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User Reviews for Howrse

4.04 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
2 years ago, 🦅I/Love/America🇺🇸
My Review
This game is pretty good. Very good graphics and very realistic, but it can have glitches so bad to the point where I have had to delete the game and reinstall 3 times already. The first glitch was where I got stuck on one of those Emma “Please return to this page to complete your training” pages, except it didn’t have the words or the little link word thing that takes you back, so I was just stuck on a blank page with only the little greenish background and Emma. The second time was where the page kept reloading over and over and over again, and I tried to refresh the app, click on one of the little tabs that take you from your breeding farm to sales and such, but nothing worked. So I deleted and reinstalled. And the last time (which actually happened today and I’m waiting for the app to load) is the same problem as the time before. The reason I don’t just give up on the game completely is because it really is a nice game. It just gives me something to do when I’m not taking care of my actual horses. If only these couple of bugs could be fixed, the game would be much better. Thanks, Gracelynn RHEC
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4 years ago, Lunaris_Pledge
I love this game/ chill out haters
First of all, I’d like to state that this is my opinion, and everyone is welcome to their own, except when it’s based on unreasonable judgments (like why the game name is spelled Howrse. Um it’s just a name guys, chill. The ow is bc one of the admins and mascot of the game (the monkey you see) is literally named ‘Ow’) I love this game for many reasons, one of which is the mixture between fantasy and realism. The theme of Greek gods and other cultures is really likeable and always bring a new refreshing type of horse and items. At first, it may look hard to play, but don’t let the complications fool you. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily find a tactic and way to play the game correctly. And the forums give opportunity to ask questions if confused, which I really like. Of course, it isn’t for all ages, because it does require a bit of thinking and understanding on how to keep your horse, just like a real one, alive and thriving. But I think that makes it all the more challenging and fun. That’s all I have to say, if you think there’s a problem with the game explain it please ya’ll, glitches are glitches and can be fixed, and if you don’t like this type of game then that’s fine, but no need for hating~ love Lunaris
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2 years ago, 5 star problem solver
Didn’t get an experience
I personally had a very bad experience from this game. Ive read about 25 reviews and most are mixed from love this game to terrible. I see both sides of the game -atleast I would’ve, i tried to dang hard. Entered bt age, date of birth all that stuff. Typed my name as login. Did the password i always use. Confirmed my password. Put in my email. And now, and only now after about 5 minutes i get this very delayed notification, this login has already been taken. So i put 3 random letters after it. I’m pretty sure it was dyo. Nope still not working. I then tried to put in another 3 random letters and now it worked. Yay. I pushed my play button. Wait… password too short. Okay thats fine, lets just add some zeros in there and b o t a b a n g. B o t o b o o m. Ive got it. I pressed play once again, after correcting a slight spelling mistake on my email address. “This email belongs to 4 other accounts” i dont have a different email i. Currently can use. Very frustrating. I deleted the app soon after. But its fine. I have no proof the game itself is bad, just laggy. I’m not rating you horribly. I would give yall a 3.5 but thats not an option so I’ll toss ya a 4
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6 years ago, Horse_lover1001
Howdy y'all who are readin' this! I love this game so much!! I just think some things should be done to make it better! For one, I think this game punishes WAY too much!! It’s so easy to loose karma! But the only way to get it back is by waiting 30 days! That is the worst!! You should also not punish so hard and be strict! You shouldn’t ban people from the game! If people wanna play it everyday, your affecting there life! I also think people should sell Donkeys and unicorns for more coins and not passes! A lot of people in this game don't even get passes. I think that whenever you sell a horse you should be able to write a little paragraph about the horse (kinda like in real life) I also think everyone should be able to use reserved and direct sales at least after 20 days instead of 30! I had to wait 30 days and I was so excited when I could finally use it! There should be more emojis to pick out of! I also think there should be a public chatting place! Or a place where you can put your name in and tell people you like to chat and have people chat you! If your reading this and you have an account on Howrse please PM me at Horseround04 (uppercase H) thanks for taking Your time to read!
