Huji Cam

Photo & Video
4.2 (11.3K)
36.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Manhole, Inc.
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Huji Cam

4.21 out of 5
11.3K Ratings
9 months ago, astrotrek
I have had this app for the past 4 and I am obsessed with it like I was when I first got it. Over the course of time I’ve had to get new phones and thankfully! All my photos were saved in the app, that it never crossed my mind I would need to save them separately, until now… ☹️. In the past, I’ve backed-up the app and I had no issues with losing photos but this time around I did a final backup and set up my new iPhone. I had to redownload the app (which I can’t remember if it was always like that or if the set up process for a new phone is different now??), which is fine I assumed all data would be saved but unfortunately when I opened the app all my photos were gone 💔🥺. I was able to recover some that were sent to friends but overall majority of my photos have been lost, I didn’t have the huji photos automatically save onto my iPhone, since it would take up more space and I liked how I could keep it separate. A suggestion, if you could create some kind of way to make an account that would safely store/archive any photos taken, that way when transitioning or repairing a broke phone it’s not a total loss. I will automatically be saving hujifilm photos to my actual photo album. RIP to my past captured memories 🥺. Still love the app and can’t wait to capture new memories.
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5 years ago, totaredo
i LOVEEE huji I’ve first downloaded it last summer and i’ve been using it nonstop ever since I probably have over 3000 pictures by now, which leads me to a point I’m worried about, i have experienced before the sudden loss of all data on my phone it basically fell into water and it didn’t work again, luckily i had backed it up into my computer a few months back before the accident but still i lost a pretty big amount of pictures from my camera roll, now that was before I downloaded huji, but now that i did I can’t help but feel scared that this might happen again and all 3000+ pictures on huji will be long gone, what i mean is i really hope the app developers can make an update where you can save the pictures into the app with some kind of account(usernames and stuff) so that even if you delete the app or somehow lose all the data they can still be safe and there , and i know i can save everything into my camera roll but for me that’s not convenient because there is A LOTT pictures in there so i really can’t, but i really hope they can make an option like that so the pictures will always be saved sort of my the memories section of snap chat
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5 years ago, Onestarusuuck
Dates on Imported photos
I really do love this app for bringing a “vintage” feel to my photos. I take a lot of pictures so one aspect of photo editing apps that important to me is being able to preserve the original content of the photo (like date, time, and location) on the copy. Typically if I import a photo, it does preserve all of that original info. But since updating, the date the photo is imported is replacing the actual date of the photo. The correct location is still on the photo, just not the date and time. It makes my camera roll so incredibly messy, because typically the original and imported photo would be side by side in my camera roll, but now they are just at the end of it. If I edit a photo from a month ago, then the photo is now out of place from the other photos. If it takes me several days to get to editing or running something through HUJI, then again they are out of place bc of the time and date stamp. It’s going to affect my “memories” or apps like timehop (which again, I love all things from the past lol). This is probably a small complaint, but it’s almost not even worth using the app anymore because it’s more hassle than it’s worth at this point. In addition, since updating HUJI has malfunctioned a lot. It’s glitchy and won’t allow me to select/save photos with out tapping for minutes at a time, or generally trying to pull on the photo till it asks if I want to save or share. If these issues is corrected I would be happy to change my review. Thanks
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1 year ago, hiiiiiiiiiyy
It’s ok but here’s a suggestion that’s really needed for the app
Ok so I’ve been using this app and don’t get me wrong, it’s a very good app to take vintage and film aesthetic pictures to set your phones theme or just to take pictures or whatever you want it to be used for, anyways, like I said it’s a good app with a really cool looking filter, but it would be nice if you were able to change the date, and also here’s the really big thing that needs to be added to the app, you can’t import any photos, and you aren’t able to save your photos if you delete the app, Now here’s the thing, sometimes me personally like to import pictures because I’m not always going to use the app just for the filter, I’m a editor and I like editing photos, and testing out different filters, do when it comes to taking pictures I always use the normal camera app for the iPhone. The reason being this is because, if I ever want to take original pictures and test different pictures with different filters, Then, I would need the original pictures I took from the camera app, overall all this it’s still really cool if you like to take pictures that have a very nice film aesthetic to it and give everything a very nice vintage feel to your photos!! ❤️❤️
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4 years ago, BRFT ALKMST
From FUJI to HUJI ...
