Human: Fall Flat

4.1 (2.8K)
2037.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
505 Games (US), Inc.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Human: Fall Flat

4.15 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Daniemommy
GREAT GAME But something made me stop playing…
Great game me and my friend had so many funny and great times I loved your game so much but after Long time of playing some glitch had happen so whenever I join in a game and whenever I move my screen it gets all glitching and I can’t play so I leave the game refresh the app and it happen again like I can join in a game but the glitch only happens if I move my screen so I can move around move my hands and everything but right as I move my screen it glitch’s and this starting happening since 2020 and after it happend I couldn’t play with my friend anymore I tried everything but it just keeps happening so Please fix the game so me and my friend can have the great times we had just like the old days
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5 years ago, and.rewG05
amazing but...
i absolutely love this game just got it and play for about an hour and love it. there’s just a few issues. one it crashes a good bit but i mean i’m not sure if you can fix that but i believe it’s possible and highly recommended. two there needs to be more character customization options like on consoles and pc where you can draw on them or add eyes from like a facial features category or a advanced customization category. And finally three, maybe another level or to now i know that one is asking a lot but i would love like and under water level where you have to find and equip a scuba helmet or scuba suit and maybe a spider-man themed one in NY for the new “spider-man Far From Home” movie where you swing to building tops and maybe add a boss where you get a brand new combat mode only for bosses and not in game all the time but other than that great game for the little amount of time it’s been on ios 😁👍🏻
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3 years ago, ManThatUFear1423
A definite surprise!
I like physics games, but it’s rare to find ones that are either put together well or that can keep your interest for long. This game does both. It’s a little tricky at first, but the difficulty progresses at a rate where you learn how to complete the next puzzle with what you’ve learned how to do from previous ones so it’s never too difficult to figure out but not easy enough to get bored with. And it really is fun to control your little human once you figure out all the stuff he can do!! You’ll find yourself going into obstacles with confidence knowing your little human has the ability to tackle all obstacles that stand in its way, lol. Very fun and very unique game. Definetly at least try it, it’s worth buying. I can barely put it down.
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3 years ago, SakuraSugarCookie
One of my favorite games but this would make it better
Human fall flat is my favorite game and I am pretty good at it if I don’t say so myself. This game is the only game where lagging can be hilarious and the credits are fun. After all the levels my friends and I have found ourselves not knowing what to do and being a bit bored doing the same thing sometimes. I try to get them to play hide and seek or do something. I think what would be a huge hit on this game is a make your own level. Where you can get any parts from other levels and more to challenge your friends and just have fun making it. And lastly a face section in the character costumes would be nice.
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2 years ago, ElephantCat1231
More levels!!!!
It’s a hilarious game and rly fun to play with friends but for some reason I can’t always join a multiplayer game without a invite link. It won’t open the multiplayer menu it just says it’s trying to load. Also whenever someone receives a text or notification the game freezes and glitches for everyone for a few minutes. And just a warning, the levels are long and frustrating and you can’t pause them. Otherwise it’s rly fun and funny. But PLEASE add more levels and more frequently!!! Also sometimes with ropes they can mess up and disappear and stuff which makes it hard. Oh and if one person doesn’t have amazing WiFi then both sides will glitch rly bad. But it’s a really fun funny game please add more levels more frequently!
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4 years ago, ewaaa6
Only one thing is wrong other than that it’s great!
Hi creator! I know you have a lot of stuff on your hands but I want you to fix something, I’ve played many of these games with multiplayers and it keeps crashing. It’s so fun playing with multiplayers and I know how a lot of people like playing with them! And then everyone is frozen including you. It’s so fun playing with them until it crashes. Each game you play for maybe about minutes and then everything is frozen and then you have to go to another sever and then the same thing happens every maybe 45 minutes (sorry I’m bad at minutes). If you can fix this please do! But other then that it’s pretty great!
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5 years ago, Na4021
I love it,but have a few suggestions!
I love the game! It’s super fun, but there’s somethings that I wish the game had. Firstly,I wish you could customize your face. This would help so your avatar doesn’t just have eyebrows. Secondly, I wish multiplayer had a chat system. It gets confusing when you try telling the other people in the game what you’re trying to do. Third,I would like some more outfits, maybe the ability to submit your idea in an area in the customize menu? Lastly,I would like to see more colors in the game! I think it would give more life to the avatars. If these aren’t added, that’s fine. It’s not my game, but I would enjoy having them! Many thanks!
