HotPads - Apartment Rentals

4.8 (97.8K)
67.2 MB
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Last update
2 years ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for HotPads - Apartment Rentals

4.8 out of 5
97.8K Ratings
8 months ago, lJake2kl
I love this app! I wish more people used it. (Small UI issue tho)
I absolutely love this app. It’s my favorite one to use on looking at rental properties in my area because some of the more unique places show up here. I’m not a big fan of the typical apartment complexes, I like living in a place with a little more character and there’s always fun places listed on this app to consider. I wish more people knew about this app and used it to list their properties. UI Issue: on the 11” iPad the panel on the right side of the app is not sized correctly. This panel shows the details of the properties you’ve clicked on and contains the text fields used to contact the property owners so it’s pretty important but currently only about 70% of it is visible. Hopefully something that can be addressed on the next update 👍🏻
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6 years ago, Milly this
I normally do not write reviews but I must say HotPads is a GOD SENT app ! Not only does it help you find your dream apartment but it also has a great network between landlords and potential tenants. Before I discovered HotPads, i had a job relocation to Seattle and I was stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to look for an apartment. I also had went to housing court due to my former apartment complex failing to fix many maintenance issues & having a judgement on your record can be stressful but nonetheless, TRUST me when I tell you, THERE IS HOPE. THIS APP GIVES YOU HOPE. It’s very detailed, landlords let you know what they are looking for and as long as you find something you can work with, they’ll work with you. Long behold, I found a condo in Seattle that was SUPER CONVENIENT to everything including stores and public transportation. I wish I could’ve stayed longer but my job relocated my to California so I’m on the search for my next apartment on this app. I recommend this app to all my friends & they can’t stop thanking me for telling them. To the creators of hotpads, thank you very much for giving people like me a second chance to live comfortably and find a place I can call home. ❤️😊
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4 months ago, Sweetbeats33
This company allows fraud
It’s bad enough that over 90% of the listings have the incorrect prices on them. I don’t know where they’re generating the info from but any leasing agent can tell you that they don’t work with them. If you’re trying to find a roommate on here good luck finding someone who isn’t a scammer. It’s nice that they have a report button but they don’t seem to act on any of the reports. There’s so many sketchy people on there they don’t even sound legit for one second yet they’re allowed to keep their listings active on this app. There is one listing from years ago that is on there every day still and it is definitely a scam -how do I know because I was there. Just another business that takes no responsibility for the content it advertises. Be wary when dealing with anyone through this app. It’s too bad because the app has a nice design and it’s easy to use. But hardly any of the people you contact will contact you back. And again it doesn’t matter because most of the information is either missing or incorrect.
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4 years ago, erikmcleod
The best rent listing app, full stop
I don’t typically write reviews for mobile apps. I’m also very hesitant to trust something or someone with things as important as... you know, my living situation. My colleague showed me Hotpads in 2018 and I’ve been all about the app ever since. This is the app that I used to move out of my parents place as well as to move into my current place. Tons of listings, tons of options, tons of accessibility, and no compromises. I’ve looked through all the rent listing apps, and this one is easily the best. This app is why I currently live in such a high property value city, in a nice condo, for so cheap. Play around with the filters and map for a month or so and you’ll be surprised by how good of a deal you can strike with this app. Can’t recommend this enough to anyone and everyone looking to rent property.
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2 years ago, Rick Mahon
HotPads is great!
I have found HotPads a great platform/App for finding apartments. Unfortunately, most of the listings I have contacted to view apartments don’t respond. However, I know that it’s not HotPads fault. I have been looking for an apartment for 2 months now and it’s possible that the rental market in my city of Quincy, MA. is very busy and maybe that’s why I am not having much luck finding an apartment. I would definitely recommend HotPads to my friends, and I Thank you for providing a great App for finding an apartment!
