4.9 (490)
203.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Maciej Targoni
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for "HOOK"

4.85 out of 5
490 Ratings
5 years ago, BanjoBiker
I love this game and want to see more levels added!
I love all sorts of puzzle games and this one was a perfect fit for me as well as my playing style. I adore the simplicity of this game. The first dozen levels are merely introducing the various ways to work the puzzles, but beyond level 15, you need to concentrate and plan your moves with ever increasing hardness. I did finish all 50 levels in one day, so I was disappointed to see that is all there was, but I hope the developer will add more levels with even more twists and turns to keep us on our toes. I have now played through all 50 levels twice and may go once again because I enjoy this type of game so much.
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4 years ago, Johnny. Just Johnny.
Great way to spend a buck during COVID
The 50 levels are pleasant and never get to that pulling-my-hair out level of challenge. It took me about an hour to get through, and while I’m disappointed there aren’t a dozen new ones yet, it was a fine way to take my mind of 2020. I found this when trying to find a game that was like the cool puzzles that Hero Wars and Total Battle put on Facebook but that aren’t actually a real part of the dumb combat game. I still wish there were a game that was only the sliders and gold and lava and monsters, but Hook has a lot of that mental challenge in a very coming and enjoyable game.
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7 years ago, BrandoBalls
Original, simple, extremely well done
This game is the work of a master. The concept is extremely simple, but everything about this game from the graphics to the music to the "feel" of how everything operates together simply couldn't be better. I never write reviews but had to just because this is such a great game. Waaaay worth $1, I really hope he releases an expanded version with more levels (maybe even with the ability to create and share levels with other users). I would easily pay $3 for an expanded version.
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4 years ago, Stunley
Great game overall
I really enjoyed this game. It was appropriately challenging and I found the sounds very relaxing. I don’t mind the pace at which the mechanics are explained. When a new mechanic is introduced, the subsequent levels become more complex and fun to solve. I need to note that the last level was a huge letdown. Some levels are awesome because they force you to place a lot of restrictions. Some levels involve creating long lines that aren’t readily apparent. The last level did not have any of these aspects... I was able to remove multiple lines at once several times. It needs to incorporate the mechanics the developer carefully explained to us.
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4 years ago, Shawnuff
Fun puzzles!
This is the kind of game I like. No scores, no time limits, no lost lives, just complete the puzzles. Each puzzle is beautifully laid out but becoming more complex each level Currently there are 50 levels and first time through it can take awhile to complete them all. The first 10 or more are really the tutorial, but by level 20 you have to start thinking through your moves. I look forward to more levels. Until then it'll be fun repeating the entire game again.
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2 years ago, Skydog007
Awesome puzzle
This is a fantastic puzzle to give your brain a good workout. No instructions, no anything. You figure out everything for yourself. I got stuck on level 42, but I kept trying and finally finished all 50 levels. After a break from it for awhile, I’ve started over. It kind of seems like it has started with s new set of combinations, but I can’t be sure. Anyway, no pressure, no timers, no distractions. It’s great. It’s challenging enough to give anyone’s mind a real workout— without the stress!!
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7 years ago, Nayelianne
Complex in its simplicity
It's rare that I feel like leaving a review but this little game earned it. It's not very long (50 levels) so you can probably finish it in one sitting, but the concept is very well done. Some puzzle games can be frustrating, not this one, it respects your time, there is no score, only you and your thinking and your progress. It was sort of a therapeutic experience to me and I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys casual puzzles. It's an exercise in attention and focus most of all.
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4 years ago, MikeOoooooh
This game is so relaxing, and so incredibly well put together. I’d LOVE to see more levels! Y only “but”, isn’t really a but, as much as it;s a suggestion. Up the ante here. When you clear a bar, make one thrust out somewhere else and force an additional move. I really love this game.....so much potential for it to be even better......can’t wait to see what the developer comes up with on the next installment. Please tell me there’s another installment, or another level pack coming out!!!
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7 years ago, cottontail42
More levels, please!
This has to be one of the best puzzle games I've played in the past several years- in the top 5 ever. It was a great challenge, starting with some basic introductory examples and moving on to extremely challenging ones that could take 20+ minutes. I'm sad there were only 50 levels, but if others levels are added I'd be more than willing to purchase them. Or if there's a second app that would be awesome. Keep up the excellent games!