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4 years ago, Fatkittylover1010
Amazing buuuut....
It truly is a great game there is just one problem. It keeps crashing. Most of the time it crashes whenever the music is over and is going to the next song. I will always be almost done with something and then, progress? GONE!!! It has not been too frustrating, but now I am on the last level and yes I know if make enough progress the red wire will be there at the end and so will one of the two batteries. But when I had the last battery before I could even get it on the elevator to go up it CRASHED!!!!!!!! Please try to fix this soon. None the less I think the game is great!!!!
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4 years ago, @Gaming@Queen@
I want this game
I understand that this game costs money for an reason and probably won’t change it but if you do at least you’ll get more pepole to play this,please try to lower this because no one I know has this app(I know an lot of pepole @-@ btw)we’ll only 27 pepole I know have this but that’s not alot (in my opinion) although I watch lots of videos on and I have watched these videos for years! But it’s not enough so if you could please lower the price I’m sure more pepole will buy it I’ll give it 5 stars because in those videos they app looked really cool and there is lots of different stuff to explore so....
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3 years ago, 😀😅😇😍😚123
Love it😍🤩
This is an amazing game me and my friends love to play it together! but could you have an update so that people can customize your own levels on iPad and phone and be able to play on more different maps? Because if you do Me and my friends would be sooooooo happy if you do look at this. And at least consider plsssss. And maybe consider More choices or the players can draw on their character what you do on a computer but be able to do more stuff. Sorry if this is a lot to ask but Me and my friends would love it if you do. But other then that THIS GAME DESERVES A 100 star rating
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4 years ago, tytypanfri
Great game, few bugs.
I have been playing this for about three months now, and I lovve it I can’t stop playing, it’s so funny. Buuut regarding that there are a few bugs, like when you are playing multiplayer it is sooooo glitchy and laggy so it’s like 5 seconds late to what you want to do, I know, I know, sometimes there is bad connection, but I think you guys can fix it. One other thing, there are not as much levels, so I would like more levels. Other than that it is one of the greatest games I’ve ever had. Thank you for your time to read this.
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10 months ago, Game locker 1234
It’s so great and funny BUT are we going to be faceless forever?
It’s a great and funny game and amazing. I was laughing for hours because of this game but I seen earlier videos and I realized THEY HAVE A FACE i dont so I was doing research today and I realized I don’t think they have faces anymore. I think they took it away so I don’t wanna be faceless so I’m just axing you guys this is the best game ever but please add faces again.😞😔😟🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🥺😄😄🥺😄🥺🥺😄🥺😄🥺😄🥺😄🥺😄🥺😄😄🥺😄🥺😄🥺😄🥺😄🥺😄🥺😂😂🥺😂🥺😂🥺😅😅🥺😂😂🤣🥲🥲🥺🤣🥺🥺🥺🥺☹️ thank you for reading :) and makers PLZ respond I think this will really be a rise in business :) just a suggestion
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5 years ago, fablau
This is the best puzzle game! Only...
This is one of the best puzzle games that I’ve ever played before. It is funny because of the physics, and you can play multiplayer, which I always do with my sister. The only thing is that whenever I join a public game, there is a slight lag in the movement of my human of about 1 second. I hope the developer can fix that. And also, I hope they will add more maps/levels. But anyway, the game is very fun and is awesome to play. Keep it up with the frequent updates, and this game will be the very best! Keep it up, developers!
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4 years ago, Fake addycakes
It’s Good! But...
This game is amazing and really fun to use, but it keeps crashing when I get into a game! And the multiplayer connection is really, really bad 😬 but overall this game is amazing. Keep up the good work! But please fix the bad work... No offense to the creators by the way. Edit: To anyone who also has this problem and you are trying to play multiplayer, try joining ones with less people, so the connection is easier because it doesn’t have to load as much data.
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4 years ago, sendittothecookie
I love this game buttttttttttttttttttttttttt
I love this game I have been playing for a while but it’s kinda getting boring because there aren’t a lot of levels I mean I love the levels but there isn’t really a lot second of all i want to paint my human like how the computer/laptop human fall flat can Third of all you don’t really need to add this but I’m still gonna say it I want to make my own level in the game you know? Btw I love this game and I’m just kinda giving some ideas for a future update maybe
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3 years ago, hgrbth
This Game is amazing but needs some work...
