Hubble Connected for Motorola

3.8 (4.9K)
276.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hubble Connected Limited
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hubble Connected for Motorola

3.77 out of 5
4.9K Ratings
5 years ago, JuicyWorms
Very good app!
I have 2 Motorola Focus 66 cams I use with this software. I really like being able to get a real time view of my pet and my door. It’s nice that I can change the sensitivity on the app, view them on my IPhone while I’m away, and save recordings. There are a couple of things I’d like fixed. The more annoying issue is that the app has no support for daylight savings. My recording times listed are 1 hour off from April to October. I made sure I have my correct time zone set for both cams. The other issue may be the camera itself, even though both my cams have the latest firmware according to the app. On my older camera, the app records every 3 minutes, even with no motion. There are too many phantom recordings. It is only supposed to record with motion. I’ve already lowered the sensitivity so that sunlight in room doesn’t cause recording. Also on this camera, it’s only supposed to be black & white, even though sometimes it records in color. That is very strange. Also, this camera seems to selectively record motion. When I walk in front of the camera while it’s powered on, it should record me every time, but it doesn’t. It may be the different firmware in the older Focus 66. I never got clarification.
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5 years ago, Daniel Adair 1
Motorola focus 86 cameras
I have 4 cameras in my house to record various things I love them when there brand new but when they get to be about 1 year old the camera then stops working goes grey in the viewer and says camera offline. You go thur the steps and do everything it says to get it back online and it doesn’t work I’ve had to purchase a full other set of these cameras for my house which got quite expensive I might add. I wish that the camera had target zones so it could block out the sun coming into a certain area. The app it self crashes quite often as well for some reason. Like right now I can’t live stream and I’m not getting any motion recording events. How can all my cameras again not be working? When I go into the app all the cameras say connecting and then errors out I really wish I could get some help with this issue. I am not going to buy another round of cameras I will have to change services and get different cameras if I can not get this issue fixed. These cameras are supposed to be for the purchasers piece of mind and I’m not really getting that when there offline about 10 times a year.
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6 years ago, Mama Cassandra
I've had two cameras for two years.
I've had two cameras for about two years. I originally had the monitor too but ended up sending it back because it had so many problems. (Went through two of them and we weren't rough on them or anything). The app is HORRIBLE. Why they don't fix it, I can't tell you. Maybe they just don't care? Poor business sense if you ask me. My app has so many issues, I can't even write them all down. The camera is ok but I have also had a lot of issues with it. When trying to move the camera view it goes so far to the one side. Sometimes when I try to do something for one daughter, even though I'm on her screen, it does it on the other camera. It's extremely frustrating. I hate that I can't do split screen, that's just Absurd, each of us have to have a baby on the phone. If you don't have your phone plugged in, count on the app draining the battery (even if your screen is off) very quickly. There are several issues with the camera but even more with the app. I hope they take some of the comments to heart (all of them mostly bad) and fix them like a good company would. I will continue to buy things for my children from the same brand if things, but if they don't fix some of these issues, I'll be selling these off and will never buy from Motorola again.
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6 years ago, Kyparo
Hubble Monitor
The Hubble monitor for Motorola is a great device, and we LOVE that it is all accessed through our SmartPhones!!! The video picture and audio is clear, and you can zoom in and out like in a normal camera. It sends notifications to your phone when it senses audio or movement changes in the room, according to the sensitivity you set. There is even a two way radio so you can speak & listen through the monitor. We also really like that you can play music from the monitor and it even reads the temperature in the room! Some things that could be improved are the movement feature & microphone system, as they are a bit delayed and show flashing symbols on the screen that make it seem like the app/camera is lagging. The music player feature is great too, but would be better if you could upload your own songs/music instead of the 5 lullabies provided. Overall we are very happy with this video monitoring system and definitely recommend the product in terms of functionality and price :-)
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6 years ago, lmsy11
Extremely unreliable
My husband and I specifically got the baby monitor based on reviews, I just wish we had read the reviews on the app first. Had we done that we would have never bought our monitor. The app is extremely unreliable, has buffered for 15 or more minutes before. I can’t have an app buffering for that long if I am using it to monitor my 8 month old child. At that point I could have checked on them and known faster. The app also times out after 5 minutes, saying you’ve been running the feed for that long do you want to continue? Of course I do! I keep the feed up at night while she’s sleeping since she’s in her nursery, yet another strike against the app developers for thinking we only want to check the feed every 5 minutes. I’ve had this app not work on both WiFi and LTE connection, so it’s not just my WiFi that it is unreliable on. Every time there is an app update these things are never fixed. They may upgrade the interface to make it look fancier but overall don’t do anything to fix the real issues. If you’re reading this review in research about buying one of Microsoft’s baby monitors that uses Hubble, don’t. Save yourself a world of headaches. Buy one of their monitors that comes with a screen, don’t waste your time on a product they won’t fix.
