Hue Lights

3.2 (121)
52.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
LapApps, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hue Lights

3.18 out of 5
121 Ratings
7 years ago, faa440
Can disrupt Hues App rules
Nice functionality and many options. Only works on local network. You'll need to buy more options to make it worth the setup. The rules you set here have overridden those which were already set in the primary Hues app; an unnecessary source of frustration. I try to get all my functionality out of the Hues app before going to this.
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6 years ago, H@yley
Superior App
I have had Philips Hues lights for about 5 years. This is by far the best app. Worth every single upgrade. I will continue to support this app as long as they stay around. I hope you will add more fun automated scenes. I love the thunderstorm & water. It would be great to get some new ones soon. It’s worth it to figure out how this app works. It really has everything that you’ll ever need all in one place. The only thing I’m having an issue with is the animations. Whenever I put it on concert, the thunderstorm plays at the same time. It’s weird and pretty annoying. I’ve tried refreshing and even deleted the app and restored it. It’s still there. Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks
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3 years ago, Quaid?
Very powerful, for advanced users
This app is easily the most powerful one on the app store for controlling Hue lights. You can set up advanced scenes and animations with custom sequences. The drawback is that there is a learning curve for the advanced custom scenes. If you prefer pre-built scenes and animations there are some very good ones that you can purchase as one-time in-app-purchases. Very refreshing, compared with other apps that charge a recurring monthly or yearly fee. Lastly, there are some one star reviews but they are almost all several years old and referencing bugs that were fixed in later releases.
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6 years ago, Queen Bean Casseroles
Saved Me From Buying a Second Bridge
I utilized this app to exceed the dimmer switch limit of 7. Philips used to allow 12, but decreased the threshold to 7 after an update. Each dimmer switch comes preinstalled with a set of rules, and the reason you’re limited to 7 dimmer switches is to keep the total rule count within a predefined threshold. I used this app to delete the preprogrammed rules and I customized each switch carefully so I’m comfortably under the rule limit. I have 14 dimmer switches in operation on the same bridge, along with 47 lights, and I haven’t experienced any issues. This app saved me from having to buy a new bridge, and I’m so grateful.
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7 years ago, gwenhyfara
Phenomenal app and great sunrise feature
This app can initially seem overwhelming if you are used to the philips app, but play around with it and you will find it provides the full detailed control of your lights that simpler apps don't. For such improved control of expensive light bulbs, the add-ons are cheap and I am happy to support the future development of this app, as I plan to use the heck out of it for years to come. The sunrise is really nice, starts red and very dim, makes full use of the color bulbs, and can be tweaked in many ways so you can get your own personal perfect gentle wake-up.
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6 years ago, Frustrated gamer in Virginia
Great app, needs to run in background
This was my first app purchase as soon as I bought Hue lights. Worth every penny. Fairly easy to program custom stuff, once you get the hang of it. With Phillips putting out some outdoor lights that can work kind of like Christmas lights, I do wish this app would run in the background. I set up a color rotation red->green->blue->white, and I’m a bit tired of going outside and seeing that the lights have stopped switching colors. Open the phone, navigate back to the Hue Lights app, and they start changing colors again. I think the problem would be solved if the app ran in the background.
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6 years ago, Bik dicg
Real control
I haven’t been very impressed with ifttt and what it can do with my lights. HomeKit provides granular control and even the hue app is a mild improvement on that. It’s worth the in app purchase because you can create your own lighting schemes and actions. Like I just set independent color bulbs to change between cool colors at different rates. Puts on a neat show that you can program. Pretty easy to use, but complex programs like that can take some time to set up properly. If there’s something you want do do with your lights, this app can probably do it
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3 years ago, Mplspitbull
Maintained and updated regularly
As long as I’ve owned this app I’ve felt like it has been maintained and updated regularly. New features have been introduced and new options continually being made available. This app has all the nuts and bolts to make it as simple or robust as you want. At first when you open it, it appears complicated and overwhelming, but it’s not. I love how this app allows you to make it what you want. Whenever you have a question or issue the developer is responsive and willing to help. There are automations available if you are just getting into hue. This app excels if you want to geek out with hue and manually great effects and scenes. Thank you for staying on top of things and offering us the ability to make the malt out of our lighting experience should we choose to do so. Keep up the great work.
