Hot Dog Bush: Food Truck Game

4.4 (2.9K)
55.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bigwig Media
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hot Dog Bush: Food Truck Game

4.4 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
8 years ago, Osisowkskdod
Love it but....
Tried to purchase the full version and it said it was successful but it didn't unlock I tried to redo it thinking maybe it didn't go thru so I tried it again and it said it had already been bought and now it just tries to restore the purchase and it fails everytime so idk what to do
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5 months ago, Leondra 🎀
I’ve been playing this game since middle school it’s a very engaging game. It does get hard so you have to build up a good strategy. When items are added it’s definitely worth before version purchase because all you have to do is restore it when you do delete it, just make sure you have the sameiCloud information or other types the phones information and that’s what any game once you downloaded it and bought it. If you have to you’ll always have it you won’t have to repay.
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9 years ago, Photo effect
Always has been my favorite
I loved this game since I was 7 and I grew up with it and was psyched I found it on here!! I bought the full version and u have to say it's COMPLETELY worth it. And the all had been asking for reviews or things to make it better and I believe they should add another game mode where we make breakfast like pancakes and waffles then top it off with whipped cream or butter and the option of strawberries to serve to the customers. Then the drinks could be orange juice and chocolate milk. But that's just an idea that would be reallllllly cool. Thank you for creating such an awesome game!
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8 years ago, FallenAngel11891
Won't Restore My Purchase
I loved this game as a kid so I downloaded it when I saw it in the App Store. I bought the full version and it wouldn't load. I deleted the app and downloaded it a bunch of times and still nothing. This was last year. I decided to download it again yesterday and...the same problem! I tried buying the full version again but it says I already did and it will restore for free. So I hit restore and it acts like it's working and then I get a message saying, "Sorry, your purchase could not be completed. Please, try again later." Every time I try, that's what it says. Please fix this or give me my money back, bc as of now, it's been wasted.
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8 months ago, Francyfree
Hot dog bush
Am thrilled to see the sequel, love this game. When I get bored with other games I always revert back to this one, please keep developing updates! Wrote this over two years ago, obviously never got sent. I've been waiting for this game to hit the iPad. I've played on the pc version. Please make more levels and add other options. Could play this over and over. Just saw that I never sent this, I am still playing this game 10 yrs later, please keep the updates coming!
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9 years ago, Averygravery
10/10 m8ys
I can finally say it... This is better than the PC version... I remember when I was young and stumbled across this gem on the interwebs. I became addicted for a few weeks, but eventually forgot about it... And now, several years later, I can tap the screen of my iPad rapidly instead of having to click everything and freaking out when I wasn't fast enough. I have become a master at this game... But suresly, I needz help Show more
9 years ago, hailabs666
This has been my favorite game since I was 12, I'm currently 19 and still enjoying this game just as much. I'm too cheap to upgrade to a new level so I've just been playing the same level for the past 7 years. I still get thrill out of it. When I'm not studying for finals you can bet I'm ignoring calls from my parents and texts from my friends to play Hot Dog Bush. Very thankful to Lil B that this game exists as an app and that I stumbled upon it as a child.
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9 years ago, LeleR
Luv this game!
I adore this game. Similar to Hotdog Hotshot but with a chance to actually win all levels. Challenging but short enough levels for those times when you need to cover a short period of time to complete something fast. I like games like this and refuse to buy games where I have to purchase gold, coins, points, etc. just to get somewhere in the game. Please create other versions or continue to add cities!
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6 years ago, Msnell99
Love it!!!
I love time management games and wish more of these types of games are made. I've beaten this game dozens of times and wish the levels got more harder the grills and counters get more bigger in order to put more food down on them. Should be more countries to battle. All the countries matter of fact. All in all I play this game everyday after work while laying in bed. Helps me unwind and relax. Please make it more harder and PLEASEEEEEEEE and add more levels!
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4 years ago, Emilie Bo-Bemely.
App doesn’t work, developer has been gone since 2015.
I, among literally hundreds of others, want to purchase the full version and it is not allowing us to. I am DYING to play this game. However it is not allowing purchases and has not been updated since 2015. The last Facebook post was in 2015. And I emailed them and got no response. :/ I will keep checking in every month but my hopes aren’t very high. You’d think if they could make so much money off of it they’d be more on top of things but I guess not. I might get in touch with Apple and see if they can figure out what’s happening.
