Horizon CU Mobile Banking

4.7 (2.7K)
46.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Horizon Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Horizon CU Mobile Banking

4.73 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Zeastwood
Great App
I’ve had this app going on a year and a half. Like any app it has had some issues but they do a great job improving it and adding really easy to use products/services. The ability to apply for any loan they offer in the app is a great addition and pre-pulls across all your data making the process quick and easy. Their money management tool has also helped me budget better by being able to link my outside accounts to it as well and setting goals for different aspects of spending. HZCU is a great credit union and I’m proud to be a member!
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2 years ago, Series of books
I was in a foreign Country and was notified that my Debit Card was hacked in the USA while I was gone. Big inconvenience. It’s either Republicans or Russians. What can be done. I’m still two weeks away from getting home to get another card. Can I set up two Debit Card accounts.
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6 years ago, Azzarinne
Only a few things missing
For the most part, I really like this app. We actually chose where to open accounts based on who had mobile deposit, and I don’t know the last time we actually went in for something that didn’t require a notary (thank you for having notaries, btw). The only things I wish were included that aren’t are the ability to deposit checks into savings and for the payer to show up on check deposits/withdrawals. That second one probably has to hit the website first, but I hope it happens.
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1 year ago, Amanda Lynn7
Closed account without notice- WORST BANK
Worst bank ever. Paid for payment protection for years in case of emergency’s and had back surgery they closed my visa account and never contacted me. I’ve had this bank for years and I’ve never been treated so poorly. Even the lady emailing me never mentioned who to call and they’re still billing me for the protection payment insurance even after they closed my visa worst bank ever.! User friendly! Love my horizon and the staff ladies at the Spokane valley location know me by name and are always so professional and kind. I would work there lol
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9 months ago, Bluebird222
Simply the best!
I would like to say how friendly and great the staff are at your Washington Street location. They recognize me and we have great conversations. We laugh, and I feel cared for and appreciated. Oh yes and they do great with the banking aspect also lol.
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3 years ago, Dsb83646
Horrible Remote Banking
This App is useless if you rely heavily on mobile deposits. My work hours prevent me from making it to a physical location so I can only deposit over the app. This is honestly the worst app I’ve used yet for banking and it makes me want to take my service elsewhere. **Please note, the actual human being that work for this establishment are amazing and I love them... but I need an app that works and this one just doesn’t cut it.**
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5 years ago, jonandbridgett
Horizon Credit Union personnel are very helpful
Everyone at Horizon Credit Union are very knowledgeable and helpful when we have questions. They helped us with a personal loan and are always available for any questions we may have.
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6 years ago, middleager18
Why did you move check deposit?
I’ve used this app for years and a recent update removed Check Deposit from the toolbar along the bottom and replaced it with Apply For a Loan. I deposit checks all the time and rarely if ever apply for a loan. At least give an option to let users select their toolbar options. The Apply For a Loan option has almost zero usefulness.
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6 years ago, Loofty Love
LOVE the Mobile banking!!!
This is ABSOLUTELY wonderful! Soooo convenient to be able to check your balance and transactions on the go!! My favorite is the ability to transfer funds between accounts!!! LOVE!!!
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2 years ago, CrispyBiskit
There used to be a place to make a memo regarding a money transfer between accounts and it is no longer there for iPhone. It is still there for iPad. Please fix as this is important. Thank you
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7 years ago, SD-kojak
Haven't had any issues
Love the mobile deposit. Wish there were a few more features like looking at check blanks
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6 years ago, FuryUnleashedRider
Horizon App
The app is easy to use and much faster and I believe better than logging on via a browser. Its best feature is that it makes the process mobil.
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2 months ago, S. Fay
Very Slow Updates on Account Balances
Of all the financial service apps I use, this one has the slowest update on transactions (aside from debit). It can sometimes take days for my checking account to balance on the app. I will watch it and this long time delay even happens on weekday and not just weekends.
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3 years ago, Chixano1
You Rock!
Thank you for always being there for me and my family.
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2 years ago, brittney713
It is not completely accessible for the blind. i’m not able to tell where money has been going in my account..
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5 years ago, ocean_eyes_96
Statements take too long to post. I have a hard time keeping track of my purchases.
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5 years ago, ttgrtihft
Favorite CU
I’ve had 3 or 4 credit unions over the years, and Horizon is definitely my favorite. Deena and Terri at the Sandpoint always welcome me as soon as I walk in. They are amazing
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6 years ago, yourfv
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3 years ago, UnhappyinSandpoint
Fraudulent activity
I was notified of a fraudulent debit card purchase and agreed it was indeed an unauthorized purchase. Four days later, it posted to my account and after three calls to a third party to make a claim, it still hasn’t been reversed after 12 days.
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6 years ago, SiennaBuster
App works fine, I’m still broke though
It’s super easy to use, but I still have no money every time I check.
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2 years ago, Money <3er
Great banking app
I can do most anything I need from the app. Very convenient and login is very fast.
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6 years ago, T Cips
I have had trouble ever since I installed the app with transferring money because it says “application can display information at this time. “ when I need money on the go I can never get it, and I don’t want to talk to a machine when I call for problems that the app can do.
