House of Fun: Casino Slots

4.6 (478.8K)
192.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for House of Fun: Casino Slots

4.64 out of 5
478.8K Ratings
1 month ago, Makemoney❤️
Customer support
Hi! If yоu wаnt to рlay in thе bеst online саsino, instаll the "Plimkо Voyage" aрp, all nеwbies get a bonus with thеir first deроsit, i’ve already withdrawn $1077... As for hоuse fun I lovе playing house fun I always have I just don’t like to be misled because it wаs supposed to be a wаy tо make money Feist and it bе paid to my PayPal but like I said I’ve beеn рlaying it for the pas And sometimes I say to be like a Texan but I have yet to sеe even a dollar and every timе it says for me to deрosit oh it wаs for her to deposit my how many Keaau you need tо fix it that’s misleading and it is dоwnright 11 аnd I have days and I have not received that $.50 if I’m correct my name by this game that I have the 50 Cent sоund but it’s not fire to advertise that she can pay play for free and you download the game to play has it say is that a patient instаntly with no threshold have to meet my like I sаid I enjoyed house fun I would enjoy it a lot mоre if I hadn’t been mislеd because I just can’t afford to pay out to play games when I’m trying to play games to make money not take awaу from my hоusehold and like I said enjoy your hоuse fun yes there’s sоmething about the people hаving to paу to play the games and you pay so much and y’all will get a little bit Bank no I don’t like that that’s why I don’t trust a lоt of these gamеs because they’re Tae-yеon their advertisement that you’re going to make Karen $1400
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4 years ago, TheScionofMan
Probably the worst playtika game
Been playing their games for a bit over a year now and i was considering coming back to this one because slotomania and ceasars have gotten so bad recently. Took me all of 5 seconds to see an event not worth the cost of doing. A fake add saying welcome back here is a 100 free spins and 1 million coins the free spins existed at least lol played at such an impossibly low bet they average out at about 5k gold each less than a chip link gives usually. You go to collect your gifts it says hold on you may have opened to many too fast if you want to get coins buy them or open more when its too late for event. They took away the old best machines to use your friends free spin gifts on then brought it back changed like thats what people wanted. The only good part of this game is they have some unique machines.. that you wont be able to play again because they are behind a level wall so rediculus that im level 11k in slotomania and less than 400 in this. I started the other games for the loyalty point towards this one, but i dont even bother to colect the links for this anymore the game is so badly supported. And before they say otherwise just know the other playtika games have live chat so you can get an issue fixed if you a certain rank real fast. This game doesnt care about you it just wants to tease you with 1 dollar offers which are sometimes tempting but overall id pay them to play a working game but not a load of trash.
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2 years ago, dbarbes828
I use to play this all the time and loved it. I had a fighting chance. Good and bad times. Now, I can’t win to save my life! Yes, I do win…very little and to a certain point. Then in 5 minutes, they take it all back and you have to pay to get more coins to play…I use to spend money when my balance of coins was high, just to win certain games/challenges and didn’t mind that. But, I’ll be darned if I’m going to keep spending money to buy coins for them to keep taking. Bottom line is that I use to be able to get up to a high balance…and if I lost it all, it was my fault for continuing to play when I was on a losing streak….but, there is NO winning streaks like there use to be. I can’t get up to that high balance anymore. Not at all. Ever. I’ve tried and tried. Left it alone and came back, never changes. You don’t win as often as you use to when playing. It’s ALWAYS a losing streak. It’s a shame, because I really like the games. Somewhere along the line they changed…lowered the frequency of wins and lowered the payouts. So, if I’m going to keep spending money to play, I’m going to PLAY for real money! Why spend money on games you can’t win real money on, when they don’t even let you win fake money?
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2 years ago, ready to quit playing
Customer support
The customer service is very slow and non responsive. Watch your coins carefully they will disappear and they won’t get replaced any time soon. I have contacted there support center several times, at first thought it was going to be taken care of they wanted more information. When I gave it to them, we’ll I’m still waiting to here back from them it’s been over a week and my coins have not been returned I have actually lost more and haven’t played the games at all just collected my free bonuses. So WATCH YOUR COINS CAREFULLY well it is two weeks later and I did hear from the developer of the game. It was almost like a slap in the face! They take me for this review which I still only get one star or maybe even a half of one now. When you have estimated 30 trillion coins disappear, customer Service is ignoring you won’t get back to you, then the developer thank you for your review and give you 134 million coins to make up for that 30 trillion they took, I don’t see that being a solution! I hope after this review update, they give me a lot more of what I worked so long for. I have not played the game since other than collecting free coins. I’ll give them another week if I don’t get them back I will be deleting the game permanently. Even though I’ve been playing the game for more than eight years and will miss it but I’m not gonna play run not appreciated.
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3 years ago, jspence13
This is the absolutely worst game with the worst customer service. They either do not answer you when you have an issue or have a terrible excuse as to why things happens the way they did. If the game froze or crashed while you were in the middle of free spins or has been crashing all day, it is definitely your fault and your internet connection. If you want to win money on the game and be able to play long term then you should look elsewhere. You can spin 100 times with no bonus or free spins and lose all of your money just trying to complete one of their challenges. Their customer service will say that it is a random algorithm as to who wins and who doesn’t. You could buy coins and the game will still take all of your money within minutes. The daily bonuses and every 3 hour bonuses are not enough for even a couple of spins once you are at a certain level. I had been playing this game on and off for years and my level is quite high but I will not be playing anymore. The games within house of fun are great and would be so much fun if you could win enough to keep playing but it is very rare and unlikely for that to happen. The customer service has been very rude and unhelpful when my game would not work and I will not spend any more time on this app. They won’t even give you coins to make up for the trouble that you had if your game won’t work. Good luck to anyone who wants to waste their time on a poorly designed app.