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3 years ago, Madboricua21
Problem with the fries
Update: They hear me and solve this issue! Now I can try to brake my record. 😃 Original: In this last version you changed that if we have 3 fries ready, we cannot add more to the fryer. Please fix that because that slows me down when playing, especially on the “Speed Mode” and I will not be able to break my record.
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3 years ago, Wahleeanna
Last update ruined the game for me
I’ve been playing this game since it was on the PC. I have had this game now since it came into the App Store. The last update where I can’t cook extra fries ruined the game for me. Please fix the game. —— updated review —— After my review the developer fixed the game! I’m glad the developer is responsive to their users even after all these years! I have now been playing this game for over a decade and it is the best game I own. If they could now fix the leader boards on global. Even when I increase my points in career mode my points stay the same. This issue is only a minor one as the gameplay stays the same. Overall I’m stoked they fixed this game!
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8 years ago, Hpawkuh
I would play this game in high school on the computer when I should have been doing my work. Lol. Years later, I found it on the App Store and completed as much as I could without buying it, then last week I finally bought the full version. Just finished the whole game and I think it's the best $1.99 I've ever spent (and the only thing I've ever bought in the App Store.) Lol. Most addicting game.
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8 years ago, Adventurebeard
Love the game! ...but
I love this game, and was always frustrated by the limitations of my mouse, back in the day. Imagine my joy and surprise to find it available on touch screen devices, a decade later! The disappointment is, I can't for the life of me seem to BUY the full version. When I click the appropriate button, it says "sorry, in-app payment is not supported for your device" I can't seem to find a way around it, and I doubt my iPhone 6 is the problem - can someone please help me buy this game?!
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5 years ago, Yvette_c84
I have been playing this game for YEARS. Since before smart phones. I do not get sick of this game, I can play it over and over. The only thing I wish the game did was update how much you need to make that day based on what your high score was for that day, that way I would know what I needed to beat. Regardless, I still love the game and it has given me a soft spot for George Dubya b/c of it :)
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4 months ago, Mia Ohana
Highly recommended
I absolutely love this game. I remember playing it years ago and thinking about how much I enjoyed it, and now years later in 2024 it has ignited that same excitement I had inside when I was younger. Also happy to see the new updates, the developers and team behind this game are amazing!
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9 years ago, Julzdawtcom
Addicted, please get me help
Just love this game. Much better than the other cooking concept games. The levels you cook in are fun (ie: Yankee stadium & now LONDON!) and the funniest characters order with disgruntled voices. The game is great for all ages, my 3 year old nephew just loves this game. My sister in law is addicted. It's a sickness, we need help. Overall 5 stars! I hope they continue to build new levels and versions.
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12 months ago, Aniyah Barker
Favorite game
I grew up playing this game at school and I’m so happy I was able to find it on here!! I saw a lot of reviews from years about not being able to purchase the whole game but now you can! I hope those individuals try again so that they can enjoy the game as much as me!
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9 years ago, Shon-ka
One of the greatest TM games No In App Purchase :)
Been a fan since I first played it on my PC. Now I have it on my i- everything. Hope they add more cities. I know in every city I'll be serving two drinks and two dishes with sides ect. But I can not get enough of this game at times. Please add more cities. Love it no in app purchase. Waiting and looking for more cities, Love this game.
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5 years ago, specialkay143
I wanna buy full version, sos
I tried buying the full version but it keeps saying try again later, and telling me also to sign into my Game Center, not sure what that means but I’ve looked all through the app and can’t figure it out :( I really would like to buy the full version tho
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2 years ago, BB 360
Worth it for Nostalgia
I downloaded this game months ago and BigRig had an issue selling the full version for months and months. Bought it and it was totally worth it. I love playing on my phone and tablet. So many nice memories from middle school study hall and all it cost was $1.99 plus tax
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3 years ago, Everyhours
Why did you change it?!?
You used to be able to hit the onion rings/french fries as soon as a batch was up but now you have to wait until you hand one out. Super annoying! Update. Thank you so much for fixing it! I have been missing this game so much!
