Hungry Shark Evolution

4.7 (178.9K)
399 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hungry Shark Evolution

4.72 out of 5
178.9K Ratings
6 years ago, wise gaming choices
Best game since I had this device
This is the best games I have ever played! Money is not an issue you may get purchases just not those pets... Also, if you play well enough you can get the first special shark which I received(electro shark) then the game gets easier and coins and gems get more common! You can make purchases to speed up getting a better shark and it’s still great! I now get 5,000,000+ points per run and 5,000 coins per run. I love the diverse ranges of sharks and the game’s action. (I am currently playing to get my Pyro Shark) It is great and money isn’t issue when you get better. (Just those pets) And after you get your special sharks you can easily get the others and get the Jetpack for free(I don’t see why you need it cause Pyro Shark can fly and the new shark can copy it) I am addicted to this game everyday! I would like to see more ocean floors and more lairs like king crab(I am trying to beat him). On a related note, I’d like more portals to new worlds and prey to destroy! I love how you hide missions and daily challenges! I expect even greater in future! After all who wouldn’t like an intense and challenging game with great actions and slow motion!(I love tearing boats and submarines apart and going on land)
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1 year ago, Lt0624
Too many sharks
The game is fun, I’ve played for a few hours and am using the Sharkjira and the Megalodon, however both have the same problem; there’s always something bigger. I will have been playing for a 10 minute run and an enemy 8 levels higher will spawn and instantly kill me, and that’s how almost all of the games end. Since there’s so many sharks and it takes more and more time per shark you either have to pay money or devote dozens of hours to level up, and even then you’ll still die to something bigger. Besides that the new sharks feel like they weren’t as developed, they’re more cartoony and lack the texturing that makes the earlier sharks look interesting, and the sharks don’t feel like they really add anything since by the Dunkleosteus almost everything in the map is at your mercy, so the new sharks are only ‘better’ because they can eat the new sharks. I would recommend that the leveling should’ve ended at either the Dunkleosteus or the Mosasaurus. That or some more texturing, design or features be added to the game to make the new sharks worth buying. With all that being said don’t take this as me not recommending the game. It’s a really fun way to burn some hours which I did because my laptop needed to be fixed. I wouldn’t say that time wasn’t worth it and I would recommend other friends to play it, I just feel like some of the ‘fat’ should be trimmed off of the game.
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4 years ago, COOLER!!!!
Great game but major glitch right now
There is a glitch I don’t know if it’s just for the shark illuminate or not but a lot of the times when you die playing as illuminate and it glitches it doesn’t sent you back to the screen where you get your coins it stays on the screen that you die and you can’t do anything but close the tab and not get your coins that you were going to get otherwise. I have already lost over 15,000 coins with this glitch. Anyways off that rant this game is fun and I love playing it, it is addictive. The game does kind of have a pay to win but not really you can pay if you want to but you still have the choice to play normally it’s not forcing you to buy anything it throws it out there if you want to buy it and if you don’t you can grind to get the stuff you need to buy the thing you want because hard work gets you places in this game. Conclusion this game is fun and addictive it gives you a chance to buy things but you don’t have to you can work for that thing. Also I wanna tell you the way I find it fast to get new sharks fast. First I got a shark the costs money a really good shark but I only use that shark to get coins to buy new shark when I have enough coins I level up the shark then buy the new shark with the money I earned from the really good shark and repeat.
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5 years ago, Dane Charles Crawford
Could be better
So I was comparing this game to their other shark game,Hungry Shark World. The first thing I noticed was that the graphics were so much worse than Hungry Shark World. The next thing is the depth. Hungry Shark World has no depth. This game does. Another thing is that all the sharks(at least at the beginning) all cost gems which are really hard to get. Hungry Shark World's Sharks cost money except for the rarer ones which if you wait long enough you can make them cost money or coins. The next thing is that gems are really hard to get and in Hungry Shark World you can find gem fish pretty much anywhere(at least I can). The next thing is speed or boost. In this game if you boost (or get a gold rush) you go so fast. Which is good is some ways but you'll understand how this is bad if you play the game. The animals and aquatic life go way to fast. You can't really catch a penguin unless you are on a gold rush(at least in the beginning). So my point is to all the people who want a good Shark game is go download their other Shark game,Hungry Shark World. This game isn't terrible but it isn't amazing like Hungry Shark World is. This game obviously came out before Hungry Shark World so I'm not going to complain to much because over all this is a great game! But I just want to say this one last time if you want an absolutely amazing Shark game get Hungry Shark World.
