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User Reviews for Houzz - Home Design & Remodel

4.84 out of 5
290.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Pam in Canyon Lake
Houzz for the Latest and Greatest!
We recently moved back to Texas to build a new home overlooking the Texas Hill Country in Canyon Lake; one of the fastest growing areas in Texas. I always look to Houzz to provide the inspiration for our new construction; carefully adding my own unique touches to already great designs showcased from homes featured by Houzz. By following trends and mixing in Texas heritage, we have created our own version of one-of-a-kind custom homes to include aging in place to child friendly spaces, telecommuting enhanced offices, low maintenance yards/splash pools and even spaces for four-legged for “spoiled pet” family members. We’re on our fourth new construction/remodeled home we call “livable/sellable” investment homes. We live in them and sell them roughly every five years for a profit; money we can’t make in the current stock market. None of our homes have remained on the market more than a week and all have made 20-30% profit (since we general contract the projects ourselves). Thanks to following the trends and research on Houzz; we’ve created a great source of income, a challenging yet rewarding hobby/career and we get to live in a well designed and comfortable stylish home we’re proud of.
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3 years ago, Somuchtimespent
Fun to look through, but...
I enjoy looking through Houzz to get ideas from the photos or solutions to problems on the different forums, however... 1) The search function is average at best. If you search for something like “basement laundry” you’ll see photos of that plus lots of unrelated pics. It seems the more specific your search, the more “off” the results are. 2) Lately and with increasing frequency, the attached information under “learn more” is for a different property, and probably one you looked at previously. Its like the previously viewed information won’t clear out. 3) Considering there are supposedly millions of photos posted, I keep seeing the same ones over and over. 4) I don’t know that I would ever dare to post a question on a board, as the people answering (pros and lay people alike) can be particularly snarky or unnecessarily harsh. A woman asked about thoughts on paint color for her kitchen, and was told by respondents that she had too much stuff on her counters, her word signs were awful, and her back splash didn’t properly coordinate with her counters. And it kept going even after she very graciously included a little background information about some of her design choices. It was a very nice kitchen by anyone’s standards, but the people replying (which included pros) were just rude. There seems to be no monitoring of the site at all.
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3 years ago, Tornado Allie
Indispensable Inspiration
Houzz has been my go-to place for ideas this year. We are building a new home, and I could not have gotten by without inspiration and ideas from Houzz! Houzz makes it incredibly easy to save examples of decor, appliances, hardware, furniture, tile, fixtures and share them with my own architect and decorator. I can save all of these elements in one spot for easy reference ( we do not live currently in the state in which we are building) and then zoom meetings are a breeze. Houzz shows me the latest trend, prices, and lets me search broadly or in narrow categories. It is my favorite tool for planning a new space or just taking in moments of beauty when I need a break. There is always something to look forward to here on this amazingly user-friendly site.
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4 years ago, WordLover2013
We placed an order on May 17 and got a confirmation that it would be shipped by May 22 and delivered by May 30. We ordered from Houzz vs another vendor because we could get the merchandise so soon. There was no indication on website or in our confirmation that there may be COVID-19 related delays like some companies have posted on their sites. Our delivery date passed and on May 24 I emailed Houzz asking for a status. Auto response said a response may be delayed 4-5 days due to COVID-19. I tried calling and was on hold forever and hung up. 5 days passed and no return email so I emailed again on May 30, the day we were supposed to receive our order. I asked for an order cancellation. It is now June 4 and I’ve still not received an email response but noticed my credit card got billed. I didn’t receive an email notification saying my order had been shipped, though I was promised one in my order confirmation email. I logged into Houzz and sure enough my order finally updated to “shipped.” We tried calling and using chat function and those are no longer being manned. We requested an order cancellation again, this time on the website because that was now a selection on the page. Order says it will be here by 6/11, well past the date when we needed it and it was delivered after we asked for cancellation. It doesn’t appear they are manning email either. I will not be shopping with Houzz again.
