only two show on my Google account! The two that show are businesses Google verified. I asked homesnap support and they mentioned that it would take 3-4 weeks for the rest to show because they need to verify they are real reviews. It’s been way past that timeframe and they don’t show. Also homesnap says you can use their ads to advertise your recent sales on social media but you also have to PAY for them! They don’t tell you that when sign up. There is no customer service, you can’t speak to anyone directly. You have to email homesnap support for any concerns. I have emailed many times regarding the cancellation of my subscription and I still have NOT been helped. They say they will forward my inquiry to the account executive who is assigned to my account! I still do not know who that is! I was also told by another Homesnap specialist that my Homesnap Pro+ account is on a year contract, I was not told anything by the sales agent Zenaida when signing up with her nor did I sign a yearly contract. Now it is impossible to get a hold of her when before she was quick to answer my calls, return my call and text messages! Not happy at all with this service or company.
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5 years ago, EclecticM28
HomeSnap Exceptional
I find the App to be a great tool for me when I’m on the move. I’m a realtor and I use it to find and share homes of interest. The handy tools built in are extremely helpful. Especially when someone is trying to communicate to me a home they saw but can’t remember an address. The snap tool makes all the difference they can take a photo get the information on the home and forward it on to me. The searching and filtering is also excellent, and in the current version I can set an area by commute distance from addresses I set. I can identify schools and their districts and where homes are located according to school districts. With filters I can identify the type of home I am searching for, number of bedrooms, and price. Most of all the information is accurate and always up to date with actual MLS that Realtors®️ use. So no calling on a listing that may or may not be available. The list goes on and I’m still learning all it can do but I love it.
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2 years ago, cfunny95351
Excellent service
There isn’t any way that I can possibly convey the amount of gratitude I have for the agent ( Christopher Batten ),who took it upon hisself to help me during this most difficult time of my life. Having been a renter for such a long time I never considered the idea of buying until I was unexpectedly faced with a notice to vacate after being in the same residence for 21+ years. Christopher worked tirelessly for more than 3 months to find us suitable as well as affordable housing which wasn’t an easy task. I have to say that I truly don’t know how we would have made it through this most terrifying and seemingly impossible time without him. Rarely anymore in life do we come across anyone who genuinely cares but I’m so very happy to say that I have come across such a person in Christopher Batten. Christopher, you deserve all the good that life has to offer, thank you from the very bottom of my heart.
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2 years ago, MRH/DAH
Scot Campbell
Outstanding home sale experience! Effective initial planning/strategy resulted in an mutually agreeable, aggressive sales price. Thorough, tasteful property exposure using all current tools assured a number of interested buyers the day of listing. Within 48 hours a reasonable offer was forwarded, but not immediately answered. Later the same day another interested couple offered full asking price to assure the purchase. Within 10 days all requests/obligations (including inspections and loan approval) were met by buyer and seller resulting in a smooth closing. Scot was prepared for all steps involved from initial property showing, transaction negotiations, property and paperwork preparations, to making sure the closing was on time snd fully funded within 3 business days of agreed closing date. I highly recommend Scot Campbell for any and all of my Southern CA real estate needs.
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3 years ago, Ratsamy ROcks!!
Most updated app!
I love this app and actually used it consistently on a daily basis. The fact that the app shows homes that are available, under contract, contingent, coming soon, etc in real time is fabulous! Helps me make adjustments to what I am in the market for. However, for whatever reason, I can no longer view the school district a home is in. That was one of the things I absolutely loved about this app! Now, I have no idea what school district the home is in, and there’s no way to filter it either. Really unfortunate because it helped me sort through homes a lot faster if it wasn’t in the school district I desired. That’s the reason I gave it three stars because as a parent, making sure my child is in the same district while trying to find a house is absolutely important. But, I guess I’ll have to inconvenience myself and request a street listing from the school district and cross reference names. 1st world problems? Absolutely! But the reason for apps is to make things easier to navigate, not more difficult.