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2 years ago, gaul bladder
i went on a majestic joyride
as i surfed the seven layers of the candy cane forrest i somehow rammed into this wonderful addition to my life. as im playing this game, the world around me went blank and the cosmics appeared. i felt as though i was in a coma with firey flames all around me. my 110 year old great grandpa told me that it was his dying wish that i play this before he passes to the cosmics. so i fulfilled is ever loving wish and played it. little did i know that i would soon evolve into a candy cane. it all started when i woke up with stripes down my back- okay im getting off track. long story short, the cosmics have called me to be one of their own because i played this dope game. the sharks are my happiness, my way of life. i would do anything for my babies <3 they push me to my limits and make me feel as though im not a 27 year old failure who lives in their moms basement to chase rats. Long story short, this game has forever changed me and i feel so alive and well. i've conquered my sleep paralysis demon because of this game and will continue to always fight for my rights as a part of the cosmics community. long story short- get game.
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5 years ago, beast mode 202
Perfect game
This game is really addicting to play. I remember playing this game a couple years ago and I was really close to getting mr snappy. The sharks are really basic at first like you’ve got the tiger shark, great white shark but then you have the megaledon and mosasaurus Rex, and after that you get these really creative sharks that are really cool, and if that’s not enough then you have the lab where you get a robotic shark that eats mines and turns them into missiles, or a shark that burns fish into a crisp and can fly, and then a shark that freezes everything. I can go on and on, but my point is that the game has lots of creative sharks that you won’t stop playing until you get every shark in the game. The adds are not really a problem too. Sure if an pops up you have to watch the entire thing before you can exit out but there not like most games where an add will pop up no matter where you go. But there is one problem, every time I die the music in the title screen is turned off and I have to go to the settings to turn on the music and sound in the game which can get extremely annoying at times. But other than that the game is fantastic in every way.
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5 years ago, poppity scoopity
Amazing game!
I have been playing hungry shark for a few months and I absolutely love the game. Even though a few items in the shop may be overpriced on diamonds, the sharks are easy to level up and get the next with no problem. There are very few ads, only about a 30 second app after every game which is way better compared to other games. The competitions between other players are quick and easy ways of earning coins or diamonds. I am currently on the shark “dunkleosteus” and have noticed a small glitch in the game. The pyro shark (the lava shark) seems a bit slow. When I try to eat the shark, sometimes it will let me but sometimes it won’t. To clear things up a bit, if I approach the shark to eat it with my shark it will just stop and after that the shark will attack me. I know that if the pyro shark hits you with the fire breath then you won’t be able to eat anything for a few seconds. But I just played a game where I ate one pyro shark but I wasn’t able to eat the one near the titanic portal. Otherwise keep up the good work, and I hope to maybe see a new portal in the future?¿ :) This game is one of my favorites and I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.
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6 years ago, Gigantous_Guy
“Hungry Shark Review”
I have been playing this game for quite some time and that is the reason I have yet to write a review about it up until now — I have been enjoying this game SO much that K have not been able to take myself away from it long enough to rate this game and write a review about it. “Hungry Shark” is, by far, at least in my opinion, easily one of the greatest game apps out there. The graphics are phenomenal,, the sound effects are terrific, and the game play is outstandingly spectacular! Another reason as to why this game play is SO wonderfully great is how the game company is constantly tweaking the game in attempts to improve it only makes an already ABSOLUTELY fantastic. Game even that MUCH MORE sensational. Having said all of this, I would give “Hungry Shark” many more than just five stars for a rating if I could. However. Since five stars is the most that I can give it, then five stars is DEFINITELY what it gets!!! It is easily a no-brainer to give it this type of rating because of everything I have commented about it. Thank you EVER SO VERY MUCH for making such a groovy game!!! Please keep up the awesome work! 😁
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7 years ago, CallMeJewl
Starting to notice a problem...
So I’ve been playing this game for a little while now, and I have a fully grown hammerhead shark and am currently saving up to buy the tiger shark. Overall, I’ve been having fun playing this game. However, I have started to notice that I can’t get past a certain score, no matter how well I play. Once I get around 300k score, all of a sudden I start getting attacked by submarines, great whites, and electro sharks out of nowhere, and there’s really nothing I can do about it. One time, I had a great white and a submarine on my tail, and I was able to get a gold rush, so I went back and ate the great white and destroyed the submarine. But then, as I was swimming back the other way, I was jumped by an electro shark. I was able to shake him off for a few seconds, and I thought I lost him, but then he just swooped down in front of me and shocked me to death. Keep in mind that this stuff is happening over and over again at around 300k score, hence why I find it hard to believe it’s just a coincidence. Developers, if this isn’t a coincidence, please make the game a bit more fair and possible for those of us who are playing without paying. Overall though, I’ve been having a lot of fun playing this game, which is why I took the time to write this review.
