Human Design App

4.8 (1.6K)
122.7 MB
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Healing Shore LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Human Design App

4.84 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
11 months ago, Freemasha
My go-to Human Design app for a few years
Since I’ve started learning Human Design a few years ago I downloaded this app and have been adding other peoples profiles on it and using it as a way to show others their design - and also to go back to look at mine as I keep going on my Human Design experiment. I love having these charts to reflect on too for my own learning of HD. The features have gotten deeper over the years and has more info than just the basics, which is cool. It really has everything you need to have your chart on hand and be able to pull someone else’s chart during a conversation. Have had many conversations with this app :) My one piece of feedback - as a graphic designer of 20 years - the font is a little painful and the design could be sooo much better for what the app really is. :) But even with this design that’s not to my liking - I’m a huge fan of the app and it’s ease of use. Thank you for making it! And reach out if you want a little bit of a design makeover ;)
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3 years ago, M_Abba
I have to say that I am quite impressed! I have been a student of human design for more than 14 years... And outside of the windows pc ecosystem, there are not a lot of options to run a chart that doesn’t not require an internet connection, and this app does just that!!! Very impressive! The transit tool as well with its slider is a really well thought out tool! Very practical! Of course there are areas of improvements and it would be nice to have further professional options to be unlocked, but that in no way takes away from the truly impressive features of this app to be able torun fully reliable charts within iOS ecosystem without the need of internet connection! The pricing is very humble as well for the practicality it delivers! Thanks to the creator of this app for pulling this together! Hope to see even more improvement in the future and potentially new options to unlock an “advance mode”. Worth every dollar spent!!!!
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4 years ago, NovaOm
I’ve been studying HD for around 6 years and have used this app for just about as long. I have some apps/software/subscriptions that do more things (and cost way more money), but I often come back to this app for so many things, because I love the interface and it does most of the things I do daily. It’s also so very beautiful. I would love if [and look forward to] it providing even more advanced stuff (like tones, colors on the rave psychology part, variables, and incarnation cross - in addition to fuller descriptions of the gates and channels, rather than just keywords). But I want to be clear that it provides soooo much already - that stuff would just make it so I wouldn’t have to use my other apps/software/etc as often. While I am putting out ideas of what to add, may I suggest adding folders or some way to organize charts? I have sooooo many.
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1 year ago, 🦅👁🦅
Human design chart appreciation
Yes it’s an absolute necessity for me to have a Human Design app with all the extras had a another human design at many years that I did like very very much your app is not asUse it finally as the other app was and the other app did the compatibility’s and other services route the yearly charges I know everybody must have your business but I honestly did prefer the other human design at that went out of business because all of my thousands of charts that I did I’m not accessible and it does not open up so yes Use your Human Design app and make the best of it and pay for all these extra charges it is vital for me I give my services freely to many many people I do not charge and I am a senior citizen on a SSI budget so there you have it thank you for your App Amon🙏🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺
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1 year ago, TheRainbowRider
Human Design Analyst Rating
Hi there, I’ve been doing human design for many years now, and when I was looking for an app, I just wanted something quick and simple that I could use for my friends whom perhaps didn’t know a lot so I could give them a quick view of their charts. I came across this app and was actually surprised at its depth. It explains things decently well in the grand scheme, it includes a lot of information that most free chart reading platforms do not include, and it has ways to make connection charts with two different people. Honestly, for an APP and for its price. this is a really great tool. It does require you to know about channels and some others things first though, I wouldn’t say this app is for beginners.
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12 months ago, lazrluv
Best HD App on the App Store
This app keeps getting better and better! It’s the app any student, practitioner or coach needs for themselves, their partnerships, their families or teams. It also has transits and details on determination! The Penta data is amazing and guides users on how to interpret family or team dynamics in a simple yet clear way. This is my favorite app because it’s comprehensive and the developer is always improving the user experience. This is my go to App as a BG5 consultant on the go!
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9 months ago, Saucestin
I love learning about myself through various forms self reflection and this app gives me some interesting insights into aspects of myself that astrology alone doesn’t really touch on often. One thing I would like to see with the app would be a tutorial or at least more explanation of how the transit section works- this is the most interesting part of the app but I’m not sure what the changes in my chart indicate.
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4 months ago, Imadmal
Good app but missing export
This is a good and clear app about this fascinating field, it makes it easy to understand and I especially like the Compare option where I can pair two persons and see what their combination indicates. However for $5/month I expect more features including ability to export all results in a nice way so I can share it with friends who maybe interested in this. I hope newer version allows exporting of all results on an individual or a pair. Thanks
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4 years ago, Screamhbk
Not For Advanced Seekers
I found this app to be a great start for those just learning about Hunan Design, but as I have some knowledge under my belt I was hoping for more analyzation and explanation in terms of how it all connects on a way more as advanced level. You will still need to look elsewhere for information. I just wish it was all here. EDIT: Considering the developers response that more advanced material is to come soon, I added a star and will edit this review again if said updates come to fruition. If they do, this WILL become the star Human Design app no question. Thanks for your response.
