Horo - Timer for Menu Bar

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Matthew Palmer
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2 years ago
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10.13 or later
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User Reviews for Horo - Timer for Menu Bar

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2 years ago, JayDeeEighty
A Convenient Little App
I purchased the Pro version to support the developer. I use the app to track my time spent on freelance projects, and it does most everything I need it to do. I do wish it had a little more functionality in the Report window, such as the ability to search for a specific hashtag, the option for manual entry in cases where I forget to start/stop the timer, and the ability to archive or delete old timers. I can forsee the hashtags piling up and cluttering the interface once I've been using the app for several months.
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3 years ago, Terry S57
Free version is great--I might buy the pro version
Note: I use my iPhone to set timers for meditation, naps, anything needing "real" timing. I use horo while I actively work on my Mac. This is an elegant interface timer app. I open it when I need it using Spotlight to search for horo. Thus, my hands never leave the keyboard when I realize I need a timer. My workflow has a minimal interruption. The timer runs in the menu bar and stays there when it gets to 00:00. The unchangable default alarm sound is fantastic. I would think the app would be easy to uninstall--either quit the app or reboot and then drag the app into the trash. I do not intend to uninstall. Without a time set, the menu icon is an hourglass. Running multiple timers reminds me to focus *now*, to stretch and look out the window every 50 minutes, and to take a short walk every 100 minutes, or to change my desk from seating height to standing height or back. I've needed this for years and now I have it.
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7 months ago, Galadien
needs minutes as default
It's extremely annoying that if you accidentally don't put an "m" after the time, it defaults to seconds. More people need minutes than seconds, perhaps make it so that you need to add "s" for seconds and if you add nothing, it will assume mintues? Or even better, make a setting in the settings where we can set the default. I looked and that setting isn't there. Otherwise it's ok. I do avoid the trash can. I did that once and was not able to use the app again. It's not in the force quit list. Even restarts of my compter didn't fix it. I couldn't get it to uninstall because it was running. So, the only thing that finally fixed it was when I had to wipe my computer and reload. That needs to be fixed. Meanwhile, I just never touch the trash can. I just hit pause and then enter a new time, the next time I want to use it. Otherwise, it's ok. It is really nice to have an app just sit in the task bar all the time.
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4 years ago, yobzobbler
I use this to meditate, 20 minutes a day. Been doing this for years and have a pretty good feel for what 20 minutes feels like. Since using this app though, I've been mystified during my sessions: They feel as if they've been going on for too long. Every time I use this, I open my eyes to peek at the time and am incredulous that I continually have 9 minutes left, every single day. Decided to test this: I set two times for 20 minutes, a mechanical and the computer. Mechanical goes off at 20 minutes. When I turn on my laptop's screen, it still has 9 minutes left. Either Horo stops working when the laptop itself falls asleep (after 10 minutes) - my suspicion - or my sense of reality has been completely ruined by this app. Really, both. Don't use this if you intend on being away from your computer, screen off.
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1 year ago, Marinlicina8
So simple, it's actually great in use
Horo’s simplicity makes it’s streamlined for speed and ease of use. For example, they ability to set the timer with "shorthand" instead of having some “fancy” UI where you have to click 20 times. And as it doesn’t have it’s own complex logging system, it becomes convenient to copy-paste your sessions in and out of whatever to-do list setup you’re using. To me, this is much better than something that tries to have many extra features that only get in the way.
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4 years ago, PirateJesus
No Menu Bar icon, but it works
My biggest gripe is I wish it had an actual Menu Bar icon instead of just "00:00". Otherwise, it does what it's supposed to do, simply and easily. It's light on resources, which is great, but it's also light on features. The alert sound is nice, but there is no option to change it. There is no alarm clock and no stopwatch either - not a big deal to me, timer is all I really need. Being able to type in "30s" or whatever, instead of dealing with individual fields for hours/minutes/seconds is a godsend.
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3 years ago, Obs1
Incredible timer & UX, but pauses on sleep
I use this all the time for working on projects, writing, and generally lopping off chunks of the day to dedicate to a single task. (Pro tip : Horo pairs incredibly well with Palmer's other project, Vanilla.) That said, as other reviewers have pointed out, if you leave your computer for long enough for the screen to turn off, THE TIMER STOPS, which means that if you ask for a timer to stop at 11:30 (which you can do) but the computer is sleeping for 10 minutes, it will go off at 11:40. IMO this should be - at the very least - made clear during setup.