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3 weeks ago, poopy squidward pants
Too many obstacles
I love this game and think it’s so much fun but the game kills me off when I’m doing too good. 1. The seals do way too much damage and are insanely annoying. In what world does a great white shark charge open-mouthed at a seal and the seal grabs its tail and won’t let go?? 2. The submarine that hurls bombs at you and chases you down is unfair and ridiculous. That thing corners you and you can’t escape. 3. When I unlocked the great white shark I was excited because it eats jellyfish but instead the game put in these little green doodads that sting you anyway. 4. The fire-breathing sharks and other sharks that are too big literally pull up on you out of nowhere and kill you on sight and there’s no way to swim away from them!! 5. The detonator bombs don’t bother me but not when they’re in an underwater current because you’re shoved right into them and can’t go the other way. I love the game and I think it’s good to have obstacles like jellyfish, the toxic cans, the shark cage people throwing spears, and sharks giving you a little bite sometimes but the game can just decide when it wants you to die and summon this stuff up to kill you for no reason.
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4 years ago, Glitch1Zilla
Super nostalgic for this Game
So when I was in 1-2 grade I had this game on my grandmas ipad so every time I came over I would play the game and get more coins, Though I had nightmares about the submarine sounds, I would play as the mako or hammerhead and hear the submarine and get really scared, also I never went very deep because that scared me to. I sadly never got the meglodon on that iPad. BUT years later around 2018 I started playing again and got meglodon and felt so happy, but I still got scared of going in deep water, also I watched a lot of the gaming beaver since he played hungry shark so as a kid I would see him with meglodon and mr snappy and get super jealous. On my 2018 account I got to moby dick and sadly lost the account. But about 1-2 weeks ago I started playing again and it’s still pretty fun but the deep water still spoils me out, but at least I don’t have nightmares of the submarines, also I got the kraken on my new account so that’s pretty cool, this game really means a lot to me and reminds me of better times thanks fgol for all the amazing memories
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5 years ago, klyn717
Problems with the game
I love this game. I played it ever since i was 4. Im turning 9 soon. So i played this game for 5 years. There are some problems with this game though. 1. The sharks - they are so expensive and the special sharks should cost a bit more. Like electro. Its 25,000. It should be 50,000. 2. Money - it takes a while to get coins. And the gems! You should make a trading system. So you trade coins for gems and gems for coins. When i watch hungry shark videos, its always a noob who has like 7,000,000 coins and like 500,000,000 gems. Make coins and gems more easier to get. Please. 3. The shark gills - the sharks gills are so small and in the wrong place. They should be in the middle of the shark. And a bit larger. And there should be WAY MORE SHARKS. 4. Animation - the animation of sharks are bad. They eyes, nose, and more are kinda bad looking. But the GW mouth is pretty cool. And the tiger shark’s. Also the jumping is terrible. Plz fix and put these things to the game, because it would make the game more fun. Also i don’t like when the ocean changes setting/color/time of day. 1 more thing, add more enemies. Thanks ✌️
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6 years ago, joshuam10133
A good game for the sake of being a good game
This shows surprisingly low amount of “BUY OUR TRANSACTIONS” type gameplay and it includes a detailed and differentiated map that avoids the feeling of mundane wandering and replaces it with a drive to find the best path to ensure the most efficient eating patterns and the addition of new edible food in each new shark that you unlock and earn through in-game money. It’s a terrific way to make a game without a drive on ads or transactions. If more games were similar in their ideology on game making and stopped attempting to maximize money in a short span of time they wouldn’t feel so boring and empty. This game showed a true attempt on gameplay that payed off well in my opinion with a good mix of simplicity and differential areas and strategy that can be applied at will of the player and what type of gameplay style and attention that the player chooses to give to this game can change the feel if you choose to maximize efficiency or just enjoy a simple “eat to get bigger” game. In my opinion it’s very well done.
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6 years ago, EXICHONGO
to many flaws
Ive been playing the game for a while now and I get its supposed to get harder as you go but I’ve noticed that the longer you stay alive your healthy starts to drain ridiculously fast which is no incentive to get higher scores-and is almost a punishment for being better at the game. Also several times through playing the shark randomly doesn’t eat. It will literally swim through a school Of fish n eat nothing. Often when collecting the “hungry” letters or gold rush then too the shark doesn’t eat for a couple seconds. Plus I think when getting shot by the chopper the fact that you are frozen and can’t move is a flaw because it doesn’t allow you to move to regain health however it shoots numerous bombs at you which you cant move. There has been several times that any and all fish(FOOD) Have randomly disappeared through out the stage even when traveling long distance through the stage while health drain there was absolutely no fish. When missions are to eat a certain amount of specific fish or birds or drones it seems like when it’s the mission it’s harder to come across those things to eat to complete the mission yet when its not the mission you can find those fish or things in abundance.
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4 years ago, SuperchargerX
Such A Satisfying Game!
