House Designer : Fix & Flip

4.6 (22.2K)
283.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sergey Kizima
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for House Designer : Fix & Flip

4.62 out of 5
22.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Rasmussen509
Great game with a few bugs
This game is really fun and addicting but there are quite a few bugs and the work missions are pretty repetitive. The main things that I wish were fixed/added are; to be able to put things on the shelves, to be able to turn on the tv to show something so it’s not just a black screen (because the hanging TV is hard to tell it’s even a tv sometimes), to be able to side or brick the outside of the house, to be able to put the lantern on the outside of the house(like by the front/back door), the front yards on the first houses you buy have a little slant so you can’t make a walkway from the gate to the front door without 1 piece always sticking up in the air a little bit, to be able to get skill points or something to upgrade your tools to speed things up(for instance upgrade your hands to pick up garbage faster or mop to clean dirt faster). A couple other things, I’m not super far so I might have not unlocked all the work missions but I’ve done the same missions a lot to the point I know what piece of furniture it’s going to ask for next and what not so please add more mission like some backyard clean up or assemble the backyard gym. Last thing, some more items like more options for furniture color and what not. Other than those things that could be fixed/added this game is really fun and hope it keeps getting updated cause I defiantly will keep playing until I run out of things to do!
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2 years ago, ?Mystery???????????????????
Updates are nice but…..
Let me start by saying that I love this game and so thankful I don’t need to do a “match 3”to move on. I appreciate the updates and they’re nice but… I miss some of the old features. For instance: The option of blinds open or closed has been removed, and flipping the light switch no longer turns on the lights. Now, when a book set is purchased, you cannot place them onto a shelf. What is the point in purchasing a series of books to have them just sit on the floor? Also, I miss that the choice of stones to create a walkway has been eliminated. That was a nice feature to be able to create a beautiful entrance to your home or walkways to gardens in the backyard. I do not like that when I place plants outside that I’m limited as to where I can place them. The new feature limits the possibilities and positions where plants and outdoor lighting can go. Rotating furniture has proven to be difficult to impossible. “Swiping” usually ends up moving my entire screen. So I’m rarely able to rotate furniture. I am thankful for the choice in furniture finishes and updated options. The modernized accessories are a nice touch as well as the vast array of wall and flooring options. Thank you for the updates that you created, although I do miss some of the old ones. I look forward to see what you come up with next!
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2 years ago, hank the crow dog
This is the best home design game I have ever downloaded. And I love that everything is free, no super expensive better version where you have unlimited stuff. It’s already unlimited!!! But there are a few things I think you need to change. Like the small number of pets. Add some more, like more variety or customizable pets. Also if you could have the animals do tricks or something that would also be really cool. And make the parrot be able to come out of his cage I thought he could so I bought it but to honest it wasn’t worth it. It takes up to much room too. And make the pets able to be interactive like when you buy the cat scratcher and the cat house or the animal bed the animal should be able to do something with it or else you just wasted money. Another thing you should change is the time wait on the work jobs that pay you money. Because I just don’t have the time to wait 3 hours on something like that. I also think you should start out with more than just 300 dollars. Make more like a thousand. One last thing is that I think there should be a search menu that allows you search the items you are needing. It is such a pain having to scroll and scroll all the time. Sorry about how much I wrote I just felt like it needed to be said. But it is still the BEST GAME EVER!!!
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4 years ago, ella holloway
Love it but a few bugs
I love this game it’s so much fun! I could play it all day but there are a few bugs. Like at the Japanese house you place something and it says you haven’t completed it so that’s a problem because I have to either complete the job and not get any money or close they app and that’s annoying. I would also like it if you could add some more jobs because some times it gets a little annoying having to the same jobs over and over again. And It would also be nice if there was more furniture and maybe some furniture you could change the colors because some of the colors I don’t really like but I like the look of the furniture but the color isn’t right. I LOVE this game I even think it’s better then Roblox! A lot of people probably don’t agree with me because everybody thinks roblox is the best game in the world but I think this game is better. Please use my suggestions so the game can be better. That’s all and I love this game! Oh and the only job I have problems with the thing where it thinks you haven’t put it down but you have are only the Japanese style house but thanks for making the game it’s awesome! Thanks for reading my review!
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4 years ago, Cassie Norton
Few bugs and better options but great game
I absolutely love this game. I can play for hours. There are a few bugs that need to be fixed that really get in the way of the game sometimes. Occasionally, if I move an item after placing it at a job it will zero out the completion and say that I need to place it again. Once I do, it still won’t complete the task. So I can never complete the room or the task unless I close out the game and go back in and place the item again. At that point there are a million coffee machines or laptops laying all over the floor because if I get rid of them, it will start the cycle all over again. Also it was possible to put items on shelves such as books. The shelves just hang on the walls and you aren’t able to put anything on them. The last few recommendations are that there were different jobs maybe new daily jobs. More business related or backyard requests or something that requires the use of different items in the shop. Most of the jobs require the same items over and over and the other shop items just sit there not being used. I also wish more shop items would be added like different knick knacks or kitchen supplies maybe some food items or clothes. The furniture and colors of everything would be nice if they could be changed. Also if you were able to pet the animals that would be great lol (: LOVEEE this game though
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3 years ago, Vannz_
New Update
So I just opened the game after not playing for a few days and just saw the update. I like the option to change the colors of the furniture and the option to connect certain lights to certain switches, but the lighting itself was better before the update . I tried all of the lighting options and the room will still be dark at night no matter how many lights I put in one room. Even if I’m able to change the daytime settings I would also like the lights to actually work at night like before. Also everything is scaled smaller than before the update. I was working on a home to sell and now all the landscaping and stuff I did on it is gone and most of the yard is cemented for some reason. I could see cars driving outside which was a nice realistic touch but now they are just parked out there. For some reason the amount of money we make for a job is the same as before. It should be more honestly for all of the time spent and the cost of renovations on our own properties. The controls were better before as well with being able to interact with my right and move with my left . It would be nice to be able to interact with other players and have jobs that involve landscaping as well . Other than that I will keep playing to see what else you guys come up with next !
