Hookup & NSA Dating - Kasual

4.5 (69.1K)
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4 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hookup & NSA Dating - Kasual

4.47 out of 5
69.1K Ratings
1 month ago, BigPre55ure
Really though…
I would like to only give 3.5 stars.. it seems to be a legit app.. however all these apps make you pay for a certain amount of tokens, chips, tickets, etc. etc… but then have someone on the other end keeping the conversation going to hopefully get you to spend more money on tokens, chips, etc.. but never want to exchange personal info so we can have a conversation without having to pay $10, $20, or & $30, every 5-10 messages.. if it could be one set price for let’s say unlimited texts and super likes for let’s say $25-$35, with a for certain subscription renewal after each month.. that would make it easier to talk and connect.. at the same time give the buyer.. like me.. the chance to at least subliminally believe he is experiencing a genuine.
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4 years ago, Dhydd16
Simple, free, and fun 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
I dig the app and everything it offers. It does exactly what it's supposed to do: show you people who are in the distance, and gender you specify in your settings and allows you to chat with anyone you flip over. If you like them, and they like you, just chat with them and see where it goes. Just the way I like it. I think it's a perfect balance of design both functionally and interface-wise for a phone based dating app. Just enough functionality that it does what it should without getting in your way. Simple in that it allows you to apply it how ever you feel - write as little or as much as you like, look for hook ups or something kinky or anything in between. Feel like it hits the spot on allowing people to connect. Prefer it over Tinder, Bumble, and Hud. Didn't even expect to be flipping over as much as I do. Male-Female ratio here is 2:1, so attractive females have a huge advantage (even so, most flips don't reply). This is coming from someone based in a major city. I have enjoyed using this in a village in Eastern Europe as well. With what feels like everyone on Yumi and many travelers it's really fun to meet people from all over the world. I have for a while and probably will continue to do so, but hopefully not! My only qualm is there's too many bot profiles, and they're getting pretty tricky to distinguish. Just be careful and don't waste our flips on fake profiles that will never put out!
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10 months ago, clarussa24
Easy to use, but $$$ stops any fun
While the app doesn’t offer enough likes or ability to message a like, it’s easy to navigate. There aren’t as many scammers you may see on other dating apps, but it’s inevitable to encounter a great no matter where you are or what you use. Unfortunately, getting genuine matches with similar interests is few and far between. And the location settings are rather confusing I think the amount of time you have to wait between when you run out of likes and finally get a new and rather small reload of # of likes takes way too long - not to mention you can only send a message if you choose to randomly flip a card on the first page (maybe 6 times if you even like them). MOST importantly, unlike most (if not all) other dating, or hook up apps you see or have used, the 3 subscription options for Kasual are insanely pricey. I would absolutely pay for a weekly subscription to see how much I enjoy the ample amount of features that you barely even get a taste of in the basic free version. The concept is there, the lack of obvious scammers is a nice change of pace, but I think the negatives (i.e. the waiting, inability to change a filter besides distance in km, the lowest subscription being $30, and having one super flip allowing nothing but an extra message. I truly hope they read this and even consider offering a shorter weekly subscription (maybe even with a free 3 day trial) for the Elite feature.
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1 year ago, ksjdjjcnen
Had some amazing dates
So, this is a pretty great site for both men and women. I've found some amazing guys and have been on some mindblowing dates. They have real men and not catfishers which happens a lot in other websites. Kasual has worked for me because I found many lovers over here. As a woman, I can tell you that this site works. I've met and hooked up with a lot of great guys. However, I will say that since there are considerably more men than women on the site you have to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Women like to be wined and dined and brought on business trips, to a nice hotel, etc... Be patient, it works. I found a great guy who I have been hooking up with on a regular basis for over 2 years now and we are very happy with the arrangement. For all the reasons the men probably hate it, if you are an attractive woman it's fantastic. For men who think no one is real, it's because the reality is the real women just don't fancy you. Get over it. Why would an attractive 30 something old woman want to have a hookup with an overweight, 50 something balding man? So yes, I was contacted by lots of unattractive, boring men but I also met one of the most beautiful, successful and intelligent lovers I have ever had. Go in ready to filter out all the noise and you will be rewarded.