I grew up with FUJI Film cameras being a prominent thing around my home and I couldn’t be any happier to have found this app. In my opinion it’s the best app that captures the look of the photos I remember (and some I still have). From the light leaks to the slight fuzziness in some shots and the hit or miss with how clear or blurry different photos would come out. I know people are saying that they want these other options and the ability to do this-and-that but I think they’re missing the point: You can’t do much with these film cameras in actual life. Just point and shoot and pray that your images come out clear and not half bleached in light leaks, making the subjects barely visible. So, the fact that you get what you get in the app is already exceeding the functionality of a real physical disposable camera. And that’s why I love the app. It’s simple and straight forward. Just like disposable cameras. And if you’re still disappointed by not having your own filters to choose from, think of it like this: You don’t even have to wait for the roll of film to be developed to see and have your photos in an album. Digital or otherwise ;)
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6 years ago, TALA🤓😏
Ok... so
I really like this app because it looks really cool for pictures. I think that because I didnt buy the full version i cant pick the filter or something like that but the filters it gives you is really cool. By filter i mean it gives you different affects like sometimes it will do ligting some where randomly or add something to make it look fuzzy and it gives you the date of either that day or i forget the other one but it does another year. Anyways thats all cool but for some reason ill find random pictures of me on it i didnt take. And i know for a fact i didnt take them and that i didnt leave the camera open when not taking pictures. I always check the pictures in another section you can click to check them and when i put my phone down to for example move something in the picture it always shows me all my pictures and doesnt go back to the camera. Plus if I did on accident i wouldnt click out take a picture of me of my phone in my lap and then going back. I dont know i just think its weird. I do think you should buy this app its really cool. (Sorry ignore the spelling errors if there is any)
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6 years ago, Keithsmomm
Really good, but...
The app is very cool to use, I really like the filters and the effects (meaning the light leaks, the film dust etc) but the one thing that annoys me is, you cant change the date. It gives you 3 options. Either, no date at all, or it makes the photo have the date from when you took that photo, or, it gives its own date with “98” on the bottom. What I’m meaning is, I wish I was able to type in my own date. Another thing is, I wish I could choose my filters. The app, picks it for you. I mean yes there really great. But I like better when my photos have film dust on the picture, because they remind me of stars and I like that, but usually it’s very rare, so, in order to find the right one I like you have to keep uploading lots of the same picture and pick the one you like best. It’s a great app, but, I liked lomograph better. But lomograph was taken off the App Store, so now I’m stuck with the second best. If your looking for a good app pick lomograph. That app was REALLY good, but if it’s not in your AppStore/GooglePlay (idk if it’s on androids anyway) then I recommend This one.
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6 years ago, Madalynn Dobson
My Opinion on the HUJI app
I like the app because it makes the pictures look better, more detailed, clear, and a lot more interesting. I mean sometimes it’s clear but other times I just can’t get it to be clear. It will be all blurry and everything. But that’s only if I’m trying to take a really close up picture or something. But anyways, and in other words, this app is pretty well made. Sometimes I can’t get the camera to turn on when I face the camera down and hit it. It takes me a little while to get it right sometimes. But other times, I can easily get it on the first try. Something I don’t like is that you have to pay $0.99 to edit a picture from your camera roll. I mean I kind of understand the point of it, but what if I forget to take a picture that I really like on the app? Then I can’t use that great picture I took on the app unless I pay for it. It’s not that big of a problem, and it doesn’t really bother me that much, but I was just saying. But other than that, the app is pretty great.
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6 years ago, Staerskye
Great but…
I love the filter effects of this app and have upgraded to the full version. The only thing I would like to see is for the app to save the original image without the filter when taking a photo within the app. Because you have no control over the filter (I get that this is because of the vintage effect) I would like to be able to save a photo in case the filter doesn’t turn out the way I expected. It would be helpful to make this a toggle feature so that if a user wants to completely mimic a disposable film camera they can, but if you’re like me and want to be able to have more control over the image, you can. I think my suggestion fits with the concept of the app because the 99cent version includes uploading an image to add the filter effect to it, so saving the original image when you take a photo within the app isn’t that different.