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4 months ago, xXNDemoNXx
Amazing! But…
First of all, I’d like to say how 𝓪𝓶𝓪𝔃𝓲𝓷𝓰 this game is. I love almost everything about it. A few changes could include reducing the in life game time that we have to wait for our horses to age. It’s not that easy to get aging points! And second, the events are 𝓽𝓱𝓻𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓰 but sometimes the explanation of the event doesn’t entirely get through. Like the Hephaestus event that happened recently, how did we get three free horses? How do we get more? Lastly, why do we have to be 16 to watch an advertising video for items? Any age should be free to watch a video for a couple equus or something. Just a few things that I think everyone could enjoy. Thanks! -A Howrse lover Newly Added- One problem I have found lately is that whenever I try to open my breeders objectives it says I must complete the tutorial and go to the classic version! I’m not sure why this is happening, the same happens when I try to open my equestrian center! I might have accidentally glitched it or something… please tell me how I might be able to fix this!
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3 days ago, MaryArms2005
It’s an okish horse game
I remember Howrse being way cooler when i was younger tbh. Now it’s a HUGE pain to earn coins for some reason? I could barely afford to keep my horses in an EQ center, which i think its weird I have to pay extra to be able to even do anything with the horses I have already. The biggest issue and the reason i uninstalled is why would you make an app for a game… you can’t play on mobile? to finish the tutorial for the eq center now that i have the quests done i have to open the game in safari and that’s very glitchy and the desktop version is not phone friendly so it’s hard to navigate what to do i eventually just quit🤷‍♀️ I also feel like the game has kinda left what it was based around and went for the whole “cool unique horses and breeds” thing too far especially with the unicorns, and the breed and type difference. Last thing is it’s pretty much impossible to get anything from auction on mobile. i try to keep track when the timer is about to run out and then whoever im bidding against ALWAYS gets the horse cus i can’t get to the bid page fast enough, maybe yall could make it so people can have public sales that aren’t auction?
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5 years ago, Kireana Myrin
Nice, But The Aging Points...
I love the game! I’ve been playing for a while (on a different account that I am on now) and I’ve loved it. When I was little, I didn’t know that multi accounting wasn’t allowed... so I’d keep on making different accounts when I ran out of aging points. And that leads to my current issue, the aging points. It’s quite annoying, how your horses sleep hours at a time. And you have to buy passes to buy more aging points, which makes the “free” aspect of the game pointless. I wish that the aging points were easier to get, like with Equus. Everything else on the black market can stay there, it’s fine where it is! Also, isn’t the black market illegal? Anyway, an odd thing about the game is that I can still do training while all my horses are asleep. Can someone tell me why that is? Also, why is the game names Howrse? We’re the developers stuck on a name and went: “Whelp, let’s just stick a W right in there and hope no one questions it”? Alright, that all. ~Firefloof (It’s what my friends call me)
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4 years ago, pleasefixthisisssuehowrse
It’s great, but some bugs need to be fixed
I stared a new account, and as I’m trying to do some of those new challenges, there’s a few bugs. There’s a challenge called “view the help page” but it won’t come up . And I can’t ask for help or report it, because your literal HELP page won’t load. There’s also a glitch in another challenge, but I can’t remember what the challenge is. What happened was that the reward required me to go to the “original” format of Howrse, but when I clicked the link to do that on the app, it said page cannot be found. I also can’t back out of the “continue to the original format”, because there’s no arrow. I’m literally stuck in that, and I can’t log in or out. Please fix this ASAP. These seem like easy bugs to repair
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6 years ago, DancingLotusHorse
Okay so right off the bat I want to say that I am literally OBSESSED with horses so any horse game is AMAZING in my opinion. Horses are not really that popular of an animal-I mean there aren’t as many horse games as like dog games for example or even shark games. I have been playing for 3 years and I love it. I mean sure you have to pay money to get passes(and I’m not about to do that) but there are some really great things you can use your equus on, too. I read these reviews saying “oh, it won’t let me do this, I have to pay money for that, this is glitching, that’s glitching.” Just ignore the things you have to pay money for, ignore the things it won’t let you do, and GET YOUR COMPUTER CHECKED! Or iPad. Or phone. Whatever. That’s what I do and I’m having a great time playing this. I’m genuinely sorry if I hurt someone’s feelings or made someone mad. I just went on a rampage. Thanks for your time. Have a great day/night.🙂🐴🐎💖.
