HSFCU Mobile

4.8 (4.7K)
22.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hawaii State FCU
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for HSFCU Mobile

4.83 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
8 months ago, iLOVE808
Added this line in addition to a national credit union being that it was a better option for getting paid. The app is good. The only big difference is not being able to control (freeze, reset pin#, etc.) the debit cards via the app.
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2 years ago, MCD Weddings
HSFCU App….Convenient and User Friendly
The HSFCU App is a huge assist especially on the go and you need to view your account or transfer funds. HSFCU got it right and spot on when technology comes into todays ecosystem. It has definitely made my life goth personally and business much more streamline and convenient for my everyday use.
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2 years ago, blvckve1vet
My card keeps getting declined for no reason! It’s Sunday so I have to wait until Monday to fix this! I’m so angry! Since the update I can’t find my debit card controls anywhere!!!! I can’t check if my card has been blocked! Like wthhhhhh!!!!
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2 years ago, aigqizkshn183638
Mobile check deposit is broken
The old version was so handy! I was able to deposit my checks from my phone and the funds be available immediately. This is so convenient with my work schedule. I’m rarely able to get to the branches. Now, with this “upgrade”, my checks get an automatic hold, even from HSFCU checks from people in my own family! The Credit Union can see the funds! What’s with the hold?!
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2 years ago, Leia108
Old app was much better than the upgrade
Have to agree with a lot of people here. This upgrade is missing a lot of the features that the old app had. It’s not an upgrade to me frankly. It’s more like a downgrade. CDs don’t show maturity date. Views of the credit card activity is not as clear as the old version. Views of separate accounts are also not as clear as in the old version. Please bring back all the features that the old app had.
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2 years ago, 79-going on 60
Great people
I’m an older 79 year old. They help me I liked it better the old way when things were clearer. set up Apple Pay and figure out passwords. I walk out a 60 year old Thank you too much.
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1 year ago, Kawaii things
Good but paying bills is not easy
The app overall makes my banking easy. The only thing that I have difficulty with is navigating where to go to pay my bills. The older version of this app was more straight forward in that regard.
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2 years ago, Heavy Whiskers
Another money transfer
Very convenient. But it would be nice to be able to transfer funds from another institution
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9 months ago, jayyyyygeeeee
Customer service
My review will be on customer service although I also do love the app. Whoever wants to open an account or apply for loan; seek help from Ms. Keani Nahinu, she was super kind & helpful. Her customer service is superb!!
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12 months ago, coolasian808
Convenient way of making deposits remotely rather than making a trip to the bank.
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2 years ago, Sandstar333
Bill Pay
I miss the ability to get payment histories for individual accounts. And it was very informative to see last payment date. Please reinstall these displays!
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10 months ago, Wheeg808
Regarding the HSFCU app
I find it quite reliable and useful. I can view and manage my accounts very easily with very little time and effort on this app.
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1 year ago, FunnyGirl818
Easy Peasy
I find this app to be user-friendly. I use it to do all of my bank, tracking and bill paying.
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4 months ago, Nhalla’s
Mildred M.
I’m happier I can monitor anytime whatever transactions on my accounts and not wasting driving time going to the back often now .Loved it✅👍😋😋
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11 months ago, KJNosu
Easy and quick
I love that the app is easy to follow and allows live chats with representatives! It’s better than calling in my opinion!
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2 years ago, mrs aboy
The best staff
The best credit union I ever had. Friendly staff and you always greeted by your last name.
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7 months ago, Deposit1!
I would like to be able to mobile deposit checks larger than $5,000
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2 years ago, AlohaRuby
Good App
Took out 1 star because after the update, you can’t do a quick glance any more. Loved that feature. I hate logging in all the time.
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2 years ago, Kotonk1
In general ok but you have to search for a way to logout. It is under menu. Would be more intuitive if located on the main screens.
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2 years ago, Oahu Member
App does not allow login
App doesn’t recognize my password, requires me to change my password, then doesn’t recognize my changed password. And for some reason, faceID doesn't work either. So this App essentially does not allow me to log in, and requires me to bank in person.
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2 years ago, AllisonWondrlnd
Still no fix, worst banking app I’ve ever had
Please fix the app!! Maybe it’s just for older devices but it doesn’t work at all. Either fix it or just give us the old app back. It worked fine, don’t fix what’s not broken smh. Even removing the old credit card app was a mistake.
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2 years ago, Huh, What The?
Downloaded Fine But Won’t Open
I would give it zero stars if I could. The new version downloaded perfectly, but it won’t open. Now I won’t be able to transfer money if I need it. Defeats the purpose of having an app. This needs to be fixed immediately.
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1 year ago, DylanHBA
No mobile check deposit status
The other app was better. Easier to navigate. I can’t even get the status of my mobile check deposits on this app.
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2 years ago, LizHawaii
Customer service
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7 months ago, Mr. Buddykicker
Mobile deposit isn’t working
When I attempt to deposit check via mobile it has an error sign that says “Full Screen Is Required,” and nothing is obscuring my camera lens. Help!
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1 year ago, Ben 808
Comfort z& Convenient
Very convenient banking in the comfort of my home.
