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HP Inc.
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User Reviews for HP Smart for Desktop

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8 months ago, Joel Mertz
Rotate with batch selection TERRIBLE
Scanning in all of my children's artwork. It was very slow at first until I discovered the batch option. This helped immensely. However, photos came in with different orientations because I was working fast. Batch rotation tool is TERRIBLE. Why would I want to rotate multiple images at once when I can't even see all of them? Difficult to know if you've left an image selected, then have to go back and re-rotate. Re-rotating an old image usually flips another image I didn't see was selected. Just let me rotate one image at a time, they are all different orientations. Or, let me use shift select (a more comman method for selecting multiple files). Otherwise, the interface is clean, the images are looking good, and other than rotating, the process is going pretty quickly. I'm sure I'll get better at using this program by the end of this project. Nice job! Just fix the rotation feature please!
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9 months ago, -Dee Gee-
Major regression in scanning capabilities
I've been using this app since moving to Mac a year ago to use my generally reliable HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus. While some aspects were clunky (especially where login was required - and which shouldn't be required), the app generally performed its functions reasonably well. I mostly used it for scanning items to PDF and JPEG on my laptop, such as forms or doctor reports. Over time, some improvements have been made, including native Apple Silicon support. I appeciate active development while supporting older devices. However, a recent update (version 15 perhaps, about 2 months ago?) made significant changes to the user interface, particularly in the scanning functions. There were a number of major interface regressions and lost capabilities and options; while some of these have been restored or improved (such as finer controls over where to save files), there remain major missing features or options. Most notably, I am unable to use the automated document feeder (ADF) on my scanner to scan more than one page or to scan a double-sided page, and there is no setting to use this in the software. As best as I can tell, each page has to be scanned manually. This feature worked fine for almost a year on Mac using this application, and as far as I can tell continues to work on my Windows machines using the helper application the same way this has always worked for 10 years.
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2 years ago, Jared0789
Extraordinary. Terrible.
I'm floored by what a terrible idea this is. Using my scanner from my OS is janky and error-ridden, but the app offers a strealined experience. Except you have to be connected to the internet and logged into the HP account you're required to make to use any of the features. Why do I need to be logged in to scan a document? Well presumably so HP can get their copy of my document too, and that's why this is a truly terrible design and concept. HP is unabashedly and unapologetically forcing you to hand over ALL of your personal data and information, and there are no reasonable alternatives--it's overall a gigantic step BACK in terms of user friendliness and useability. I'm disgusted. But that's not even why I'm writing this review, I'm here because I got logged out of the app and I can't log back in now--no matter how long the wheel spins it never opens a browser window, so regardless of how hard I try to get the app working and re-establish HP's close connection to all of my most sensitive information I CAN'T because this product is so absolutely, magnificently, poorly conceived and constructed... What's clear is this interface is merely a cheap facade and no more than vehicle by which they operate their all inclusive executive campaign to shamelessly harvest your most confidential records.
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10 months ago, isab5796
Glitchy and no help when customers need it
My printer would flash an error after every print job and have to be totally restarted every time. Spent over 8 months trying to fix it and trying to get in contact with someone to help and every response I got just kept saying udate the software and the app. But when i did that, the app would tell me i needed to registermy account and printer for "auto re-fill" in order to use the printer. That requirement was never mentioned when i bought the printer and it did not require this for the first year of use. I did give in an registered y account and printer for that service. BUT the app would not recognize that I had done it and kept giving me the same issues and same response as before. I would try to cancel the account and re-sign up, but it would tell me i had one already and that i was good to print. Spent another three months trying to get answers from customer service and got no help at all except for someone telling me it was a glitch of some kind something, but offering now , so I ended up having to get rid of the perfectly good (and expensive) printer because of some new requirement with this app and HP and cutomer service was useless.
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3 years ago, ThePixelfish
App Frustrating, Printer Even More So
I set up my printer yesterday and printed the practise sheet. Today, I went to go print, and it was an hour long saga involving multiple resets, opaque error messages, conflicting advice, and honestly bad interfaces. For example, until I acively went into printer settings, it didn't tell me that I should align my printer heads. It just refused to print. And when I tried to scan a sheet, it kept skipping from Auto Feed to Glass. At first I thought I had picked teh wrong thing but on the third time, I was dead certain that the app or printer was switching from inputs. I have not been able to scan from auto feed at all and scanning by hand on the glass top is laborious. :( Finally I was actually very disappointed with the Instant Ink offering, which I had thought was a subscription wherein the smart printer would realise I was running low on ink, and then offer to order a replacement. cartridge. INSTEAD it's a metered "guess how many documents you'll print in a month" deal and if you go over, you get charged. I have variable needs but there's no subscription for what I envisioned, so I declined and will just buy cartridges the old fashioned way. That is if I do not first go all OFFICE SPACE on this printer, becaause this has been a FRUSTRATING experience.
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11 months ago, BobInBG
Major problem with HP Smart App
The HP Smart App worked fine for setting up my printer but when I tried to use it to scan, it said I needed to log into my HP account and switched to my Chrome browser. But I couldn't find a window to log in and I was unable to switch to any other application. It was as if a login window was open and until I closed that window I couldn't leave the browser but I couldn't find a window to log in. I minimized all of the open windows in Chrome and still could not find an HP login window. I quit Chrome and found that the HP Smart App was stuck with a window saying I needed to log into my HP account and there was no way to close that window or cancel it. So I had to force quite the so called Smart App. I then found that even with the Smart App closed whenever Chrome was running I couldn't switch from it to any other app. I tried clearing ALL of my browsing data and still had the problem until I restarted my computer. Now I'm reluctant to even launch the HP Smart App again for fear that I'll have to do all of this again. I confirmed that I'm using the latest version of the HP Smart App in the Mac App Store so this problem is not due to using an old version.