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3 years ago, AllSaints36
No photos anymore
I was using the app for almost a month to find a new apartment. At some point, the app stopped showing photos. I switched to the online version and same. Maybe 1 out of 25 will have a single pic but the majority say the listing has no photos. I was also using StreetEasy and all of the same apartments that were cross posted had photos so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because the realtors were not uploading. Furthermore, apartments I had favorites based on the photos were also not showing photos so I know they were included at some point. Uninstalling, updating, and reinstalling did not work and the FAQ site on hotpads that had guidance on trouble shooting basically had this dismissive good luck with your glitch message. Maybe it will be fixed eventually but it’s been about 10 days and not even an acknowledgement that the site isn’t working.
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2 years ago, MO_2830
Zero luck
I have been on Hot Pads for over 6 months as well as other rental apps trying to find a rental property. While the app itself is easy to navigate and use, I can honestly say that I have not heard back from one property management company or landlord at all! It’s a scam that these rentals are requiring application and payment up from to apply to simply view or tour a rental, but to not follow up with you or notify that your application has not been selected for whatever reason is completely unprofessional. There should be a way Hot Pads can track these scam listings because I refuse to believe I am the only person that has paid to apply for several properties without even a single email or call back. I have since stopped applying now that I’ve caught on, but it’s a shame to be taken advantage of when I am in desperate need and in search for a place to call home.
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6 years ago, ArenaChick
Good for scouting locations, bad for scouting actual apartments
No matter what format are use for this website, what was most frustrating is that the majority of the site is taken up by a map of the area while only a fraction of the site is devoted to information regarding available apartments. Obtaining that information is rather cumbersome as there is a lot of clicking and scrolling down. And then if you want to actually print information regarding the availability of apartments you’re interested in, that’s an entirely new nightmare as you have to create new ways of capturing the screen so that you capture as much information as possible. It seems to be a cake a good site for scouting properties, but just not a useful site for actually finding one in closing a deal.
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7 years ago, NikkiCWalsh
Many listings; works in select areas
I had good luck with this app in Michigan. Right now I'm in Tucson, Arizona. It's not a good app here. In Tucson, many people have turned over their rental homes to P.M.'s (Aka-property managers). The property managers never (OK, 1 out of 30) get back to you. I found it's a waste of time here. But it's fantastic in other areas. Just depends on where you are doing your search. Definitely made me have very little respect for property managers here in Tucson. It pains me to think of all the people that have a house for rent and listed it with a property manager. As their house is just sit vacant. I've seen the same places on the websites over and over. Property managers are NOT 'movers and shakers' by any means- where I'm searching for a home. Going back to CraigsList.. as well as driving around looking for 'For Sale By Owner' signs.
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4 years ago, jeffreytstarr
Erratic filter performance
Clearing all filters at once doesn’t seem to clear every filter nor initiate a new search to provide unabridged results. Commute filter provides erratic result after initiating a search using a named town and subsequently (and inadvertently) selecting a 30 minute commute criteria with the default “use current location” and that that town lies beyond the corresponding travel time limit. Some properties inside the commute limit but outside the named town but only a small percentage of otherwise unfiltered eligible results. This leads to the uncertainty of which filters are active and which are not after “clear all”. Listers selecting inaccurate attributes when compared to their resultant property listing, make troubleshooting for unintended filters difficult, if not impossible.
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6 years ago, KRLVP
Good but needs work
I haven’t used this newer version just yet but this is has been my go to app for finding a place. I hope to move soon, Lord willing. However, out of the apartments I did view in person in the past, several of them were shady or straight up scams. The realtor will give you one address for you to meet them, then they won’t show up. Rather, you’ll call them to see where they are, and they’ll suggest you meet them at another apartment location that’s less desirable than the one you thought you were going to see. It’s a bait and switch. I experienced that twice on thisIs there anyway for this app to filter through or alert folks to potential scam/shady activity?