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5 years ago, Myuconix
I can’t live without it!
I’ve been using this app since my sister suggested it to me last summer while we were on a trip in Canada. I took nearly every picture on that trip with this app because it’s so great! I love how it makes my pictures look and I couldn’t live without it. Like I said I’ve been using it since last May and just yesterday I finally decided it was worth paying the 99 cents for the paid version. There’s a very small amount of apps I’d actually pay for, but the extra features of being able to import pictures you take outside of HUJI and to auto save pictures instead of having to save them all one by one is so worth it. I believed in this app enough to pay for it and even if you just use the free version it’s an amazing app! No annoying pop up ads they’re just tiny banner ads at the top of the gallery so they’re not obnoxious like most apps. Highly, highly recommend!!! :)
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5 years ago, kathryn_gillian
I LOVE HUJI!!!!!! It’s a great camera that gives you beautiful lighting that the app camera doesn’t. And you can put fun dates on it just for the sake of it! Also you can add random little lights into that really are just the cherry on top! It’s a great camera for if you love to post cute photos on your instagram or Snapchat. This app really is a great app if you want your photos to have a little more POP in them. It’s greattttttttt!!!!!!! And I have had it for almost 2 years and it hasn’t deleted any of my photos.(so no glitches in the system). It really just gives a cute look to your photos. Well really all this time I’ve been trying to say, I CANT LIVE MY LIFE WITHOUT IT. ITS SO GREAT!!!!!!!!! I really suggest this app. It really is a great app that comes in handy for those photos you really want a pop in! 5 stars! (P.S. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHOEVER CREATED THIS APP. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR PHOTOS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!)
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6 years ago, HyperTendencies
Surprisingly Good App, In A Sea Of Mediocrity
I really enjoy this app. The mere fact I can take images, view them AND save them without having to deal with pop up ads is really respectable. Just a small banner ad at the top of the app itself that can at times be a little frustrating when you try to hit the buttons located right below it, often times you can hit it by accident. But this can be fixed by a $.99 purchase. I couldn’t believe how cheap it was, I told myself I’d happily pay for/support this app and its developers and when I found that you could indeed pay for a full app, and that it was so cheap I was more than willing to do it. I’m only giving this app 4 stars because there is always room for improvement. But by all means this app takes amazing and beautiful photos. Do recommend!
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5 years ago, Maggie Schmid
My Review
Hi I would like to say that I do LOVE this app and it’s a super fun and nice app to make memories with, but I do have one problem. I wish that you could create an account on this app where if you delete the app and re-download it the photos would still be there. My current phone does not have much storage and for that reason I cannot backup my phone. I’m getting a new phone very soon and I would really love to still have all of my photos because my current phone is going to completely delete everything off of it. I’ve been using this app for about 1/2 years and have many photos and want a way to re-log into this app. Please consider my review! Thanks! I really want to save all of the photos that I have currently because they all whole many memories & I would hate to lose all of them!!!
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2 years ago, 1$27373$$2$
Incredible app very fun and easy to use id give it 15 stars
So this is my first review for any app since I can even remember, I could hardly find the app store in my phone! This is the coolest photo app for fun no frills and exciting photos that add that extra jazz for any given moment, obviously taking real photos on the emulsion photographic process dating back to 1886 is now an extremely expensive and time consuming art. And a strong learning curve for those who have never tried. So that being said if you want a “film look” get a film camera. If you want something fun and kind of a flex when you tell people to take your picture with this app they will look at you and not even know how to take the picture on a “modern phone”. So yes please get this app. Its AMAZING!!!!!!!!
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12 months ago, Family size CHEEZ-IT Original
This app is 100% worth it, I’m OBSESSED
The app is easy to use and is free. Other apps I have seen that do something similar always cost money. I also highly recommend upgrading so you are able to import pictures! I went on a trip and took pictures with my normal camera and took some in the app. The pictures did not save which was upsetting at first but I found out you could upgrade for a dollar and it would allow numerous other functions/features. I am totally obsessed with it! I imported old pictures from previous trips in it and it is a total must!! When importing you can also choose if you want the leaking light/dust in it as well! I highly recommend to everyone that doesn’t want to buy a disposable camera!