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3 years ago, zzzz!!!!!!!!
difficulty using wifi
I used HP smart to set up, but there was some difficulty establishing WiFi contact between the printer(Envy Pro 6455) and the router. At one point the printer suddenly started spewing sheets of paper with a line of printed characters t the top of each sheet. I had to unplug it to stop it. when plugged back in it buzzed and hummed for thirty seconds, then resumed spewing paper. I uninstalled the app from my computer, then reinstalled the app. After five minutes of readying itself, it returned to spewing paper. Now I rebooted my router, removed the app from my computer rebooted my computer, reinstalled the app, then turned the printer on again. That took a painfully long time. This time however the app indicated that a connection had been made, printer was ready. I tried printing one of my documents ... no luck. I tried printing using the app's browsing function and picked a photo of mine. This time the app started searching for the printer and found it after several minutes, then followed about five minutes of "sending data", then the printer buzzed and whirred for a minute or so, and lo outcomes the picture. I still cannot print from the drop down menu, either documents or pictures. What use is this thing?
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4 weeks ago, mcbooklovin
Good little printer but some issues
I've had this printer for a few years so it's a good choice for desktop purposes. However, it prints fairly slow and get paper jams a lot. It also went through a phase where it just clicked and made adjustment noises but never fully went on and I had to unplug and replug over and over again and do the alignment and adjustment every single time I turned it back on. I just want to be able to hit the button to turn it off without having to adjust it every time. Also, for some reason the images always print askew. I have to open the tray and really push the paper all the way back and squeeze the sides every time before I print if I don't want it to be crooked. Lastly, The HP printing app is ok, but I can't change the order of the tiles so that means that the help tile is before the print tile and the fax tile (which I might use like once a year) is in front of printing and scanning which are used most often. I can turn them off and on, but I can't move them around. So that's frustrating.
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5 months ago, TromBen120
Garbage UI
Let's ignore the nightmare that is the ink subscription for a second. Even basic functions, like scanning, are needlessly and horribly complicated. Like, why on earth should I need to navigate back so many times to add a page to a doc? Should be a hot key on the scan menu. Speaking of hot keys - why don't they work? I need to use my mouse to click on an already highlighted button. Just let me use enter. It's clear that this entire jawn is just an accessory to the racket of the ink subscription. Which for the record, I paid for for about 2 and a half years, got one single shipment of ink (it was the wrong size) and never saw any kind of reimbursement. I already dropped the $200 on a seemingly decent wireless printer, but it is so mind numbingly difficult to use thanks to the dumpster fire that is HP Smart, I regularly consider chucking the thing and starting from scratch. One last gripe - even in this simple text field, I am incapable of scrolling up to see the top of my review? Honestly, there was no reason to write this program from scratch. You just forgot about some of the most basic functions that make an application pleasant to use, and it drives me crazy.
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3 years ago, Justin D. Herpin
I can't believe how hard you guys are tyring to make us sign up for your services, regardless if we print on a regular basis or not. This is so indicative of out times, but I didn't expect to get it with HP. furthermore, this is the hardest printer I've ever had to set up, and I only buy HP Printers. Also, my printer has a broken piece day 1, but I have to have it for school, so I guess I hope it holds up. Furthermore, it won't print in color from my computer? wth is that? it prints in color from my phone, but lack of any color options so far? I needed for projects I am currently working on, and now i am trying to make it print color from my computer now, but I'm about to give up, as i have a project due Monday and don't have time to sort through your instructions on how to make it work, as if that is something that should be happening day 1 out of the box. I gave 2 starts only bc it seems fast and good quality when it does work, but I will probably send back if I can't get it to print without calling customer support, there is no reason whatsoever it shouldn't work out of the box....period.
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2 years ago, CAP001
Annoying and has some bugs
The Mac OS version has never worked well for me. For example, tried using it this afternoon a couple of times, and after it scans all the documents in the app decides to crash while it's finalizing the preview. Maybe the issue is due to trying to scan at 300dpi vs 200dpi and/or trying to scan legal documents at 8.5x14 size vs the typical 8.5x11 paper size - I don't know; but something HP needs to address. The iOS and iPad OS versions work well; but then it's also annoying to always have to use those versions because I have to save the scans on iCloud, then go look for them on my computer, and edit that way. Also, on the mobile apps, I can't seem to scan legal documents that are 8.5x14, the largest is 8.5x11, so the 8.5x14 documents always get chopped off on the bottom making the scan useless. Finally - it keeps logging me off on the Mac, and logging back in is a constant battle that takes about 5-minutes of having to input credentials in multiple times. Please fix the Mac OS issues since I can't get all my work done on an iPhone or an iPad.