In my own opinion, I think that Hungry Shark Evolution is very satisfying. The sounds you hear in the game like eating a fish or a crab just make you feel satisfied. Not only can you get perks to improve your sharks, you can also get even bigger sharks to eat things like huge boats! The Special Lab sharks can cost a bunch, and may be hard to earn, but it is great to get one of them! From shocking other animals to passing through walls, they will help you a lot! Gold Rush is one of my favorite moments. When you get a load of score, you will go very fast, and every animal will turn golden! Each time you eat a golden animal, you get coins, allowing you to purchase more sharks and abilities! There are a lot of fish to eat, so it’s pretty hard to run out. If you do run out of things to eat, just find a portal to take you to another ocean filled with fish! Overall, I think that Hungry Shark Evolution is a very satisfying game! If you want to try a game that just makes you feel satisfied, then this is the game for you!
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4 years ago, DAMNYDIVITO
Online thing kinda ruins it
I’ve been playing this game for a while, I tried playing the newer game but it’s not as fun and isn’t my cup of tea, but this game isn’t really either. I don’t like the online feature, it just seems pointless. Most people will buy the bigger sharks and just kill every little shark, once I watched a 50minute advertisement and came back to life only to die again. The bigger sharks are kinda pointless, the whole fun thing about the game is your a shark and I’m a fan of making up new things but some of the sharks seem like a wast of money. And eventually once you get all the sharks they'res nothing to do they'res nothing to look out for. I will thank you that I’m not bombarded with adds the ads will only play a couple of times but the small good things is out weighted by the awful things like the online feature. Most people are cool and will just swim by you, but at one point in the game a guy kept spawn killing me as the bug rock shark, it’s just annoying and seems like a cash grab the game is super fun and I hate for it to be ruined by the bad features in the game
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5 years ago, Muffinthecat2008
Hey this is a great game and I would love to put 5 stars but it’s just that the money for just a couple of gems is CRAZY!! I was playing and wanted to buy a special shark but they were like 100 or more gems! I usually get a gem fish almost once or twice a day! So, it’s sort of hard to get gems to get like 100 or more gems! Please, either make the sharks cheaper on gems or make gems more easier to get. Also, yes, coins are easy to get but after the mako shark upgrade, you have to spend a lot of coins to get the next shark. And coins are easy to get, but I have noticed that the reef sharks waters that it swims in gets the most coins. Already, ever since I got the mako, I could tell I couldn’t get lots of coins like I used to. It just keeps getting harder and harder to get coins in every different waters you go to! Please fix this to where you can get almost the same amount of coins in each different part of water you go to! And just by buying the coins ands gems with real money is horrendous!! So, please make buys gems and coins cheaper while also making sharks not so much gems and coins. Thanks for making a fun but money-wise game! 💗🦈
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2 years ago, RedshiftAlex
True classic
I don’t know why people here are comparing this game so much to hungry shark world, in a way that they are trying to berate this game, but you can’t compare this game to their new game. Their new game was made solely as a “big update” you could say, with much better graphics and animation, but I mean this game was made in 2012, so you could never compare this game to one made almost a decade later. Of course the graphics will not be better than the new one, but this game will always stay a classic in my heart, and I think I speak for a lot of people. This is one of the first mobile games I got when I was a kid and I’ll never forget it. No matter how you compare this to any other shark game, I believe the creators did an excellent job for a game in 2012. I still think they’re making good games today in 2022. Props to them but I was just confused as to why people tried to compare this to a game made 10 years later.
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3 years ago, savior and doom
Great app but there’s one thing
So I’ve had this app on many of my old Devices and on my dads phone. When I was little. I’m 13/14. So when I was young I love this app there’s nothing wrong with it it was awesome. So I decided to get it again. When I got it I leveled up so fast I know what to do so fast. It’s like when you get Minecraft you delete it and then you buy it again and it’s like OK I know how to survive. So I was passed the hammerhead and the tiger shark I’m on the great white OK so when I got the great weight it was great at first so after a while it started to die a lot faster I mean I know you’re supposed to die a lot faster and you’re supposed to eat but it was starting to glitch like it’s starting to go from full till like almost the end of the health bar so I was confused because I was eating so much I died too many times I’m surprise no one else has had this problem. So that’s all/PS. Editors note. Please make everything more realistic everything is already more realistic just make it a teeny bit more realistic
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4 years ago, majic pp smeller
Used to be a better game
I recently started playing this again because I did 5 years ago and it was an excellent game then. Your sharks were able to survive a pretty long time without a bunch of weird sharks and fish attacking you. I also remember that my shark used to eat everything it’s mouth was on (which it should) but now even on max bite, it still missed tons of fish and has trouble eating enemies. I remember when you were a tiger shark and the biggest threat was a great white or sub. Now in shallow water even I get attacked by multiple zombie sharks, pyro sharks, electro sharks, and more. I find it unfair that around a certain score my health starts to deteriorate even faster than before. I also notice the excessive use of bombs... there are huge bombs that you barely have room to get by as well inside of caves which you cannot avoid. I’ve been playing for about a couple days now and I’m almost to the megalodon and I love this game, however, it used to be much more enjoyable and less complex. PSA: why do seals attack you, they’re literally one of the most well known prey of sharks?
