How Well Do You Know Me?

4.7 (20.4K)
70.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
DH3 Games
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for How Well Do You Know Me?

4.71 out of 5
20.4K Ratings
8 months ago, ❤️🐍😻😻😻😻
Love this game
I love this game so much I’ve put me and my mom’s name into it and my mom learn things that she didn’t really know and I really like that she learned that I’d rather go rock climbing than go to a concert And I’m really happy that she gets Learn new things about me and I will learnNew things about her as well so I’m happy that I found this game and I hope that you like it as much as I do
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3 years ago, Kaelyn S-B
I like the idea of the game a lot, but with some questions it doesn’t have enough answers. Like with what type of movies do you like best, me horror movies. The game, gives me romantic, comedy, sci fi and something else. I’m like well I don’t even really care because it’s like I love horror movies and then besides a few specific movies genres are all the same to me. And colors, I don’t remember the colors besides blue and pink, but there’s only 4 colors listed, what if it was yellow, or orange. Or something else not there, that’s the only problem with the game.
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3 years ago, Tigerlilyjulie
Very good game
I think do you know me is a great game and a great concept so I only wanted to write this review for people who haven played but are looking at reviews. So you just awnser qwestions and then your freinds/family awnser the qwestions sorry for the misspelling I’m Not originally from America
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6 years ago, Angryskipbo
Fun times but...
It’s a wonderful quiz game. I love it a lot! I hope the message below makes sense!! An advertisement interrupts the quiz when I have only 1 question left to answer (before I get to read/answer it and before my husband gets to answer/match the questions). We found this out after my husband read a question for our first round... I said “it didn’t even ask me that one.” Plus, it causes the unanswered question to be automatically answered; so neither of us would ever get 100%. We tested it three times for “quiz 1”. I haven’t even tried the other two quizzes but I figured creators might want to know this glitch. Otherwise, it’s a fun app:) thank you! I’ve already recommended to a few friends who love game nights 👍🏻😁
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2 years ago, kitty-cat727
It’s ok
It is very fun I play it with my family on long car trips because it takes no internet but it does get boring because there’s only a few quizzes
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11 months ago, Rhea10031
Don’t pay for more!!!!
My boyfriend and I loved doing these quizzes together and wanted to get more, so we decided to pay for the adult/add free quizzes. Much to our dismay there are only 6 additional quizzes. There’s no point in wasting your money to get more, honestly. We would probably feel differently if it gave you access to a ton of different quizzes, but unfortunately that’s NOT the case. Too bad. 😔
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1 year ago, Biff hayes
Fun good clean kids game
Do you know me is a great fun appropriate game for kids. I had much fun playing this with my friends, and I'm a kid, not Kidding I absolutely loved it here are some of the questions where would Emily go on vacation, see so appropriate so parents have no fear is is a good game for you're kids
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4 years ago, kelsijogee
We tried it multiple times and every time we got to the end of the test, let the ad play and then clicked the ‘x’ the app crashed and we never got to see our results.
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3 weeks ago, mallory722
How you know me
I love this app I use it everyday for life and I put my name on there and my mom we loved the app I played it with my bast friend Todd and mom I liked the whole app and is my favorite app I use
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2 years ago, viva bonita
Not for iMessage or Remote Play
This would be better if it supported remote playing like other iMessage games. You have to be together with someone to play. Also, the options to pick from are not broad enough or could be synonymous with each other.
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3 years ago, Kenzie Whalen
So I give it a 4 star bc you all know how it’s 10 levels me and my family play this a lot and now they know all the questions so I need a little more levels like 16 or so not forcing you but I think it would be a amazing idea
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3 years ago, rie rrie
Loved it so much❤️❤️❤️
Me and my cousin wanted to play a two player game and we choose this one because it looks fun so we tried it was fun
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3 years ago, Milk chef
How it’s played
This game is played when people are together in person and not at their own house talking on the phone, I would like it more if we could both play and join each other and play while we are at our houses alone and have fun that way instead
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2 years ago, Jxxhsb
Get this game
I really like it but it confuses me but I would get it but you can’t call each other because you have to be with each other in real life
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4 years ago, sparkel gurl
Great but...
How well do you know me is a great app except there are long adds!!! Every time you finish a quiz an add comes up and you can’t get out of it! Otherwise this app is so fun and awesome! You get to quiz your friends of family l! Thank you
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6 months ago, Unknown girl01
This app is so good for getting to know people this game brought me and my sister way closer than we ever could’ve five out of five best game ever
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2 years ago, Kendall and kinsley
The best
This is the best game me and my friend has ever playedI love this game so much that we can’t stop playing it that’s why we to give you 5 star
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2 months ago, Arisha and anikas game review
Its a great game for when your bored with you friend or bff
Me and my bff were both bored so we decided to play this game and we loved it
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5 years ago, linzie loo loo
This app is awesome!