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3 years ago, Kelorah9
Shipping from Houzz
This is the worst company we have ever seen. We ordered two bedside lamps over a month ago and they still have not arrived. After three weeks of waiting, we inquired as to the delay. There were three flimsy excuses. First they said that they didn’t accept phone calls and would only have agent chat. This took 25 minutes to connect. Then the connection was lost. We connected once again and the first excuse was that they were sorry but the package got lost in transit and would be reshipped. Then after another week we got an email that said the package was damaged in transit and would be resent. Five days later the email was changed to say that due to COVID it was still sitting in the warehouse but they were pretty sure we should get it within 5 days. It showed the tracking progress and the warehouse is an hour and a half from our house. Can you tell me why it is taking 5 days for a package to travel 1 1/2 hours (60 miles)? This STINKS. The corporate office is in Palo Alto and I’m in Irvine, CA. I could have driven in one day. This is the MOST RIDICULOUS CARELESS COMPANY I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW THEY STAY IN BUSINESS.
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5 years ago, rjhammy
Not for custom furniture builders
As a pro I spent $1200, I have 11 five star reviews, I’ve been in my field for 14 years and I received zero referrals from houzz. As a custom furniture builder houzz was a complete waste of money. I talked to other professionals in my area and they all agreed. None of them received referrals from houzz even though houzz assured me that they had. I’m sure it works for someone, but if you’re a craftsman don’t spend your money on this platform. I cannot recommend this to anyone unless you’re a consumer organizing and getting ideas. Also, contacting customer support trying to cancel my account I kept getting ghosted. They ignored my calls and emails. Winston was extremely unhelpful. I finally had to call my bank and explain how they were not living up to their side of the contract. Ended up getting some money back because others had this same experience. They finally contacted me and tried to send me to their collections 😂😂😂😂 once I explained the situation they left me alone. Horrible experience all around for an app I was really excited about.
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5 years ago, AwesomeArchitect
I have not received a single lead since the beginning of the service (in nearly 5 months), as opposed to what HOUZZ promised that there will be many “lead projects” they will send me every week. HOUZZ is absolutely the worst company, a total fraud company with very very poor customer service and all their representatives are liars and only good until signing up for the service the very first day. I did not even heard back from them the second day I paid $1188 to this company for their yearly membership that they called me strategically and tricked me to sign up for, until I had to reach out to them again myself a month later. This shows how terrible your company really is. I will make sure to inform all architects and other people in the building industry that I know to not sign up for any services with you, and I know a lot of them. I will share my horrible experience on all media platforms. With no regard or respect for a BS company and people like you. Remember that there is no difference between a thief stealing $1188 from me and you.
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4 years ago, WylieWee
Couldn’t do it without you!
I have built many a house in the past thirty years. My how technology has changed and for the better too! I am building and designing a house with an architectural firm and construction company. Houzz has become invaluable! From my original designs saved in an “idea book” to answering questions, sourcing products, pricing and conversation staters! I bring my iPad open to Houzz to every design meeting since the project started a year ago. It is wonderful to be able to look up a design element, faucet, room configuration and have all that information available. Having Houzz has also helped with ambiguity since photos make understanding elements clear and easy. Here’s to Houzz and for making the project so much easier and fun!
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4 years ago, hogsareback
Posting New Questions
The number one thing you can do to improve the user experience, especially new users, would be to make it easier to post a new question. I see this over and over in comments on your site and other search engines. This also goes for folks like me who do a lot of browsing but don’t post that often. I love HOUZZ and refer it often to my friends. Remodeled the entire interior of my house and thanks to your site, it’s beautiful. Now working on the exterior. The advice I’ve received has been invaluable. Kept me from making some major mistakes with my roof and exterior paint choices. In turn, my stress level is way down. For that, my husband thanks you too. I hope you take this feedback and move “Post new question on your home page”. Can you tell I worked for a top ten e-commerce site? Lol just trying to help.
