Hughes Mobile Banking

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Hughes Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hughes Mobile Banking

4.78 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Michaelinflag
Customer service
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Andy and customer service he goes beyond and way above his job description to make sure that his customers and members are completely serviced it taken care of I spent an hour with him on Friday on the phone with another credit union in order to get the situation straightened out that was happening to my payments he offered to check on it once a month for me to make sure that the payments were getting made and he was also making sure that it got transferred from my savings accounts to my loan accounts out of all the years that I have been with this other credit union which is been over 25 years I have never received a service from them and I have received from Hughes federal credit union in Tucson thanks once again for the above and beyond service Andy very personal thank you
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3 years ago, Adam-san
Love the new interace!
I really appreciate all the work you guys have been putting in to improving the app experience. From adding FaceID support a while back to the new "Mint-like" features, everything has been a step in the right direction (I've used Mint for a while now but am considering getting off of it so it's great to have these features built in!). The only thing I feel like we're still missing is the ability to see credit card transactions without having to go to an external portal. That would be awesome, please! Thanks again!
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4 months ago, MBMikeJr
Very Intuitive App
I’m an 80 yrs young individual . I bank at this institution and with USAA. Both of these institutions have many strengths; the one I like best is the Hughes On-Line Banking App. As a first time user I found the apps deposit feature very straightforward and intuitive. As a second time user I know that the check was successfully deposited into my account, and it only took 5 minutes while sitting comfortably at home. MBM
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6 years ago, Scott252567
Terrible company
Terrible company to go through. The web navigation is multiple steps with multiple passwords and doesn’t save pay info, just to pay a bill, when other CC/Auto loan company’s offer one step. Also still charges you to pay them, like some start up company. Also, their CC is awful. Never allows for an increase no matter how well you maintain it. You have to go through a credit application all over again. Just get a Capital One or something and make your life easy. It has two portions (one to view balance, then again must navigate with separate password if you want to pay the bill) and the numbers are about 5 days behind each other. On their own site!! Terrible terrible.
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10 months ago, TheHonestGuyWithHonestReviews
No option to pay Car loan bill???
I only have a car loan with Hughes FCU. I see that in my app. I go to click on that account and it shows me many details EXCEPT the important stuff, (due date, amount due, link to actually pay the loan). There literally isn't an option to pay it on the app. Like how confusing can that be? Every other app, you click on the credit card/loan account, one of the first options is to "Pay amount due". It's very frustrating how complicated an app is making it to pay a simple loan payment. At least provide instructions or a link within my loan profile page on how to pay it. It's ridiculous.
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1 year ago, wolfman1954
Easy App to use
I’ve never had any problems with the App. It’s plane and very simple to navigate. Facial recognition I’m sure helps logging in (because we all have fat filters at times!) The customer service at the branch level was wonderful and they go the distance to help you with whatever your needs are. All and all, I’d rate you guys a 10 if possible!
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2 years ago, codynations
Tried to report my card stolen
I called and tried to report my card was stolen and I was transferred and then transferred again kept asking certain questions about my Social Security number they could not pull up my account I’ve been coming to you guys for a while now tried to tell him that I wanted to close my account and they kept telling me that I needed to add that I can get these discounts and all the stuff I want to close my account for my credit card I do not want another one that has a chip if you do not have anything that does not have a chip then I do not wanna have an account with you guys I’m sorry but this is not OK
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3 years ago, Django411
App needs work
My accounts don’t update like they use to on the old version of the app. I use to get updates on payments the day of and when I was getting paid the day of or the day before. Now it doesn’t update until days later. I have to use the actual website to check my account now. Update: now the website is like the app. I have to keep a check book now to make sure my actual balance is my actual balance. Definitely looking for another bank at this point. I don’t understand why they would ruin this app with the new update the old app was much better and was easier for me to make sure my finances were in order.
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4 years ago, Crazyindianguy
Great app, but needs a few features
The app is great, for the most part. But it needs a few features: Notifications for Hughes loans and credit card payments. 💳 Make it easy to pay the credit card online, and to set up auto-pay from right within the app. If I’m behind on a CC payment, Hughes will send out a physical letter, but the app doesn’t remind me to pay my bill on time?! Nor does it allow me to set up a recurring payment every month from right within the app like EVERY OTHER BANK? It’s 2019, Hughes. Get with the times.
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3 years ago, grs24
New app Review
On top of being an all around incredible company to bank with, the new app update has been awesome! Includes budgeting tools and everything you need financially all in one place. The only problem is that sometimes transactions show up multiple times in the history. I’m sure this is an easy bug fix.
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3 years ago, MF472
Great For when I need to check my balance or transfer funds quickly, but sometimes my transactions don’t appear even though my balance has dropped.
