Homestyler-3D Home Decor

4.4 (5.4K)
510.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Topping Homestyler (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Homestyler-3D Home Decor

4.45 out of 5
5.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Geshig
Trouble rendering
The only real issue I have with this new version is that while rendering , extra items are added to my design. This doesn’t happen with every design. I have had a sofa added to two designs and a chair added to another. When I go to edit these designs, the extra items are not there. Otherwise, I like the program. I like being able to see all the items available at once. I would like to have a search feature. I understand that a painting walls, floors feature is coming.
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3 years ago, cazzyrazzy
I enjoy it, but….
I was addicted to this game a little over a year ago. I had come in second and third in some challenges and got inundated with bots, which was a huge turn-off. Then more and more the app crashed and did not save work which I did go through steps to save. There was no was to mark products I really liked and the codes for many things were ridiculously long combinations of numbers and letters, and they did not show up in obvious key-word searches. So I walked away. I wanted to see if things have improved and they seem worse than before. All the same issues as previously stated but now the challenges force participants to use the same rooms over and over, while using a fraction of objects from the catalog. No longer can one choose paint color or whatever. The customer now has to place objects in pre-assigned placements. Some of the choices are programmed either too tiny proportion to everything else or too large. Objects overlap sometimes and what could be good design is unable to work. They may throw in a new room or object for the challenges but not nearly as much as would make for real interesting creativity. It went from being total freedom to total restriction. It’s better than many interior design games but many of these issues seems to be a product of apathetic developers in my estimation.
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2 years ago, Matriarch Clan
App is dysfunctional
Update. Mind blowing dysfunction now omg. Beyond words disappointed and finished designing in this now. Being a webmaster and designer of many things including apps and widgets this app is no longer good. They took a well functioning app and made it NOT function! Way to ruin designers! ………..I am a featured designer on this app. I have 250 designs on here. I’m also artist and webmaster with a keen eye for quality. Although there are things i like about the app there are thing I don’t like. The people and animals are blurry, and cartoonish. The items to put in a room are distorted and also blurry. I’m very fast and precise on all placement of all objects but there are many variables that get in the way forcing you to alter and resize things. Also many of the rooms have to be sized properly before you attempt to use them. Some are so bad. Some items ate also microscopic when adding them to a design. I use this app all the time regardless of my frustrations. I am a webmaster and i design apps, widgets, custom content and art and what i find is a lot of things wrong that can be easily fixed. Chances are i can likely fix all these issues. Anyway i will continue to use the app and update accordingly.
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2 years ago, jonh67
Just DON’T use this program
Just don't use this program, the increasing monetization of the program is a HUGE HUGE issue/ annoyance alone, but this program also BARELY WORKS and glitches frequently. When there is a serious issue beyond minor glitches, good luck getting help from support EVEN if you DO pay for the subscription. My designs on here ALL glitched and have broken so that I can't even really the program, and support takes a day to offer the most basic advice, like "do you mind trying again". Some of the advice Support gave actually messed up my designs even more and it will probably take hours to fix. Just use SketchUp, even the free version alone vs Homestyler will save you SOOOO much trouble and is much more solid program. It is unfortunate that this program has such serious drawbacks, because there are actually things I would like about it more than SketchUp if the program ACTUALLY WORKED and other small adjustments were made. Although at his point, the program actually working wouldn't just be a small adjustment.
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3 years ago, squirrel_lover
It needs improvement but still amazing
So it definitely needs improvement!! I’ve had this app for around 2 mounths now and overall it’s quite enjoyable! I love all the furniture options and also EVERYTHING is FREE!! Yea no $80 chair and no $20 diamond pack!! You don’t have to work for money, meaning no dumb match games, which I love. But, I have had soooo many GLITCHES!!! Currently I can’t even design rooms because there is no furniture showing up in the catalog! And a few weeks ago I was not getting and notifications or new designs on the community center!! I do love how they host weekly design challenges but how can I do them if I can’t even design?!! I’ve rescheduled out to home styler and they have not responded, and I don’t think they will!! So it’s a amazing app to express your iner designer, but be warned there are some bugs and glitches to get through!! And this is all coming from a 10 year old!! 😋good luck!!