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6 years ago, margie.E.D
I love it!
Me, personally, I have never liked any other photo editing app because they either have the bad stuff for free and the good stuff costing money or they just don’t have the orange date at the bottom. I don’t know why, but that is a big thing for me. I also have never had an app that had a filter that made me feel confident in the photo. Some people like the filter and some don’t. I also like that I could take a picture of anything ugly or gross and make it pretty in and of itself. The app takes the old disposable cameras and transforms it into an app. Which I also really like. I guess some people say I like a lot of things but this definitely made one of the top lists. I highly recommended this app for any person trying to take good photos with the wrong filters or wrong lighting.
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12 months ago, forcedperspextive
From Data to Keepsake
For the past half-decade, there’s no single app I’ve come to rely on more than HUJI—which allows you to take the unwieldy date file and transform it to something that’s more or an artifact and object, keepsake if you will, as its exploratory bursts of vibrant color and texture, as well as the all-important datestamp, which has helped me turn my cloud full of digital images into gorgeous, specific, personal PHOTOGRAPHS I’m a devoted acolyte of HUJI, and I champion its worth and worthiness in more interactions than not. It’s not that the processed film indulges nostalgia—it’s that no matter which is your preferred version of smartphone, this simple tool gives you the magic to turn fragments of your life into something truly precious, and above all, Timeless.
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6 years ago, Saramo101
Resurrected my love for photos
I’ve barely been using this app for a week and I am already so in love with it. It makes me appreciate photos again in a way that I lost sight of. I like that the light leaks happen sort of randomly vs this just being a light leak editing app. So many of those already exist. This makes me feel like I’m looking at physical moments & memories, like I’m looking at photos I picked up at the 1-hour photo shop down the street. Speaking of that nostalgic feeling I think that would be an amazing addition/option to this app !! It would be amazing to select up to 20 photos or so & to submit them for developing & pic up !! I know I want to get a lot of these photos I’ve taken with HUJI cam printed, it’d be awesome if that could be a feature within the app !
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Best app ever
It’s the greatest app I’ve ever seen, I don’t even use my normal camera anymore. Could be better if there was recently deleted part cause I’ve accidentally deleted good photos a lot of times so should be the feature, and clicking on the camera thing every time you go in is annoying. Has the best filter in the world and the numbers on the photos are sometimes annoying but cute at the same time well I know why developers made it so people when they see the photo would be interested of the quality and understand that it’s a HUJI photo but it’s MUCH better than that stupid apps that they put they’re apps name on the photos, it’s just really annoying like Filto the app. HUJI has such a good quality that my mom got interested in it and she uses it now. :DDD definitely recommending the app. ❤️❤️
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6 years ago, Dear app makers: PLS READ
Great, but please read suggestion:
I just downloaded this app today and took lots of random pictures lol. The vintage filter vibe this app gives basically makes every picture you take look good and gives a very pleasing aesthetic. HOWEVER... The reason I gave this app 4 stars instead of 5 is because you can only add the filter if you take a photo ON the app. I think it would be a lot more enjoyable if I was given the option to upload a photo from library and THEN put the filter on it (because there are a few photos in my library that I would like to add this filter to, but I can’t because of this reason). I get that you want to keep the whole vintage vibe, but like I said.. I (and many others) would enjoy it EVEN MORE if you made that an option. :)
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6 years ago, Bruised Pixie
Great app but needs more options 🖤🎲
Like I said “ great app “ but needs more customization. (1. You can choose light leaks and dust effects.) Having the effects randomly generate it’s not a big deal but it would be really nice to be able to choose your own effects in case you don’t like the dust affect or the light leak it generates for you. (2. A option to zoom in and out.) This one is a pretty big deal I find that a lot of pictures I take I like to zoom in on things. some things are a little too far away and you can’t get close to them. (3. The action to take videos with zoom.) I realized how cool it would be to make videos look just like the pictures on the app. With this option you would be able to choose your own light leaks, dust affects, be able to zoom in and upload videos from your camera roll onto the app. I think all of these options would really be great for the app. I see people complain about this app because there’s not any customization options everything is just random. hopefully my opinion gets seen because I really look forward to seeing this on the app even if I have to pay. 🖤💋
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6 years ago, #awesome👍🏻😊
5 stars for sure!!!