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6 years ago, Vixey875
Terrible 👎🏻
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE ❤️ all animals but this game 👾 is terrible. First of all, after I bought the saddle 🐴 you need to hit “Emma’s amazing 😉 stable” or something like that, it just glitches and will not let me click it. I tried getting out and back in again but that didn’t work either. By the way, I also tried it on computer 🖥 but the same thing happened. So basically I’m stuck on the very first part of the game 👾, and I wasn’t the only one who was having this problem. I mean, read the other comments for proof! I would like to play it but I can’t. Especially this is bizarre for somebody like me because this hasn’t happened in any app I own or used own. I mostly just delete apps because their awful or rarely buggy, but with this game, I’m also deleting it because of both reasons. That’s sad 😢 because it looks so good 😊! Although, am I the only one who questions why they spelled the game 👾 like Howrse 🐴? Overall, I wish I could like 👍🏻 the game but I just can’t, hopefully you update so that I can play it again along with other people.
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5 years ago, Nickname isn't taken 000008
It's just okay.
There are a few things about this app that need to be fixed/improved. 1. It doesn't have an option to stay logged in so every once in a while it logs you out, which is just annoying more than anything else. 2. Unlike the desktop version, when you're training/going on a ride, there isn't the option to select the amount of time you spend doing that activity even if you have the "simplified" option turned off when you're using the desktop site, so you're stuck spending two hours doing any activity. For experienced breeders who have a system they use when BLUPing their horses, this takes away the amount of things we can accomplish on the app. 3. You can't access you EC's workshops, etc. 4. When you're accessing the horse sales, if you go to the next page your search parameters are removed. This is probably the most annoying flaw.
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7 years ago, CandyCool12
Slow Paced, Yet Fun
It's very slow paced, I take care of my horses once a day, because that's all I can do, the rest of the time they are sleeping for either 3-16 hours! But if you are a horse lover, it is pretty fun! I was able to get some unicorns, and now I'm covering them when I can in hopes of successfully getting some unicorn foals, and I'm happy to say that I recently got one and it was female! Which means more unicorn foals in the future hopefully! If I get any male unicorns, I'll probably sell them unless they're of high genetic value, since unicorns like that are hard to come by. It's a pretty confusing game when you first start out. There's no tutorials whatsoever, so you're just thrown in blind. From what I've seen, we can't start an equestrian center on the app, which is disappointing. So I'd suggest watching a few tip-giving videos.
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5 years ago, 100 miles an hour
This game goes Above and Beyond
Of all the games I have played, this is my all time favorite game. It has: Breeding, Showing,Genetics, Color and extremely nice players. I LOVE games where you have a goal or standard to meet or beat, and I love breeding animals. So, This game has it all! I have been playing for 1 1/2 years and I still love it- I love trying to beat the highest GP! I love the auctions and the market! I LOVE the black market with all the cool features. The only thing I would fix is the time in between breeding for mares. Some people don’t spend real money on the game so it is slower and that’s why you lose some people. It should be 6 months instead of a year. Also for the unlimited aging item, it should last forever... Overall a great game! Tip: New players, don’t buy low GP horses- they get you no where.
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6 years ago, Anna 🙂🙂
Love it!
I’ve been playing for about three years I think but I love it! I’ve never had any issues and I love the different games you can play. You can buy and sell horses and get all sorts of cool stuff. There are tons of different breeds, coats, and species like Pegasus, unicorn, winged uni, donkey, divine, ect. You can make a equitation center and buy stuff for it (in game, don’t worry you don’t have to pay real money). The only real money you have to may is if we want to get passes and you don’t need those. You can get free passes but you have to build up a meter then play a mini game to get the pass. I would definitely recommend playing howrse, but I would recommend the original version on the computers not the mobile version because it’s easier to navigate.
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4 years ago, Saltybear5
Awesome game! Except for just a few things...
