Hot Pics (funny pictures)

4 (9)
4.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
FunPokes Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hot Pics (funny pictures)

4 out of 5
9 Ratings
8 years ago, Allnameshavebeentakenalready!
Great when upgraded to pro version!
I love this app now that I have updated to pro version for a buck. It is usually the last app I sue before going to bed. Easy interface to the fun pages of Reddit. Currently a bug is preventing the images from showing up when you click on them. Hopefully this bug will be corrected shortly.
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5 years ago, swn lhe
Politics do not belong here
I deleted this app because there seems to be less funny or fun pics, and more politics and stupidity. Too bad, this used to be a fun app. Typical good thing ruined by millennials. It’s a shame they can’t figure anything out. Glad I’ll be dead before they take over and destroy our country.
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8 years ago, Njfan19
Awesome app
👍Lots of fun!
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10 years ago, Keithcorp
Liked it till a few days back...but now it's annoying!
Recently I noticed that while browsing through the pictures, it suddenly pops up an ad and then redirects you to the AppStore. It is quite annoying and I am sorry to say but the app is no longer interesting. What really got me was that popup ads are such a bad move and really shortsighted on their part. I have enjoyed it from the time it was launched and I am sad to see it go. Delete!
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12 years ago, Vixensrage
I love this app! It's so much better than being in reddit clicking link by link. Starting yesterday though it hasn't been letting me save any more pictures! I hope they fix this soon!!
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9 years ago, Russ578369
I loved this app till recently.
Put short there are way to many intrusive adds. They open the App Store and pop up ever few minutes. It's a little on the ridiculous side that I have to close out of the App Store and go back to the app. So I deleted this app and got the reddit app and it's the same way. I don't know what's going on but I am disappointed that it has become a hassle to look at funny pics.
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11 years ago, Kazakhstan!
Works Great! Shows all the trending posts!
Just be aware that once you entire the world of reddit, there's no turning back. You will be sucked into a life of upvoting cats, memes and all sorts of strange content then you, yourself will hunger for karma. Save your self while there's still a chance!
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11 years ago, Trustmeidr.
Funny and you can see a loading bar
That and you can save the pics and gifs for those times when you want to show someone. Lucky you.
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8 years ago, Toriaski
Great app... When it works!
I really love this app, but recently (within the last week) when I click on a picture it says Error and that I cannot view the pic. I deleted and re-downloaded and still no dice. Hopefully it gets fixed soon!
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12 years ago, iDerp
Slow/No Loading
Upgraded this app to 1.3.9, and now more than half of pics dont load or take FOREVER. Plz fix
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13 years ago, Jciyk
Really funny stuff
There are some really funny pics here, a few are just to small to enjoy. Mainly this is worth the cost and quite enjoyable!
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10 years ago, Nick & Maya
LOVE IT!!! 😀
Definitely better than most of the similar apps. Updated frequently - none of the same old boring material. The COMMENTS are priceless!!! 😂
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11 years ago, iPod Touch user w/3.2
Better than ifunny
I liked this app a lot, always good for a laugh
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11 years ago, snowdawg1986
Good reddit app
This app offers truly original content updated constantly, but I get error 429 when I try to post my own pictures with the paid version. Anybody have a fix?
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11 years ago, Nickster59
Always something cool!
There is always something good, I especially like the outrageous, crazy ones!
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12 years ago, Junebugm88
Great app....sometimes the photos take some time loading other than that is good. Would have gotten 5 stars if not for that
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11 years ago, Nothingness.
Other reviews are stupid.
If you love funny pictures and wasting time. This is for you. Potatoes.
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12 years ago, Jboogie2428
Funny stuff
It's a good to pass the time. There are a lot of funny pics.
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9 years ago, Se4th
Used for years but...
I have enjoyed this app for years, but recently it has started popping ads up and taking me to the App Store without notice. Pressing x to get rid of the ad has no effect as it just pops right back up. Please fix or deleting very soon.
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11 years ago, gman7777
Good app, good content
The only reason I gave this app 2 stars is because it constantly tries to load ads and open AppStore. Even after restoring it still does it. Kind of annoying, please fix it.
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11 years ago, Rennicus
Best app I have.
I look at this app 2-3 hours everyday. Friends think I'm funny as hell now.
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12 years ago, Mrs Joni
Great App
I love it!!! I think it is soooo funny!!! My friends, family, and I spend hours a day looking at this app!!!!
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11 years ago, Kadkins11
Check out new pics everyday when I need a laugh
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8 years ago, Bluefriday444
Educational, sensational
What an app! Creativity brought to life through the keen eyes and artistic humor of fellow internetters everywhere!
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11 years ago, Batfarvra
Fun app
Lots of new pictures everyday, and some of them are pretty funny.
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12 years ago, My self yo
I like it.
This app had me cracking up. I love it, great way to pass the time.
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9 years ago, Bumblebri7
Can't look at pictures
Recently it's not been letting me look at pictures and says "from reddit: forbidden" so I'm tempted just to delete the app
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11 years ago, monica baudour
better than Ifunny
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9 years ago, CuMorrigu
App constantly mutes my volume. Constantly being redirected to other sites. I've used this app for a few years now and this is a recent, and annoying development. Going to delete.
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13 years ago, meNjesus123
Awesome site!
No glitches and keeps me highly entertained!
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11 years ago, Lil Bill's mama
It used to be funny
Now they are pretty boring and dumb. And when you scroll a few pics st a time it kicks you out and sends you to an app/website that has an advertisement. Really annoying.
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8 years ago, Bigdog tu
No longer works
This has no longer worked for going on 2 weeks. I would switch to 5 stars, but always get the 'Error loading from Imgur' message. Please fix.
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12 years ago, Nykid987
A good chuckle!
It's funny and gives u a good chuckle about it, try ifunny too!
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12 years ago, Reviewist Master
i could not open Any of the pictures whatsoever. i tried saving them to the camera roll but that also did not work
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13 years ago, J.j.gem10
One of the best fail apps! Lots of Updates everyday
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9 years ago, Doge..
I love this app and I've used it for probably four years. But it takes me to the App Store ever dang minute
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11 years ago, WTF05319798
Has to be updated
The all constantly crashes and isn't worth downloading at this time. Please update and fix the error, content could not be reached from reddit.
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11 years ago, Allthenicknames r taken
Best ever
Greatest waste of time lol. Not buggy always responsive. Great work!
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8 years ago, W.E.F
Not happy
Can't download anything every time I try its says error loading image bought the 2.99 ad free version still want load anything fix this mess.
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11 years ago, Jdw$478
Funny & great
Excellent app. Always something new.
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8 years ago, RMJ EMT
Liked it, but...
About 10 days ago, it started not loading any pictures. The thumbs are there, then nothing. No word on a fix. Deleting all reddit-related apps.
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11 years ago, JELCR
Hot Pics
Overall I love this app. Sometimes a little repetitive but it makes me laugh.
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11 years ago, Renzocorralez
Great app.
Always has funny stuff!
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11 years ago, Kike244
Best pics in the web
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13 years ago, El zorrox
Pretty funny!
Good variety of photos.
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13 years ago, Hurrcaca
Hilarious pics
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12 years ago, rodrjaime
Funny pics
A lot of laught
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11 years ago, Zach.dollar
Great app!
Keeps me entertained for hours!
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11 years ago, raquel1130
I Love This app!... I check it every day!!!.. It made my day ...
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11 years ago, 19-Cross-&
Screwed me
I had to cloud store it for about an hour and when I got it back the upgrade I paid for was gone.
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