Hot Shot Casino Slots Games

4.5 (33.3K)
230 MB
Age rating
Current version
Phantom EFX, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hot Shot Casino Slots Games

4.5 out of 5
33.3K Ratings
3 weeks ago, lucky wabbit
Hot shot casino
Started with ALL games opened,,within 20 minutes,,maybe,,I had to earn each game,,,my biggest gripe is that when I shut down “88 fortune” and go back to it,,I have to start at the beginning to fill the coin bowl,,SO UNFAIR!!!!,,all games open,,played Kronos unleashed,,portrait(something),,got 9 free spins,,total wins were 500,000 credits,,,that’s it!!!,,,just played “top of the morning”,,,wasn’t getting any free spins,,,then it happened,,10 free spins and the first spin was all gold kettles,,,50,000,000🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰,,,Zeus son of Kronos,,,I guess he doesn’t want the players to get free spins,,,have yet to get even one round,,,totally agree with the other players,,I’m grateful I didn’t have to pay for this game there are more losing spins/free spins are very few and far between,,I highly recommend that you don’t play this game,,,my only big win was “top of the morning” after that huge win never hit again and the free spins were hardly happening,,,free spins on any of the games I played were not there!!!!repeat complaints,,came back to see if there were any changes,,,NOPE,,,still getting more losses than wins and very few free spins,,once you get a huge hit,,that’s it,,
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5 years ago, Former Addict
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME or MONEY! This game has gotten worse over the last couple of months. I spend $100’s a month since this is my way to relax and entertain myself. However, NO MORE! I purchased 2 coin packages 2 weeks ago. When I got the confirmation notices, I never received my packages. Thought nothing of it until I received my itunes receipts. Thankfully, I disputed with Itunes and within a couple of days, I received a full refund. Unfortunately, I had purchased more coins during this time and was blind sided by the charges I thought did not go through. HOWEVER, I gave them the benefit of the doubt......big mistake! Now, at times, I will win BIG. Game will freeze and it refunds the bet amount instead of giving you the millions of coins that you won! Today is the last day this game will ever get another dime of my money. I spent over $30 on coin packages. All coins gone in less than 10 mins. And, that is only betting a very low bet. I placed in a tournament and I was never awarded my winnings. They want my money ALL day but when it comes to them paying out, you lose all the way around. Sad thing is, I want to give them my money but I sure would like some enjoyment for longer than 10 mins. Go SPEND your money somewhere else. In other words, if you’re looking for entertainment, this isn’t the App for you! If you want to throw your money away, then this is the App for you.
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3 years ago, Hussle Crowe
Great slots…terrible payout
This is my first time ever downloading this app. And I like to give slot apps a chance in the beginning, even if their little beginner bonus/coins are barely enough to really bet high without going broke in the first 5 min. So after using my free play money, I decided to purchase a $4.99 package of 30 million coins. I play the Michael Jackson slots which I never played and find amusing, because it’s the king of pop, and who wouldn’t want a chance to play the King of pop machines right. So 30 mill coins, and I’m playing 200k a spin. Should keep me in the game right. When I say I only got one bonus out of the whole 30 million. I’m telling you the god honest truth “ONE BONUS” 30 million coins. Like I said. I love to give new slot apps a chance hopping they’d be fair in the payouts. Since I am spending real money on virtual money, and this is supposed to be for entertainment, but never again. This app will never get another dime from me. So to the developers of this app. Enjoy that $4.99, cause you’ll never get another one, and hopefully someone else reads this and find out you’re just another rip off app. Who wants to take and not give. I have it 3 stars because of the slots. Payout is TERRIBLE tho
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7 years ago, dannak
Just like the real thing, but.....
I love all the games; they’re just like the ones Bally and WMS have in actual casinos in Vegas and elsewhere, unfortunately the rate of winning is the same as in a real casino. I guess the app makers have to make money somehow and the easiest way to do so (other than with annoying pop up ads) is to get players to buy coins. I’ve been fortunate to not have this app crash on my iPad Air but sometimes I can’t get my daily bonus unless I reboot. Verdict: love this app, just want to win more frequently and build up a war chest so I can do more max bet spins.
