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American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for HondaLink

3.96 out of 5
20.3K Ratings
6 years ago, Gadget_B1
Works most of the time
Finally updated for iPhone X! Early adopter problems I know lol. Its a good app that works most of the time. The issue I have is with the feedback from the car. The app is slow to update if it even updates the cars status at all. Example I remote start the car sometimes it shows its started and how long its got left to run other times it just gives me a thinking circle and doesn’t update. Additionally the run time remaining doesn’t have live updates (or timer), you have to refresh the screen to get the time to change. Finally I wish it would tell you how many times you can extend the remote start time. Instead it just gives an error if you have exceeded the run time. Also Honda whats up with the super short 10min run time, you can’t heat or cool a car that fast, extend the time or at least let users set their own run time. I will say that the send to car directions works great 9 out of 10 times that I have used it. One time it said it sent but never showed up on the car.
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6 months ago, David627
Doesn’t work - not reliable
Unfortunately, this app doesn’t work. Every time you get in the car for some reason it opens even though none of the functions you can use while you’re in the car. When you open the app outside of the car the menu to any of the functions doesn’t show up. Keeps cycling. I have closed the application, rebooted my phone, and even reinstall the app and nothing seems to help. The menu loads maybe 10% of the time. Sometimes it even loads and then refreshes and reloads again. When I have gotten it to work, the success rate of starting the car is low. It makes no sense that they don’t show the trip that you previously had until you’ve done another trip of at least five minutes, so you really could be going days if you haven’t driven and not see the last trip. No reason you need to wait for a subsequent trip to see the last completed. Also, the ratings make no sense - it counts against you days that you might drive or time spent in the car which isn’t really in your control. It’s unfortunate as I’ve had other apps that do the same thing for other car brands and they work perfectly. It’s a good thing you get trial to see how bad this is. I’d give this no stars if I could. You would also think after about 125 horrible reviews in the last three months, most of them one or two stars, and only a few that were 3 stars or better, that developers would be a little bit more responsive. And the poor reviews go back much more than a few months.
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2 years ago, Qniner
OTA update already done!!! But still unable to get services
I purchased this 2020 Accord Touring about 7 weeks ago. The car is amazing! However, the Honda Link service I was looking forward to using has been nothing short of atrocious. For the last 6 weeks I have been trying to purchase one of the HL packages, but it keeps telling me I need to perform the OTA update that I already performed. I even took the car to the dealership, and they confirmed the update was completed. They also sent up the form to Honda to clear the recall from my car so the service would work. Still nothing. I have been battling w/ tech support for the past 5 weeks. They can see that the update has been performed on there end, but Honda Link can’t. The customer service from tech support has been ok, but the HL associates are terrible. I’m not trying to be rude, but the language barrier is unbearable. I also heard a rooster crowing( if that’s what they do) in the background . So it’s quite obvious they are working from home. To top this off, I received a letter from Honda saying that the update needed to be performed by August. So like a fool, I went to my car and tried to do another update. And just as I thought, the screen said “software is up to date”. I am over this. I feel like Honda owes me a new module. The car is under manufacturer warranty. You would think a company with this reputation would be able to help me with this. I am going to escalate this issue as high as I possibly can.
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3 years ago, Doni_K_888
Piece of junk app!
What a waste of time and money! Paid for the subscription to be able to use the app as a remote. Really wanted to have an option of a remote start of my van in these hot days. Was going to use this future to pre cool the vehicle in summer by remotely starting the engine. Instead I got a useless app that crashes my iPhone every time I want to do something in the app. It just shuts down my iPhone and I have to manually turn in on again. But this is not the worst part. The app is just useless in my case. It would NOT recognize my subscription. I mean I’m logging in using my Honda account credentials, then adding my vehicle using the VIN number and nothing! Just blank screen. It shows me my vehicle at the top of the screen, but says that all my subscriptions have expired. All the fields are blank, like there is no connection to my vehicle. I’ve called Honda support, was told that they will investigate my case and find the problem then will call me back. It’s been a few days already and nothing has changed. Every time I call they’re saying that technical department is still working on my case. I own other vehicles from different manufacturers and their apps are working just fine and customer support is very responsive, but not Honda’s. Very disappointed! By the way, the vehicle is 2018 Honda Odyssey Elite, and it has no problems, in my family everyone loves it. I hope that Honda will pay more attention to issues with their software.
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7 months ago, sayrejm
This app could be so much more but falls short. You can only “start” your car in 10 min timer increments. You have to remember to come back in 10 min to extend it. After two 10 min increments it won’t let you start any more. I say “start” because on my hybrid accord it really doesn’t start the engine to run the AC, it just blows a fan on battery. You should be able to do one 20 min period if you wanted to instead of two 10s or maybe just start it for an hour. It’s my car, if I want it to run for an hour the I ought to be able to do that. You can’t turn on seat heaters remotely. You can’t open or close windows with it remotely. You can’t create a shortcut with Siri so you can say “hey siri, start my car”. It takes forever to establish a connection and actually perform the action your asking for. The “in car temp” doesn’t actually update. It still says 35 in my car but when I get there it’s warmed up a lot more. It doesn’t have an Apple Watch companion to just tap to start. It doesn’t have a pop up notification that your start timer is ending soon and a request to extend another 10 minutes. On and on… like, did they just make the app and forget about it? Where is the development team? Where are the updates? Where is the continued effort to improve???
