Hot Rod Magazine

4.7 (30)
84.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
TEN: Publishing Media LLC
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hot Rod Magazine

4.73 out of 5
30 Ratings
10 years ago, TheMadJester
Great App
I have used other magazine apps that were glitchy and dropped out to the background screen so I was apprehensive to subscribe for the online Hot Rod. I could not be further front the truth with this app. It works perfectly, even allowing me to leave to lookup up more info on the internet and come right back to where I left off. Very happy and now I can take my Hot Rod on the road without packing anything more than my iPad. Obviously this wasn't designed by the Roadkill guys!
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3 years ago, GSOfan
Won’t open magazines without WiFi
I have cleared cache and reload the app but when I don’t have WiFi I can’t view downloaded magazines
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3 years ago, SkolerBill
Not worth trying.
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11 years ago, Davy78901
Awesome except it won't show the new issue half the time and it still says I have to pay EVERYTIME!
Look, I love Hot Rod and used to subscribe non-electronically for years. If I didn't love the magazine so much, I would probably rate this app 2-3 stars. That is because I pay for a year's subscription to this, Car Craft, and Popular Hot Rodding and always have major problems getting my new issue EVERY MONTH! Even when my friend has the new issue issue on his tablet, I go to the app and allow it to "update" and nothing pops up. Then after turning my iPad on and off, checking each time, it MIGHT pop up. Sometimes it takes a week, sometimes a minute after a reset to get the new issue to show. Yet when I finally get a new issue to show, it always says I have to pay. I then have to hit the upper right hand tab to reacquire old issues by entering in my iTunes password. This sometimes also works sometimes with the problem explained in the above paragraph to get an issue to appear when resetting and waiting doesn't work. So every month, I have to wait and hope for an episode to appear just to have to go through the paces of letting the app know I have a subscription just to get the new issue. EVEN WITH ALL THIS, I still love it and wouldn't give it up. It is Hot Rod man!!! P.S. The new app does have better resolution although I like the older layout better. HOT ROD, I LOVE YOU!
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4 years ago, anxoutlaw
You have to purchase past issues :-(
I was excited when I saw past issues in the view list but found out that you have to buy them at $5.99 each. You do get access to the current and all future magazines, but no past issues are part of the subscription. Very disappointed as there was no indication of this until I subscribed and that would have influenced my choice to subscribe. The issues are basically copies of the magazine, ads and all. Not bad, but some access to past issues (even a limited number) would have been nice. Or at least a discount for members. $5.99 for a single past issue vs $9.99 a year is pretty steep!!! $.99 each would seem to be a compromise that would be a slight gain over membership prices.
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11 years ago, oneshoe50
On the go and no fingerprints.
Like the quality and ability to resize the pictures to view more detail. Good links to vendor sites.
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12 years ago, Rangeraragorn
The mag looks great on my iPad, but I'm disappointed that the issues aren't free to download for print subscribers. I'd love to have a collection of Hot Rod mags on my iPad, but not if I have to pay for the digital copy in addition to the print copy I already get in the mail. Great mag - I've given up on several car magazines I've subscribed to over the years, but Hot Rod continues to feature great cars, nice write ups, and sharp photos. Worth subscribing to, but not twice the subscription price.
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12 years ago, yellow69camaro
need more content
All this does is show the pages of the magazine. At least with Motor Trend's app, you get related video and other pics that are not in the print version, and it is from the same publisher!!! Also, I have been a print subscriber to Hot Rod for over 30 years, the iPad version should be FREE to print subscribers. I feel like Source Interlink is double dipping by charging for print and digital and just giving the same thing twice.
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7 years ago, dragstk
Good mag, but app is slow
I've been reading Hot Rod for more than 20 yrs. I like the magazine. Recently I switched over to an I pad for subscriptions. I've had some trouble getting to display older issues of my subscription. More frustrating has been it keeps "losing " my subscription
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7 years ago, Jefflaw61
Same issue as others. Cannot download Feb 18 issue
Have deleted and re downloaded app with no success. Bought my subscription through iOS app store on my iPad. Tried restore and no luck. My subscription is for a year. Sent two emails with photo of my subscription verified on the app store. Still no luck. Thank you.
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4 years ago, bajapitter
The magazine is great. The app is horrible.
I’ve had the digital subscription for a few years now and it is horrible. Randomly it will log you out and you have to contact the app to get logged back in. They think this is ok. In the help section they say that you will have to log in multiple time in a 24 hour period to get logged on. How is this ok?
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12 years ago, Not hot rodding
Crash o Rama
This ap crashes after every use. I have to delete, reinstall and re-download each issue then it crashes again. Emailed them and only response was I sent email to wrong department. Try and figure out where to send an email on ap - doesn't exist. I want a refund or covert to paper issues. Do not get this ap until it is fixed.
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12 years ago, CarGuy2001
Works for me!
Love having Hot Rod on my iPad 3. The text is always sharp. Images look fine except when you zoom in too much. Love the connivence too!
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11 years ago, AlecS.ThePhotographer1000
Freiburger's genius at work
Always been a huge fan of Hot Rod Mag, and that hasn't faltered. Still the same, fantastic magazine; demonstrating a true balance between intelligence and pure amusement. Cheers.