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12 months ago, Kristy Driskell
Only a 1 star because I had to pick one
Probably the worst experience I have had since I became a NC Real Estate agent! Since becoming an agent in March 2022 have had nothing but trouble with this company! Nothing but false promises! For sure don’t listen to a representative of this company! For sure don’t listen to a Kester from Virginia! Everything that has come out of his mouth is not true! An agent from our office actually told me in front of this Rep that this company was horrible! Did I listen? No I did not! Listen people, don’t do it! This is the worst! Don’t ever agree to it! You pay a lot of money for absolutely nothing! No matter what you get, absolutely no assistance or help from anyone at this company! I will be contacting my local MLS about this company at this point as Homesnap does nothing as promised. If nothing else comes from this other than it saves the next NC Real Estate broker to not waste your time and money than it is worth it! It’s not just about the money but the outrageous amount of time spent just trying to get someone to talk to you or reply to the numerous messages you send! Good luck All!!!
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2 years ago, DeDar
Everything is Wrong
I have contacted HomeSnap before about the erroneous info about our home and they tell me they cannot correct it, they use public records. Considering it was purchased in 2029 and listed on all public listings with the updated info, not sure why they can’t investigate and correct it. We have a finished basement that was finished back in 2019 when we purchased the home giving us 2 additional bedrooms and another bathroom but according to HomeSnap, these don’t exist. They existed on the multiple listing, is listed in the county website and Redfin, Realtor and Zillow all seem to have the correct info. My realtor said HomeSnap is the worst for correct info and not even use them. If you can’t provide the listing and the county website info for them to verify, what else can you do? They info is from 2015 and has changed and has sold years after the finished basement and additional rooms and square footage. They don’t seem to want to help you either. Don’t believe this is an accurate representation of homes for sale. Use other realty sites.
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2 years ago, SyncereTheRealtor
My go to!
This app is my favorite! Regardless of your realtor, investor, or a buyer. This app he is a wonderful tool to handle your real estate needs. I will call it the “iPhone” of apps it is so easy and user-friendly. No stumbling about through a learning curve like other apps. Trying to figure how to use all the tools. Which on this app is easily laid out. My clients simplyShare their desired property through the app. I open the link and within seconds, we have an appointment to show! Some features I would love to see you in the next update, land contract search option, FSBO, a shopping cart for showing request. To better assist with showing scheduling on multiple properties for multiple clients. This currently is something you can only do through the MLS, Showingtime on your laptop.
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5 years ago, taradise028
Love but needs some work
Great app. I find more houses here than on realtor or Zillow. I like seeing property lines. It would be nice to see upgrades such as linking houses to google street view. When signed into desktop version when you hover over a house the color dot correlating should change color or highlight so you know where on the map it is. I also have not found the feature that allows me to save my search so every time I go looking I have to redraw the area I’m searching in. An amazing upgrade and way that they could be different from any other app would be to allow people that have seen the houses to comment on them. To share what they like or didn’t like. Obviously people would have to behave and be professional or their comments would need to be reported. But so much time is wasted seeing houses that real estate agents make them look better than what they are and it just wastes everyone’s time.
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7 months ago, jamud79
Nestor Salinas home improvement
OVER MANY YEARS EXPERIENCE HAVE BEEN DOING RESIDENCIAL FOR ENJOY THE JOB I DO. I can undertake a wide variety of job/projects to a very high standard including, but no limited to. We provide interior and exterior renovation services for residential properties and hold our selfs to an high quality of services: We work closely with our clients so they are 100% satisfied an deliver the best finished producton time, Remodeling, Kichens, bathroom finish basement, Services include Carpentry, Yard Work, and Home Repairs. We build decks: fences fix or instol. Also doing any new addiction Inside or out side windows, doors instol. POWER WASH: decks, houses, patio, fences, pool patio, side walks, ETC Our goal is to provide you with superior services at a competitive price that fits you're budget. MAINTENANCE YOUR INVESTMENT ITS OUR PRIORITY. Also we have: REFERENCES AVAILABLE IF NEEDED.
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4 years ago, K9Bunnie
Kudos to Homesnap because you can easily navigate on their website without having to fill out personal information every time you want to review a property. Also, this is the only real estate website I’ve come across that allows you to see a minimum of 15 to 50 pics of all types of properties. It gives one a very good idea of the shape and space of various homesites and whether or not you want to take the time to go in person to check out the property further. Living in a time where everyone is moving at warp speed, it’s invaluable to get the information you want without having to give up precious time away from you life. Thank you Homesnap for making it easy to review what I and others want to see when we click on your website. 😊Well done!