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2 years ago, Ingrid_10
HondaLink is faulty
This is the third Honda I own . I have not ever been impressed by the Honda link app . I have had this vehicle for 2 weeks now. Nor honda in car customer service or the dealer can help me link this vehicle to the app. We can’t even get past terms and conditions without the app crashing , thus not even allow the vehicle to be added . I have had to uninstall the app multiple times and start over with zero success . I’m extremely dissatisfied with the app and the Honda at this point . I should have access to climate control and charging schedule for my clarity but can’t even get access to features I paid for . This very well may be the last Honda I ever purchase . The range is mediocre, and their lack of variety to include a full plug in version is disappointing. The app should at least function to say the least . I have a pending case open for the escalation follow up . I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Everything else on my phone functions just perfect except this Honda app. I’m frustrated because this is not the first vehicle I have issues with the app. Honda has to step up their technology and EV game . It’s not wonder there’s so many Teslas on the road. I have not heard of complaints with the Tesla app. I’m disappointed and embarrassed for getting another Honda.
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2 years ago, Big Time Furious
Useless App
I bought a 2022 Honda Accord Touring, love my car but this app is useless. When my trial period for the Remote Package expired I signed up to purchase the Remote Package. First problem it took them weeks from the time I submitted my CC for them to charge the Remote Package on my CC I had to call 3 separate times for them to finally charge it. I was told it would take 24 hrs for the app to update. Well here I am going on over a month and still no Remote Package working on the app. I have talked the people that deal with the app. I deleted the app, I reinstalled it. Deleted the car from the app and entered all the information again and still no Remote Package features on the app. It was supposedly escalated received a call and have not received a call. I was really looking forward to having this feature for my car but what a big disappointment. So now with all this deleting and installing all I see when I open the app is “Connecting to Sedan” and my hands free phone feature is now not working correctly. What a huge disappointment, Honda being such a good car to have features that don’t work and have to pay for them makes it even worse. I’m really second guessing my selection of car that I purchased.
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3 years ago, SadZebra
Slow to Connect and Buggy
I bought the remote services for HondaLink. This app technically delivers what it promises but has a few somewhat large issues: 1) It takes up to 30 seconds to actually send a command from your phone to a car. My friends with other brands of car (including Ford and Toyota) get a response within 5 seconds of requesting an action via phone. 2) The commands seem to fail about a quarter of the time you try to use them, even then the car is parked outside with no obstructions. When they fail, they take even longer to execute 3) If this app is open in the background, it will crash Apple Maps and Messages. The latter don’t start working again until you manually close out HondaLink. This in itself is kind of surprising as Apple’s put a lot of work into sandboxing all of their apps so that they don’t crash one another. 4) The app crashes often. Frankly speaking, I would not have purchased additional services for HondaLink if I knew how buggy this app was. Edit: With iOS 15 this app actually takes longer than before to communicate with my car and now tells me that my car is always unlocked, even though it’s not. I really regret purchasing this service.
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4 years ago, jerodgreen
No value for CRV Owners
If you own a CRV this app is nearly useless. The only information here is what you’d find on your dashboard when sitting in your car, and it’s not information anyone would care to have in hand or taking up space on their phone. The app is not well designed, even I noticed a few typos while I was getting setup. There’s honestly no useful information in the app. I don't know why I have the app. Maybe, just maybe, the schedule a service appointment will work. I’m really skeptical. Other than that thanks for letting me know how many miles are on the car? I just don’t see why this was presented at as a perk. It’s just useless. I’m including 2 stars to account for some value that an owner of one of Honda’s more luxury vehicles would get. Am I supposed to be insulted that the posh owner of a beautiful Pilot is offered the same app with better features? As if I was non the wiser? Wow—oil usage is at 80%? Gosh, sure happy Honda creates and app that can divide by 100. I guess it’s not about Honda. It’s about me. For CR-V owners like me I’ll suppose we’ll just pound sand and eat leftovers like the plebeians Honda wants to remind us that we are with such preferential treatment.