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2 years ago, Back to Old School Music
Edit photo bug
I am a huge fan of Houzz and have used it for several of my home remodel projects. One of the things I like is the feature where I can snip photos from house (example: bookcase wall, type of furniture etc.) and see how they look in a photo I uploaded of my space. Lately with a recent update this feature is now disabled. Not only is there not the ability to crop the photo as I had previously had, but there is not a way to exit out from the photo, so you’re forced to then exit the app. Steps to replicate: open photo I uploaded in my idea book, click edit pencil, pick another photo from ideabook, crop the photo. It doesn’t give the option to complete the crop - only Reset or close the app. Unfortunately this has greatly limited how useful I find the app. It is now only good for saving photos but there is no ability to customize my space with the ideas I find on the app.
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5 years ago, RedRyder60
Recent updates ruined this app
This is a fantastic app EXCEPT... updates have changed key features and now it’s a mess. Comments on stories are now listed “in reverse” so the most recent is first. That makes reading the narrative harder when participants are talking to each other. More annoying, the Notifications area doesn’t work on my iPad anymore. Just the notifications for stories, not discussions. If you’re invested in a DesignDilemma, you want to keep reading the narrative. The link never connects on my iPad -it does work on my desktop, which isn't helpful since I use my iPad more often to read Houzz in the morning with my coffee. Updates like these are often the demise of a great app, Houzz is a perfect example.
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4 years ago, Red Lodge Construction Company
Houzz stole $2000 from us.
My husband signed up for an account for our new business and was contacted by Houzz with an offer for them to build a business website for us and manage our Houzz account. He accepted the offer, paid $2000!!!, had phone meetings with Houzz, sent job pictures... and then silence. Website has not been built, our Houzz profile links a website to a competing contractor in our city and when asked to remove it no one has done anything, our emails are not being answered, phone messages not being replied to. No one is answering us and we paid money for services that not being fulfilled. I questioned this on the Houzz Facebook and got blocked from commenting. This company seems like a legitimate scam and I hope no one falls for it like we did. Definitely too good to be true. (If anyone from Houzz would like to make this situation correct then please contact your customer, Red Lodge Construction Company and refund the money for the services you were unable to perform.)
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4 years ago, ManBearPotato13
WARNING ! My info was leaked !
I’m not trying to talk bad about the app itself, considering it’s a solid tool. I only had the chance to use it for a week or so before it started acting up. I deleted it and forgot about it. Few months later I receive numerous reports from my credit monitoring service about my email being leaked out and possibly in the dark web. I would usually disregard this type of thing, but THREE Other identity services came up with the same result and specifically noted Houzz as origin of info leaked. I never once received a letter or notification from the developers about this. On top of all that , all my attempts to contact customer service about the issue were disregarded. I can’t make this stuff up, and am sorry it had to come to a negative review for it to ( possibly )be acknowledged. The app is GOOD I repeat it’s a GOOD APP with solid features; and I’m sure the developers had no ill intentions ; but I am mainly unhappy with the lack of support and or info on a EXTREMELY SERIOUS MATTER my IDENITY.
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1 week ago, [TabulaRasa]
Super stale content, glitch app w/ abysmal algorithms
Have been seeing the same photos served in feed hundreds of times over 5 years there’s hardly ever any new content. Most of the photos are of builder quality homes without a lick of design sense. Worst of all the app fails to save at least 10-20% of photos I do like to idea books. Often times changing the idea book doesn’t work making categorization a game of roulette. The algorithms for finding “similar” photos for an existing idea book rarely even identify which room I want to see more of. I’m sick of getting served kitchens when I’m in an idea book exclusively of bedrooms. Or getting exterior photos when looking at exclusively laundry rooms. Whoever is managing this app is literally asleep at the wheel and has been for years. Fire the app team and hire some product managers that actually care about user experience.
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3 years ago, Casa Bella Vista
Texas Hill Country Lake Whitney Home
We were planning to build a lake house for years. Houzz definitely helped with every step in the architectural phase as well as the interior design phase. It’s influence enhanced almost 100% of this home’s beauty. It is designed for ease of comfort, use and maintenance while offering much light throughout via its large windows, allowing the great outdoors to be enjoyed from within. We love the practical storage, floor plan, appliance placement in the kitchen and utility, the wall colors and stained woods. Just search on Houzz and you will find great options for inside and outside. I showed the contractor many pictures from Houzz to explain what we want. We have been in this house for three years now and love it. Thank you Houzz.