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7 years ago, Solitaire y
The company does not stand by its product
This app has excellent slot games the problem is with the support this company SG Interactive fails to give. Have had issues with losing credits and crashing app. Won a major progressives jackpot of $240,000,000 credits before the jackpot was given the game crashed, just went black and closed. When I returned to the game the 240M was not in my bankroll. Contacted customer support and was told I need to provide screenshots of this jackpot, when I asked them how am I supposed to get a screenshot when the game just crashed out of the blue, they said they have contacted their developers and they can not recreate the incident I outlined. About a week later (I had to get enough credits to play) I video recorded the exact same incident, playing a slot and when a major win occurred the game would just crash, sent the video proof of something they said they could not replicate. There response "Thank you for providing the video we will forward it to our development people, here's 10M credits for your inconvenience". What a joke where is my other 230M credits! It cost them nothing to credit me with the coins I won, why are they doing this, because all they want is people to purchase coins. I will never purchase coins from this company on any of their apps because they do not care about users and stand behind their product.
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4 years ago, NoFatKat
Designed to Rip You Off
I have asked multiple times for a redesign of the layout of the games in this app. I love the games, hate the way they are laid out. The increase your bet button is right by the spin button if you don’t pay super close attention to that when you are playing you can accidentally increase your bet to the point it will take all of your coins in one or two spins. I can’t even tell you how many times this has happened to me. I have bought coins and lost them all very quickly because of this. Also I hate the way that the status bar for various ongoing events hide the first reel of the game. If it would stay hidden when you click the hide button it wouldn’t be so bad, but it won’t stay hidden. I have to constantly hide it if I want to see the full game field. If I played any real slots game at a casino and the playing fields were like they are in this app, I would leave that casino and never return. Well, as much as I love the games in this app, I’m finally doing just that. No more cheating me! I won’t be making ANY more coin purchases in this app because I’m moving it to a don’t play games folder. Out of sight, out of mind. You’re not getting any more money from me. How do you like that????
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5 years ago, Nardaja
Scammed all day everyday
I’ve spent hundreds and since upgrade and shut down for a few days it has been the worst play ever! I didn’t think it could get worse but boy was I wrong! Send tickets and emails and no one responds! Support is nonexistent and customer loyalty means nothing! My advice is to find another casino! I wish there was somewhere i could report them! Blazing sevens has become a game of bells an dollar signs and when I don’t get them I get nothing! And too no bonus spins on that slot! Spent 50. Package and not one bonus spin! They should have left the games they shut down down cause they are not paying out AT ALL! As they say where I live DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! As I continue to play I feel that it gets worse and worse day by day! All the crap they add to the games they must think this adds to the games well it doesn’t! They want you to think you are getting something! How about nothing more and more! It’s a royal ripoff!Do not download this casino cause you will spend something for absoltely nothing! I’m giving you a solid warning! It’s a scam!
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5 years ago, Jackie Hammon
10/10 for me!
This app not only gives a 100% casino experience but also gives mini games, bonus rewards, and even a daily bonus! Every time you level up you get a coin reward and whenever you level up to a certain point, you get a new slot unlocked! i love the little show clips in some of the slots and the bonus games in those too! I play everyday! But my favorite slot would have to be Twin Fire. You can gets lots of money on it and the mini games are epic! I have so much fun playing this game and it is SO MUCH FUN!!!! You also get in-app purchases but they are super cheap and give lots of money. There are usually deals. Thank you Hot Shot Casino makers for making this extremely cool app and making it so much fun! I, myself have $80,000,000 right at this very moment!
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4 years ago, Reign 2 U
This is a money grabber...