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6 months ago, Just player Z
Similar to others
I’ve spent a lot of money on this game. In fact I’ve never spent on another casino. I’ve noticed the big wins are harder to come by. Features are harder to get. At one time I had ver 3 trillion coins. Didn’t take long to lose it. Now it seems ever time I increase my bet, the wins very nearly stop. Going from a billion bet with plenty of de ent wi s to 2 billion bet and I lose every penny I bet on 18 of the next 20 spins. Used to love playing Puppers. They took that game out years ago. I’ve spent a couple hundred the last couple weeks and have gotten little for that money. It’s not good that even those extras like looting have seen the prizes lowered again. Highest gems was 600, now it’s 140. This casino has given a lot to layers over the years, but it’s also taken a lot from those of us that have spent real money here. I get they need to make money, but to not get much of anything for the money spent here isn’t ok.
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4 years ago, no nicknames left x12
Impossible to get ahead
I have been playing this game for years. There have been changes that have made the experience worse. They used to have 3x xp on holidays and random days it used to happen often. Now only seems to happen once or twice a year and your birthday. Way too many pop-up ads. I stopped playing. Nothing more irritating than logging in and being bombarded with 5 or more pop-ups first. Why cant they just put the offers in your inbox? They have added special side games with goals and rewards. But.... seems that when one is active you win less often. You lose all your coins fast, and only those players with high balances ever get to complete these missions. Lastly they started sending free coin emails instead of putting them in your inbox. The most irritating process i have ever seen in a game site. I have to click the email link, then it takes me to safari, that makes me approve being redirected to the app store, which then opens the game app. Then pop -up after pop-up ad. I stopped bothering. In the past the link used to go directly to their app to the offer. Prior to that they just sent it to the in game inbox which was the most convenient. Who has all that time to waste? I miss the game but i am sure there are better games just like this out there with better procedures and programming.
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2 years ago, -nonni 7
Buyer Beware
I don't know about the rest of you, but I just like playing for something to do. Hopefully I earn enough coins to keep spinning for a while. This company is something else. They offer these packages where you can earn more faster and purchase coin package. Well big mistake. Not too long after I got that and each spin was 100,000 coins I was getting a pop up to break the piggy bank for $1.99. I just exited out of it and kept playing and noticed that none of my winnings were adding up. So I "broke the flipping piggy bank". They gave me 800,000 coins. 5 spins and it told me to break the piggy bank again. So I ignored it until I was almost out of coins. I broke the flipping piggy bank again I got my 800,000 coins and now my spins were 150,000. First spin it gives me all these free spins. Won like 2mil coins. Second spin I had to break that piggy bank again. Ok. Let's just see. Do these people do this on purpose? I took my bank down to almost zero and broke the stupid bank. Got the 800,000 coins and I got to spin once before I hit a jackpot and had to break that piggy bank again. No more for me. It's proven that they purposely do this. I've played these games before but I could not play for long I'd run out of coins. I had a couple dollars to get a couple coins in that turbo pack so I got it. I've had more money in my piggy bank and didn't have to break it like today.
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1 year ago, bige4irish
Vacuum cleaner like
This game used to be my favorite. I understand it is a ‘for profit’ app & I have made many purchases. However, in the past few months, the people in charge have decided to be extra greedy. In the past, when you make a coin purchase, you would have pretty good luck for a couple days. This would enable you to have enough coins to make it thru the lean times, when wins above your bet were non-existent. Now, if you are extremely lucky, you will hit a few wins right after a purchase, but it then turns off and you will not win above your bet until all coins are gone. I guess their thinking is, “player will rush and buy another coin package”. Not the case here! I did do that, but I have done it enough to see a clear greed pattern. I will no longer make ANY purchases of this app and will open it to get my free coins when they are available and not play until I have saved enough coins to play longer than a couple minutes. What a shame! This app could have ran as I used to and I would have continued pouring money in 3 or 4 times a month. I will NOT make 3 or 4 purchases a day! That is how severe the greed has gotten! Beware people. They do their best to gut hook you like a fish…get you to emptying your account to them once they have you hooked!
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2 years ago, Disappointed HOF Player
Doesn’t Honor Their Rewards
I have always loved House of Fun but right now I’m VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!! I have been playing this game for years. This week I received 65 billion for being a valuable player. I was so excited and began playing. After awhile the game I was playing began acting up, locked up and took all my money away. I sent several emails to customer support concerning what happened since their chat live was down. I got no response but was able to do a live chat a few days later. I explained what had taken place and the customer service rep said he saw where I had had over 59,789,000,000 before the game locked up. He kept me online for some time probably talking to another person in charge to come up with a way out. Well guess what…..he told me it was all a mistake and I shouldn’t have received the 65 billion and it had happened to other people and their coins were also taken away. Do I believe that? Not in the least. First of all if the mistake was on their end then they should have honored their reward and replaced the amount. That’s just good business practice. This whole situation has shown me that House of Fun, in the end, doesn’t honor their rewards.I have always given great reviews but now my love for this game is no longer. I guess it’s all about the money and not customer satisfaction. Sooooo sad!!!!
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5 years ago, faces1967
Good luck playing more than half an hour!