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4 years ago, Miiloohatrzluvme
This app has been useless
I paid the money because i liked an apartment listed on here, supposedly they allow you to fill out the application and its supposed to be easier and its one fee instead of many- the landlord never got it, so i cancelled that one and sent another one- she got that one but then still wanted to charge me 40 for a application fee- i told her i did that through hotpads and could she use that background and credit check, she said send them to her- well you cant just do that they gotta go through the site to do that and long story short that has been the same for all of them- it was a total waste of money during this scary time that COVID19 is happening- and i cant believe how many companies are taking advantage of people right now. Be careful, unless you have money to throw away.
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4 years ago, SoyAnnoyed
Not very user friendly / Applications
Unfortunately I have to go this far to share my disappointment for this app. I’ve had quite a few complications, most importantly a future landlord not being able to open my credit score or background check after paying for the application services. After several attempts of hastily trying to reach them for help I was left to try and figure it out on my own which only led to confusing links back n forth to my emails, then the app, back to my emails, then back to the app in what appears to b the same link back n forth and so forth. Very upsetting as you can imagine. I still haven’t heard back from them and had to reapply and pay another application fee via Zillow - which I had no problems w.
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3 months ago, Natty Rodriguez
Great App
This app helped me when my family and I were facing some difficult times trying to find a place to call home. Luckily due to the help of this app I found something quick and I was able to find a lot of available housing. Not only was I able to visit the place for rent but I was able to meet up with managers and home landlords in person. Would really recommend this app. This is the only app I trust and the only app who has my support 100%
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6 years ago, luluthewarrior
Very user friendly!
Through my apartment searching process, I’ve been unable to find apps that are as efficient and user friendly as this one. Love that once you’ve tapped on a listing on the map that the “house” icon will change color so you don’t waste time accidentally tapping on listings you’ve already seen! Also love that the listings you favorite within in the app change color, too. Hoping to find an awesome place using PadMaps!
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5 days ago, Pollit@77
The app is good but some of the realtors needs to have kindness in their hearts…
This is a good app for apartment searching, but some of the realtors once they get in touch with you and you will tell them that you have a program and that you are temporarily disabled; they will never reply back, some of them are even rude. Sometimes some people forget that today you can be on top of the economy pyramid, like I was in the past and suddenly they can become sick do to something. In my case I’m sick do to the Damm Moderna vaccine after effects…
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2 years ago, CAErinB
Huge Bug Makes App Unusable
I used to love this app, and I still want to. It can be so helpful in finding a new home. However, lately it has a super-frustrating bug: as I'm scrolling down the list of results, it snaps me back to the top of the list. So I scroll again and, as I'm getting to the 5th or 6th result (of 900+)--oops, back to the top! Try again, and I make it to the 10th result, then forced back to the top. Sometimes I make it to the 20th or so result, but I can't go any further without being snapped back to the top of the list. Sadly, I won't be able to use it anymore because this flaw is driving me crazy.
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4 years ago, Vicious Vivi
Annoying small things
This app makes finding a place to rent frustrating. With each new update, it only gets worse. It is impossible to know what properties have been updated unless you click on every area that you have saved searches. Instead of saving you time, you end up wasting a bunch of time as you have no idea what is new and what isn’t. You also can’t save your preferences for each list so that the newest show up at the top of the feed. So when you have 7 areas you have to change your preferences for all 7 every time you open the app. Wish they could make their interface more like Redfin.
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3 years ago, LMCooley
Good but pet filters need work
Love this app and have used it to look for spaces for awhile now. I especially like that you can message with sellers in app. My issue comes with the pet filter. It needs to be more precise. Just saying “allows dogs” is too vague as I keep find “pet friendly” places only to see they only allow small dogs. A more specific “small dog” “large dog” filter would be beneficial to cutting down on frustration of clicking a place and then seeing it actually doesn’t meet criteria.
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5 years ago, n64king
Actually useful
This one got me my new place! It’s actually helpful, and after using 2 other sites and finding mostly scams this one came through and produced a lot of possibilities. This was the only app that lead me to places to actually see in person. Everything is easy to read and lists most if not all amenities you may search for. Lots of listings for the relatively lower end as well which is good.