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4 months ago, ScubaKing63
98% Fake Profiles
Update…it has found anyone in a year now because it’s using my old location. Even after I update it, it shows it on the map but not my profile. So it wants me to pay to add it. It’s very frustrating because I went from a small town to a city and still no matches. Let me start with the one good thing about the app and that is it’s free. Other than that it has been a total waste of time. There are multiple same profiles with different names. 98% of the profiles on here the females look like models so that tells you right off the bat that they are fake. In addition they all want to do the exact same thing which is ask you where you’re located and then once you tell them they immediately answer they are too. The next thing that happens is that they want you to send them money for gas. It’s the same story over and over and over again. So what I do is as soon as I message hello I ask them what city they are in and they always message back the USA. So again that tells me they are not from here because obviously that’s not a city. The other thing that I do not like is even though I’ve reported all of these profiles for being fakes they are all still on here. So they don’t do anything to take them out either. Lastly, there is no way to verify identities because they don’t make the users do it. That would cut way down on all the scammers.
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1 year ago, TylerLife
As a female, I couldn't be happier.
I turned to Kasual after deciding I needed something extra in life. I'm 26 and married, having been with my husband since we were 16. I have been on Kasual for a few months. I find the site very easy to create and edit my profile. I also find the site very easy to send my messages, search and read other profiles. When I first signed up it was very clear how scarce we females were with the overload of messages I received. After some searching and weeding through I found some wonderful men to talk to. I no longer have a profile because I found someone on there in a similar situation as me who lives close and I see him everyday and it is so wonderful. People are so quick to think of Kasual negatively but all I know is it's made 2 people very happy. Obviously, there are fake women accounts but I just wanted to let people know that most accounts are real, I'm one of them. There is no right or wrong when it comes to why you join Kasual but that's the adventure. Whoever said finding the "one" is easy and fast? It's even harder to when it comes to a hookup. Good Luck in your search :)
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1 year ago, Iamafarmer2016
Lots of success
I have been on and off this site for years. If you willing to spend a little time learning how the site works and spend a little bit of money, you can have a great time using this site. I have met dozens of women in person over the years. I have sex had with over 20 of them. Most of them more than once. I have had a couple of long term relationships from the site. It is always the same story: keep in mind that women get hundreds of messages so they can be very picky about responding. They are very upfront about what they want but they still expect to be treated as ladies! So take your time and actually read their profiles and respond showing you actuality read their profile and you can have a goole time with this site. I tried quite a few hookup sites and there were only a few sites I really liked. Kasual is still #1 hookup site. Huge database of members, very well established brand. After being scammed on so many dating sites, I am pleasantly surprised at this one. They’re doing a good job of keeping that to a minimum. I regularly use it to find casual dates.
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3 years ago, scireader
Scam/escort roulette + scambait candy store
Fun idea. Every woman I find either is a scam or is an escort that wants to offer her services. Interface is nice. However most of the scammers from before are working around the verification process, but they always put 55+ as their age even if the pic shows someone younger than 55. Flipping cards is slow since they display the “random match” message animation every time, which is confusing since it makes it sound like you matched with that person. Was nice to know if matches were online recently since this helped tell which profiles were inactive or unresponsive. A few bugs are here though. In the compass icon tab, blocking people there does not block them from the main card flip page so you have to block them twice. It also fails to block profiles in chat, unless you open their full profile and block from there. I would also suggest not allowing or restricting the use of VPN with the app to discourage scammers from using it. This is probably a complicated issue as I’m not an expert but maybe requiring the vpn to be in the same area as the user’s device would at least filter out a lot of scammers. Otherwise it’s pretty good.
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5 years ago, Cheyton Rickhuss
Thanks so much Yumi!
Thank you yumi! I am so grateful for this application because I used to just pickup guys from bars, but thats harder now that ive gained weight. Yumi makes it easy for me to find guys who appreciate a pretty girl and dont mind my full figure, in fact they find me sexy! And these are cute guys! I only see them once but thats all im capable of anyway! Note* there is no tricking or “cat-fishing” involved. I find guys on yumi that are cute, tell them I’m full-figured, and if they’re ok with that we exchange numbers at which point I send pictures to make sure I will meet they’re expectations. And I ask for a picture so I am not blindsided as well. Lastly I really like how yumi is organized! I used to be on tinder and I was constantly getting message alerts from guys I’d never be attracted to- like 400 messages by the second day. And when I did find that one cute guy out of 40- I’d get like 10 updates of who “viewed” my profile.” All I could think was: “I miss yumi: it’s just the best!”