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4 years ago, Farahpreux
Wish I’d bought this sooner!
The thunderstorm effect is my favorite! It’s very easy to program. I only have the basic philips hue lights (not the color changing bulbs), so my use on this app is very limited. Still, I like the sunrise feature, the fire effect, and the thunderstorm app. It does look strange to neighbors though, who will see flashing lights through your window! My only hiccup with the app is that it doesn’t seem able to play audio through my Google Home, which I’d like for a truly immersive sound. Otherwise worth the money.
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5 years ago, TR64ever
Flakey app - such potential!
I've been using this app for 5+ years, have bought add-ins and extra scenes. Love the color loop scenes - if only I could put my favorites on a separate menu so I wouldn't always have to dig for them. But the app is flakey: it can't always find or connect to the bridge. I've upgraded the Hue router (2x) and home router it's plugged into (2x). Reinstalling the app sometimes works. Several of the buttons or options on the bridge connect menu have never worked. I think the developer should start from scratch. I keep the Phillips Hue (factory default app) around - it ALWAYS works and is good for troubleshooting this app when if doesn't work.
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3 years ago, Moderate Liberal Extrordinaire
Perfect for older equipment!
I have a spare iPhone 5s (just in case my iPhone 8 decides to die or someone decides to walk off with it) and it can’t load the current version of the hue app because the iPhone 5 can’t load any OS past 12.5, and I didn’t have a way to control my lights because of that. This software allows me to turn on, dim, turn off, change colors, just about anything the hue app can do (so far). Thanks for keeping it on the App Store.
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6 years ago, Opinion02122
My app says it needs update and I’m having issues
My app is saying it needs an update. I click on hyperlink to get the update and it brings me to the App Store and the app I already have. There is no update shown. I HATE your apps. They are NOT user friendly. And you have several, which is worse! My lights and the bridge WERE working fine with Alexa and Siri. But, tonight, when I tell Alexa to turn on my Living room lights it says "Living room doesn’t support that." THEN, when looking to troubleshoot in the app, a notice pops up saying my bridge isn’t there! I have been using it since I got it with only minor problems. But, last night, trying to troubleshoot on your site, I tried to log in, but couldn't. I thought I had registered with Hue, but your site said I didn’t and I needed to push the button on the bridge to register it. I did. Now the app says there is no bridge. I am getting really angry about this. WHERE is your customer service? I NEED your help! PLEASE, help!
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2 years ago, MickLarkins
Fantastic app
I’ve been using HueLights to get more customization from the intricate setup I have. It’s been fantastic, although I’m hitting a snag where the lights are behaving oddly when I use certain transition settings. After finding the support email, the developer has been very responsive to trying to help track down the issue. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, Onion boi 2k100
Fixed my Hue Go Lamp
I’ve had a hue go lamp that’s been unable to pair with my new bridge for a year, this app’s touchlink feature fixed it in under a minute. i put my bridge and the lamp next to each other hit pair and done, a whole year of dealing with a broken lamp and I could’ve just gotten this app sooner. I’m beyond grateful to the person/people that made this, you’re hero(es)
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5 years ago, Bananapatata
Works as advertised!
Update: App now works as expected! Thanks! Could use some UI and UX updates, but satisfied with the way it works. Old review: Like others, the app will not connect to bridge. I did not sync with the bridge prior to this so that is not an option - it’s just an app that doesn’t do anything. Will update the rating once the app works. Very much looking forward to that so that I can use the app as advertised!
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7 years ago, Spam spam spam to get emails
Awesome customer support!
I had a question about the lightning sequence feature so I emailed support. They said there was no way to do what I wanted but that they would look into making it happen on the next update. And then they did!! Who does that?? Great app experience. There are so many things you can do. Take the time to learn all the features, you won’t regret it.
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5 years ago, ChipHanna
Want advanced functionality? Look no further!
This app is great if you find yourself frustrated in the limitations of the Hue App. There is a bit of a learning curve but the documentation is awesome! Even better, the developer is super quick to respond and very helpful. If you want to dive a little deeper into what Hue can offer - especially with your motion sensors, take a look and get this app!