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3 years ago, stabbby
Vanilla app causes Horo menu to not display
I also use the app Vanilla, but when I have vanilla running and run horo, the 00:00 doesnt show on the menu bar. When I exit vanilla, Im able to see the horo timer :( Please fix or let me know how to fix
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3 years ago, Aahil52
Love it
Love this little app, but I would like to see it be able to work while the screen is off. I would also like to see a companion iPhone app that timers and stopwatches are synced to. Another cool suggestion I have is to be able to start the stopwatch with a specific amount of time already in the stopwatch. This would be useful for if the stopwatch gets accidentally cleared and you want to start back from where you left off.
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2 years ago, shiningsee
Best Timer App for Mac
After trying many timer apps I was disappointed at how so many developers could miss the mark on such a simple app with basic features missing or poorly implemented or just plain ugly and clumsy to use. But Horo is one that got it right IMO. Even the free version is nicer than some better-known paid countdown timer/stopwatch apps. Ituitive design, natural language commands and pleasant custom notification sounds distinguish Horo from the crowd.
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6 years ago, davidzerba
Simple but very much needed!
The app works exactly as described. A simple, elegant, non-intrusive, easy to use timer for Mac. Couldn't have asked for more. Natural language may seem like an easy to overlook obvious feature, but after trying many other timer apps that use buttons to click through 5 minute intervals or fiddly sliders, I gotta hand it to Horo for how quick it is to just set a timer. There's not much to it, it just works. Great app Matthew! (Pro Tip: Horo timer doesn't take up that much space at all on the menu bar by itself, but if you like to use multiple timers at the same time, it can easily start to fill up the upper portion of your screen. I use the app Vanilla -also by Matthew- to hide the timer and reveal it only when i need to see how much time i have left or to add another timer.)
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4 years ago, Hambys In SC
Simple and One Click
I've looked for a while at a nice time tracking app. This does it. It has a ton of features I don't need right now but I'm going to buy the full version just to support the dev for actually making something that does what it should without a bunch of BS. You shouldn't need eight clicks just to start a timer and this doesn't. I'm glad it'll have the advanced features when I need them and puts what I need most upfront.
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2 years ago, sac5137
Awesome! But I have a suggestion
This is wonderful and easy to use - it fulfills exactly the need it claims to. Perfect for setting work sprints. Would love to see an ALARM feature in the future. In other words, as opposed to setting the timer for 45 minutes - being able to set an alarm for 1:30 PM with a label reminding me what I should be doing - like take my lunch break or call my doctor etc.
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1 year ago, CrazyGamerIoS
Timer Dissapears from Menu Bar
i haven't been too inclined to ever write app reviews but considering this app had brought me a ton of success in my focus previously; it is incredibly frustrating that it no longer works. i have tried removing and adding horo from login options, kept in and out of dock, using terminal to open and close the application, restart my macbook, etc. the app still comes and goes as it pleases. when it does decide to stay or open; any amount entered won't visibly start the timer, if at all. horo either showcases a blank "00:00", removes itself from the menu bar [either immediately or eventually], or has it's own inaccurate perception of time. when this app used to work it was an amazing and easy to access tool. now i feel robbed after paying up to show support for an application that broke not too long after that. if the developers are reading, please fix horo.
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4 years ago, Jonnysuzie
Exactly what I needed
Thank you! So amazing. I really don't need anything complicated, and this fits nicely. It's not an unnecessary extra window on my desktop, and it does exactly what is described. Punch in your time and hit enter. There's a neat little click to let you know your time has begun, and the alarm at the end is easily silenced with one click. You can even choose general volume setting on the free version. Love it. Thanks again!
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4 years ago, Jujajuji
Love this little widget
Have been using it for many months now, and it's great for timing my tasks. I love the super easy interface - just one place to go for both stopwatch and count-down. And that I can have multiple clocks going. Oh and that I can name them (in case I get confused) which is awesome when I switch between tasks. Thank you so much!! I promise once I'm out of debt I will get the pro version to support you guys : D
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5 years ago, kerokero21
Help please
I just bought the pro version of this app, and I was pretty dissapointed with the features. If you try to change the preferences it tells you that you need to upgrade, but there are almost no preferences that can be changed after you upgrade. The only shortcut option adds a whole new timer - What about a start stop hotkey? Also, I would like to be able to edit my results if I accidentally forget to press start or stop. (Please) Do all of the fields in the history window really need to be locked?