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3 years ago, momofgab
Slow and Pricey
I have a Honda Odyssey Elite 2019 that is paired with this app. PROS: like the app for the following features: remote start, the lock/unlock doors, security alert and find vehicle. The app also shows how much gas you have and the miles you can travel, the PSI for tires and any alerts or recall messages. It also gives you locations of Honda dealers. CONS: It takes so long for the app to connect to the van. When you access the app and click the start or any function, you will see a line that shows how long you have to wait to connect to the van. Sometimes, it will tell you that the van is not in a good location so the app can’t connect. But, the van is just in front of our house and our room is in the front. I’m thinking if the app is connecting to the van thru its gps that uses the satellite, it should not have that problem. I find the app pricey for $110 a yr subscription and this doesn’t include road side assistance which is another $110. For a few features and some that you don’t really use everyday, $110 is an unreasonable price.
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5 years ago, kmdangerous
Honda did a great job
I really enjoy all of the functionality of this app. It is awesome to be able to check the status of my car (locked/unlocked, fuel and range, oil life, etc.). I especially enjoy being able to remote start the car on days when it is very cold or very hot. It’s much more comfortable to enter a car that is a tolerable temperature. I do wish that it would allow you to know if the windows and sunroof were open and if so remotely close them. Sometimes during the summer I like to vent the sunroof to help heat escape. But if a rain is coming it would be nice to have the ability to close it remotely. Honda is also very responsive to glitches with the app and tech glitches in the car itself. I’ve been 100% pleased with my 2018 Honda Accord Touring.
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6 years ago, Tapping
Works great with my 2018 Clarity
Version 3.4.3 downloaded on 3/2/18 to an iPhone 8 works great with my 2018 Clarity. Download and pairing w car was quick and easy even for this 63 year old Neanderthal. Features such as range estimates, battery/charge/status information, climate preconditioning, charging locations, scheduling, etc are working as expected and updating every time I open the app. Only the odometer reading seem slow in updating but eventually gives the correct reading. But really, the odometer doesn’t need to update frequently. Is your car going to go somewhere without you? I can stop/start/schedule charging, see the battery charge state, and get a time remaining for complete charge. App indicated 30% charge and dash gauge had 6 bars and at 70%, 15 bars. I can also schedule the climate preconditioning from my phone whenever I am out of range of the key fob as long as both car and phone can connect to Honda’s server. It appears that the Clarity is communicating by cellular data to Honda’s server and not by satellite or WiFi as some have speculated. Tested/proved this by parking under concrete parking garage where phone said there was no WiFi and I could still connect with Car when distant. I think the negative reviews were either because of old versions or attempted usage on older model Hondas. This app is really for the newer model Hondas. So, bottom line: All features working with no problems.
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2 weeks ago, NGDesigns
App doesn’t work with the Prologue
I thought this app was really good when I owned a CRV but when I brought the new Prologue, it was a huge disappointment and frustration. I had the app all set up at the dealership and was waiting for OnStar to email me the verification step. Went through all of that and got to the point of setting up my PIN…that’s when the problems all began. Couldn’t set me PIN. Contacted support only to be told they were escalating the issue up and someone would contact me when it was resolved. When I didn’t hear anything back after a couple of days I called back and I was told my case had been escalated all the way up and someone would contact me. No one ever contacted me. I received another email again saying the issue had been resolved. I opened the app only to find my Prologue had been completely removed. Tried to re-enter it. Entered the VIN and got a message to follow instructions in the email being sent by OnStar, never received the email. I have tried multiple times but no email. Honda, you clearly were not fully prepared for the release of your new EV. What a disappointment!
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6 years ago, Jaydog4372
Good but needs more
I just bought the new Clarity plug-in hybrid, and I like how this app shows the current charge status and range of the vehicle. It also allows me to start the climate pre-conditioning remotely. It's really clean and easy to use. However... It's frustrating that the charge status doesn't update anywhere close to real time. The page refreshes, but the charge status lags by as much as two hours sometimes when it's on my home outlet (120v), which is pretty useless. There's no way to get it to"force refresh" that I can tell. So far, there's also a missed opportunity here in that it could interface so much more with the infotainment system, allowing you to explore and change your settings, upload pictures and apps, etc., from anywhere. Feels like they rushed it out. Which is fine if there's a future version with more functionality planned. I only wish they'd share what the future plans are and when they plan to do more with it.
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2 months ago, StrawberryStarlight
Hardly ever works
Got a subscription for this app for our 2023 Pilot and have not been impressed at all. The unlock function never works. It either says the command failed or that the car is running (it isn’t). I’ve tried multiple times to use this app to send commands to the car, and I’m pretty sure it’s only ever worked once. I just had an exciting incident where my husband and I were both in the car with our fobs, and he got out and left me in the car with my fob. I got out with my fob and the car alarm went off. The car wouldn’t recognize my fob to turn the alarm off or unlock the car. So I tried to use HondaLink. Over several minutes, it connected to the car with agonizing slowness, then said it couldn’t unlock the car because the ignition was running (car was turned off), nor could it turn off the alarm. Useless. About all this app is good for is telling me the car’s tire pressure, and I don’t need a subscription for that.