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6 years ago, Tmckaz
Going backwards
So I’ve had hue lights for several years, still have the original bridge (which may influence my judgment), but this app has gone from “good” to worse with every upgrade. The UI today is a complicated mess of items and features I do not use with category tags that make no sense. In the original app selecting the color was so easy, and I could simultaneously select for several bulbs at the same time to insure the room was uniformly light. Now no matter how hard I try no two bulbs have the same hue. Really disappointed and frustrated.
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3 years ago, markd nyc
Can I preview before purchasing?
It’s a step up from the first generation Hue App. I appreciate the few free animation sequences. I suggest adding the ability to sample before purchasing. I was curious about thunderstorm. Was even willing to purchase if I liked it...but I don’t know if I like it because I have to pay for it beforehand. If I could preview it for 5 seconds before purchasing I would be more likely to spend $3. And if that is possible, my 2nd suggestion would be to rethink the placement.
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6 years ago, DCJinWA
Last upgrade ruined everything
Paid for the App and some upgrades. Had a bunch of scenes. Everything worked great. After the last upgrade, nothing worked right. Now every scene shows only two lights. Every time I try to fix and add up to seven lights, it defaults back to two. I’m technically savvy. But baffled by this app. So avg. I also cannot delete scenes. No trash icon to be found. Read through Lame Help page. I am truly disappointed. Looking for a substitute.
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3 years ago, Crazy Excalibur
Lots of features, hard to use and unreliable
This app is actually really good. It has so many features, but it’s down side is the setup/menu. It’s hard to understand how to get things setup. Even after you get it working, after a while of not using it and coming back to make edits you’re confused all over again. Also the app crashes every time you want to edit a motion sensor to turn on or turn off. App needs an overhaul.
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6 years ago, TiredHappyDad
Found our lights
This was worth the price of admission in the first five minutes, when it easily found and connected to three old Gen 1 lights that the normal app refused to find. After that, we sat and played with multi room sequences; my nine year old loves thunderstorm and other fancy effects.
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7 years ago, jkv5
Wow Great App
A bit complex but it can do anything you would like to try. Good documentation very helpful and quick responding support team. It is a bit buggy, unexpected scenes seem to be added to the bridge randomly and some shared scenes don't show up on the bridge but ..... I think it is a bargain for everything you get. One of the best, most comprehensive I seen.
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5 years ago, R so low and unhappy
Crazy Waste of Time
In a effort to find the right app this App got installed and immediately when we try to see a scene like fire we are slammed with an up charge/ “in app purchase”. Marketing’s 101 don’t say no to the customer before they get a chance to try sample of experience the product. It seemed like it might be interesting until we could not try it. On to the next offering WE HUE...found it and it is awesome, check it out too. Post Response Reply: Though I appreciate the long comprehensive response covering all aspects of your app and features. The issue is we were not and cannot try the one feature we were looking for when we downloaded your app. I will take a look at the other features and give it a fair try. Thanks for your timely response.
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2 years ago, ItsPat
looks useful but
found my bridge then lost it and can't find it again
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6 years ago, SeriouslyDave
Will not let me choose which light I want to test the app with
The app decides which lights you get to try for free. For example, it choose 2 white ambiance lights for me and one no longer exist and cannot be tested. If I can’t test it with a light that makes sense for me (e.g., a color light), then I’m not paying for an upgrade. It would have made more sense to let users make 2-3 edits with any light and then require payment. Oh well... back to looking for a decent Hue app.
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7 years ago, msamazing63
Great app
To begin with, these guys finally figured out how to successfully engineer the thunderstorm app. It now gives the effect as it happens at night. It is just awesome! Also, their technical support response is great. I am very happy with this purchase.
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7 years ago, christhedoctor
Last update over complicates
I feel that the last update has simply over complicated everything. I think that it’s completely fine to add more features etc. but something as simple as controlling the overall brightness of scenes has now been taken off the front page of the app and it’s now three layers deep within.
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6 years ago, eXcelonPrime
Wish I had better to say
It works, I guess, but the UI is ugly and feels like it was developed in the 70s. Aside from aesthetics, there are some real annoyances, for example changing the currently selected group. If the group you select is on, they will turn off, and vice-versa. It’s not the end of the world, but details such as these add up to an overall negative experience.