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6 years ago, CindyVT
Update: I emailed Oliver as he suggested on 2/6. He requested additional information on 2/8. I supplied the information on the same day, about 9 hours after I received his message. It is now 2/13 and I have not heard back. This app worked fine for the first 6 months then became extremely unreliable and would constantly time out or be off line. We have not been able to use any of the snap shot or tiger features in over a year. The app periodically prompted us to upgrade to the latest version to resolve glitches but when we try to do so, it takes us back to the current version of the app. This has been frustrating cycle. After owning our nursery cam for 2.5 years, the camera went offline again today. After following the trouble shooting instructions to delete and reinstall the camera, we were prompted to pay for a subscription. So after dealing with a terrible app for years, we are now required to PAY for the terrible service? And to top it off, we haven’t been able to find a phone number to talk with someone about the issues we are having. I sent an email to the address provided and received an auto reply acknowledging that my email was received and I would hear back in 48 hours. That’s was three days ago. This is just bad business.
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5 years ago, Ross from Hilo, Hawaii
Hubble for my mom
My mom has dementia and had a fractured pelvis at one time, due to a fall...because of her condition, we were instructed that she would need 24/7, we set up sensors that notifies us when she gets out of bed, especially at night, when we are sleeping...but there are times that these notifications are false, so I decided to get a baby camera, and the Hubble connected Motorola camera was what I decided to get...We are pleased with the outstanding performance that this little camera has provided us...I do have one request though, make the next generation of cameras have a quicker response time to whenever one turns on to the live feed...besides that little request, the camera is perfect, and we absolutely love Hubble and our little Motorola baby camera....We have told many people who are dealing with a loved one with dementia, that they need to get a baby camera...and not just any baby camera, but a Hubble connected Motorola camera... it has made a world of difference in caring for my mom.
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2 years ago, gurashiera
Very unreliable and annoying!
I was very happy when I downloaded the app and got the cameras paired to it but just in a few days we started to have problems. We are using the app to track feedings and diaper changes and it started not synchronizing when me and my wife entered manually them. I tried troubleshooting on my phone because the issue started on hers and “fixed” on its own and started to happen on mine. So, I’ve closed the app from the background, offloaded the app to make sure no data that might have been saved on my phone got deleted, reset network settings, rebooted phone, signed out and now… I can’t even sign back in. Getting a login error, the it timed out. I did also noticed that prior to do all this troubleshooting (aside the tracking sync issue) I tried to turn off the white noise from one of the cameras and not matter how many times it click on the icon to turn it off, it never did. So frustrating! App is obviously on the latest update and same for the phones. You might think will all the steps I’ve taken, it might have “fixed” it but it didn’t and now who knows when it will finally work.
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2 years ago, Coco+2
Hubble camera
I love my Motorola camera and portable viewing screen. Unfortunately the screen was broken and I was super disappointed thinking the camera was completely useless without it... That was until I discovered that there’s an app that you can connect your camera through and watch from anywhere!! Hubble connection is awesome! The video quality is great! You can record things, save videos invade you new later for any reason, the app even offers many other features such as growth of baby , sleep patterns, music and a speaker so you can talk to whoever is in room with camera! The only thing I would like and would give this a 5 star is if there were an option for a free app, even if that meant loosing some of the extras. I’ll continue to look for one and change my rating if I come across one. Thanks Hubble you rock!
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7 years ago, lamom21
Worst app ever ! Don't do update or buy camera
Have had this for a couple months now and was happy with the camera before it made me update to the new version. The camera was always a bit slow but I got used to it. Now with the new update the stand by monitoring of the camera times out after 15 min! What good is a baby monitor if it cant monitor your baby 24/7 especially when your sleeping. My husband still has the old version of the app and he can still stream the camera even when he doesn't have the camera app fully open on his phone.: it runs the battery down way less too. I have to literally keep the app open (which is impossible when you phone goes into sleep mode ) and then it takes forever to reconnect and stream the camera again. I woke up the other morning to my son screaming and crying (who knows for how long) cause I heard him down the hall nothing from the app because it had timed out by the morning. Makes me super upset I did the update and nervous I can even continually monitor my child. Please go back to streaming (background monitoring) camera option!!!! I am thinking about returning since it might be useless now.
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3 years ago, CTaylor9620
It’s okay.
For what it is, it’s okay. The picture is nice! But it is constantly buffering, it glitches out, the temp is wrong, and it’s annoying you have to pay even more for the extras. The buffering stream is a huge issue. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve had to jump out of bed or off the couch because I was scared to death my son was breathing! That’s not okay in my book. I’ve read the reviews and the responses to them and I’ve tried it all. Our WiFi is the best package for the company, the camera isn’t far from our router at all (we’ve recently moved it to our bedroom where our son sleeps), and our speeds are just fine. So I’m confused as to why it wouldn’t be looked into further and fixed rather than just replying to people telling them THEY have something to fix on their end. Obviously it’s more people having the same issues. We’re probably going to look into a new monitor for the time being because it’s driving me crazy how the camera disconnects constantly and the stream buffers so much and usually ends up crashing the app.