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4 years ago, Broald Dahl
Great for on-the-go HD
Excellent for anyone delving into Human Design. I’ve been using this app for several years at this point and just wanted to say thanks for all the additional tools, on-going iOS support/fixes, and continuous software updates. Each update with new information is a pleasant surprise and very much appreciated. Papyrus typeface will always remind me of James Cameron’s Avatar, but there no better iOS app for HD as far as I know. Hats off to the dev team!
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4 years ago, Akyaysay
And so will you. Human Design is a VAST system, it seemed almost incomprehensible the amount of information one would have to learn... This is why I love this app so much, it’s one of my go to resources as I’ve been teaching myself! Even more amazing is the app is Alive, the developers have responded to inquiries so quickly, it’s the only app I use that I feel a live person is there I can ask questions to, plus new stuff added all the time! Yes you want this app!!!!!
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3 years ago, SB plants
Best Human Design App
This is a great app for beginners and for people who are doing Reading, gives you all the information you need. Easy to use and store all your friends and family and clients. Know anyone’s HD in a few seconds!!! Well worth the money and if you have any problems they respond quickly to help you out. Also are always updating and adding new features. I love it!
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5 months ago, LisaLivingHappy
Keeps getting better
Fabulous app! I’ve been studying HD for over 10 years and this app is a game changer. It provides a great experience for the user and it’s great fun to share with others. I love the new sliding scale on the edit feature!!! Such a great way to see how close you could be to being a different person altogether.
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11 months ago, Ashleylr0120
Was hoping for more with a subscription
I paid for the first month to try it before buying the yearly - which I am thankful for, now. The regular version gives the bare minimum of information, which is normal with apps like these who offer subscriptions. When I unlocked premium, I assumed I’d get quite a bit more for 5.99 a month. You’re better off accessing a free chart with the internet or this app and then researching the gates, centers, etc. on your own! The oracle and transits are a cool feature, but overall, not worth the price for the lack of content you’re given.
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4 years ago, The Concoctologist
Lunar Energy for Reflectors?
I’m new to HD so this app has a wealth of education for me! It seems to function really well. Perhaps I’m too green to understand the transits as it concerns reflectors (this is my design type), however I would love to see the specifics of the lunar position. Is that what the transits are speaking to? I’m experimenting by intending to chart my lunar cycle. At any rate, thank you for the hard work on this app!
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2 weeks ago, curiousmama
My go-to HD app
I refer to this app often in my client sessions. While I have other expensive software to look at charts, it’s cumbersome to access since I’m on a Mac. I appreciate how the creators of this app keep on adding to its capabilities. It’s a solid, easy to use, with a user friendly and clean interface. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Jaykess
Best App of 2020 - Thank you so much!!
JACKPOT! Looking for a simple and fun way to integrate and navigate with Human Design everyday? Look no further. We love absolutely everything about this app. Makes living your Human Design a breeze! The In app purchases are fun and wonderfully priced. More features please :) Those that have ears to hear... This app is MAGIC! *Peace be the journey*
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3 years ago, JiiiiiiiiveTurkey
I’ve learned quite a bit using this app!
This app has great information, the creators of the app are genuine in there efforts to create a good application for teaching this concept. You can’t ask anymore than for teachers who try and care. I’d recommend this app for anyone trying to get into Human Design.
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5 years ago, Hachi sama
I enjoy this app; however...
This is a good app, I enjoy the info and interaction ability; however, the in app purchases are way to expensive. To pay for the app it’s self with no free version, & then to charge separately for Transit, composite, & returns... In total, this app costs almost $30! Don’t you think that’s a bit too much? I would love to use the extra features but I’m not willing to pay what they cost right now.
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3 weeks ago, answeritsmelissa
Best HD app
This is the easiest to use and most comprehensive. I share with friends who don’t know much about HD because of all the information it gives. It’s also a great way to store people’s charts that I want to refer to at a later date.
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5 years ago, SeekerCons
Best HD App I’ve Found
Very happy with the functionality and ease of use. Gives a good amount of information and is very useful for quick charts on the go. The in-app purchases are very overpriced so that’s the most disappointing part as I cannot fully use the app. But I would recommend this app to anyone who wants a clean easy way to run basic body graph charts. But the biggest limitation is the cost of composite charts and overlays.
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10 months ago, RosieRooWoo
So helpful
this app has been amazing! Extremely helpful and I love how you can load multiple charts and look back at them. Very detailed! Definitely worth the money.
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2 years ago, moremore9100
I’m very new to HD, like 0 knowledge and I have purchased this app just to learn and read about my chart. I read the description and it didn’t have any clear information what I should expect from it. So I bought it and now I see basically nothing - the information that i easily found on internet earlier. I’m sorry if it was my misunderstanding but I wish the description of the app was more clear of what to expect. Thanks.
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4 months ago, lazylace1210
Been Using for Two Years
I really love this app. It has its quirks, but definitely worth the premium version if you love Human Design. Explains everything pretty well, great for beginners!