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4 years ago, 32057825jdpanqgicldd
Worse experience ever for the state of FL
ALL landlords listed are racist in the area and refused to rent to a “biracial” family. There’s many instances where we’ve asked how much can we put down to make sure we can follow through and hold the house, the landlords do not reply or they purposely ignored my request. Many of the homes have listed are extremely expensive for the property shown. They can’t do anything about that issue but they do allow ANYONE to list in this site. Whether they’re in the attitude to rent to someone or new to the industry all together with rude people. Not worth it, you’re better off driving around searching yourself or getting information from real estate agents.
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1 year ago, waRainGirl
Would be rated higher but suggestions are just WRONG
If I run a search, I get appropriate results against the filters I have set. The rest of the time I am sent suggested properties that are completely not what I want. Example, looking in AZ for house under $1400/mo. Results sent to me include OK, UT, TX, KS, MO and house that rent for $5k a month. No no just NO. I have now turned off all notifications which does defeat the purpose of quickly learning of new rentals. Giving this app a bit more time before I remove it from my devices.
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1 year ago, fsgsiahzunsksjxjwk
Impossible to find a good rental through here
99% of the time the people renting out don't respond and just take your application money. We had one guy admit to this. When I do get a response they demand I come see the place that day. Mind you I work a full time job and can't just drop what I'm doing to go look at a place I may or may not even be interested in. I have the messages to prove it. I respond saying I'm currently at work but would love to later on that day and then I never get a response back. It's already so hard to find decent places to rent and the people allowed on this app makes it 10X harder.
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4 years ago, nane 12345
Needs to do more vetting of person renting
Though they do have some really good low priced apartments a lot of those low priced ones are scams two I found posted a rentals that were low priced an seemed legit until after a series of emails on what looked an seems ok because they sent me a virtual tour video of the apartment come to find out after I expressed interest they sent me an application I paid $100 application fee then shortly after they emailed me an said we are planning on deal where if you make a down upfront payment before you receive the lease the apartment is yours smh. Be very careful though I lost $100 I’m glad that I caught on to it before it was too late
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6 years ago, DelMalta
Misleading when Studio Hunting
While I enjoy the mapping feature and the commuter calculator listed right on the listing I find several other things frustrating. First stop listing rooms for rent as a Studio. You end up having to open everything just to double check. Also, pictures should be required for any listing. If I sell on the Let It Go app I have to post a picture, the same standards should be held when posting a place to live. And finally, if I use your messaging feature it rarely gets anywhere. I have to call and frankly I don’t have the time to call every listing.
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7 years ago, HonestEve
Home sweet home
This is a great app to finding your new home. Whether you're looking to buy or rent, it's very helpful in checking out the surrounding area and beyond! I found the condo I'm renting through here about a year and a half ago and now using it to find a home to buy. Great search features like price range and what you're looking for to customize the search tailored to you. I recommend it to fam and friends :)
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11 months ago, TexasBred78
If you n ver wanna see a house you request
I have had a terrible time just trying to get a hold of the people handling the deal. The last one from “Worth” didn’t ever return my messages until I complained only to thank me for it “not sounding like I needed them anymore”. Absolutely unprofessional and could have lost a great opportunity because she was on her time.
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6 years ago, RowdygeniusWK
Best App for Searching
This app is the most user friendly to use; and I’ve used them all. Put in your filters, look through the listings, which is really fun because the mobile template is done very well, and fill out a short form, and you’re done. An agent calls you to set up a viewing. Tip: make sure you click the heart to make a listing one of your favorites. It’s easier to go back to.
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3 years ago, Johanna vdhbdgkff
Not accurate.
I am looking for a new apartment in San Diego, CA and my friend suggested that I download this app. I am not impressed at all. I have contacted about 15 different agents through the app. Half never replied and the other half told me that what I read on the app wasn’t accurate. One time it was the price that was wrong, an other time it was the move in date and another time they didn’t accept pets even though the app said they did. It is just inaccurate, I would stay away from this app in the future. I just feel like I had to do double the work to know if a listing was correct or not.