This game is amazing! I love the online feature so your friends can join. The game is really fun with all the puzzles and game play involved, gameplay 8/10. The only problem is the puzzles are to hard and it takes to long to beat the puzzles to get to the 2nd part of the game. They should make it so you choose weather or not you want to play the 1st part, puzzle 6/10. Other then that the game is really good, 1 of the best purchases I have ever made! Hope this review helps anyone that doesn’t already have the game.
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3 years ago, luminousfishloom
This bug is annoying but I still luv the game
Ok, this used to be my favorite game but every since like, July, there has been a bug where whenever I or one of my friends tries to join one another’s game, it shows up, but it takes forever to load and the. It says connection lost. We have checked the connection, deleted and re downloaded the game, reset the device, nothing has worked. Please try to fix this as soon as possible, creators.
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2 years ago, Rating...Games...👻
Multiplayer??? Fix it!
Okay, I used to love this game, I would have sooo much fun and still have such great memories from playing with friends and family. But of course we need multiplayer to play with each other, just today I decided I should play with my sister… and when I went to host a server, there was no multiplayer button! I closed the app and re-opened it again, still no button. Restarted my iPad, no button. I don’t know if its just me, but I don’t see anything! Please fix it! This game is boring without other people to play with to be completely honest. I can’t say it enough, please please fix this bug/update. I want to have fun with my family and friends again!!!
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3 years ago, pug fo ever
Good game needs level
It’s a GREAT game but there should be more levels and u should be able to like choose what kind u want like there should be like able to do Obby and like just fun ones to do with friends and the normal a suggestion for one of the fun ones there should be like to moving trucks one of them has one player and on the other truck is the other player is on the other truck and u like get things to knock them off with the end
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4 years ago, savage....$&
Few bugs here and there
So when I play the game with Single player levels it is normal but when I play multiplayer it gets glitchy which makes it harder to play. And when you play on a different device with the same account and playing at the same time and in the same multiplayer lobby one gets kicked for NO REASON WHICH GETS ON MY LAST NERVES and the other one get GLITCHIER AND GLITCHIER BY THE MINUTE!!! Plz fix the glitch and the bugs -I rated it 5 star because it is a GOOD game
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3 years ago, XxDASH1NxX
Really good game just one suggestion.
I like how it works it works as good as it works on Xbox and computer and on computer you can paint your character and take a picture for your character I think that mobile should also have that because it’s touchscreen meaning you can draw on the character and you can also takes pictures on mobile so that’s why I think the paint feature should also be on mobile.
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2 years ago, yuk ibu
Love it but...
I love this game I play it all the time but my mom and I are always trying to play I’m a multiplayer game it it never works it always says loading and it takes forever and then we don’t even get to play with each other can you please try and fix that bug it would make this game so much more enjoyable for me and my mom and friends and I’m sure other people are having the problem well as Thank you for reading my review and taking this into consideration
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3 years ago, kittyplayzz 12345
Can you make there be options for your characters height?
Hello. Now I am gonna get straight to the point. Can you change your characters height??? I think It would be fun because imagine. All the glitches you could do. Also. Since you made like that baby outfit making your character look smaller will look like it’s a actual baby. It would be really fun. Thanks. And I am giving this app 5 starts because it’s a beatiful app.
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1 year ago, Animelover2602
Great game, has problems!
Human fall flat is a great game. It’s very fun and funny at the same time. But there’s a few bugs such as lagging sometimes, which is normal. But also when joining other players servers your controls are a little late. For example you jump, it takes a few seconds. The more stages you complete the worse it gets to where it takes over 5 seconds for you to FINALLY move! Other then that, great game, would love for their to be more levels/dreams!
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12 months ago, #BTTF
Good game but there’s a problem
While I can play most of the levels properly the laboratory level is BROKEN,and what I mean by that is in one section of the level you have to launch yourself from this long launcher to some pretty high places but it keeps on glitching through it,and it’s not just me as other people have struggled with the same thing.I will give this game 5 stars if the bug is fixed but if not it will remain a 4…
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3 years ago, Mommylg2
Omg yassss!
I love human: fall flat! There are many cringey rip-offs of this game, like people stop trying to recreate popular games! This game is extremely fun to play in single player, and multiplayer. I love playing this game with my sister and friends! Keep on going! And don’t forget to fall flat! 🤣 Also, this game is hilarious and fun. If you download, double tap your character! So much fun! This game is given five stars from me. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨👏🏻😃😁😄🙂🤩🤪😜👍🏻👍🏻One complaint, multiplayer is very glitchy.