This app draws you into the game with all the life that comes out of it, but it also draws the cash from your bank account as well. Also ..while playing say you win 5 bags and each bag has 4-5 items... well if you get a “PKG DEAL”,you think you’re buying say 10 bags with 4-5 items along with your points but “NO”.. you get the 10 bags with usually1 “maybe”2 items in each. So misleading and very wrong. It’s theft by deception and it should be fixed. The way the screen and characters come alive is a great feature and I’m sure that took time when producing but .. people should not have to pay so much to play. It’s a good slots app if you’d be able to play and win more points and extras, I’ve played many other slots apps and I’m kept entertained more than 4-5 hours before paying around 10-20$ then I can play for around 5hours a day for 5-7 days . So I’m spending around 100$ a month .. not every 2-3 days??? Ridiculous! It’d be awesome if you’d look into these things and see for yourself and adjust this slot app. I’m thinking of leaving. It’s my second time. Thought it may have gotten better but sadly NO. Good luck to all!
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4 months ago, lizzycat77
Not fun anymore!
Yeap I am sorry to give up only 2 stars, but I am getting tired of being rip off my wins or coins. And when I go to put a complaint they always saying that I was wrong. When clearly I send them proof. And I haven’t got my answers back nor my money or coins. Then they always makes it so difficult to get some wins. I have been over charge too when I buy some packs. And when I ask for a refund! They wont even answer my complaints. I just wish I could get my money back since they don’t even give all what its promise or offer in the packs. So what’s the point on buying them?? I am just leaving this review to let people know not to buy anything anymore they would just pretend to give you what they say, but when you cash the purchase. It always gives you other things. I am not blind so I do pay attention to details even I wait for my coins to be added up cause I notice that when you spin fast they don’t accredited all the spins to your balance. Well good luck to everyone here if you keep wasting real cash on games like this. I wish I had the guts to be one of the peoples to join the big lawsuit they had over 2 years ago. But I didn’t do it because I am a nice person. But I regret not joining them.
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3 years ago, Myth143
Worst Slots Game Ever
The graphics are good, but there is absolutely nothing that sparks the pleasure centers of gambling. The payouts take forever, when you actually win. And I didn’t just play one game, the Snow White was best at atleast giving me $80 of my $100 bet after 50 spins in total. I fell asleep TWICE in that knock off Candy Land game. No rules, the wheels phrases and colors wedges seem to have NO meaning just a gummy bear snail like speeds through the Candy Land road. No reason or rhyme or payout or concept. AND WHAT IS THAT Blue Creature supposed to be in the square in the slot with the bear and old timey lollipop trees? I screenshot that and zoomed in and it looks like a ski slope with 2 giant round ice cream cones dropped on it. Just like that picture, this game has no point to it. You bet a ton for not even 1 BIG WIN, a “Bonus Candy Bear Game”That likes any kind of instruction or a reasonable understanding to the point of I’m tired of having to push my finger to spin and falling a sleep. There’s not even an auto function or a turbo function which game shouldn’t have to have turbo, it should just be spinning to where I don’t need to hurry up the game is slow and it lacks concept and while the big things graphic wise are nice smaller the details everything the details complete mess total threw something on it called it a day job of a game
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5 years ago, 8unns
Increasingly aggravating
I'm getting fed up with ever increasing number of pop-ups, not only when I first open the app but also anytime I want to switch games. And suddenly today, when I try to open my bonus coin emails, I get the usual prompt to open the game (never mind it's already open) but that goes to the app store and prompts me again to open. I feel like I'm constantly dealing with extra windows/pop-ups instead of playing. Also the special longer term prize games should have an option to opt out. They also generate annoying pop-ups in the middle of games. I've noticed over time that the only way to win the prizes appears to involve purchasing expensive coin/spin/bonus packages. (I'm on a fixed income now and have too many other obligations.) And don't get me started on the pathetic silver/gold chests. I don't even waste my time opening them. I've also noticed that I seemed to win the larger jackpots more when I bet almost nothing. Ever since I started betting 50K or more, I can blow through millions and never see a rapid fire hit of 7 or more. Hint: when people don't believe there is hope of winning the special jackpot games, they tend to lose interest. I find myself with less and less interest in playing. At some point I'm going to just blow through my "money", uninstall, and go elsewhere.
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2 years ago, Lovedkatie
Hasn’t loaded for more than a year
Don’t spend your hard earned money on this addicting game. I used to play this game all the time. I spent too much real money playing the slots and quests etc. for them to just stop allowing me to play. It will not load on my phone, desk top computer or laptop. It says “your connection was interrupted, please refresh” I have tried to refresh countless times. It’s messed up that they won’t let me play. I have tried to contact customer service but they won’t help. The last screen shot I have you can see I was on level 1815, but I was almost to level 6000 last time I played and had around 3 billion coins probably more. Very frustrating and with no customer support you just loose your money and game coins. Don’t waste your money on this app. Update:I received a message from playtika today, asking me to change my review. There was a thank you gift attached but I cannot open it because the problem is still there, no customer service to fix the problem, just a bribe(I can’t open) to change my review above. Not sure why they asked me to update my review without fixing the problem. I did discover that I can go on safari and load the vip version but it’s on safari not the house of fun app
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6 years ago, Luvmycrazeeboys@
So far So Fun
I have only been playing on HOF for a few days so far. As my title states... So Far, So fun. There are obviously some slots I have not cared for at all. Others that are just ok, and some that have been truly entertaining, and enjoyable. I do not have time invested in HOF like most of the reviewers do. So all I can truly tell you is above. And one more time So far, so good! I will update my review with more information when I have more time invested in this app. If you are just looking for entertainment HOF certainly provides that. I hope that when/if you give this app a try that you find it fun as well. All apps have their draw backs, and are not perfect. I truly hope HOF continues to be fun, and does not begin to be a huge disappointment like some apps. I’m not looking for perfection. I’m just looking for fun entertainment, and I hope it continues. A lot of apps start out great Then take a turn for the word, and become money sucking huge disappointments! I hope this app doesn’t do that. I’ll let you all know if it does, and also give you the timeframe in which it begins to happen. Have fun!