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6 years ago, mrp123456789
Wish I Hadn’t Revisited This Game
I remember loving this game a years back, so I decided to redownload this game after trying out HS World. Now... I would have much rather let this game die without further exploration into it. The controls... the gameplay... the sharks... all of it are horrible. The controls feel so slippery, like I barely have control over the shark before it bursts off at speeds that make it impossible to control efficiently. The gameplay is so unsatisfying and wonky. I often swim straight through enemies without my shark even attempting to eat it! And the sharks! Oh, the sharks! The only two lab sharks I got were complete jokes. The Electro Shark is the better of the two but so not fun to use. The boost is too limited, ruining the fun. The Robo Shark sacrifices boost for an incredibly long jetpack and mine launcher. Sounds good, right? NOPE! The lack of boost means this shark is the epitome of stupid. It can barely eat the mines without you circling around them for 30 minutes. It can also barely snatch any fish or other sea animal unless it goes directly into its mouth. I’m heading back to HS World now. Maybe you guys at FGOL should bring some of its gameplay here so this game could become decent for once.
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1 year ago, WrynUchiha
Current bug I am facing
So I’ve been playing this game for a good week or more now with little to no issues. But as soon as I updated my phone today, I have had nothing but issues with this game. The game will just close on me mid game, and I can never get more than a couple of minutes playing it. I absolutely love this game, but it annoys me a great deal when I’m not not able to play more than a minute or two without the game itself crashing. I want to collect a whole lot of coins so I can level and upgrade my sharks, because it’s quite fun and I’ve already done so once and am currently trying to do so again, but without me being able to play for like as long as I can, I can’t gather very many coins. Please fix this issue, I’m not sure if anyone else is experiencing this same issue that I am dealing with, but I’d really enjoy being able to play this game again without it crashing on me
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4 years ago, JAYDEN_BOSS
Really fun and good game, but 3 issues...
I know someone already said this a year ago but developers, listen to me... So right now I’m mr. snappy or the mosasaurus. Now when I spawn in, I go down for food, and right there is a kraken, the strongest shark in the game, WHEN I SPAWN IN, like I understand if you made the krakens spawn in at like 10 mil score, but when you spawn in... and not even one kraken TWO, like you guys need to change that. Secondly... The navy seals/angler fish (this only is to them) Can I say anything worse... I’m about to get a gold rush, I have a times eight multiplier, i have a SHARK VORTEX if you don’t know what that does it adds a vacuum on to your shark, and one navy seal or angler fish just sneaks past me and attacks me for like 5 straight seconds. Like can you guys at least fix that please? Finally, this is minor, you don’t have to look at this, but you guys took away the stats and museum, like I wanted to see my stats and what all the sharks do, but I looked everywhere... nothing. Besides all of those annoying things, this game is so fun and amazing, it’s a blast
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3 years ago, Vincent Ragaini
Great game but.....The illuminate Shark Is HIGH
Ok so I’ve been playing this game for years. And a couple mins ago I was playing this game, and I was alive for about 13 mins and killed about 25 other shark invaders. And, when I died, their was this weird glitch. (I was using the illuminate Shark) when I died, my Shark was just sitting their. DEAD. My points weren’t going up, my Shark wasn’t eating, and I wasn’t earning any coins. BUT! The timer kept rolling. I kept trying to leave or quit the game, but it didn’t work. At last, I found a solution. I would restart my iPhone. When I did, I lost all my progress!! (from that one game) And I was very disappointed. VERY. So Ubisoft, please fix this. And also, it would be nice if you gave me a few coins also. Because I am very upset. But, overall, this is a very good game. And I enjoy playing it as much as I enjoy playing Hungry Shark World, And Hungry Dragon. This is a very good game, but, just because of the glitch, I give this game 4 stars. Not 5. But, still a very fun game. Also, I have to say one thing to the illuminate Shark. YOU ARE HIGH. 😂🤬👍
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2 years ago, ultimate pug
A great game… but gold rush is VERY buggy
When I was using the electric shark, I got gold rush in the main area and boosted… A lot to stun my prey but then I went near the surface and teleported me to the bottom of the ocean inside a ROCK (at least 300 meters down cause I had water pressure damage) and all the frames were duplicated themselves. The shark the control stick the revive because besides that everything was working fine so I was still dying. The glitch is JUST like the one in super Mario 3D world except you can only move a little not a lot. This has happened before with the same or different shark I forgot exactly what is was, but during gold rush near the same area I got teleported down while boosting . This time not as far, not trapped in a rock, and I could just leave and continue playing the game. I do have it on a screenshot, but this game is amazing and I love to play it. But for all of our gold rushers out there, please fix it.
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1 year ago, Savvy M.