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5 years ago, Skydancer9
Cannot get past 1st page
I was very excited to purchase and use this app for myself and friends. Quickly after purchase i realized that this app has a glitch or defect that doesn’t allow me to enter the city if birth, well let me clarify that, after entertaining the city of birth no matter what I entered it came back as not recognizing the city. Hence I am completely unable to get my chart or save it or move forward at all! 😔 so far just frustrating.
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4 years ago, curious3000
I don’t see value in this app
Perhaps I don’t understand how to use the app. It isn’t user or beginner friendly. It contains a lot of jargon. I think the only way to get any value out of it is from the in app purchases, but I don’t feel like I understand it enough. With the little information the preliminary version has provided me, I don’t feel confident enough to spend more on the app.
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2 years ago, happilei22
Great App!
This is a great user-friendly app for anyone interested in human design. Would love to see Chiron included, but an excellent tool for daily reference overall!
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8 months ago, charlesjoe
Mehh.. it's extremely basic
I was hoping to get a lot more information even after paying for it. Everything they offer and say is extremely bare minimum. Not a lot of information at all. Glad I didn't do the yearly plan.
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1 year ago, Baalat Juanice EL
I like it but….
….when will you all include calculations for Sidereal body graphs?! This would truly revolutionize your app in totality. Though there are some correlations in the Tropical, after pulling up my Sidereal I honestly resonate more with my Sidereal HD body graph than I do my Tropical on.
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2 years ago, tcarbone321
I purchased this app a few weeks ago.
Cannot open it therefore can not email support through the app. Not sure how else to connect with support! I don’t want to rate this yet before reaching support but I’m not given the choice!
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2 years ago, KenyonK
So useful!!!
I have been practicing my human design for 14 years and love having access to running a chart no matter where I am at. I love It!!!
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3 years ago, MillsTories
Fixed for 5 stars, I’m not sure if it was just a glitch or misinformation somewhere but my graph is just like the gene keys one & aligns beautifully! Thank you.
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9 months ago, ccunn1705
Not really free and not really worth it
Can’t see a thing without paying. And then it’s really a whole lot of nothing information. A lot of text to read but ends up saying mostly nothing sentences.. very little helpful info. Sorry
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3 years ago, RobotMonkeyDeathSquad
Best Design App around.
Really easy to use and aesthetically pleasing! Packed with a lot of clear and concise information. Best HD app I’ve seen on the market for sure!
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2 years ago, trdn218
Am or pm???
There is no way to differentiate on time of birth and if you are born at 10:30am or 10:30pm, it gives the same chart which is incorrect! You have a completely different chart based on your time of birth and if it is am or pm. My chart was completely incorrect as a result. Waste of money.
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3 years ago, bigeorgiev
Love the new updates!
Finally we see the variables in the charts. Would love to get some descriptions as well.
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9 months ago, Skins and Stones
Amazing app
I love this app I just wish that we can connect with others
Show more
5 years ago, susannashepherd
Bug needs to be fixed
When creating my chart, and when typing in my city (Oklahoma) it wont recognize it or the state. It won’t even pull up suggestions or options to select.
Show more
2 years ago, Brute97
Very happy to see transits ! And overlays! Just got this today and trying the 3 day trial. Never buy apps so it had to impress me!
Show more
1 year ago, luvfromdallas
Best HD App!
Luv & depend on the info this HD App offers! User-friendly & it continues to upgrade options! Love the transit info & how you can overlay charts & save! Thanks Thanks
Show more
4 months ago, ggpeza
Was looking forward to trying this, despite the review. However, it didn’t want to accept my date and time. Please correct the issue because I believe it would be very helpful for those are interested.
Show more
2 months ago, windphoto8
The best
I use and refer all ppl who are interested in connecting deeper with HD. Features update and refine often
Show more
3 years ago, Liz in Brooklyn
Update removed purchased upgrades
NOT happy that the recent update completely eliminated my previously purchased in-app upgrades. I can see the history of my purchases and it’s still telling me I need to buy them. Wish I could get my money back!
Show more
11 months ago, byssshe
Delightful. I love this app and use it all the time.
So great to have colleagues’ and clients’ human design charts on my phone for easy reference. Monumentally fun.
Show more
2 years ago, MomTheBomb_ThatIsWrong
Great insight!!
Keep doing what you are doing!! Great insight! I’ve been wanting to learn more of the human design. This is great way to dig!
Show more
3 years ago, boneshudder
Love this app but,
I wish it would explain the transits and the info under people in terms of themes and numbers!
Show more
2 weeks ago, whateverxxxxxxxxcxcc
Right off the bat, the app doesn’t explain how it wants you to compute your time of birth. I put in 11:37 PM. It rejected that time and then advised me ‘to use the following format: 21:50’. What? There is everyday NO WAY TO ACTUALLY REACH their team. All in all, frustrating.
Show more
2 years ago, Michelle.diann
Very Good tool
I really like that it splits the chart. It’s Been working great for me 😊 continues to be useful!
Show more
4 months ago, Dalton Iacono-do
Love the app but it stopped working
Love the app but it takes too long or not even work on my Iphone 13 pro max. So can't log in to report
Show more
9 months ago, Allielfr
Why the change?
Did this app used to be free? I downloaded it last year and I had access to everything, now it wants me to pay a monthly fee.
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