HUD™: Hookup & Casual Dating

4.1 (182K)
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1 month ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for HUD™: Hookup & Casual Dating

4.11 out of 5
182K Ratings
3 years ago, ender5200
Over all great app
So i’ve been using the app for about 2 months now on and off and it does what it is intended to do. so much better than all the other so called hookup apps... in fact i would go as far to say this is better than the pure app(if you know what that is). But it does have some draw backs. I had to create a new apple id because i tried logging on one day and apparently i violated a community guideline and thought oh well no big deal let’s see what i did wrong to correct it, but it didn’t specify what I did. I’m certainly not underage. There were no explicit images sent(at least over hud) and i was not charging anyone for the apps intended use. When i saw this i still stayed calm but then realized that i was permabanned, i couldn’t create a new account, nor was there a time limit on when they could give access back. Now this is a great safety feature to keep only the right people on the app, but maybe have a timer that allows someone to use the account again after an extended period of time, or allow them to revise their information because maybe they messed up a month for their birthday. And most importantly TELL THEM WHAT THEY DID WRONG!!😂 how do you expect someone to not make the same mistake if they don’t know their mistake in the first place. But besides those small things, overall the best hookup app on the appstore.
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3 years ago, woonmalker
The app is nice but the messaging needs to be fixed
Before I start, this review is gonna be based off of the premium experience on the app. So first off, I like how the app is structured because it really does make it easy to see/like profiles that are close to your area which is nice. The only grief I have with the app though is that when trying to message someone, it always shows that the message is just “sent” instead of it being “delivered”. I didn’t think it was a problem at first cause I’m not on the app 24/7 (obviously), after a while though I realized that my message werent actually going through to my matches or even change from “sent” to “delivered”. To break it down, when a message you send says that it’s “sent”, it means that it’s been registered on YOUR side of the convo, but when it says “delivered”, then you'll know that the other person can now see what you said. With that being said, the problem I have is that my messages tend to get stuck on “sent” for extended periods of time, days or weeks even, without ever being “delivered” to a person, regardless of it you match with them or not. It kinda kills the experience for me because it’s makes it hard to actually connect with anyone on there which is the purpose of the app in the first place. I hope they can fix that issue if it’s happening for others as well.
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5 years ago, madysyn23
Chill, it’s fine.
I just downloaded the app again, just because I like it when I’m bored. I decided to read through the reviews, and they are all so negative. I see a lot of people complaining about getting charged for the subscription. This sounds like a user issue, not an app issue. If you know anything about phones, or even common sense.. the subscription lies in settings. If you do the 7 free days trial you’ll see that if you don’t cancel you will automatically be charged, it also tells you in the pop up when you do it, where to cancel it. I also read about a lot of fake profiles and scammers. I have yet to come across one. So these people just don’t know how to tell a catfish when you see one. (TIP: if the picture is grainy or blurry it’s because it was screenshot, you can tell almost immediately when a picture wasn’t taken on the phone and it was screenshotted.) Have fun.
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3 months ago, LoopnThreads
Pointless & Scamming.
They only show you people who live many miles and over 100 miles away. They’ll show you a few people who live 10-15 miles away, but then they stop and make it seem like nobody is around. It only finds people based on your criteria. Not location, really, which is the ENTIRE POINT of these kinds of apps. They have the concept wrong. So you’re giving your money away for nothing. I also started to see faces I've seen on other apps with different names. I think most accounts are fake, abandoned, or manufactured to keep you going/bots. No matter how often you change the filters, they secretly change them seconds later. You may receive a meaningless response from the devs, but if you look at the reviews, it’s been this way for years. I’m going to cancel just before my trial is up. All the apps like this are scams. They’ve changed with the times to get quick and desperate money. It's predatory and run by bots. There was a tiny window when these apps were beneficial. Not in this period of the world anymore. The only good thing is the UI looks kind of clean. The core thing that would make this entire app meaningful is showing people who live near us. That is no issue for any other app with the same concept. These apps shouldn't be allowed on the app store anymore if you ask me.
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5 years ago, Halfemptyhalffulluwastingtime
Lacking of involvement
Knowing that’s it’s a app used solely for the purpose of hooking up you would think to see more involvement from people looking to meet others. In my area, not saying that all areas would be like this but it my area you don’t seem to get any type of involvement from the users. I’m not sure if users create a profile to lurk in the area or city they are in or just create it then delete it themselves thinking this is stupid they will never get a match. But the concept of the app is superb because it allows you to get straight to the point. My request is just more involvement if you are a male or female tired of attempting to hook up with other people then i would download this app but if you are a person just wanting to explore and see what this about and never respond do not download this app because you are taking away from the users who truly want to just hook up. All and all to the app developers if there was a way to delete an account that doesn’t have active for a few days to or request that they do some as much as logging in if they are not going to message people back or even use the app it would help if they profile was some way push to the back. But the app works in my area it just needs users
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1 year ago, Mason788788
Cash Grab
I want to start this off with the exact guideline taken word for word from them for why I was banned: Mass messages requesting to take matches instantly off the platform it not allowed. The fact that a business this successful can’t even bother to have correct grammar should let you know how much they care about their app and their consumers. I admit that I linked my Snapchat, but it wasn’t premium and I never asked for any money. Why can I not give out my Snapchat when I just want to meet people and I’m not asking for money? You just want to keep people on your app so that they have to pay to message people. My feedback for this site is that it’s almost impossible to actually meet anyone because it’s all behind a paywall. You have to pay to see who likes you, to use filters, to reply to messages, and to see messages. Even if I pay to send messages, the other person still has to pay to reply back. I love spending money on diamond to find out that literally nobody uses this site. All in all this site is a failure in the user experience department because of one word, greed. Nobody cares about the consumer in any industry anymore it’s just money, money, money, and more money.