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4 years ago, Kwhip
Pedophiles will rejoice
Ok let me clarify, this app has potential. If you are younger or like younger people, be careful because I seen many girls, yes , girls who’s pictures are from school bathrooms. Not college or employer bathrooms, but obvious middle and high school bathrooms and are carrying backpacks. I get what the devs are trying to do and provide, we all just want to get our f::(k on from time to time, but that’s no excuse to not develop a way to make sure the people using the app are of legal age. I saw a couple that was obviously underage and many that was questionable. When looking at the pics, some had further info and ALL of the questionable aged girls said they was 18, which I can only assume is the minimum selectable age. Even the girls doing school bathroom selfies said they was 18. So do I chastise the devs for the potential oversight or shortcomings, or the girls who use the app underage? I don’t know, so therefor I share this with you, in hopes you are aware of potential legal and moral or implication's of using the app. I also want to add the app has just over 3200 downloads from the Apple App Store. There’s statistically no way the amount of people it showed near me is correct unless the only people that downloaded the app are from Ohio.
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1 year ago, CornholeCoolio
It’s ok if you want to wake time and get up early for work but you need a good rest of your night to wake you and your body to wake you and then you need a rest for a few days and you can go back up and get some sleep but if you’re tired then just wake me and I’ll go back up to bed tomorrow and wake up at a good hour to get up to do some thing I think you need a little rest I love to see it I miss your body I miss my baby and you have to do it and you need a little more energy to do that I don’t know what to say I just need a good rest and you have enough to get through the night I love to talk with me I don’t know if you’re busy I don’t want you have enough sleep good luck on that you’re gonna do that you got this and I hope everything went good I’m glad that you’re having fun and good morning to all right I’m gonna do the same
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1 year ago, ans9806
It’s a scam - do not purchase
There are only bots and women trying to scam you into giving them your snap so they can sell you content or sex. I didn’t run into one real person or couple. Worse, they make it impossible to actually see the app before you sign up, so their entire business model seems to rely on idiots like me who will sign up based on the fact that there appear to be a number of positive reviews. The positive reviews MUST also be fake. Because, again, there are no real people on here. It’s insulting to people in their right mind that this is how this company has chosen to make money. And, finally, they make it nearly impossible to delete your profile. You can only figure out how to log out - not delete. So, learn from my mistake and stay far away. And it would help if others who have tried this awful scam of an app would take the time to leave reviews so that others don’t get sucked in. Apple should be embarrassed that they let a develop like this into their store.
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8 months ago, Tboneee614,!
It’s a decent app.. lets you send and receive messages from people.. not enough swipes/likes for non upgraded profiles tho,! My search radius is fairly large ,, but I feel it doesn’t show all the possible users in that radius if your not an upgraded user.. just let us see some our likes and send more messages.. you don’t have to make everything free,, but make it a little more enticing for the user and there would be more subscribers because they would want the best possible experience with the remaining features. But they’d already be hooked on the app if there was a little more free functionalities that they would have to buy the upgrade
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4 years ago, CrescentSnake
It works, but wastes time.
I have a couple issues with it already, but the app does it job at least. The fact you have a 1/4 chance to get a random girl every flip makes it so annoying when you don’t get anyone or get someone completely out of your preference. It forces you to pay more to confirm getting the one you want each flip. Plus it’s not as fast. You take so long flipping one girl then choosing if you like or dislike, then wait for it to load, refresh the cards and then repeat. I could just be swiping right constantly on other accounts rather than waiting for one girl each time. Lastly, it only forces you to upload a picture. It would at least be nice to force some people to put even some info. Like at least something about their general looks. Other than the complete huge waste of time it gives you. I still match and talk to girls.
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4 months ago, abtort
so far so good for the title of the app
after being banned from tinder/ hinge on the SAME day for no reason i can figure out, this has so far been the easiest other app to navigate it allows you to do a lot of stuff for free that most “casual” dating apps don’t allow. and i feel like it is exactly what the name of the app is called. it kinda forces the people to be more straight forward which in todays society i think that’s a good thing. depending on who you are and what you want you’re going to have to voice that to anyone anywhere. take the app for what it is! and please continue to make it easy + fun to use! i don’t think 2-3 apps should have ALL the users anyway. thank you for getting creative!!! ;)
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3 years ago, ResQR86
I am pretty certain that the developer of this app is also running the side scammer business. Let me be clear, I spent an entire week on this app. Sent approx 400 intro messages, received responses from nearly half of those... so 200... and had four potential non scammers. Even if those four I was only able to confirm that one was real, the other three sort of jut fizzled off on their own. Every other reply that I got came down to someone asking me to pay beforehand via CashApp or to send them gift cards. I reported every account but then I’d see the same pictures pop up in my cards a day or two later. These even came from pay-for accounts. Since when do scammers pay to scam? Outside of all of that was the app good? Yea, other that the card flip part the app design and feature set is good. If the developers would get rid of the scammers then this app could be halfway decent. As it is today you’re better off trying your luck with a popular dating app.