Gone Downhill
I have played this game on and off for many years, and while it’s definitely one of my favorite mobile games it’s becoming significantly less enjoyable. Over the years they’ve added newer sharks with cartoonish looks and magical powers. Not a problem if you’re interested in that (though it’s thematically strange), but now just a few minutes into a game these fire breathing sharks will appear and kill you immediately with little recourse. This is especially annoying considering how much grinding is required to level up and get new sharks. It makes playing feel pointless and frustrating. I think the costs for getting new sharks is wayyy too high if they’re going to spawn unkillable death machines into every run. Seems to me that the idea is you’re forced to pay money for these newer sharks, which make the game honestly way too easy it’s not even exciting or fun. This game is enjoyable if you plan on only playing 8 minute games and grinding for hours to get even small upgrades/levels.
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4 years ago, dis noice
Great but a scam, and add this update which at the end.
There is a scam at hungry shark evolution it is that the so called “INVADERS” are bots, the reasons i know is because they dont eat, they dont one shot us like how we one shot them, they spin around in the same area like bots, non of them have hats pets stuff like that, we cant join online servers, we cant name are sharks but they can, they spawn in the same area, if they where running away, they wont go to one direction, and when they hit the wall, they forgot we are here, when you are LUMINITE the(narriclyaus) the INVADERS run away then when they hit a wall they start attacking, and last thing is no one is found in portals or on land, oh and also if they did one shot us, they should rip us apart, but they dont and if they died by something else we should see there body's floating around, please add servers, i am saving up for the baby kraken and baby LUMI, also once every month everything on the shop will be lowered by 75%.
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4 years ago, read for an honest review
Good, but could be better
I love this game but as with any game, there are some problems and things that could be better. I’ll start with what is likeable about the game. To start with, the game is very fun, the controls are easy, and the arcade style makes the game that much more enjoyable. I love how you can equip multiple fantasy items on your sharks such as a jet pack, hats, necklaces, etc. But there are problems and things that make the game a little bit worse. First, the colors are kinda dull, which gives the game a morbid and unhappy feel. Also, the game has way less features than the newer “Hungry Shark World”. But seeing as how this game was released before “Hungry Shark World”, I won’t complain too much. The lab sharks are incredibly expensive and most of the sharks are pricey as well. The gems are too hard to get and gold rushes are too short. If you’re looking for a good game, I highly recommend “Hungry Shark World”. 😀
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6 years ago, Zaczannisterr
New sharks more frequently...
Developers..if your listening...this game needs more stuff...and i mean sharks...the game is amazing and fantastic and can get so many support from its maybe you guys should add more sharks and things sacrosuchus...or the saw shark...or a demonic three headed shark...also add new pets...a three headed demon shark would blow our minds...of course the fire shark is pyro but a demon would be so cool and make it like 50 be the biggest playable shark in the game...if its saw shark...put him in the special sharks...where he can use his saw to destroy obstacles...if sarco...make him the biggest creature in the game(normal sharks) and that his back would deflect spears and that his jaws can open wide enough to grab large things(submarines) and throw them at enemies...(like helicopters or santa claus...if demon...make him summon spikes from the demon world during hell rush...and desintigrates anything that passes...and make him mind control enemies...thnks...hope you like my suggestions...
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9 months ago, Salem420420420
Why the seeeaaalllsss!!!
It’s great until it’s not. No but for real what is up the the seals. I been playing for 3 days and my biggest issue is the seals. I’ve finally made it to the great white thinking maybe the seals would finally leave me alone but no. I played this game when it first came out and I remember how fun it was so I figured I’d try it out again and I’m more than impressed but no seal is going to attack a great white. I understand wanting to have enemies to fight with but if I’m swimming at a baby seal as a great white, my bite should win not the seals, and not to mention how they bite and latch on forever I swear my average time as the great white is 16 seconds because there’s so many seals and submarines. It’s kinda stupid. Actually not kinda. It’s the only thing that makes me want to rage and delete the game. I wasn’t even worried about any other sharks I just wanted the great white but it’s formulated so you have to get bigger and bigger sharks if you don’t want to be messed with and it makes it feel kinda lame.
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1 year ago, Natee1017
This Game Has changed, seemingly for the worse
I used to play this game many many years ago, I literally played it everyday. I used to have so much fun with it, and had beaten the game and unlocked everything several times over. I recently saw the game again and went ahead and downloaded it for nostalgic purposes. Of course everything looked pretty different when I first loaded the game up, but that was to be expected, and it all looks great! The gameplay is still relatively the same and is as fun s ever! My one, and my main concern, however, is that you used to be able to obtain gems by destroying fishing boats and helicopter or planes etc. but now its just impossible to obtain some of the higher priced gem items without spending a lot of money or waiting for a long time to get the gems from gem fish or daily rewards! Please developers, add this feature back to where you can obtain gems from destroying these things!