I’ve been playing this game for about a year and I love the variation of breeds that you can get and the fact that you can do certain missions to get passes without having to use real money. My one issue however is that when you first start out in the game you can only get like 2 aging points per day and at that stage in the game you can’t earn passes so you can only play for about five minutes before you can’t do anything else with your horses. I also like that the game is spelled with a Ow even though some people don’t seem to like it, I especially love all of the mythical items in the game and I think it makes this game stand out. I would definitely recommend this game to any horse lover.
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5 years ago, mybelle1220
Needs Work
This game is really laggy. If your wanting a game that stays to speed, keep looking. I have a perfect WiFi connection and any other apps on my phone that take WiFi are perfectly fine. There are times I can’t open any of my horses’ pages. I can’t even open the app. It will say unable to load the page. If something isn’t done I’m going to quit playing. Other than that, it’s very organized and child friendly. The time put into making sure the knowledge is correct isn’t something you see in most games. This one you do. I do wish that you could give Equus to your friends and the seniority days were lower. It makes the game boring to wait that long for certain features. PLEASE FIX THE LAGGING.
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6 years ago, Fullzy3.14159265
Absolutely love this app! I’ve had it for around 2 months now and it’s my absolute favorite. I love the different breeds and coats that you can get, it really makes the game interesting. The only thing is, the majority of really good items cost passes and i for one believe that the majority of players don’t get those often. It’s a little annoying like that haha. Also, the game is constantly logging me out which i mean isn’t a huge deal (every three days or so) but it gets frustrating. The last thing i’d like is if it could be a little more interactive with the horses, that would be super cool. Other than that, i definitely recommend this game. Love it! If any of y’all have the game already, feel free to PM me at: emily_and_max :) Thanks!
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5 years ago, unfair suspension
Account Suspended
Mine and both of my siblings accounts were suspended after one day of membership because Howrse’s “reliable tools” flagged our accounts as multi-something-whatevers. We were all at home when we created our accounts so they noticed that the accounts were all on the same IP address. Like duh? Same house, one computer. We all also have the app. I spent real money on the game to make it more enjoyable for my little sister. None of us got a warning email or anything. I’ve played Howrse in the past and really enjoyed spending my time in the game but this is a bit outrageous to me. So I guess if you want to share a gaming experience with your family, look elsewhere 😒.
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7 years ago, 😱😎😋💯✌️✈️
It is a very addicting game and it has a lot of stuff that you can do. There's only two things I wish were different: direct sales being a little less confusing, I would like to be able to sell one of my horses to a person that I actually know and I don't want to sell it to anyone else; if that were a bit easier it would make the game much better. Also the time on auctions: I wish that once the time that a horse is on sell gets down to 1 minute that it would just continue to count down from there instead of the gamer having to go in and out of the horses profile to see how long it has left. Other than those two things it's an awesome app!!!
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2 years ago, I wont tell my name😡😡
Great game! There is just one problem… (can a developer reply)
So this is a great game! I love it. But whenever I have a foal and they turn 6 months it won’t let me do anything but feed them and eventually it stops letting me do that. I think this is just a problem for me so anyone reading this review this may not happen to you it is still a great game. But when my foals get to 6 months of age (even if I bought them in auction) they don’t let me give them water, stroke, groom, or give them a carrot, and then eventually not give them hay. It also won’t let me put them to bed to age them. Please help me 😓 this is a great game and I love it so much!
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4 months ago, Leeeeaaah
Wow I love this game! I’ve been playing for a few months now and I must say I don’t think I’ve had a bad experience yet! The only reason I gave the game 4 stars is because whenever I put tack on one of my horses, for example earlier I got some x-mas polo wraps and one of my horses already had polo wraps on but I wanted the Christmas ones on instead so when I put them on the horse I checked to see if the others ones were still in my inventory and they weren’t! I know you guys work hard at the game but I was wondering if maybe you could do it to where the tack your replacing goes back to you inventory! Thank you
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3 years ago, person-?
Very fun game but some issues
First off 1. They let me make another account so I didn’t think much else of it until they deleted that account- 2. If you don’t go on at least every 30 days goodbye horses [My friends account was deleted] 3. Age restriction, the reason a made a new account that was deleted. It keeps you from doing many things for NO reason [No trading black market, buying things [At all!], and selling horses for passes. 4. You can’t get ANY passes once you get past the objectives if your like me ‘underage’ 5. You can hardly ever get divine horses without passes and if you do it’s quite hard.