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5 years ago, mymyzimz
Photos and website
Love the site for inspiration... I’m also happy with items that order from this site.... I was looking for a contractor to remodel my bathroom and came across Bliss Construction in Novi, Michigan, I received horrible service and an incomplete job. I tried to post a review on his houzz website and the review was blocked... why?... Also, the site crashes at least once a month, so you have to delete it and then upload it again, what a pain... So if you love beautiful photos and great articles, Houzz is for you... but also know, houzz will not allow you the opportunity to share any negative experience that you received from their advertisers... so all reviews are 1 sided....proceed at your our caution.
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5 years ago, Jikum
My money was stolen
I bought I light fixture from SHOPFREELY on Houzz that cost $319 dollars I told them I wanted a refund on the item they asked if I wanted to get $114 and keep the fixture or get my refund, I ask for my refund and this Devin person all of a sudden starts talking and makes these empty promises to send me my return sheet so I can send the fixture back and I haven’t gotten a response back yet. I went to find the corporate number to find out that this place is a sham. Stealing money out of customers account. Hanging up on them and not responding to these issues. This is less than few days , it’s not even past the 30 day mark and I’m being ignored, I’ve taken pictures as proof if I need to take this further.
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2 years ago, Hip home lover!
Use Houzz to plan your remodel/ remake!
Wow, did I ever need houzz! Both my kitchen and family room remodels were made using the ideas found on houzz fantastic photos. Problems were solved, also, through seeing how other home enthusiasts solved their problems at houzz. Without houzz I would not have the masterpiece I enjoy today! Friends have asked me about these genius decisions and how I made them. I answer, “ With houzz, I can do magic with my house!” And if I can make magnificent choices with houzz, just about anyone can!!! Thank you, houzz, you are a huge part of my accomplishments! PS.I have purchased some great products there too!
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2 years ago, OriginalCaroline
No Similar photos feature
I love Houzz and have been an avid user since the app was originally released. And it keeps getting better with each update. But one feature that used to be really helpful was being able to see up to like 20 similar photos when you would click to get more info on a specific photo. The app has gone back and forth with it before — it’ll have the feature and then it won’t — but this feature has been MIA for a loooong time and I think it’s ridiculous they don’t offer it. That’s why Pinterest is so popular, cause you’re able to see like-photos when you go down a rabbit hole. Think it’s silly Houzz doesn’t offer this feature anymore.
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9 months ago, It’s 5 o’clock somewhere
Our small backyard designscape
Teresa and the “SHE” crew did an excellent job designing our small space and working within the parameters of our HOA. They were very flexible with the time delays of our HOA and coordinating the waterline refittings with them. The install was completed quickly and her plant / palm choices were perfect for our “beach” theme. They happily allowed us to do a few last minute changes and actually came in UNDER budget. And, her parting gift was a wonderfully informative book with the pictures and care of all the plants /palms they planted. She MORE than fulfilled our expectations and we love sipping coffee / wine in our new patio garden.
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9 months ago, SF Lupa
Spamming me after downloading
We downloaded several apps to aid with a creating a yard redesign. Since downloading this app we are getting daily emails that we do not want (really, what makes a company think it’s ok to bombard you with emails after they get ahold of your contact???) When we attempt to unsubscribe through the link in the bottom of the email it only purports to unsubscribe you through that one particular ‘newsletter’. To unsubscribe completely, you have to login, since I didn’t create an account, there is another link to connect by just using your email. When I did do that, they send you an email with a link o login, so when I used that it told me it was expired. The link was literally 30 seconds old!!! Argh! This is so infuriating and why I hate to ever give up my email address.
