HUECU Mobile

4.9 (5.5K)
101.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Harvard University Employees Credit Union
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for HUECU Mobile

4.87 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
10 months ago, instructor.brian
100% Improved my Life; easy; efficient; transparent
--> second review/update great design, intuitive facilitates planning get it done on the couch or the throne! -------> my first review From opening the account to calling w random question HUECU is an anomaly bc of their brilliance. Systems are well thought out and programmed it seamlessly. No glitches to speak of and if anyone starts w them can’t see any reason to leave period. Bank of America, Citizens, Webster can’t hold a stick to HUECU and this old saying is a perfect reflection how HUECUs service, products, and paperwork make it truly a benefit to help manage life’s challenges a little easier. Thank you for reading and “no” I was not paid to write this. Best Brian
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2 years ago, YadiraRich
I love how easy it is to use this app. I can get account information on the go and is super convenient. I like how I am able to get up to date account balances with a few clicks.
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4 years ago, gdmfac
decent overall, needs some tweaks
For the most part the app works reasonably well for my purposes—seeing my balances and transaction history in detail is nice but I would like to see some improvements. My ipad is set up for face recognition, and so it’s nice that the huecu app uses this as a convenient way to log-in. Howver, since the app only works in landscape view, my hand is usually blocking the camera and so sometimes I have to enter credentials manually. It would be nice to correct this problem, perhaps by allowing the app to be used in portrait orientation. I often find it difficult to find the logout button. I see where it is now, but the placement of it all alone on the opposite side from a long array of other buttons seems really odd and unexpected to me.
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3 years ago, Sickpg7
I wish they would get rid of unnecessary pop ups
Every time you open the app it has a pop up that says “you were logged out for security” This is unnecessary, pointless and annoying. There’s nothing I can do differently with this information. Just let me use the app.
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4 years ago, Scaldiej
Mobile deposits are almost impossible
I updated to the new app and am having serious issues trying to deposit a check. I had to take multiple photos of the check until finally it was accepted. Please fix this issue for us
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3 years ago, Steve7838838
I give it one star because zero start is not allowed
I am not the guy who has time to leave reviews, but this is an exception. This is by far the most stupid app I’ve ever used. Too many places for complaints. Let me give you a couple examples. The credentials work for web browser but not on this app! You can see your CC balance but you have to go to another route to pay for it. Deleted it because it’s useless.
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5 years ago, Kaajal2012
Credit card view is a joke
The older version was better in terms of options to view things like credit card statements, cycle balance, etc. The new and improved version just shows the transaction and next bill due amt (which I’m not clear whether it’s min or full balance due). I find myself going to the desktop version for basic info which defeats the purpose of an app. On the plus side the look is much better.
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4 years ago, Denis Mullane
Saves time
Has everything. Pay bills, transfer money, activity in real time etc
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2 years ago, Sgrnspz
Every update makes it worse
The second worst banking app: the first worst is the HUECU cards app! Unintuitive and every update adds 2 more steps to a simple action (6 clicks to transfer funds from savings to checking? What???). The desktop website is significantly better.
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3 years ago, JoySmies1987
Remote check deposit is now smooth
Allows me to deposit checks from a state other than MA- basically anywhere in the world
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8 months ago, Wannabe Lawyer
Great customer service
I’ve only been using my Harvard Alumni Card for a short while, but it comes along with great customer service. Best regards, James
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1 year ago, 1948hobart
Mobile banking
Enjoy so much been a customer for many years Keep up the excellent just awesome
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4 years ago, Bellehaitian069
#1 Customer Service
Best Customer Service ever. Over the phone and at the bank. So willing to help!!
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1 year ago, D.h.u.
This won’t let me perform the most basic function. I can’t pay my credit card. I went through everything to add my credit card account and my payment account. But as soon as I select one, the other disappears from the menu.
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10 months ago, lemurlovelife
A Great Credit Union
I joined as a once employee of an affiliated Harvard entity, and I‘m so glad I did! Rates are very good, and customer service is solid
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3 years ago, Boogeymen
The CSRs at HUECU are always interested in helping me out. Never are they impolite and I always depart feeling my issue was addressed.
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1 year ago, Beiweuser
Constant glitches
Rarely let’s you log in to view your accounts the first time, seriously needs an update. Also would be great if it had customer service built into the app, I have to call them for everything.
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4 years ago, ctenor
Bill Payment on the iPad not working
Please fix bill payment for the iPad. This is not acceptable. I get a blank screen with the following message: If you are experiencing difficulties with this page, enable third-party cookies or click here to open in a new window.
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9 months ago, Nickie Checker
Excellent service
Wonderful bank
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3 years ago, YCR1118
Online Banking
The app is really easy to navigate ! I love it
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8 months ago, RbccaSuth
Last update removed basic functionality for iPad
Suddenly unable to use landscape mode with the app; multiple queries have gone unanswered. This has rendered the mobile app useless on my iPad.
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4 years ago, Butch434
Simply the best
This app makes life life so easy ! I don’t know what i’d do without it!
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1 year ago, wilmington wax
I love my HUECU I will never change this bank !!!
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3 years ago, 3rdCoastsDaughter
Almost a perfect experience
I really like this app and this bank. I hope they get Zelle incorporated into the app.