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2 years ago, Violettigerr
This game is almost everything you could want in an equestrian video game but unfortunately it’s very glitchy. For how long it’s been out it should not have this many issues. For example, I tried to buy the starter pack FIVE times and it took the money from my bank account each time but then it would say error and not give me any of the in app purchases I paid for. Also, there’s been a few times where it would get frozen on a screen and turning my phone off/closing the app would not get rid of it and I would have to completely uninstall the app. This game is from Ubisoft which is a pretty well known game company and these glitches are just unacceptable, especially since they are stealing money and giving nothing in return.
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2 years ago, klavelle97
Love this game, but app needs some work
The desktop version, great. The app version… needs work. I can’t access my equestrian center or do anything with the app. Have to go on my laptop. There’s several things I’ve encountered in which I need my laptop for and cannot do from the app. The startup screen also often never loads and I have to close the app and restart it to get it to open properly, sometimes up to 3 times in a row. I also often have to close it mid-game and restart app due to various lags. It’s really a great game- I’m an adult player who’s been playing off and on since 2012. I’m not going anywhere. But from a loyal player, these are things I feel could use some serious work with the app!
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3 years ago, Horseyloves
So fun!
Howrse is a really fun horse game that is hard at first. After you get the hang of collecting aging points, breeding high GP horses and BLUPing the game is easy. I have a few suggestions that I would love for Ubisoft to add. 1. Being able to message your team and all of your team members can see it and read other team member’s messages. 2. More coats and breeds. Keep reading for tips for new players. Log on every day. This way, you will get your equus you get every day and it will give you seniority in which you make breeding farms and affixes with once you have enough seniority. Care for 10+ horses a day. The game gets boring if you stop BLUPing, breeding, and caring for horses, so care for them and also with luck, you will find some aging points. Join a team. Team’s breed high skilled purebred horses that will help new and old players breed higher GP horses. Don’t be a horse hoarder. Now, I have made that mistake. Only keep so many horses if you have a idea of what do with them. Buy cheap horses and sell them for more. This way, you get a bush of equus.
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3 years ago, Howrse hater
I have tried logging in on four different accounts and none worked. it always says invalid date of birth. I have typed the date of birth every way you can, —/—/— like that and I wrote every word out to. I tried abbreviating the month and I tried just Month day , year but none worked. I finally got logged in after 3 hours of trying a regretted that 3 hours the game sucked. There was nothing to do I tried everything. The graphics are the only thing good. And even tho they are good I have seen a million times better. I would much rather play rival stars Equestriad world tour or star stable. Do not waste your time on this game. Overall I would rate this zero stars but maybe half since the ok graphics. That’s my personal opinion for any new players maybe old ones to.
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1 year ago, POPPPOCORNNN
What I think about the game
Don’t get me wrong I love the game but then when I was getting ready for bed I went to check on something and it wouldn’t let me in so I thought it might be a glitch or maybe it doesn’t let you in at night but then the next day I woke up and went on the game and it wouldn’t let me in so I didn’t play it for 3-5 hours then after I went on the game it still wouldn’t let me in so I had to delete the game and reinstall it but it kept not letting me in and got really annoying having to reinstall it everyday please fix the it might just be my device or I don’t know
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4 years ago, Ashlee0314
Love the game, not the app
First off let me say I’ve been a Howrse fan for years. The game play is simple, and it is possible to progress without passes, but progress will admittedly be slow. I’m not sure why the equestrian center’s finds are not separate from your horse farm funds but that’s a different argument. My problem is with the app. The website classical version is so much easier to navigate, and the simplified app version is lacking quite a bit. One example that comes to mind is accessing your equestrian center from the app. I haven’t found out how to do this, if it’s possible. If it isn’t, then that’s a large part of the game that is missing.