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5 months ago, lostproductivity
Telegraph / Whatsapp Scam Combos
Don’t be prepared for any kind of useful free experience. You’ll essentially be there feeling like a marionette with strings as IAP. I had one frenzied person 63 miles away demanding my address and another one denying they were 90 something miles away. Other than that and a couple of people advising I should contact them off the app immediately it has been completely quiet. The people who have requested I contact them by Telegram or WhatsApp do get removed in seconds usually without my even reporting them, so either the platform cleans up well after them or other people report them with fast results. Verification is a helpful feature. I just can’t get into the whole Super Flip mechanic, it’s just gimmicky and a trawl for extra IAP.
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3 years ago, EIHansen
Not trying to take you for everything you have.
The interface is new an innovative, but seems a little unnecessary, but that’s not a huge deal. The main problem is that there aren’t as many users yet as there are on Tinder and Bumble. The filters are a little lacking, but what’s there works. I would like to be able to filter based on STI status at the least. My general feelings are good, the details just need work, and I’m glad that there is a usable app without having to pay for the premium service.
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2 years ago, Candy313$
Positive Results
Kasual is a very good app fore the best results does occur with excellent matches and the selection of choices you encounter has amazing options for you. The only draw back that I had experience were notifications which is silent upon interested match wherefore, responses are time sensitive, so attention must be carefully monitored so you don’t miss out on your matched date. I would only suggest to app designer/developers to enhance the app’s functionality to signal a auditable sound alert notification. Other than that, all else is well acceptable. Guy’s and Gal’s come join the fun and prepare yourselves for surprising results. Hollar, mr
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3 years ago, PJ Wallenius
90 percent of these profiles are bots not sure how the female side of this Is (I am male) if you do get replies they act as a hooker.. sure some guys want that but it’s not real.. they are getting smart they change tactics.. ask to cash app you half up front it’s kinda funny I always ask them to verify their profile or send me a pic of them with some gesture they can’t do it and start talking all flirty.. don’t fall for it.. HOW TO TELL BETWEEN REAL AND FAKE.. - decent bio over a sentence - they answer the questions at the bottom - at least 2 pics on they’re profile usually - also verify is almost a must.. if 2/4 criteria is met then it’s worth the time to talk to them.. hope this helps but I’m really not gonna waste my time on her only when I run out of swipes on other apps
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2 years ago, Idunnomightdoappreviews
Decent app, good ui. Usual dating app issues, but smaller user base.
People with no bio or no pictures of their face, as well as no verification are not uncommon. So far all of my matches have been real people, but with the smaller user base, you get less on average. It’s also got the same old “pay exorbitant amounts of money for a better chance” that every app has. This one is on the more egregious side though, having only one plan and it being expensive. The free side of things isn’t bad though, it’s what I’ve been using. It feels a little glitchy from time to time, but not often.
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1 month ago, Papi Boi
Actually decent app that isn’t built around cash gouging
Been through the ringer with sites/apps. Unlike the majority of apps this one doesn’t have a paywall. Mind you, it does still have a premium with bonus features, but you don’t *have* to pay for basic features like chats and things like on several apps/sites out there. Overall this is really a pretty good app. It’s certainly very sleek and streamlined, the whole process feels very smooth and user friendly. I definitely appreciate the lack of a flashbang every time I open the app.
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2 years ago, stev1os
Awesome app
It's a pretty good dating app The online dirty tinder dating app works better than other casual hookup apps in many ways. That's why the dating app got such a good review. I've seen the dating app's history of optimisations, and so far there are no bugs or crashes. I met a lot of great dating partners and real friends here. To be honest, as long as you're honest with each other in this threesome dating app, it's not too hard to find the right date. I think the best thing about this dating app is that it's very human. I love their customer service, like when I report a user, they get back to me right away. If I report problems with the app, they respond quickly. So, it's a trusty threesome dating app, and I'm glad I'm a member. If you're looking for a date, or a friend, then this online dating app is for you better than Tinder or Bumble. So, don't hesitate, you just need to download 3rder and then you can get some wonderful online dating experiences.