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4 years ago, Nickerne
Honestly Awsome
This game is one of my favorite apps and I can’t help to play it from time to time. The reason being that there’s just so many things to do. For starters you can go to different portals and travel to new places like the arctic. It also provides a HUGr map with different little hidden cracks, holes and places.I like it most for the wide variety of “targets” don’t think I’m a bad person but it has a very wide variety of things to fight and attack.. Like (spoilers) a giant crab. But there is one thing I dislike about this game, it is that the starter shark is very and I mean VERY sucky. It can swim fast for about a second, it can’t beat anything but humans and small fish. I know that you have to grind to get better sharks but it’s just unrealistically bad of a shark. But overall it’s a very creative, fun and amazing game. To people who are reading this after got through it. :D
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4 years ago, bduewhFuyfligqWugfiuru
Love the game but for me there’s a few minor glitches
Hi I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME but but buuuuut every once in a while after I watch an ad after finishing 1 run I lose like half of the coins from that same run in fact, just before writing this review I lost a little over 22,000 coins from my last run. And also sometimes it won’t let me eat enemy players and most of the time I am in need of it because of low health and most of the time I die after trying to eat them. And I don’t have any volume in the game so now I can’t hear the noises and music I used to hear. I guess that’s all I don’t know if the glitches are happening to everybody or just me but besides that great game. I am very upset since I just lost about 80,000 coins in my last run a little after posting this and that also took away money from me and not just from the run please fix it because it’s freaking annoying because now I have to make up 80k coins again with the glitch of it taking my coins away too.
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6 years ago, Jdixucysu
I love the game, but there is a few flaws
It’s so fun to play the game when ever I have time, I played it before until I got a new phone and had to start all over again. I’m currently at Megalodon and I’m trying to get even further, but every thing is so expensive and you have to basically farm to afford several “good” items, after so long you’re health goes down so fast that you can’t even keep up with it and at that point just little things can kill you, I hate the seals because it doesn’t matter what angle you come up towards them they latch on like a leach and you can’t get them off, and if you get touched by fire (whether it’s a Geiser or a volcanic shark) you can’t eat anything to get your health back up until you’re done burning and usually you die before that happens. But other then that I absolutely love this app and I can’t wait until the future for new updates!!!
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3 years ago, Queen twins 4 life👑👑👑
Who ever mad this pls read this
Ok so first off I love this game so much it is my number one game to play when board and it is the perfect time killer. I am trying to get all my friends t o play it. There is a few things like the highest shark in the game is 900 gems and there a not many gem fish so that is really annoying because it will take a really really really long time to get it. One you max out your level they give you a really hard time like when I had the first shark and had maxed out my level to buy the next shark the put a great white shark so I could no eat humans and to make things even worse the put a lava shark in the water that’s the highest shark in the game!!! but in other words this is a amazing game and I live to do lot of coding so this must have been hard to make but if those are problems are fixed I will love the game even more alright PEACE OUTT!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, f you klede
The game crashing is not making us happy
Ok overall this game is awesome I played it when I was younger. this game before was always a cash grab but now it is absurd I mean it’s hard to get gems as is but holy crap the prices!. Also, the game keeps crashing the mid-game and it is affecting your reviews if you haven’t noticed. idk if the original creator decided to sell out because I don’t the glitch gets folk remember this company but as the owner of this game it’s your job to fix issues that occur if you want your games to get good reviews. And we know you like money but the more bad reviews you get the fewer downloads you get and the less money you gain. I expect a response or announcement of the game being fixed. This game will be many people’s first pick even with your new game so don’t let this community go to waste. On a lighter note this game will always have a special spot place in my heart due to the memories and sheer enjoyment it caused me in my younger days. I will change my review if
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6 years ago, Yummyguts
My review
I think this game is great! I really enjoy it, however I think that it could be better. I mean I’ve had the game for a while and it’s kind of getting boring. I think that the creators could also add a map to make it better because some days I wonder where in the world I am swimming and I’ll never find out. Also I find the shell missions pretty pointless. I mean it’s a good way to earn maybe 700 coins but compared to what you earn in a run it’s literally nothing. I also think that the sharks could be more affordable, but I overall don’t have much of a problem with that. The main problem I could only complain about this game is the gems. It’s pretty hard to get them and it costs like 900 of them to get something and I barely have 25. I think they could trade gems for coins like 100coins=1gem or something like that. Also I think they could just add more opportunities to get them. Overall I love the game, but those are my suggestions
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1 month ago, hauntedpickles
Great Game, I hate ads
I love this game, and played it since release. But why are you now shoving ads everywhere in the background of the ocean. This is so stupid in my opinion. Also paying $100 for being able to only buy 2 of the most expensive items in the game and that is it, is just a scam. I remember a time when you could actually grind for gems, they would drop 100% of the time when you killed the flying mechanical sharks in the air, rarely from boats, helicopters. Now its stupid rare gem fish that barely show up forcing you to pay money for more gems. Thats when this game was pretty fun, and now it has turned into a game where you can’t escape the ads and purchases. I also think the whale after Alen is the stupidest addition to this game. Out of all the prehistoric massive ocean predators out there, you guys chose a dumb whale from an old story. It just feels like a roadblock because all the other ones after it are so much better its not even funny.