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2 years ago, shittyuphold
New recent update
I updated my app an now my app won’t even open up so I have to go to the bank am do all transactions over there .. it defeats the whole purpose of having this app
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4 months ago, sexyrm
The apps freezes and apps fonts is weird
The fonts of the apps shows arrow_back instead of showing arrow button. Not compatible with iOS.
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2 years ago, HawaiianForLife
Rather have old version
New update seemed like a downgrade, a little unnecessary compared to the version before it.
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3 months ago, MT96819
Love it
Not much to say but one thing: Awesome
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3 months ago, SilenceInThisMayhem
App problem
I was not able to use the app all day. The sign in screen does not come up, it’s just a blank white screen.
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2 years ago, yaysah blessah
HSFCU is super awesome and convenient!! Highly recommend!!
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1 year ago, Harolyn K.
I Love My Hawaii State Ap❣️ I wish you had a branch in WA State 😉
We need a Branch in WA State!
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2 years ago, memebattyy
New hsfcu app
Easy & convenient! Love it
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3 weeks ago, Kalanison
Great app to have thank you 😊
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2 years ago, gjkoirghtu
Horrible app
Can’t block or unblock my card but they have a whole lot of unnecessary features
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2 years ago, Wendy S 🤙🏼
Cannot open app since update
Since the update, I’m unable to open the app. Really inconvenienced me.
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4 years ago, superhertz
I love digital banking
This app is fairly straight forward, I wonder if you have a walkthrough somewhere too teach you to use all the features? I know I can do alot here and it is so convenient. I would like a peek-a-boo feature on iPhone so I can see my account balances easily without logging in. I have a lot of problems with the check deposit camera feature. If I take a picture when the check fills the screen it cuts off part of the check. This problem is with front and back. This renders the auto feature useless and I have to take the picture manually which is not as convenient. Especially if you have multiple checks. I use another credit unions check deposit and it works great.
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2 years ago, Wojdog
Since new update, unable to login to my account 👎🏾
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11 months ago, Oliver808
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11 months ago, kilaboy95
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5 years ago, RealRien
Satisfied Customer
I’m not only satisfied with HSFCU’s services at the bank, I am also satisfied with their app. It is possible that this is the best banking app possible at least for basic services. They also keep on record an image of any check that has made a transaction with your account. Please do not change this feature. The app layout is very intuitive and most features are functioning. Please keep this up! This should be the standard for all banking apps. FYI I made this review on my own circumstances and not because the usual review pop up requests on the apps :)
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8 years ago, inataru
Basic banking needs made easy
I've been hesitant to use mobile banking apps but this one is so simple and straightforward to use without looking clunky or outdated. I mostly use the app to transfer money between my accounts and monitor my daily purchases, although I've done mobile deposits on one or two occasions. All of these tasks are very easy to complete on the app alone. Keep up the good work, HSFCU.
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9 years ago, 8Rad8
Incredibly easy app to use
My only disappointment is the fact that for whatever reason I couldn't use the check deposit feature on my phone. Been a month and we still can't. I don't see what the big deal is in not allowing this functionality right out of the gate. Other than that the app is accurate and easy to navigate.
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8 years ago, Jfkdfjdjnsxjsjsnsndnx
Better than your bank
If you don't have the time or simply just lazy this app is for you. You can do as just as much of basic banking as you can do if you were actually there. You're able to make credit card payments, deposit checks, move money from account to account, and more all from your phone. It is an awesome thing to have.
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10 years ago, sunset7957
Terrific app. Makes life so much easier!
Just found a check in my purse from a month ago that I forgot about. Didn't want to rush out on my break to deposit it, so I decided to try this app. Did my mobile deposit in less than a minute! Love this app, so easy and a time saver! I spent more time writing this review than doing the mobile deposit. Now I'm off to enjoy my lunch in leisure....
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10 years ago, Rurouniere
Amazing! Now even better with check deposit via mobile phone!
I don't have to wait to go to the bank nor stand in line to deposit my check! Hurrah! :) Thank you for making it possible. :) The app has a clean interface; easy to navigate around. :) I guess the logo and colors changed, but the online service is still superb! :)
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10 years ago, zacoria
Useful and efficient
I haven't had any trouble since downloading this app. It is quick to connect and the layout makes it quick and easy to navigate. I'm able to check my accounts and transfer money in a few short minutes. Very well made and executed mobile tool.
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10 years ago, Hawaiianstyle74
Luv the mobile deposit feature!
This app was so so for checking balances and transactions. I never really used the bill pay feature; did all that stuff on computer. But it's awesome now that I can do mobile deposit! No more extra trips to the bank to deposit a check!
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3 years ago, Zerosai
Broken app
App was great until it stopped working. Login does not work on this app only. I’ve even reset everything and still nothing. Super irritating since I always use app. Now I have to use my browser all the time and waste time each time I want to check on accounts and other wise. Emails were pointless automated answers that did nothing. What a failure of an otherwise great company that I’ve used for years. Also, if you’re wondering, I deleted and redownloaded app thrice to try it because of how much I depended on the app. FIX YOUR APP!!!
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