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6 years ago, Meli.Oro
Shows camera as offline when it’s not
I really want to like this app! Unfortunately it keeps showing the camera as offline when it’s not. Tried deleting the app and re installing and same thing, tried turning my wifi on and off, closing and re opening and nothing changes. Only thing that seems to work for at least a few days is to re-pair the camera with the app. Absolutely irritating, and won’t be paying a membership if that’s going to keep happening. Update Jan- 2018: What seemed to cause the issue was that, when the camera got disconnected for even a second, the app would loose the pairing and the only way to get it to work again was to re-pair the camera to the app, which was a royal pain in the b...After one of the recent updates, they both work great!!! Woohooo!!! Five stars for that! The app works MUCH BETTER than the monitor it came with!😱👍
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1 month ago, M204849
Horrible! It takes a turn for the worse
When trying to open the camera, the app opens up a dialog instead “inviting” me to pay for some service. When I decline, I’m returned to the screen to select the camera, and when I try to open it again, there’s the same dialog. There is no option to actually get to the camera. I had been using this for a while, and the basic functions were free as advertised. Either that’s changed, or they didn’t test out the dialog box to make sure if I closed it, I can continue to access the service. This is typical for what my experience has been with this camera and with the app. Half-thought out, buggy, and greedy. If I’m opening the app, it’s because I’m putting my kid to bed, and I don’t have time or patience to deal with suddenly not being able to use the camera app and being prompted at that point to spend more money on top of buying the camera in the first place to get the service that was advertised and that I had been using up until this point.
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6 years ago, AnnaNicole1
I wanted a Motorola monitor because a friend has one and it’s great! My husband works nights so wanted something where he could see the baby while he’s away. So we got this camera/ monitor. Now we’re both disappointed. The camera & monitor are nowhere near as good as my friend’s (she got hers several years ago). The sound quality is poor. Hardly picks up anything unless the baby is screaming. On my friend’s you can hear her baby breathing. The picture is poor as well. Very grainy (can hardly tell if my baby’s face is towards the camera or away). I’ve also had to reset the camera a few times. Not very convenient when the baby has just gone to sleep & you have to mess around with things in her room. As far as the Hubble app goes... my husband has tried and tried to get it to work. No luck. Apparently this is a known problem. So unacceptable!!! Why sell a product with a known defect?!? Of course, we’ve had the camera/ monitor for months but just started using it recently because the baby is old enough to be in her own room. If we’d just bought it I’d return it right away.
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5 years ago, PLR93
Two years of frustration and disappointment
This is honestly like the worst app I’ve ever used. I’ve had this camera app combo for around two years and probably complained thru the app to support 100+ times , but now I wanted to write a review so no other moms have to put up with this BS, it only works when it wants to aka always offline. There’s honestly no point in really having it as a baby monitor as it is pretty much always offline so you can’t see your baby ! I bought it as a monitor to put above our sons crib so to not have to open his door and disturb him during his naps. But he’s been disturbed countless amounts of time thanks to this horrible awful dreadful app ! Do not use this app or buy any cameras compatible with this app moms! It will just make you worry, and filled with frustration and anger. I really really really wish I done my research before choosing this terrible camera/app. I seriously wish I could give this 0 stars and get back all my time I nervously waited outside my baby’s door trying to hear him and then ending up going in and waking up anyway. THANKS FOR ALL THE PROBLEMS AND ANXIETY. DO NOT BUY.
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6 years ago, brandon51285
Always offline, always unpairing, now live stream is a green pixelated mess
Our son is almost two and this app and the Motorola monitor and camera have caused us nothing but problems for this two years. We are currently using the original baby unit camera piece but, have been through three parent monitors. Besides all the faulty cables and monitors... the Hubble app is a joke. It never removers settings, it’s always offline, it’s always completely loosing connecting and unpairing from the monitor and our WiFi, and temperature reading on monitor will then go away if the camera connection is lost. We have to reset the the entire setup about once or twice a month. It’s never an easy process either. About 75% of these resetting times, we have to completely delete the camera setup from the app and basically install it like when your first purchase it. Now... the latest piece is that when viewing the live stream from the app, the pictures is completely green in color. It s really pixelated and has like static and noise in the image. $200 dollars for the worst monitor ever. Glad it was a gift!
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6 years ago, JennyJennyBoBennyBanana
From 5 down to 1
I was a beta tester for a camera and this app 3 years ago and I absolutely loved it before the video monitoring changed to a paid service. As I parent I feel this is a useless feature. But not a big deal, I’m sure someone is interested in downloading videos of their child rolling over in bed or crying because they woke up too soon in the middle of the night. Today, my complaint comes since the latest updates of the app (since they added nest compatibility) the camera rarely loads. I spend tons of time with the screen displaying the message “Please wait! Getting the stream...” and once the video does load it will immediately be lost again and return to the same message. I am extremely thankful that I didn’t spend money on this camera (or the app services) because it is garbage at this point. An reporting an issue to the developer is difficult because the site gives you the run around by offering FAQ solutions rather than just reporting the problem. My advice, get something else that hooks to a different app service to avoid constant frustration.