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10 months ago, Cruzr800
Terrible Printer. Terrible Support
Anytime I want to print, a printer message says my printer is unavailable. I have to hit a button to wake it up. Can't get it to print an address on an envelope (properly oriented). Will scan something and then say it can't find the printer for the next scan. Request for help go without response. When it does scan, the edit features are difficult to work with (the text is tiny). Of course they change it enough that I can't use my "63" ink cartridges. Must now buy "64" cartrige (but it's exactly the same size). I tried to install newly purchased HP ink, before using the ink that ships with the printer and that is a "no no". You MUST use the ink they ship, so now I have opened ink cartridges that I had to remove from the printer. They will probably dry out. I'm not sure I will be allowed to buy 3rd party ink. They try to force you to buy only HP ink. After all this, I will probably no buy another HP printer. Too bad, I had liked my HP 4650, but they don't sell it anymore. Just had to change everything and make it worse. I've sent messages asking questions and emails come back saying the case is closed.
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4 years ago, Don't Need Paper Subscrition
watch out for paper subscription sign up!!
I'm a Mac user and the default browser used to set up was Safari. The set up was simple and straight forward. I ran into a problem when I redeemed my eight months of ink. I was directed to a page where I had to sign up for a paper subscription (no option not to), but I have no need for a paper delivery. When I tried to go back, the install crashed. Not sure if this is going to be a problem later, but it does seem like my printer wasn't installed "correctly" although it does seem to be working. Also not sure if my ink delivery was properly went through. In conclusion, if/when you get to the paper subscription, I'm not sure if it would be best to do what I did and just stop the install and reboot it or to simply sign up for the paper and then go out of your way to cancel it later. Either way, there should have been an option to not sign up for the paper and also complete the install. It's not cool HP to force us to sign up for additional payments to properly install the program.
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4 months ago, Chibi Sasami
I really dislike this new update
I just wanted to say that I REALLY dislike this new update. The previous version of the app was perfectly fine, there was no need to change it. This new update is very inconvenient for me because I scan in magazines as a side hobby and it is very annoying for me now that there is no longer an option to add a page to my document (it shows numbers, implying there can be more than one page, but there's no button for it). I don't want to constantly scan, save, and start a new scan. I just want all of my pages in one file. Also, the fact that there's no longer a custom size option really bugs me. My magazines are very specific sizes and none of those sizes are listed. Lastly, the preview scan is convenient but also very annoying. When I opened the scan app and I opened the lid it immediately started scanning when I didn't have the paper down yet. If there's any way to bring back the previous version of the app, I would be very pleased. Posted this on your website too. Posted this on the site too. Please dream multiple scanning back!!!
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2 years ago, SSG-Possum
Seems to work as stated. No problems yet
Just, finally, getting the HP Smart app to work on my MacBook air. Did manage to get the printer working otherwise until recently when I tried to print something and nothing. Printer when through the paces but nothing sowing on what was suppose to be a printed page. Haven't printed much from cartridges so can't be and doesn't show as out of ink using utilitie for ink status. Haven't checked printing yet, but setting up the Ink Plan to have ink when almost out may finx that issue. Hopefully. Am happy with the HP printer I've had over the years. The Deskjet 2700 series is my latest purchase a couple years or os ago, if memory serves me rigyt. Have a couple other HP printers that still work that are currently in 'backup' status. This app is easy to use and pretty helpful for the no so hot computer folks out there.
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1 year ago, Wishing for timetravel
We were lied to by HP Rep.
We were told via chat with HP that the printer we wanted to buy would work with our Mac version, so we bought it. Only once opened, plugged in, cartridges loaded, and print alignment ran did we try to download the HP Smart for Desktop. The pop up stated our version could not be downloaded because a later version is required. We cannot download any updated version and that is why we asked /checked with HP to begin with. I have the chat in my email, but HP didn’t care but said I could download thru my phone (which I did not want to do since they monitor and sell so much information, even if opted out). I could not return printer, and was assured that once I downloaded on phone, I’d be able to add our desktop. I had no choice but to use phone. However the desktop can still not be added or utilized, and it is where most of our printing comes from. I am incredibly disappointed and frustrated since I was told direclty that our desktop version was compatible by HP. I share to perhaps hinder someone else from going thru what has happened.
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2 years ago, Macganicle1
One Star - Still Too High
The printer (HPO 7740) itself is only fair at best. It is nosy, eats ink like a school of piranha attacking a cow, and has one of the single solitary worst apps to ever curse mankind. BTW HP, no sane person wants “custom marketing” advertising sent to them. IT’S CREEPY! (Please let the EU privacy policies come here). So, I installed this gem of an app and as politely as I could muster refused their kind and helpful offer to track my every move and sell me things. The very first task I wanted to do now was scan a receipt on the flatbed portion of my delightful HP ink hog. The app then told me. “Sure, scan a document, Awesome? BTW you will need an HP account to do that” I thought, no that cannot be correct. However, after further poking and prodding in the app it was true. After buying this behemoth, lugging it home, even finding a nice spot on my UPS so it had clean power, I was not done. I needed an account to fully utilize this sac of refuse. It amazed me that over 20 years ago HP software was terrible, and nothing has changed. It takes incompetence of biblical proportions to keep an abysmal streak like that going. Congrats, that’s an achievement.
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2 years ago, Sheabertooth
The HP Smart App does not offer the same effeciency or functionality as the HP Easy Scan App. HP Smart is SLOW to load one single scanned page, making this scanning job take over twice as long as previous batches, and the previoujs batches were much larger. HP Smart app does not hold selected options for saving: you can rename your file in the app, but you'll have to rename it yet again to actually save to your computer (if I adjust the file name within the app before clicking next, then the box that pops up on my computer should reflect that adjusted file name, rather than once again displaying the original file name). I also have not been able to scan a Legal sized document to save my life. I mean, don't get me wrong, all my settings are correct... but after I hit scan and wait 2-3 minutes for the single page to appear within the app, it has only scanned the Letter sized portion of my document. Frusturated is an understatement. PLEASE bring back HP Easy Scan, it was so much faster to use and always scanned the approperately selected paper size.