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4 years ago, LarrLarr831
Calming cozy puzzle game
I just finished Hook - 50 levels of wonderful puzzles. The mechanics are easy to learn and the puzzle get more and more complex as you go on. But nothing was impossible - take it step by step and you’re sure to find a solution. There’s no competition or ratings or anything in this game. There’s no “perfect solve”. It’s just relaxing; I’ve found solace in it when everything around me seems to be moving so fast. This game helps me slow down and focus for a while.
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4 years ago, Jeep Trackhawk
What an awesome puzzle game!
It’s truly a puzzle game of combinations; like the description indicates, more of a journey and experience with calm soothing sounds along the way. Just yesterday I blasted another app that placed ads being a puzzle game like this but the 2nd one was not a puzzle, it was a finding game; no logic or brain needed, just timing to tap not a half second too soon and not a half second too late. I hate timing games that are not puzzles; I like puzzle games like this where is just me and the puzzle 🙂
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7 years ago, dustypantelones
This game far exceeding my expectations and is now one of my all time favorites. True to the description it is relaxing and challenging! The hardest part about the game was that I only wish there was more. I had truly fallen in love with it by the time it was over! The lack of timers and fast pace allow you to get fully immersed and enjoy the puzzles and atmosphere the created carefully crafted! If anything in the description caught your attention, you will not be disappointed! Make another!
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2 years ago, Cns2007
Enjoyed to the end!
And was sorry to see it end. It was a great way to forget about all else for a few minutes. Liked the three chances before restarting too. You might give some consideration to making the overlapping ‘sticks’ show which is on top of which. It’s hard to see when you play on your phone unless you’re wearing good glasses! Now get busy and design more levels!
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2 years ago, Riyya
One of my favorite pure puzzle games
I love this game and I replay it every now and then (often while waiting for something unpleasant, as it takes my mind off of the thing I’m waiting for.) Yesterday I was sad because I was at level 50 and wasn’t done waiting, so imagine my delight to find more levels! I was so happy. (BTW if you like this one, check out his other games - klocki is also excellent!)
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6 years ago, bhamilton2591
WOW! Love it!
I can’t say enough good things about this game. The rules are simple but you have to figure out what they are. Just start playing. I found even that to be enjoyable. If I have to say something not 100% positive, it’s a personal preference. I don’t like sounds while I’m playing any game, not game sounds nor music. So I just turn off the speaker, problem solved. Get the game! You’ll love it too! And developer, more levels please! I want the game to never end!
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8 years ago, Veriferous
Best challenge ever!!
What great fun this is! With each new level we have to ask, "What exactly is the situation here?" And at some levels new symbols are introduced and we have to figure out how they work -- what their effects are within the puzzle. As the game progresses the situations become more complicated (fiendishly so in the later stages) and the tools more subtle. Hook is the most fascinating game I've played. --And, yes, more levels would be terrific!!
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4 years ago, D. Hengst
Totally underrated beautiful game
Purchased this game today and I’m HOOKED! Beautifully simplistic gameplay, calming, relaxing music, and masterfully built levels all make this puzzle game a five-star masterpiece! The levels begin as very simple and easy to teach you the different components, but quickly become mind-bending challenges around level 25. With an astonishingly low price tag of $0.99, this game is worth every penny!
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7 years ago, FoxShepard
Fun, but short, game. Needs iCloud sync.
This is a fun game. As long as you take your time, it's not difficult and there are only 50 levels, so you can finish the game in no more than a couple of hours. I would give it 4 stars, but I'm subtracting a star because there is no iCloud sync. I had started the game on my iPhone, but about 30-plus levels in it became difficult to play on such a small screen so I installed the game on my iPad, but because there was no iCloud sync I had to replay the first 30-some levels over again.
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6 years ago, FakeWaterflame
Bought all the puzzles
I really liked this puzzle game. It is a very simple concept, but it is also a very complex to solve each puzzle. Every so often, there is a new mechanic, and the way it is introduced is very well done considering there are no text hints at all. I would definitely recommend this to someone that likes quick but difficult puzzle games.
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6 years ago, zbassman
Terrific little game
This is a very well designed, intuitive, clever puzzle game. The concept is simple and you will quickly understand how to play. The puzzles are fun to figure out. Starts out easy so you learn how to play. Then gets progressively more complicated. Only 50 puzzles so you can get through it pretty quickly. I’d love to see more from this developer. Well done.