There are some good things about this slot some games are fun...unfortunately they are mostly locked. On occasion you get to preview a fun game but be prepared to shell out the money fast if you like playing. They don’t let you land on the bonuses often and when you do the pay out is tiny. They charge a lot for a small amount of coins which goes extremely fast. You are supposed to get leveling up coins but they are only shown but not posted. It’s a money pit seriously. Remember games are fun to play if you win sometimes ...after all your not winning real money so why pay for such a rip off. If all the games were unlocked all the time and this was happening it might not be so bad because at least your playing a game you like instead of the same boring ones as you slowly unlock the others. Not the worst slot game I played, but definitely one of the pricier ones for very little pay out.
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6 years ago, Franaz
Once loved, deleted
Update: the developer took months to respond. I deleted this game. There are many others that aren’t greedy. this was one of my favorite casinos for a long time. Recently there have been mounting issues. My last straw was their system suddenly taking your coin, not by loss, just taking everything leaving not enough to even play, hoping you’ll just buy more. 3 times in one month!!! Twice thankfully I took a snapshot of a client timeout error to send them. They refunded close to the amount taken, not exactly what I lost and responded immediately. This past Friday just after a purchase upon switching machines my coins again vanished without a client timeout error message. It took 4 days and 6 messages, the last extremely threatening, for a response. They gave me a partial refund kinda scolding me, listing several things *I* did to make this happen. I only changed machines! DELETED. There are so many others that pay better with no issues, get out while you can.
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3 years ago, RJD300
Lack of Bonuses/Wins
On the Fortunes of Ages game, I spun over 700 times without a bonus today. Within the last six months, I went from $70B credits down to $3B in a very short amount of time (the highest bet was $20M for a short period to play a challenge game). It’s impossible to meet the ‘lottery challenges’ when you can’t bet big to win big (such as leveling up two times which takes a long time to fill while betting $10M per spin). Games are supposed to allow players to win at times to keep them coming back. I’m deleting this game now because every time I play, I end up losing more and more. Vegas casino odds are better than this; it’s like the game was set to stop paying out over the last year. Payouts were much better in the beginning. And by the way, when purchasing a coin package for the ‘win maximizer’ feature, I should actually be able to win and not end up losing money during that two hour window.
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3 years ago, DTKMPM
Anyone else having problems with this app over the last several days? I re downloaded it about a week ago after being gone from it for several months and it was fine. A few days ago I won like $100 million from that key thing were you unlock the treasure box and thank you i definitely needed the points. However ever since then it froze I couldn’t even collect them. I’ve tried deleting the app and downloading again it still isn’t loading on my phone and it’s been doing that for a couple days.I don’t even know if I got the coins or not because I can’t get through the uploading part on my phone. i keep trying but so far nothing. I know it’s not my Internet or phone because other things are working fine including games on my phone. I just didn’t know if anyone else is experiencing this.
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4 years ago, Beat this Virus
This Game has gone downhill
With covid 19, casinos closed and the stay at home orders it would be nice to have a higher timed bonus and other things to collect more free money. Let’s face it, no one has money right now but only unfortunate free time. However, any extras, that is far from the case and that was before covid 19 too. This game is actually worse than what it use to be several months before the virus. It use to be my favorite game but not anymore. You can win some at the minimum amount, but when you you increase the amount, you will lose it all. Also, the game says “spin” after you win or after your free spins, but the money you won doesn’t show up in your winnings and it won’t later. It is as if you never won anything. You must wait forever for the game to pause and add the money to your balance. Even though it says does not matter! You will lose it all, millions even if that is what you won. It is very frustrating. Stay healthy everyone!
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5 years ago, HotWhiteHarley
Poor support/Terrible Programming!
DONT DOWNLOAD OR YOU’LL BE GRAVELY DISAPPOINTED WITH THEIR SUPPORT!! AND GAME FUNCTIONALITY!! I’ve been playing this game for 3+ years. I know you can’t win real money or anything tangible but I don’t appreciate it either than when their program (which was just completely redone which has been awful) has a glitch and causes you to loose 21+ BILLION points you’ve been accruing in a double bonus spin with 63 spins left and the game just all of a sudden reboots itself causing you to loose the 21+ BILLION points you’ve won up to that point and the remaining free spins you tend to get a bit peeved ESPECIALLY when you reach out to their support and rather than them looking at their logs of your I’d and replace the winnings and provide you with something else for you loss of spins I have to question the programmers and software management team’s integrity. I have put in hundreds of dollars in to this game. You’d think they could so something for a now former loyal game player.