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2 years ago, Trisha Harland Terrace GA
Great app
My HP printer app is connntected to my Apple devices: iMac. iPhone and iPad. The HP Printer features works from all devices, I've got no problem with that. At first, I expected conflicts, this was the first time I've used an app to print, scan and so. From iMac I learned that to scan and send a document to an email address - I had to create a shortcut, otherwise I got a prompt to reinstall the software from the website itself, those instructions was wrong. What I actually had to do was create a "short cut" for emails. I do have a problem when I have to print - I get a loud sound - the machine never jams. I changed brands of paper, from Staples to Office Depot next month I'll try - HP printing paper and hopefully the sound - its loud will stop. Any suggestions? Its greatly appreciated. I've been an HP customer for more than 20 years - all my computers, except this one has been HP. I don't know if its my internet provider, a bad printer I bought or what. The performance was terrible. In 2022 - I bought Apple iMac - out of desperation. I paid more than $1500 for HP Desktop., I can't part with it - I put it in storage until I can figure out something else. Its old - without buying parts - I can't update to Windows 11. I really loved that computer. HP will always be a part of my life - Thanks HP.
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8 months ago, GPhiker
Concerns about HP compatibility w/ computers & apps
When I got HP Smart, I didn't realize that it was tied to an ink subscription plan. I did not like the terms of that plan, so instead have been using my HP 9015e in the usual way, buying ink. All was fine until fairly recently. Now I usually can't print directly from my Macbook Air but instead have to go through HP Smart. The app is a bit better for scanning things, but I find it less intuitive for printing. I also just wish I could print directly from within another program such as MS Word. I realize that that is probably the result of software updates to the printer/HP Smart on the one hand and to my Macbook Air on the other, so this isn't really a review of HP Smart in isolation. But though I've used HP for many years, this is making me consider getting a new printer of some other sort. I hope y'all make your printers and apps more compatible with a wide range of computers and other applications.
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10 months ago, coldworkd RNDC
satisfaction with the HP ENVY 6055e printer
I am writing to express my utmost satisfaction with the HP ENVY 6055e printer, a recent addition to our office technology suite. Its exceptional performance and sophisticated features have left an indelible impression on our team. From its sleek design to the effortless setup process, the HP ENVY 6055e made an immediate impact. The wireless connectivity streamlined our printing procedures, enabling seamless printing from various devices. The printer's ability to consistently deliver high-quality prints, whether monochrome or color, has been noteworthy and aligns with our professional standards. The printer's efficiency in both speed and mobile printing capabilities has significantly enhanced our workflow. The intuitive touchscreen interface and reliable ink management system further contribute to its user-friendly experience. We also commend your company's dedication to sustainability. The printer's energy-efficient features and the provision for recycling used cartridges resonate with our commitment to environmentally conscious practices. In conclusion, the HP ENVY 6055e printer has proven to be an invaluable asset to our operations. Its impressive performance, user-centric design, and eco-friendly considerations make it a standout choice for professionals seeking excellence in printing. Thank you for producing such a remarkable product.
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11 months ago, TJL2023
New HP Scan
This new version isnt great. I liked previous versions better. It doesnt take advantage of all the features my printer has, including being able to scan at 1200 dpi. My printer is capable of scanning at that rate, but HP Scan doesnt allow any dpi over 300, which is absurd. And yes, I changed the source to the glass and its still maxed out at 300. The new layout is awful as well. Plus, when you save a scanned document, it doesnt allow you to save to a portable drive or even local drive. The only options are mobile options like mail or texting. Cropping is also an issue. It has a blue line to crop, but when you crop, the line changes to yellow, which is hard to see, if it accepts the crop at all. On previous versions, it was quick, easy, and simple to crop and know what you cropped. Please, go back to the old version so I can actually use all my printer features and get things done simply. This new version make scanning much more difficult. And for those who say use HP Easy Scan, its not available in the app store. HP Scan is lacking.
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7 months ago, kazarnyc
It works but features have been removed
I used HP Easy Scan app for years while I was still on an Intel iMac. Now I am on M3 and my only choice is to use HP Smart instead. I do a *lot* of scanning for my job, and in this app there is no place I can see that you can store custom presets, such as "Grayscale 200 dpi both sides". You have to constantly go into settings to specify source, resolution, and other options. Also gone is the ability to press Cmd-L to add another page to the scan. Now you have to choose Batch in advance of scanning. If you forget a page you have to scan to separate pdf and use Preview or Acrobat software to combine the scans. I could go on. But all in all this is a BIG disappointment. The old HP Easy Scan was a major reason why I have purchased HP printers and multii-function products for literally the past 25 years. Next time I buy a printer-scanner I will need to look for one with good software that supports rather than obstructs my workflow. This is not serious scanning software and apparently for Mac there is no HP alternative.