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4 years ago, KateM521
I'm addicted to Homesnap
Agents always seem to be impressed when I say I use this app, but searching for properties on Homesnap is not only super easy and useful -- it's actually something fun that I look forward to every day. I love being connected to my own agent through the app so we can keep our conversations all in one place, and knowing that I'm able to see the same up-to-date information that she sees is a HUGE benefit. Other sites like Zillow and Redfin have a lot of out-of-date listings and unhelpful points of contact, which is frustrating and discouraging -- especially in a competitive market. Even when we do find our dream house, I don't think looking around at what's new on Homesnap will stop being part of my day-to-day! I love this app!
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1 year ago, TeeL11
Usually great
I usually have no problem with Homesnap and use it daily for my business. However in the last couple of months, it keeps messing up on me. I like to start my day by filtering new listings for the day to see what just hit the market. The "today” filter always stops working on me. If I select any other time frame, houses will pop up but if I select "today” no houses show up. Also Homesnap use to be pretty fast with updating as the MLS did. Now supplements are taking forever to show up on houses and sometimes it takes a while before the listing status changes to match the MLS. Yes I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I’ve closed out, nothing works until it randomly decides to start working again. I find myself having to use the actual MLS a lot more because Homesnap isn’t accurate or isn’t working and it’s very disappointing.
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2 years ago, Southpaw steve
Customer service is lacking
I initially signed up a year ago for a $99 trial. At the end of that year I was charged $599 on my credit card as I didn’t see the value of it because I’m not that active as an agent I called to see if I can get a refund it was impossible to get through to anyone. I submitted two support request over the course of a week and it took them nearly 7 days to respond. I also waited on hold on two separate occasions for over 20 minutes and finally abandon the call. In complaining about the $599 charge they offered to refund $400 because that’s the walk up rate if you sign up as a new customer. It appears that Homesnap has taken a page out of the cable companies pricing models where they do a low teaser and then do an auto charge after a period of time. I wish they would simply charge what they’re going to charge and not play the game of promos and then charge their long-term clients more than the ones that are just trying it out.
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1 year ago, SunnyDes
It’s good, but not great
I like Homesnap. It’s got all the basics a person needs and I like that it makes it easy to see open houses. The map feature is also great and the saved searches make it easy to stay up to date on activity in the areas I’m looking. Recommendations for improvement: Other housing apps show monthly costs like HOA in the summary without having to expand for more detail. I find it really annoying having to expand the details and then scroll all the way down looking for additional monthly costs on a house. In addition, the estimated payments only include principle & interest. They should include HOAs, taxes, and other monthly costs that aren’t negotiable on a house. Second, how do I filter out 55+ communities and timeshares? I feel like I’m tricked into seeing those. Filtering 55+ and timeshare properties is a must have feature!
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2 years ago, castrorivas
Justin Bishop
Justin Bishop was more than helpful in finding me an specific property. He was extremely honest, upfront, and was able to find me a great property that fit right in my price range! He was extremely communicative and easy to reach and to answer any of my questions at all times. Justin made the process a breeze, he was professional and great to work with. Justin kept me up to date about available properties and always let me know as soon as a new one came on the market. He was honest and forthright- no games. After dealing with several other Agents in the area and being disappointed, I felt relieved to find him. I truly recommend Justine Bishop. Give him a call and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
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2 years ago, John and Bille Mardhall
Karen Etheridge is the BEST!
We just purchased a wonderful riverfront condo in our hometown. Karen Etheridge with Sun Realty was and will always be our agent. She is a native of the area and she absolutely loves helping you buy or sell property. It’s her passion. Her vast expertise is phenomenal. If we experienced any “hiccups” they were not because of Karen, but one call to Karen and ALL was well with the world. We live is one of the most beautiful places in the USA, full of history, beautiful and scenic landscapes and friendly folks. Karen has her fingers on the “pulse” of the real estate market and can make ALL you dreams come true. So, come enjoy coastal North Carolina with us and let Karen Etheridge smoothly, quickly and expertly find that special property for you. She is “simply the BEST”!