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7 years ago, superbison
Most appealing slots but...
I’ve been using this slots app for years. I, however, can only tell you how it compares as a ‘free slot’ because never have/never will pay a real dollar to “play”. That said, I check in with this app almost every single day, for years. It’s called checking In because as a free slot, your gameplay rarely last more than 6 rolls. Each day, your account is given a few bets...up to 10 ‘free spins’ per day...if by rare chance you double up or keep playing ..well, these are the prettiest, most entertaining and enjoyable free slots. Unfortunately, if one day you win, by luckily hitting something big (I have one such day in over 1,000 played) then your player status will increase which in turn increases your minimum bet and therefore for the rest of your life...your daily gift of free slots will be used up in as few as 3 spins. ..not really worth driving to Vegas with a nickel, so unless you intend to pay real money to win nothing but some graphics saying you won fake money this game is a bit on the frugal owners want your $ and nothing else side.
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3 years ago, Bruno2387
So irritated
I love playing this game I play it every single day but it is so frustrating because I’m constantly losing all of my coins. I thought the whole point of playing a game is for it to be fun not for you to constantly lose and then when you finally get free spins after losing 30 million coins or more and you don’t even get 1 million coins back is ridiculous. There is no reason that I should’ve lost 4 billion coins in less than three days. You guys really need to be less stingy on giving free spins and then when you finally get them it would be nice to actually win on them. And not even just the free spins but in general you need to be less stingy and let people win more. I am on level 1142 so obviously I play it quite often and yet I run out of coins daily regardless of what I’m betting. It’s getting to the point now where I don’t even wanna play anymore because it’s not fun losing constantly every single day. I shouldn’t have to spend tons of money buying coins just to be able to play and I refuse to do it anymore so if things don’t change unfortunately you guys are going to lose a player and I will not be recommending house of fun to anyone else
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4 years ago, GOTSMART
Do Not pay to play
I’ve played house of fun slots for probably 2 years. Spent way too much money especially 3 months laid up after a knee replacement. But I enjoyed so kept playing and buying coins. NO MORE! I will get my free coins only. Had a problem with my credit card . I would buy coins , wouldn’t get them , I’d go out of the site , go back in and got the “contacting store “ message and then got the coins and they charged my cc an additional 2 or 3 times when I didn’t get the original purchase and now they’re directing me all over the place for a resolution. Our cc company has been great but trying to get it straightened with house of fun is a nightmare !??? Did you ever notice after you purchase more coins you”generally “ hit something but once you get to your “free spin” for THEIR coins , the game all of a sudden stops hitting, so you’ll buy again . I just went through over 30 million (yes MILLION) coins and not one bonus spin ! Not one !! So now I’ll collect my free coins , wait for my free spin coins and then play. Don’t need it as there are other games ! It’s sad because the effects are beautiful but not worth it ! And please stop all the other interruptions when playing ... it’s annoying !
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6 years ago, pick any nickname, i dont care
Don’t make a purchase !
When my extra chest was over 90%, I made the mistake of making a purchase that would award me 3 platinum chests and hopefully push my extra chest over 100% and award me a diamond chest. Well, I was half right. The 3 platinum chests did move my extra chest over 100%, but I never got the diamond chest. I contacted customer support and explained what happened. In return I got a lesson on how extra chests work. I replied letting them know that my chest did go over 100. They responded again letting me know how happy they were to help me, “no worries “ and they checked and I was wrong. Um, why would I choose a purchase that awarded 3 platinum and less coins over the other two, both of which offered more coins turbo bonuses or free spins if my extra chest wasn’t nearing 100%? Didn’t matter, the response was our database is right, you are wrong. So, ultimately, HOF is willing to screw over a paying customer and call them a liar rather than take the high road and believe a paying customer and award them a fake diamond chest that ultimately costs the company nothing, but gains them a loyal customer. Don’t spend money on this site, you mean nothing to them and they will be happy to let you know that!
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5 years ago, Andryall
The best game ever Renee
I really enjoy playing this game there are lots of different games to play and you can win a lot they look a lot like casino games from different casino i have in been too try it u will like it the fun never stops this is the only game on my phone yet I have so many games now let's have fun. I've been playing this game for over a year I enjoy it so much try it you'll like it. I really in joy the graphics the audio sounds in the fact that I win big. The only thing I don't like is when I buy coins sometimes I get charged twice and I don't like that the longer I play the more I like this game i've played a lot of games on my phone but this one is the best one yet I enjoy the graphics and the fact that you get great bonuses keep up the good work. It's going on two years now and the game is as good as ever try it you'll like it. Renee hi guys there is new game that came up is is great. Try it Renee more fun just keeps happening have fun
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2 years ago, G124086321
Fun but Greedy
I downloaded this App awhile ago and I am very disappointed how greedy it seems every App game has become. To enjoy your games you want to be able to play and win! Yet they take your coins so fast your not having any fun. I recently wrote a review telling this developer if I were winning with payouts that allowed me plenty of playtime they would deserve my hard earned money for all the Funtime. I guess they are not interested in what would have their customers buying their coins or other things. I use to buy from Slotomania every single week because of fun and great payouts then they became greedy and took so I never purchased again and every other App I gave them a try and the more you buy the faster they take. I was told by others who plays these games never buy anything because you will never have fun with playtime. To bad this developer didn’t read or care about what I wrote in my review. Especially when money has gotten tight recession time and the game Apps doesn’t know how to get customers to keep coming back or deleting their Apps. Great games tho just ashame!