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2 years ago, aureliussecundus
HP Braindead
Printers were already unreliable. They could sense fear. Had a deadline? Your printer would mess up. Printing something important? Ink explosion. That's how it was, and we dealt with it. But whatever corporate dingbat decided that it would be a good idea to take an already dicey technology and turn it into an app-dependent smart device is an absolute sadist. This program simply doesn't work. I'm writing this as I've had to reset my printer's WiFi connection 3 times, reinstall this abysmal app twice, and attempt to log into it (which I still can't, because it hard crashes when I click the icon) just to print two documents over the course of the day. If you haven't yet bought a printer that requires this app, don't. It's easier to track down a local calligrapher to handwrite all your documents for you than to use this app, and it probably takes roughly the same amount of time for the calligrapher to finish something for you than it would for you to actually get this godforsaken excuse for a program to work correctly.
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3 weeks ago, Pookie89789
This thing is driving me crazy
I have had it for some years now along with a great deal of frustration. If you don't use it frequently, you have to almost start over - unplug, wait, replug, wait, turn on the WiFi, wait - really exasperating. This week we had an electrical outage because of storms crossing the country, and trying to bring this machine back up has been a day kibg disaster - and I still have to look forward to tomorrow and more disaster. Tried to get HP to help and they will not get on the phone with me because I have had the machine for awhile. Checked online because it will now nly print a color photo in b&w. Learned I should deleat the printer and re-install. Deleated it as advised and now cannot download HP Smart to add new printer. They say they can't connect with the printer because I have the wrong IP Address. Checked that out and NO, they have the wrong address, but no way can I inform them of their error. Honestly, I give up. Will throw the thing in the trash and "Never, Ever get back together" with an HP product again.
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4 years ago, Abe of Lincoln
Absolutely Worthless
Using High Sierra and HP ENVY 5000 series printer. The app (4.5) froze during the setup process (apparently trying to open System Preferences for me), even though the printer was already setup on the network. Force quit was required, and all subsequent launches resulted in instant freezes. Restarts did not help. With version 4.5.1 just out, I gave it another try. It launched, but when I agreed to let HP have info about the user experience, it once again froze in mid action. Once again, relaunching the app went right to freeze. As far as I can see you don’t need this app for anything. Just use your phone to setup the printer and forget about the app. After the printer is on the network, just add it in the usual way with the System Preferences -> Printers & Scanners. I had to add it twice to get scanning to work, but other than that, no problems. You can then select the printer for any app that prints just like any other printer and scanning also works just like any other scanner. Printing with iPad and iPhones also works fine. If I could give the HP Smart app negative stars, I would.
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1 week ago, steino66
Trouble with setup
I loved my HP OfficeJet Pro 9020 series, but it stopped working so I ordered another one. However, I was sent a 9125e series. It was extremely difficult setting it up because my old one always overrode it. I tried help with the support where you chat with an agent, but he didn't seem to understand the problem. He told me to take it to the Geek Squad. It is big and heavy and I am 76 with MS and cannot carry it. I finally installed the app on my iPhone and could print from it. That is not handy so I was going to hook up with an USB cable. Luckily, after 3 days of trying various options, I tried this evening to print from my desktop AND IT WORKED. It prints well and quickly. I liked the larger size of my 9025e because it was larger with 1 paper trays . Maybe I'll get used to this one after using it for a while.
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2 years ago, MikeHHHH
After last update, forgot my printer again
So the last review I wrote with all the detailed problems I have had with the HP Smart App on my Apple M1 Mac Mini is gone now from the App store. Issues like unable to connect over a working WI-FI network to the printer, forgetting my printer, Unable to recognize the same printer being connected to using 2 methods ( WI-FI or USB ) etc is the SAME pinter. So the app has been updated since then and I downloaded the latest version. And once again, the app has "Forgot" about my printer and asks me to add a Printer for the first time. Even though OSx Monterey still has the printer setup, HP Smart just completely lost it on the App Update. Doesn't the app at least "save" the printer info in a local DB or file? If it does, it must erase it on an update. Kind of silly in my opinion to lose that data on an update. I will probably not buy anotehr HP Printer again as its such a hassle to use the software and setup the printer again and again.
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10 months ago, fivbngn
Why upgrade changes?
I use my HP smart app often and only have minor connection issues usually. In those cases I close and re-open the app and that generally solves it. Today it seems that the app must have auto updated because much of it looks different. I don't understand why, when creating an update, you would move buttons around such as "scan". I mean, just why even move the scan button? That is so dumb. Then, in scan mode, it took me more than a minute to find how to change the input source. It used to be right at the top on the right. Now you have to click on the drop down menu showing the paper size. Why would someone think to click on apaper size drop down to find the input source options. Dumb. I just don't understand why an update has to move so many main functions around and make it invlove MORE clicks. Smh, very annoying.