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4 years ago, A1Thunder
It's a good casino app, but beware...
It's a good casino app with many slots to choose from (as long as you earn higher rankings). I have enjoyed the app with only a few issues. One being that I can leave the app with a slot already loaded and it holds it in place for a period of time. I have rarely had any issues with that until today. Today I left it for about 30 minutes and when I came back, it raised the bet from $50k (where I left it) up to $125m by itself and I spun 3 times before I realized the system raised it by itself. I am so angry!!! They really need to start the betting lower, to a reasonable to most bet. Not too many are going to bet millions right away. It's a way to make you deplete your tokens faster. Like the system raising the bet that I had set already. Not cool!
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6 years ago, Palc2
It’s a scam
The app is intended only for you to pay expensive amount for so little coins. This app is not enjoyable since you get only free coins every 3 hours that cover 1 bet. When you buy coins the slots don’t pay out anything so the coins go really fast betting the minimum bet. REMEMBER DEVELOPERS THAT WHEN CUSTOMERS PAY FOR COINS, IT IS NOT LIKE YOU ARE PAYING JACKPOTs IN DOLLARS. The app is supposed to entertain people since it doesn’t give you money back so Where is the fun when the app it’s worse then the real casino. At least in a real casino you have chances of winning cash and getting free gifts for spending money, this app barely gives you any bonus and when it does pay outs are ridiculous. A slot machine with “jackpots” minimum bet is 4million coins when to buy then will cost you $4.99. So basically you are making a bet of $5 on a virtual machine that pays you in frustration and the feeling of being rip off.
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4 years ago, No win situation
Unlock your slots
If there’s one thing I don’t like about some of these slot apps is the locked slots until you reach a certain level. When I go to a casino, I can put my money in any slot I want. If you’re going to charge people to play your slots, then open them all up. I’ve never seen anything so moronic. Who’s running this app; 3rd graders? Besides that; these slots are too tight. If you’re going to limit me to just a few of these boring slots, then open them up a little. I have more fun watching paint dry. If you want people to purchase credits; you have to show them what a winning spin looks like once in awhile. You’re not going to make a dime off me. I’m hitting the delete button on this one. I’ve been reading a lot of the feedbacks and your responses. People are giving you feedbacks so why should they have to contact you via email??? Can’t you READ?
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1 year ago, FOOLS QUEST
Impossible to play
Another slot game were you spend and spend and get nothing in return. I bought once when it was low price for playing and then if I wanted to buy again it was 10 times as much. Really the amount I just bought was gone in 5 minutes and then you Jack up the prices YEAH I am not that stupid. For the short playing the only thing you are getting from me is DELETING I refuse to put out hundreds of dollars for short playing on fake casino games. My review for this slot game a big Zero. Deleting after this review. I did delete so no need to respond to me I don’t like it when I know you just want money money. I have played every slot game there is and you are all the same. You reach a certain level and there is no playing anymore I am done.
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2 years ago, bleuraz
Tight Slots
I go to the casino quite often and I downloaded this app because it had some games on it that are similar to you’d find in a real casino, which is awesome… BUT, the difference between this app and the casino is that the casino has better winning percentages… I wish I was joking. I went through the initial 6 million coins they give you in the start in a matter of minutes betting at 100k expecting to get some new user luck like most other slot apps give you, but I only got one lock-it link bonus in diamonds and the payout was lackluster. I would buy coins but if this is how stingy the game really is, I’ll move on to another app that gives me better odds. This one is the epitome of a money grab.