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4 years ago, laurabuggggg
A glitch
I really like the app, but there is a small problem. When I open up the app and press multiplayer, it says it couldn’t authenticate with the servers. WHY? It worked the second time I played this game! Every now and then, when I try to play multiplayer, It says that. Can you fellow devs please fix this? If you can’t, can you at least reduce the wait time when it’s trying to authenticate? If you can’t do THAT, can you add faces to the customization screen?
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4 months ago, rockgirl321
I love this game it’s amazing I just wish there was one thing that you could add in the future, what I want to say is that I wish were you could create your own maps and than if you would like you could make it a public world were you could just get in a world that has been created not by the game but by yourself or by someone else pls take my offer and take it to heart thanks!!
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1 year ago, SuperBakon
Lag, service disconnecting, please see
Human fall flat is a good game. But why on earth have more features on computers, for example: On computers you can go to any level, you can create one, you can draw your character, it’s just so unfair, Please make a huge update. Also, human fall flat keeps having lag, service disconnecting. It’s so stupid how developers make more features on PC like Roblox having some gears for computers only. Please update human fall flat.
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1 year ago, Zigzagisfun
Add VC (if you haven’t) or some kind of communication system
The game is cool, but since you don’t have sign language, a chat system would be good, and could decrease the time to complete levels significantly. You could also do it for fun, for example: “build a human chain!!!!“ Make sure to add a chat filter though, tagging out words that include words like swear words, inappropriate words, and any other bad words.
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2 years ago, auntykay2014
WONDERFUL GAME but the things that happen in it
i love human fall flat and so do my friends but the updates need to be more quickly because i have been playing since 2020 and it was barely updated and we need faces and u guys need to fix the bugs like lag or disconnect thing where u freeze and it disconnects and its not fair to the people who make it so far and i hope u guys read this message:D
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3 years ago, DinoNinjaDragon
Paint customize item not their
When I press customize theirs no edit player button and their is also no paint job button are those buttons only for computers? Can you add those buttons on mobile I can’t make the skin I want to make can you please fix it also how do I get to new or secret levels add that in the descriptions can you plz fix it 505 games you’re the best
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3 years ago, Lia Anne
Game is amazing...
Listen my best friend and I play this game all the stinking time and we haven’t laughed so hard in a long time but not only is it funny but it’s like a giant puzzle! But there are only a few levels there are 14 levels but I’m not complaining honestly it won’t stop me from playing this game and I know their probably working on more levels but just wanted to let people know. (But seriously it’s an awesome game) definitely recommend this game
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3 years ago, Password invalid
My favorite game just.....
This is so good but the thing that bugs me is that there are no faces and I have this idea of a sky level I don’t think it’s already created but I wanna try it on my iPad where you have to jump on the clouds and maybe people can like ride across a plane and drive a helicopter but besides that I am in love with this game and I turned on sound effects and the sounds were SO SATISFYING I love this game and creators please read this.
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5 years ago, grrrrrrrrrrrrr1500
3rd level multiplayer
I got this game because I watched a YouTuber I like play it and it looked really fun. Having read the reviews, I knew that there were some bugs with multiplayer. ‘That’s fine’ I thought ‘I don’t really have anyone to play with’ I got to the third level and discovered something that disappointed me. The third level can only be done with multiplayer. In the aforementioned reviews, it says there are bugs with multiplayer, causing me to not be able to get past the third level. I have uninstalled the app because of this.
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4 years ago, udncehwbfouehbfhbe
Human Fall Flat is AMAZING game but....
One there’s bugs and crashes in my game, I always have to logout then log back in. Second it won’t let me go in multiplayer mode every time I try it says You are unable to connect to multiplayer mode right now, try again later. It can be so annoying sometimes, I don’t understand how ItsFunneh and The Crew can do it in multiplayer mode. We have the same Human Fall Flat! Please fix these bugs and crashes in the next update. Btw I rated it 4 stars!
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2 years ago, Catcake2022
No Problems!
This is a perfect game. There is no online bullying, no chat, just enough of everything! I would totally recommend this game if you want a fun, hilarious story that helps you solve puzzles. And also, lots of good skins and levels. I will never stop playing and I think it would be a perfect family game for me and my parents. So if I could put six stars up, I would.