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3 years ago, FixThisItsStupid
Too much work to start using a printer on a diffrent device
I hate this, its so many steps just so i can start using a printer on a diffrent device then the one i alread SETUP the printer on. I shouldnt have to install the app AGAIN and go through another setup to be able to use it on my computer. The printer should just let me choose it install the drivers required and print my doccument. I spent the alst 30min trying to get this stupid app working and get the printer setup on my macbook just for 1 paper. Ive never had to do so much for any other printer ive used or had. Its unnesecary. Especially forcing me to create an account just so i can print from the app because it wont let me add the printer to my macbook directly. It was already a pain to setup the printer in the first place. Its just very frustrating and horrible to your work flow. I still havent gotten the printer setup so that i can just select it and print from the doccument. I have to open the app and wait for it to load every time i want to print something
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3 years ago, patience2019
Error showing not connected
Even though I am connected to the printer, it shows status Not connected but yet I am able to print. I have joined the program for free supplies and I keep getting messages that my printer is not connected to internet and I may not qalify for free replacement of paper and cartridge. So I wonder it just to avoid giving free supplies or there is an error in the App. In last 5 months I must have printed more than 200 pages but App shows no record of those. It shows zero pages printed. I tried to get resolution on line and I keep getting onstructions to reboot. No live support on line. I have already replace one set of cartridges supplied at the beginning ans my free trial period is getting over in one month and There is no message of supply of replacement cartridges. Frustrating from a company like HP
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8 months ago, sunensail
Needs Improvement
Maybe I'm not using the features properly, but when I try to use the feature to scan multiple pages, the automatic detection of the edges does not work and it cuts off my document and selects whatever it wants of the page being scanned, instead of scanning the full 8.5x11 page, which I did select from the menu to scan that size page. It scans only a portion of the page if the page has images on it. Then it does not allow me to resize the scan area for that page while using the multi-scan feature. The multi-scan feature would only work properly if all my pages were all text documents or something, no images on the pages. I literally now have to purchase an app to combine all of my single pages (that I was able to adjust the scan image capture size to), so that I can combine the pages into one PDF document.... this is a waste of my time and money.
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11 months ago, <3 <3 Taylor
Never get an HP Printer! This app is worthless at helping!
HP printers used to be quality machines. I've used HP printers for the last 20 years... I recently upgraded to wireless printer and I've had nothing but connection issue after connection issue. Every time I go to print something I spend no less than 30 minutes trying to get either the printer reconnected to my wifi or getting my Mac and printer to connect. The fix is different EVERY SINGLE TIME! I will NEVER get an HP printer again unless I can be sure that this issue has been resolved in the newer models. This has been such a headache for the last 6 months or so. The app is worthless because it does nothing to help me fix the issue. Even when I click on a button that says, " Get support" it takes me to a broken link on the HP website. Awful. I also own an Epson that I use to print my sublimation designs from and I've NEVER had a connection issue like this. Even if I go weeks between printing. I'm about to go buy a second one!
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11 months ago, aj81ds
Some Flaws but Works
Use this for Mac and iOS. For the most part it prints as it shoulds. Every now and then it gets disconnected from the home WiFi and I had to call Support three times bfore I realized it would be on ongoing issue so I wrote down the fix Support gave me. The suggested instructions listed online are no help. Basically to fix WiFi, turn off printer and disconnect power. I literally spent 20 mins with Support before we got to that step. So now it just takes me less than a few mins to get up and running. Disconnecting Power should be the first thing they have you do. I also don't like that I keep getting reminded to sign up for instat ink. Tried it and don't like it b/c I didn't use enough to justify the purchase. Pluse if you buy your own inks they won't let you use them until you cancel your Sub. It was a whole hassel that took about a month to figure out.
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3 years ago, MadeAUsernameToRateTheseBoys
Too Good
I have spent DAYS!!! trying to get my mac to recognize my printer. I tried everything. Updating, reseting, uninstalling, reinstalling, etc, etc, generally fiddling with the laptop, modem, router, and printer. I read so many articles and discussion forums and FAQs... I was pulling my hair out and yelling at my dogs. Then I downloaded this, and I'm honestly angry about how quickly it solved the whole issue. Where was this app 3 temper tantrums ago? Turns out it was here all along. Why did no one tell me??? I literally ordered a new printer and was giving mine the cold shoulder because I didn't want to face being defeated by it yet again. Decided to give it one last shot before picking up a new printer to replace my FULLY operable one that my laptop just REFUSED to communicate with. So glad I found this app.
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4 years ago, Southeast123
Constantly crashes or freezes, pretty useless
App constantly freezes on my Macs with Mojave and High Sierra. From multiple devices, I've gone through all the steps asked, and adviced by the help pages, reinstalled, restarted computer. The control-P function doesn't work - printer not found. Only the app works, BUT IT NEVER OPENS. (And half the time claims it's not finished being installed, *sigh.) Taking the printer back and never getting another HP product. Such a shame - pretty sure the printer itself is fine. It's just the terribly built software they've put between us and the hardware. It could be so simple. Just give me a cable. Wenn die App öffnet - wenn man so viel Glück hat, geht sie sowieso kaum. Ich versuche seit Wochen, muss die App immer wieder unterladen, den Drucker immer wieder installieren, steht "erfolgreich installiert!" und in der nächsten Stunde wieder "muss noch fertig installiert werden!" Wird dann mal von meinem (neuen!) Rechner gefunden, öfter eher nicht gefunden (obwohl sie nebeneinander sitzen). Endlose Kreise von Frust. Ich wünsche mir genau diesen Drucker nur mit ganz einfachen altmodischen KABELN. Keine App. Keine Smartfunktionen. Die crashen nur die ganze Zeit. Leider ist so viel zu fehlhaft und überkompliziert.
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6 months ago, Jahbaker
Terrible Option for Home Printing!!
My experience with the HP InstaInk service has been BEYOND frustrating! A printer should be something that I pay for and then get to use at my leisure. THis service shuts the printer down if it cant connect to the internet, a payment is missed or if one ink cartrige runs out. Usually if a color cartrige runs out , you can get your print job done by switching to black and white. Not this printer. It only works with ink shipped to you from HP that you can't purchase at a store. So if you run out in the middle of the night, your printer becomes a paper weight until HP ships the ink to you. You pay a monthly fee dependent on how many pages you THINK you'll print. If a print job messes up or a paper jam occurs and requires a second or third print, those pages count towards your total. If you print alignment pages or go through any sort of maintenace process, it all counts towards your total. Seriously consider other options before buying an HP printer with this service!