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4 years ago, Hazelchic
Cool app
Our realtor suggested for us to use this app while we are looking for a house to purchase, once I start using it I can’t stop using it, very user friendly and this app gives you more information on the houses that you are interested . My favorite part of this app is it’s very accurate and it gives you a map of the surroundings of the house that you are looking for and actually gives you all the houses that are for sale, sold, contingent and under contract. I definitely recommend this app especially when you are planning to buy a house! It will save you a lot of time!
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2 years ago, Austin Texas Agent
Lame Service and Predatory Tactics
Hi, I am a realtor in Austin and signed up for Homesnap IDX thinking it would be useful. I doubt I even got 1 lead from it…When I brought that up to them, they sent me a screenshot of my Grandma liking one of their posts. Fast forward, the year was up and the service auto renewed. The staff indicated that according to the terms of use, I agreed to a renewal and there was nothing I can do, I must pay $149 either way. I disputed the charge with my bank while I waited to resolve. Following that, I got another e-mail from them saying, “in the event that the charges are permanently reversed, your services will be canceled for non-payment and a balance due added to your READ account as you have agreed to reimburse Homesnap for all costs/fees incurred in any dispute. So, who knows, seems like they might try and bill me for some unknown amount of legal fees at this point. Working now to try and resolve the situation with Pugh losing more money.
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2 years ago, JeNRG
Not easy to understand or navigate
Thought this was a heat solution but only caused more problems. Nothing is easy to understand and when you contact support they insist on speaking in the phone when all I do all day is talk on the phone making it difficult to make time to speak to someone, and even then it’s confusing! I have no control over incoming messages, how to delete leads that were improperly connected with you, inaccurate market information due to fluctuating markets, bad customer service who fail to explain things properly and good forbid you want to cancel it all not even the better business bureau can get that done for you because it requires a lengthy call to read you all of their policies and disclosures before they are even allowed to remove you from their service. So when you are ready for a nightmare, in Homesnap!
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2 years ago, Richardgonzalez
Support is slow and inconsistent, not worth $6k
We have been with Homesnap concierge for six months and our experience has lackluster. Paying almost $1000 per month to receive rental leads and poor support. Our rep Cassidy was very attentive initially but her attentiveness quickly dropped off after the first couple of months. Eventually it was difficult to even get Cassidy on the phone or get her to respond to emails. We later found out Cassidy was no longer our rep after multiple calls and emails and finally speaking with somebody at customer service. To our surprise we had a new rep who never contacted us to establish a line of communication. Do yourself a favor and pay much less to have someone to set up your Google presence. Having spent $6000 in the last six months we are likely not going to renew our contract with Homesnap.
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5 years ago, Gunnar75
Not quite there
The good: I like the basic uncluttered layout of the app, photos are great to scroll through with maximum visibility on a smartphone. I like being able to communicate directly with my realtor and not triggering other realtors to call me like with Trulia. Improvements needed: when a home is favorited it is hard to find again. There should be a button on the main screen to get back to favorites like layout of Trulia and Zillow. With Homesnap the list of favorites are buried in the settings menu a few layers deep. Not a good location for easy use. The app needs more customizable options. I don’t want to see homes on my news feed that are way out of my price range or in another city or already sold. Found myself getting depressed looking at all the homes I had missed, couldn’t afford or in another area. It was like a 10:1 ratio of wrong homes/sold homes/different city to homes we were looking for. The search feature sometimes didn’t find homes that were for sale in our area that I knew were still on the market because I called from the yard sign. Overall I found myself using other apps to avoid these hassles but if they were addressed this is the best looking home app and I would use only this one.
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5 years ago, parealtoronthego
Love it! But could be better
This app is our new standard of on-the-go mls. It’s almost perfect! It would be even better if it was easier to navigate through the more listing details - information section. There’s a lot of info in listings and it would be great if they can separate it with different headlines or something to make it more organized. For example the header for “utilities” is almost the same font and size as “electric service:” and the information in that subcategory. In situations where I need the information ready to read to our buyers, it takes a bit of scrolling and seems unprofessional. I try to have as much knowledge ready to go but you never know what questions you’ll be asked! Thanks!
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5 years ago, GreenEyes0912
Love it!
As an agent, I really love the way of use of this app and love how it is branded to me. Sometimes, and especially within the last month or so, the data hasn't been the most up to date which is frustrating. I need to be able to know when things have gone under contract etc but overall, I love the app. I'm able to look up properties with ease and schedule showings with Showingtime, contact the listing agent in multiple ways, see agents' transactions, etc. It's great to be able to send properties in a message to my clients in the app and keep all of our chat about it in one place.