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4 years ago, sammy laurance
Good enough
It’s a fun game but I’m always single player so it’s way harder and I can’t find out how to play on multiplayer, It takes up 1.1 gigabytes and it costed like 7 dollars? Isn’t that more then Minecraft? Also can you add more customization in the avatar section, I’d suggest this game off single player, otherwise it’s amazing, even though I couldn’t even figure out most of the levels.
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3 months ago, Sanders0510
I do love this game but…
I love this game I used to play it all time with multiplayer and it was amazing. This game is so funny and fun but I’m not a huge fan of the controls. It’s a little hard to balance the character but you don’t have to edit it if you don’t want to I don’t want to ask for too much. But it’s a little too wobbly for me. BUT one more thing can you add more accessories like clothes and hats please 🙏🏻 and thank you for reading this.
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4 years ago, pdog29648
Awesome game
Awesome game but I don’t know how to find maps the is only nine maps and I want to find out how to have more maps like YouTubers they play like a thousand maps and I want to find out how to play more maps so please comment how to get more maps please the reason I gave it four stars is because I can’t find out how do get more maps so if someone tells me how to get more maps I will give it five stars on all my devices all twelve so please tell me how to get more maps thanks
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3 years ago, trash and scammer
as much as I like this game playing the same levels was kind of boring which I thank you for adding more levels but I know you have a lot on your hands right now but if you could can you please put a setting where you could create your own place and customize your character more like the person can customize it without a limit of options like on PC Thank you
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2 years ago, lolty2231
Fun but
I made the game or by not trying to be rude if your guide have a kitchen one I really want it back because I only download this app just to have the kitchen I watch my favorite Youtubers play it and I really want to play it to but now I’m trying to look for it every single day and I played all of them but I don’t know which one is the kitchen and it’s making me a little angry
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4 years ago, Aiden8 09
Game keeps crashing every 5-10 minutes
I love the game I do really love it but I hate to keep crashing I can’t do achievements like the speed run achievement or the my treasure achievement etc If you read this please address the problem as soon as you can If you can fix the crash bug for the mobile players It will make them very happy including me from:Aiden8 09
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1 year ago, AJAC123Abc
I love this game but it needs some more additions…..
This game is fun really. I like it i love it actually but I have 5 things that could make this game better and more fun.1 Adding voice chat. 2 adding for levels. 3 fix some glitches . 4 more outfits and 5.make a more suitable 3rd person camera (it take a lot to move) So with these more addition in my opinion would make the game a lot better 4 stars :D
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4 years ago, LunaTheAlphaWolf
Amazing only thing is....
I think this is great!!! But there are a lot of bugs and glitches and I have some suggestions can you add something for painting faces or importing faces for your avatar? That would be great, The game is amazing I just keep getting kicked out in every public game due to the bugs and glitches, can you please fix the bugs and glitches and can you add a face importer? Please read this!
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4 years ago, &.&37:$(&&;$&838;8(
Chat System
Add a chat system please and can u put names over people I keep kicking the wrong people but make it optional to have the names over people please and army skin please! I think this will make the game better Good Luck making this happen I mean it I wish you all luck not only to the one that read this but also the programmers that will do this.
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5 years ago, Bhsndoha
There are SO MUCH LAG. I hate lagging it is SO annoying i mean who would like to move and stop and go and stop and go and stop and then you stop forever and you can't leave the game. But this game is cool 😎 but PLEASE fix the bugs and everyone will have a good anti bug game btw I rate 4 star ⭐️ just because of the bugs nothing else. Btw don't forget to add . ! CL what I mean is add full stops ! Capital letters I don't what a whole BIG! Sentence that would not make sense and have a great day
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3 years ago, Unicorngirl346285
I love this game so much 😂
So I love this game because it has plenty of challenges and I love a good puzzle game Designing the characters are super fun and I love the effort of the levels but I have one question. I’ve seen a lot of people being able to add their own designs and I’m not quite sure how to do that so any info would be nice anyways other than that this game is great 😊
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4 years ago, SlWatson2004
Please help!
It won’t let me customize my character it only lets me choose a model and doesn’t show any other options. Do I have to earn it? Also I would like to connect my Xbox controller to it and play with my controller but it doesn’t work. It lets me press a at the beginning to start but then I can’t do anything else. I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting but it does not work. Please help!
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1 year ago, Amako Ako
Amazing but….
This is amazing and great game i love it and its very good but can you make a video option to change the video and quality because my ipad is bad and the game is so laggy i need video option to decrease the quality and texture please added this it would be helpful and awesome if you added video option to the game, bye.
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