Hudson Valley CU Mobile

4.8 (36.4K)
81.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hudson Valley FCU Mobile
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Hudson Valley CU Mobile

4.83 out of 5
36.4K Ratings
2 years ago, RananaBanana
report a problem is unavailable & transfer series mods not working
I am giving one star hoping someone will fix this issue. Unable to report a problem with app. It says UNAVAILABLE which of itself is a problem. The initial reason i tried to report a problem is that the app will not allow me to modify an amount in a transfer series. It continually pops up with an error message about a date in the past. Ongoing for months. I had hoped they would find and fix on their own but since reporting is unavailable i can see why it has not been fixed. Please fix this issue
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4 years ago, Tm5698
What happened?
I do pretty much all my banking through this app and it worked well 99% of the time. The latest update, however, has screwed with the camera function for depositing checks. It has an inordinately difficult time correctly framing the check, regardless of the various dark surfaces I tried, and returns multiple error codes, necessitating repeated attempts to take the picture. What used to take less than a minute to accomplish now takes several minutes—per check!! I could drive to the bank faster than the time it takes to deposit a few checks with this app! Before, my biggest complaint was that it always defaulted to the same account for deposits and if I forgot to change it, I’d have to then transfer the money to the correct account, but this flaw is far more frustrating and time consuming. Please fix this!
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4 years ago, Lumpafett
You better still maintain a check register book
The whole idea of this app is to do all of your banking in one place? It’s meant to replace your old checkbook and check register right?But here’s the thing, if you make an electronic payment to a biller that isn’t set up for electronic payments they cut a paper check and mail it for you. That part is great. Except that the funds don’t get deducted until that check is actually cashed. The check is also not documented anywhere on the app until it is cashed. So if you write a $300 check to your dentist and he doesn’t cash it for sixty days you have to just remember that it’s out there. In the old days you’d put it on your check register and set your balance to reflect it. But we got rid of check registers because of the app right? I asked about having it reflected in the available balance. Nope. I have brought this to their attention numerous times and they just don’t care. Oh well...
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5 years ago, Kris1269
Thanks for the “upgrade”
No way to rearrange accounts after they were shuffled with the new update. All account names were purged, that was really helpful and took multiple days to fix. My weekly transfers take about twice as long. Check depositing is not as intuitive and once you are out of it you can’t check previous check deposits (that I can see). Still no way to do “one click” transfers. What I mean by that is to have a series of transfers set up, but instead of them happening automatically I can go in and manually initiate them once a deposit comes in (this is helpful for people with inconsistent deposits). Once again HVFCU’s “growth” is negatively impacting everything else. Can’t wait for when they have to do it again to officially change their name to HVCU or whatever else it’s going to have to be. Maybe this is app is them giving the ‘F’ to the members 😂.
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4 years ago, Akerstacker
You guys are wonderful. I appreciate your service during these dangerous n stressful times - none of us knows what will happen to us, those already affected, or who will be next. And yet you persevere. I gave had great service during this time (and of course before), both on the phone and IN A LOBBY! 😱 But i only got into the lobby because the kind lady on the phone told me i needed an apt and MADE IT for me. When i got there there was an older gentleman who didnt know about the apt necessary n he was told rather rudely by another customer loitering in the ante chamber using his phone. Said g’man went away upset n angry. It would be SOOOOO HELPFUL to have a simple sign on the door EXPLAINING: “Apts needed, call this #, sorry for inconvenience “ I too never saw the notice on my email or home page - i just flit rite thru that boring stuff! Also some issues on the new computer bank statement face, but who cares? You are alive n well and doing a great job. Thanks! Sydney
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5 years ago, Whtlghtnn
This app is complete garbage!! COMPLETE GARBAGE!! I have to call once a week to get it working again! Finger print works for a day 2 at the most!! Then it prompts me “you have not logged in, in a while” asks me to re-enter my password which never works!! Then I get locked out and have to call!!! Wasting more time on the phone with you guys trying to get my account unlocked!! Never get a member number when I call!! I have deleted and re-installed the app about 8 times with you guys on the phone.. it works for a few days then locks me out and it’s always conveniently at times I cannot get a hold of you guys!! I have not be able to access any of my info since Saturday night and today’s a holiday, so tomorrow I’ll be on the phone and hold forever getting this BS to work for a day or 2, to lead me back to my finger print not working, then my password not working!! What’s the point of the finger print? It’s supposed to be safer and more secure then a password! Yet your app only lets me use that for a day or 2 then never accepts my password!!!! It’s treating me like it’s the first day of downloading the app!!!! This is a HUGE INCONVENIENCE!!!!! Widgets do not work at all for me either! Tells me to set them up, they are set up!! This app has become very inconvenient and NEEDS A LOT OF WORK!!!!!