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7 years ago, Evan Wike
Finicky, rushed and lacking useful functionality
This app could be sooo much more. I have a 2017 Honda Accord Touring. I can remote start it from the key fob, yet for some reason this functionality is absent from the app. Most of the other information isn’t useful. Just about the only thing I can see anyone using the app for would be to schedule maintenance, but then again, who schedules maintenance? When the light comes on you go by the dealership. A much more useful feature would be to allow this app to act as an interface, letting users see the actual codes associated with warning lights so they can find out exactly what’s wrong. As said previously in another review, this app is finicky in the best of times. My phone will already be connected to my car via Bluetooth yet it will sit there saying connecting for few minutes before failing. Overall, this app is hardly what I would expect from a major company like Honda. It needs to be completely tore down and rebuilt from the ground up.
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3 years ago, noeldlt
Needs improvement
The biggest missing feature is an anti charge schedule. While the app allows you to set one charging schedule, which is helpful if you are only charging once a day, what we really need is for the car to charge whenever it’s plugged in unless it is during specific time. This would be helpful if you want to avoid charging during peak hours when electricity costs are higher, or if you only want to charge while you’re generating electricity from solar p els. The problem with the current schedule is that if you unplug the car for a trip, the car doesn’t automatically start charging when you plug it back in, because the car waits until the next start time. You have to remember to go back into the app and manually start the charge, which often takes a long time to load, and sometimes fails.
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6 months ago, AnotherRJL
HRV and most Civic models left out
You have to read fine print. Dealership says app will work but I discovered after much reading (discovered on App Store not manual) that the app excludes all HRV models and most Civic models. Only high end models like Civic R, Oddessy, Pilot, etc are available. I bought the new HRV Sport that comes with key fob auto start but I was hoping to start it five minutes before end of shift in a factory to warm up my vehicle during winter with the app instead but the app doesn’t allow it nor ability to see maintenance issues so I have to go outside at some point and remote start it and come back in and wait for windows to clear and still take it to dealer when service lights trigger. Other downside is if the window is slightly foggy the camera for lane keep assist and brake assist doesn’t work and can delay your car from driving. Same with my last Civic. They need to modify it so it clears better and doesn’t delay the vehicle from ability to move if needed.
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5 years ago, @VBrown of
Junky App (straight my HONDA Tech Support)
So right after I got my 2019 CR-V the app worked and connected to give me the basics of oil and car mileage. Nothing fancy, but that’s all you get with the CR-V. Then about a week later it stopped connecting and now hangs up with the connecting screen each time I open the app. Tried everything from deleting the app, deleting the Bluetooth connection, and rebooting my phone and the CR-V infotainment system. Nothing works...then per the app I submitted a trouble ticket. Got a call from tech support but they had no advice and actually stated that this app is “junky” and works better in vehicles that have the pay service and Wi-Fi. The final suggestion they gave me was to do a complete factory reset on my car infotainment system and my iPhone. I was like, yeah right. Anyway don’t waste your time on this app, I was losing sleep at night about it, but today...I just deleted it. That’s all...wish I could ZERO STAR this review, but I’ll have to settle for a ONE STAR. Thanks “junky” app.
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2 years ago, HondaJake
Honda is missing the mark.
I love my Honda Accord of which I have had 3 since my driving days began, the newest being my 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring. The HondaLink app however, is horrible. I feel the app doesn’t live up to the Honda name. It is laggy, super slow and just outdated. I also have a GMC and a Ford vehicle and their apps are miles ahead of HondaLink. GMC’s app has a new and beautiful layout and Ford has things like scheduled start. I don’t understand in our high tech/high convenience world how Honda has not put more funding into their app. It just seems super dated from the layout to the speed in which it works. I definitely do not plan on renewing my subscription after it ends this year. I mean FordPass is even free and is better, at least put the money we have to pay in to use HondaLink toward the app itself and it’s future development. I look forward to the day my HondaLink has an update with the words “Major app overhaul” in the update description.
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2 years ago, Alien1989999
Waste of space and time
I have a 2019 Honda Civic hatchback. When scanning the vin of my vehicle it showed me all the features for my vehicle through the app. Wrong it never worked. Keeps saying Bluetooth connection required. Although it is already connected through Bluetooth. I called the support number and it was a joke. The support rep told me that they would put a ticket in for it to be escalated to the next tier support. Well finally the other tier support gave me a call. After going through all the trouble shooting it was obvious that the app was not going to work with my car. I was told your going to have to wait until a update is available. I asked when that would be and I was thought that support did not tell them that information. After waiting for a update it still is yet to work. Way to go Honda. My 2013 Hyundai worked with the blue link app through Hyundai. It has older technology that my 2 year old car.