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2 years ago, nadandeo
HP Smart App is a DISASTER
I wrote a review here 3 times ... each time it has disappeared. HP Smart App functioned OK for a few months using it on my MacBook Air (M1, 2020) using macOS Monterey 12.1 ... then suddenly it decided that I had to log in again ... but every attempt to log in just results in a message telling me that I need to look for another window that does not exist and never opened ... so I can not log in at all from my laptop. However, I can log-in from my iPhone using the HP Smart App ... on my iPhone the log in window actually opens ... HP has known about this problem for months .... has updated the app multiple times, but has NOT fixed the problem. HP Customer service is NO help. Further ... having to use an app with NO option for using a driver and doing things like scanning directly from printer to laptop is a secrueity risk that no-one should have to face, but HP no longer gives us a choice ... my last HP printer worker great for scanning directly to my laptop, until it just suddenly stopped turning on ... I made the mistake of guessing that HP wouldn't force customers to use the internet and an app just for the scanning function to work ... never would have thought I wouldn't be able to just plug in my laptop to the printer and use all its functions ... can't do any of that. HP Smart is a disaster ... and HOP doesn't care enough to fix it or provide an alternative. Wish I could give a NO star review.
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9 months ago, Brianmax
HP Smart Tank 7301 hard to use
I've been trying to use an HP Smart Tank 7301 on a Mac for several months and it has been a nightmare. Set up was clumsy, but after multiple attempts it seemed to be set up on my network, but the connection didn't last, so I wound up directly connecting the printer to my Mac, which meant my wife couldn't connect to it from her Windows laptop. Even with a direct connection, it is difficult to use. Though it's called a "Smart Tank" and the Mac app is called HP Smart, the interface is about as dumb as they come. Trying to figure out how to scan a document into my Mac from the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) seemed impossible, so I eventually just set it on the scanner and used batch mode. The buttons on the printer itself are non-intuitive, and the single line display is hard to read and even more difficult to interpret. Documentation is poor, and online assistance for my specific model. is hard to find...searches lead to answers for hundreds of other models.
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9 months ago, pdxmaloney
HP Smart and Mac
When this app works it is very nifty. I love the auto correction for a page that is scanne dupside-down - it just does it for me. Also, the save feature works very well into my google drive and dropbox accounts as well as into my desktop files. There are not many priners with apps that offer all functions for the Mac environment. This was one of the only smnall printers that stated it would do so. It worked great when I first got my printer. Then the app became very problematic for many months- I was needing to call support frequently. Finally, a thorough app update must have been implemented, because it began to work again. Having to use HP customer service is a miserable experience. No native English speaking staff, amnd all they do is read from a manual they have been given.
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4 months ago, Ergolad
Inconsistent. Scan PRESETS do NOT work.
I want to like this software, but it seems there's always someting not working quite right. Updates break things and I often resort to my system software, or fall back to the older, more reliable HP Easy Scan software. The latest positive improvements to the UI and faxing have been tempered with scanning feature being neutered. If there's a way to save scanning presets for document types, I'm not seeing it on Monterey with the latest HP update. Selecting the document types in the side bar does nothing. To make changes one must now do so manually. Presets have been part of this package for years. Why would it be omitted? Trying to report this to HP is an exercise in futility. I can't find a way to provide feedback directly. I'm doing it here, and I've used the generic feedback form at HP. But I don't have a support case open. I could call them I guess, but I've already invested enough time...
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4 years ago, Very discusted
HP wrecks your computer
For several days now a bad set of uploads coming though HP Instant ink connections to the computer I am guessing has caused nothing but trouble and endless screen pop ups that refuse to go away. I called them and they act like they don't care about it. They first hung up after telling me to go to my computer help to fix the problem using the HP service site to do so. I hung on for three hours so far and nothing gets rid of the issues, and when you try to delete them it stops some of the features of the printer as well as the computer. This has reached its limit for me. I will be canceling the monitoring of the ink or anything that could be allowing hackers to get from the printer to the comuter. Worse its the third printer that went bad in the past year, one that wouldn't work at all and next one i still kept where the door that should pop open to catch the printed paper simply won't work. I should have returned it as well but was tired and need one that works. I now still don't have that!
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2 years ago, ZineZhu
A good app, still requires improvement
Other than downloading unique standalone drivers and software for each individual model of its printer, HP Smart provides a one-stop solution for all printers. Doesn't matter you own a printing-only basic inkjet, or any highly advanced all-in-one laser printer. However, compare this software to its "regular" version of drivers and software. It also has some obvious problems: 1) slow in response, most of the action after you click the button, it takes up to five seconds to give you a response. 2) no high-resolution scan, the regular HP scan software provides up to 1200dpi in photo mode and 600dpi in document scanning, HP Smart can only do 300dpi in both modes. 3) unstable performance, from time to time, app crashes, not as often as bothering me, still enough to bring negative user experience.