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5 years ago, StickLeaf
Please read this!
Hey, how are you? I just wanted to say that I really enjoy this game, except if you could change a few things. First I kinda don’t like how you make us wait until we can do more houses, second when you’re doing work, I would want there to be more house models if you know what I’m talking about. Another thing is, that instead of having 2 slots, you should make it have like 3 slots instead. One where you only have your hand which you can’t change, second you have your broom, which I think is important because I use it the most, and you can’t change that, then you have your third slot which you can change with anything. I also wanted to say that you should have more items in the shop, like different beds, tv’s, or more closets. Then once you added more items you should be able to like, give us options to change the color of the item we’re buying instead of putting individual things of the same item in different colors, I hope that made sense to you. The last thing I would want is, once your in your own house, you should be able to like, buy walls and expand you house. I know that might defeat the purpose of buying new houses and everything but I would want that the most. That’s all I have to say I hope you still read this, and not think that this is too much to ask for or anything! Great game!
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3 years ago, bellsherwood
Love the game needs some improvement though
I gave 3 stars because it is a great game and I love it so much and play it all the time but a couple months ago I tried to open the game and it just kept loading, I thought it was a glitch so I waited 10 minutes and it never loaded. Everyday I check to see if the game will open and it doesn’t. I have good storage so it has nothing to do with that. I hope one day it will magically open but for now I just have to wait. Also it needs some tweaking up. Sometimes when I go to put an item for a job it says I didn’t place it so I keep placing it and it still doesn’t so then I have like 8 thousand bookshelves and it still says I need to place the item. I also think it should be multi played so that you can play with friends and let them into your house. Since the cars are so expensive I think it would be necessary for them to be driven as well. The jobs take a lot of time so I think they should be more money. There should also be different seasons and weather like one day it’s snowing the other it’s raining. I think the mail boxes should be able to open and you should be able to leave your house. There should also be a grocery store that you can go to and buy food. I love this game so much as it is but it could get so much better! I hope you take some of this advice!
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6 years ago, kayleighmichele
I liked it but needs a lot of work
I was so excited to play this game, because I saw one of my favorite YouTubers play a game fairly similar to this one. Though at the beginning I was so happy and excited I found that there was only three job options. I got over it but it got boring pretty fast. Also when I was renovating my first home I was putting cabinets in and the bottoms were not able be put edge to edge with rage other. So there was about an each or so between all the bottom cabinets. Also there were no options of color or style in most renovation options. When I got done with renovating my home I bought the second one and was trying to renovate it. When I exited the game I came back maybe 2 hours later and none of the paint or the flooring was there anymore and it didn’t give my money back. So I cleaned more jobs came back painted and put flooring in and tried saving it but it wouldn’t let me go back to cleaning the jobs so I had to exit the game again. When I got back it was fine though later I got more money and ended up buying cabinets and a stove and a sink and saved it again. But still wouldn’t let me do more work to get money. So I exited and came back and none of my work was there except the flooring in the living room/kitchen and the bedroom. I really liked the game but it really needs a lot of work and fixing. Also maybe more design options as well; with the furniture, flooring, tile, paint; cabinets and etc.
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2 years ago, Bubcnkub
Minor upgrades needed
I love this game!! They have made upgrades since the last review I read which was 2 years ago. It seemed like the developer actually listened which is great!! Whenever I get some free time I am on this game. The graphics are really great compared to most home design games. I love that it is sort of realistic, where you have to work on other home renovation jobs, to gain money to make your own renovations. I just wish there could be a variety of different types of jobs to do, that also requires you to use the other tools, instead of the same tools every time. The jobs can still be in the same homes but just different from the same like 5 jobs that generate every 2-3 hours. I am tired of doing the music room renovation lol. Also, if the jobs could regenerate faster or instead of waiting to complete all the jobs to then regenerate, could it just reload another job in about 15 minutes after the completion of the job? More accessories would be nice too like the soap and toothpaste maybe some pool toys that you can place in the pool, picture frames, sculptures, ect. There are more little minor things but mainly just the usage of the other tools and a variety if jobs that generate faster would be great!