I love the app! Used to, I’d always take my pics on Snapchat bc it was so good and I could get cool filters and stuff, but then my mom made me delete it. Then I had to take all my pics on the the regular iPhone camera, and we all know that thing don’t do nothing! So for months I was like going through my camera role trying to edit pictures and stuff and they all looked like crappy doodle bc I didn’t have a good camera. Well, yesterday I was with my friends at the mall and they were all taking pics with HUJI can. And I was like what is that? And they showed me and I loved so I got it. Now I have GREAT quality pictures that make me happy 😂 so big thumbs up and 10 out of 5 for this!!! Thanks 🙏🏻 for whoever created it!!!
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6 years ago, NrdiJaqiSpRklz
A complaint about whining...
Honestly, the app looks great. Based on the description here in the store and it’s focus on ‘98, I think it’s safe to assume that this app is more about the nostalgic experience than the actual filter/effect, so I’m a little shocked that the two most prominent features of a disposable camera were left out of the app UI. I would love to see a virtual film winder in the corner tha ratchets with each twist. I think that would just be a fun optional setting. But what I’m actually upset about is the lack of the flash button/switch’s telltale “whine” as it builds it’s charge. That was my favorite thing about disposables, or really, any analog camera with a bulb-type Flash. So, yeah. That’s my only “complaint” so far. User interface extras.
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6 years ago, Ashta Covino
One detail and it’s PERFect
My only wish... is to have the sound effects along with the brief waiting period after a photo is taken for it to “develop”. All I get is an image on the screen and I’m unable to take another snapshot (as you would a real disposable) I just wish you could hear that glorious wind-up sound as it “recharges” to take the next photo!! Other than that it looks like a classic developed picture, sometimes you get those red or blue glares in the corners, sometimes they’re not completely in focus, but that’s what I absolutely love about the aesthetic. And to upgrade it is only .99¢ so I will definitely be upgrading so I can import exposition get photos to the app. Seems like it will be well worth it!
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6 years ago, mng0213
Please add a way to change the date!!
I love using this app so far! I just downloaded it. However, my only wish is that I could change the date on the photo. I often save photos so I can post them later, but when I do this, I typically don’t edit them (and therefore, save them as new photos) until I want to post them. Saving them as new photos makes it so that the date on the photo is the current date and not the date the photo was actually taken, which makes the Huji app think that I took the photo on the current date. I’ve tried a few different apps to change the date on the edited photo in order to reflect the original “photo taken” date, but nothing helps. Please consider this feature in an update!!
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6 months ago, Sarahsweird
Glitchy but beautiful
It’s so frustrating to write this review, because I love the way this app makes photos look- but this app is absolutely riddled with weird glitches. I am constantly closing it out and reopening it just to make it function. If you process photos in the lab, you can’t then smoothly look through, you have to close, reopen, and THEN you can scroll & save. Some photos, for reasons I don’t understand, have a big block of black at the bottom and are pushed up when processed, cropping out a ton of the picture. Sometimes I can get around it by screenshotting and then trying that photo again- but it’s SO MUCH WORK for functions that should be simple and just do what they are supposed to. Begging y’all to please just make this thing functional
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5 years ago, Marissa0202
LOVE IT!!! Here’s why!
So here are all the things the non-full version gives you: No watermark, the effects are random but always cool vintage looking, the date can be changed to current or left at 98, unlimited photos, automatically makes a folder for that apps photos in your camera roll. To be honest, I am OBSESSED with this app!! I think the only thing some people could say is a downside is that you can’t import photos, and the vintage filters are random, you can’t choose. But I think it’s cooler this way!! They’re all so similar that it doesn’t really matter, and by not being able to choose, it’s like a REAL old school camera! Love everything about this!! 10/10! I recommend!!!