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1 year ago, plan an icon
Don’t fall for the free trial
This app might be great for pros or homeowners actively doing projects, but I signed up for the free trial to see if it could help me make my own floor plan of an existing building. I determined within 2 days that it wasn’t going to work for me and tried to cancel the trial and here’s where I ran into trouble. They make it impossible to cancel! I tried for 3 WEEKS. Even when chat messaging or emailing ‘customer service’, they put roadblock after roadblock in the way. When I demanded that they cancel my account before I was charged the annual fee, they stopped responding entirely. I decided to go to my bank and cancel the card I had used so they couldn’t charge me. I finally heard from them again when they tried take my money and couldn’t. The app wasn’t worth it for me at all, was frustrating and the experience wasted hours of my time.
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6 years ago, DebfromNoank
Great app but updates not always for the best
I love many features of this app, but recent updates seem to have removed some of its most useful features. I use Houzz Ideabooks as a tool to help with remodeling and design ideas. The original app for years allowed the user to move photos around within each Ideabook, allowing one to compare a subset of ideas (e.g., compare bathtubs in an Ideabook on bathrooms) but that ability suddenly has vanished without warning, as has the ability to move from one Ideabook to another. This greatly diminishes the app’s usefulness. Help! Freezing the contents and placement of photos in Ideabooks is not a good idea. Thank you!
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1 year ago, MarciLK
Problem with update
I like the app in general, but the recent update caused an inconvenient issue where when I type in comments, there is no autocorrect. It doesn’t automatically capitalize when needed, and it doesn’t add period/capitalize next letter when you double space. I know this is a minor thing, but you get accustomed to typing a certain way on the phones. The other problem with the update is if I’m looking at something in the app then go to another page on my phone, like my Google app, the app sends me back to the home screen and out of whatever I was looking at. Also, the “pros” commenting on the forum questions can get sort of rude. I don’t know if these are people hired by Houzz or how they get their pro designation, but they have rarely been helpful to me.
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4 years ago, Cashey1845
Exceptional customer service
I placed an order for wallpaper, it was promptly acknowledged with an estimated ship date. A few days later I received an email informing me that the estimated ship date had been pushed out several weeks. I appreciate the commitment they show their customers and their willingness to keep them informed. You don’t have to do the follow up, they do it for you! I received shipment notification and tracking information when my wallpaper shipped so I could track it if I wanted too. More companies should follow their lead!!! If you’re on the fence don’t be....place the order you won’t be disappointed!
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4 years ago, KiffUSA
Great ideas and advice for your home!
I’ve been using Houzz forever. I love the featured stories and beautiful photos and I always get great ideas and inspiration for every room in my house. What I love most is that you can post any design questions, no matter how big or small. Many people (design PROs and non-Pros) respond with such thoughtful and informative advice. I often join the discussions and give advice on things I know about from personal experience and I’ve received many heartfelt thank you’s over the years. If you have a question or need a creative solution for your home or garden, this is the app for you. HOUZZ rocks!
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3 years ago, melanie rocks!
Creativity Within Is Renewed and Inspires New Ideas Here
Whenever I need new ideas, inspiration, new trends, color choices, I find a lot of education and thoughtful problem solving dilemmas with Houzzs content. Beautiful pictures of before and afters of of projects are fascinating! Houzz keeps improving their site all of the time. They know how to spot and discuss new trends with leading expect across the board. A “must” for those that can afford and/or appreciate superb taste. They have it covered with items for your house, apartment, and tree fort! Sales are great! 4 stars because non sale items can be very expensive making it difficult for so many of us today that have to really watch what we spend.
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5 years ago, Dontlovemuch
Best Home Shopping App Eeeeeever!
Abundant choices! Need ideas? Conduct a search and look in photos, all styles are covered. Wondering how your choice will look in your room? Easy, their app provides you technology that allows you to see it! Working on a budget? They’ve got you covered from high end to low end and all prices in between. It’s my go to app for all my home needs. I also tell anyone who’ll listen that it’s a great place to begin and end your buying journey. Houzz a perfect combination of design help, with a broad range of goods at prices to fit your individual budget. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!