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12 months ago, weather feedback
My Favorite Bank
My Favorite Bank of All. Have never had no issues. My Son has gone through crucial hardship and his previous bank just kept charging overdraft fees while striving to make his car deposit before cut off time. As he was scammed by Honda with loan and now thanks to Uber his 2019 Vehicle is worth nothing. We are trying to make it back To NYS. I almost lost my son and he’s endured a crucial ugly hardship. And I’ll tell all. I have never had an issue with Hudson Credit Union. I highly recommend everyone transfers over too this Union Bank. Thank You ! Hudson.
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4 years ago, LL Blue
The Mobile application
I am extremely satisfied with HVFCU, mobile application, however, I’m extremely unhappy with the institution, itself. In my experience HVFCU, has allowed a breach of my personal information and security, one too many times over the past almost 20 years. In addition, they have made way too many mistakes and caused me great stress. I would not recommend this institution to my friends nor family. They need to train, re-train, and methodically hire conscientious people— whom are capable of performing their duties at an exemplary level.
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2 years ago, MariMar0506
New Update
I really hate the new update. It seems slower, the look seems child like and getting transaction history is horrible. It give you the 10 most recent transactions and the the very bottom you can load more. But if I accidentally hit an actual transaction date rather than the “ load more transaction “ option and then go back to get out, it brings you back ALL THE WAY TO THE BEGINNING to the 10 first transactions. Don’t know if I’m making sense buts it’s just plain a pain.
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2 years ago, Done with HVCU App
App Will Ruin Your Credit Score
I purchased a new car from a dealership. Never heard of HVCU until dealer finance guy had me sign the paperwork to this company. Soon found out they don’t send invoices so you can’t make payments via US Mail. They push this app. What you don’t know is they make it extremely hard to make a payment from an account not from HVCU. Each month i get error messages when I attempt to make payments. Help feature is just a bot and is no help at all. Called customer service and they are aware of but can’t do anything about bugs. Late payments will reflect negatively on my credit score. Concerned about my personal information using an app with so many bugs. Think twice when using HVCU and their app riddled with bugs.
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4 years ago, Ambassador Chris
Check deposit broken
Since the latest update, check deposit is practically unusable. Perfectly flat check, no folds or tears, on a solid black (not shiny) background, it fails the majority of the time. I get various error messages such as “folded corners” (they are not), not framed properly and others - all untrue. Last night, I finally got it to submit 3 checks but this morning received emails about poor image quality on 2 of the 3. This is a current model iPhone with a clean camera lens. Before the recent update, check deposit was consistent and reliable.
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2 years ago, Reggae-Boyz
Display is overwhelming
I do appreciate HVCU attempts to improve the look and efficiency of the mobile app but there is currently too much information displayed specifically for the checking account. I have to scroll down a lot to see all transaction. I would suggest that the next change includes displaying the name, amount and date which is essential while the other information could be hidden and displayed by clicking MORE or DETAILS
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4 years ago, Dextr73
Great App With One Glitch I’ve Noticed
So far, I’ve not had much to complain about regarding the HVCU app. It’s generally always seemed to be functional and hassle free, but for some reason I’ve been experiencing a minor glitch when trying to enter information into the “memo” field. Whenever I transfer a payment from one account to another, like most people I like to make a note of what the transaction is, for my own records. This is the second time I’ve attempted this and the app will NOT allow me to type anything into the field. Please fix...thanks
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5 years ago, 7inbeacon
Mobil app
I liked it better before it was updated. The font is small, it’s hard to find things, it doesn’t show the account number so I’m never sure it’s going to the right place. I had a big problem last year with things not going to the right place and my credit score has never been the same.... went down 50 points or so. And it doesn’t total your scheduled payments any more. Otherwise it’s very convenient to do my banking from home.