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2 years ago, Meclove1
Used to love this app so much
I used to love this app so much, it was giving me the space to design my own rooms/ homes and render. It gave me the freedom to choose where to place my furniture. Now the new update is just a pick and place…less furniture, and boring. Giving you the same stuff to where people might even make the same designs. You can’t be free in your creativity anymore and that’s what I loved most about this app before. I’m actually heartbroken of the change :( *update* there’s more stuff now but still doesn’t beat the old Homestyler. I miss rendering and making my own rooms/ homes. This was actually the app they recommended to do Interior Design work for projects in school a few years back…but now I have to pay for special rooms/furniture and then not to mention I had so many projects on there and now they’re all gone Smh. I just want the old Homestyler back 🥺
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7 years ago, Madelinemo
EXACTLY what I wanted!
This app is wonderful. I used it to decorate several rooms in my house, as well as my mom's living room. You can take a picture of a room and just decorate it using the app and the available selection of items, which has enough variety to give you an idea of how your room will look for any given style. It's really cool how you can increase/decrease the size of items and rotate them, etc., so it really looks like it's in your room. I used to be a pretty awful decorator, just picking out stuff I liked in stores and hoping it looked good. Now I really know how my "vision" will translate into real life, and can plan out my purchases better so they work with the big picture. I'm obsessed with this app.
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2 years ago, satish11nov
One of the best app and its free
I used for bedroom design and its one of the best app. One small thing noticed is issue with search feature in catalog. I tried to search for monitor and it did not show any item even though they have some monitor objects. Also, some small items are difficult to find and remove once they added. I accidentally click on LED light strip and they went to walls and other places. I can see light coming through wall gaps but i cannot remove these strips. It would be nice to see list of all items used on a floor or room so we can easily select/resize/remove. Overall 5/5 considering its free.
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5 years ago, MrYeet373737
Awesome app
I love love LOVE this app! The mechanics of it takes a little getting used to, but once you do, it’s worth it! It feels so good to have this creative outlet. The quality is great, and I would 10/10 recommend! The only hiccup I’ve noticed for myself- is that it seems when you edit a design you’ve saved, that design then disappears from the community so no one’s able to see it anymore. That’s a little bit of a bummer. Also, it would be nice to be able to edit the room itself once it’s saved, rather than just the info. But I still love this game to bits, and I’m definitely going to keep using it! Great app! 💗
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3 years ago, Frankellen
Great App… But
I really like this app… when it works!!! I love the new challenges they have started, when it works, I love the different angles you can choose and so many different amazing things to choose from… However even though my phone and app are updated it’s hit and miss when I’ll be able to utilize the app! I’m always wishing but apparently I’m a sucker for punishment and get disappointed every time. I’m tired of the loading circle and when it’s not there it doesn’t show me the furniture that has been placed. Great app just frustrating
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6 years ago, YOGY48
Latest version does not work!
I am an old user, and it is and was my favorite interior design app, yet sadly, after updating with the latest version, it doesn’t open, crashes, and does not work! Much obliged! Thank you so much for your kind response to my review! I am happy to have it working properly again after I deleted it and re-downloaded the new version! I even immediately started a new design! Yet, I had to create a new account and password, and wasn’t able to reach my old designs, that I luckily had photocopied and backed up! Thank you for this wonderful app!
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2 years ago, Uni000
Customer Support Not Responsive
As stated in other reviews, customer service is practically nonexistent. It’s strange to email support and basically get ignored for concerns which may include issues with payment, your account or in my case, a request to delete account. The tone of their initial response to my request was also like they were trying to stop me versus just getting right to it. Given the lack of response and follow up to my deletion request (and the many complaints online about similar issues others have experienced) I would strongly recommend not opening an account with this company or installing this app. I don’t know what they are doing with my data, why they continue to not respond and refuse to delete/close my account.