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4 years ago, Ptab83
Don’t understand this game’s advertising
I saw this ad that said the casinos hate this app and are trying to shut it down because some woman “hit a progressive bet on 200 free spins” she got for downloading the game. It said “if the counter at the bottom is still counting down then you get 200 free spins”. I looked and it had 7 mins left. So I said ok. I play slot games sometimes. Well I got “100” spins for downloading. Not 200. And I put the 100 in quotes because it dishes them out in 25 spins per day if you log on 4 consecutive days. I’m on day 2 and it already can’t “find” any new messages in my inbox which is where I would get the 25 spins. After playing this game yesterday I realized that it’s like every other free slot app I’ve ever downloaded. There’s no real money involved in your winnings. The only real money involved is the money you spend for more coins if you want. So why the hell does the casino care about this?? They don’t. False advertisement, lies, and empty promises are apparently what this app is all about!! I gave it an extra star just purely because I like playing slot apps sometimes, but it doesn’t mean I like being lied to...
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5 years ago, Sabu 2023
House of fun
Love House of Fun I wish the bonus were more often so we don't run out of money so fast the casino I play the most...I give the five stars...2 years playing...yeah!!!i love House of Fun now I been playing it for about 4 years or more is my favorite casino I give 5 stars again...yeah!!!! I love this casino is the only one I play all the time...but you know what some times you spin and spin you money goes and then you gotta wait for ever for the next bonus is mot like we winning real money lol I get game card some times so that I can play and still takes for ever to win anything so we can keep playing...I'll continue playing and hope that it will some day stop being like a real casino....I'm not winning real money even when I play with money...still give the five stars because I love HOUSE OF FUN ❤️i been playing for 5 years maybe more love this casino I wish it didn't take so long to unlocked the slots 😜😜
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7 years ago, Yoloswag now stop koke
This game is the WORST!
I really don’t even want to give this game 1 star...I can’t stand the FACT that this is a game where there is not only NO skill involved but there is also NO luck involved! I wouldn’t mind losing every time I played if I knew that I was just unlucky, but there is no bad luck or good luck... there’s no luck involved at all! They decide what they feel like giving you and it really isn’t much! I could maybe see them being so cheap and the game being so manipulated if you could cash out your chips for some cool prizes but all you can do with your chips is play and they won’t even let you do that for very long without paying a fortune! Trust me.... Do Not even bother playing this game and definitely DO NOT buy chips!!! It seems that the more you buy, the less you win! And like I said if you do win... all you can do is play it out and it goes very quickly! Move on to something else.. do yourself a favor!
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4 years ago, donna sheff
I love HOF
So let’s just say I’m an obsessed hof player, I love literally all the games, and graphics are out of this world, no other slots can even compare! I find HOF very addictive. They recently have made some changes that were very exciting, they raised our bets on our free spins we receive from our HOF friends, and our every 3 hour collect and the money wheel are both much higher, and for that I am grateful. I do find that “challenges” or side games are nearly impossible to win, unless you purchase coins, which don’t always help, which disappointments me! I have had days where I literally almost uninstall the game, they need to loosen up the slots and make the challenges just a little easier, and I have decided that I’m going to stop buying coins and just see where it takes me! I know this is a mixed review but I’m trying to be fair and honest! Good luck spinning!!
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2 years ago, Crspencer75
Fun at first….
The game was fun at first, but not anymore. They increased the minimum bet from 40k to 800k per spin. I was told it was because they increased the rewards. What good are better rewards when you cannot afford to keep putting money in to complete quests? I also feel like they decreased the rate of wins that keep you anywhere near breaking even. 800k a spin to win 40k. Being able to lower your bet is why I liked it. The rewards were lower, but you could enjoy the game longer. Making people have to spend more money to play will lose you customers every time. People may only spend $10 a week or so, but the way it is now, that is $10 more than I will spend on it. I tried to give it another go and what I found is that IF you manage to hit a decent jackpot, they get it all back, with interest. The cowards made it so you cannot contact chat anymore, you submit a ticket they never acknowledge. I guess if I was screwing people over I would hide from having to speak to people too, even tho they all just read from the same scripted response. The worst slot game on the internet.
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3 years ago, katskache
Goodbye HOF
I wanted to write a final review before I uninstall the app. I have played HOF for quite some time and have enjoyed it. Customer service has been extremely helpful when needed and for the most part the games, tournaments, etc have been enjoyable in fact hands down HOF is the best casino type game that I have found. Now to my reason for leaving. While I have always enjoyed the daily rushes I have become exceedingly frustrated with the difficulty for example yesterday one of the steps required you to win 9B coins. That is fine if you are flush but if not there is no way to pass that step so I gave up. At least with some of the special events you can choose easy, medium or hard depending on your available coins. I realize it is a casino app so you are going to win some and lose some but I seem to be paying to play more and more and honestly it just isn’t worth it. I do want to say thank you as I have enjoyed playing your games but it is just too rich for my blood.
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7 months ago, Mph33
Much Better!