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6 years ago, MKMizell
Please get it together guys. Ridiculous!
I bought these monitors for my neighbor to take care of disabled foster children 3 years ago. These kids need 24 hour monitoring and I thought that going with the Motorola name would be the trick. The cameras stay connected to the monitor just fine but this app is horrendous. Every month I have to go back over to their house and reconnect and reset up the cameras so that they can view the cameras on their iPhones. I don’t understand why the cameras just won’t stay connected to the app. Now the app is telling me that they need to upgrade to a paid plan. Why on earth would I want to pay for an app that never worked properly in the first place and is completely unreliable. Furthermore why would they need to archive days or hours of their children sleeping. Again ridiculous. If there is another app out there that is able to connect to these cameras for viewing I would recommend it. I work in tech-support and software development myself and I just cannot grasp the idea of how you guys are not fixing this app, Hubble. Motorola, you can do better.
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6 years ago, MamaSunflower
Better with each update minus one major flaw
The app finally has gotten to a nice stable and useable place for me. It loads fairly quickly, has no more crashes or connectivity problems, and the physical delay has shortened to only a second or so and is not so bad. The one major major problem I have, is that after 5 minutes, the stream stops and a pop up asking if you would like to keep viewing. WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA??? I need this to be constantly running during the night while we are sleeping! I can’t have the monitor stop and ask me if I want to keep watching while we are sleeping. The iPad could be plugged in to the charger on my nightstand with the stream pulled up and it will simply stop and display the pop up. This was only added recently and it needs to be removed ASAP. Thank you for the long continued support of this product as hope it can only get better.
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7 years ago, kkb5252
Horrible update
Update- IF YOU ARE HAVING OFFLINE ISSUES READ HERE FOR FIX- I did the hard reset of the camera, deleted the camera from my ap, and re connected it using wifi and it worked. Still frustrated that the update caused these problems and stress but happy it is fixed now. As a first time mom I felt secure knowing I could peek in on my baby while I had someone babysitting. The ap and monitor had been working perfectly- until the most recent update- DO NOT update your ap! Today I had my mother in law baby sit and when I tried to see if my daughter was sleeping soundly I log in to see that my camera is "offline". Talk about a panic attack and such a waste of what could be and was a great ap. Mine says my camera is offline all the time now, and it makes me log back in every time. Not sure how to fix it, I have read blogs and the instructions with no avail.
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6 years ago, Frustrated_Mom
Motorola doesn't care about support or safety
I've never posted an app review before, but I'm so ticked at this new "upgrade" that I have to comment. The old app was clunky and slow, but it worked for me for the past 2 years. This new app worked for about a month, but as of two weeks ago, the camera pan/tilt no longer works. I hit the arrows and it says the camera pan/tilt is working, but the camera never moves. I'm using this as a baby monitor and it's become a safety issue. My daughter is just now capable of climbing out of her crib. I don't have the money to buy a new monitor setup but I desperately need to be able to move the camera to make sure she isn't climbing. And the worst part is, I've emailed for support and I've sent my camera log and no one has bothered to contact me. I would NEVER recommend a Motorola monitor to a new mom. They clearly don't care about supporting customers and aren't responsible enough to make equipment that you can rely on for your children's safety. If I could give this app a negative star rating, I would.
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5 years ago, KGbout2Comeup
Barely Ok when Purchased, and way more Real Time Now
So I have to say Motorola has come a long way since I have had these cameras working before even though I’ve paid for a plan every month since I bought them. Before they were slow mo cameras and barley caught events. Now they are “Real Time” and this could be because of my newer AT&T internet but if not it has to be because Motorola has made improvements to their systems internally. Great Job! I can’t wait to go buy 3 more and hook up on the same system. Thanks. I have some personal security reasons for using them now and it’s also awesome that I can have my BodyGuards watching them as well at the same time when signed in on my network. Again thanks.
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6 years ago, Sparkle987_8
So upset!
Update: You’ll get a reply from “Oliver” or be in contact with someone from Motorola and guess what,.....SILENCE. We haven’t received a response back with answers. The Motorola rep replied with “its your wifi” and then haven’t heard anything since even though we already answer that the issues are NOT JUST ON OUR WIFI BUT ON CELL DATA TOO. I CANNOT VIEW MY BABY 😭😭😭 I bought the Motorola camera specifically so that I could have access to viewing my son when I wasn’t home. I’ve used it for the past 2.5 years with minimal issues but about a month ago (maybe with the new update?!) I can no longer stream on my phone. The monitor works fine at home, but the video streaming keeps reloading and reloading and sometimes not loading at all. It’s SO frustrating. We emailed Hubble support and were told it’s probably our wifi. Uh NO...because it doesn’t stream on WiFi OR on cellphone data. Maybe you should look into the recent update to see what you’ve changed since obviously there are other people with the same issues!!