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2 years ago, SlimBarbs
No Matter What They Do, They Just Can’t Get It Right
Sigh. …. I’ve been a Homestyler user easily for the last 5 years. I’ve saw how far the app has come from the beginning and honestly I’m just so fed up I can’t. It has sooooooooo much potential but these minor issues and bugs are a HUGE drawback to what I used to find an enjoyable stress reliever. Now it just causes more anxiety than it’s worth. Furniture doesn’t properly resize or rotate. They are now charging for certain premium items which I guess I can’t really be upset about, but I would think if you’re going to charge people for membership or certain items there shouldn’t be these type of bugs. Invest that money into your platform.
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5 years ago, AllNicknamesTakenOnBadReviews
Nice app but needs improvement
The templates are beautiful, the items are great quality resolution. It’s a very nice app with a few problems that need to be fixed. It is way too hard to place items on top of items! I use two fingers but most of the time my item either stays behind the item or goes right through it. They need a move forward/backward button. There also needs to be a much larger inventory as I see running out of options to choose from happening very quickly. I hope they read this and try to resolve these issues! It took me hours to try to place objects on my first design and I have used a lot of design apps.
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4 years ago, olivia dremal
Lovely app
I would give this app 4 1/2 stars if I could, but unfortunately Apple wouldn’t let me. Anyway, I absolutely love this app! I really enjoy how everything is free and there isn’t any sort of premium subscription. I also love how there is so much variety in the furniture. I do have one problem and maybe it’s just something wrong with my phone, but it keeps telling me when I click on a piece of furniture that it is currently unavailable. If someone could please either tell me how to fix this or figure out a way to fix this issue, that would be great! Thanks!
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5 years ago, MsJayNellz
Ok APP but takes forever to load
Starting using this app as I launched an interior decor business. None of the other apps allowed me to shift the angles of the furniture except for this one which i love! However, the loading of each section/category is like waiting for paint to try. For every little piece of furniture you want to add, it takes about 30-45seconds for it to load, if you scroll to the bottom of the page for more decor, it takes another 30-45seconds to load, once you’ve selected your decor it takes another 30-45seconds for it to reflect in your design. I wish it would work quicker as designing one bedroom took me almost 30mins when I already had the design in my head.
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6 years ago, Godchild59
I Love it but...
I love this site!! I have been on it for about four years. However I was off for about a year due to family issues and when I returned all my rooms had been deleted, which I hated since my designs had been featured! Lots of work gone! I returned a few weeks ago and it just kicked me out and now I can't get into my present designs. I also think that after all this time we could have some updates on the furniture as in 2018 instead of 1980's-90's!
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3 days ago, Susan Lillian
Too many glitches!
I used to love this app and was happy to pay for using it. However, too many changes have made it very frustrating. I am constantly getting kicked off the app while creating a design causing me to lose work or even having to start over on a design. I personally think it is connected to adding too many additional features like the video rendering. I am seriously considering going back to the apps I used before switching to Homestyler. Please consider having a separate version for the video type of designs.
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4 years ago, itsokay160
Okay app
I’ve been using this app for a long time. It was really fun at the beginning, but it’s getting boring. I never get notifications on when the challenges are, and most of the furniture I want to use isn’t available. They have no new updates, no levels, and you just design rooms without earning anything like some of the other games I have. When I first saw it I thought it would be an awesome game because I’m really interested in home design. I don’t play it as often anymore, but when some of the other games stop working, I do come to this one.
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5 years ago, modern designer765
Best interior design app you could find but...
I have been on this app since I was around 7 (now I am 10 and really badly wants to be an interior designer) this app as soooooooooooooo much furniture, and I even made a few friends on this app. The but to this is is it kicked me out of the game for a few months then I finally got my account back but I had to get a new account and that means all 162 designs of mine are all on a different account that nobody controls any more. But now I am back on and I injoy so much
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1 year ago, akdhcjfngnngg
Still lacking
Still not near as good as Neybers. So disorganized, impossible to search for anything. Can’t customize. Comments and likes are total BS… I literally had two comments posted the day before I published the design. The comments don’t reflect the distinct human element, either they pay somebody to sit around and post comments all day, or they have a computer randomly generate compliments. Hardly any of the furniture, art, wall, coverings, floors, reflect any part of western design. It’s primarily Chinese. If you like that sort of design, you’ll love this app. If it’s not your thing, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Unfortunately, after playing around a few rooms, this app has lost all its luster.