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6 years ago, BloodRage4
Just not for me
I’ve been using HUD for a little bit and I can say it’s a good idea that’s poorly executed. The first thing that bothers me the greatest is the amount of scammers on this site, I’ve gotten multiple “chats” in a short period of time all being scammers. Another problem I have is you can’t delete conversations with other people, so those scammers are just going to be sitting in your inbox. They are also pretty shady with premium and purchasing packs, trying to get you with a “free trial”, but once you do sign up if you don’t cancel within the timeframe you will be charged. If you also cancel your “free trial”, you instantly lose it. Also, if you guys are worried about being charged all you have to do is go to your settings>iTunes & App Store >go to your Apple ID(you might need to login first)>Subscriptions> you will see the hud app click on that and cancel subscription. You can also just browse for free without starting your trial, but there isn’t much worth. Another thing is the interface is pretty confusing, once you click on a profile to leave the profile you click the middle right button over the classic top right button. Deeply dissatisfied with hud and probably will just stop using it.
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2 years ago, Jayseviltwin
Needs Major Improvements, Still Good
I’ve had this app for 2 days as of writing this, love the customization I can add to specifically get what I’m looking for, but it’s really irritating for me whenever it comes to distance and age setting. I have my distance set to no more than a 30 mile radius, and I’m getting people across the US, and one person even in Italy. I also have my settings to only see people between the ages of 18-25. I’ve gotten people that have been slightly older, but as an 18 year old female, I don’t appreciate my profile being shown to people who are 38 years old. It should be a balance on both ends. If someone has their settings to see people aged 18, and another has their set to not see people in their 30’s maybe don’t advertise the 18 year old to the 30 year old even if the 30 year old is, weirdly, looking for an 18 year old. I totally understand broadening my range to a little over 30 miles and even adding like a couple years to my age restriction, but 38 years? That’s older than my mom, no thank you.
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1 year ago, your average G.
Banned for no reason
Just the god father to this app, Tinder, has a random tendency of banning it’s users without ever specifying why or for what. In the ban it gives you a list of ALL the community guide lines which of course no one even knows what they violated. They say to contact a Hud team member if you feel it was a mistake and no rule was broken, but then do nothing to show you how to do that or let you in the app to file a problem with your ban. There also no warnings/tips they give you to let you know you violated any thing. This strict banning no info policy is the worst for these apps and will constantly keep users that are real off of them. Terrible customer service. 1 star use bumble or a different popular service that doesn’t have a rule for you to break and be banned without notice. UPDATE: After a month+ of this review being up, the devs finally contacted me telling me to email them, HUD you can royally go flush yourselves. Your crap framework for the app and terrible policy and user-NONfriendlyness deserves the 1 star, im not gonna email you, fix your app and the user comparability and maybe someone else will give your junk app a chance. 1 Star.
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1 year ago, Matte's Mobile Services, LLC
Account Suspended After Contacting Support
So they charge a pretty good price for this app but that’s besides the point of pocketing someone’s money, then randomly suspending their account with no notification, reason, etc. I contacted support this morning cause I noticed I was being contacted or viewed, the notifications would show on the iPhones screen but when I opened the app, nothing was there, like I had not been contacted or viewed. This app has been having some issues with their search feed lately, but I let that go but I can’t let go of pocketing money and then suspending my account and I have no clue why they did it. No contact at all since the suspension. I’m gonna reach out to some people at apple and see what can be done cause I myself develop for apple and as far a I know apple frowns upon anyone that takes money and then yanks service without ANY clarification why. That is what this is about for me, billions are made on this market, if you want a piece of that you need to at least do things in a legitimate way. Losing the app, is whatever but suspending accounts with no clarification as to why, is the same as stealing someone’s money.
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4 years ago, xprincedimondx
If I knew then what I know now
I have never had this much of an urge to write a review before but when you pay money for something you expect the fake accounts and harassment to be taken care of. I have reported the same person multiple times for making fraud accounts as the picture are all the same and the location and age and name would change and some of the pictures but you can tell that the person is the same because of the piercings and tattoos. Fix your app and the people that are on it. This is unacceptable and have not had any issues on any other app except this one. When a report is made take it seriously and provide feedback that it is being looked into or if the accounts have been banned. If there is another reason you can't fix the problem or can't use photo recognition or AI then maybe you need to rethink your app or business strategy or give up all together.