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7 years ago, LSFyre
Total train wreck
You have messed up a great app! This is a total train wreck now. Shared scenes don’t work any more. I went to show off my lights and scenes at Christmas and the app was so confusing I could not find my scenes... user interface is confusing and awful- so embarrassing. I stopped using the Philips Hue apps to go to yours and you stabbed me in the back . I tried again today to setup a new shared scene and nothing works ... a POS! Awful - 0 stars!
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4 years ago, lostonroute66
Lightning after thunder???
Bought the Thunderstorm add-on and immediately noticed it has the lightning appear AFTER you hear the thunder. It’s so unnatural and distracting. There’s no way to contact the developer so hopefully they see this. Unless the lightning strikes dangerously close to you, you’ll always see lightning a few seconds (depending on the distance) before hearing the thunder.
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7 years ago, Inxider
Great app and support
The app give you almost infinite options. The support is great if you have question. Give it a try and you would see your imagination is the limit. Keep up the great work Hue Lights.
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5 years ago, TheDeagler
After updating, back to being a great app
After the update, the app is back to it's awesome old self. Great app for more advanced connectivity features of you need it.
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6 years ago, Better than a postcard!
Best I have found to control my lights
This is so much better than the stock app. I really love how I have my bedroom group set to imitate a sunrise. Their tech support is very responsive too. Worth trying!
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4 years ago, Mike93527
Excellent App
Really appreciate the attention to detail. Also happen to think it’s the nicest looking control app on the Apple Watch. Just wish there was a complication available for quicker access
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6 years ago, Mssamazing
Must get for Hue
This app is great as it is very well designed and works perfectly. The customer support is outstanding and very responsive. If you own hue lights, you have to get this app.
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5 years ago, eDaner
Support for Hue Bridge v2?
I recently purchased a new Hue Bridge v2 and cannot get this app to work with it, please advise. Thanks for the quick response, it works very nicely now.
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2 years ago, Eliana2010
Scene Transition Time
I was looking for an app that lets me configure the scene transition time so I can very slowly fade in my lights. This does it. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Jfurball
Never updated
A new firmware for Hue was released and no further updates have been made so it no longer works with my lights. You also can’t contact the app designer because it goes to a blank page. Very bad app, do not download and DEFINITELY do not buy any upgrades!! I’d give it 0 stars if I could.
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6 years ago, pbojinov
Helps connect IKEA Tradfri lights
The app’s Touchlink feature helped me connect my new IKEA Tradfri lights to my Hue bridge, when none of the Hue apps worked. Amazing!
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5 months ago, Ruiner6669
Got my hue working
Got my old hue lights working in seconds, perfect app
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5 years ago, Llero22
App does not work.
Every time I open the app I receive an error message stating connection to bridge is lost. Search or More. I hit more, manually type in my bridges IP address and nothing happens and the error message cycle continues. I will be trying to receive a refund.
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7 years ago, Kashmere2u
Messes with all lights, not just the chosen
I tried messing with this today and even though I only had livingroom lights chosen, it messed with all four Hue lights, including the two in my bedroom. Annoying
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5 years ago, ZachUCO
Doesn’t work at all. DO NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE!
The UI is the worst I have ever seen. Worse yet, absolutely nothing works right. Try to edit a schedule and it won’t save. Adding and removing scenes from your bridge usually fails. Nothing works as advertised.
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7 years ago, Chulo Rodriguez, MD
Helped Pair Zombie Lights
Saved me from the hassle of an eBay return !! Thanks !!
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7 years ago, ironhide1975
And the worst user interface design award goes to...
Wow. I am thoroughly confused how to use this app. This looks like a great idea but the user interface is so bad I don’t even want to try to figure it out.
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7 years ago, toma3729
Problematic App
This is the fifth time I’m trying to load the App and its fifteen minutes AGAIN and it won’t load onto my iPhone X
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5 years ago, ahohl2
This app hasn’t been updated and has bugs. Any updates?
Show more
5 years ago, Nickname4793
Not that great
I wish I wouldn’t have paid a cent for this app, no customizable animations, sequences are ok, but not seamless, not worth the money, can I get a refund?
Show more
5 years ago, Favka
It doesn’t work
I can’t get this app to connect to my Hue bridge. It finds the bridge, but won’t connect no matter what I do!
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