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1 year ago, Joe27010
The app is almost completely useless unless you pay for it. You can’t message people you like unless you super flip them, which you have to pay money for. But if you do those random card flips, it allows you to message them. Most of the people on the app don’t even use it or haven’t been active at all. You can use a boost to show your profile to more people, but the app doesn’t explain or show how you are being shown to more people. Like, how do I know that you’re not just lieing about it? There are also practically no people in my area. I haven’t received a single match or like or response from anyone yet. All in all, it’s not a great experience but I’m gonna stick with it and hope for the best.
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5 years ago, Mike Farcasin
I don’t know if any real people are on this app. I do know people I’ve blocked keep showing up on cards. On another note, the way Yumi only sometimes gives you people and then shows those you didn’t get is a well-known and dirty psychological trick that makes me enjoy the app less. Also, they advertise “Learn all the details of the people you’re interested in” but it’s a lie - there’s no required info and almost no one fills in their profile. Update for the developer response: my suggestion is to respond to bug reports and fix the issues. You replied to this review, but you haven’t replied to the bug reports I sent before writing it. Stop the false advertising. Make an effort to get rid of scammers and bots. And get rid of the 1 in 4 card flipping mechanic - let us go immediately from one profile to the next.
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3 months ago, Nemicron01
not sure
so far I don't know I haven't seen any thing on this yet. It looks like it could be promising. They had me do a review so I can get points and do it a little bit longer. Generally they charges subscription fee which it's either here or there I guess it's not bad, but I mean I don't know I still think all the stuff should be free you know, but whatevergenerally though it seems like it's a OK app so far I can't tell if there's a bunch of scammers I can tell there's a few escorts so far but other than that I don't know
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2 years ago, giggggachadddd
Be careful
Plenty of scams on here. Tries to get you to buy premium very often and tries to manipulates you. With the super flip for example, the card u flip is never that great but the 3 others you didn’t flip are like 10/10 hot. Ive flipped probably 20+ times and thats always the case, the odds just dont add up. Oh but if you pay $40 you get to see/swipe on those hot profiles, i wouldnt trust it. If you do match with a decently attractive person they usually ask you for money for pics or solicit and probably try to scam you.
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3 years ago, talk702
Just weird
This dating app is the worst and weirdest by far. You get 4 random cards to choose from, can’t see the people, you choose 1 and it flips to the person…that’s who you get to message and like. Makes no sense. You can use a “super flip” once a day and message anyone. If you pay you get 7 super flips a day. It has no depth at all and doesn’t use any information to match you with like minded people. It has a very strict photo filter and you have to be in the picture. I can’t post photos of my travels? I can’t see if people are online or not. If I’m going to pay for a dating app there’s many better choices that actually feel like they’re doing something. This is more like a blind dating app that doesn’t allow anything. Just weird.
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3 years ago, micnophone
This is jut like the others. Bunch of non commitments and if they do talk to you. Their asking for a steam card or something lame. It goes from hey I wanna meet you. To oh will you pay for this. Or that. And the whole day is them basically begging for you’re money to pay a sitter up front to see you later that night. And no you can’t go there. Odds are. She won’t come to you’re place either. It’s one giant fish bowl with nothing but gamer scam artists trying to turn it into something that it absolutely is not!
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4 years ago, bleezy69420
This app is scammy
Read May 13th Review titled: This app will take all your money. It explains everything. This app is scammy. I like the cards idea - it’s kinda cool, but the cards should shuffle back into the pool for another shot. They shouldn’t block users from each other if they’re trying to build a user base. They advertised to me that a girl liked me, but I have to pay for the Pro version to chat with her. At the same time they have no cards for me to draw and want me to pay to get more cards. They are trying to monetize in app purchases without having any users and it’s a scam and this app will die unless they change the model. Maybe they’re just trying to see how many users they can milk for a few bucks and they don’t really care if the app works.
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3 years ago, _____Hamed_______4948483
Scammers Everywhere
Almost every single person on this app is a catfish scammer. They take photos off of people’s pages (usually low resolution) and post it on their own attempting to “hookup” with you just to gain information or money. Most times you can tell just by the way they talk (terrible grammar) and the best way to make sure the person you’re talking to isn’t a scammer is to ask them to send a photo holding 3 fingers up, to which they can never provide. Honestly I’m done with this app and they really need to add some sort of verification REQUIREMENT, yes all caps, because the whole scammer situation is getting outta hand. I also forgot to mention that this is a front for prostitution as well, and your bound to run into a fair share of them offering their rates and such.