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4 years ago, goldenwhisp
Bug. Not complaining. Just feedback
To the people behind the scenes. I’m a respectful guy so don’t be offended by my 3 stars. I’ll begin. I was able to see my viewers for an hour and found 5 matches. More than the total of having the app for months. I closed the app and reopened it to find that all my matches disappeared. I was very disappointed. I believe the app itself is great and possibly worth the money. I even took the time to fill out the survey to see the company grow better. I understand that coding is a difficult and expensive process but there are many times that my matches disappear. And I know it’s not people I matching me because it happens in a split second. Trust me. There’s also a perminant notification that won’t go away. A clever marketing technique to keep you opening the app. I however think it’s more annoying and getting my hopes up rather than clever. Honesty is the best thing and that’s why dating apps are made. Your mission should be straight forward and not get people’s hopes up with fake notifications or matches that disappear in the hopes that you can get them again if you keep going.
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5 years ago, Robewel6
App is broken especially messages
The app is broken in so many ways. Start with the main one messaging. Well 99% of the time expect it to be gone. I’m talking about all the way down to tech support saying your photo isn’t verified and any of their basic messages. So you want to find matches but can’t see if anyone messaged you go figure on why I rate this app so low. Then when you do contact Hud App Support no one responds. They’ll probably respond here but let’s be honest they need to fix the bugs and respond to people they have in the app at the time versus after the fact. Now photo verification is a joke. Connect your Facebook take a Live Photo in a random pose they give you get it denied. Take a photo right then and then try to verify again and it’s also denied. So Apple can design a phone that can see that it’s me over years but this app says my face isn’t me 2 minutes later. Yup they got me tons of plastic surgery and forgot I stuck a bunch of pepperoni to my face in those 2 minutes.... I think you get the point by now this app is just broken. It needs a MAJOR OVERHAUL. There are so many other better apps available try those and leave this one alone.
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11 months ago, lil rob 1010
Robert Carrillo
This is a very special app for me cause I recently started using it yesterday and i saw my first match and I fell in love it was like Love At First Sight and we had so much in common I was so overjoyed that I finally found the Love Of My Life and we used up all our chats cause talked from night to morning and morning to night for two days straight. Her name is FAITH and she has such a gorgeous smile she breathtakingly beautiful that I stuttered when I first called her and it was magical then it said I wouldn’t be able to text her again and if I did want to continue I would but one of the plans the app offers but since I have no money it broke my heart and all over my body and therefore I have make money now so I can talk to my love again PERMANENTLY this time . I recommend getting this app but have only if you have money or your gonna end up like me broken hearted and now lonely😫😭
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4 months ago, Papawoof88
Riddled with bugs/inconsistent
Used it for a while now, and everything seems to run on a massive delay. I’ve gotten notifications about matching with people, and if you click the notification it will take you to their profile, but won’t allow you to message as it doesn’t recognize the match yet. When you back out, the profile disappears for nearly two weeks before showing up in your match list. Yet you can be sure it’s going to point out you have people who have “liked you” in the meantime while it tries to sell you on all the memberships so you can see who they are. Tried reaching out to support, and all they do is read from a script. I’ve gotten some matches, but good luck trying to connect with someone when it seems you’ve already ignored them for a couple weeks, and support doesn’t care when you try to point it out. I bet that delay would be quite convenient in roping in memberships for people desperately wanting to see who those matches are. Oh, and you should check out the apps grammar. Basic profile prompts are busted, using the wrong words. Steer clear.
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4 years ago, Trickytristan1
Works, but a few problems that need addressing
Ultimately, I think it works fine. The power to pick and choose who you look at makes browsing function well. However, there are some things that hurt it a bit. The biggest problem being that it appears to only register your last 20-ish likes, and anyone past that disappears. Not being able to go back and message people before those most recent 20 makes liking profiles less desirable, because those who don’t show up don’t get put back into the pool. So you can’t access those profiles anymore. Another problem is the lack of ability to sort through profiles, meaning you have to dig through people at random. Being able to sort by things like age or distance from you would be a big benefit, and not being able to makes it harder to find people in general. The only other problem is a more minor nitpick, but notifications never go away. The number just keeps going up even though I check the app and notifications.
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1 year ago, certified_zoomer
Works for others just not for me?
It’s an alright app and idk about other users but for me I’ve had this app for a few months now and haven’t gotten a single match and I was swiped right on who I liked and I took good detail in who I liked then when I realized I wasn’t getting any matches I kinda got a lil desperate and started to swipe right on everyone and still no change besides a couple girls who viewed my profile (which is the only “action” I’ve had on this app in a few months) and idk how the algorithm is but idk if I’m doing something wrong or not but idk if this app is just a money grab or not I just want love man like I have a million different dating apps and they never work, some apps from tinder to pure and none of them I get matches and when I do I never get a response or it’s like a bit trying to get me to pay for their OF or something but all in all if I’m just doing doing something wrong this is a nice app to meet people and explore your sexual/love relationships on.