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6 years ago, TheSasa7
Disappointed For the Price
I first wrote a review on this expressing my frustrations after my camera quit working for the 5th or 6th time in the 8 months hat we’ve owned it. Then the developer wrote back and told me to reset my router. We did this and things seem to be working again but I’m just wondering how long until it stops working again? My sister has had this same camera monitor that I have and hers too quit working over a year ago. I’m going to try the router trick for her too but hers was never connected to WiFi so I’m doubting this is the case. For the amount of money you pay, it is frustrating how often you have to reset it. It’s also super annoying when you are awakened at 3AM because of the beeping letting you know the camera has disconnected or lost signal. Like I said though, the developer was quick to get me a solution and it is now back up and going but for how long is the question! Do your research before purchasing a video monitor!
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4 years ago, D--M0n3Y
App is deleting days worth of sleep data.
My wife and I are using the sleep tracking and feeding tracking features of the App. The time entries we enter manually are being deleted by the App/ Server and as a result, we have lost days worth of sleep tracking data. I have reached out to Hubble support for help and they insisted I needed to upgrade the version of the app to the latest version and it won’t happen again....LIES!! In less than 24 hours, the app started deleting data again. We are now forced to use another app to track our baby’s sleeping and feedings. Also, the app is always disconnecting/reconnecting the video stream which is very annoying! Also, the app does not run in the background, so if you switch to another app for just a moment, the data stream closes and the audio stops. When you switch back to the app, the app resets all connections, the cameras need to refresh and then you need to select the camera again and wait for the video stream to start again. VERY ANNOYING!!
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6 years ago, Scottsd198334leu
Horrible product, zero customer support
I’m just going to keep this short and sweet. I’ve had the Hubble Motorola app for a couple years now. Not sure why I waited so long to switch as I have been having issues with it from the first day I got it but was hoping that their app would eventually over time get better and more useful. Completely wrong false hope. Now I can’t figure out how to get the camera set to the right time zone, so it is impossible to tell what time events are actually happening at. I tried to reach out for support regarding this issue but found it is impossible to find help or he didn’t find a valid number to call for customer support. I would not read them in this app to anyone and she would be better off buying a dummy camera that doesn’t work at all, at least you know what to expect out of that one. With this Hubble Motorola app you will just have headaches and frustration. Do yourself a favor and go with something a little bit more credible like blink of Arlo By netgear!
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4 years ago, Jen4767890
Barely 2 stars
Pros: This app truly works from anywhere (when it is working). I’ve gotten motion detection alerts when we were halfway around the world and it made me feel much better knowing there were eyes in the house. Cons: App hardly ever paired well enough to the camera to make it worth using the app. Every other time I’d open the app it would be offline or disconnected even though my monitor and camera were working fine. The app also takes an excruciatingly long time to load. Especially when I’m trying to see why my baby’s crying without bothering her, it takes a few minutes to properly load If at all and by that time she’s either in serious distress or has quieted down again and I’m not sure if it’s because she’s okay or if it’s because she’s trapped. Also it won’t let me change the time settings for daylight savings time so 6 months out of the year, it’s an hour different. This app needs serious work.
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5 years ago, JacJB3
DO NOT USE! Terrible product that will leave you with unlimited stress and anxiety.
I use this app to keep an eye on my indoor cat for a short amount of time when on the road for work, (3 days max), and check that her food and water are in good shape. She gets very anxious around strangers, so this (in theory) works better than having strangers parading through my home and terrifying her. A few weeks ago I was travelling and the camera showed “online” and I could see what I thought was going on live, but it said no new events in 24 hours, for two days straight. Therefore, it indicated that my cat had not eaten or visited her litter box in 48 hours. She loves food... After preparing myself for the worst and ultimately ruining my trip, I got home to find everything was great - the camera was just not capturing anything it should have, or showing what was truly “live”. What a piece of junk. I should have tossed it in the garbage then. The camera just shows a black screen in the app half the time (including now as I write this) - even though it says “online”. There is no way to reset it or any help articles for any of these topics. I feel silly sending an emergency contact over to check, when everything is likely fine - just the stupid camera again. Save your peace of mind and your money and pick a different camera and app! This may have passed in 2007, but they should be embarrassed to have this on the market now.
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2 years ago, Loollotch
Quite literally the worst and most inconsistent app I’ve ever used. It’s great for a couple weeks and then once again, something goes wrong. If you’re happy to waste hours trying to troubleshoot an issue every few weeks then I guess it’s a pretty good app? Most recent issue is receiving motion and sound notifications but none of the events show up in the event log. Have tried logging out, rebooting the app, turning the cameras on and off, nothing. So for the thousandth time, I’ll have to delete the cameras and pair them again. Which usually takes about a half an hour bc it never works correctly the first time. Tried to submit a support ticket too, but that didn’t work. Told me the address field was empty. But guess what, THERE WAS NO ADDRESS FIELD. I went back and suddenly all the scroll down options weren’t there. Went to reselect them and the options are blank. So I have to go back and fill out all the info AGAIN. What. A. Waste.