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5 years ago, Daniel 6859
Bad app
Like another customer said, the app required your password over and over again all the time. The navigation is terrible. Not even the phone number you can find in the app, they redirected me to the web page. Payments are not current, any doubt you have you have to call. This app is really bad. Doesn’t even inspire trust in the company. And the company is a disaster as well. Customer service can’t even answer questions about my loan, other department is responsible for those questions and they never called me back. I’ll be cutting business with them as soon as I can.
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3 years ago, thatguy897654
Not bad
Not a bad update but I liked the old version better..while the new version adds a bunch of options and accounts you can link ever sense the update I can’t see incoming pending transactions, and I really liked that about the old system it allowed me to tell when there was a problem with receiving my benefits and then get a head start on tryin to get it fixed, I would really love for you to bring that back
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2 weeks ago, Specular2
Please Update More Often
The app runs okay. Some of the menus don’t work well or not at all. Please fix the “internal system error” issue. It pops up every time I do anything in the app. The developers really need to update this app more often. The last update as of today (9/5/23) was 11 months ago. That is unacceptable. My other banking apps are updated at least twice a month.
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5 years ago, Wyo89
Unable to make or manage loan payments
I down loaded this app to manage a loan I have through Hughes. I can’t make a loan payment in the app...or if I can, It is not easy to find. Also, like others said, the payment amounts aren’t current. The amount due is always the standard payment, regardless if you pay ahead or pay extra. If you try to use some of the navigation features, like Payfast or Contact Us, it takes you to their website home page. I don’t see that I can even access statements. Literally the only helpful things on this are the fact that I can see past payments to ensure they post and get my account number so I can go pay in person. If you are only using this for to manage a loan, save the space on your device! You will have to log in on the web browser site do to anything.
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3 years ago, desertmamabear
Almost perfect
Love the layout and enjoy being able to do pretty much everything via the app. The only annoyance is that the charges don’t always show up or take a long time to show up on the app. Even after syncing some charges don’t show up. Where if I go an look online everything is there.
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9 months ago, adamakay
I don’t understand why they don’t take gift cards with money on them that’s unbelievable
I don’t understand why they don’t take gift cards with money on them that’s unbelievable it’s the same as cash
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1 year ago, Hunters Family
Awesomely awesome Credit Union!
I’m so happy to be with a up to date Credit Union not only treats you rights but calls and make sure you’re ok with everything.. thank you for helping my family and I on refinancing our vehicles.
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2 years ago, fredDERFfred53316843274263
Ready to switch banks over this lame app
Why are they adding dashboards and taking away basic features like a running account balance? You also get random failures and error messages on launching the app with the iPhone. This app and the website were a lot better 2 years ago. Every new release adds new marketing services and removes actual functionality. I am guessing the next release will have banner ads. I thought Credit Unions were for the community??
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2 years ago, GoatCrazy
For the Most Part Good App
I keep my money here and I feel this app works pretty well most of the time. It has glitches when it doesn’t work but it is fixed pretty quickly. I wish it let me organize & name my accounts. It used to.
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3 years ago, mrdeleonsays
The app has come along way since I last had an account a few years ago. Big reason I came back was because of the rework. Thank you for listening and caring enough to come into the new century when it comes to app technology
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4 years ago, springshere#
Thank you!
We have banked with Hughes FCU for over 10 years. Had loans, checking, and savings with them. Their the best Credit Union! Every experience has been outstanding. Thank you for being part of our everyday life. Easy to use app on line. Great people in the offices.
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3 years ago, Zbakerboy3
Still clunky
This has the potential to be a really good app. I’ve tried making transfers from my checking to savings at least 5-6 times and it won’t let me. I’ve also tried to deposit checks at least two times and it won’t let me - error. It just says to contact my financial institution if it keeps occurring. Well I don’t have time to get on the phone and wait 10 minutes to speak to someone that probably won’t help solve my problem anyways.
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3 months ago, They really care
Awesome customer service
We wish more credit unions were like this!!!others need to follow there customer service and understanding and caring qualities!!! Thanks so much for your kindness and outstanding customer service!!!!!
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8 months ago, D47483
Very frustrating app
You have to login using a user name and password, then when you want to pay a bill it requires you to type in your email and another password. The “express pay” option requires your first and last name, account number and a security question so I’m not sure how that’s faster or more convenient. Of all my banking apps this is by far the most inconvenient and frustrating.
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9 months ago, claybyarm
Mobile deposits NEVER take the check
I’ve tried so many times with so many checks. The photos just don’t work. You have to go into the bank to make deposits, and since you write “for mobile deposit only” on the back, they make it really hard to deposit in person. NOT GREAT SERVICE.
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10 months ago, Kelilah33
App Experience
Easy to use, love the face recognition easy login. Haven’t experienced any bugs or glitches since I started using it. I am happy knowing I can go here and take care of all my needs.