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3 years ago, End20Game2021
Like a game
I honestly don’t know if any of the potential “matches” belong to legitimate profiles, as I have yet to match with anyone, nor do I have any idea if my profile is actually being viewed. That’s okay with me though; I’ve only had the app for a few days and generally only open it when I’m bored and wasting time. THIS is where the app can be fun. I guess... The goal is to tap a card that is hiding someone you’re attracted to, and you’d hope is attracted to you. It’s a game. Maybe someone has figured out a way to “win,” but as of now, I’m still simply tapping to see who’s on the other side and hoping to “win.” Whatever that really means.
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3 months ago, LoopnThreads
No Activity Possible Scam.
I don't think anyone is using this app. It starts with many people, but then you only see those people. It seems like Tinder is the ONLY app like this where you'll see endless people. Changing your location doesn't matter because you're not trying to see people who are crazy far or 100s of miles away. Most profiles don't even have their profile filled out, so you're not sure why they're on the app. Most of these apps are copycats and feeding grounds to get money out of you. These applications should demand verification that a bot can't figure out. That way, you know you're seeing real accounts. The only thing it has going for it is a cool UI. Overpriced too.
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6 months ago, Jameslee1357
5 stars?
As far as I can tell it’s a pretty alright app but it feels like no one’s on and it’s a little tedious to have to give a five star review to be able to see other people near me but I don’t mind as long as it’s not asking me for money I have no idea how long this has to be for me to be able to see more people so I’m just gonna run this out as long as I can I also like the idea of taking a new picture everyday girls can look at instead of just your profile
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3 years ago, Roman V =)
Decent idea
I like an idea and partially how it works , cards when they show you they can lock you in app and u have to hard reset it , plus some day the show you people like near you as 1 mile and another day I extended up to 46 miles around me and after search spin it shows that there is no one come on guys ! Plus on top of that add same age group or at least filter matching with 18 year orders a bit too much ! Plus app straight lying about how far person is from you. Most person that liked you are 1-2 miles based on app , but they are as far as 40-50 miles away when u actually shows real distance. 👎🏻
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2 years ago, Hekate13!
Review Of This Site
I’ve tried other dating sites and have some horror stories for anyone reading, lol. I’ve been on here once before for about a month or so. I felt like the quality of people are better and there is less scamming. On any platform you will always have a percentage of people that just don’t know how to act, and there are fraudulent people here, but less, which I feel will increase the odds of meeting a woman that’s compatible w/ me. Good Stuff FB!
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3 years ago, SlyMarsBars
Waste of time, and not the good kind
I have spent several hours on this app trying to match women, and it's bore less fruit than Tinder. I've ran out of cards to flip up twice now, even though there are girls that liked me and are in my area. I even flipped a couple of users twice in a row, and they were ones I already liked. My suggestion would be to allow users to flip on two cards at once, and recycle ones they did not get to click on. No, I don't mean super flip, I actually mean getting to flip two cards willingly without having to pay more.
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3 years ago, vcraptor7
Not worth it these days
The app just isn’t worth it. I liked it at first, had a fairly unique system for making matches. Unfortunately, the profiles on there are at least one of three things: dead, a gross old man, or a catfish. I literally thought I got a legit hookup on here until it turned out the person was using a pornstar’s photos (thanks google images, i guess). At least this experience really taught me that stuff like this can always be too good to be true. That and the app’s mechanics are the reasons I’m giving yumi two stars instead of one. I really am too nice. Tldr - not worth it, everyone on there is nonexistent or gross.
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1 year ago, Flick181
Privacy concern
There’s an immense privacy concern with this app. Even if you block a user they can still view your profile. You can literally try to delete a profile it will still be on the server and viewable to other users. Never seen anything like that. I’ve been in contact with the company about this and they basically admitted this. One states “However, the messages they sent or received with other users remain on our servers for a certain period of time for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of the conversation history.” They seriously use the term integrity. That’s how they justify putting users privacy in jeopardy. That’s insanity. Do not trust this app.