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2 years ago, soli216-
Love the game
Love the game now I’m not mobile gaming person and this got me hook to my phone maybe because I always been into design and cleaning etc But game is great I just wish it’s missions/work they give you wasn’t always on repeat they should do some updates where they characters bidding like an fake auction to make the game more entertaining and let people get the option to sell the first house they were giving in the game not everyone have the real money to spend on a game and just earn their coins through working/doing the missions on the game to earn up the coin and buy and sell so yea they should look into that and do some update to game I don’t Im not trying to pay for someone the prices are little too much I don’t mind paying $0.99-$5.00 for coin but I’m not paying $25 real money in a game that doesn’t have these features just missions on repeat not really no background storyline now if they were to make these upsets then it will be worth the real money for game that entertaining in that point of view the game is entertaining itself but I wouldn’t spend more $5.00 for coin in a game lack certain things
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4 years ago, CaptainJackSparrow10
Best House Designer Game But needs little improvements
Hi, I really like this game and it really is a great time-waster with tasks every 3 hours and continuous gameplay. The game has good mechanics and physics but it could use a little tweaks to make it run smoother. The graphics are not to bad but could also use a little work. The game would be better if there were skill points to make you even more effective and efficient in-game. The time it takes to finish the same thing over and over makes it a little boring. The game could be better with the furniture being interactive like the T.V. being able to be turned on, water coming out of facets, bathtubs, and more. More pets and interactions with the pets. More tools like instead of a trimmer a lawnmower to cut grass faster. I repeat the same tasks sometimes and it would be better with many different tasks without repeating them every 3 hours. Overall, I love the game and I think with these suggestions, the game would be better. I feel that updates should be 1-2 weeks so I know that you guys are still working and not leaving the game as it is. This game is a good time-waster.
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4 years ago, bugs124365
Plz do this
So at first when I downloaded the app I didn’t have a clue what to do because there’s no tutorial and yeah it shows you how to move and stuff but I think that you should be able to go to sleep, sit on the couch, watch TV, pick up your pets,pet your pets and I think that you should get paid more by doing the houses because it takes a really long time and can you add a search to the store because I get really confused on where things are at yeah like Icons to tell you where things are, like the kitchen icon and stuff like that but to find one certain thing because there is one thing It said sconce royal and it couldn’t Add light To the sentence not just that but I downloaded the app again and I like that you added pets but can the pets be able to use the things that you buy them so that you don’t waste money and that the Parrot can come out of the cage because I wanna play with it I want to pet it also I want to feed my pets and get married and maybe have a family I don’t want to be rude but I like this game but I would like to do some things and maybe even to see your character choose what you look like maybe choose to be a boy or a girl something like that please!?!?!?!? PLZZZZZZZZZ do this plz Plz do this!?!?!?
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4 years ago, llocho
Needs work
I think the things you could work on is the price of some of the items that we need to buy for when we are renovating a house we bought and make the more expensive houses have a half price sale every once in a while and I also think that the jobs you give us should be longer have many more tasks and give us more money than the most money that you can earn is 800 you should make some that have you redoing the whole house including the backyard and the reward is the least you can earn on that is 1000 the most you can earn is 2000 these are just suggestions also I think you should make it to where we can design our own pool that we get with some of the houses and make the water a deeper blue so that we can see it and make it to where you can actually swim in the pool and make beaches and parks and lakes and make it to where we can drive the care open the front gate and wander around the town that would be so much more fun also make and amusement park that you use the coins you earn in jobs to where you use them on the Amusement park and other outside things😉 P.s I think you should make it to where we can preview the houses
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4 years ago, 🖤 Heidi 🖤
Can you Change from the starter house?
It's very time cilling and I play it for hours but there's one thing that bugs me. So maybe I'ma little on the dumb side it's an awsome game but I don't know if you can change from the Tiny starter house to one of the larger ones as you're own, if Not possible it's fine, if do that would be awsome! But if that is possible when you buy a house and design it when you go to the realty page to sell it you should have a live here option or something. Other than that I love it I like thepet update and the cars and stuff but the Task can take a pretty long time, especially the Ones where you pick up to 50 pieces of garbage in one room and the same with the dirt over all though it is a 5 star worthy game just needs a little bit of work. (I'm not trying to be picky I play this game slot and love it the house thing has been annoying me for a while now and I couldn't find out if it was possible, I do think you should have a move in option or something, for the house thing over all I love this game!)
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5 years ago, Cnj4949
Has Potential...BUT...
I would have to agree with “StickLeaf” this game does have potential but I feel more as if I’m doing janitorial services more than flipping houses. Most of the “Jobs” I pretty much know what to do without looking at the required items since they are constant repeat. You also need to have a more better “Tutorial” I was stuck for awhile while cutting the grass in the backyard and still had to figure out why it still showed not completed when I went over it a zillion times and I had no extra grass. In this situation you need to use the rake to go over bald patches of grass to have it all even. The furniture and decor and repairs needs more options these are pretty blah and outdated like back in the days you know.. bring some actual modern decors and more choices. It’s kinda hard to make a house look nice with a ugly yellow couch. None of the furniture or repair colors will match and look nice and they are pretty blah. This game has GREAT POTENTIAL but since we are the 21st century I believe the game should play the part and look more updated instead of old fashioned. More different jobs as well would be nice and more often instead of every 3 hours and actually “flipping” houses for a good profit would be even better.