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5 years ago, pinchehaleyloca
Awesome Pictures
Love the pictures you get from this app!! However, I’ve started to get pretty frustrated with the app because I’ve only had it for about 2 weeks or so and it’s virtually impossible for me to click the lense in order to bring up the camera in full view. I will click the lense over and over and over like a hundred times and it won’t let me use it which means I can’t reverse the camera to use the front facing camera. I’ve tried to close the app out and still open it and it still won’t work. The first couple of times this happened it would work after awhile but now I can’t get it to work at all 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ contemplating downloading a new app with the same kind of camera if I can’t get mine to work.
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5 years ago, Llamaiinstiinxx
An actual review
I would totally recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a better app to take pictures on! But there is some things with the app that I am not a really big fan of. This may just be me but it is difficult to get the screen where you take the photos on (not sure what it is called) I have to keep constantly keep pressing the button until it finally shows up. You also can’t choose the filters. Sometimes I have to redo a photo because there is a rainbow line right in the middle of the photo and it annoys me. The filters are still amazing and I love the app but these are suggestion that I would love it if they were fixed.
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6 years ago, @night.gate
Fantastic app, could be even better.
This app is fantastic, there’s no reason to use the regular camera anymore. The light effects and the fact you can’t choose them is brilliant! However, when I want a light effect, I sometimes have to take up to 30 pictures just to get one, this can be very unfortunate as sometimes an image comes once. It would be nice to have a couple things. A. Be able to turn light effects on, making sure every shot gets a light effect. B. Be able to remove all effects from photos. C. Be able to choose different styles, seeing that currently the app pushes color more toward orange and pink, it would be nice to have an opposite (blue and green). Also seeing the app pushes deep contrast, maybe you could add a “flat” mode, to achieve the cinematic look. Still keeping with the vintage and film look, but with great colors. D. The ability to zoom, focus and change aspect ratio. I love the app, Im in no means trying to drive it away from its roots, simply pitching ideas to maybe develop something to fit bigger needs. This is a solid app, and I highly recommend it!
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6 years ago, Hala_Beach -Instagram
Love it omggg😭😭😍
I normally do not write reviews for apps but once I saw the effects it adds so easily for my pictures I was in love. I love this soo much. The app does everything it’s supposed to, going beyond what I thought I would get. They continuously add updates to make their pictures look even better. And although I understand the actual cameras the app is being based off of couldn’t take video, I think it would be a big jump for the app to include a video option. Other than my own preference of a video feature, this app goes above and beyond when it comes to creating quality vintage photos and I have to say I’m in love with the aesthetic. :))) 10/10 recommend
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6 years ago, cobrastarfishing
Great...when it works.
I love so much about this app. It’s fun and quirky, it’s a loving facsimile of film, and it makes night shots with flash (usually a nightmare setting when it comes to photography) look too cool to believe. However, shortly after I downloaded the app, I found that it refused to go fullscreen no matter how many times I tapped the lens in the upper right corner of the screen. This makes it near impossible to see what I’m shooting, and it also prevents me from using the front facing camera or reaching the settings. I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app several times, but this crippling glitch remains. If the developers could fix this problem, I’d be using this app every day!
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6 years ago, Aaliyahlee
Needs improvement - more links - original filter - more filters
I honestly never wrote a review on the App Store but I had too I love love your app it reminds me of kit cam. But can you please update it to not having the filter I would love to take original photos with out the vintage I totally get the reason why it like that but it would be better with out the filter or at least give a option to having it regular as well. Also can you please give people the option to select the leak they want that would be amazing as well . I also think you should have more leaks there one kit can had it was a purple leak going across the photo in any angel that would be great as well. Please update it even if .99cent I wouldn’t mind. The more leaks and options the better. Your app is the best so far. Please improve!
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5 years ago, -__-callie-__-
HUJI is amazing
HUJI is a very nice app I love using this app to take cute photos my friend suggested this app and I love it so much I have taken so many photos and I love the vintage look to all of the photos for every photo there is so much depth to the photo and I love this app if you want an app that will make a vintage look then this is the right app for you. You can take the most stupid picture on tour regular camera then you take the same picture but with HUJI and the picture is just automatically amazing. I have taken pictures of clocks dogs darts and my friends and I compared them to my normal camera and this app beats by so much. I love you HUJI
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1 year ago, wewwbcdin
Love this app!