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5 years ago, Pm8317
Useless app
Okay so my 2019 Accord Sport isn’t the top of the line trim. But I saw the Honda link app on the cars dashboard screen so I thought I’d give it a try. I some how expected more from Honda on what the app would give me. Being able to schedule routine maintenance is useless to me. My goal with a Honda is that I never have to back to the dealer until I’m ready for a new car. Basically I can see my mileage and useful oil life. And I’m not sure how and when the app updates with that info. The user guide would be useful if it was model/trim specific since once connected it should know what features are active. I had one “you last parked your car here” with a picture of a map pop up on my phone. Don’t know what triggered it to send me the alert nor has it done it again. Don’t use the Apple car play often unless on a long trip which I guess is when it updates the mileage. I guess I want connected car features and the car isn’t connected.
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3 months ago, Frost256
Works but not all the time, annoying features
A fair amount of the time when trying to start the car, it doesn't do so and says "Couldn't reach our servers." I'd understand if I had poor connection or anything but no, that's not the issue. When it actually does start the car, it's only in ten minute increments and you can only do it twice... What's the point in limiting the time I have my own car that I paid for started? Not only that but in a service where I am paying you guys to be able to do this, that shouldn't happen. I should be able to do so however long I wish. The temperature meter doesn't update actively, you need to restart the app. Then it's not always guaranteed it will connect. I don't really use the app for anything else so it's very annoying that the features I do use don't work the way they should.
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5 months ago, chaseb22
Needs Updated
I think this app would have been great about 5 years ago, when tech was still slower. However, with it being 2024 and having a 2023 Accord, I definitely expected the response rate within the app to be extremely faster. There are some weeks where I don’t drive my car every single day, but for the app to “work,” you have to start it atleast every 12 hours (at least for me, that’s how it is). It’s honestly very annoying not being able to preset my climate in my car because of this. Along with that, it just takes forever to finally load and update. You would think with Honda being a successful car manufacturing company, they would spend more on developing the app that can connect to their cars, rather than spend that money on advertisement. I was hoping these issues were just in the free trial, but I am severely disappointed with my purchase.
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3 years ago, SeanSFromArl
Useful But Annoying
I have a Pilot. The information about how much gas you have, tire pressure, oil life, odometer, and whether to doors are locked or not can be very helpful at times. The ability to get the location of your car, activate the lights or horn and unlock the car through the app can be a life saver. But the app is REALLY annoying. Every time you connect your iPhone to your car so you can use Apple CarPlay, the app will automatically start and pop itself to the front. So while you are trying to lookup directions in Google Maps or start a playlist in your music app, the app pops up for no obvious reason and interrupts whatever you were doing. There does not appear to be a way to disable this obnoxious feature. I have no idea why they would make the app do this but I really hope they remove this feature at some point. It would also be nice if I could remote start my Pilot with the app.
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5 years ago, BriZ795
What a joke!
So I have a 2018 odyssey elite. After the trial subscriptions, I renewed the remote subscription so that I could start my car from farther then just a few feet (which seems like it with the car key remote). Like inside the store on a hot or cold day etc. And to also lock my car in case I forgot. Well, I do not have the icon box with the van outline indicating if the van is locked or unlocked. After 2.5 months of back and forth calls and cases created and factory resets and deleting apps and cars and all kind of stuff... I’ve been told that I don’t have the box of info because I do not pay for the security subscription. Security is emergency phone call, data wipe, roadside assistance... I pay for remote subscription which includes remote start, remote lock and unlock. It’s completely asinine that I don’t have access to info to see if my car is locked when I pay for the capabilities to remotely lock and unlock it!!!!! This makes no sense!
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9 months ago, sweetcheeks04241977
App won’t work
Week ago I tried buying the subscription so I can have the remote start and it gave me an error over and over again. Then a few days later, I couldn’t even access the subscription section. Now, after the newest iPhone iOS update now I can no longer see my mileage for the car the gas for the car all I can see is the options that are within the app and when I click on any of them, it’s a blank screen I have uninstalled this app multiple times logged out, logged back in with no luck. Then I finally get logged back in and the only option is to access my account by clicking on the account Settings, which is on the main page of the app, when you open it only to see my contact information but nothing in regards to the car. So many other complaints on here about this app you think by now the developers would figure out the issues and get it to work, especially for people who are paying for the subscription and can’t even use it, which is ridiculous and for the ones who want to have it but can’t get it and if they do get it worried that it’s gonna not work anyway so they’re wasting money What is the point of an app if it’s never gonna work and you have so many people angry in regards to it??? What a disappointment!!!
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6 months ago, No more buying ringtones!!!
Works about 1/2 the time
I didn’t sign up for Honda Link after my free trial because I only worked about half the time and I didn’t want to pay for something that wasn’t reliable. Then I decided I wanted the convenience during our Michigan winters but am again wanting to cancel. It’s worked one day out of the last four this week and at this point I don’t know if it’s worth it. I wish they could fix whatever the issue is as it’s very frustrating. The app seems like it’s freaking out every time I open it and always says Vehicle Status Unavailable. The oil percentage is never correct and the fuel level only updates when it will actually connect to my 2023 Accord. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the app.
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2 years ago, Blue510
A very buggy app!