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9 years ago, Pndaprinxes04
Thumbs up for this game
I like the game especially when you see that there are different places and different foods because you will play it more and more and you will get excited at the same time curious. Can you update it as soon as possible please! I can't wait!! and add more places
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6 years ago, Nillcat
Great game but can’t get full version
I used to play this all the time in middle school and was thinking about it one day. I was so excited to see it has an app! It’s fun but I can only play the first level because it won’t let me buy the full version. I have funds on my card, not a problem there. The app itself just keeps telling me there’s a problem and try again later when I try to buy it. Please help! I’d love to play the full version of the game.
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9 years ago, Trufter
Hot Dog Bush
Now that this is an app my life is complete. Talk about nostalgia. I just completed the game bc yep I'm addicted. You don't have to pay unless you don't want ads. It's a lot easier to maneuver than with a mouse! The different foods in the levels weren't my favorite (I'm a fan of the traditional hot dogs and burgers idk) but it kept it interesting. Anywho, MORE LEVELS PLEASE haha
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4 months ago, KayceeJG
I remember playing this with my older sister when I was young, and I could play it for hours then, Ive just downloaded it again and it’s the perfect level of hardness and I think I could still play for so long
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5 years ago, RossAndRoll0803
Can’t buy the full game 🤨
It’s hard for me to get into games and find one that I actually like. I was really enjoying this game and wanted to buy the full version, but just like quite a few others, I was unable to. If it’s not going to be possible for people to play beyond the first level (even by paying to do so), I’m not sure why the game is still available at all. 😕
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3 years ago, cammyheyyall
Really fun game
I love this app! A little bit of a time waster and makes me feel kind of anxious sometimes ngl, but I really like playing it. Also, all the new levels are definitely worth the 1.99 to play them. I only don't like the halloween levels, other than that, great game.
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3 years ago, Cynther
Buy 👏🏻 IT 👏🏻 Now👏🏻
You need to get this game. If I could I would give it 10 stars. I LOVE THIS GAME. Never gets boring. Still obsessed since the first time I played it many years ago. Ps. Thank you,Thank you, Thank you times infinity for fixing the in app purchases.
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8 years ago, Jay_23_MJ
Very fun and addicting game
It had me playing everyday. I just finished the whole game today, now I don't know what to do. They should make a sequel real soon so I have something to do. Some advice: 1. Be quick 2. Always pay attention to the food and the people's patience and 3. Have fun
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3 months ago, AllenlovesBillieEilish
Fun Game! But…
The game is sooo addicting, the only problem is after beating 6 different levels, I’m not able to obtain any achievements after that. I am connected to the Game Center account but still no luck. Any way for it be fix?
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3 years ago, ari.stari
I used to LOVE playing this game with my grandpa when I was younger, we used to watch each other play on the computer. I loved that I was able to find it again, makes me feel like a kid again
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9 years ago, JJ86SE08
Won't start
Love the game, easy to learn but very challenging. Highly addictive. I just wish that, for a game I decided to pay for to get the full version, I could be able to play any time. Nine out of ten times, it won't let me past the opening cartoon. I touch the play button and get a white screen that doesn't go away. Fix that bug and I'd give it 5 stars! STILL WAITING FOR THE GAME TO BE FIXED. SOMETIMES I CAN PLAY THE SPEED GAME BUT THEN IT FREEZES AT 0:00. OTHER TIMES, I GET THE BLANK WHITE SCREEN. PLEASE FIX IT OR OFFER A REFUND.
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7 years ago, Aliz99
I downloaded this game and had a blast. I paid for the full version. Been playing it a lot. All of a sudden, last night, I go to play the game and it sticks on white screen. I follow the troubleshooting steps. I delete from my iPad and reinstalled. Now it refuses to restore my purchase. I also downloaded the tap to cook that keeps advertising on the load screen and it never opens. Please fix because I had so much fun playing this game.
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4 years ago, Jenny11402
The game was a lot of fun however it only lets you pay one level and then when you get all three stars it unlocks the next place but when you click on i, it says you have to buy it. I think the game should have more free levels to unlock. Very disappointed. If you could fix that and make some changes that would be great and i would definitely download the game again!!