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4 years ago, dhazzy_
Might change later
Ok here it is. It’s nots bad could use a lot of work there’s about 10 scammers in my area alone I’m pretty sure it’s the same person ended up get in to an heated argument with the person finally getting them to break character wild experience. Also the way the it’s go pass 3 other people and you on get the random one you chose is very bad there’s someone who liked me and my chances of seeing them again might as well be .01
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5 months ago, Pauliegunnnz
Totally Awesome t
Introducing the revolutionary dating app that is set to redefine the way we connect and find love. Unlike any other app in the market, this innovative platform combines cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of human psychology, providing an unparalleled experience for users. With its advanced algorithm and comprehensive matching system, this app ensures that every interaction is meaningful and tailored to individual preferences, making it easier than ever to find that perfect someone.
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1 year ago, blissbmewaifu
Idk bout paid but free is ehh so so
I like it overall the free version is nice but u on get certain amount of cards and I don’t like that u can’t see what’s the person put about themselves but every sometime but it’s fun and cool overall I’m sure the paid version is way better I have been here four maybe five months and got one date but I must admit it was a pretty great experience for that one I’d def recommend this I’m not the best at these apps so I’m sure I lower my odds all in good app and I’m not on premium still wish there were more ppl in my area
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3 years ago, AllGoodOnPoint
Best hook up app!
User friendliness is the best I have seen, it is an easy straightforward app that allows you to keep total anonymity. I’m still waiting to make the right connection but I have definitely been able to message with other users and the people on here appear to be real and there are no scammer messages at all which is not the case with every other app and website.
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2 years ago, cmf334
Does not seem legit. Try it, but DON’T buy it.
The app functionalities work overall. Some of the mentioned features are non existent. These include seeing other peoples descriptions and some of the effects the app claims to have for hiding your face. I emailed company and no response. The biggest red flag is I believe a lot of the profiles are fake. As in the company put them there to make the app look full and gives a few fake likes to get you to buy. Sometimes I see the same picture for a different location. Haven’t had much engagement. It’s worth making a profile, but when you get a few likes, DON’T BUY IT. Just wait for someone to message you.
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3 years ago, YaBoiErraErra
Good bones, interesting body
This app has a nice, simple design and a good foundation for what it is. The only thing I have to say is I’m not exactly sure how successful you’re going to be able to be on here, given that you have very limited ‘flips’ unless you pay for their premium. I have no problems with paying for a premium service on an app like this, but I’m still getting the hang of everything.
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4 years ago, Jops.31
Great idea, more people needed.
Basically I’m just Writting this with a high review to get more people to download. This is a great idea for an app and it could work really well but more people need to join so people can interact with one another. Anyways people, I highly suggest this app for casual interactions/dating. The best part is that this is a solid free service and is perfectly usable without buying premium or anything like that. Download, I recommend for sure.
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2 years ago, Dudescrazy123
It works but you need consistency and persistency
I’ve been using the app for about two months and it works but you need to put some time into it lol. At least I did. I’ve met a few different girls on here already. There will be more people available when they get in the app. In terms of meeting up I’ve had more success here than on tinder believe or not.
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3 years ago, Kov D
Just give it a try
I feel like for the most part, all you find are bots or people trying to get you to pay to hookup. But there are certainly people on there that are interested in hooking-up, you just gotta be patient is all. With the cards page, it’s just luck of the draw. People seem to end up messaging you regardless of you going through that however so conversations pop up somewhat often. Edit: after a while it seems like everyone on the app is just inactive. Nice idea for an app, but it doesn’t seem populated.
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2 years ago, robo not
Sorry but nothing lower than 1 star
I gave this site a try. I purchased another 25 super flips too. This site is so bad that scammers don’t use it. There is no one on the site. It is really bad about how you must flip cards to find your potential date. Each person you attempt to contact cost you a flip. The site talks about getting free flips. I can testify that there is nothing free here. I would highly recommend taking your money out of your wallet and throwing it out the window. You will be much happier than spending anything here ! There is no Delete profile button! They own your information gentlemen!
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3 years ago, oliver10162
Too glitchy to even use
You can stay on the app for 30 seconds before it boots you out. Creating a account was a hassle considering you had to restart every 30 seconds and try and complete it before it kicks you out. I gave up on it after saying “if it kicks me out one more time before I can complete my profile I’m deleting the app” and it boot me out. I’ve never downloaded and deleted app quicker than I did this app. Advice for this app, dont get it. If you have to don’t put in your birthday, gender, or go to your pictures if you do you have 5-15 seconds before it kicks you out and resets everything you just did.
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