I use to use this app a few years ago and forgot about it until today. I was scrolling through the reviews on here when I came across a few reviews stating it’s a great app and their only suggestion was wanting the ability to edit the date. As I downloaded the app, I took a photo and immediately noticed you are able to adjust the date! The creator does listen to us and our suggestions!! It’s a 10/10 app and I have no complaints. Photos look epic and vintage and I can adjust the date to my liking if need be! Love ittt!
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6 years ago, Fiends Lover
Can you add a new feature to the app?
I love everything about the app itself!! The filters are amazing and I love the colors and everything! But one thing I wish the app ha is an import button where we could bring our own photos from our camera roll into HUJI to edit. I love the filters they have and I have a lot of photos that I took using the camera app on my phone that I want to edit so that it has the filters HUJI uses. Please take this into consideration in your next update because I have a lot of friends that use HUJI that complain (not really complain more like whine) about not being able to have access to HUJI filters for other photos.
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6 years ago, Sophie Strum
Love it!!
My friend old me about this app and all my other friends downloaded it, I decided to too. When I got it I was a little confused because when you open the app it looks like a film camera, I couldn’t figure out how to click on the small square in the top right corner. My friend showed me and it was easier than I thought. Now that I have HUJI I barely use the camera app apple gave to the iPhone. I absolutely love it! I love when the light reflects off the sun and makes a rainbow on the picture. I highly suggest this app if you don’t have an experience camera and only have the phone camera.
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6 years ago, Jazzinodoubt
This is the best. But 1 problem
Honestly, this is the best app I have ever used. I’m in love. But there is just one tiny problem . When ever I want to tap on the camera when you first open the app. It won’t take me there. I have to take a few pictures before I can press it. I’m not sure if you would consider this a bug but it would be great if that can be fixed. I just got a new phone and my first phone, I had an iPhone 6 it still had the same problem. Now that I have my new phone I thought it would change but it didn’t. The same thing happens to one of my friends. If you see this please try to fix this problem. Thank you 💘
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5 years ago, lilolocjxt
I LOVE THIS APP SMMMM DEFINITELY GET IT!! but few things...first when I try to get full screen it takes longer maybe like 2 minuets or something but I can’t get in immediately. Second sometimes I don’t get a filter or light flare or something. And the app kinda isn’t good bc I can’t put filters on my pics with out paying so I hv to take pictures. Also I have my random light flares in but I don’t get any light flares!? What’s up with that!! Overall the app is pretty lit ski ^ is a few things I would try to fix but like it’s honestly pretty good so if y’all r reading this I would definitely get this app except I hv some minor complaints! okay that’s it!!
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6 years ago, May may😂
In love
I absolutely love Huji cam so very much, like i cannot stop taking pictures with it. I have an iphone 8plus, so the camera on my phone is already really good, but i have to say I think I rather take pictures using huji than just my regular camera... with the exception of portrait mode. I would like to make a suggestion. I think it would be super cool if huji had a fish eye lense option, a panoramic option or/and a choice of what kind of filter goes over the photo. It would also be cool if people could adjust the saturation, contrast, lighting etc. Overall I am head over heels for the app, it makes me feel so artsy!
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2 years ago, High Elf of Huge Meat
Straightforward and Worth Premium
I actually learned about this app from my sister but I’ve used it far more than she ever did. If you want photos to look like they were taken on a Kodak drug store camera, this is the app for you. As Brian Eno once said, we replicate the things that once annoyed us when a medium goes out, and in this case it’s the off, dreamy quality of flash photography. I like that you can choose to have the app make a folder in your photos just for pictures you’ve edited in the app, but I don’t use it personally.
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4 years ago, MakenahRayne08
Thai is great but one thing.....
Ok so I love the dates on the photo and that you have change the date and stuff and also my brother was on my phone and I did not know but he deleted my FAVORITE pic and I was going to look in recently deleted but the app does not have is 😭😭😭so it will be nice is you do add we’re you can go to recently deleted if it is possible also it will be cool if we could pick or edits that we want on certain pics but if not it is still a really good app and I use it every single time I take a pic 😂 so these were just thoughts you do not have to do them just saying!!!!