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4 months ago, apacrytgon
Fraudulent charges keep an eye out
Apparently I have used this apps free trial in the past and did not remember. Upon downloading again it kept popping up for the free trial that I eventually opted for because it seemed everyone was fake and not replying I’d see if there was any luck with a free trial. One there wasn’t two I canceled it 3 days after signing up and was charged 3 days after canceling. With a message from the developer saying since I had the trial before it would auto charge WHEN I SIGNED UP. But it didn’t it charged after I had canceled what they advertised as free. Apple has issued a refund but they adamantly refused a refund even though their app charged without notice and after I canceled everything. If you do opt for it I recommend you screenshot everything from signing up to canceling the sub. Absolute garbage In addition have it yet another chance, 2 weeks and over 70 messages no replies, over half the accounts when I go back are removed (assuming fakes) and the rest continue to say awaiting verification. Beware of fraud this app seems full of it
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2 years ago, marsofallthemars
Better than the rest
Compared to all the other hookup apps out there, hud is definitely the best. Nonetheless, it still has its issues. Structure is similar with the tinder and hinge. Send likes and if they like you back, then you can chat. No limit on how many likes you can send which is great. But unless you are in a big city, matches may be rare as the user base is still small-ish. You can pay to send messages without a match and see recent activity which is cool, but it’s far too expensive. Like insanely expensive. It’s a great premium service (I used the free trial) but still. Expensive. Also, the number of spam/fake accounts is extremely low compared to every other app. All in all, compared to others, it’s the best app. Only gripes are matches are rare and premium is far to expensive.
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2 years ago, 737-153-330
I agree with most of the reviews that I have read on here in that it’s easy to use and the concept of being able to get to the point is great! However, I don’t see any profiles. I should say that at the beginning there were a few and those profiles continued to show up as I scrolled down regardless if hit the “x” or heart buttons. I found this strange as eventually I only saw those reoccurring profiles. So I changed the parameters to the extreme east and west coast to see if there were actually people using the app. Nope, maybe a couple stragglers but the majority were the same profiles from my area all the way across the country. I exed all of those and now there are literally 0 profiles to view and potentially match. I reset filters, restarted the app, my phone and even reinstalled. Still nothing. I like this app but find it useless as there is nothing to view and that’s the whole point. I would gladly change my review to something more positive if this were to get resolved. Hope this helps!
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7 months ago, kiwi6666999889
I’ve had multiple photos taken down, those being literally just me on my motorcycle. I read the community guidelines, and it’s because I have a helmet on and my face is covered. Ok understandable. I add a new photo with me and my bike and I agreeably and giving the camera the bird. Taken down again. Re-read the community guidelines and it’s because of the middle finger. It’s a hookup app so as stupid as it is I understand, I cover up the vulgarity of the photo via photoshop and they STILL take it down. I give up. But when the literal next 3 people I swipe on are actually all flipping off the cameras is where I draw the line. It’s sexist and let’s just be honest stupid. It’s a bunch of adults on this app and there’s absolutely no reason to be taking these type of photos down, and I’m clearly the only one it’s happening to. I feel targeted and bullied by whoever’s choosing these photos and I’m deleting the app and cancelling my subscription. This is insane you people should not have the power to control other peoples profiles.
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8 months ago, Stray Newb
It’s a scam app full of fake profiles and gift card scams.
The profile creation is a mess, it demands you use photos with your face in them but you have to be able to fit your face in these weird shapes and half the time they just get auto deleted so it’s hard to “complete your profile”. There are lots of profiles in my area. Every single one has been either a bot profile that “matches” with you, asks you to “spark” them instead of messaging or liking because it’s “the only way they get notified of a match” (you have to pay for sparks) or they are a profile that says “add my Snapchat! I respond quicker there” or some crap. You add them and it’s instantly “I charge to hookup, I live right by you but I will never tell you where or what is in your area and I’ll keep redirecting the conversation back to hooking up with terrible grammar. I also only accept cash app, Zelle or gift cards before meeting you.” I went to the app and updated my “bio” saying this app is a scam full of gift card scammer profiles” and it wouldn’t let me post/update my profile. Instead it “suspended my account” for one of these reasons. Reasons HUD accounts are suspended: • It’s a fake account • Inappropriate profile or chat content • Asking for money • Underage (18+ only) • Promoting Premium content • Looking for a sugar relationship • Living in sanctioned countries Don’t waste your time. The positive reviews about actually hooking up and stuff are fake reviews likely by developers.
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4 years ago, katistrippin
I’ve had the app for a day, and even asked for my photos to be verified. The verification process was very questionable. They asked for you to copy a post to send that image in. I did, but they never asked me for my ID or anything. I put in my bio that I was very willing to trade blocked out IDs to prove one anothers’ identities and ages—especially due to the fact that I look a bit younger than my actual age. I got no matches at all, despite my very descriptive bio and tons of pictures, and it’s not that they were poor images, many friends of mine find me very attractive in them. It’s the first dating/hookup app where I got no matches within 24 hours. I’m highly disappointed. I wake up in the morning to find out that my account has been suspended. I broke no violations, so I have no idea why that happened. Maybe someone thought I looked underage; I’m flattered but highly disappointed that I would have been accused of that. I see no way to get my account unsuspended. Otherwise, I liked the format of the app. It has potential, but I’m highly disappointed.