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5 years ago, Ssj4 Angel
Good but liked the older version better
The app does what it’s supposed to do but I have to constantly log in bc it keep logging me out. I get it safety first but I used to put my finger and all good. Now I have to type all my password and the widget. That was a nice perk, being able to see your account $ without having to log into the app. Now I have to log in the app, frustrating bc of what earlier said, just to see the widget...
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2 years ago, EC.NY
Better w each update
I love this bank & the app has gotten much better over time. Practical. Clean. Easy to use. No nonsense. No hype. Would like to be able to customize push notifications. I'm sure it'll get there. Even without that, I still give it 5 stars. 2022 update: 4 instead of 5 stars because the notifications are still lacking. They just don’t work. I have to keep email updates on because I don’t receive push app notifications.
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12 months ago, THE DEADLY DOG
Great Easy-to-Use App
Synopsis: The application really does everything you need from an app and more. Been using the HVCU app for quite a long time now and have to say, it is one of the best, easiest to use banking mobile applications out there. It has ever feature and function you need all in one spot and everything is designed to be easy to navigate and use. 5 Credited Stars out of 5!
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1 year ago, Apuwayra
Unable to transfer my $$$
I’m trying to transfer cash between HVCU & PNC linked accounts and it shows that it’s an option & acct is linked yet it doesn’t follow through & complete the transaction! I’ve gone through the tiny deposit routine to verify $ is headed to correct account so my PNC acct. is recognized by HVCU however it took a trip to the bank to have the money transferred! This needs to be fixed as I’m not always in NY & able to physically head to a bank branch! Please address! Thanks
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2 years ago, sevendays
Horrible update
The update is so frustratingly unhelpful. Firstly, it does not provide balances including pending. This makes it difficult to calculate my expenses. I had to partially balance my checkbook for the first time in decades. I can add, but why the step back? I can also no longer review details of my income to know when it will become available. This is a major inconvenience, and almost a burden. The app only provides the most rudimentary of information. Furthermore, it is the exclusive method for mobile access so the site so I cant bypass it by using the site. I have a right to my information and would like it’s ease of access back, please.
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4 years ago, Mehpug
Awful “upgrade”
The desktop website was improved by this migration but it has made the app near unusable. One specific gripe: I have three checking accounts. In all of the bill pay functions the only indication of which bill pay I’m using is the color each one has next to it. Plus all bill pay functions are slower and require more button presses, specifically if you’re paying more then one bill.
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4 years ago, rcc7vcc
Thank you HVCU for this much needed update! Now we can access “mobile deposit” from within the checking account sub category and now we can also “link” our external accounts. Even the “external transfers” took only 1 day to arrive at its destination as opposed to the normal 3 days! Wow, great feature! Now if you can only put a “sign out” next to Account would simplify logging off the app. Otherwise awesome job with this update!!!
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5 years ago, .45.
New app missing valuable info
The old app was much easier to use in terms of finding a HVFCU location and atm machine. I’m not sure why you got rid of that function. It was very easy, simple and you didn’t have to log in to find your answer. It also let you move the map other gps locations. I am disappointed this is now gone.
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3 years ago, Idgie52
No icon shortcut on my iPhone 8!
I downloaded the app for Hudson Valley Credit Union, and I have to go to Safari and the App Store on Apple in order to open the banking app. There is no shortcut icon for my phone that I am able to find. I am wondering if the app is installed wrong, or if this was deliberate. At first, I tried downloading the old app, but that wouldn’t work.