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5 years ago, Sierra_ANJ
Y’all don’t actually put it in when you say you will. I put it in before you close and yet it’s never there until Saturday morning or Monday even. Getting real annoying. I’m about to switch to a different bank. That’s how bad it is.
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8 months ago, Lsjthaja
Review the app
Not user friendly and pretty complicated and have to take lots of extra steps for something that shouldn’t be that difficult.
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2 years ago, hnjxisbzhcb
This company is a bunch of thieves. They might as well show up with a gun and steal your money. They’re shaking me down for 1700 bux for a month laps in insurance. I’d you see the m as the finance bank on anything walk away
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4 years ago, &@"$@
Don’t like splitkeyboard
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10 years ago, Misst4tat
Don't deposit your check
I thought depositing your check via mobile app was the coolest thing ever!! With a busy schedule and getting off at 5 pm, rushing to the bank was always a challenge. I was so happy to deposit my check on the app, it was super easy and cool..... Until I found out I don't have access to it till Monday! What is the point of then???!? So upset 😡
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8 years ago, Koby
Works well
Everything works pretty well from checking balances or accounts to making instant transfers. There is a check deposit via camera function but I haven't tried it.
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10 years ago, karek256
Needs work
I like horizon but the check deposit feature is broken. I've done it before with other banks- I'm familiar with the process, but it took over 10 minutes to deposit one check. The app would frequently crash during the picture stage, the image taken is not what was shown in the preview, and the contrast is hiked up to the point where nothing is legible. The rest is fine but check deposit needs a lot of help.
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11 years ago, Barsabbus
Could be a lot better
It works, but nothing to get excited about. Checking features: ok, could be better. If there's a search feature (and there may be) I haven't noticed it. Bill pay features: not very good. Would like to see summarized recent payments and summarized near future payments. Difficult to determine cash flow. Ideally should have dated cash positions from checking, std (expected) deposits, and scheduled payments. I frequently end up going to the horizon web site to manage accounts because the features in this app are too light - not that the web site app is all that good :( Not a app issue but the alerts Horizon has (high payments/charges, etc) are so delayed (multiple days) that they are useless.
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7 years ago, GeoNicQ
Love it!!
The APP is very easy to use, and so convenient! I wish the bill pay section had an option to see previous months.
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12 years ago, J54537
Great app
The only draw back is the find a branch feature. It finds other credit unions that are in their network and you can't always do the same transactions at networked branches (like cash a check). Other than that, this app is perfect.
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11 years ago, Hecate14
App good but needs iPad capability
The one thing I would love to do is deposit checks electronically. Although the website says this is possible, you can do it with an iPhone but not an iPad. Why the difference? Would really rather not have to head to the bank in a snowstorm after work!
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9 years ago, Little drama Queen
Easy to use
It's easy to access everything basic. Love that there's a fingerprint login option for iPhone users. And depositing a check is very simple!
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12 years ago, Wsucoug1995
Love this
This app has made online bill paying and transferring money between accounts so easy and quick from my tablet!
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8 years ago, Cam and Shooz
Great way to deposit checks. Seems to work like a charm. No more driving to make it in time. Very convenient. Able to do all transactions I need so far.
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11 years ago, Gemini Tunes
Fast and Convenient
I am a busy mom and find this app quite convenient for my crazy life. It is user friendly and works great on my iPhone!
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12 years ago, Zing1968
Great app
It's everything all in one place. I can pay my bills, check balance & see exactly what has come out of my account.
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7 years ago, thelewisfamily
Awesome app
It's a great app love that it's right in my hands and don't have to call. One problem I have noticed is that it doesn't always update on the weekends.
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9 years ago, YankeePasha
Works like a charm
Super convenient and easy to use, I love the ability to log-in straight away with my fingerprint. Works fast and well.
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11 years ago, jake at the lake
Seems to work great!
I'm able to transfer money and pay bills from my phone!
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12 years ago, Inidrap
Love it!
Quick, easy and more user friendly than the online program. I rarely login from my laptop anymore as this AP is sooo great!
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12 years ago, EdwardM5
If only making a deposit in person was this fast! Transfers are a breeze.
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11 years ago, Migwelderhht
Great App
I've used other online banking apps and this one is by far the easiest and most user friendly.
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8 years ago, Sweet N Sour
Great app
I love using my thumb to login instead of having to remember yet another password. This app lets me do whatever I need to do.
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12 years ago, KBNTB
Easy to use/convenient
This is a fantastic app! I use the app more than the website itself. Great job!
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13 years ago, Chriszrage
User friendly
Love that you can view accounts, pay bills and transfer. Easy to follow. Great job!
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13 years ago, Snarf007
Looks good!
I'm excited to use this app. It already looks much better than the previous "mobile" site. Yay!
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9 years ago, The Social Critic
Great banking app
Fantastic little app, does everything you want out of e-banking. Very convenient, and easy to use!
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10 years ago, Sammi.rose
Great app
Love this app. The only downside I've seen is the check deposit camera feature cuts off part of the picture.
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