HomeStreet Mobile Banking

4.8 (9.1K)
103.9 MB
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Current version
HomeStreet Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for HomeStreet Mobile Banking

4.8 out of 5
9.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Jackielut
Everything about this bank
I have had this bank along time I’ve had other banks for many many years and I have to tell you this is the best bank that I ever have had they take care of you they are there for you there polite the people in the branch are friendly and very helpful customer service on the 800 number they are great as well. I recommend this bank to everybody I just love them
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2 years ago, Anonymous Customer Bob
App needs improvements.
I love the app for ease of transferring money with multiple accounts, but there are two changes to the app that could be changed to make a HUGE difference. One is to allow us to name our accounts in the app. Previously the app would label accounts by the account type which was one way to make it easier to quickly identify which account is which. This feature has since been removed. It would help immensely to be able to give these accounts personalized name such as “joint” or “bob’s checking”. The other big feature I would love so see is the ability to add notes to transactions. This would just make keeping track of transfers and purchases much, much easier. The lack of those features has made us make many mistakes transferring money to wrong accounts, or just not being sure why a transfer was made looking back at statements.
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6 years ago, Nateleavitt
Useful but I’d prefer changes to the UI
The app lets me do all the basics like deposits, transfers, viewing past activity. I think it’s worth having on my phone but there are some weird things about the user interface. Almost every app on the planet uses the “hamburger menu” in the upper left - the three vertical lines stacked on top of each other. But not this one. There’s a big + symbol on the bottom. How am I supposed to know that I tap a + in order to do common tasks that have nothing to do with “adding” anything to my account? It’s weird and lame but once you figure it out, it works as expected.
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6 years ago, WestieDJ
Getting better...
First off, HomeStreet’s customer service, both in branch and in corporate is AMAZING!!! Best I’ve ever worked with for personal and business. That said, HomeStreet isn’t one of the big guys, so while the app is adequate, it still lacks some features. But it does the basics, let’s you view 30 days out, and make Online billpays. Would be good if you could see your history further back, and be able to search for transactions up to 180 days. But the team working on the app is great (I’ve sent comments in the past and they get right back to me), and love the cardless cash feature!
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7 months ago, Grammaispissed!!!
Log-in issues
I’ve been a Homestreet customer for over 30 years. I’ve always had great service in person. The mobile app is extremely frustrating. I am constantly locked out of my account. I am constantly getting authenticate messages, then locked out and have to call customer service. I’m treated like it’s my fault, suggesting I’m entering the wrong password. After reading through other reviews, it appears the face log on has glitches and is likely causing these issues. I would have appreciated customer service acknowledging these issues instead of constantly being told I’m entering the wrong password.
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2 years ago, @expore360
Truly a handy and elegant app
HomeStreet is a modern bank with all the technology you expect, but there’s a BIG difference customers know. It’s unique friendly and “down home” experience. This app is just like the bank, gives customers a genuine comfort and puts you at ease. When you get past a couple quirky UX features it’s very easy to use. The design is elegant and enjoy using it both on my iPhone and iPad.
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6 months ago, Big Isle Mama
HomeStreet Bank
I am not a fan of the new ways of doing my banking in this new internet age. However, HomeStreet Bank has kept my money safe and assisted me through various financial transactions. Thanks to everyone involved for making my banking experiences not only possible but easier for me as well! I hope to stay with you for another 10+years! Thanks again!!! TM
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7 months ago, 7ULKnow
Home Street Bank
This thing has made me feel always as a personal clients that they cared I’ve never had better care about every time I walked into the bank. They would say hi they were kind and always helpful I would use the speak any day. This bank continues to provide personal care and assist with anything that I’ve ever asked.
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4 years ago, rfranc0
1. Face ID has never worked for me. I have it enabled but when I try to use it, it flashes briefly before switching to a dialog that says authentication required 2. Yesterday I opened the app and got a cryptic error. I dropped by my branch and asked if they knew anything about it. This morning I realized that you probably updated the build on the server and broke my client. Instead of leaving users to guess what’s wrong, your app could include a clear message that the user needs to update. There are probably lots of folks still on that client build who don’t understand what to do.
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3 months ago, DragonDawn2
Love my bank!
All the branches I’ve gone to in Seattle (downtown, U-District, by University Village & Broadway) have always had friendly, extremely helpful, and knowledgeable. I’ve been with them since they first came to Seattle and have recommended them many times to others.
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4 years ago, Hair_david
Good bank, app is missing features
Like title says, the actual Homestreet Bank experience is great. Unfortunately , the app makes things a little difficult sometimes. For example, I had to change my address and ended up having to call the national customer service number and go through that whole thing. Additionally, every time I sign in I have to skip through the tutorial for "new" features. Like, I know how to add a payee, stop making it harder to check my balance.
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5 years ago, ()09()
I’d like to rate it higher, but...