It is a very buggy app!! I own a Honda Clarity and I downloaded it three years ago to set up my charging schedule. I was able to use it to set up the schedule, but other than that, I do not find it very useful. If I try to use it to start charging out of my normal charging schedule, nine out of ten times it will tell me that it is trying to connect to the sever. Then after all the waiting, a message would come up to tell me that it fails to connect to the server. Also, for the past three years, there has been only one time that I was able to use it to turn on the remote cooling feature and all the other times it fails. I love my Honda Clarity, but definitely not this app. I hope that Honda will put in more efforts to make this app work so that it will become more useful and effective.
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4 years ago, FitGuy314
Had to Call but Works Great Now
I’ve had this app working in my new 2020 Accord for about two weeks now. I didn’t want to use it initially after reading the reviews on the App Store, thinking it was a junk app, but the features were so cool I had to give it a shot. At first, no, it did not work. Only showed the odometer reading and fuel level. Called the support number through the app and spoke with Honda customer service. The tech on the other end was very nice and very helpful. He sent a reactivation signal to my car and voila! Now I can remote start it from anywhere, see the interior temperature, lock and unlock the doors, etc etc. Its a great app, glad I took the time to call and get it working.
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2 years ago, Earthssecrets
Crap app
Hay Honda, if you think so little of the CRV touring customers why even bother selling the car… seriously.. this app is absolute crap.. I have a 2018 CRV touring and all this app can do is freeze my iphone13 pro max and cause random errors on my infotainment system.. I found the best fix ever.. DELETE THIS CRAP APP and now my phone has no issues and my car… well the infotainment has KNOWN issues that Honda has NEVER addressed sooooo I don’t really expect that they are the best option for an APP.. 😂😂😂.. did I mention this was my 1st and LAST Honda.. I paid cash for my brand new CRV and will definitely be going back to my Nissan Marano….at least everything in my Nissan works and their connection to my phone has always been flawless.. I have had so many issues with this Honda and as you Honda owners know… nothing is an affordable fix.. I absolutely REGRET purchasing this car.. it’s as pathetic as this APP..
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5 years ago, HoorayFerSocks
This app is trash. I’ve seen similar apps for other makes and they work great, but this one barely even has the basic functionality it advertises. I got this to remote start my car, especially when it’s cold and snowy outside (I live in an apartment and work in a large office building so I don’t have the range to use the key FOB). It hardly ever works on snowy days, but ironically works on days that it’s nice outside and the walk to my car is enjoyable. It’s never had an accurate read for the fuel in my vehicle. It hasn’t update the odometer in months, and when it DOES remote start, it takes forever and displays an inaccurate cabin temp (that never changes either!) The worst part is that there is an annual fee for the service! WHAT ARE WE PAYING FOR? Don’t you use some of that money to pay a computer-smart person to repair your trash app? C’mon Honda. I love my car, but you should be paying ME to use this futile app.
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4 weeks ago, Mndndbsj
Not reliable
Where do I start. I’ll just say that it’s definitely not reliable. I would say it works 60% of the time. The refreshing rate of the app takes a good minute or two before you’re able to even see the start/ stop functions. It’s quicker to just use the key fob. I did update my iPhone and I restarted it multiple times plus I reinstalled the app multiple times and it still is not reliable. On this recent update I started receiving too many failed attempts of remote starting, but I never started the car last 12 hours. Maybe I’ll use this in winter if I really can’t see my car. Otherwise, I’ll just save my money and use the key fob.
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9 months ago, gsa1772
Works Nice
I just bought a 2023 Honda Pilot Elite in August, and currently using the trial version .. It’s works great … awesome feature with the remote start, especially when you have kids. I do feel it has a small delay to transmit command (5-10secs) but it’s understandable. Sometimes it’s fast and sometimes that small wait time. At first I didn’t see the car inside temperature in the command window, but now it’s displaying correctly in the upper right corner. Maybe it was a small glitch or got fixed with the update. Overall definitely give credit to the app. Hopefully they keep updating and making the app great !!
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2 months ago, App gods
Limited Feature Set, hotspot linking is broken
Remote start is not useful in the app since it gives you no unique options over just using the key which overlaps about 90% of times I would want to remote start. Others like Hyundai allow you to set the vehicle temperature when you remote start, that is the real value add to being able to use your phone. Also hotspot linking is broken. The UI shows me: Unable to link vehicle and when you select contact support it shows the vehicle mobile number as 4 random bytes in base64. When I checked the network packets it looks like it is sending this value in the payload. Probably to ID the account in part. Looking in the att my vehicle site it shows vehicle mobile number as a regular 10 digit phone number.