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3 years ago, tankchuboi
Love the game however
Hey! I love this game and I’ve been playing it for about a year and even re downloaded it on my new phone. I could spend hours playing it it’s seriously amazing. However I wish there were an option to watch videos to get more jobs. Or maybe put in tiny jobs that are repeatable that don’t go away so you always have a way to make money even if it be a small amount. I always wish there was an in game system that explained how to increase house value when you buy one. I find myself renovating a house putting in better flooring and wallpaper but it doesn’t increase value and the only way I find myself making a profit is just cleaning the interior of dirt and garbage and not adding anything really. Like some items increase value and others like wallpaper and certain items lowering it. I put in a more expensive wallpaper than the one there and their is no increase to the house value at all. This happens with multiple items. So a system showing what will make the house more profitable would be nice. But overall I love the game I’m glad that it’s free and I hope a new update can come soon :)
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1 year ago, Samiskooler
please read
I have mixed feelings about this new update, I like it but the way that you guys categorised things are really throwing me off because I'm used to the way that you put them before. It's very hard to find things now. I don't like that you cant choose which work place that you would like to go to first, because with the tactic that I had it was going from the highest payed job to the lowest, now i cant do that because the game chooses it for me. I also don't like that you changed it so that only one object thats supposed to be in that room only gets shown. I don't like the price changes i was so close to getting the house that i wanted but now its like 420,000 to get it, Im really upset with that. Now its time for the things that I like about the new update. I like that you added humans that actually walk on the streets. I like that theres birds now. A suggestion that i do have is that making the mirrors actually have an option to work, like in the setting menu theres an option that if you want the mirrors to be reflective or not. I put this in my best words possible, I'm not the best to word things out into messages.
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4 years ago, ummm... i dont know?
Great Game but Few Bugs
I absolutely love this game there’s just a few things I would like to add and change,... I think Tyrah200 really said it all for adding and changing things. Things from your pets to appliances. If you haven’t read their report yet please go and read it. This game is great and can really burn time if you need it to. I never get bored with this game and it’s fun to play. The only things I would really change is how you interact with some things. Sure you can open doors and turn on lights but that’s not the full focus of the game. I would really like to be able to interact with my pets, instead of them walking around or sitting there like lifeless creatures. Maybe add how they feel so if they are hungry you can tap on the food bowl and feed them,... I don’t know. Also I think there needs to be some more appliances for certain areas of a room. And the tablet where you buy things should really be more organized. Some things that should be in the bathroom are in the kitchen,... it’s confusing and useless. Other then a couple of bugs and agitations of this game are Minimal and easily fixed. Great game! Thanks
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4 years ago, nsbdfhjf
OK THIS APP IS AMAZING 🤗this weekend im going on a 8 hour car ride to atlanta and i could play this for forever im up in the middle of the night playing but its just one thing i dont like is that we have to wait two hours to get back to work😕 my house is turning out amazing and i want to keep working i wouldnt mind waiting 30 minutes but two hours just seem to extra to me and i hope you guys take that into thought and change that but this is actually😘 my favorite app i can tell because i never rated an app before this is my first time its so relaxing and calm and i dont have to worry about not knowing what to place down though that would be cool😍 to decorate how you want without pay but im glad it tells me what to put down so i dont mess up im really good at the game and anybody who sees this YOU MUST DOWNLOAD 🤩you wont regret it i cant possibly understand why people dislike it but whatever its so fun DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW❤️ btw can you make it possible to start a family there shouldnt be a crib for no reason🤣just asking
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4 years ago, jake101420
Great game but some things need fixed.
Besides the graphics and everything the game is spectacular. There is many problems I can point out which is the missions are always repeating and they eventually get very boring. Another that needs to get fixed is the tools you use to do stuff like the weed whacker can be upgraded to like a riding lawn lower or something. Another that needs to happen is you should be able to roam around the neighborhood and be able to walk up to a house and buy instead of using the little gadget tool. And since they have the cars in the game you should be able to drive those around the neighborhood also and drive up to a house to buy it. Other than those things the game runs really good on my iPod 6th Gen and it doesn't lag at all. Please come out with a update soon and make sure it is worth the wait. And another this is the pets you should be able to react with them and another is since there is beds you can sleep and since there is sofas you can sit and since there are TVs you should be able to watch TV. Please make this game worth it. I want to be able to have this game realistic as possible for me to enjoy.
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5 years ago, Hajeesh
Great game need more money!
This game is extremely addictive. I find myself playing this hours on end when I have the time of course. The only thing is you only get a certain number of jobs at a time and then you have to wait like 3 hours real time. I get that’s realistic to an extent, but I think the game would be better off just letting people play non stop because, that is the only thing that stops me from playing. Also after spending a whole lot of time cleaning up a house I bought, and buying new furniture, doors, windows, etc. I finally sold the house. I’m not sure exactly how much profit I made but I can say that as of right now it isn’t worth the time of the manual labor. I think this game is a lot of fun and very addictive but either the items are too expensive or we can’t make enough money. I mean it takes about 30 or so minutes to do a job that pays $760 and that can only really get you a nice window or a nice door since they cost that much. I wouldn’t mind grinding for more money but please make it so we don’t have to wait for more jobs! Thank you!
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2 years ago, destinynalex
Hey I absolutely love this game I play it almost everyday checking when I can clean more houses for money lol. I wanna say I do have some things I think would be great to add into this game to make it more interesting and fun. I was thinking about adding a friend list and make it online so we don’t have to keep up the repetitive missions to clean, instead we can clean other peoples houses and they pay us the amount y’all choice depending how much they want done. Add more pets and options like the fish tanks I would love if u had fish of fish options and we put them in our own tanks and get to feed them. Add more breeds of cats and dogs especially. Maybe more house options because I’ve bought every house and sold them but still fun to keep redoing the houses. Over all this game is definitely one of the best games I’ve ever played and I’ve had it for a long time now. Definitely can’t wait for more updates and I hope you like my ideas for more updates!!
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4 years ago, lilyh0224
Needs more?