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3 years ago, curseseros
Sadly changed the format
I’ve been enjoying this fun and creative design app for along time now… Unfortunately, they decided to change the format and it’s now just like so many other apps. Why change what’s not broken. There’s so many limitations now and fewer choices. I might as well just stick to Redecor-this app is now very similar. If your looking for feedback, wish you would go back. I felt more apart of the design process and now it just a point in click-no creativity at all anymore. This app will prob fall to the sidelines now and eventually get deleted.
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2 years ago, namjoons_.dimples
It was bound to happen…
I remember downloading this game like 2 yrs ago it was my favorite because you were able to design rooms however you wanted and freely but NOW, NOW there’s a pro option and it’s not even fun anymore bc if u don’t have pro, they limit the amount of furniture you can use when you want to decorate the free rooms and also they tell you what type of furniture to put where which limits creativity. In terms of aesthetics the update is good very modern and cute design but in terms of service and functionality it’s trash idk of they (the developers) we’re running out of money or sum but this is not it at all. It is not another day another slay for them anymore period.
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4 years ago, ayila32
Cool but the options are limited
This app is cool and it does have a nice variety of things to chose from but it didn’t have what I was looking for. The app is based more around modern home decor. It’s probably just me but I was trying to design a sort of black light aesthetic thing and they don’t have anything like that. They have a couple neon signs but that’s basically it for that category. I was a bit disappointed really because the dark light aesthetic is a pretty common design. Anyway thanks for reading my review, if you’re not looking for a black light aesthetic then I would absolutely recommend this app.
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7 months ago, Celestriastar
This would be a great app except there are far, far too many problems. I keep getting locked out and can’t log in. I’ve used Google to log in, but that no longer works. I then used Facebook to log in, but today THAT stopped working. I paid a lot of money and can’t use my account. None of my messages get answered to fix things. Very frustrating. Also, this isn’t really a game in the normal sense. There are challenges to enter but you have no chance of winning unless you campaign to win tons of followers. Ridiculous. I suggest people try a different decorating app.
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2 years ago, parri18454
Way too many problems with homestyler
I’ve been on Homestyler for a very long time and I decided to re-download the app to get me into interior design. And I noticed so many updates and changes. the first thing is I’m not able to pick A picture to start designing and I’m not able to go on anything it keeps sending me back to home screen that’s not really good. Second I noticed there’s a Been a series glitching problems.
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6 years ago, Reno Rogers
I’m a retired designer that works sometimes with friends and associates. I enjoy this app because it keeps me active and all creative juices flow. I’ve tried other apps, and they’re really hard to move accessories, furniture,etc. once you get the hang of this, it’s so easy, and mistakes can be made and completely resolved. I’m so glad I’ve downloaded Homestyler, you’ve even added more rooms and scenery. Thanks so much!! ! Keep up the good work of improving, with all Sincerity ❤️
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6 years ago, HouseDesignLover
Great app!!!
I have tried a bunch of house designing apps but none of them worked. When I got this one I was surprised to see that it actually worked-and it worked well. I really love this and there are so many appliance and furniture ideas that are really nice. For leaving a room you created I just l ave the app and get back on. It’s really cool and you get to see other people’s ideas and creations as well. If you like house decor apps like I do I would suggest getting this one.
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3 years ago, Ru-lu
New version a minus 2
I hate the new version! It takes you to the same simplistic room every time you open and then you can not go any further. This has been one of my all time favorite apps to just create and express myself. Enter the contest and checking out everyone else’s designs… now 🧐🤨 no sure if it’s me or just what’s going on. But please either explain how to use or go BACK! Please respond, Ruth Luke
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3 years ago, Lox45
Used to be great…
When I first got this app less than a year ago when I was buying my home I used it non-stop to design rooms in my home. The app is Sorry WAS excellent for that option, to give design inspirations and ideas for every room including outside. Recently it won’t do anything, if you elect to use a picture from your camera roll, the design items will not load so it’s pretty useless now!! Are you going to fix this or is it just obsolete now??? It’s been doing it for a few weeks now.