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3 years ago, Tognaceous
App pops up every time I turn on the car
This review is not to discuss the merits and features of the app, but to highlight a very poor design decision by Honda to have the app start up on your phone every single time it connects to the car. It’s simply annoying, to say the least. Imagine the user experience: you sit in the car, put the seat belt on, press the ignition button, pull your phone to select a song or grab the address of your destination, only to be stopped mod-action by the HondaLink app, with some useless disclaimers that require at least 3 or 4 clicks before you can get rid of it and get back to what you were attempting to do before being aggressively interrupted. Why would I need to see the odometer and range of my car every time I turn on the car, through my phone, if the same information is available right in front of me on the dash? Dear Honda, if you feel someone would have the urgent need and/or desire to have HondaLink pop up on their phones every single time they start driving, make that an option! Don’t brute force your way into people’s phones and routines. It’s called privacy, respected and a good UX practice too. Final verdict, I could care less for what features the app gives me, it’s been uninstalled. So long, HondaLink!
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5 years ago, WinstonFl
Used to be better
Sometimes new and improved isn’t what it is all cracked up to be. Sometimes the app does what it’s supposed to do even though it may throw you an error message anyway. The old version of the app worked pretty flawlessly and faster. This app is clunky and filled with bugs and you’re never sure if what you want to do is actually working. Even scheduling an appointment doesn’t work 100% because it doesn’t let you put text in the boxes where they want information. It’s an embarrassment and disappointing that we spend money on your car and then pay an annual fee to use the services provided and then Honda doesn’t have the courtesy to fix the app bugs months after the release of app. You can see the ratings have tanked this year. Get it together Honda, this is not good.
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2 years ago, newton.b.wallaby
No one can help you
Called to set up my vehicle, sat on the phone for over an hour being passed around from rep to rep.. right when my proof of ownership was approved I was hung up on.. I waited to see if Jack would call me back.. he never did.. I then call back and once again was passed around and none of my information was saved so I had to go through the process again.. just for the man to tell me I need to call them through my car? How do I do that if it’s not set up?? After that I just gave up.. I was wanting to pay for the services, but after that charade I decided it was best not to. In my own opinion, the app seemed cool. But the process to set it up is endless. I really wish I could add pictures to this review to show you the ridiculous amount of times I had to call them back and how long each call was.
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4 years ago, Ebonysivory99
I miss my GMC
I bought a Honda Pilot in December 2019 and I was expecting to be able to have the same capabilities that I previously had with my GMC App. The only thing that I wanted for sure was to be able to remote start my car from the App. There is NO such capability with this app. The GMC App was so user friendly, but the Honda Link app is not. Every time I crank my automobile it pauses everything on my phone while it connects to the car. It always messes with my blue tooth connectivity when I’m making calls. I always have to disconnect and make my call again in I’m on the phone when I get in the car when on the phone. I originally thought all the static issues I was having with the sound was connected to the App, but I’m still not for sure about that. They may not seem like big issues but it makes me not want to buy this brand of car ever again.
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3 years ago, Ken Tampa, Fl
Great but needs a little upgrading
Great functionality, but the vehicle location function doesn’t work while the car is being driven and moving. Why can’t a car with Wifi HotSpot cannot be located makes no sense. This is something that should be added so owners can use the function and have the ability to locate the car when needed. Beyond that, all the other abilities are useful and really make life easy. The lack of tracking ability is why I gave it only 4 stars. If they update it and make it available I will change it to 5.
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5 years ago, SlappyBird44
Frustrating App... worse on value..
Sometimes has issues updating status, but everything functional costs like $90 / year or something. Comes with a “free trial” but when I went to activate it, they said it had been past 90 days since I bought the car so I couldn’t start the trial. I figured someone would tell me something like that when I bought it but they didn’t. The sales rep for Honda Link gave zero craps and made it abundantly clear he didn’t care and couldn’t help. Pretty lame to buy a car for $35k and then you find out the ability to start the car from your phone costs extra per month.. seriously Honda? Charge extra for “concierge” but let me start my $35k costing 2019 Accord from my iPhone. This whole experience really made me feel like some number out there instead of any sort of valued customer.
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5 years ago, Vrater
BROKEN! Didn’t charge my car last night! >:(
I’m so annoyed at this update! First, the redesigned app completely logged me out so my electric car charged when I plugged it in instead of when electricity is cheap and didn’t give me any notice so I didn’t even realize I wasn’t connected to the App. Now that I am, it worked fine for several weeks but last night, it didn’t charge my car at all! No warnings, no notifications. And it’s annoying that it is constantly trying to start the app whenever I get in the car and start Waze (thank you, Apple CarPlay, for access to an excellent nav app!), always in the way. But the Not Charging thing is really terrible. I’m going to try to set the adjusted charging time through the charger’s app since I don’t think I can trust this app anymore and I can’t just have an empty car when I get up in the morning.