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7 years ago, latoyam2k5
I’ve had it with the game. Especially when I spend money
I’ve just about had it with this game completely! Game crashes and takes your coins!! I’ve spent hundreds of dollars here, only to be told I need screenshots! How Can I screen shot a black or blue right when it crashes I’ve lost 10s of millions of coins only to be told the exact same thing over and over again! You win they take it back as fast!! It’s not worth me spending anymore money in this casino if you can’t win, let alone a bonus! Error messages pop up, it takes your coins, game freezes when you hit the progressive jackpot, it also freezing while in bonus!! Doesn’t add my score in the tournament!! I use to love this game so much but not as much anymore!! Time to move on to a casino that appreciates their customers
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4 years ago, MannieMc
A rip off
I really like the app but several times I have bought packages for $99 and all of a sudden all of my coins are gone! I have contacted the support many times regarding the location of the spin button being too close to the bet increase button. It is entirely too easy to hit the Max button and then you lose all of your money. I can’t imagine that there are people that actually bet 100,000,000 coins at a time. The help people try to blame it on the player. I have taken pictures of other apps where they have these two buttons on opposite sides where you can’t make mistakes. I agree that it is frustrating trying to communicate your complaints with the support team.
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2 years ago, Upsman2
Rigged, worst payouts ever
1. Do not purchase coins. All of their slots and their games are rigged. 2. There payouts are terrible, even in regular spins. 3. You will never hit a mega or grand jackpot ever. You will run out of coins before you hit a bonus or free spins guaranteed. 4. When you have to spin over 300 times just to get a bonus or free spins and then the payouts on the bonuses and free spins are so low that you will not have enough money or coins to continue. 5. You will never be able to accumulate enough coins to get ahead in their games they do not want you to. 6. Again let me remind you all of the slots on their apps and all of their slots they have in the App Store are all rigged. 7. What’s really bad is when you finally hit something and you think you’re going to get enough coins to play and you see the total amount of coins you just won are not even 2 times your bet. 8. Just remember these games are rigged so you have to purchase coins. They’re not meant for you to play for a very long time and try to get ahead playing their games , they do not want you to.
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5 years ago, Juicer110204
Fun most of the time
For the most part , the app works great and it is fun. The variety of games is nice. I like when all slots are open because a few of my favorites are in levels I haven’t reached yet and I can play them when they are open. The only issue I have with the app is when it glitches and gives me a message that “all gets have been refunded”. Though I get the message, my coins are not refunded so not sure what is going on there and it happens at least once a week. But otherwise, it is fun
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4 years ago, valloy
Casino rapist
Wish I could give this app 1 star. First of all been playing this game for over four years and spent over a grand in IAP. All of a sudden they reset my level to 0 and said that it’s more fair for everyone and that they are adding new features that it was a new update. When I realized that the top 100 hasn’t changed I realized they are pretty much stealing from me because all that money and and hard work was for nothing. I would never try to ruin a company unless it was merited. This was once a great game but now ruined by greed. Don’t believe me look at all the lates reviews and you can see people had enough of Heap of sh__ casino. Do yourself a favor can steer clear and don’t waste your hard earned money on these hungry who___.
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6 years ago, EveArtist54
Update in November 2018
This app use to have great games that were really fun to play. The company instituted an “upgrade” update about a week ago and everything went to hell in a hand basket. You are given a daily freebie of $120,000 credits, that’s great But the minimum bet on games I use to play like Hot Shot Progressive use to be $4000 and now it is $50,000. That’s quite a large jump for minimum bid amounts. Also the “Hot Shot” reels are now few and far between. Lastly customer service is non existent. There is t any place found to actually send or interact with a rep from this company. So if you like auto pilot games with the slant toward always buying their credits to play then this is your game app. Otherwise No!