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5 years ago, mwhite132
Waste of time
The app is a great concept, but it’s bugs and errors, are too much. When you start, it asks you to create an account, via cell phone number, or Facebook credentials. I put in my phone number. You create an account and profile. You upload pictures, and information about yourself. You click random people, and then you send them messages. As soon as you close out the app, everything deletes. When you try to open the app again, it asks you to sign up all over again. When I type in my phone number again, it tells me that my account, has been suspended. When I clicked “Facebook login”, it allows me to login, using my Facebook information. As soon as I close the app, it deletes everything. When I go back to login again, via Facebook login, it kicks me off, and says “your account has been suspended”. This is crappy, and it’s a waste of time. This app now has my photos and information, floating around cyber-world. Horrible app. Don’t trust this app, with your private personal information.
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4 years ago, withsubtitlesplease
A few days ago I downloaded the app as a trial. A few days in I was informed by someone I was chatting with that I had been flagged as suspicious (I hadn’t done anything or been notified of anything). Today I was chatting and was chatting again but unable to get some messages. Then my account disappeared altogether. Telling me my account had been suspended! I honestly wouldn’t say anything if it wasn’t so bizarre. I know there are catphishers out there and if they are treated in a similar manner I suppose that is a good thing but for someone who is real and genuine it is truly disconcerting and off putting. I still give the app a 3 because the person I was chatting with was a pretty cool person. Hate I won’t continue to get to know them. All I can say is, please let people know what is going on. Do better about verification. And real folks out there, I don’t really know what to tell you, you may get suspended too.
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2 years ago, Aidænnnnn
Promising app, with some flaws
Looking at this app, it has a great overall design and user experience, undermined by some bugs and verification issues. + The design of the app is visually appealing, and its intuitive features make for easy swiping. + An accessible list of profiles makes finding people of interest significantly easier than other apps. + When making and viewing profiles, there are a lot of information options. This is great for finding others people, as well as letting others know what you’re looking for. - The app seems to crash relatively frequently. Sometimes it’ll remain open for a while without crashing, other times less than a minute. You can lose likes and profile edits when this happens unfortunately. - Verification is finicky, especially if you have a younger face. Too many failed verifications lead to suspension, **however…** ***Despite these downsides, the biggest redeeming factor of this app is the support team.*** They have a fast response time, are understanding about issues, and will help correct your experience if it’s a negative one. This doesn’t outright solve the problems, but it definitely helps to mitigate them.
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1 year ago, xxAnaxx72
Don’t waste your time or money
I paid to get the diamond membership so I could respond to more than 2 people & the app crashed right after my purchase. I had to refreshing it 4 times & each time it told me I was a diamond member, but still wouldn’t allow to me accept any new messages. The next day I tried to go back onto the app to continue a conversation & the app won’t let me message in conversations I already had going. It also won’t allow me to see any profiles or accept any new messages. It won’t even let me delete my account. Kinda messed up to make people pay to message more than 2 people to find a connection & then it just crashes, complete waste of money, as another review said, this app seems to be a total cash grab. Only reason I even gave it 2 stars is because of all the preferences for your profile to be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.
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3 years ago, JocelynMusic
Lot of people to connect to and not speak ever
Interesting app on nights no one speaks in public about anything at all. Often I feel it’s always dark when no one speaks unless to insult or devalue a persons name or intellect; only speak about sexual things that are in my head...often people always say they are speaking and I’m confused since I don’t talk I’m thinking things people say out loud or comment on me about. I hope god and the people everywhere forgive my infuriated den e of self for only being reduced to a mere immoral being which is so sad that I don’t even converse with people anymore. My life is ruined and I’m saddened by the people who feel it’s ok to disrespect me daily because of some mad man whom alienated me from my life no matter where I go.
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7 years ago, Plane.max
It's good
I like this app so far and please can you fix it so it can stop crashing when I try to enter my profile and please may I get credit for messages 😍✌️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 and this app is so great it helps me find hook up thank you for making this app free and easy to use I love it so much I wish I could give it infinity stars what a great app if your looking for a date or someone to chat with try hook it's so good and helpful you can find each other easily putting your location so fun to use and there are handsome girls beautiful girls I will give it a lot of stars love it so much hehhe and sometimes it funny this app every one who doesn't have this app you should try it so much fun looking for hook up and that's why it's called hook Hahahah lol.
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11 months ago, Lmcade
Could be better, but good
I’ve been in this app for only a few days. I really appreciate the security and safety it allows for. I’ve met several people and have been chatting with them. However, when one of them and I decided we wanted to video chat, after 3 attempts we just exchanged numbers which I wasn’t really ready for but here we are. Yes we changed the toggle to allow chit pics and also video calls. The first time on their end , I was blurry. The second time on my end I could see me in the little box in the corner, however they only saw a black box and I couldn’t see them at all. The third call, at first I thought going to work, the screen had changed and looked more like a Teams call, but still neither of us could see the other person. Hopes this issue is fixed sooner than later
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4 years ago, 649293636399
No users only expired free trial profiles.