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5 years ago, Jonathan Curran
Honda can do better
Congrats on the new UI and UX. You’ve made the app prettier but also more of a pain to use. Swipe-up/tap at the bottom of the screen to bring up the controls for the car is a terrible idea on an iPhone. Have your QA folks told you what a pain it is to use? The swipe-up-from-bottom-of-screen is a reserved iPhone action that brings up all the apps in a card view. Surely you must have tested this? The previous version of the app at least put the controls in the default view instead of hiding it behind a drawer at the bottom of the screen. Please also fix the situation where when a location is sent to the Honda app, e.g. via Maps, and the Honda app then asks to save the location to favorites instead of sending it to the car. The current behavior is not what users are looking to do outside the app. Also the flash of the pin screen just before Face ID is layered atop is not great. It indicates that a pin is required but the the iPhone authentication mechanism kicks in - this is confusing at best. I expect more from Honda. Please do a better job. You’re almost there!
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3 weeks ago, DanielRivas1010
Not as advertised
The app is great and all, in terms of that it’ll show you your car mileage and your tank of Gas and of course you oil life. But other then that, it doesn’t show much else. On the preview pictures it shows that it tell you your tire pressure and you can remote start and stuff but for me at least, that isn’t the case. It doesn’t show anything for tires or remote start and I have a 2022 Honda Accord, which wasn’t named as one of the vehicles that currently does not have remote start. If you guys were able to fix these features for me then I wouldn’t have a problem putting a 5 star review since I don’t see anything else wrong with the app!
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11 months ago, Decaf Table
Missing Features
I have a 2023 Honda Pilot. The app told me to upgrade for remote start and lock/unlock door features. After upgrading none of these are available. The app itself provides very little benefit of using. Overall a misleading experience recommend not wasting your time downloading. **UPDATE** Logging into app today all of a sudden the remote features are now available. (Delay after upgrading? Wish they would have let me know) Updating my score to reflect. If everything continues to work as intended would recommend.
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3 years ago, AHTM14
Old version was way better
I have this app on my 2019 Honda Pilot touring. The old version would tell me everything from lights left on, door open which one, tire pressure, oil percent and if my vehicle was locked or unlocked. Now because it’s a newer model I wasn’t able to start my suv with the app but I read others could. My vehicle is 2years old and I still can’t do it. Bummer. The new version of this app took all the important stuff out and left me with oil & mileage I am able to unlock and lock but that’s it. I’ve unloaded and reloaded the app to see if maybe I could get these wonder features back but I can’t. And it’s a real bummer. And for some reason it reboots my phone every time I connect to it so not sure what’s that about.
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9 months ago, EezusJeezus
Not worth the subscription imo
You have to manually refresh the app it every time you open the app. For example, if you used the app 2 weeks ago, it will show data from 2 weeks ago until you manually refresh. That takes about a minute. It fails to send commands every so often. You have the option to use Face ID instead of your PIN, but Face ID stops working as soon as a command fails. And the app isn’t smart enough to know if your subscription expired or if it’s about to expire. Sometimes I have to log off, uninstall and reinstall the app to get commands to work. Not worth the $10 a month sub fee in the slightest. Maybe once those issues are resolved I’ll take another look.
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5 years ago, Pobox867
Why even have this HondaLink app
I am shocked at the poor quality of the HondaLink app. It certainly isn’t up to Honda standards. It could be so much more. I have a 2018 CR-V which I love. If I want updated information on my HondaLink app, I have to delete the HondaLink app and then reinstall it. If this was a Honda car would you sell it. I don’t think so. So why are you putting such a dysfunctional app out there for us to use. This is a major disappointment especially when my friends have Fords, Chevys, BMWs, GMCs, etc. and have great apps for there vehicles. I just say I haven’t installed my HondaLink app yet. I am embarrassed to let them know what little information it has on it for my car. Everyone can start their car from their phone which I can’t. You should start over with this HondaLink app and make us Honda owners proud of a app that Honda has made for us to use.
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5 years ago, coder800
Serious bugs
I have had this app for one year and three months. Prior to a recent update on 25 April 2019 the app performed adequately in that I could keep track of battery charge status for my 2018 Clarity Plug In Hybrid. However, it always suffered from unresponsive controls. For example, it once refused to turn climate control on remotely despite repeated commands. As of the 25 April 2019 update the app fails to even display battery charge level. Moreover, the odometer reading is at least one day old and is also not updating. At the moment the app does not function at all on my iPhone 8. Even repeated attempts to refresh the app have failed to result in an update to its display. It is disappointing that Honda cannot solve these problems in over one year. The car itself is terrific but Honda has much to learn about mobile apps and telematics.
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10 months ago, Select User
Sometimes useful, when it works
This app can connect to your vehicle and give useful information such as mileage, recommended service, and recalls. It’s a great idea. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reliably connect and pull the data when you get in your vehicle. The recall scheduling, didn’t work for me either. In short, this app is nothing more than a manual way to store a quick reference of your vehicle’s service recommendations and information on your phone. Some may find this useful and others may find it too much of a chore. I think if the data pulled automatically this app would be worth having. With a manual syncing process and the recall scheduling not working, I can’t recommend this app.
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