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2 years ago, darknightdummo
Difficult to pay bill.
It took me a while to figure out how to pay my auto loan while navigating through the app. I got used to that, even though they have you create a second log in account inside of the initial one you use to sign into Hughes (go figure) now they are charging a $5 convenience fee to pay my bill. I think that is unacceptable.
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3 years ago, Guardent
So easy!
Easy to use and understand, with a nice layout and background. I am able to check and transfer money with ease as well as an easy way to request a new loan and other services! I’m loving this app!
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2 years ago, remix twelve
Auto loan payment $$ amounts are not available
Good app, however the monthly $$ payment amount for Auto loans are not listed in the app. You have to login to the website to see them. Small annoyance, but annoying nonetheless. Hello developers 🖐 next update please!😊
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3 weeks ago, TO’A
The best credit Union bank app out there. The bank in general is very responsive and quick to process transactions. They are friendlier with loans and approvals. Please try them out I promise you will not regret.
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8 months ago, WeOtterBeFriends
Never Works!
The worst app. I would give 0 stars if I could. It’s worked *maybe* twice for me. I always have trouble logging into my account even after updating my password. I’m able to log in via my computer without any problems, but when I try to log in through the app it always gives me “authentication failed”. It’s a completely useless app. Do not recommend.
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1 year ago, VetMember
Hughes Banking App
I’ve been with HFCU for 20 years. When they created their smart app, I was thrilled!! It makes my life easier in the busy world we live in. Occasionally, the app will reset, wiping user name and passwords. I could NOT be happier that Hughes offers this app to its’ members. Thank you HFCU!!
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2 years ago, Codyt2
Finally an app that does it all!
I have multiple HFCU accounts, so it was great to finally have one app that ties them all together! Everything works great. And the check deposits and Zelle payments are just icing on the cake!
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5 years ago, Cowboybearcub
Works good on iPad
I use this app on my iPad much more than I use the regular website. Works fine for balancing my check book and paying bills. Wish it would tell both actual balance and available balance on the summary page.
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12 months ago, ayonis killebrew rating on CBN
Hughes app
I think this app is user friendly and easy to access all your needs quickly.
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4 years ago, DarCasYou
New update to App, when signing in it wants lots of Personal information. No prior information from Hughes Credit Union indicates this was a necessary step
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3 years ago, TTA10
You messed up
This app was good at its earlier stages then you tried to improve the aesthetics of the app and ending up ruining it. Pending transactions no longer show up, it takes days to get an accurate read on my account and same goes for deposits. Go back to the previous version. It may not have the “pretty” pictures in the background but it sure does work better than this
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2 years ago, EvilRosie
Good app
I use this a lot. Works great. And they are a great Credit Union as well. Have had them as my main banking for years! Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, ashcathcamp
Very user friendly
I love how I can easily see my total funds as well as track my spending and adjust my categories. They did a great job with this app.
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3 years ago, Geo520
All in one!
I did not use the Hughes app so much as I do now that I discovered I can connect all my accounts and view all my balances on one screen. This is excellent to have.
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3 years ago, Mei's diaper
Lots of window dressing
The app lacks basic useful information for Hughes customers. If a check clears the app should show the exact check number but it does not. If an account balance moves up or down the transactions affecting the change should be immediately listed. This is basic bookkeeping but instead the app has superfluous touches like a bubble budget. Fix it.
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3 years ago, Samoanbro
Can check multiple accounts with ease along with making transfers between accounts.
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5 years ago, dbchrome
Love this app
Easy to use, it has everything available at your finger tips, locations, phone numbers. For someone that is not computer savvy it’s a really great app.
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2 years ago, iteutupe
Easy access to the account, also it's linked to my other account.
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6 years ago, 3akari
Can’t validate my info
I’ve had bad luck with Hughes’ website and the app has been no better for me unfortunately. The app allowed me to log in one time and now it doesn’t validate my information when I try to log in. It gives me a number to call but customer service is hit or miss in my experience.
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5 years ago, j mcrey
I never write reviews but for this I had to what’s the point it clicking the remember user button if he doesn’t remember you I am always getting the screen that says can’t validate your information it makes it very difficult to manage my money seems how I transfer between accounts often it’s really making me think about switching banks
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4 years ago, Bfhfygrgjfju
It’s a good app
It’s a very well designed app, things are easy to understand and use. I definitely recommend using the app if you have Hughes FCU as your bank.
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3 years ago, RENTheadMark
Won’t allow access
Suddenly, with a new update, I can no longer look at my account info on the app on weekends, or if the branch is closed. How is this helpful? I now have to log into the website, answer a bunch of security questions, and then I can access my info. I’m not the only one this is happening to either. It needs to be fixed.
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4 months ago, Chiefrayl
Auto pay
I wish the auto pay was progressive...
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