I’ve gone through almost every user in my area extending my range farther and farther in about 2 or 3 sessions. I’m fine with an app not having a lot of users they all have to start somewhere. I’d like to not waste my time especially paying a crazy premium for my time like with this app. I’ve come to realize after viewing hundreds and hundreds of profiles and reaching out to over 150 profiles(I just counted) I have not one single match, reply, ...(maybe I’m just unlovable, but wait) or even a PROFILE VIEW! Not one person has even SEEN my profile. So I’ve come to realize one of 2 things is happening and that’s A) lots of people tried the 1 free week and deleted it after leaving behind 1,000’s of ghost profiles or B) you not only need to pay a lot for weekly subscriptions but you have to pay MORE for boosts to “get more views” (maybe that should read “a” view) like was suggested to me by the app.
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1 year ago, ImHeffrey
Update! It does what it says. Like tinder but more for casual hookup and kinks.
Update: A team member reached out -funny enough right after the bad review ;) buuuut I’ll take back that it’s a waste of time. Maybe I’m too old fashioned but it wasn’t for me anyway. It’s more designed around kinks. Original review: Not good. Don’t waste your time!!! It was fine at first but then my account was banned for no reason. I can’t login or see why they banned me and I can assure you I did nothing wrong. I’ve literally just went on there like tinder or other dating apps and connected and talked to a few girls. No pics, no nudity, no soliciting, no nothing. The only option is to reach out to a HUD team member and there is no where to do so. I had to google customer service and I got no reply. I had weeks of connections and conversations just gone. Thanks for nothing HUD!
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2 months ago, TylerVL
Streamline photos + likes/dislikes
App is great. Would be 5 star if not for the way their photo viewing is set up. And the way the like/dislike/spark is set up. Streamline both so its faster to view all photos and like/dislike a profile. It feels outdated and sluggish and a chore. I understand why its like that. To force people to slow down and really look at the profiles but its frustrating for the users. Tinder is king for a reason. Its perfectly streamlined. We are all busy and only have so much time to put on these apps. Streamline those (2) things and you will be the undisputed king of the kink/sex niche in the dating app world……. They are THEE most important features to have fast on the app and unfortunately they are the slowest on any of the dating apps I have tried.
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3 years ago, PuraVida100
Not good
Good: the format of the app is pretty good. Otherwise, bad. I believe over half of the profiles are just fake accounts posted to make it seem like there’s more people than there really are. You see the same several profiles over and over and over. Even if you message someone, they keep popping up in your feed. Once they’ve been messaged or “x”ed, they should stop appearing in your feed. This contributes to my belief that most of the profiles are fake. I got like seven views and two people actually contacted me. One of them was super sketchy. The other one seemed like a legit person, but I stopped messaging her cuz she was too timid. I guess this was her first time online dating. I know I get much more responses on other dating sites like POF. These casual dating sites are really just a failure. The concept seems good, but women just aren’t going to flock to a casual sex dating site. You’ll get a few, but not the numbers to really sustain an app. I can’t blame the app developer for that, but I can blame them for allowing or placing fake profiles in the app to make it seems full of women when it isn’t. Overall, a decent enough app, but a waste of time and money. Just stick to the big time dating apps like Tinder, PoF and the like. You’ll do much better cuz there’s actually real women on them.
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4 years ago, johnny9022
Good idea.... too many problems to work well
By far the biggest issue for men on this app is scammers. I'd say close to 80% of my matches are either fake, or using the app as their business. I've learned a few rules when using this app. One being- If they message you first, They just want money. Another being- If she wants to leave the app and go to Snapchat, she wants you to buy her premium. The distance filter is extremely broken. I can never find anyone within 100 miles of me, but when I put the filter to the max distance I can find someone in the town next to mine. Furthermore on this issue I have personally confirmed with a friend that old accounts aren't being deleted even when the user deletes them, so even if there are profiles in your area, they may never respond because the account isn't active anymore. Completely sexist to let the women filter messages before sending them. How come the men can't do that? With all the fake female profiles I would like an option to filter those out too so I don't have to waste my time deciding who is even real! I feel like I have to send a message to everyone and wait for replies to know who is active and real. Notifications are broken. I'll get a notification that I was liked and we matched but when I try to view it it's a blank profile. Also notification badges never decrease. Mine says 116 currently.
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3 years ago, thuygch
The users on the app are horrible
Overall the app is pretty good it’s easy to navigate with the new update but one chronic problem on the app is that a lot of the users are unresponsive they will plan to meet you but they don’t actually want to meet you. I find that when I match with users they will text me make plans and then ghost me the day of the planned date. I mean this is problem with a lot of dating app but I feel like this is the major problem with users on this app. It’s a hookup app and it shouldn’t be this hard to find someone to hook up with if that’s the goal. It’s as if everyone is afraid of meeting someone because they thinks it’s a scam or something but there are actually genuine people on there that want to meet
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6 years ago, PancakeBoy_13
Cash Grab & Poor functionality
Male perspective of the app. Note females may have different options. 1. Blurred images for “people who viewed you” are not blurry versions of real images, aka first step towards the app trying to pull some shenanigans. 2. There is no “like” feature so how you know if someone is into you is beyond me. 3. If you message someone you like and they view you you still don’t get to know who they are unless you pay. Also, fake image (see no.1) 4. You can’t see very many people as you get about 20 and they sit on your app eternally unless you click the “X” button on them. Which doesn’t work well for apps like this, and especially for a male perspective of apps like this as quantity matters unfortunately.(ie. guys don’t get much likes, unlike female perspective) 5. When you click said “X” button the tiles get broken, you click on the tile below and it brings up the tile above.(makes sense if you try it) 6. This app try’s hard for your money, and worst of all it is like 4x the price it should cost anyhow. 7. I like that “discreet hookup is an option” don’t totally like that it is not discrete in the app. Meaning if you select that option everyone and your mum can see it. Seems like only people who also have that option selected should see you but idk. This is the smallest of my gripes at this point. Conclusion: Not really worth using currently tbh.