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3 years ago, Jvitunesreview3508
Potentially a Good Tool for House Hunting
This app seems to have the most up to date postings when comparing to other apps. The only thing is the app and website seem to be buggy and crashes frequently. Also, I noticed that a few features that are nice to have aren’t always accurate. For an example, the commute time when looking at a post is almost always incorrect. 5 minutes can sometimes make or break a house selection. One other tip I would recommend is showing houses within the last 3 days instead of just the postings for today and the week. This will help filter out postings especially in today’s market where houses are contingent within 48 hours of posting.
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2 years ago, Winnie K1
Homesnap- Simply the Best!
I’ve worked with and suggested different platforms for my clients to use. Hands down, the comments I have gotten about Homesnap have been outstanding. Whether a buyer or seller, the “on-the-go” app continues to provide updated and relevant real estate information at the snap of a picture and/or scroll of the finger tip. As a realtor, the benefits go beyond sharing a quality product/service/real estate experience to my clients; Homesnap is at the top of my toolbox of resources that I use on a daily basis. Thanks Homesnap- you are simply the best.
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2 years ago, mprealtor#1
After a $99 promotion I signed up for a year ago, Homesnap has charged my account $599 and it has been impossible to reach someone to issue a credit for whatever it is they are charging. There’s no way to speak with anyone directly. I call the number provided on their website and automatically go on hold for longer than 30 mins to receive a message after that says they are busier than normal and to call again. This has been a very annoying experience for the last two days. I guess the only option is to dispute this charge with my credit card company. Homesnap had taken my google account hostage and will not release it. Do not sign up with them for anything. Their non existing customer service is the worst I’ve experienced.
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6 years ago, llh239
Great Home Viewing App
Since this app is updated by MLS, I noticed that it shows when houses are under contract much faster than some of the other apps like Zillow or Redfin. It’s easy to use and easy to see all the pertinent information. I take away 1 star bc I wish they would make a few improvements. I’d love to see a notes feature added. Also an option to print out about properties. Lastly, I really like that new homes pop up immediately under news, faster than I get mls emails from my realtor, but I wish I could filter them to only pop up ones within my criteria. Other than that, I am obsessed with this app!
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1 year ago, benjiealfie80
Angela Hebert
Angela is the best real estate agent you could ever work or do business with. She helped us every step of the way. She responds to any communication you send, call, txt & emails any day of the week and any time of the day. She is kind, knowledgeable, hard working, enthusiastic, resourceful and easy to get along with. Approachable too to either formally or informal communication even personal things. She is very trustworthy and she have a lot of contacts and tricks under her sleeve to make your dream of purchasing or selling your property. SHE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!
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2 years ago, suptkell
Real Estate Made Easy
I have recently been looking for another lot in the Pagosa area. My realtor first introduced me to the app last spring. I only recently began to appreciate the value of the software. With satellite imagery, maps and pricing for existing homes in your particular search area; I have found it to be an invaluable tool for homes and land searches. It has allowed me to consider resale values as I evaluate the price of adjoining properties while contemplating the purchase of a building lot. Great application highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, DeniseCT
Real estate fans
We love looking at real estate. We are soon to be retirees looking for that new location to explore. No matter where we travel we like to know what the price of the homes are. What that particular communities home are selling for. We find Homesnap just the tool to give us that information until we’re ready to talk to a realtor. Love all the details that Homesnap provides, as well as a link to the listing if the home is for sale. It even lets me save my favorites so I can go back and follow up with the realtor if I choose.
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1 year ago, DrakesRealEstate
A True Goto App For Any Realtor
With Homesnap as a Realtor you have multiple ways of getting new clients and retaining them, getting property information on the spot especially when you are with clients and potential clients during home searches, you can also have a potential client download the app you share with them and keep in constant contact with them as they view a property from afar and show they have interest! Great app and I continue to share with my clients!