I absolutely love this game! However I feel like there could be a few changes. For example, the jobs that you can do are kind of repetitive. Every time the job list reloads it’s the same jobs over and over again. Another thing I think would be awesome to add to the game, is being able to demo/build walls. There are rooms in the house is that you can purchase a flip that would have so much more potential if you could add or take down walls. A thing I think would also be pretty cool, is more options for furniture for bedrooms, living room, and kitchens? While there are some options for furniture I feel like there isn’t a very wide variety of different colors and styles of furniture. The last thing I think would be pretty cool if added to the game would be if you could design houses for specific people. Like if there was a family that wanted you to do their house and they would pay you? I don’t really know I just need to be a cool idea. Like I said love love love the game, but I feel like there could be updates that make the game almost perfect!
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1 year ago, i love ❤️ cats
You need a big update but love this game please read this :D
Hi it’s me again… I want this game to be updated like the game has snow and stuff like Christmas stuffs And I don’t want it to be just present’s or little toys 🧸 but there is one thing I like I want this game to have like you can interact with your pet’s and pet them or carry them or feed them and you can put food in there bowl or water, and I want this game to have a few tiny,big,huge, updates like you can play with your friends in the game and have a multiplayer servers and you can interact with your friends and play with them and I want an update where you can have character choices like you can put stuff on your character and put clothes and be a boy or girl and have a family and be small or be an adult or kid but like I want more updates if you can then please update this game HuGe updates please do that 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺, and I love this game very much if you do this updated I will give you 5 stars and great reviews and if you can’t do it it’s ok but please try to.
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4 years ago, BadLuckGiver
I love it please read
I love this game so much but I have a few suggestions I think u should have a inventory thing that way when u move u can move your stuff I also think instead of waiting you should be able to use coins to skip the hours of waiting I also think u should add more different levels and more furniture and also I think we should be able to do the exterior like the roof the walls stuff like that but I absolutely love the game my number one favorite keep up the good work and u should add more pets and add like goal like for example you earned a certain amount of coins for cleaning 100 dirt something like that and make the tasks earn a little more money that’s all the Suggestions I have to say hope you updates asap I also think we should be able to interact with the furniture and make out own character like customize our character be able to get a baby like raise a family get a husband or wife and customize them stuff like that sorta like sims
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3 years ago, Kayla081594
Fun game but…
I really enjoy this game, however, I have been playing it for a couple of weeks, and I have noticed the jobs are very repetitive. Cleaning the same houses, using the exact same Decour and wallpapers as part of the task. Even though there are multiple roll papers and carpet and flooring etc. to choose from… I just don’t understand why all of the tasks are the exact same mission. I also don’t really understand why all of the furniture is not more modern, or the wallpaper. Everything seems pretty outdated, makes it difficult to want to decorate your actual virtual house, because everything is very old style. Very 70s. I would consider spending money on this game if it had better options. Unfortunately because it does not, and the missions are basically very repetitive, I find that I may not play this game past another couple of weeks because it is becoming so boring and repetitive. If this game has as many users as it shows, it should also be more interactive. Maybe the ability to use the items within the home as a character.
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2 years ago, hihjfifudukcfficufucj
Good but have it to where you can sell, and interact with pets
Let get straight to the point. When I got my first pet (the gray cat) and seen I wasn’t able to interact and I thought it was that “I didn’t buy any food”(including the food) and all the cat stuff and it was a waste of coins cause the cat didn’t interact with none of the stuff at all. After I realized that I wanted to sell the cat and I pees me off that I can’t sell it cause i wasn’t able to react with it. The second pet I got (stupidly) was the black and white dog I got because there was a dog house and he doesn’t react with it. And last but not least I got the bird thinking “maybe I’ll react with this but prolly not.” And guess? I wasn’t able to 🥹. And an ✨ADDITIONAL request✨ is to please add it so that you can do more quest like at least 10 and get a better amount of coins especially the kind that takes an hour to do. I really hope you look at this and make this game a bit easier.
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3 years ago, GirlBoyPerson
Amazing game! Pls read!
First off I love this game! It’s really entertaining and I could play for hours! All of the other house designer games I dislike because to earn your money you have to play a game and if you fail in the game you don’t get your money and it’s very annoying because you really just want to fix up the house! But on this house designer game you don’t you get to clean up and fix up somebody else’s house, which I think is way better then having to play a game that you have levels that you could keep failing and fail on! But the one thing I can’t quite figure out is that whenever I move houses and I want to bring the pets that I buy with me I can’t figure out how to bring them. I’m just wondering if you could tell me how to do that or if they just stay at that house that you bought them at. Anyways. I LOVE this game and I would recommend it for anyone that loves to play games where you fix up a old house into a brand new beautiful new house!!!😁😁
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4 years ago, @samanthalawhorn
Add some things!