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5 years ago, cthuff
Super Useful!
I constantly get side tracked an lose track of time on my computer when I'm deep in coding projects. This helps make sure I stand up every hour and don't constantly stare at my computer and it's helped me budget my time better and not have to worry about missing something. Integration with Siri would be a killer feature.
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2 years ago, Kikketer
Perfect Simple Timer
This is exactly what I was looking for. All the other timers I was using were overly complicated and the whole "Pomodoro" technique and such that I didn't need. I just needed to be able to quickly/easily set a timer for a set amount of time. This does the job perfectly. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Ana Karenin
Fantastic timer!
Minimal, and easy to use. I hate having to jump through hoops to set a timer. I so appreciate that this is add free, and a one time purchase. It makes me want to buy the pro version just as a thank-you to the developer for creating a free app that does a good job (with no adds!).
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2 years ago, mjseik
This has become an indispensable app
I got the pro version and have been using multiple timers daily at work and home. Its simplicity is its strength, and it is one of those apps where I'm not sure how I got along without it before. FYI REGARDING THE ERRONEOUS INACCURATE TIMER REVIEW: If your computer is set to sleep before your Horo timer ends, pop into preferences in the Horo app and check the Prevent sleep box: "Prevent system sleep while a timer is running." This will not disrupt the normal sleep settings you have set up for your computer, but will override them while the timer is running. It works flawlessly.
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4 years ago, Faran Khan
Clean & Quick Timer
Very easy to use. I like the ability to quickly set timer and stopwatch. I might step away for a bit and computer goes to sleep and timer/stopwatch gets paused. I would like it if it continued to work during sleep. Overall, a must have Menubar app in my opinion!
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2 years ago, DrFriedChickenSkin
No persistent alarm, developer doesn't answer email
The app is effective except for a killer flaw: the alarm goes off for under a minute and stops. I asked the developer twice over a couple weeks about it. Even though he states an open door-type policy and the support link here goes to him, he didn't respond to questions. Due to these two things, I can't recommend this app. I'd stick to an iPhone timer or one that can do multiple.
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2 years ago, Rubyona
Great little app
I bought the pro version, totally worth it. You can set multiple timers. Couldn't be easier to use. I had a small issue that I posted in my previous review, but the developer messaged me the fix! So 5 stars for sure.
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6 years ago, GamerSnail
Very Simple App That Fills a Big Need!
I love this app so much! The natural language input is very nice and it is a huge time saver. I can’t believe there’s no way to set a timer on a Mac. Not even if you use Siri. But this app is so easy to use and I love how it’s in the status bar so I can see the timer and know how much time is left. Amazing app!
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5 years ago, Stupid nickname piece of crap
So simple!
I have no idea why this isn't already implemented on OS, but this is everything I need for a sleek, easy, and convenient timer. In-app purchases are cosmetic, letting you change the alarm tone and shortcuts. But, I personally needed a minimal "go" timer, so i'm not bummed, and am very happy that the IAP are (so far) cosmetic.
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4 years ago, heygarrett
Simple, useful and it has a responsive developer
This is the best timer app I've found for macOS, bar none. I was looking for something simple akin to the timer in the Clock app on iOS, and this app is perfect. On top of that the developer is super responsive! Couldn't ask for more.
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5 years ago, maxhawkins
Thank You
There aren't too many people making simple, well-designed applications for Mac these days. It seems like all the timers are web-apps that are one keystroke away from Twitter or another internet time sink. No way to get distracted with this simple app. Thanks!
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4 years ago, diddydoodle
Great free app!
No complaints. For a free app, its just fabulous. May buy the paid version because I love the free one so much and i feel they deserve some money for their great assistant. This has saved me lots of wasted time, so easy and minimalist... flows w my workflow insanely well! Keep up the good work Horo App!
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6 years ago, D.zay
This is a simple app that does exactly what it needs to. I really like the system for inputting the desired amount of time. It’s always annoying not having a timer on my laptop, and this fixes that. Defintely a nifty little app thats worth a try.
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5 months ago, DeathKnel!