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5 years ago, Donutjim
Recently dropped player levels by 90%
I was past level 300 when they decided to chop everyone’s level down by 90%, meaning I went down into the 30s. They didn’t change the levels to unlock so I still have to play and play and play to get back to the next unlock in the 300s. Total scam - I’m surprised they got away with it and are still in the App Store. Excerpt from the tech support response to my email: “We have made some pretty exciting changes to the look and feel of the Hot Shot Casino! As you have seen we have adjusted player’s levels within the game. Rest assured that this was across the entire game with ALL players. All levels were taken down to 1/10th of the number, plus 1, that they were previously.”
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6 years ago, Fustrated as Hell
No Stars the biggest Ripoff Ever
Please do not put this app on any of your devices. You end up spending a fortune and just when you hit it big all credits disappeared. No warnings no error message just gone. Now here’s the beauty of it contacting customer support requesting your credits be refunded they need a screen shot in order to refund your credits. So you advised them that you didn’t see it coming there were no warnings. This is where it gets good then they tell you there’s nothing they can do. So laughable. Can’t wait for the class action suit because I’m pretty positive all Their customers have the exact complaints. I’m due a fortune in refunds. Will also be reporting to the B.B. and the State Attorney General in my home state. What a scam
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6 years ago, BigShow420
This is a game that wants you to buy coin!!!Low win %
They have great Slots BUT very low payouts versus coin played ( Play for 20 minutes on auto spins at 40,000 win 1.6 million lose 3.8 million overall ) i’ve also played for a lot more on spins But you never win enough I’ve had to game for a little over a month I played for about a day lose all my coin have to wait a couple days to get up to enough coins to play for a little bit so yes the slots are OK and some of them are good but no payout Or low payout. I have had a couple issues with coins disappearing but my biggest beef with this game it’s not the casino slots at Vegas it’s a game treat it as such loosen up the slots
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4 years ago, Slotlover49
App Technical Support is Excellent
I had previously posted a review where I mentioned a technical issue I was having with the app and that help was not available.I received a quick response from Sean at Hot Shot Casino Zendesk asking me further details about my issue. When I described my issue he provided a solution which worked! My issue was solved much quicker than I expected and I am back on line playing the games. Kudos to Sean and the great technical support by the app developers!
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4 years ago, theffinhuman
Waste of time. Waste of battery life. If you spent money you wasted that. Good job waste of resources company. Why not put millions into something of use to people like a find my phone app that can only be used on the phone that’s been misplaced. Thumbs up for making money with an intangible product though. Also for making me see how I waste my time, months building up to a billion just to watch it go in minutes with your stupid bonus that encourage one to level up. I gained about 50 levels not one of them stopped all my credits disappearing and rendering all the time I wasted sting all the more. Deleting and checking every app to see I don’t contribute to your waste of imaginary space.
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6 years ago, ShadowFox246
My main account
So I have a account that had a level of over 450 with the email I used to simply login, but with the new update and everything change, I lost the ability to do that and either force to use my Facebook login or play as guest. I don’t want to start all over again when I worked hard to raise my account with my email only. What gives? Am I not allowed to use my email now or is there another way of doing it?
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5 years ago, Turbo120
New update
I made the mistake of updating my game on my iPhone when the update first came out that’s why I mainly play on my computer and iPad now today I see the computer version changed and the iPad won’t let me play unless I update which I refuse to do. I realize the company is in business to make money but raising the bets for instance the game I play the most the small bet was 4,000 then one higher was 8,000 now it goes from 4,000 to 15,000 just so you run out of money quicker. And I can’t tell what my winnings are in the round on the iPhone because the print is so small I have to take a screenshot and blow it up. And above all no support you have a problem forget about it!!!!
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4 years ago, Jessitah
Decent Game
I think this game is fairly decent and fun! It’s definitely better than a lot of the other casino apps out there. You can at least win coins on this one! I give this a 3 star rating because the game has a terrible glitch in it. If you think you can connect your Facebook account and gain the extra 4.5m it promises, guess again. It will completely wipe out your hard earned progress and throw you back to level 1. I had to erase this from my account so I could get my original level and coins back. Besides that, pretty decent casino game!
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5 years ago, chi.loyal
Spent tons of real money and is a complete waste!