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4 years ago, 8948998340
Search feature is so lacking
I often know a street name that a house is on, but not the street number. If I type a street name into Homesnap, despite it knowing my location and the fact that the street in question may be close by, it pulls up CITIES with the name of that street in OTHER STATES. The opposite of user friendly. Instead I have to pull up a map and manually zoom in to find the listing. Also, from an agent standpoint, there are two big gripes: 1) why can we only filter by ONE STATUS? I often want to see For Sale Listings AND for sale listings with an Open House. It would also be extremely helpful to see for sale, under contract, and sold all at the same time. And it also doesn’t show the Coming Soon category available on our MLS (Realtracs). Lastly, the find an agent feature used to be fairly easy to find, but now it’s buried in multiple menus. I’ve been wanting to write this review for over a year now, but keep thinking these issues will be fixed. No progress to date. All in all, lots of room for improvement.
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1 year ago, Yeonne Greene
Odd Limitations
It's a well laid-out app and easy to use with some rather glaring annoyances: 1. On the "Homes" tab where you can set your filters, it will not give you the option to show "Coming Soon" homes; for that you have to go to "News" 2. "News" does not let you filter the feed in any capacity; you will be firehosed with homes way outside your desired parameters and you have to scroll through the thing to pick out the interesting stuff that should pop up on "Homes" but doesn't. There is also no way to quickly return to the top of this feed and refresh, it's fastest to just close and relaunch the app if you're deep into it. 3. The map view is weirdly particular about how closely you must zoom in to show the listing and it isn't consistent. I can be at one zoom level in one area, pan to a different one, and then have to readjust the zoom to get it to pick up listing. Sometimes it doesn't work at all until I relaunch.
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3 years ago, Real Estate Agent 229
Used be good, sold the company, quality plummeted
When Homesnap first came out it was great and I used it for years. Over the past few months the reliability and accuracy of the listings stinks. 1 out of 5 times when I try to view listings they won’t populate on the map, which is embarrassing when working with clients. It keeps getting worse and when I talk to customer service they try to help but do not succeed. Barely better than Zillow. Customer support is very polite and responsive, but says their techs can’t replicate the problems I have. I’ve sent dozens of screenshots documenting the function problems. I’ve had so many emails with customer support it seems pointless to bother anymore.
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3 years ago, cavaness3000
My Favorite Real Estate Tool
Clients and customers send me listings from everywhere! Homesnap allows me to quickly check out a listing and discuss the status from my MLS and the listing’s availability. I’m able to connect with a listing agent or even set up a showing. When I’m on the go and see a for sale sign I can snap it with Homesnap and share with a home shopper that I know would love it! I’m excited that as awesome as Homesnap has been. There are even more features to help me succeed! Damon Andrews REALTOR®️ Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers
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4 months ago, emcclain84
Love HomeSnap!
We’re big fans of HomeSnap—not just because it’s easy to use and the notifications are great, but the photograph feature has helped us on more than one occasion. If you pass a house that is for sale while you’re driving down the street, you can open the HomeSnap app, click on the camera icon, take a picture of the listed home, and HomeSnap will pull the listing up for you! It’s genius and I don’t know why other apps don’t do that.
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1 year ago, Jennifer - my real name
Poorest service ever
To start I think the app is pretty cool. However, I can’t use it or recommend it because HomeSnap refuses to put my phone number on my app! Apparently they think it is cool to keep a strange number on my account and refuse to change the number. Why would I use an app that sends clients to some one else. And to top this off, they won’t call me back, won’t email me back and when you call in, they repeatedly transfer me to a hold that waits a few minutes and abruptly hangs up on you. It’s been like this not for a few weeks, but for a few months…it’s now end of March and I started asking for this to be fixed the end of December! They have by far the worst service EVER!
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3 years ago, Get Sold
Poor Customer Service
I’ve been with Home Snap for years and just went to pro. Newsfeeds are important to us as realtors and also our clients. Since October, support has not been able to figure out how to show my photo and my name when I get a new listing, my listing sells or when it settles. Very frustrating since they have my photo and info and have had it for years! The newsfeed used to show my name and photo. Think I’m on my 6-7th support ticket and no one can help. Be careful of expectations, guess my thought service was a part of the package was incorrect. Sad part is I really want to use the app and refer my clients. But won’t do it till the issue is resolved. It’s been over 3 months with no fix. Others having a problem?
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2 years ago, Baseintel
Super Easy To Use!