The app continues to improve. Too many times they ask for a review. Sixth time today! On a former review I rated this app a two. I complained, rightfully so, that on the daily bonus spins I always got the lowest of three numbers. They have some very unique games. And they seem to be constantly updating. Not bad. Because I don't stay up in chips for long, I have purchased some. Their deals are few and far between, but I have been able to play longer than usual instead of just 'updating' to gain chips. Hope this continues and the app chip deals get better. 12/18- Can’t play daily......but still like the app. The app always wants you to bet 40,000 but to purchase enough to play that much is way too much! I get occasional big wins.....but no where near to continue playing at that rate. Still hanging in after many years!
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6 months ago, Ryan's.
I don’t play as often as I used to because of the following reasons; 1. The losing streaks are never ending, they just seem to go on and on and on, you would think that after LOSING 10 BILLION in coins that you could win some of that back! 2. I hardly ever win cards anymore. 3. On the rare occasion that I do win a card it’s always a duplicate, so it is very difficult to complete a set. 4. The cost of anything “extra” has SPIKED IN PRICES so much that I have STOPPED PURCHASING a lot of what I used to. 5. I really did enjoy cashing out the coins that I earned and worked hard for in my piggy bank, but I have noticed that when you offer a percentage increase for cashing out the bank, that YOU DECREASE THE AMOUNT OF COINS SAVED IN THE PIGGY BANK so I don’t end up getting what I pay for and I find being RIPPED OFF very upsetting! If you are going to offer a percentage increase for anyone cashing out their piggy bank, don’t lower the coin amount that the player has earned from playing your game and if you do… please have the decency to let the player know!
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5 years ago, triggerols
Sad Player
I finally decided to sign in with Facebook. I’m sorry I did. I’ve been playing for years. I thought I would get more coins plus other gifts. Boy was I surprised. They started me as a new player. They took all my coins my spin on the wheel was at 2x now back to 0. All the slots I had unlock are now lock with very few to play until I can get them unlocked. If I could do a do over I would definitely not sign in with Facebook a big mistake. Makes me feel like I need to move on and find another site to play on. People I’m warning you do not sign in with Facebook if they insist that you do because you will be sorry in the long run. I had a lot of fun on here but now to start over new I don’t think so. Good luck to all you players just stay away from signing in with Facebook if you have been playing for awhile because you will be sorry when you do.
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3 years ago, NoFatKat
No Good in Facebook (VIP Plus)
I’m at the VIP level and it comes with “benefits” that you can only get when you are in VIP Plus which is in Facebook. I don’t know how it is for others, but I can’t play any games in Facebook on my iPad or iPhone. It is slow slow SLOW! And it’s very jerky. I log in, get my coins, and play whatever I must play in order to get whatever benefits are attached and then get back out and go to the regular HoF app to actually play. I absolutely hate playing any games in Facebook! I’m at level 3207, so you know I’ve played HoF games for a long time. Why why why do you have to make Facebook mandatory??? To top it off the coin packages are EXTREMELY expensive. How many people can afford $400 for a virtual coin package that gives back nothing except a few hours of spinning fun in virtual slots games? Granted, you get more coins in those packages, but not enough to be worth that kind of money! For $400 you should get lifetime coins! I have a great idea - for $400 you get 20B coins every week for life!!! Now that might be worthwhile!
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2 years ago, popizdope2.0
To much on the slot screen
So I have played in this slot casino for a long time I just love the slots the bonus games n how many times u get a bonus game so overall this casino is 1 in my top five places to play slots so I have spent my own money many times on coin packages n I don’t mind it cause everything about your casino is #1 . I enjoy the hof items the extra ways to get coins .card packs as well as every other mini item but it shooting across the slot like that while I’m in what I call the zone is not ok it stops me from stopping my slot it also on the Home Screen slots page u can’t use the left arrow cause it’s in the way. Just an idea y not put everything in the mailbox n we as users can access them as well a number can exist n increase of our mail and we can check it as we need to .thanks
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6 years ago, SF2000
Lose lose lose... then buy... lose in five minutes.
I like the games. I really do. They’re creative and fun but enough is enough. Time to review and tell everyone the truth. First off, the 5000 minimum is just scammy and rude. You’re thieves and robbers. You’re payouts are low. You’re bonus’ are scarce. You’re free payouts are nineteen grand. Please. That’s three free spins without a win. I had over two-million and lost it all within a couple hours. I only bet five grand on every spin. Do the math if you care. The icing on the scam cake is your wheel. Nothing short of pathetic! I’ve been cheated out of a million dollar spin countless times. The wheel spins and then amazingly stops as the momentum slows to land on the million then goes backwards to the low sixty-five grand. That’s serious sleaziness. Yes, I know it’s free but it should be fair. Period! I play these to pass time and spend maybe ten bucks a month. I hope this review saves some slot players some heartburn before they open this Pandora’s box. I really do feel for those players who have spent their hard earned on this and got monetarily ripped off. Caveat emptor my fellow slot players.
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1 year ago, J_T_777
Casino or game?
Hi there, I have been playing this game on and off (mostly on) for a decade. My level is Lv2329. For anyone who has played the game, they know that is a decent amount of time to play say the lease. I first started playing the game because I thought it would be cheaper then the real deal. But now it’s at the point where I don’t really win unless I buying coin packages. For example I bought a coin package “DEAL”($20). Ended up buying 5 coming out to OVER $100 And lost my coins in about 30-40min (not max betting). Betting reasonable. I get that it’s designed to be like the real deal but the simple fact is, IT IS NOT!! I just gave a 100 dollars for fake money to not even be entertained for more then 30min! This game has definitely gone down hill over the years I’ve played it. Wish it didn’t take me a decade and probably over 5 THOUSAND dollars later to realize this! Think I’m going to just start taking my money to real deal from now on atleast I can lose it trying to actually win something back!! ✌️
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5 years ago, yours58
We are very thankful for this opportunity to down load this app.