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8 months ago, Lion1ione1
If your queer this app may not be for you
So the formatting of the app is great and functions really well, the only problem is that as a queer person it’s extremely hard to find matches since most of the people I see on the are straight. I think it would be more convenient to have it where if a person puts their sexual orientation in their settings the only people who will show up on their feed will be those of the same or similar orientations( i.e if a person puts in their settings they are bisexual then only bisexual, pansexual, gay, etc ppl will show up and it’ll be easier to find matches and less likes would be wasted). Overall I love the app and think it has a lot of potential however I think it just needs to be a bit more inclusive for those who are not heterosexual :)
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1 year ago, Ahsonthen Karenna
Best app of its kind
This app is superior to others like it for a few reasons: -It actually let’s you send messages to people you match with without forcing you to pay monthly charges -bot activity is zero or extremely low (I haven’t come across one yet…. Where most apps of these genre have more fake profiles than real ones it seems) -the app does have multi factor authentication to make sure it’s real people who are using it -the app uses facial recognition upon opening the app to log in… which means even if you leave your phone unlocked, someone cannot simply open this app and see your profile and conversations -the app has a highly intuitive and user friendly built in section to identify what you are interested in and see what potential matches are interested in. (The built-in definition/descriptions of the terminology are excellent as well) The only downside is that there are not a lot of people currently using the app in my particular area. Share with your friends, because this is the app everyone actually wants to use who is looking for this genre of app.
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3 years ago, D-money 89
Amazing but could be a little better
Just want to say I’ve had success with this app, glorious amazing success lol. Love that you can get a badge for being tested. One thing I wish is that you could organize likes better and sort people by distance better. Also wish you could search for recently active only. But I honestly haven't seen a single profile I thought was fake like what’s on tind. Have had many conversations with real women and a 3some hook up, other girls basically begging me to come hang out with them.. I’m a fairly attractive guy (at least a 7 but probably an 8 or 9 to most girls) and I have good game so if that’s not you can’t promise it will work…
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5 months ago, Mads667
Good idea bad execution..
To start off, I have only had this app for two days. Right off the bat I like the premise of the app and how you can get down to specifics on what you’re looking for, unlike other apps. Though it bugs me to no end that you have to pay to message someone or see your likes. The only way you can actually interact with someone without paying, is if they match back. This might not seem like a huge deal, but as someone who has tried multiple apps, it’s very aggregating having to pay for almost everything on this app. At the very least you should be able to see your likes, or able to message people who you like. I probably will delete this app by the end of the week if I don’t feel even a little satisfied with the design 🤷🏻‍♀️
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2 years ago, Harry1596
Wildly over sensitive moderation and nonsensical TOS
The app is called hookup dating but if you’re up front about your intentions in a message, you get your account taken down. I swear Christian Mingle has less more lax rules than this app. The app has areas of profiles that say what a person is open to. I would filter out people so it only shows me people open to sending/receiving photos/videos, and ONS or FWB. Because I messaged them asking if they wanted to trade pictures, or because I sent a mildly s*xual pickup line, my account was taken down, and my paid subscription is rendered useless after just a few days. Customer service said I have to start with something like “hey how’s your day going?” And THEN I can send something s*xual. Absolutely ridiculous. 1. That’s the most generic intro ever. No girl is going to respond to that. 2. How does sending that one message change if it’s okay or not. I could just send “hi” and then whatever I want. 3. My messages were extremely respectful. They were usually well-received, and a few people even said they loved how polite I was about it. I’ve now wasted $60 on a 3 month subscription that I got maybe 3 days out of. I can’t make another account, I can’t sign back into my existing account, all because I didn’t say “hi” before bringing up my intentions.
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4 years ago, It's war time
It works but
It works but you can’t just use it for for free and expect to get some action, for my fellas you gonna need to pay so you can dm females so you can start chatting and get something going on and you gonna have to be patient , my only complaint for this is app is that it’s sometimes buggy and glitchy and the location sensor does not pick up locations well, it’s all Over the place I recommend the developers fix this from closest to far , I’ve seen women in my city only after going through countless from other locations farther , I also recommend the developers to make a inactive account deletion, a lot of these profiles are inactive because no one takes it seriously, this app has a lot of potential for where it’s at , it just need a couple of tweaks done and it’ll be good
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5 years ago, An ACTUAL Person.