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2 years ago, Gal amar
Never use this app
I tried to open an account with Houzz and in the beginning the guy there was nice but he didn’t understand what I need , the most important for him was to take my cc and charge me without to explain what I need to do or how it’s work. I tried to schedule an appointment with the stuff but now one calling back. After a month that no one call me or no one want to help, I tried to delete my account and I got surprise how hard it’s. They don’t let you do it by yourself and you have to call them for that (first time that I feel like scam). I was waited on the line over 3 hours, on the same time 2 people hang up on me the phone (one of them because he didn’t understand my English). After 3 hours I got the person to help me to do it but still he said that they can’t do it and I need to wait another 48 hours before they can do something, I don’t know what and they didn’t explain me but they also didn’t want to send me a confirmed about my request. If you just start your business Houzz it’s not a place for you, they just charge you and no one really will call you back. Save your money and time and just use different platforms for your business! Houzz is the worst!
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7 years ago, intensifi
Great app, but updates have issues
I’ve relied heavily on this app for inspiration for our remodel. However, recently the app has started behaving badly. When searching for a feature (say wainscoting), then trying to filter for the room, style, etc., the app forgets about the feature I’m searching for. It just shows all the rooms that meet the filter criteria. Also, when reviewing photos in search results, if I select to learn more about a photo, then close the photo details when I’m done, the app returns to the top of the search results, rather than the last photo viewed. If The search results have a few hundred photos, it’s extremely time consuming to try to figure out where I was. These bugs make the app significantly less useful. I’m starting to look for a replacement.
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4 years ago, Wednesday5
Best Home Design App
I have used Houzz to organize each room in our new house by the design and color scheme and then share my Houzz ideabook with our architect, builder, cabinet maker, etc. It is the best app to gather your ideas by pictures and keep every room organized in one place! I’ve also purchased so many items off of Houzz, finding the quality to be A rated and the vendors to be very courteous and responsive to any questions I may have. We are building once again and I’m back to putting our new house together picture by picture! I love using Houzz!
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6 years ago, Katrod1
Expensive, Ridiculous Game with Poor Taste
I like the app but Players do not follow guidelines or rewards those who do. Players who decorate with rustic, contemporary, modern etc items are not voted by other players as doing a good job while other players who do as they please are selected as an excellent design. Players rarely vote for rooms using colors tend to reward all black/white rooms. In order to garner enough votes to win a prize you have to buy expensive items to decorate your room. The game has charged me for expensive items and then not given them to me. Had to write the game to be reimbursed. Although I was reimbursed, it made me wonder how many problems I may have missed with a large inventory of decorative items. Many of their designs seem to only be geared to use up as much expensive inventory as possible such as holiday items, art, rugs etc.
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9 months ago, Tammy GK
Legacy Painting
We just had our house and trim painted by Legacy, we have used them before at our previous home. We did not even consider contacting another painter. Legacy is that good. Matt is wonderful to come out and work up the quote. The team he sent to do the work was efficient, timely, courteous, very tidy as they worked and did a fantastic job! We are so pleased with the fresh new look of our home. We go to Legacy for all our painting needs, inside and out. If your looking for a great painting company, look no more! Legacy will be your best option by far!!!
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3 years ago, HellfireBebop
I have come to the conclusion that there is no easy way to find a decent contractor. You cannot trust sites like Houzz, Yelp, Angi, Homeadvisor, etc, etc,. They’re all bought’n paid for. Look, its no different than the yellow pages telephone book… just modern and online… gee.. great. They pay to be on these sites. You can’t trust any one of them. The only way to attempt to get a decent pro, is to do the work yourself.- background checks, CSLB, and real customer references where you can talk to the customer, confirm they had a completed service, and going to their house and getting a closer look the work. Sorry, but after doing all the above and relying on these sites, I only had 1 contractor out of 5 that I would recommend. The others weren’t just bad, they were nightmares.
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7 years ago, Patti9999
Frequent crashes BUG FIXED!!!
UPDATE: Support immediately contacted me after I posted my negative review and asked for details about the problem. Within days they notified me they had found and fixed the bug. Just updated the app on my iPad and no more crashes!!! Changing my rating to 5 stars!! ....When reading long design dilemma threads, the app crashes, forcing me to locate the thread and start over. This happens on all really long threads with several hundred posts. Once the app starts crashing, the only way to read to the end is to switch to Safari. .