Very wonderful to play with a lot of fun I love it very much thanks i will let my friends know about this helpful app to gamble i appreciate this app and i will play when ever i have the time to play or i will make it a point of duty to play even if i am so tired so i will play till i fall a sleep thanks again for everything about this app. Me and my wonderful family have decided to visit this app even if we are busy and we have also decided to always play games on this app we are falling in love with this app every time we pay it a visit. My wife say she will share this app with her co workers she is managing the Doctors office so can play the gamble game between them and i am going to let my friends and their family. We appreciate it so much and we are thankful for introducing this app for free.
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1 year ago, iampurplelicious
My amount changes without notification
Yes I had been playing house of fun for over 5 years now and the game play will change on you if you don’t check your phone when you walk away temporarily. I had acquired 8 billion coins and only bet one million 1.2 million each spin I stepped away from my phone briefly and did not pay attention to my amount had changed to 600,000 per spin after I noticed it I immediately stop playing and contacted play platform and was denied my coins back. This happen a couple of years ago and I thought that they had fixed this bug and apparently they had not. They contacted me with the rule that they had refunded me my coins before and they could only do it as a courtesy on a one time basis. They have access to what you play and the amount you play so they couldn’t use the excuse that they didn’t know. I think that was a poor excuse to justify them taking away such a large amount from me! Install this game at your own risk and please check your amount in play after stepping away briefly 🤬
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4 years ago, gambleratheart
Irish Emeralds
I love playing that game and I’ll give you a five star rating as long as you keep that open. I unlocked it once then all of a sudden it got switched to higher number so I couldn’t play it any more. I disputed the fact that once you level up enough to unlock a game it should stay unlocked. But I got a lot of negative feedback and that’s the way it has to be, so on and so forth. However, what’s fair is fair and it shouldn't have been changed. I’ll continue to play as long as it remains open. If not I won’t play at all. If you would at least do a faster level up when it’s open I’ll get there quicker but if you don’t happen to keep it featured I can’t play. Thanks for listening . On one last note I’ve gotten a lot of my friends interested in HOF and they love playing it. I just happen to like Irish Emeralds.
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4 years ago, skyeblu6
I wont purchase from this app anymore
I have been playing this game for several years now. I have noticed that as time has passed the developers of this app keep making it harder to win and they keep lowering the amount of coins you win in the special board games they put on the app. For instance...the board trip where you spin and jump a certian amount of spaces, you used to win in the hundreds of thousands of coins. Now it is 15 thousand or 20 thousand. They give you way less spin turns when you purchase a coin package too. You used to get 100 spins with a large coin package and now you get 15. The most aggravating thing to me though is how hard it is to win money in the jackpot games. You can spin hundreds of times and not win a thing. I used to spend money buying coins because this game used to be fun. Now its just aggravating because you chance if winning is so low. I will not be making any more purchase on this app because it seems like the developers just keep getting more and more greedy. Its sad because it used to be fun to play.
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3 weeks ago, GaNana27
Poor customer Service
I’ve played these games for yrs, spending money and buying points. I made a mistake not seeing the game had increased my bet by a huge amount. The bet used over half of my points. I asked customer support to reinstate my points because I never bet that much! They said no since this had happened twice before over several months. I told them I’m done and when I use my points up there won’t be any more purchases and I’m deleting the app. NOTHING …..NO RESPONSE! My purchases mean nothing to them! I receive a note this morning from the above survey, I was told to contact the developer, I did twice before I wrote the survey!! Sebastian said he couldn’t do anything!! Customer No Service This is another example of poor service. Here is a terrible review and the only response was contact the developer which I have already done twice with no help! Also, do you want to update the review! Nothing changed! Me spending more money on these games have stopped. They don’t care if they lose business!
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6 years ago, Jed49
Love the variety
Great variety of fun games, really enjoy playing. Would love to see a few more bonus situations in all games, but overall, love HOF Other sites games seem jerky, not smooth rolls like real casino games After several months of playing, I still really like the site. There are two things I have a problem with. After buying coins, it seems that I am pegged as a buyer, and when my money gets low, I don't get any wins. It's getting too expensive, and I may have to stop. The other problem is that when a new game is opened, and it becomes a favorite (black panther) it goes back to lock mode. Irritating when you want to play it. Overall, I like the variety of games better than other sites. Just wish I didn't have to pay to play. And bonuses are better with higher bets. Catch 22.