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4 years ago, foulprincess
I love this app! I love being able to develop photos in the lab but right now when I go to lab it has no plus button all of a sudden. Please send help .......UPDATE: so... it may have been user error. At first the app did stop working and it wasn’t my fault. So with that said I had deleted and reinstalled the application and I hadn’t restored purchase yet so that probably explains why the reinstall didn’t fully solve it right away. Once I hit restore purchase I was able to use HUJI cam like new! It’s still a little laggy but I only need a couple photos developed at a time so it doesn’t crash.
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5 years ago, FuzzyDogLover
Honestly, this is the BEST app I’ve ever downloaded on my phone EVER. it’s really great, cause it gives you so many different filters and effects (such as, dust, color leaks, fuzziness, tints and etc) and the date (present or 1998) which I personally think is really cool. There is a paid version you can get, but honestly you get so much from the free version there is no need to upgrade. There are ABSOLUTELY NO ADS which is wonderful and takes up very little storage on your phone (which is especially great if you have a 16gb device like me) Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work✨🌸 ☀️✨s u m m e r s u n✨☀️
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6 years ago, mcloutm
Huji is a terrific app, it’s everything you would expect really. Any picture you take is turned into a beautiful ‘aesthetic’ vintage photo. I’ve taken a lot of photos now and haven’t been disappointed. I was just wondering if they could simply add the filter to a picture already taken in your camera roll even before you got the app, I know it would definitely make my photos have a little “pop”. I would also like to be able to change the date to whatever date I’d like, that would be really cool. Other than those request the app is amazing.
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2 years ago, Hiroki Kam.
Why does this app keep trying to read my screenshots?
Upon updating to iOS 16.0.2, I’m seeing prompt that “HUJI wants to read and paste a copied screenshot”. Now I know iOS 16.0 had issues where it would ask for every single app, but it was since fixed with 16.0.2. What is this app exactly trying to access from my clipboard exactly, and why must it read my most recent screenshot? I keep denying it the ability to do why it wants with the clipboard contents, and revoked access to any of my photos (only allowing the photos to be saved). This app works in a strange way, and it concerns me there is conveniently no Privacy Data about this app here on the AppStore page.
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5 years ago, Themadster360
i often find myself trying to use snapchat or instagram for cute aesthetic photos with cute affects but this app just does it better. They chose random designs or “affects” for each photo and they often come out amazing.i also found that to get it out of its starting screen you need to turn it to the side, not tap. overall i love this app and will continue to use it for the foreseeable future. only ba drying i can think of is that they don’t let you control/adjust the lighting, but sometimes this makes the photo come out more tan on my skin(i am a of white ethnicity).
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1 year ago, sz4556
LOVE this app - one issue with paid version
I love this app and my friends and I are constantly Huji-invite whenever we go out! One bug I’d like to report (not sure how else to give feedback about this) is that in the paid version, after the old pictures I uploaded are “developed”, the app freezes and doesn’t let me open the pics or do anything so I ALWAYS have to force quit the app and reopen it to see my newly developed pics. I hope there is a solution to this issue! I already have the newest updated version of the app and it still freezes up. Thank you!
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4 years ago, yousmellsmelly
Nothing short of amazing!
The HUJI app has completely taken over all of the photography that I do on my phone. Due to the light changes and cool effects added by using the HUJI camera, I find no use for the normal iPhone camera. It adds a nice vibe to every picture taken, no matter what it is. I could take a picture of someone I absolutely hate, and when I see the picture with the HUJI effects it’s like I’m seeing someone I adore. The creators really did a great job with this app. If I could give more than a mere 5 stars I most certainly would. I highly suggest this amazing app!
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6 years ago, Gomez_Dre
I love this app. I love the layout and the feel around the app. Makes me feel like I have a disposable camera on me all the time, without having to dispose anything. How the photos are saved and dated makes perfect sense. I’m curious if it’s a possibility to edit the contrast after taking a photo. I know the point of a film disposable camera would be the fact that it’s instant and not editable, etc but because it is on an app and I’d think it would be an option. I love the app but I do wish I had some light and zoom options... All about improvement out here ✌️
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