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4 years ago, abaracadabara
Lost without this app
Finding an apartment can be a daunting task. After spending months on useless housing and rental websites, I stubbled upon the Hot Pads app. Within two weeks, I was able to narrow my search and find an apartment that checked off all of my boxes. (and there were a lot of them) I love their “saved searches” and “follow-up” reminders to help keep on top of the rentals I was interested in. Highly recommend!
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6 years ago, Intrepidsoul
Nobody gets back to you
I’ve been using this for awhile, and STILL have yet to hear back from a property owner or broker. One listing had been taken, I only found that out because I called the broker myself. Also, when using the saved searches feature, it is quite inaccurate. When I put in a saved search for Fairfield, it began giving me alerts, “we found a listing in Fairfield”, yet it lists the towns quite out of range, like Irvington, East Orange, Orange...not what I specified. The only reason I didn’t give it one star is because I am able to reach out to the broker/owners myself. Ugh.
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1 year ago, shirly curly
I Do not trust this app
People are scamming people. So beware of the ads on there. They will take your money. They will give you a fake lease. Just review what you see. Fat check it. Run it by someone to see if they see anything suspicious. I don’t trust the app anymore. Check the description because they will make it seem like its real but you have to make sure that it’s clear as day as to what the requirements are. Do not give them your money if you have not seen the place in person FIRST! And review the lease before signing it. I know it’s common sense but common sense ain’t that common these days so just BE AWARE!!!
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2 years ago, ReAlly?&
too many irrelevant notifications
if you filter by price they still send notifications for apartments more than what you filter. If you want to see only 1850 per month or less they send notifications for apartments 2,000 and 1,998. Theres no way to filter out senior housing or places that won't apply to you. I've received 15 notification for a studio I already looked at. annoying. They send duplicate notifications and these pop up constantly even if the posting isn't new and you already saw it.
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4 years ago, Anie P
Great searching tools
I would like to highly recommend Hotpads for anyone who is looking for a lovey home. I was introduced to realtor Alex who showed me property in Passaic County area and he been a blessing from heaven. Never let me feel discouraged and help me to find a place to call home. Best Realtor i ever met and will always continue working with him. In this world and time period we need more people like this amazing gentleman. Thank you so much
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6 years ago, Frustrated passenger
Inaccurate pictures and no unit#
I found most of the rental agency listings had inaccurate pics. Pictures were not of the actual unit listed and/or only pics of amenities and building. Would often find same pics for different units in same building. Equally frustrating is many do not list unit number so no clue what floor the unit is on. Wasted time waiting for agent to reply through the app only to find out they had to research for the info and the apartment was not was we were long for. Also rental agencies would try to seek their services when inquiring about one unit.
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3 years ago, Yahoo doesn't listen
No accountability
While the app works….there is no accountability to the landlord or management company as they will accept applications when they know they have already filled the vacancy. I have had that happen multiple times. You pay the money and send the application which is deducted from the banking account and then receive a message that it was filled this morning. How or why can’t I get my money back. No accountability to the person(s) listing. Just as in real estate as I am a Realtor®️ it should state if rental is pending or filled immediately before you submit a payment.
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6 years ago, michelebradley
❤️ Hotpads
Love this app it’s clear concise format. The only thing I would improve on is if is it is possible to have more than one “favorites” list that would be helpful. Sometimes the website features don’t seem exactly the same as the mobile app features. If you could add the ability to reduce the map size while expanding the gallery that would be helpful too! 😄😄
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5 years ago, Idk what name to put but yeah
It’s a pretty good app
It’s a pretty good app, but the reason why I knocked off two stars is because the app frequently brings me all the way back to the top of the list. Like very very frequently. It’s so irritating because I would be scrolling through the properties, then all of a sudden the app brings me back to the beginning and I would have to scroll through all the properties again and again and again. It’s so annoying!! Other than that the app is good, but this one issue is a deal breaker for me.