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6 years ago, unpappy
Game gone
Yesterday I was playing my House of Fun game I want to login to it with the icon and it asked me if I wanted to connect with Facebook I did and I lost every thing I had I lost my coins I lost several ranks and games several levels I had played Legends completed it twice and was on a third time of playing it I spent several hundred dollars on this game on coins and on chest and it started me over at level one with 7500 coins are you guys freaking seriously what is the problem dear I want my game back I cannot get anywhere to talk to someone the developer of the game is who I have to talk to I was on the phone for hours yesterday trying to get this straightened out and no one can get me to the developer of the game I am not happy at all I have lost hundreds of dollars on this game and it started me over with a new level one and even has a new icon look I even deleted the game off and reinstalled it to see if that helped nope still at level one I even turn my iPad off to reset it and turn it back on nope still at level one somebody give me some help ASAP
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4 years ago, Nutmeg girl
Not a fan of your challenges within the games
This new gimmick which requires the player to bet or win a certain amount or get a certain symbol within a 3 day period is shameful! It is a ploy designed to lose your play coins as quickly as possible. I have been purchasing coins in an attempt to complete all challenges and achieve the tempting play coins promised. The fact is I now do not believe it is designed to be achieved. The only result of this ploy is that one loses his/her play money faster and ends up buying more coins. Please disregard my first update if you got it. I deleted it from my copy. It was meant to go to the Cashman game managers. They the ones who took my balance from the game. Very sorry for the mix up. Thanks
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3 years ago, tampster hampster
New to game
I just started playing this game downloaded through another app to earn rewards have to reach level 130 to get my reward it does seem to b leveling up rather quickly which I’m glad of I have only played one slot so far and it so far I am enjoying playing and I have been winning some which is cool keeps u playing hate the slot apps that don’t give u enough coins and u run out quickly and have to wait certain amount of time before u r rewarded more coins I have not yet checked out anything on the app so my rating is only based on the one slot game I have played hope things continue to b fun and enjoyable seeing how I have to reach level 130 to get the reward on the other app I have so I will b playing this game for a while will rate again when I am able to experience more of this app thanks
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3 years ago, ThickyMadam85
Faulty or Fraud Take A Pick!!!
I emailed them this in regards to the game but wanted to share my issue here as well for future gamers. This is the closest I could find to represent my issue of Auto-Spin. This is the second time that I have had my game set on auto-spin because I’m doing multiple things at one time. I was trying to complete as much of the fairytale rush as I could before it ended today. So I had it set to auto-spin but for some reason whenever I level up during it the system increases my bet without my permission. I went from betting 550k to 2 million a spin and before you knew it my coins were gone. Of course betting more you loose quicker which I guess is your alls way of getting ppl to buy more and more coins. Thank you but no thank you, I won’t be playing the game again and plan on leaving this as a review on the Apple store so that others are aware of this malfunction or cheating system that’s going on.
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4 years ago, lostmymind1978
Like the game but..
I like the game(s) that you have but man you guys really still need to work on the payout system more. I don’t expect to have “Huge Wins” or “Jackpot Bonuses” but when you drop 1.5million coins betting at ONLY 5k per bet I would at least expect SOMETHING in that time frame. I dropped 1.5 million coins, leveled up almost 5 full times, betting only 5k per bet and still never had one scatter drop, bonus round, or what ever else there was, let alone a “big win”. I had to build up the (whatever) prize bucket of 3500 and purchase a gift just to get something. And I did that twice. I don’t pay for the “extra features” as I don’t play it that often but it would be nice for you to work on that area. The game that I saw this issue the most in was Gummy King. It was part of the weekly challenge game and I only selected the “easy” level.
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6 months ago, Jasperz411
Great graphics fun but can get frustrating at times
Some of the best slots I have tried I love playing them but they up the challenges a bit much and it can get frustrating at times instead of fun. They also offer coin packages and prizes to buy constantly which all the slot games do really. There is a lot of games and variety on them much better quality than most slot apps I have tried and usually run smooth. Their costumer service is fast and always available through chat or an email. Just try to enjoy with out buying what they through at you too much and join a team it helps. There is free coins on Facebook official fan page and theirs, along with Instagram page, emails, Ouse notifications, their chat bot and on main app page, I hope that helps you. Good Luck!
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3 years ago, Young_Savage_14
Worst game out there
I’ve played many other slot games and while they all have their own issues, this game is by far the worst game in this category I’ve ever played. For one, it is pretty much impossible to get bonuses and free spins, and when they do give them to you, it is barely ever anything to really keep you wanting to play or nothing at all. Doesn’t matter how much you’re betting you will never truly get ahead. Once you run out of coins, the free gifts they give you are no more than 20 spins on the lowest bet size, basically saying, “hey buy some coins” but I seriously don’t recommend you doing that because from my experience actually getting ahead in this game is far from possible. It’s like the developers want you to keep spending money on a game that’s impossible to actually do something on. Seriously tried giving this game a shot but it’s a complete joke. Really feel bad for whoever continues to play this terrible game for more than a couple of days.
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10 months ago, 2mucho
I am a Black diamond who loves the game….I have taken the bad with the good but I’m very disappointed today. I usually find that I always have an opportunity to make my rank ups and challlenges. Not always easy, but there is a way. Today, they changed the game . Usually until now, you reached the highest rank in Halloween rush or the Rush games every month and then have an opportunity to reach higher opportunities. There were no penalties after you reached the highest point to proceed. This month they changed this and made going higher,After reaching the highest level in Rush,….. another challenge. Then they made it impossible to reach rank…..the game was set up in their favor. I enjoyed this until now. I’m reconsidering leaving the game unless this is changed. Very disappointed and feeling abandoned by a game that is suppose to be fun. NO FUN NOW!
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2 years ago, oldfan58
Enough is enough!!
UPDATE. 02/23 Unbelievable how many recent reviews have been deleted! After the ridiculous TV screen was added, I came here to see what folk thought. Read a lot of negative reviews from the last two weeks. Come back today and they are gone. The robo responses suggesting “we only want to give you what you want” are horrid, canned responses. Look, I do not play money, so my issues have nothing to do with money lost. I just think the game developer has created a silly charicature of what was once a whole lot of fun to play. I do not understand aggravating so many people. What’s the point of actually winning big if the ante for the games is then exponentially increased? Games that were 10,000 bet are now 200,000 and games that were 40,000 are now 800,000. Makes no sense as wins have been so deflated. What’s the point in playing. (And this is how it has been since I first started playing.)
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