I absolutely LOVE this app! It’s so satisfying and relaxing. This is an amazing game for perfectionists like myself! This app has also given me so many future ideas and helped me know what I want in a house. However, there are a few things that I have noticed aren’t in the shop and I think really should be. I think it would be great to have more variety in color; such as paint colors, couches, beds, kitchen counters, curtains, furniture pieces, etc. Having more of a colorful selection could really brighten up a house! Also I think there should be more of an outside selection. Such as trampolines, play sets with slides, etc. I also think there should be more things for kids. There are no toys and hardly any games for the kids to play with inside and I believe toys are a necessity for small children. Overall, this is such a great app and I really enjoy it! I hope the creators of this app will consider some of my thoughts and ideas! Thank you and have a blessed day!💛
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4 years ago, Trintellix
Awesome but could be improved
This is an excellent game and I absolutely love it! However, the time wait for new jobs is a little bit long. If it could even be 30 min shorter of a wait that’d be great. With items, I love how much there is, but I wish there was a little bit more variety, especially with decor items. I’ve tried putting decor on the wall shelves but they won’t place. It’d be adorable if you could place string lights and hanging plants. With the beds, I love them, however I wish they had blankets on them, it just looks a little bare without one. I also would like to see more variety for couches or even just be able to add pillows on them. With painting walls, I wish you could add trim to them so they would look more natural. I also would like to see the possibility of putting walls up myself so even the small houses could seem a little cozier. (That one is a big request so I don’t mind if I can’t) Overall it is one of my favorite games I’m playing so far and I hope to see an update soon. Keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, dfgyfhsc
More options
Hi, yes, I LOVE THIS GAME. But there are a few opinions that I think would be helpful. First, Please add a search feature, to help players to find objects more easier. Second, to add multiplayer, I always have this dream of going to other people’s houses and helping them build or get rid of things.(If they allow me to) Third, same thing as I mentioned before, multiplayer, to allow people to come to your house and help you. And last one, fourth. You know how we (the players) get old and dirty stuff when we buy a new house? Please add an option to grab and object (but not trash) and be able to clean it for half the price for a new one. (But not, the beds that are on the floor) If you are a developer, I hope you add some of my ideas to the game. And also, there is a wallet in the top right of my screen that says it is a one time offer, but it keeps coming back, so I don’t know why it says “one time offer.” Thank you for reading this. 😊
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5 years ago, gamerseventeen
Read this please!
I love this game but somethings need to change like you need more furniture. Also you should be able to sell the first house. What’s the point of pets? You can’t do anything with them you should be able to tell them what to do or make them have some value or just be able to get rid of them. Also you should put more jobs that pay more. I had this game twice the first time I got rid of it because I could not get any money. Also you should make the dirt more visible because I could not complete a job because I could not find ONE dirt. I know this is not what the game is about but you should make it so you have to eat and if you sleep the time changes it would be cool. Also you should add family members in so you would have to make more rooms and have to upgrade your house to the next bigger house because your family is growing. So I’m basically saying add things from real life to the game.
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2 years ago, pizzawomoan406
Awesome game few comments
I would honestly really like to say this game is relaxing my for my future job I really wanna be an interior designer and this game gives me what I can do and how to manage money and also give me a job where I can work like you can do in the real word and I do have a few comments like when you’re in the shop you can search up an item like I couldn’t find this thing called a thuja and I had to do that and I couldn’t finish the whole task I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find it so I think the search bar would be a great thing to have and I think more people should know about this game honestly and then I think there should be numbers for things so you can just enter a number and like on the list again say number one number seven as an example so but yeah I think this is an awesome game it just needs those two things thanks🤗🤔
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5 years ago, Hdkabsfms
I really like this game, though it gets repetitive fast since there aren’t many different jobs you can do. I also think you should get paid more for the jobs since you can only buy like one thing for every job you do so you barley get anywhere. I saw another post that said you should add a variety of colors for i individual things and I agree with that. Also I think for jobs we should have more free will instead of putting exactly what it says. Also a couple more things, I think that when you buy and sell houses you don’t make any profit, you’re buying a house and putting in money that you just get back when you sell it, so you don’t make anything, I think that once a house is considered done like it need a specific about of things to be finish it should be worth more. I also think there should be a way to upgrade things so the tools can be used faster. Other than that I love this game and the design of it. Thank you for making this
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5 years ago, saffggbg
A nice game
This game has ups and downs to it but it’s nice I have a few concerns that I would like to be fixed number one give us more money to start with in the first house because I can never get anything done in the first house to house without using two dollars for the whole thing I’m only on the first house and I’ve only had it about a week concern number two is can we make the first house a bit bigger maybe a garage or car that’s all I need because I just need more money to start and if you are you guys who created the game can do that I will give you $100,000 but other than those two concerns I’ve never had a problem with this game it’s a great game or as my title says a nice game I have family members and I like to pretend they can live in my phone so I love these house games like this where are you can fix it up and I never get bored of it because of how nice it is well that’s all I wanted to say
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5 months ago, KT(:
Love this game.
I have been playing this game off and on for a couple years now and I absolutely love it! I do wish that there were a lot more color options for everything. Paints, indoor plants, rugs, and the paintings are all a bit difficult to match other things. I wish there was a LOT more decor options, like picture frames, different vase shapes (some shorter, rounded, etc.), smaller and more vibrantly colored books, etc. It would also be awesome to have some other pet-related items, or at least the ability to change their colors! I would also love to see come bicycles or other forms of transportation, some tools and smaller tool boxes for the garage shelves, and maybe even some more play equipment for the yard, like slides or something! I would really like to be able to change the colors on more things, like the outdoor furniture. :D overall, I LOVE this game!
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6 years ago, kittendolly
I almost gave up on this game....