This app makes it easy to pull MLS data on homes and map directions to properties without having to pull out my laptop while I'm on the road driving. I also like the agent search info where I can find contact info and sales history for agents I am co-brokering deals with (or considering working with) and see their experience level and geographic area of concentration. The app also lets me download those contacts direct to my phone address book! Easy! Fast! Clean!
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5 years ago, Theresa Meyers
Great App
This app has so many great features you will not find on any other home search app. Example type in your work address one time and every time you look at a home it will tell you how long it takes you to get to work using 8 AM traffic. See houses for sale, snap a picture and it will tell you all about it and much more. It is a great app even if you are not looking for a new home, just want to keep up on the homes in your neighborhood. Check it out.
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5 years ago, BraggRealtyGroup
Best home searching tool!
Homesnap is kept up to date constantly so that you don’t miss any opportunities when buying or selling your home. My clients love this app and can send me homes they like and receive ones I send them! You can even take a picture of a house with the app and it will tell you about it! How amazing! I always rely on this app as an active realtor but I’d rely on it if I were just looking at the market as well! User friendly score 5/5.
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4 months ago, imhoReviewer
Notifications don’t link, filters needed & broke
A recent update broke the functionality where you could click on a notification on the Home Screen and it would take you directly to that listing. As a fix, I have to open the app first and run a search only then can I click on the Home Screen notification to take me directly to the property. A filter based on commute time would be AMAZING! You already have the ability to input it and see the times, just not filter based on it. There appears to be something wrong with the schools filter. I can find properties with schools below the minimum set in the filter even when the filter is set.
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2 months ago, BigO602
They wont cancel my subscription and keep charging me
Be careful if you sign up for the Homesnap Pro paid service they do not give you an easy way to cancel the subscription service. If you call the number it says no one is available to take your call and hangs up on you. I tried disputing the charges with my credit card company and Homesnap reversed my dispute and continued charging me. You will eventually have to report your card stolen to get a new credit card number so they aren’t able to charge you anymore. Ridiculous and shady, the app/website should have a place for customers to conveniently cancel their subscription. Buyer beware!!!
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4 years ago, n0brainer
Decent but little buggy and could use some UX updates
Recently began the home buying process and our realtor asked us to use this app. I noticed that the favorited listings would start to duplicate themselves, particularly when there was only a few in the list. One of the biggest improvements would to be able to cast things to the tv (AirPlay chrome-cast) so my wife and I could view at the same time. Additional asks would be to have a way to put comments/notes on the houses and an option to keep them private between friends or share with realtor.
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2 years ago, Cdavis744
The Best!
Homesnap is my go to real estate app hands down. My favorite feature - that I can’t find anywhere else is the “snapshot” feature. I can take a photo of any home on the block and BOOM it pull up all of the info! It tells me if the home is still active or pending. No more searching for street signs and trying to find a hidden address when I can just snap a quick photo. So. Easy!
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1 year ago, Lowilliams
Horrible in updating info
This app is good on the go once you learn how to work it. If you ever change brokerages, good luck in getting the information updated!!! I have changed it through the app several times, on my desktop a few times and I called and emailed them about it. It finally was updated on the main screen but in searches and on the description it still mentions my previous brokerage and its been almost a year now! Disappointing and I expected more from a large powerhouse like google!!
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1 year ago, Jason Maui
The largest benefit with this app, linked to local MLS. As a realtor, it’s why I use this app. Photo viewing- tap the photo the border disappears for full visibility of the photo, scroll and the border returns. It should stay hidden while scrolling. Location - both the pin on a map and the property boarder are the largest issue here on Maui. Some pin locations show a mile away or in the center of the highway I can’t imagine why a realtor would pay 500/year to use the pro version of the app. Value vs benefit is off. Zillow is homeowner crack, and your competition. Homesnap has to be better than other apps. the one thing is the link to local MLS, beyond this, other apps offer about the same Zillow is the most common app used by my clients to find properties even when I spend time connecting them to HomeSnap. The app doesn’t keep their attention
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2 years ago, Ty aronsen
Great App!!!
What a great app! It’s easy to use. Whatever you need to know about a property, is in the palm of your hands. Not sure of where the property line is? No problem, the app will show you. If you haven’t downloaded the app, you’ve been missing out. Do yourself and your clients a favor and start using it now. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do/how to use it, there’s so much training and help. Fantastic app!
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