I like it because you get to see what you have in coman and it is so injoyable and there is nothing that has annoyed me so get this app and see what you have in comes also check out best friend test!
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2 years ago, kai 🍄
for waits
I play this game with fiends while waiting for food at a restaurant and at long lines at Disney. 💖 awesome and easy thing to do
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4 years ago, marquezyamel
Have issues
I have great internet just in case someone wants to said it’s because of that. The app take a lot to load the results. I have to close and reopen to see it. Also on the questions some are darker you can not read it.
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12 months ago, Your nicknames will be
Background data leakage
I think this app is doing something in the background over internet. AD clicking bot? My kid installed this app on my cell phone and after one day use iOS reported 771MB of data usage. You would not expect several buttons with text using that much of bandwidth.
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4 years ago, its Kena B
Fun but
It’s a really good game but it glitches even after the update I was playing a game with my mom And it said I would rather be with friends the family which is NOT true Now she is thinking I would rather be with friends it’s ok but still fun
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4 weeks ago, eli risch
Best game ever
This is a good family game and to play with friends to see how well they know you.
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5 years ago, iluvallanimals
Good but...
I played this on my friends iPad and I liked it so I got it myself. The names don’t appear when you’re typing it and one of the potions is black so I can’t see it. I even tried re-downloading the app but it is the same.
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6 years ago, baileexnicole
This is an amazing game
This is really awesome!! I love doing this with my friends and family way to go guys!
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5 years ago, gfsdghvcsdhkvckhgsChgdcjbh
Only one question
So every time I play the game they asked the same question over and over again and I hate it
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4 years ago, SocialButterflyReviewer
Fix this
We should be able to type in the answers and questions
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2 years ago, xanne xanne
Not for online
This game is to play with people you are physically with. You cannot play with a friend online. Please make it so friends far from each other can play. That’s what the internet is for when it comes to games.
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5 years ago, TheRealHumbleBee
Crashes every time
Crashes every time I make it past the first set of questions and the first ad. It’s just a black screen. I restart app and answer the 15 questions over again and it crashes after the first ad again and again.
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2 years ago, Layla!$'
Love it
This game is so fun I love playing this with my best friend I recommend to play this so yeah I rate it a 4 cause I don’t really like the adds!!”
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3 years ago, Emily emoji lol
it seems like a cool game
i, uh, i dont actually have the game, but it seemed cool from the advertisement. have a great day/afternoon/night everyone! stay safe and healthy, HAMILTON 4EVER!! 😅😂
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3 years ago, Toph360
Accidentally bought the adult version. Regret it immensely. The only way I will not regret it is if the questions are constantly updated and if new quizzes are added. Thanks. I want my $3.99 back, please.
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3 years ago, Picklestabber
Ads without ability to close them
I get it’s a free app, but these ads don’t have a way of closing out of them without being up the App Store page for the ad 15 times
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2 years ago, thr black chain
Julian’s comment
It’s good so far but it might need some not improvement’s
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4 years ago, Abcjkw
Hey this is the best game I’ve ever played it has all the fun you just need to know a friend it’s so fun
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1 year ago, eliannananananna
Doesn’t even work right
Everytime my boyfriend and I try to do it, the names are never right. It tells me to answer questions about myself yet it says my boyfriends name instead
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2 years ago, KingdomMom7
Best games ever!!!!!
This game is so fun my grandma and I have so much fun with it
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8 months ago, Igggjff
You can get to know your friends and family better
Ha I
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6 years ago, agdienakcbsl
Glitches not fixed
The questions are not the same with each turn. The game is still broken
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2 weeks ago, Jthizzy
No adds
Just get rid of adds
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7 months ago, :(Nate:(
Excessive Ads
Wow! Nothing like 10 hour ads, hide the x - oh, and some you literally cannot get out of! Then you must close the app and lose your answers. Lame!
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1 month ago, Kxtdtdidiy
My rate
I like it because it make me laugh
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7 months ago, Coolandmightydude
The coolest game
This game is so cool I love it so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍thank you for making this game
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4 years ago, superstrawberryjana3D
How well do you know me?
I love this!!!! Me and my sister play it all the time!!!!! 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️🐶
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5 years ago, Karen61472
No online options!!!
My bestie, Linda, and I couldn’t play with each other because we are currently not in the same state. This is very rude. Also, the Mr. and Mrs. option is very discriminatory to same sex couples. Despicable! I’m going to go play scrabble, bigots!
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5 years ago, BellaB0911
I wish everyone would rate this five stars, this game is awesome!!!!
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3 years ago, wandrlyrenee
Fun game. Why am I paying for ads when I already paid for it?
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5 years ago, Faunielleann10
Doesn’t work
Won’t let player 2 answer questions , even if you watch the full ad
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5 years ago, LaneysMom779
Fun but it is a little bit boring 👍
I play this game with my sister and i like it but it is boring 🤨
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