The main thing I wanted to use the mobile app for was deposits, but I’ve learned that even if you follow the instructions actually having your check accepted is a hit or miss affair - and the notification of a declined check is severely lacking. I ended up having to go to the bank to try and back-track all the declined checks, including an escrow refund check sent from HomeStreet Bank. The lesson here is don’t shred the checks you deposit with this app. I use the desktop app all the time for bill pay and love it.
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2 years ago, Boing man 777
Dynamic loading/scrolling
My FaceID login Stop Working Please improve Dynamic scrolling. When I’m scrolling down in my account and if I did little bit too fast it’s reset and I am not where I was in scrolling. Also. If I select section of a particular transaction from my spending, once I go back it tries me on top of the page but should be at same place on that page where I selected before.
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3 years ago, Icoletti
Issues with app
Compared to other banking apps I’ve used, this one is definitely lacking in features and buggy in terms of logging in. It’s bad enough my wife and I have to share an account login. I intermittently get login errors when trying to use face ID on iPhone 12. It’s great *when* it works. Other than the above, here are some other observations: When depositing checks, I do not need to see the help screens every time. That should be configureable to toggle off after first viewing. Scrolling in account detail view is clunky. It often takes a while to load and when scrolling down there is a delay and it’s not clear where it landed you in the list when it continues the list.
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10 months ago, JDarling1014
Thank you
I had great difficulty trying to use mobile deposit. But I spoke with Chrisella, from customer service, and she was able to patiently, cheerfully walk me thru the step by step process. It went thru without a hitch. I’m so happy and relieved. Thank you Chrisella! Have a great day 👍🏻
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3 years ago, cc: replyAll re: replyAll bcc:
Love / But ...
Love HS, love the functionality of the app. However ... the recent UI changes have me scratching my head “what on earth were you thinking?” I don’t need account balances bolder, it looks terrible and doesn’t make things work better. I don’t need fancy crap around accounts or around line items in the balance sheet. The thin line was doing its job just perfectly, and now I’m forced to waste time and effort scrolling because less things fit on the page. If you could please add a setting labeled “efficient UI” that lets us toggle back to the previous interface, that would be a welcome feature. Thank you for running this by your tech staff.
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4 years ago, unhappycustomer888
If the law does not require to write the bank name, you should make it simple to your customer to write as little as possible instead of writing your bank name on top of the required wording for online deposit. 😠From not happy customer...
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2 years ago, Master Ankur
Most outdated technological app
Every year I change my phone and this app stops working. I delete and reinstall multiple times but it doesn’t work and keeps locking my account until I raise a service ticket and get a support person fix the app from backend. Finally, I have decided to close my account and move my banking to somewhere else who are advanced and have better services. Who keeps an app in this modern age to write a password with no biometrics enabled. Worst app, worst bank.
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1 year ago, aeril14
Home Street app
Really poor in ability to organize the order of accounts in window and in how to personally name accts. Very Old layout and not user friendlt. Would not have chosen to move all my accounts if I knew on-line banking was so bad.
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4 years ago, ShellieT27
I love this bank app!
This is one of the most user-friendly app for banking that I have ever used. I love that you can monitor your debit card transactions, deposit checks, and easily check your balance. Great job on updating it too, it gets better with each one!
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2 years ago, John33g
Low balance fees
I closed one of my accounts due to being charged $60 in fees. I'm not happy about being charge that money. my other two banks NFCU and USAA do not do that, I'm on the verge of completely closing my accounts out. I'd like my $60 refunded as well.
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3 years ago, Blair Massey
Quick, easy and convenient
I love this app. I can deposit a check, check my balance and so much more right from the comfort of my home. Super easy to use. Don’t know what I would do without it!
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4 years ago, localsfrom HI
Home Street App
Greatest invention ever! I am on workers comp for a torn rotator cuff. I had corrective surgery. Right now, I am snowed in. Thank God for this easy, user friendly app. It took me five seconds to deposit my check into my account. We are from Hilo, Hawaii, and have used Home Street there also. We moved to WA eight years ago and we love Home Street Bank! Greatest customer service ever!
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3 years ago, dumb as s
I didn’t have the knowledge to know how to at navigate to find out a deposit the check it wouldn’t have been as user-friendly as it should’ve been there was no icon for it I just had to do some digging to get that actual screen even after using the online help section
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2 months ago, Vicqué
Mobile deposits
Depositing checks via mobile deposit has simplified life so much and saved a lot of travel time and energy as well as gas for my car. Great service! Thanks!
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5 years ago, grantwo
Face ID
You guys need to update your user interface with the app. One of the things I was having trouble with was Face ID on the iPhone. Nowhere does it show an option for enabling Face ID. There is an option for Touch ID, but the new iphones don’t have a fingerprint sensor. So there is no way to enable Face ID with the app, and I’m only able to login by entering my password each time. Very cumbersome. But, when I enable Touch ID, then Face ID is enabled as well. Not very intuitive.