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4 years ago, Colinious Priestophelus
What happened?
I used to LOVE the HVFCU app. It worked flawlessly and it was easy to navigate and I never had a problem with it. Now that it became HVCU app with all the major changes, it’s glitchy and my widget doesn’t even work on my iPhone 11 Pro. I was hoping it was just a little buggy and the next update would fix it, but there’s been a couple updates and it still doesn’t work. And if I go too long without using the app, I need to sign back in again instead of just using FaceID. What happened? I hope these things just fixed soon!
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5 years ago, Ariel DeCiutiis
Move the primary accounts to the top of the list
It would be more helpful if your primary checking and savings accounts would be listed first in the section instead of at the bottom(like it was before the update). It doesn’t make sense to have accounts that are used less frequently to be listed first.
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12 months ago, Fuzzy2222233
Why I love Hudson Valley Bank
Everyone there is great. They treat me like a human being not a machine very courteous, and they go out of their way to help. There’s not many banks that do that I’ve been with your bank for a number of years now and I’m not gonna change so thank you for being there for me and thank everyone of your employees for me happy holiday
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3 years ago, Marchie4
The Employees “Shine”
Each and every time (except maybe once) every employee has treated me like I was the only person that had an issue, with respect and dignity!! I have been with this Bank a long time and I would never ever think of leaving it at all, and it’s the employees that have made that possible!! Thank you! Marcella
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7 months ago, Kamcc6710
No names of merchants
What did you do. There’s no names to see on debit purchases of who the places are. Omg!! How are we supposed to verify them if it doesn’t say what place it was done at. Now it says “debit card signature” but no name of where. Why would you do this.. we need to know where/who. This is enough to make us change our banking place and close our accounts.. we love it here but this is terrible.. please put it back!!!!
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4 years ago, tom ny guy
Please fix as soon as possible
Has been great up until a few days ago, I haven’t been able to get on the app half the time the fingerprint login won’t pop up and when it does it will go onto the loading screen and stay on that, I can’t access my accounts and it’s a major issue. I have a new 2020 iPhone SE
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4 years ago, Amash JR
Overall great
My only complaint is that the app used to show an actual picture of checks that I have written when I clicked on them and since the update it doesn’t do that anymore so if I don’t keep the physical receipt then I have no clue who the check was for or what it was for.
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4 months ago, Stellar all of you
Thank you
Hi this is Krystal, I know we had our differences but, I do understand what everyone was doing here. I appreciate you working with me. I will continue doing banking with you. Please continue to do a good job. I’m expecting a deposit in my checking account. Please reflect asap. Thank you wholeheartedly. Have a great day.
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4 years ago, jackie08
Just needs one fix
Great app, quick and easy to use. Just needs one fix, I used to be able to use the pen feature for my transfers which helped me look at past transfers to see what I was spending or saving money for and now I’m unable to use this pen/pencil feature at all.
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5 years ago, Jehangt3
Much better app
I love the new interface and the fact that it’s much faster with more features than before. Kudos to the developers. The only thing I’ve noticed is that I no longer have the option to setup mobile alerts for transactions. Hope this can be available in the app soon. Thanks
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1 year ago, $pend Money Kwam
Apple Watch
I’m giving this one star for the time being until we have functionality back on the Apple Watch. Why was the app removed? It was convenient to use snapshot on my watch instead of having to unlock my phone every single time.
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10 months ago, The Big 'T'
My HVCU is always with me wherever I go! NIt’s always by my side
Siting for just the right time to come to my side and bailed me out of a difficult situation! I would be ‘truly’ lost without my HFCU not at my side—especially in times when time is of essence! I thank God for you being on my side!!!’ Thank you, The Big ‘T’.
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5 years ago, Kaitlin P.