I would say that this app is amazing but there’s a VERY BIG PROBLEM. When I first downloaded it everything was fine. I was messaging people and looking at their profiles and it was cool. But then I got a message back, and all of a sudden the app stops to work properly! I can’t see other women’s profiles anymore, the filter doesn’t even work right and when I put it as set to my area it always says there aren’t any women in my area. Even though it was JUST working LITERALLY like 2 minutes ago. Is it only me or do other people experience this. I’ve tried to reset the app so many times and it just won’t work!! I’ve even reset my phone and it’s still broken. I cat even check my messages anymore or edit my profile! To the developers, PLEASE FIS THIS PROBLEM or at LEAST give a solution.
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3 years ago, BigMike10034
Buggy mess. Too expensive.
Constantly closing chats on its own and bugging out. Sometimes keeps showing you the same people over and over regardless of likes. Bugs out when liking or disliking by applying your choice to profiles 1-2 profiles above the one your actually liking or disliking. It’s a buggy mess really. If you don't fork over 15 bucks a month there's literally nothing you can do on this app. Yea, I'm not about to waste 15 dollars a month just to find out that most if not all of the female profiles around my area are fake or just scammers. No thanks. Do yourself a favor, find a different app. UPDATE: after using this app for a couple months I can confidently say that it’s riddled with catfish stealing IG pictures, scammers asking you to message them on snap so they can ask you to pay for “content”, and hackers trying to get you to message them on WhatsApp. This app is a joke.
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6 months ago, Unhappy-customer-23
Suspended for NO REASON
I have no idea why my account was suspended and reading other reviews it seems that they just randomly pick accounts and suspend them I broke none of the rules I wasn’t asking for or giving money to anyone I’m 23 so I’m not underage I wasn’t even sending any nudes on the site it just randomly blocked me which is annoying because now the guy I connected with that I actually wanted to hangout with is gonna think I randomly ghosted him I should’ve given him my number as soon as we started texting I think this is utterly ridiculous to ban someone without giving them a reason why or without even giving a warning that their account will get banned if they continue whatever activity they’ve “done” to get banned I need the customer service people to reinstate my account IMMEDIATELY I contacted support multiple times and have heard nothing
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12 months ago, bob touch cash
Had this for abt 2 weeks and got 2 matches. One of the girls I matched with would take like 3 days to write back so I jus left my number and told her to tex me and she did. We texted a lil I asked did she smoke she said yes I said I’m rolling up now and she said come over. This where it gets weird. I went back to her profile and it said I was either blocked or she unmatched me. I asked her abt that and she said I told you I deleted the app. But she never told me that. I said ok I’ll come but before leaving I called she wouldn’t pick up only text. I asked was she sleepy she said no. So I headed over there. It’s 3am also. It took abt 20 mins to get there. When I get there I call again she doesn’t pick up I text she doesn’t respond as I’m at the exit gate she texts and says she was slp come back. I head back home. I think I was abt to get robbed..
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5 years ago, DeniseYoshiko
I downloaded this app initially because I thought it was a good idea, cut out all the bs of dating apps and be upfront about what you want. The idea is good but the app is poorly executed. It’s difficult to “swipe left” on people. And even if you put that you don’t like them, they’re still able to message you? So what was the point of me “disliking” them? Also, the “new message request” part is pretty buggy. Anyways, after a few hours of frustration, I deleted the app. Completely forgetting about the fact that they won’t let you use the app unless you sign up for a free trial, which I’m sure they were counting on. I hope one day these scummy tactics become illegal. They only do things like this because they know they’re trash anyways. Well congratulations, you scammed another person out of 30$. At least use that to make your app better or else I’m certain you won’t be around for very long.
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2 years ago, TayNixi
Honestly, might just be my luck but I just preferred this app over Tinder since Tinder was more for finding a relationship and this one was hopefully for finding a lady to help me let off some energy if you know what I mean. Even after buying the added on feature to see new profiles, (yes, this is an added feature for some reason) the profiles rarely changed. I always saw the same ladies. I stay in WA and thought I’d see more opportunities considering how many downloads it had, but no luck. Just the same ladies, whether I like them or not. I deleted and redownloaded it and everything. Maybe I’m using it wrong. I’d chalk it up to my looks if I had no luck on other apps but I usually can at least get a date with other ones. I just wanted something fast and to the point and honestly, I can’t say this is it. Not even sure if these women are real or not.
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4 years ago, daystars_revenge
Too many girls looking for serious relationships
I don’t understand why you would download an app made for hook ups if that’s not your goal. This is most definitely a user issue not an app one but it would be nice if hud did a better job of steering those girls away from the app Tinder went down the same route and now it’s just a bunch of women looking for a husband which is why it’s in the state it’s in. This is a hookup app if you want a serious relationship go to eharmony or something and hud please do a better job of handling these women they are clogging up the space for the ones that use the app for the reason it was made. Other than that the inactive accounts are a pretty big issue but it’s not as bad as it seems. But I’m my honest opinion this is a good platform for people looking for casual relationships I just wish the women that use it knew that.
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