There needs to be a tutorial, I was dizzy for about the first 10 minutes playing this game. Figuring out how to play is pretty annoying. There needs to be some nicer decoration options. The ones there are can get pretty boring. I also wish we could work on the outside of the house. Siding, plants etc. Here’s some tips for beginners: 1. Use the the left side of the screen to walk, the right side to look around. 2. The bottom right shows all your tools and the left is to purchase things, work, etc. 3. The tool in the very bottom allows you to sell things. So don’t move stuff around just sell it. Even at work. When a paint bucket is empty you can sell that to! I have never ran out of putty so just move it from room to room till your done then sell it. 4. When it comes to work car service is the best. It pays the most. If you don’t feel like finishing the job you don’t have to. You won’t get paid the full amount but you will get paid for the work you did. 5. To open doors just walk up and click use. 6. Don’t invest in your first house right away. You can’t sell it so hold onto that money to buy a house you can sell. Cleaning is free so doing that is fine. 7. You can’t get out of the yard to explore so don’t try lol This game can be time consuming so great when you have nothing to do. It has real potential.
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4 years ago, annafrill
It’s amazing
I absolutely love this game. I got it a couple days ago and I can’t stop playing it. There are easy ways to make money so you aren’t stuck in one spot for too long trying to get money and when making money you literally decorate houses so it’s still enjoyable. I love all the houses and there are so many options of furniture etc. I only ask that maybe a few more animal and that we can interact with items. Like swimming or petting animal and going to sleep. I love the graphics and it’s a really simple game to play. I don’t play games very often but I can’t even get off my phone now. There are a few glitches like when placing larger items it’s hard to move them and when placing like items next to each other it’s a little hard to connect them right next to each other so maybe an update on that as well. I think this game is amazing and the creators did a very great job. Thank you
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5 years ago, Hecathey4311
Amazing App!!!
So I really like this app, but one thing I really have wanted since the day I got this app, is where you can open the gate and roam around, but have like a teleport thingy back to your home, and like you can also go to your neighbors houses and there will be like NPCs to talk to, and I also was wondering if you could like make the beds different colors, for example, the modern double bed that’s green, the game will let us change that color to.... like lavender or something! OH! And I really like role playing so I was wondering if you could like make a family with the npcs you meet at different houses and then like you could date one.... hehe! And I just thing that would make the game more fun because if u don’t feel like working then u could hang out with your family!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much for reading this (I mean if you do) and I hope you take up all my suggestions, I love this game so much!!!
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5 years ago, Fluffy Kitty 1
Good but needs work
Okay I love this game a lot, but there are so many things I would change but here is some 1. More realistic furniture please I hate how some of the furniture is weird looking like it’s all animated which is not always that fun to play with, so plz make it more realistic 2. No time limit on jobs, I hate how I can only do 4-6 jobs then wait over 3 hours it’s so annoying n I just want to keep playing n doing jobs so I can upgrade my house, it honestly makes me want to quite sometimes playing n just delete cause I just want more jobs to do n have no limit of jobs n just keep playing n playing 3. More furniture like more couches, night stands, dressers, more cribs, even high chairs, car seats, baby swing, bouncer, like more baby stuff, more TV’s, more doors, more windows, pillows, more beds, more coffee tables, little decorations, more bathroom stuff, more kitchen stuff, just more stuff to make it more fun to play with 4. More vehicles like trucks, SUV’s, vans, sorts of things like 5. More animals n stuff for them 6. Okay so on wanting to buy a new house, I have to say the prices or okay but that isn’t the problem I want to know what the places look like before just buying it, like pictures or take a tour of it, I don’t want to spend my coins/money on things that I won’t like Plz take some of these things into consideration I think it will make people want to play more n have more fun with the game like me!!!! Thank u
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4 years ago, QueenRhyme
Love this game ... but...
I love this game... but...I would love to see more colors of paint/wall paper/carpet.. and more colors of beds! I love the color purple and saddened by only being able to have a purple paint. No purple beds or curtains.. I’d also love to see a grid layout when placing objects too. It’s annoying when trying to make something symmetrical but having a hard time getting things lined up. Just hoping to give some suggestions to enhance game play a little bit. Still loving this game though!! Edit: I also wanted to see if we could adjust the brightness of the game. I get the fact that when it’s dark that it’s supposed to be “dark” but even with lighting it’s still dark and I can hardly see what I’m doing. I’m running on iPhone X with brightness all the way up to 100% and still have a hard time with it being too dark. Edit 2: would also love to see a “flip button” as well for corner couches and kitchen sets. It’s annoying when I can’t fit them into the right side because the orientation is on the left. Edit 3 (Jan 2nd 2020): I just noticed on your photos that you’re able to add lanterns on the outside of houses (ex: garage). I have tried several times with the same exact lantern but it will not allow me to put it outside!! Running iPhone X as I’ve mentioned before lol. Sorry if this is a long comment of several different things. If there’s an easier way to submit ideas please let me know!
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7 months ago, Gamingmama79
It is possible to play this, save real $ and get to the last house
I did spend .99 and do the jobs in this game, before I learned and discovered how to best play this game and get to where I am now. Today I regret spending that money, even though it was .99 This morning I just reached the amount where I could buy the most expensive house in this game. I did create a video of the house before I started flipping the house. So what I learned about this game is this, there are things in this game to spend money on, and things to leave alone. Things to spend money on: The most expensive: Windows Doors TV’s Furniture Shelving Appliances Plants Hot tub Tool box Lights Spackle Wall paper (only when there was damage to wall and you spackled, then wallpaper) Things not to spend money on at all, that I discovered or you will dip into your money made. The floors and walls you don’t like. The cars. In my humble opinion. The cars may look neat on the outside. You cannot open them up or even drive them around. I did buy a $20,000 car and discovered this for myself. I think I even lost $5,000 on the car when I sold the house, I was in when I sold the house. I know in real life, not changing out old out dated flooring and wallpaper and wall color, would cost you. That isn’t how this game seems to be set up as of now. As far as the game as a whole. It’s a good game.