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5 years ago, Bay Area Client
Artistic Expertise and Attention to Detail
Joanne was so cheerful and easy to work with. We had sent for her to fly into the Bay Area to help us set up our new home. She studied our taste in various objects and paintings with attention to space and color. She went the extra mile to help us find the perfect sectional sofa in grey to compliment the multiple colors in our paintings, rugs, in contrast to our blonde wood floors. With an African and international bedroom and Carribean guest room, we have our dream house that we intended. We have a warm and inviting home that has an eclectic flair that is comfortable and inviting to all who visit.
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4 years ago, bdymond1
Very Useful!
I really like this app in that it connects users with professionals and a crazy amount of design ideas. I’ve found several software bugs though and ones that have caused a bit of irritation. They include: (1) sluggish and unreliable image upload from iPhone and a completely disappearing text input field on iPad (including the photos not uploading whatsoever) - this all happens in the messaging screen when communicating with contractors, (2) repeated scrolling to the bottom of the ‘Contact Me’ screen while typing - this happens in split-screen mode on iPad, and (3) inability to bring up the login screen on iPhone after logging out - I inadvertently made two Houzz accounts (1 attached to Google and 1 attached to Apple) and when I logout of the my Houzz account that’s tied to my Apple account on iPhone, no login screen will come up to log in to another account. No matter how many times I tap login, nothing comes up —> this bug (#3) only happens on my iPhone. The login screen comes up every time on iPad after signing out.
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12 months ago, Starfaced5
Everyday use, Houzz is sublime
Read for pleasure, use as a portal, I open Houzz each day. Ideas for every room in the home, lighting, landscape design, it’s all presented in an easy format. Ability to save pictures to an album is super useful. Have used Houzz to locate best price home furnishings. Why spend hours looking…Houzz will bring up just what you want for style and cost. Rugs, occasional furniture, lamps, small electrics. Houzz is a portal to find uniqueness at a friendly price. Perfect app. Highly recommend.
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1 year ago, Pete_ree_no
God has turned away from this app
Good luck. God has turned away from this app. It is not what he intended. You have to offer your firstborn to get unsubscribed from their emails. I promise that is easier than following their steps for unsubscribing. It’s oddly hostile about pulling any of your information back. I had to delete my account, which requires a pound of flesh and a strong rebuking, just for the emails to stop. I created another account because there is no other app that has as many Getty images as this one, which I strongly believe is the standard god intended for images. Heed my warning, if you create an account and sign up for emails, they will take your children, no questions asked. I don’t agree with it but it is efficient.
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4 years ago, pigaroo100
Merchandise fulfillment and delivery problems
I have had problems with almost all of my four orders. The first was delivered at the opposite end of the house as requested in delivery instructions and hidden under a table, so not found for several days. The second was a standing lamp, which was missing the lampshade that was supposed to be included. The third was a pair of night table table lamps that turned out to be very low wattage outdoor lights, even though not specified as such, and not useful indoors. The fourth is a Pepper Mill that I have not yet tried using. Although I love the selection of merchandise as it appears on the website, I’ve had so many problems actually receiving what I ordered, that I probably will have to stop using Houzz.
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4 years ago, Cassino119
RSK Stone
What a great experience with RSK Stone. Rinaldo answered my call and within two weeks I had beautiful Kitchen counters. Raina and Rinaldo were such a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. They answered every question ( believe me there were a lot). Sent me to several locations to find the stone I wanted. From the day I ordered, laser measurements and install was about 10 days. Installers were fantastic. Polite, professional and cleaned as they went. A hiccup with a plumber and Rinaldo was there in a few hours to install my faucet and disposal. Just amazing!! I highly recommend RSK Stone!
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3 years ago, Elisa_Jane
Could be better
I mostly love this app. I use it all the time. I have noticed it thinks (stalls out) often, and I have to close the app and reopen it. But more than that, I find it cumbersome to “learn more” about a project. Sometimes folks have asked about a paint color (it’s often not answered by the poster but that’s not on Houzz), but I have to click on every possible photo to see if the question was asked and click again to see if it was answered. It would be great if there was a way to tell which pics have questions and answers. That would save a lot of time. But overall a cool and helpful app.