Love the app
Bought the paid version and the app is awesome. I keep using it all the time. wish data is vizualized in a different way(like bar chart maybe).
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3 years ago, CRR8445
Simple and Easy
Great app, does it exactly what I need. I love how it doesn't take up space on my screen, and that I can quickly set it according to how many hours/minutes I want, or what time of day I want the timer to end.
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4 years ago, Nick654654654
at last
Simple, intuitive, works as advertised. After going through several timer apps, finally on that actually does what I want!
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3 years ago, akkeithsmith
Only missing is a Menu Bar icon
Great app but really really want an Icon next to the countdown. Also would love it if the upgrade is a seperate app and not just a in-app purchase.
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4 years ago, apr1cotblossoms
Nice simple timer
Exactly what I needed; and the programmer who created this app is right: if it takes more than a second to set a time for your timer... well, that isn't efficient. This is.
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4 years ago, jilrebmar3
I saw many reviews saying how there is no menu icon. All you have to do to have the icon is to click on the 00:00 and click the trash button. It shows up as an hourglass. Best Timer App ever!!!
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5 years ago, csmithstack
Where have you been all my life?
I've been searching for a *simple* menubar timer for too long! I'm very glad to have stumbled upon this one--couldn't be better.
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4 years ago, Oreo Puppy
After many years
This app does exactly what the developer stated. If it takes you a long time to get the timer goint, it's no a good app. This is quick and easy. Perfect for tasking.
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5 years ago, Darkfox3889
Simple and efficient!
Best timer app I've found. SUPER quick and easy to use. Super low system resource usage, unlike some other timer apps. Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, vance333
I have tried from the top popular timer to this one. ONLY this timer app satisfies my needs without the need to upgrade to a pro version!! Highly recommended if you like simplicity.
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6 years ago, Marcella_UX
App is not ready for Prime Time - Broken
DO NOT BUY - Piece of crap: • Will not load when machine restarts (have to boot up App Store to find it and reload it) • Try to set it for 8 minutes 30 seconds and it sets itself for 13 minutes 50 seconds so it’s doing some kind of addition???? • I accidently hit a button and it purchased the app when I DID NOT INTEND to purchase the app and just wanted to try it out. • This is NOT THE ANSWER to the much needed timer for OSX unfortunatley. I had high hopes I’m sure the developer had very good intentions but it’s just not tested and not ready for public use. This needs to be taken off app store and thoroughly tested and reworked to be functional.
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2 years ago, dteres
Update for newer macbooks
The timer only shows up in my menu bar when I have my all my tabs closed. Once I open something new, the menu bar becomes crowded and the countdown disappears.
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4 years ago, Gwendolbeans
Wish I Hadn't Bought It
It doesn't really do what it says it will: it's not a menu-bar app. You have to start a new session each time you want to use the timer, and in order to clear the previous session you have to quit and then restart it from the Applications folder. A pain in the neck.
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2 years ago, y_xu
Bug reported over a year ago finally fixed
Bug reported over a year ago finally got fixed on v2.2.7 , increased to 4 ★
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4 years ago, Steve S D
Simple and Easy and Functional
I'm a big fan of this app. I think it is wonderful. Some things it does better than other timers: * can easily start a timer in like under 1 second * allows nice project support by tagging * allows countdowns and count-ups * data can be analyzed via chart or CSV I highly recommend this, and also enjoy supporting a small developer. Good stuff.
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6 years ago, Superbarker
Solves a Problem Elegantly
Huge fan of Horo. Hard to believe that the Mac can't set timers, even with Siri. But Matthew's app solves the problem, and it does it really well. Very thoughtful, like all of his apps.
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6 years ago, Eganworks
Clean and simple!
I love a neat, barebones app that does what it says and does it well! If you're looking for a simple, native way to set a timer, look no further!
Show more
4 years ago, iZeoM
Does exactly what it needs to do! I don't feel the need to buy the pro version but will do so just to support the writer! Great job!
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3 years ago, Yandri91
Amazing app!!!
After looking at a bunch of stopwatches and timer apps, this app is by far the quickest and simplest to use. Exactly what I needed. Thank you!
Show more
5 years ago, 0ak1and
Extremely limited alerting.
It works, but the free version gives you no notification options besides 'marimba' sound. Unless I have sound on, or my headphones in I usually miss the time hit 00:00.
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