I used to be an avid buyer of coins for entertainment while working. Probably spending $20-30 hours weekly. What a total waste, this app has gotten increasingly tight in payouts and I can’t have fun anymore so I gave up on them. Their practices are scam like ...the prices of coins can change by the hour, use to be able to get 50+ million for $5 bucks but the coins have decreased and there’s no way I’m paying real money to loose my coins in literally 10 minutes. There daily deals are sometimes not even deals which makes no sense, and can actually cost more money than buying coins at their ever changing prices. Save your money and play other fun games where you can get more out of in app purchases, you will not find it here. I guess it gets a couple stars for being good quality with good games though. But SG has a monopoly on casino games in real life and on the App Store, avoid their games!
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5 years ago, Mcakin
Want to love it
While Hot Shot has the best selection of real casino slots (Bally slots 😍), it takes forever and a day to level up even once and there are, in my opinion, too many levels are required to unlock even one new slot. That said, it gets tiresome playing the same slots over and over at a snail’s pace to level up. Seldom are “all slots open to all” and most of the time, the chosen featured and bonus slots aren’t that great. So the prospect of getting to play the newer, more popular slots anytime soon, doesn’t appear all that likely.
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6 years ago, Humbergooo
As others who know this game have also mentioned...they constantly build you up then tear you down. Every time you win a few million or hit a jackpot, your odds get shut down and they take it all back. One day I was up to 21 million hitting consistent bonuses every 20-30 spins. After coming back the next day to have more fun, I spun 167 times without a bonus. Then 2 bonuses and won nothing. Then another 88 spins with 69 of them dry and all my money was gone. Never won more than my bet. I knew this would happen since it always does and decided to start counting this time to prove the scam. Amazing. Deleting everything from this APP company.
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2 years ago, Yorsie
Screen freezes when you tap to collect daily bonus coins
Recently transferred my apps on my old IPad Air to the new IPad Air. Hot Shot Casino freezes when I tap to collect daily bonus. It takes me to the screen but freezes when I tap on the 500,000 bonus. It also freezes when I tap on the close button at the top. It does respond to coin purchases. But I cannot get back to the Home Screen otherwise. I contacted Tech support about this. Still the problem persists. Does this mean you cannot play this app on the new iPad Air?
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2 years ago, Dallas123450
Enjoyable and playable, minimal ads, smaller selection
The application was at least partially developed by SciPlay whom never fails to do a spectacular job on their games! There are not many ads at all that play out of nowhere, and this is big for me! They offer slots that you’ll find in a real casino - not cheaper looking junk ones! I do however, wish that a few particular favorite slots of mine such as Huff ‘n’ Puff would be available for play! There is also a decent chance that I just haven’t made it to the level required to unlock it yet, either! +Minimal Ads +Rarely Glitches +Decent Graphics +Real Slots +Developed by SciPlay -Slot Selection Overall, this is a great game with a ton to offer and I believe you’d certainly enjoy playing it too!
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2 years ago, l;kjhfg3tfq33ER
Why the change?
This is fun, i enjoy the different slots. With changes to the daily challenges I find I can’t even complete them anymore. The free coins do not even allow me to finish simple win challenge because the bet size is 300k+ and slots are 250 and 500k a spin. Seems like they are now trying to force me to spend real money to buy coins. It’s been fun but I am ready to uninstall if this is the direction of the game. I bought coins 1 time and that 100mill got me literally dead spins. Keep that .99 cents it’s all u will ever get from me.
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2 years ago, Glumollyjr
Green Green Green and it ain’t money
Great app. The games are casino like. Would have given it 5 stars if they didn’t throw in the Green ad every couple of minutes. I’m so sick and tired of being spoon fed “keep it green” I just want to throw up every time I am reminded. Playing these games should be a place to go to getaway from every day life, yet they just keep reminding me that I am not able to think for myself. 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
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7 years ago, 1snappy1
Low winnings
Fun games, but frustrating because the small amount of free coins earned are used up quickly because the game simply does not pay out very well. Note to Developers...there are so many other apps to download, we simple move on. I don’t mind watching video ads for coins, assuming you let us play awhile. Doesn’t this type of advertising bring in more revenues for you? I get you want revenues, but this gal is not buying your coins to simply lose them so fast. P.S. I will say I typically win a large payout about once a month and maybe keep it for two days and then it’s all down hill from there.