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4 years ago, California DIYer
Excellent inspiration needs better product tags
Houzz is an excellent platform for finding inspiration for every room of your house. When looking to make updates or design choices I always go to Houzz first to get ideas on the latest trends. My only criticism is when I find an inspiration picture, frequently the items in the pictures are not tagged and you have to email the designer to find the product details. It’s unlikely that the designer will respond. Wish all items in the pictures were tagged or alternatives were offered. Still love the app!!
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6 years ago, Niiiicolaaaaa
Helps me remember where my mind went
I love the rich content, saving to unlimited private Ideabooks, ability to sort images by room and feature. But I especially LOVE that when my attention switches to another app and I abandon Houzz for whatever, when I return to Houzz the next day, the article or image or blog I was last poring over is still there in the app! I love that it works like my own mental bookmark. Please keep up the amazing work, and don’t ever change anything about this app. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. (unless you make it better)
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1 year ago, Peeaula
So many shiny things I’m like a kid again!
First time browser, but also a definite first time shopper! So easy to develop a room design just by simply describing what you like about an item! You can see a room come together to use the much overused SATC…..and just like that! Wish I could get brownie points for all my praise!!! I’m also a pretty savvy shopper and reviewer of products; are you listening folks? Shop til you drop people, prices are very competitive! Thanks for your time reading my review!
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4 years ago, player90876543
Poor service - worst online experience ever
If I could give 0 stars I would. First and last time I will ever use this site. Houzz does not care about customers, did not respond to most emails, makes it difficult to get answers. Two weeks without hearing from anyone. I should not have to contact them asking about delivery. They and their sellers should be contacting customers from the day an order is placed, and keep people up to date. Erroneous information in ads about shipping times. Finally get a text saying order has shipped but tracking number shows it is not yet shipped. I get better service from different online companies ordering much less valuable items than I have after spending $400. Buyer beware!
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4 years ago, ora baxter
Lakeside Surfaces
Loved the precise and detailed work Lakeside surfaces did for us!!! Their Communication is spot on. You know when they’re coming they text email and also call. We couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend them especially the two awesome installers we had Brandon Semkiw and David Gotts!!!! Worked longs hours and didn’t d such an amazing job!!!! We went with porcelain in the kitchen and a waterfall and matching backlash!! Love it! Thank you from a very happy customer! The template Guys were great too Andy was one of them!!! Well done Lakeside!!!!
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2 years ago, fraudsucks
Email overload!!!
All i did was a google search for hand towels, which I purchased through Houzz somehow…and then my email box is bombarded with junk. While that may be normal operating procedure, what is not ok is that if I respond to unsubscribe, Houzz only removes you from that particular newsletter! One has to login to alter the email preferences in order to realize there are more then a dozen “Newsletters” you have been automatically signed up for! Thus you still get bombarded by emails unless you delete the entire account. Seems really greedy and stupid, I could have been a good customer as a redesign my house but this company is sleazy and annoying. Does anyone really want to be contacted daily? I think not.
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3 years ago, challenged gigi
Return to more selective shopping searches…please
Houz has inspired me for many major projects…including three major remodels on existing properties. I’m about to start the fourth full remodel. In the past I’ve found professionals and bought products through this app. In those days the app was far more selective with “matching” tags to products. Now that feature is cluttered with unrelated ‘matches’ making the shopping feature near worthless. Instead of tapping the white tags, I now screenshot items I’m searching for and then use the Google lense search feature from my photos.
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3 years ago, mamacasne
Nearly perfect
I love this app for great ideas for our homes, both inside and out. In fact we have actually done some remodels based on ideas we found here. Things are always current which makes a fan a bit ahead of the curve on new trends. The app does tend to freeze up which is my only complaint. Have not had the issues with the app freezing up any more. So, I guess they figured out the problem and fixed it!
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