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4 years ago, Ikrainski
oldie but goodie!!
I’ve played this game since it probably came out. I also purchased the full game many moons ago a and it still worked it restored it again i’m so glad yes this game is highly addictive and very fun! nothing extra to buy just play!
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5 years ago, vixenhq
This game is fun
Make a sequel!! Make more levels!! I remember playing this game 10 years ago & downloaded it on my phone last year again to play it. Got my boyfriend hooked and I play it over and over! Awesome way to kill time. Ps patiently waiting for more levels!!! :)
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7 years ago, caligurlz28
So hooked on this game!
This game is so addicting, it's crazy! I wish more levels or another game similar would come out, I've beat all the levels already. All I can do now is try and best my own score, which is still fun and just as addictive
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10 months ago, jazmommy2021
hi, im Jazmin. so recently ive been in love with this game for a minute now. ever since giving birth to my first child, its been hard for me to become the best parent until i hit nostalgia. ive now been more childish and able to understand my child. rhanks!
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8 years ago, Stupid not worth app space
Fun, won't restore purchase.
This game is sooooo fun and I love it but it needs to fix the in app purchases. I bought the full version on my phone and then deleted it and installed it on my iPad. I clicked restore purchase and it will not work. I tried multiple times and it still happens and this has been happening since December. Please fix I want to play the game lol
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3 years ago, weaelteats
Highest Score Speed Mode
I’ve played HDB to relax for years, I love this game! I found the Speed Mode a few months ago. I Googled highest score, there’s a lot of $2500’s and a $3304 shared. My current high score is $3335 and I am so flipping curious if I’m even close to THE highest score. :)
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5 years ago, JayGoldBae19
I love this game
I really enjoy playing this game and I did pay for the full version but for some reason it will not load on my phone to either repurchase or restore my purchase can someone please help me I really want to keep playing this game
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8 years ago, DramaQT
So addictive!
Love this game. Totally worth the $1.99 to get the full version so you don't have to watch the adds. I beat all of the levels pretty quickly, but now I play speed mode which is super fun. I hope they make new levels soon.
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8 years ago, TTC - mn
Worth it!
I am addicted to this game! One of the best time management games. I rarely purchase games, and i didn't think twice about buying the full version. You can get hours of fun out of this game. Can't wait for more updates/levels
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2 years ago, CelesteCor209
Will forever love this game
I grew up playing this game on the computer. Only thing I wish they would add is more fry space and somehow make the customers not be so impatient with me…like do ya want to eat a raw burger or hotdog? 🤨gotta wait for it to cook y’all 🤣
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9 years ago, Xoxonetty
I really love this game! I started playing it on my Kindle and I'm maxed out at the Christmas level. Paid for the version on my iPhone the other day and I'm determined to get to Paris! Starting over, but it's all good cause this game is so fun! Please continue to develop more levels!
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3 years ago, Pretty nice !!!!!
TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY DAMIT !!!💵 I’ve been playing this game since I was SMALL. TAKE MY MONEY NOWWW!! I would like to buy the FULL VERSION but it keeps saying “please try again later” like NO 😭 pleaseeeeeee come out with the full version I want to BUY ITTTTTT :( - Thank you for your beautiful service.
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8 years ago, Happiness :0)
I never get to play because it stays on a white screen like its loading but it never does. I've deleted & uploaded numerous times now but always the same issue. Ive enjoyed playing this game in the past & the few times I have I'll get to a certain level & when I return to play Ive lost it all because that white uploading screen is back ... Pretty frustrating!!!
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7 years ago, WhiteWolf26
This game is AMAZING! It so fun and it never gets old even if you don't pay money. Me and my mom are addicted playing this game together, because you can have multiple fingers on the screen so you can play this with a friend! You need to get this game!!! 5 stars!!!
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8 years ago, Nuzath
I love this game... I wanted to play more 😔😔😔😔
My all time favorite I used to play online but now my Pc is not working...and I Dn't have credit card.. And the game is not free so I have to stop playing.... I wish is game was free... I will miss is game a lot.... And plz plz plz if you can make it free plz plz
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