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2 years ago, Therussians
The time has come
I’ve been faithful to this game for many years, but the last 2 years have been going downhill. When I first got this game I was so excited that finally a game where I can just freely decorate rooms without playing games for coins or diamonds. Then for a couple of months the catalog didn’t work, when It did start working you had to select pro to get back to freely design rooms. Now you can only design a handful of rooms, you can’t change the wall color or the floor, some objects you have to pay for. The time has come for me to get rid of this game. I no longer find enjoyment in this once great game.
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3 years ago, Xx_Azura_xX
Good but needs some fixing
I really like this app. I am playing on the IPhone 10/XR. However I have noticed some issues. It takes so long to load items and sometimes it will give me a different room than what I clicked on. And sometimes it will just stay stuck on a white screen. I don’t know if there is something wrong on my end or this are just some issues that have yet to be fixed. I have also noticed some items won’t load it even though I clicked on it.
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5 years ago, mikalya manicent
Great all around
It cost you no money, and has great features, like customizing your OWN rooms, you can take a picture and put things in it, try it out. Now other design games can cost you a lot of money, but this one is 100% completely free! It’s great. It has amazing rooms to choose from and categorizes the decorations, or you could just search them. (Dining room;Tables, chairs, art/decor etc.) Its a very simple but fun amazing game. I recommend 11/10 😁
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6 years ago, _Coralynn_1510
Homestyler Review
I thoroughly enjoy this app! It is great for anybody from interior designer, to a little kid playing around. It has many different styles to choose from and hundreds of rooms to design! Homestyler is BY FAR the best interior design app out there. It could use some new furniture considering it has been the exact same since I downloaded the app in 2014. It could also use some more paint colors and wallpapers. Overall, this app is amazing and I totally recommend it!
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2 years ago, Gypsydancer:9
Awesome designing App
In my opinion, this is the B E S T app ever! I’ve been designing on here for years and the improvements/implementations are phenomenal! Thank you HS team for creating a friendly user app where ppl around the globe can connect via designs.. I meet so many brilliant ppl! I see their extraordinary designs and get their feedback which brings smiles, laughter and encouragement! This is the B E S T to create in the wonderful world of design..🤎✨✨
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2 years ago,
Cant purchase actual pieces
Firstly, the specs are off for room design. It only lets you work with a box style. I used a photo of my s tusk living room and I have two walls in the way. I can’t cut around them and furniture sits in the wall. Second, there’s a link to supposedly takes you to a website to purchase items. The link is non clickable. I found a few items I wanted for my living room but now I have to resort to googling and searching all over to find what I need. Terrible app. I’ll stick with using a visual board. At least then I know I can find the pieces.
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4 years ago, bestVSmodel
My career began because of homestyler
This is not just an app to me. Homestyler launched my passion and art of science for architectural design which gave me the opportunity to create, build and design a home to scale. I have such high hopes for this company and the team that works to give the world the best, FREE, design experience. If not for homestyler, I would have no idea what to do with my life. They saved me from feeling lost and wondering how I could use my talent for design all over the world.
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4 years ago, cosmogirl1215
Love this app!
This app is Amazing! There's so much to do! I love that yall have a community section and empty rooms! I'm a new Designer trying to go to school for interior design and this app allows me to practice the decorating portion and I couldn't be happier with this app! The only thing I would change is the rooms being more zoomed out or at different angles with some for furniture placement purposes 😊 and maybe some sitting and standing kids to go with the playground equipment and kids rooms!