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2 years ago, MzDianaK
Not bad, but could be better
The developers must not live where there is daylight savings. The app has not changed the time back one hour. So all the event entries show one hour ahead of my actual time (EDT/EST). On top of that, I’ve contacted their Instagram on multiple occasions with screenshots of how the app does not fit the iPhone screen properly. The bottom icons (camera, gallery, events, etc.) is cut off and the iPhone bar on the bottom is over those icons. Besides those complaints, the app is pretty good. I was able to access my baby monitor while on vacation. Which definitely put me at ease. I can take photos or videos when I see something cute, without disturbing my baby. I can turn on the stars from another room. All great features. Please just update so the time is accurate and all the features at the bottom of the screen isn’t cut off.
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5 years ago, Lil Mama J
Great Monitor and Useful App!
Only issue is that the camera has to be paired with the phone whenever you turn it off & on again. The camera says “pairing” kind of loudly, which is stressful if your kid is already snoozing. Solution: I never turn the camera off. That being said, I love that I can just pull out my phone and check on baby girl in case I forget to bring the monitor with me. I can also spy on babysitters! Super useful to make sure baby is in bed on time and is safe! The other features are cool, too: record baby in her crib, take pics to document her sleeping habits, speak to her through the camera, play music to wake her up or soothe her. They’re not necessary, but overall the quality of this device & app is worth the $$$.
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3 years ago, Rayho2510
Pro’s and con’s
The app over all is pretty self explanatory easy to figure out and use. Being a first time mom and having a horrible memory I really like the documentation feature of his app. However when it comes to the pumping feature it will not let me change the time. Anytime I do it boots me out of the app completely to point where it’s not even running in my background. I have also tried using the quick track feature of the pumping and if I don’t keep it open and keep my phone from going into sleep mode it will shut off so it doesn't run the clock to keep track of how long I’ve been pumping. I can only use the quick track feature for feeding and sleeping most of the time without problems if I use it from my widget screen sometimes I have and issue with changing it from breast feeding to bottle feeding.
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2 years ago, pinky mathur
Not Happy with the controls
I live in the US and installed these cameras for my elderly mother in India. But when I try to stream very few times I have been able to do live stream it just shows cameras offline to me and at the same time they are online to my sister who lives in India . And control buttons are so bad that by mistake I pressed the remove camera on one of the cameras and from past 2 years I am unable to access that particular camera at all . In starting when I installed these cameras (5-6 years ago) they were fine and I was able to use speek button anytime but from past 2 years I can rarely use the speak button because most of the time cameras are offline just to me . Even though we have upgraded internet connection in India and now we have much better internet speed in India as compared to 5-6 years ago.
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6 years ago, Boutcher
Does everything I expect it to
I think this is a great app. It really does what I want it to. When I am traveling for business, it’s always great to be able to check in on my little one. The only small issue I have is that it seems with a recent update you are no longer to view in landscape mode to allow the video take up the whole phone. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but it was something we were able to do previously and now all of a sudden you can’t. Other than that, I don’t have any issues at all and am happy with our purchase. We even had an issue a couple months after our purchase and app worked very well. Plus Motorola replaced the viewer extremely quick.
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6 years ago, Dee468879
Consistent Failures
I keep trying this app because I don’t want to buy a new monitor, but it may be time to throw in the towel. I had a difficult time upgrading and re-connecting to my home wi-fi. After literally hours, I got it to work but the battery drainage and time outs made me shut the monitor off and keep the baby in our room. Well, fast forward now a few months, I have a 7.5 month old that needs to sleep in the crib in her own room (I.e. time for sleep training). I am so annoyed! The live stream just continues to buffer but won’t appear. I did get notifications of a “live event” where it took a snap shot, but the image on the stream page was from 3 months prior. We’ve made it through 15 minutes of sleep. I heard the baby full wailing in my house before the app pinged that another event occurred. The stream has yet to load. If I could still return this monitor I would. The app has worked a total of maybe 30 minutes and I’ve had it for 3 years.
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3 years ago, Silver Family
Love our monitor
We use this everyday since the day our baby came home and it’s amazing that we can check on her from anywhere we are. Also having the Home Screen is great for nighttime so we don’t have to log onto our phones. The video quality is pretty good, I’m sure there are other more amazing ones but this one os perfect enough so I could see every movement and even if my baby is smiling. The night vision Is the best and as a parent that’s the one we all use more. I love that the camera also tracks how long baby has been sleeping. So if I miss her waking up, I can go back to history and see when she woke up. I would buy this all over again if need to.
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4 years ago, ingenue1004
Connection errors and no reply from their support team
Update-Their support team contacted me via this review in a timely fashion. My husband’s app randomly connected with both cameras today. I still couldn’t connect so I deleted and reinstalled the app. Now I don’t have any issues. I’m not sure why it randomly started working again but I appreciate their team reaching out. ——————————————— Original review—-It’s been over a week since we’ve had connection errors for both of our cameras via the app and no reply from their support team. So we can only connect to one camera using the monitor (with horrible battery life) and cannot use the app. The fact that we can’t connect to the second camera with the monitor is a whole other looong story that their support team hasn’t been able to resolve so we’ve just let it go. So to try and troubleshoot the current issue ourselves—-We’ve rebooted both cameras, refreshed the camera list, and removed/re-added the cameras with no luck!! We even have a prepaid yearly plan for camera monitoring but I’m seriously considering just buying a whole new system because of all the issues over the years. Also, if Motorola could come up with better picture resolution, that would be great.