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5 years ago, Horseplayer12345
Game is fun, app could be improved
I have played Howrse for 5 years now and have had so much fun! Howrse is a great game all in all. The app, however, could be greatly improved. Here are a few of my issues with the app. 1. You can not access anything about your Equestrian Center on the app. (Boxes, office, workshops, meadows, greenhouses, forums, etc.) 2. You can not choose time restraints for horse rides and training. I follow strict BLUPing guidelines and I can’t do it through the app. 3. Many links are unusable. For example, when someone overbids me on a horse auction sale, the link in my office wont go through correctly on the app. 4. On players pages, you are unable to see pages, their EC forum, their sales, heir production, their equus count, etc. 5. Basic information on horses can not be seen in horse sales without clicking on the horse profile itself on the app. In addition, you can not buy horses as fast as you could on a computer. I continue to play Howrse mostly on a computer if or until the app is updated.
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1 month ago, Lutheran Studier
Good game
I’ve been playing for years. I enjoy it on and off. It’s fun time filler. The mobile app has definitely been improving. I used to only play on the computer, but now I find I’m using the app more than the computer. You do need to watch if you have young kids about spending money. Certain items do seem a bit like gambling. The game does want you to purchase stuff, etc. I just play for fun, and it your patient, you can get a lot without spending a cent. You also learn the art of bartering and how to optimize your cash flows while creating a fun collection of horses.
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5 years ago, lady5002487
Can’t Even Log In
I had this app on a previous phone, deleted it bc it sucked compared to desktop. Saw they did a rehaul so I re downloaded it, and then when I went to log in this message popped up: “You can’t continue... Login failed, as you have most likely entered the wrong login name or password.” The thing is, both were correct. I even got on desktop and changed my password to the exact same one just to make sure I was typing it correctly. I was. I deleted the app and tried it all again, to no avail. I’m going to try straight up restarting my phone to see if that does anything, and if it doesn’t work then, I’m deleting the app and never coming back. Considering this is published by Ubisoft you would the app would be functional in the most basic ways but I guess not.
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5 years ago, H1gh-L1ght3r
Definitely Recommend
This app is amazing! From the animation to all the things you get to do, it’s truly an incredible app. I love that there are so many different horse breeds to own and that there is no limit on what you can do/own in the game. I love that you don’t necessarily have to spend money, but if you do, it only benefits you. Everything is straight forward and the game itself, whether on an app or on a website, is very easy to navigate and user friendly. I would highly recommend this app, especially if someone is looking for an addictive game that grows over time.
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2 years ago, grumpygal44
Buggy But Functional
Used to play a few years back and just jumped back on with a new account. UI is pretty useable and it’s intuitive and easy to use for the most part but it’s peppered with little naggy things that turn me off. - safe haven says Ive already stroked a horse when I havent - no way to set greater than or less than search criteria on GP and skills in sales so you get whatever the default is that I don’t know - auto enters you in some mysterious competition when competing horses - no selection power - only uses auto training (3 hours) at a time and I have not found a way to change it - can’t edit avatar image and either cant or havent found way to edit profile - boots me off the app at random and really likes to load upside down (might not be the apps fault but ive not really experienced this with any other) I noticed the last update was 4 years ago, which would make me think it was pretty stable but there’s definitely some issues. Desktop is much friendlier for this game.
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6 years ago, Something Said
Won’t let me out of the tutorial… Tutorial is frozen.
I have played this game via the web based version in the past. I was really excited but about having an app version. Unfortunately, Emma, the tutorial, cannot be skipped. Also, when it gets to the point of teaching you how to feed your horse it will not allow you to select the amount of food. It will only let you click feed. But when you do it will say that you have not selected an amount of food. There is no way to access help. When you try to contact help from within the app it tells you you must finish theTutorial. I attempted to contact the company. And submit screenshots but it will not except the formats that screenshots come in. So I’m guessing it is a lost cause. Very sad about this as I did very much like this game in the
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5 years ago, gamer101::.
I was banned after about 7 days because of making more accounts. I had NO idea it was illegal. Maybe if they made it more clear they wouldn’t have to ban so many people. My brother also got banned for the same thing without making more accounts. A annoying thing is that when your at the market everytime you filter if you wanna look at the next page you can’t because it takes your search away. Also if you want to look a a horse to see if you want it your search also goes away when you go back. Other than this the game is the best horse game every! Please read and maybe let people know somehow that making multiple accounts is illegal before they do it and get banned.