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7 years ago, Z0mbi3Unic0rn
Easy to use
I love this app. It's super easy to use and I like that you could zoom in and out on the map because it's so much easier than guessing where something is located. Especially when you don't know exactly where you want to live. It's extremely helpful and is full of information. I would highly recommend this for apartment searching.
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4 years ago, Salty_Leaves
Love that this app lets me delete rentals.
I love this app for rentals! It’s my favorite to use. I’d love to see this app add homes for sale that can be deleted and also, have more specifications for homes to buy. I get tired of looking through the same homes on home buying apps that I keep looking through & hotpads is my favorite rental site because of the delete & filters options.
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6 years ago, Trevor Dane
Terrible! App hurt my credit
Many of the listings include incorrect information and do not correlate with the search filters I used. No one responds, and WORST of all is my experience when I decided to apply for an apartment through the service that Hotpads provides. The app advertises that they will pull a SOFT credit report and background check and then provide this automatically to any apartments I apply for through the app. (There are not many places that accept applications through Hotpads) They charged $29 only for me to find later that my CREDIT score had DROPPED 50 POINTS!! Will not be recommending.
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2 months ago, Winpuc
Ok but not accurate
If you’re looking for an aggregate of apartment rentals in a geographic area, this isn’t bad. If you need specifics, like furnished, pet friendly, etc, this isn’t the app for you. The information in it at a property level isn’t always accurate. For example, furnished often means they will give you the name of a furniture rental company. Pet friendly isn’t specific and calling the place often results in different answers.
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2 years ago, Mrs zH
Hot pads
Very easy App to use. I like that it keeps track of all my searches and messages from the people I sent to them. I have been using this app for a few years now and I’m very pleased about how it makes it possible to get to the new apartments listed on a new rental property’s. I would recommend it to my friends. Thanks Hot pads!
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7 years ago, CaKris
Easy to use with multiple search features
This is our second move & using Hotpads again. I found it offers more places & the information I actually want about those places. Contacting the owner/managers is done within the program. You are able to factor needs for pets, pricing, size and timing to places from the pad. Great app.
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3 years ago, Jackieehutton
Map keeps zooming out
Love HotPads. My only complaint is every time I open the app, the map has zoomed out more and more. I’m looking for houses in the northern half of Georgia (you’d think that’d be broad enough) but the map keeps zooming out to include ridiculous places like Ohio! I can’t imagine what my commute time to the office would be! Please fix this, it’s annoying to have to re-do it every time.
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7 years ago, Sweetgurlt23
Good but needs improvement
I like the app. It gives accurate rentals. I like how it provides street views even when there isn't pictures of the rental. One thing I do not like is when I put a certain city or town in, it doesn't give me just that town. It still gives me surrounding towns. It doesn't give always give you the criteria you're looking for.
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1 year ago, Nitroll
Always my go to app to search homes
The app has great set of listings and my last 2 homes I have moved into were searched and found here. Also great and easy way to connect with lister of the home (owner/agent). Good recommendation engine and has good set of filters which specifically helps find homes you wish to live in.
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1 year ago, Maliikm
Too many “co-living” listings
HotPads is great but the app need to have an option to turn off all of the “co-living” listings. If I wanted to live with 6 - 10 other people, I would go back to college. Please make a filter to remove these listings from the search results, and the listings that are purposely mislabeled as being something other than a co-living situation. It’s ruining the app experience.
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2 years ago, skyrae200w
All sites in one!! Shows you which other companies have other listings and gives their name so you can go to their separate website! Very helpful and have recommended it to multiple people!!!! Also recommend for college students to look at it!!
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5 years ago, Mya_Papaya
Great and all but having one issue
The app is perfect I love how up to date it keeps me with new listings. The only problem that I’m having right now is that it won’t let me press send message when I want to contact the owner of the listing. It’s becoming frustrating because now I can’t get in contact with the owners and have to go different routes to find their information and contact them. Please help!
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