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4 years ago, Kikirich07138090
Fun game, needs bug fixes and more interaction
This game is really really fun! You get to do everything from cleaning the property, to repairs and paint and selecting the furniture etc. The only issues I have are the bugs in the furniture placement. Sometimes items get stuck in the air and you have to either go to another property or completely shut the app down in order to make it functional. The dogs get stuck trying to move through certain furniture pieces and won’t walk on top the rugs so it makes their walking space limited. Also, it’d be nice if some of the items were more functional. Like other players have mentioned, being able to interact with the dogs, or being able to turn on the tv and other appliances like the sink or stove etc. As others have said, I really hope the developers keep updating this game, because it’s really fun and has a lot of potential!!
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5 years ago, AllisonNic94
Love it
Hello! I just want to say, I absolutely love this game. You don’t find many games like this. But there are a few things I can’t get over. 1. We definitely need more options for decor, furniture, paint colors, flooring, etc. 2.The missions are always the same, which makes it hard to play. I’m sure I’m not the only one getting annoyed with the same missions over & over again. 3. It would be nice if some missions, we could work on the outer part of the house. Just cut grass, or pick up garbage. 4. We should be able to change the color of the houses too, that would be nice. 5. Definitely would love to see more houses we can buy & clean up to resell. Overall it’s a great game, but the same thing over & over again is getting old & I don’t play it as much. I was addicted for the first week & now I’ll play it about 1-2 times a week. Great game, but could definitely be better. I will say, the “knock off” games like this have nothing on this one. By far my favorite, just need some changes to keep us going!
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4 years ago, unicorn_panda
Great Game few suggestions !!
Hi, fisrt things first i love the game ! it’s super fun and satisfying to see the results after fixing a house or room.. But the thing is.. i had some suggestions, so please hear me out ✋🏻 I would like the game to be more realistic which where we could fuction not only the lights but the televisions, faucets, and the bathtub.. Also as i was saying i would like to be able to sit on the couches or maybe even sleep on my bed.. I really like the new update with the pets and all but i wish there was more to it then just buying a pet and it wondering around.. I would to see it sleep in the pet bed, eat or drink the food and water, also for us to be able to carry or play with our pets would be nice.. I have a cat and a dog which both of them are very cute, but i would like to do more with them.. NOT in a wierd way 😳 just like the things i was listing above.. Please put this suggestion to mind and i can’t wait for the new updates coming up 👍🏻 !!
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4 years ago, Taren R
Great game but could use some updates
I really enjoy this game, it’s one of the more unique home styling games that don’t require you to play match 3 type game to progress. I hope the developers will consider a couple of suggestions to enhance the game play. First, the lighting in the app can be rather dark sometimes, making it hard to navigate or complete any tasks. Also, the light fixtures placed in the home do not always work to light up a room. Is there a specific placement the lights have to be placed at in order for it to light the room? Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t so I’m not sure what the strategy is for placing working lights. A game play guide with more instructions would be helpful. Last suggestion is to have the option to upgrade your tools. I’ve read other comments about how slow the tools can be so maybe the speed could increase as you upgrade your tools. Great game, please keep the upgrades coming!
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9 months ago, Gloomsie
This app went downhill.
I first began playing this game last year, and I quickly became addicted. It was fun, easy, and a nice way to relax. I recently got a new phone so I decided I wanted to play again. When I opened it up, it seemed to be almost the same as it used to be. You start in a house, and you can decorate it however you want. I then went to look at the section that furniture and houses used to be, and I saw I had an office. I went to the office and now I can’t get back to the house. I tried to make the best of my situation by cleaning up the office, but it still says it’s not clean. I swept all of the dirt, picked up all of the trash, and even spackled the walls. It is still telling me that I need to clean around 12% more of each room. I truly think your update ruined the game for me and many others that enjoyed playing. Now there is a limit on how much furniture you can put in a room I believe? That’s unfair to me, either that’s a capacity or it’s the amount you have to reach. Either way it’s insane to include.
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2 years ago, kineticenergy67523
Pretty good since the last time I played it
The last time I played this game was a year or two ago, and I see there are some major improvements. It does run smoother and there are many more items to choose from. I remember that there were a small amount of jobs you could do and they would get boring quickly, and now there are more jobs. However, I noticed that the backyard of the starter house is smaller and you can’t cut your grass anymore. And while the jobs are more exciting, there are only 4-5 you can do before you have to wait for 2.5 hours for more. I would suggest decreasing that time or adding an option to refresh jobs for coins. Overall though, the game has improved very much since the last time I played. I haven’t had any issues running the game, and no ads!! It has lots of potential for new things, so keep up the good work.
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1 year ago, California Arizona gamer
Good game but a few minor inequalities
Don’t get me wrong. This is a good game but I have a few suggestions I think that the work is way too low pay and you only can get good pay if you get the premium access which to me cost way too much money, and if it gives you a free trial, shall we speak a week and not just three days. Another suggestion is there should be much more work when you don’t have the premium access I do just for five jobs and then I have to wait 45 minutes to three hours. Another suggestion is lower the price on all the furniture because whenever I want to buy new furniture, I have to do one or two jobs and he gets really annoying that I have to do multiple jobs and then I have to wait for about an hour and then I can do another job by the furniture and over and over again. overall, I think this is a really great game
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