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6 years ago, Rowan❤️
Great services
I am very happy with your online banking app, however, I would be remiss in my review if I didn’t mention two of your employees working at your Yakima Avenue branch. Both Carol and Bree have provided wonderful service I was unable to access through my online app
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1 year ago, Blackie2008!
For branch in Baldwin park.
I love this bank supervisor Liz and Her assistant Steven they have been very helpful and honest it is because of them that I will continue to come to this branch and ask for them personal. Thank you so much God blessed them
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3 years ago, My thumb is tired
I love Home Street
I have banked with lots of other banks some for over 23 years. Home Street treats me wonderfully they have caring costumer service! If you are not using Home Street you are Missing out.
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5 years ago, kobe.kob
Depositing checks
You have my email address in your records when I opened the account. But I was asked where to send and email confirmation after I took the photos of the check 🤔
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3 years ago, lushisli
Best Bank Ever
No hidden fees, they pay me back for using other atm machines, their customer service is outstanding! In all my years banking, HomeStreet is my ultimate favorite and recommend banking there to everyone!
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4 years ago, Bill Wertz
Just OK mobile banking app
OK...the good. It works. The bad? Only “use Touch ID” is available that shuts out the last couple of iPhone generations that use FaceID. Come on HomeStreet! It’s been how long that FaceID’s been available? What financial rock are you hiding under? Why do I use HomeStreet Bank given my justifiable criticism? It’s my hometown Seattle bank and I loathe the other banks (Wells Fargo and BAC) in my Madison Park neighborhood. Please...update the app. Wait! FaceID did work for awhile but that was at least 6 months ago
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6 years ago, Bjtwuk
It’s mostly sufficient
I use the application mostly to deposit checks. I wish I could pay other people with Zelle using the app. HomeStreet Bank had announced Zelle support coming soon, but that was almost a year ago.
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6 years ago, ibedrosian
I love HomeStreet Bank
The most friendly Bank ever and you don’t stand and do business each booth is setup with a chair where you relax while the bank representatives complete your deposits. It’s a cozy professional bank 🙏🏻💞😘
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11 months ago, Maria/Shadow
Mobile deposit
Very convenient for me . Thank you for giving this service available to us.
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5 years ago, zoom through
Homestreet app is clumsy and time consuming. Times out quickly so no one can read the opt in. Sends you to settings and need to sign in again. Sometimes randomly asks for password rather than Touch ID. Not my fav.
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6 years ago, De Liss
It actually works
Was really hesitant to use on my phone, BUT, it actually works really, really well! Was quite surprised (in a good way), that it was easy and that thing called “basically intuitive” for this non linear user.
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4 years ago, Priest4
Mobile use
Love this user friendly system!!! I live in a different state with no access to a walk-in building so I’m thankful banking for me is at my fingertips. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Anika Kahele
Transfers take too long
It is ridiculous how many days it takes to deposit a check and for a transfer to process!
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1 year ago, Happy and Relieved
Senior Home Street Bank customer
I am a mature adult (older) and the Home Street Banks electronic systems are user friendly even for me. Everyone is very courteous and friendly. They take care of you. 😊
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3 years ago, cjat14
It’s my first time to use this edeposit.. it’s so convenient and easy to use. The instructions is very simple as well as using the camera.
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4 years ago, lovemymusic!
Best PNW Bank
Homestreet Bank is the only choice for savings, checking, and loans. Everyone who works there is so professional, helpful and friendly. The mobile app is simple in design and easy to use.
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3 years ago, LAM#7
Mobile banking
The most convenient way especially during pandemic.
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6 years ago, Eopelaez
Needs more features
The bank needs to allow transfers to other banks/people. You can’t send more than $300 a week by Zelle, because HomeStreet isn't a participating bank.
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4 years ago, jjlamac
Excellent Bank
Happy to have a bank with an excellent customer service and a friendly environment bank.
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6 years ago, snidget1025
Easy and user-friendly
I’m so glad that this small bank has such a user-friendly app. I’ve been using it for a couple of years and have had no issues with it. Thanks, HomeStreet!
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3 years ago, Dark Ramsey
The Best Bank!!!
I don’t even live in the same state as the bank branch. But I’m keeping the my bank with them because of how cool they been to me!
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4 years ago, 0810bre
This is great App
I’ve never had a problem with app and I’ve had for a while’s easy to use and I would Recommend this app to anybody
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3 years ago, frankq170
Mobile deposit
I can’t make a deposit on the application and no one at HomeStreet can figure it out. It has been a couple of months.
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5 years ago, 123848458(
Great except for the smart app
Love everything about HomeStreet except for the smart phone app. It regularly takes 5 or more attempts before it will accept your password and log you into your account.
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