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3 years ago, Dell00001
Let me begin by saying I NEVER LEAVE REVIEWS! But HP has left me amazed! The set-up of my printer was an experience. Not only was it easy, it was enjoyable. I learned so much about my printer in such a short period of time. Moreover, the features of the HP ENVY Pro 6452 are innovative, modern, yet, intuitive. I am looking forward to using it everyday! In addition to the amazing printer, HP offered me great deals on ink, which was my MAIN concern. I literally spend hundreds of dollars on ink every year. I was hesitant about purchasing a new printer because I did not want to get stuck with a HUGE ink bill! I want to encourage everyone to sign up for the ink subscription HP offers; it will save you hundreds! And the sweetest part is, I GET THE FIRST TWO MONTHS FREE! As an educator who is overworked and underpaid, I need as many deals I can get! Thank you HP!
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3 years ago, Brandini5
Good when Working, Nightmarish when Not
This app would be awesome if it was more intuitive. having too much paper apparently triggers the "not enough paper" warning. Connection is spotty and often get stuck in a loading mode. (I have fiber internet with a 6G router and a M1 mac mini (printer is an HP Envy Pro 6455)) The printer has occasionally gone into what I like to call "Christmas Tree Mode" where every light this thing has got goes into a chaotic frenzy still not sure why, when it was connected just before and working fine. Overall the connection could be much faster and the look of the app is just plain ugly. Lots of room for improvement here. BUT, when Its works it works ok. So I'm being nice and giving this thing 3 stars. I was really going to take it back to the store in the beginning, but I figured I would try to work through it.
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3 years ago, twladin
Cant' just install the driver???
My M227 is hardwired. My laptop is on Wifi. I just want to be able to specify an IP address and install a driver. My printer is on a separate network segment. This app cannot find the printer. This used to be simple. Enter IP. Choose JetDirect. Select the installed driver. HP has Smarted us to death and made it impossible to install a driver if your Mac is not on the same network segment as the printer. This is idiotic! Do yourself a favor. There is a workaround that is impossible to find except entirely by accident: Download the HP Easy Start program from the HP site instead of HP Smart. It should be listed there somwhere under the software download page for your printer. Using HP Easy Start, while it is searching for a printer (which it won't find), you need to click the search icon on the upper right. Enter the IP address of the printer. In the resulting dropdown tell it to check that IP. It will find the printer. Continue and ignore warnings about Bonjour printing, until the only option it offers is to download HP Smart to install "better software." At that point you need to try to close the window. THEN it will then give you the option to download and install the drivers. Should be the second button. This will install a normal HP driver package, at which point you can quit or force-close the program, and add the printer in System Preferences like you normally would.
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3 months ago, ArepadeTrigo
Text in app interface is too small!
The interface of this app has text so small I can bvarely see it on my laptop. There is no way to adjust the text font size that I can find. Maybe I can't see it? I am NOT talking about the printer text font. I am talking about the font used in the HP Smart app itself. Someone please tell me how to set a larger font size so IU can use this app. Otherwise, I will delete it. Dumb. On second thought. Decided to DELETE this data harvesting app. Poorly conceived. Poorly executed. Nothing more than a vehicle for HP to harvest my info by making me sign in to print or scan! Outrageous. Plus, it must have been written by children. Only their eyes could see it. Glad that happened so I wasn't lulled into actually using it. I'll use other scnning and printing software. Or I'll just get another printer if this adversarial approach by HP forces me to go with someone else who doesn't try to sell me overpriced toner and hem me in to their clutches.
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3 years ago, Ellentheaggie
When it works, it's easy. But for the last few months I've noticed that sometimes it will appear to have scanned and then when I try to open the saved PDF it says "insufficient data for an image." I've noticed it mainly when doing the continuous scan feature to add pages but just now it even happened for a one-off single page. The error doesn't seem to occur if I scan from the machine to a network folder and doesn't exist when I scan to the computer with a different scanner, so the problem is definitely the app, not the scanner itself or Adobe. I've called customer service before and the only advice was to delete the app and then reinstall. I've done that several times now though and it's pretty frustrating to have spent almost $500 on a scanner for my home office and have it be so unreliable due to bad software. I otherwise like the printer a lot but would have bought something else if I'd know the software was such a problem.
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9 months ago, stoptouchingmystuff
Do. Not. Buy. HP Printers
HP products are anti-productivity machines. Never, in decades, has printing using an HP product been an enjoyable or even neutral experience. Every single printer I have ever owned usually requires 20 - 60 minutes of debugging before it'll print what I've asked it to, even after having set it up just days earlier. In the 3 years I have had my current HP ENVY 6000 series I have only been able to get it to print successfully maybe 10 times and only after A LOT of debugging. This isn't a knowledge issue, I've been in IT and software engineering for two decades... these things just do not work as you'd expect them to. Poor hardware and poor software engineering. Avoid if possible, otherwise, just prepare yourself to be derailed from whatever you are doing for around an hour. Customer support and "help" documentation is also fairly worthless. Just try another brand (Epson isn't much better though, so keep looking)
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3 years ago, drriddle
Really HP?
Something in my HP scanning software broke (and started caliming that it was a virus), which might just be an effect from an upgrade, I don't scan htat often. So, I downloaded the new HP software. First, it forced me to set up an HP online account, which is nonsense...I shouldn't have to set up an online account in order to scan a document on a printer I purchased! And then, it didn't even work, when I try to scan it gives me an error message about not being able to scan right now and kicks me out. I'm not even sure the actual printer works still, I'm afraid to try it and see what I have to do to print a document. I have been using HP printers for decades...forcing me to set up an online account to use my own equipment makes me wonder if the documents are being sent somewhere instead of staying in my home. I'm going to explore other options the next time I need a printer...HP may have lost a customer over this garbage.
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