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3 years ago, Harvard Ultimate
Best Credit Union
Best Customer Service ever at HUECU!
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1 year ago, boredmanda
every time i open this app i have to close and restart it because it gets stuck on the loading screen. i tried to do a mobile deposit today and no matter what i did, it gave me an error for the back side of the check so i just deposited in another bank.
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9 months ago, justmelara
iPad app is broken
Restore landscape mode please. And please update your website. It’s so limited and clunky.
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3 years ago, CleezyF
This app only works for me when I’m using WiFi, is that right?
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9 months ago, Sam brain
I love this app
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1 year ago, JWTstws
Great experience!!!!
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10 years ago, andythechef
There IS mobile deposit... UI a little clunky
The interface is a little clunky, but totally functional. Some people said that there isn't mobile deposit, and I can see why they would think so: in the app, there's nothing that indicates that you need to go to the website to accept the terms of service for mobile deposit for the option to show up. They really should have the option there, and then direct the user to the website to accept the terms, rather than just leaving them in the dark.
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9 years ago, Chem10
Works great for me
I have an iPhone 5, and have none of the problems reported in the other two reviews. I did not have the problems with older versions of the app, and did not have the issues with my iPhone 4, so I am not sure why they are having those issues. I’ve been using it for years with no problem. It’s great. I just wish the map had the option to see non-HUECU no-fee ATMs and branches that take deposits as I live up in Salem (that’s a great feature on the website!)
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7 years ago, The Ebony Enchantress
Good, but clunky
Good for depositing checks and checking your balance. Touch ID login is convenient, but signing up for it is not. (You turn it on in the Security Settings). Overall, it's fine but not nearly as slick or User Friendly as competitors (Capital One, Amex).
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11 years ago, Max Stewart
Surprisingly good
I have banked with HUECU for a number of years, and have been hoping for eServices to improve for some time. My preference to bank at a credit union, as opposed to a massive (BOA) mega-bank contributed to my patience. I have been pleasantly surprised how well this app works. It is simple, straightforward and effective. Additionally, with the expansion of eServices through HUECU, the benefits of larger corporate banks will be negligible. As soon as mobile check deposits become available, my banking needs will be completely satisfied. Nice work.
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5 years ago, b.human2
Mobile check deposit won’t work
I have redownloaded the app and taken about 20 pictures of the same check exactly the way it instructs me to, yet the check deposit still won’t work. It says it cannot read the account number at the bottom of the check despite the fact that the picture is perfectly in focus. Very frustrating especially as I’m now unsure what to do with this check that I have written “For mobile deposit only” on the back as per instructed.
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11 years ago, SteffiB
Elegant and easy to use. User friendly right down to finding the closest ATM. Well done HUECU.
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11 years ago, Blimp325
No check deposit?
While it is nice to be able to check your account balance on the go, the most important feature this app should have add would be to include mobile check deposit, like most other banks do for their mobile apps. And given that huecu has very few ATMs , this is a no brainer.
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8 years ago, Ron in WallyWorld
Needs a lot of work
Very cumbersome interface. Very difficult to view credit card information and transactions since the app just transfers you to a non-mobile friendly web page. Needs an easier logon such as touch or pattern ID.
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9 years ago, FranklyBrad
Awful app
Mobile pay exists? But it just displays an error. UI is awful. No Touch ID. Nothing is intuitive.
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8 years ago, Leser in den USA
Good app, needs TouchID
This is a useful app, with a major gap: TouchID to log on. Correction: Touch ID is available, but its activation is buried under Settings.
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10 years ago, ichyowie
New Update Does Not Equal Upgrade
The old format was much cleaner and easier to manage. This feels clunky and not well thought out. Please upgrade or revert to the old format.
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9 years ago, Saida Ibrahim
Crappy App. Good Bank.
I try to log in to my account but this app takes too much time to open up for login; majority of the time it comes back "The Application Failed to Load". My iPhone 6 is not the problem. Fix it please!! :(
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9 years ago, Lbap
Mobile check deposit does not work
The only reason to use this app is for the mobile check deposit and it is not working.
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9 years ago, Carrig
Needs TouchID
Needs an update to include TouchID for easier sign-in.
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9 years ago, msends
Can't use mobile deposit
Can't use module deposit with current version. Says I must use mobile app to deposit a check, but I am using the mobile app. Please fix!!!
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11 years ago, Texsfun
Downloaded this app and was able to use it once. It hasn't worked since. When I try to open the app it just "loads" but never opens.
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9 years ago, LBSR2x
Don't upgrade
Won't load after supplying credentials. Let me guess, new and improved bland appearance coupled with beta level glitchy performance. Big step backwards.
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9 years ago, HUECU customer
HUECU customer
Downloaded the new app and ever since have been unable to deposit checks. Will they fix it?Bummer. I’ve been depositing checks via snail mail.
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10 years ago, JPSTERSTER
App is confusing and a relic of Stone Age. Avoid this app at all cost.
This app is confusing and a relic of Stone Age. Avoid using this. It is obvious that this institution did not have the financial resources to make a proper banking website.
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8 years ago, Chinsb
Snails pace at best
Awful - had to reboot or log out of app cuz sooooo slow. If u can't offer something that works, don't go there, HUECU!
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