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3 years ago, ShamanYeho
Hoping for a sequel!
Probably my favorite game I’ve ever had. The music is ethereally beautiful and soothing. It seems a lot of games seek to cause a rise in adrenaline, of the win-or-lose anxiety. Not this game, it’s the antithesis of that model. Thank you so much for making this game. I’ve played it many times, and I revisit it often. P.s., would love to see the soundtrack released. : )
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7 years ago, What's that! Sound
The very best time killer on iOS.
I use this app when I'm in a waiting room, in the necessary room, and any other situation where I need to just relax. It is well-designed, well thought out, and I wish the author would write more levels! A hint for others looking for more levels: I recommend holding your phone at different rotations including upside down!
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5 years ago, raresparky
Wow! Just wow!
I recently stumbled upon Maciej’s puzzles and immediately became hooked (yup, I meant to do that). This one, Hook, is my favorite (so far). I binged and went through all fifty levels in a couple days. Maybe by time I finish his other games, (s)he’ll have added more levels... or other games. I’ve not found anything else quite like them or anywhere near as satisfying.
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3 years ago, TommisMom
Makes you think!!
I have had this game for quite a while. The more advanced you get, the harder the puzzles. Many times I have gone back in and solved the puzzles over and over. Still a challenge when you get to the top tiers. Excellent game. Really wish it had more levels.
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7 years ago, Cand(e)r
Best Game Ever
I don't normally write reviews, but when I do, it's only for the best of the best. This game was addicting, fun, and challenging. A true workout of the mind and of the value of persistence. Please make more levels! I beat all 50 in a matter of a few days and now I need more to keep the challenges rolling. Well done developers! You've got a winner on your hands.
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7 years ago, Hrhguigg
Great game but....
I love this game however if you are skilled at puzzles this game won't last too long before you finish all the levels. You do have to pay for it and the experience is short lived. I feel they could have added more levels in each skill area (easy, medium, hard). The game progresses real fast from easy to the finish. Love it just needs more levels. I was expecting to get over 100 but there are less than 50.
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3 years ago, Jennifer466
Wonderful, relaxing, I would pay for more levels!
So relaxing..... easier levels are there to teach you what the symbols mean/do, then the upper levels are just pure concentration and satisfaction when completed. I would gladly pay for more puzzle packs. I hope the developer will offer more puzzles as in-app purchases.
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6 years ago, MissCathexis
Ridiculously Awesome
This game is brilliantly done. On some of the higher levels you look at the screen when the puzzle opens and you think, “this is impossible!”. It’s not, and if you take your time you can get it. It’s as satisfying as unraveling a knot should be, with half the frustration. All I want to say is: MORE! Try it.
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7 years ago, read'emandweep
Nice but No way to mute?
This is a nice simple little puzzle but no explanation as to the concept. Shouldn't we know before paying what we are getting? (are we adding lines, going fishing, removing lines?) I had to search the web to find it on someone's blog. Nothing at all by the developer. Strange. Also, no mute setting? I want to listen to an audiobook while playing this puzzle but I can't. There should be a button to turn off the sound.
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6 years ago, 2stepbay
Brilliantly conceived
I felt confused after first opening the game, unable to find menu, settings etc. However, once I started to understand the masterfully crafted concepts in the early levels, subsequent levels took on a whole different level of complexity and challenge. Well done! Make another one!
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6 years ago, cuaycx
Amazing simplicity
The concept is simple - “unhook” a few lines. Then it gets a lot more interesting (and more difficult!) as one progresses. Same concept throughout with a few interesting twists. There are no instructions to read, complicated login procedures, levels to maintain, etc. It’s soothing and stimulating at the same time!
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6 years ago, Foxbean12
Delightfully challenging
This game is pure delight!! The controls are not explained through tutorials and there is so much joy in discovering how everything works!! The sounds are top notch and the animation is beautiful and crisp!! I love the level designs and how the puzzles get harder as you go. It felt like the perfect increase in difficulty. I wish there was more!!
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5 years ago, jaket99
Love this game
I really loved this puzzle game. It is beautifully and minimally designed. I’m quite happy to pay the 99 cents rather than be bombarded by garish advertisements throughout. This would easily be a 5 Star app if there were more difficult levels. Like others have said it’s 50 levels long and only the last 10 are challenging.