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10 years ago, Nascar24jd
Broken in iOS 8.
Great app, but it is now broken in iOS 8. Please fix.
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12 years ago, DylanCarreira
Could Should Would
This could be a better app. It's sort of annoying to navigate through and it closes out a lot. It's a sweet idea and I'll probably still keep it just be prepared to use patience..
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12 years ago, J. A. H.
Don't waste your money!
This app is terrible, I have other digital subscriptions that are far superior to this one. The text and photos are very small, and the photo resolution is so poor that when you try and zoom it to. See detail it is horribly blurred. I'll be asking for a cancellation and refund. John H.
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7 years ago, bmwgsridr1
New update
The old version work great. New update and now I can not view my purchases. Have tried for days now to restore them on my iPad and iPhones and still nothing. I should not be this hard. I would really like to do a little reading but sadly I can’t.
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9 years ago, Big daddy lightfoot
Hot rod magazine's the bomb
I have been reading Hot Rod magazine since I was a kid. If that doesn't say it all nothing will. Best of all ridding magazines bar none. Keep up the good work.
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12 years ago, MLThomps
New issue!
Hot Rod on my i-devices, love it!
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11 years ago, Run Bigdawg Run
Not worth it yet
This is simply a copy of the magazine. It is not worth ANY extra money. Keep your magazine subscription until they actually produce a truly digital version like Wired magazine. (Wired does not charge extra for it's digital version like Hot Rod does.) Hot Rod is a great magazine. This digital copy is pitiful.
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11 years ago, Popaber
This magazine should be free to those with print subscription then have the choice of print or digital at renewal.
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6 years ago, iammarty
Paid but no access to issues
I paid for a year subscription a few weeks back and still cannot access March or April 2018 issues. Do I get a refund?
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12 years ago, Mike1121121
Keep crashing
I love this magazine but I hate this app!!! I've reported it last month and continues to crash. Don't waste your money because when you want to use you can bet it will crash.
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11 years ago, S Ghettygoghetty
Cool app
Dual access is essential PRINT SUBSCRIBERS SHOULD HAVE ACCESS ! MAKE THE MONEY BACK BY PROVIDING MORE LIVE LINKS TO SOURCES USED. WE'D FEEL LIKE A HOD ROD FAMILY .Cool app love the portability and being able to grab back issues at a moments notice.
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11 years ago, Ken9991
No better then Zino And more expensive then most.
Too expensive Zino's offering of the same mag. Is cheaper and just as good.
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11 years ago, mickjim
Works well but there is always room for improvement.
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11 years ago, Kingwbt
Good so far
I like it it's a better way to read the mag
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11 years ago, Pig Slayer 1
This app is not free. You must buy the issues at $5.99 a pop. If I am going to spend $6 an issue, I would rather have the hard copy. I'm deleting this app.
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11 years ago, Chevy boss
Overall good app
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11 years ago, Top inn
Terrific magazine and love that its digital but would be awesome if it was interactive.
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11 years ago, Abie915
No access for print subscribers
I subscribe to the print version of the magazine but I still have to pay for the iPad version? What BS. Corporate greed at its finest.
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10 years ago, Cold Black Sea
Broken App
Fix please! Throwing my money away! Can't download issues I have paid for.
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11 years ago, tpeatling
Love It!!
Awesome App!!! Now I have HotRod Magazine with me all the time!
Show more
11 years ago, HotRodder16
App is great
Love this app...Love HotRod magazine
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12 years ago, Mikestrat
Rip off
I paid for a subscription, can't download any magazines, and can't get any help. Stay away from this mag on iPad.
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10 years ago, Zdakota
Will not open in IOS 8.0. Keep getting error message "cannot download folio".
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11 years ago, Poolschooler4782
Crappy have to pay for everything, TWICE!!!
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11 years ago, Comedy_Guy
No free access for print subscribers?
Come on Hot Rod. Allow print subscribers access.
Show more
12 years ago, MikeCameronFan
Love it!
Great app for a great magazine!
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10 years ago, creek dog
X63 lightweight SS
Excellent!! Well executed.
Show more
11 years ago, Honda1996
It won't let me download magazines like hotrod
Show more
11 years ago, Hmj1990
Love it
This app is awsome!
Show more
11 years ago, CarDefender
Hay it's Hot Rod watts not to love
Hot Rod is the staple for Car Guys & Girls
Show more
11 years ago, Susiegirlny
Hot rod
Very poor. I am a print subscriber. It should be a free app.
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11 years ago, Venezuela de todos
Volver al pasado
Siempre me gusto esta histórica revista y desde un tiempo se volvió imposible comprarla en mi país Venezuela....que bueno otra vez volver a tenerla y puntual ya que apenas sale ya la tenemos y no ensuciamos el planeta con tanto papel ... Esta revista no necesita publicidad lo mejor de todo es poder verla la recomiendo 100% a los amantes del mundo high perfomance
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10 years ago, Kevhard
Hot Rod & Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords apps are broken
Apps stop and blank out after unexpected stop. After reinstall get popup: index.html unable to download folio. Please fix asap. I like to read my magazines. Kevin
Show more
10 years ago, Nogo50
No ios8 support
No ios8 support!!!, tried redownloading stil doesn't work. Ios7 worked fine just trying to stir up the update.
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