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5 years ago, lucy.tsai28
Not working properly
I’ve had this camera and app for about 2 years now and have always worked wonderfully, until 1-2 months ago. For nap time I was able to see my kid, but for bedtime I haven’t been able to see him since there is always a “connection issue”, which is not true since my WiFi connection with the camera is always shown as good and all my other devices are working just fine. Reading other users’ reviews I found out that for some of them the camera didn’t work in the dark, which totally made sense to me since it works for nap time (room is not that dark) and not for bedtime when it’s completely dark. I found a temporary solution and put a VAVA lamp next to the camera and it works, but it would be nice if the app is fixed since I like the room to be completely dark.
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6 years ago, Pugs-not-drugs
App is incredibly difficult
I’m so disappointed in the camera system I have, the customer service at Binatone (for the camera) and most of all, the Hubble app. I am a cyber school teacher who utilizes technology daily with a master’s degree in reading and it took me an incredible amount of time to figure my system out. It shouldn’t be this hard to set up a baby monitor, holy cow! The app continually closed, wouldn’t connect to WiFi or detect my camera, got my camera stuck on scanning mode at one point and is generally slow. Like AOL circa 1997 slow. Today it took me an hour and a half to update firmware. I have a newborn and toddler, we do not have time for this, as every second is precious. I urge the developers to work toward a faster, more effective solution. Firmware should push an update, in my opinion. My camera incessantly beeping in the middle of the night due to firmware being out of date is enough to set a newborn, sleep deprived parent into a rage.
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6 years ago, M꙰O꙰O꙰K꙰I꙰E꙰
Highly recommended
Phenomenal🙌🏽 this is the best thing ever ! I will admit that it freaked me out at first bc what I thought I might see👻 but aside from that it’s Amazing! I have been wanting this since I found out I was pregnant now that I have it I Love It! The quality of sound and video is great! It gives me a piece of mind knowing that I have the availability to check on my son whenever I want. He’s a 24 week micro preemie and has a chronic condition that can put him in the er or worse so when I am at work I can feel at ease knowing that I can see everything that goes on with him if I’m home or not. Its good to keep and eye on guests, pets or just your house if you want. It’s worth every penny and I highly recommend it. Great job 👍🏽
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2 years ago, Expoke
Multi camera view stuck in portrait mode on phone
Have been using this with 4 cams for over a year with both the monitor and iPhones. When viewing all four cameras simultaneously the images orient properly in landscape mode when using the monitor, and used to do the same when viewing on an iPhone. For the past month or so however, the images no longer go to landscape view when viewing all four images on an iPhone held in landscape mode. Instead, the images are all in portrait mode regardless of the iPhones position, which cuts off most of the viewable area of each screen (think trying to photograph a horizon or landscape with your phone oriented in portrait mode. Most of the scene is left out). Hoping you’ll address this with an update, otherwise multi-cam view on an iPhone is useless.
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6 years ago, Disappointed Netflixer
Live Stream? DEAD stream.
This app is garbage. I have tried so many different things to get this to work and it fails every time. There is zero consistency in functionality. This camera is around $350 and it is not wort it. Thank god for super cyber Monday deals or this thing would be going straight back to the store. The reason we bought it was for the live stream as my wife and I work opposite shifts and like to check In on our baby. It takes up to 5 minutes to load the live stream IF it actually loads. The WiFi signal is perfect so that’s not the issue. We even set up a booster just for the camera to connect to on an off chance that would work. It didn’t. The only thing this app is capable of is notifying you of sound or movement however when you go to check on what moved/ made a sound you can’t see anything. If you bought a Motorola camera for the streaming return it now because you WILL be disappointed.
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6 years ago, jrichey13
Terrible app, terrible monitor, terrible camera. We’ve had the camera for almost two years now and have had nothing but trouble. The app says it’s online but when I click to view the camera I get the rainbow circle of death and then an error message to check that the camera is on and that I have an internet connection. Both of those things are correct and still nothing from the app. This has been going on for months now, so the app is pretty pointless to me. The monitor is constantly going black with no video feed. I have sound but no video. I’ve turned it off and on multiple times. Plugged it in, unplugged it. Changed settings and still nothing. Then like a day later, the screen is back and all is well. Except that it does that very frequently. We are about to have to purchase a second camera and we will definitely not be purchasing something so unreliable again.
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6 years ago, SashaLV
Awful, simply awful.