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2 years ago, 😾👎🏼👹👺
Not the same as it used to be
I just recently re-downloaded Homestyler after two years of not having it, before that, I used the app consistently for four years. The new version isn’t as good as the old app I used to have. What was so great about Homestyler was that you didn’t have to pay for it, there was a wide variety of furniture and decor, and it wasn’t limiting like the other home design apps. While Homestyler still has free options, it’s just not as good as it was a few years ago.
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2 months ago, Hiya music
This is a opinion
I spent so much time on this app siting in the corner of my empty cold house while trying to figure it out. I have no food because I have no fridge to put it in. All I have is 3/4 of a bag of trail mix. I already ate the M&Ms so now I am sad. I don’t know where to put my bed in my house so now I sleep on the floor. I have no more job now because I spent to much time on this app trying to figure out why I can’t put the clock on the wall. Should I use my money on the membership or food so I don’t die????
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3 years ago, simonepenelopelily4234
It’s exactly what you want in a house design app that you never get. It could use just a couple fixes just bugs, but it’s still the best app I ever used. There are soo many templates! There are so much to use that you can make any size and way and any place. The best thing is it gives you freedom to put your decorations anywhere and not one place idk what to say but it’s great give it a shot
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2 years ago, TheAmazingCowGirl
Very good game
I love this game because it just gives you a lot of things to design I escpecially love the designing. Also, I want to become a architect and home styler helps! It’s the best game if you like designing. I have also met a lot of nice people on this app! This app has tremendously improved since i first began! Please, if you are interested in designing, try this game out. You will love it! 🫶😘
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7 years ago, The Pink Rose Lady
This is the best Interior Design app. available anywhere!!! I'm So Happy I found it again! I used this app. for years before they discontinued it in April of this year & I was So Disappointed.....I thought it was gone forever & have tried all the other Interior Design apps. available, but none of them could compare to Homestyler!!! I accidentally stumbled upon it yesterday & I am SO EXCITED to use it again!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, ✨ Future Star ✨
Mind BLOWN!!!!! 🤯
So originally, I started designing homes online. I had absolutely no idea that there was an app but decided to try it out. I’m shook! This app is insanely good. I do suggest that you make turning the angle of the object easier. I did spend a lot of time trying to rotate the furniture. Other than that, this app is very much in point and I love it. Keep up the great work!! 😁
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7 months ago, Tealey40
So Glitchy
I want to purchase this app because I actually love it but it gets four stars because it is so glitchy. I can be in the middle of designing and it cuts off or some of the items are distorted and unusable. Please fix because I don’t want to purchase it and it still does the same thing.
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3 years ago, Blecksssssssss
Can you edit a saved design? If so, how? Once you start you’ll know you love it, however, here is the reason for only 3 stars. I had a number of rooms designed and one day the app deleted them all. I find some of the functions don’t work or weren’t reinstalled back into the app, like lighting effects. Good: the app is fun but make sure you take your photo using landscape if you plan on designing your own room. Bad: you can’t trust it and it’s not as user friendly.
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4 years ago, lyricmyladybug
The best design app ever
I love this app so much! But lately when I save a design. It says that I’m offline, and it will save once I’m back online. But I’m not offline. And I have several designs that still say submitting on them. And I’ve tried to save them again, and it takes me right back to the home screen. Very frustrating. How do I resolve this issue?
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2 years ago, plsnsnz
( I only gave it 5 stars so this review would show up)
It is not letting me open anything! This app seems like is would be really fun but every time I try to open something it says “prepare furniture” and doesn’t load! I have had the app open for a day and it still says that!
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2 years ago, Lessley😇
Awesomeness’s needs improvement!!!
I love it ❤️! It’s a really beautiful. Needs improvement, I liked the old version where you didn’t have to pay for every cute thing. Please think this over, maybe if you win a completion you get 1 Month of everything free? It’s really frustrating and annoying, also this update makes the game less flexible for beginner designers! Continue the work tho, it’s an awesome game.
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6 years ago, WasAPinterestFan
Why i love this game
This game is really good because you make any tipe of room you want but some pictures are small and i wish there was a way to make it bigger or smaller but it is a really good game to play for fun. You can even make a little bathroom and living room . It tells you to put your password in but everyone has to do that .
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