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1 year ago, LivnQC
Please read
I absolutely love this game 10/10 recommend. But I have an issue, when I’m at the part to crest an affix, I hit crest affix then when you go to that it takes you to another page where there is a plus button at the bottom. My plus’s button is behind the trophy button so every time I try to hit the plus it hits the trophy button and takes me back to a page that says “please complete your training on this page” I hit the page and tried it again, but it’s not working. Is this because I have an iPad? Thank you
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1 year ago, vxhlxhixturrufciyvoy
More Please
This game is good and is kind of addictive for me but I would recommend the addition of Carts and more specific training like training for specially 1 sport at a time such as practice Barrel Racing or Practice jumping maybe even practice Halter show (if that was to be added as it is a popular thing in the equestrian group) that doesn’t take up as much energy that way you can train before actually participating in the competitions please add new and exiting things to your games like characters to keep older players hooked and new players coming in
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7 years ago, Brienneandpod
Great premise, Needs a lot of help
Love the concept! But the execution needs a lot of work. The game is so slow and there is no proper tutorial on how things are supposed to work so you basically have to wing it. The setup/layout is a tad confusing. And it is frustrating trying to figure what works for what and how to gain money or skills or anything that isn't an auction. The progression of the game is so slow that it can be a bit dull. And the game itself runs extremely slow as well. There is a huge delay in loading time, and there is no easy way to navigate the layout. Overall, I love the commitment to detail of the horse world, and raising your horses from the beginning. I just hope a new update comes out soon.
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3 years ago, essiecab
Better on desktop
I played this game on desktop a few years ago and it was okay but really grindy. The original developer got taken over by Ubisoft, and after that the perks and bonuses got fewer and fewer, and it’s really ridiculously expensive for what you get. This game loads very slowly on my phone and the play is very sluggish. It works better on the desktop. My guess is that Ubisoft is trying to kill this game but keeps it going because of an old, paying fan base. The developer has a more fun and easier to play game called Horse Haven that gives a lot more perks, so I have mostly switched to that. I want to like this game but it feels way too grindy
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1 year ago, gooseycat
I used to love this game and was so excited when I saw it was an app. I don’t know what the problem is, but Howrse has logged me out of multiple accounts, each time saying that the account no longer exists. I have tried to log in on the app and online, and I have also tried to reset my password. It just says that my account doesn’t exist. The app won’t let me create a new account with the same information however, and says that it is taken. I am beyond frustrated and with a quick search online tons of other people are having the same issues. Don’t believe these reviews, this game will ruin your hard work and the “help” is not helpful at all. Incredibly disappointed.
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7 years ago, ♫Emily♫
I Love Howrse
Howrse is such a great game for kids and adults. There are many different horse breeds with different coats. You can get beautiful landscapes for the horses which increase your horses' moral. It's also educational as you can learn a little bit about horses as well as some about mythological gods and goddesses. You can make friends to chat with or have long conversations. You can breed competitively or just for fun. It's not just horses though! You can have ponies, donkeys, Pegasus', & unicorns! You can continue in the game with or without putting in real money. Overall, it's an excellent game that anyone, not just horse-lovers will like.
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4 years ago, jerr131
Used to be a good game
I’ve been playing this for years and I would love to say it’s still one of my favorite games but I can’t. Online is really the only way you can play this game successfully, ever since the app was made its had bugs and once they’d fix one bug there’d be another. I can’t long into my account that I made online in the app so I made a new one and I’m stuck in the tutorial it doesn’t matter what account you have or how many times you uninstall and then reinstall. Once it tells you to go to the store to buy a saddle you’re stuck. I wish the bugs were fixed so I could play this without my laptop.