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7 years ago, Elislider
Great game, but short
This is a great game that is calming at first and slowly introduces new concepts with a minimalist UI. Unfortunately there are only 50 levels and you could beat the whole game in an hour. Just as it starts to get challenging and making you think, the game is over! But definitely worth playing.
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7 years ago, WTBFreeApps
LOVE - an elegant mesh of puzzles, mazes, and pickup sticks
Definitely worth the $1. I'd love to see additional levels or modes; this stops at 50 right now. It is creatively challenging without the stress or unfun of a timer, just letting you work each puzzle at your place and inserting a limit to impulsive mistakes during the last ten or so levels.
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4 years ago, Oxyplore
Hooked. Really.
As I kept on playing a few levels, it got more and more interesting. And by the time I reached Level 23, I came straight to the App Store to write a review for this magnificent game. Magnificent is just a makeshift word I used here for lack of a better adjective. I honestly think they should invent a mew adjective to describe this game.
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6 years ago, Gprof
Great puzzle game
The early levels make it seem as if this is going to be too simple, but in the last third of the levels it starts to require some concentration. Would pay again for more levels, but this was a very enjoyable journey as it is.
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7 years ago, A Strong's User
Worth it
Puzzle worth working. No instructions, just figure it out the whole way. Very simple, all 50 levels. While simple, Hook requires you to think and pay attention to details. Nice go at your own pace escape. Looking forward to more games like Hook. Thank you author.
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7 years ago, DiDi C
Minimalistic to the max. No menus. No ads. No nothing. Except thought. Just what I was looking for. PERFECT! I didn't realize that I was almost done with the games until I read the reviews. Only 50 levels. How sad. :(. I hope more will be added! And yes. Syncing is a necessary.
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3 years ago, Ed in the BK
I wish there were more games like this
I absolutely loved this game. I'm a puzzle addict and this is by far one of my all-time favorites. Beautifully simple design, but increasingly complex puzzles. Wish I hadn't blown through all the levels as fast as I did!
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7 years ago, Werepod
Best game I've played in a long time
He starts you off easy then gets harder and more complicated. All puzzles are definitely solvable with some thought. The music is a great accompaniment to the game. Quite relaxing. Could you please add some more level packs?
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7 years ago, KALINIFIED
Klocki led me here
After completing Klocki, I wanted more of this developer's puzzle mastery. Hook didn't disappoint one bit. Even more challenging, but not so difficult I wanted to throw my phone at the wall. Looking forward to more from this guy! His games are some of the best I've ever played.
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4 years ago, rtjwilde
This was very cleverly designed. I’m at level 40 and although it’s not extremely difficult, it still draws you in and begs you to solve the puzzle. What I really love is that - in my opinion - I can also use this as a bedtime sleep app. 2 Thumbs Up!!
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7 years ago, Damalo58
This is a fun game that was a change of pace - literally, as I had to slow down and be in less of a rush. I really liked it. It's different from the main kinds of games I get, and I recommend it highly.
Show more
7 years ago, 1Samochi
Makes me feel better
Thank you so much for this beautiful game Every time i feel bad and I play this game, it changes my mood It makes me feel better. I'll share it and download every app you make Thank You 💜
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7 years ago, Osiris.Uribe
Calmingly addictive!
I just downloaded and I'm hooked, pun intended. The calming music makes it seem like your going on a journey and that you are capable of accomplishing any challenge the puzzles bring on. I love it. So, when is in-app purchase of more puzzles coming?
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7 years ago, Knytt159
Definitely a fun little experience. No big punishment for errors other than restarting but the game is easy enough that it's not a big deal when you do restart.
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6 years ago, Winremley
Needs more levels!
You don’t even need to innovate yet, there’s still so much design space for levels with the mechanics you’ve demonstrated in the first 50. Please, please, please release more levels!
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8 years ago, cal_the_um
Needs more levels for price
I truly love this game. I finished all the levels within a weekend out of pure addiction. However because I spent money on it ( no matter how little ) I expect way more levels. There weren't as many levels as I expected. I certainly hope more levels come out soon.
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6 years ago, Bruno Vieira
Great game but...
This is a great game, simple concept but very elegant and well made! Kinda easy. My only real complaint is that for a paid game 50 levels are just too few. Bought the game and less than 24h later I had gone through all of it...
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