To start with, as many other people already said it is impossible to operate the camera with the help of this app. Camera goes to much to the side and in the end it is hard to point to the desired spot. But this is a minor issue compare to what happened couple of weeks ago. The night vision on my camera/ monitor simply stopped working and we are sleep training our baby at this point, so it is crucial for us to see what is going on with our baby. So, we called Motorola customer service and they said that it happened because of the Hubble app. That it somehow screwed up the camera and now at night we have a black screen on our monitor. Motorola customer service told us to wait 72 hrs which was 4 days ago.. that supposedly Hubble at people were working on fixing the issue. Well, nothing was fixed. And for over two weeks now I can see what my newborn daughter is doing in her crib.
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5 years ago, NatalieRS81
Works as expected
Works great! Highly recommend it! Love having access to my phone. A little sensitive to light motion in the room, but glad the motion works well. Would like it better if it had a way to adjust temperature monitoring to Fahrenheit, and the ability to enter in temp settings as a number, rather than just a slide bar for temp. I would like to adjust the settings to 69-72 and it won’t do that even in celsius because the slide bar can’t get that close together. Also wish the tracking feedings, pumping and diaper changes were on one graph for a quick shot of the patterns of my bandies feeding etc patterns and total milk pulled each day/week to see at a glance all the details is nice.
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3 years ago, JB in Temp-easy
iPad app is underdeveloped
The Hubble camera system is good, but the iOS app is seriously underdeveloped. The iPad app *works*, as in it shows you video from your camera, but thats about it. Issues: 1) iPad: You are unable to change the settings for the app or logout of your account on the iPad version. When you swipe to app settings the app doesn’t register you clicking on any links or buttons, essentially the app is frozen. To switch accounts I had to delete the app, reinstall, and log in with the correct account. 2) General: Why can’t you have one parental account with separate logins like literally every other baby related app. Doesn’t make sense (this is not iPad specific) 3) iPad: The app is not supported in landscape view, so if you have an iPad connected to a keyboard, you are forced to flip the iPad to use the app. 4) iPad: There is no picture-in-picture option. Imagine this, a baby monitor app that allows you to keep the stream open while you’re doing work. This app doesn’t take advantage of iOS advanced features but it should. I’m surprised that Motorola is so far behind with their app development. If I knew this from the start I would have purchased a different baby monitor system, one that is more iOS fluent.
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6 years ago, mtbtrailcarver
Getting better
This app and camera is currently getting the job done but could be better. There have now been two updates in a row that managed to update/fix things without breaking something else and that in and of itself is improvement. The audio is in and out consistently. There is also a major lag issue. I’ve mentioned this in previous reviews; the app never connects and streams directly from the camera. The camera is always streaming to servers on the internet and the app always having to go out to the internet to download that stream. Doesn’t matter if you are on the same WiFi connection as the camera or not. This means if you have the bandwidth and a quality connection to the internet your stream is only a few seconds behind. If you have a slower connection to the internet or the connection is sketchy this lag can be minutes. I have on more than one occasion left the tablet downstairs, walked upstairs, picked up my child from the crib, changed him, brought him downstairs, and then we watch the monitor as my child continues to play for a bit before my arms come onscreen and I lift him out. It would be sad if it weren’t so funny.
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6 years ago, SanchezCLT
There is no where on the app to contact the developers or anyone with questions....just a basic menu with short and not helpful answers. This is the only place I found where I can comment or ask a question. After the last update, I have lost access to the buttons to pan/tilt the camera, talk, music, etc etc if I am in landscape mode (iPhone held sideways). If I have the phone held upright and then access the menu to pan the camera (for example) and then turn the phone sideways for better viewing, I would then be able to manage the camera from landscape mode. Next, why is it not setup to send any questions or comments directly to customer service/developers for this app? The help menu and various tiles with topics is not user friendly or helpful.
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6 years ago, Jnizz4shizz
I have been so disappointed with this monitor/app. At least I thought it was cool because I can check in with my little man when I had to go back to work. But even using it at night it is constantly searching for a signal even thought I haven’t moved. It’s not very comforting when you wake up at 2am to check it to make sure you Baby is ok and it won’t even connect!! I have had to get up to turn the camera on/off and also turn my WiFi on/off and it still has issues! So frustrating! **update**. Original review was sent in January. Here it is March and the camera/app STILL isn’t working properly. I did this lovely app “update” and now it’s back to telling me the camera is offline and it won’t connect. We did everting even uninstalled the camera and reinstalled. Nothing! I HATE not being able to check on my baby in the middle of the night!! Ugh!!
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4 weeks ago, threed83
Broken Promises and Broken Connectivity
The recent decision by Hubble to introduce a subscription fee, after years of promises that one would never be necessary, is nothing short of a betrayal to its customer base. This move not only undermines the trust we placed in the brand but also adds an unexpected financial burden on long-term users who were sold on the premise of a one-time purchase. Furthermore, the camera's performance on WiFi networks is abysmally unreliable. Connectivity issues are rampant, disrupting what should be a seamless experience. In an era where reliable home security and monitoring solutions are more crucial than ever, Hubble's faltering on basic connectivity and the abrupt pivot to a subscription model are unacceptable. This decision not only reflects poorly on Hubble's commitment to customer satisfaction but also casts doubt on the company's integrity and business practices.
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