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4 years ago, 123🐴
I love Howrse I like the big variety of horses they have and that there are auctions just like real life there’s a few things that could be improved maybe make some of the blackmarket cheaper. And not have to wait so long for your horse to age. Also sometimes I can’t even get on Howrse it will just keep loading and loading even when I have all bars. they do a lot of updating or at least thats what I think it is I don’t know because I can’t get on there to find out. But when I am able to get on there it’s soooooooo fun
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3 years ago, Equestrian🐎
Can’t take care of my horses anymore
This game is great. But I have a problem. For some reason I get to a point where I can no longer do anything with my horses. The time won’t pass in the game unless I’m interacting with them, therefore they aren’t aging. I can’t feed them, and my adult horse has no energy to do anything. If you could change it to where the time passes without me having to do anything, that would be great! Other than that, the app does tend to be a little slow, but it’s still a great game! Thanks! 🐎🐴
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4 years ago, lucidliving
Don’t get me wrong
I love this game quite a bit. It’s fun and helps me express my love for animals. But the app is horrible and has a lot of bugs. Changing criteria within the horse auctions is useless and the entire app is just confusing to use, especially when you’re used to the original website. Maybe if there was a better tutorial? I don’t know but I don’t feel like I have the ability to do as many things on the app as I can on the classic website and that is extremely frustrating. The website itself needs an update though because I can’t use it on my iPad at all since it needs AdobeFlash which is ridiculously outdated at this point. I think whoever is in charge of updating Howrse as a whole is being lazy if I’m being honest
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9 months ago, RWBY FVN
Loved This Game for Years
I’ve loved this game for years so when I found out there was an app I was really excited. However, if I attempt to open the equestrian portion of the app, which used to work, it completely shuts down and I have to delete and redownload the app. Even achievements which would take me there make the app say “page not found, go to classic version” and unless I delete and redownload, the app becomes completely useless.
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2 years ago, AnimalLover379
Great but frustrating
I love this game but it can be quite frustrating at times For example, why can we trade passes for equus but not equus for passes? That just doesn’t make much sense to me There are a lot of limits to things you can do with this game-like the limits on the equestrian center production (only two workshops can be producing at a time) I understand the reason for this one, but it annoys me Oh and if we cancel production we don’t get our stuff back! That’s just a waste. And we can’t sell our boxes, greenhouses, meadows, etc after buying them?? I hate that! Waste of money But there are great things too, I assure you. Even if they are annoying, I love the events-they make the game more entertaining! Even if I am critical of this game, I am obsessed and play it everyday!! I love it and won’t stop playing anytime soon <3
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4 years ago, furryfreddy
Great game
Ok first of all I really like this game. I just started a few days ago and it’s really fun... but there are some problems or adjustments I would like to point out. First off all, I’ve been betting on horses in the auction. When I bet it takes some of my money away even when I don’t win the horse! I had 2000 coins and I bet 500 coins. I didn’t win and I was left with 1500! I don’t think you should take our money if we didn’t win the horse. Another problem I have is the passes... people sell there horses with passes and I don’t know how to get them.. there isn’t a lot of opportunities to get them, unless you watch an add and just happen to get 5 passes. Anyway I do recommend this game, especially if you like horses. If you read this and wanna be my friend I’m UnderBear648 Uppercase U and B Thanks!!!
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1 year ago, Ssterlingss
Needs a lot of work
The idea is great, reminds me of the old sim forums which I loved! That said, the game is full of bugs and issues, took three tries to even register, the “verifying account” by adding your email doesn’t work, and the general game mechanics aren’t explained very well if at all. An example is selling horses, I figured that one out by just clicking everything I could. Show mechanics also aren’t explained very well, results sometimes are immediate and sometimes not. There’s a LOT going on with this game, a lot of content, it just needs to be cleaned up and the tutorial needs to be much more thorough.
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7 years ago, Alpha-Infidel
App broken
The initial tutorial is completely busted to the point of being unusable. It just repeats a step over and over again. And the thing is, this sets a realistic standard for every other aspect of this app. It's just half-assed from start to end. Where is EC management in the app, when it's a significant portion of gameplay? And if it exists, why would something so important be difficult to find? Particularly given that valuable real estate is being taken by useless rankings and trophies? Where is the user flow? Why are there broken aspects at every turn? Why are things not properly tested at all? These are basic requirements. Test your product, never make the user guess, don't obscure vital functions.
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