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6 years ago, Mad at Hot shots
Mad at Hot shots
Can you tell me why all of my levels are gone? I go to sign in one morning and they start me out like I’m a new player. I play this game multiple times a day and have for years. I’m not offered any big sales, they only offer one game to play. I can’t bet anything over $40,000. What’s up with that. Please return me back to the level I had it was in the hundreds. Thank you
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5 years ago, Lenawee00
Very entertaining games to pass the time & chill. I play every night for the most part, even if to collect the daily bonus. One star ratings are from people taking it too seriously. You don’t have to max the bet, and when low, I lower my bets to minimum. Eventually it goes my way & I build my balance back up. I purchase here & but only for the best deals. Relax, have fun!
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12 months ago, dancing124
Favorite Game
I’ve been playing this game for years and I love playing it. Don’t mind paying for extra coins because it gives you hours of fun. However I just wanted to say, one time I paid for extra coins and the game frozen and my money was not credited. It happen just once and so far, it hasn’t happen again.
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6 years ago, Floridaiswhere1$
Love the game
I love this game because of the variety of games and bonuses but I wish we could get more coins. I don’t want to buy them (and I have) because when you buy they get taken away so fast. I would rather just go to a live casino . So I just keep collecting the 120 k every few hours and when I think I have some I get to play for another 5 minutes. :(
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3 years ago, ljwubya
Biggest Rip off ever
If you buy a coin package expecting to get some good playing time forget it. They take your money so quickly that the game is no fun. These people are just money grabbers. It’s easy to spend money on these apps as they are fun to play and pass time but you don’t get anything for your money on this one. They give you one good bonus or payout and then send a pop up asking if you are enjoying the game expecting a good review. Oh and if you give them a bad review and are stupid like me and come back and play again you definitely will not get any good play time.
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7 years ago, wrath2121
Decent games, but just a money grab
The games themselves look good and are fun to play. Actually winning? Not much to be had, as they sell chips as an in game purchase. You can make just enough free chips from a daily login and jump around the available games after you win a decent payout. No sense staying on one slot after a decent payout, odds are you won't see another that day on it. Eventually though it's just a quick time kill before you run out of chips or buy some.
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4 years ago, juancarlosvaldez
Didn’t receive my Christmas in July coins
It took me until the last day to finish the Santa hat bonus in Christmas in July, even though I was betting at 1,4,10 million on each spin. When I finally got the 5th hat, I finally got to spin and landed on 150 million. 2nd wheel spun and landed on 3x. 450 million total prize. Have yet to receive it. How can I get in contact with someone to receive my coins.
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7 years ago, Mmnnddee
Upgrade ruined this app
Game is fun when you can play. Winning doesn't happen often and if this were a real casino, would never go. Do not spend money as it isn't worth it. Upgrade took mostly all games away and locked them for extremely high levels. It's a real shame they are ruining this app as the games themselves are the good ones but winning is limited and now most are locked. Prior to upgrade, the bets were so high you only got a few spins. Now bets are better but winning is still very rare. You can forget free spins.
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4 years ago, slkkwf
Nothing is “free”
The only time they ever ask you how you like the game is after you won a jackpot. You may have spent 100x as much as that jackpot, but they want you to tell them how great the game is after you win it! I’ve played this game for 4 years now and never won the big jackpot. Have won some small, but no big ones. I find games at casinos in Vegas pay better, and it’s real money. Also you have to play a lot of games you really don’t want to play to get to the level the game you want to play is at. I like to gamble, but this is a sucker bet! I won’t be spending any real money on their fake money!
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