Impossible To Log In
I have had this app downloaded for over a year and I have called customer service asking for help. Last time I called I was told that I had to wait until the bank finished the new update for the app before anyone could try to help me. Now with the new update I’m actually able to create an account and it actually tells me the information to put into the boxes! But of course, it is still impossible, as the temporary password it needs to send me to make my account can only be sent via text message to my HOME PHONE.
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3 years ago, Kimstin
It is so wonderful to go to HVFCU app and get our accounts up immediately So easy to check, send payments , deposit checks and get quick results Sorry to say I really don’t have to see you guys at my Hopewell branch as much anymore. Thank you for innovative and customer service
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3 years ago, sonnyet
Better banking
Very user-friendly could do most of my banking without having to go to the bank. Love the fact that we are shareholders and enjoy the benefits of extra savings and preferential rates. They even take my change so I can bring it there without it Having to be rolled up and counted
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12 months ago, lexi🥰♥️
Loyal fan
Been with this bank for over 5 years and absolutely love everything about it. From the friendly customer service to the awesome rewards I earn just for using my card. Thanks for being the bank I can trust !!
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5 months ago, tom roth. customer
Very good job keeping the places clean. One my fav things about HVFCU is the cust reps are well vetted. When u go in there is no pretend they dont see u. Or go slow on last trans as to skip on next cust.***** ALWAYS INTERESTED IN HELPING **** Hope U randomly give your employees a cash bonus out of the blue as job well done AND NOTICED. Thanks
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2 years ago, Musky84
New changes take away precious features
Great app but my only issue is that I used to be able to see how much was available in my line of credit account, and now it only tells me how much is owed which is very unhelpful
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3 years ago, Mrs#Bee#trophy1164
When it works, it’s great
I updated this app three weeks ago and it crashes all the time now. It’s so annoying because before this update it worked completely fine. The sign in page redirects to the old sign in page and then brings up the main page. Please fix this issue so I can check my banking normally.
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9 months ago, Darrinmintz
Cannot do my banking in landscape mode.
Use tondo all my banking on my tablet in landscape mode and now since this most recent update I can no longer do so. I’ve tried restarting the app, turning off my tablet, and even reinstalling the app its self. I’m assuming it’s no longer supported which is disappointed.
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4 years ago, Joe Unseen
If you update this app you will spend hours on Customer Support trying to figure out why your password and thumbprint stopped working. Reset the password. Reset everything. Still doesn’t work. Good luck. Find another bank.
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4 years ago, oiseau118
Widget No Longer Works
I LOVED the widget in my notifications screen on my iPhone. It allowed me to easily see my accounts rather than logging into the app. Ever since the update it no longer works and I tried EVERYTHING to get it to. This was literally the only reason I even had the app and I’m so bummed it’s now dysfunctional; even after the newest update to “fix bugs.” Really hoping their next update fixes this feature because it’s the best feature!
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5 years ago, Apple_wala_mal
Very slow and bad design
I was expecting new app to be faster and better design but sadly it is very slow and bad design. Especially bill pay. Doesn’t show total . To get to bill pay you need more clicks than old app. I would give zero stars but now allowed here
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2 years ago, noface.nokace
Honestly insane
Someone needs to fix this ! I don’t know why I can’t access my log in, and then when transfer it says error! This is insane I’m out of state and stranded without being able to log in or transfer!! NOT THE FIRST TIME
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2 years ago, Imation2017
Member ID and customer support phone number
Member ID and customer support phone number need be on home page of app when sign in. I should not have search whole entire app to find this simple information. Especially when customer service always ask for member ID in beginning. It crazy I have dig for it. Why you hiding member ID in the ACH.
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5 years ago, 3 weaks still no package
Bill Pay is not what it used to be
The new bill pay is useless. There is a lot of bugs in this new app and it doesn’t seem that HVFCU is trying to fix them. This has become a very frustrating experience. I am ready to give up!
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4 years ago, Higlandia
Password nonsense
Every time there is an update to the app I have to re-enter my password. I have an IPhone and use the fingerprint option so I don’t have the password memorized. None of my other banking apps have this requirement following updates. Please fix this.
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