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7 years ago, Snarfsicle
Pay to Play Nonsense
I’ve been playing this game for over 4 years, and I’ve always loved it. I recently reinstalled it after a year long break, and I see that it has been updated to be even more pay to play than it used to be. The special sharks are 900 gems ($50) and nobody in their right minds would spend that kind of money on a virtual shark. That’s all fine and dandy, except this time around, I see that special sharks spawn almost everywhere you go and kill you in one hit and the only way to kill them is to purchase said $50 shark (shocker, right?) With that said, I am disappointed that FGOL has fallen into the money hungry trap that almost every other developer has become. However, the graphics, mechanics and the overall idea of the game are very fun. It’s a great game, minus the money factor and the fact that it takes absolutely forever to evolve your sharks once you get past the Mako. Make your special sharks cheaper, or make your evolution system cheaper, and you will get 5 stars from me.
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4 years ago, skksieimxmjjs
2 problems for my personal experience
My 2 problems with this game is, when you’re playing as a weak shark (such as one of the first 3 sharks) and you get killed by a stronger shark like Great White and others sharks, usually you would go back to the menu, pay gems to get revived or watch an ad, now the problem is, when I paid my gems to revive myself I get killed by the stronger sharks again because the chase you, making it almost impossible to escape. This happened to me when I was trying to finish missions on one of my weaker sharks and I paid my gems several time just to get killed again, which that was just a waste of my gems. I think that you should add less predators when playing weaker sharks, because it makes it harder just to play weaker sharks when the stronger shark can just constantly kill you. My last problem is, ads are just constantly thrown at your face like it’s nothing and it just pisses me off. But I of course still enjoy this games other that my 2 problems.
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5 years ago, BonBondoggy!!!
A game that's actually FUN!
I was little when I first saw and got this game, and it's really FUN!!!And I still play it to this day!Im 11 and I'm having so much FUN!I remember, when I was about 7,I accidentally deleted it and I cried for 6 days because I had the megalodon! I downloaded it again and started at the reef shark,which made me irritated because I had to start al over again. Now I'm a level 9 megalodon and about to get the dunkolostias or however you spell it, and now my goal is to get the mosasours! My bad these names are to much for me😅🦈! Okay enough with the story,I have a suggestion, can you make a crocodile? I feel like that would be a cool special shark ! But overall, THIS IS MY FAVORITE GAME ON THE APPSTORE! Anyone who reads this should get the game, there's basically no glitches and this game is really really really really really really really REALLY GOOD AND FUN AND PERFECT!! One more thing,please make another mini boss!
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4 years ago, PANDASRULE!🐼🐼🐼
Love it, but...
I really love this game. I love the gold rush and the gold creatures scattered around the game! But... I have to say, the sharks are quite expensive! And you should be able to get a little bit more money added to what you used to have. What I really don’t enjoy is that if you watch a video for gems, you only get one gem! At least make it so you get 4 or 5 gems per ad. But I really love this game! The sharks and fish look really cool! Finally, I have an idea for a new shark. It’s a kind of dragon/shark. The shark has glowing scales, wings that glide smoothly in the water, also giving it more airborne time, and it can also breath fire that mixes with the water and blocks whatever path the prey is headed in. Best of all: The shark parts are green, while the dragon parts are a dazzling violet! I recommend this game for anybody and everybody. You really will enjoy it!
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11 months ago, cannot find available name
Nice overall, but has frustrating glitches in competitions.
I have been playing a while now, and as I have gotten deeper into the game competitions with most sharks unlocked and powered up, I have become frustrated with the following glitches experienced when playing competitions. 1. In every survival time competition, it glitches close to 45 minutes and up and crashes. The survival time is not captured in any survival time contest and becomes a complete waste of time in the competition. Yesterday I hit 1 hr 34 minutes when it crashed, and today, I hit 1 hr 20 mins when it crashed again. Could have been rank 1 but now I will never know. 2. The kraken: When playing with the kraken (for months), I have experienced the same glitch of the kraken dying and just falling to the ground without giving the option of a free continue (paid for) or going to the screen where coins and the summary are shown. Every single time. 3. Assassin (baby) Shark: This only seems to have an effect with the kraken when doings tentacle spin. It has not helped at all with other sharks so far (e.g, the behemoth can still never beat a sharknarak shark when equipped with an assassin shark). Aside from these frustrating glitches experienced, the app has been fun and provided months of entertainment to achieve bigger sharks, accessories, and win competitions.
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6 years ago, PersonThatComments
I miss the old version
I absolutely loved this game!! I would always play it but then my phone broke. I got a new one but I didn’t download it until about a year or so after. When I got the app I realized all the changes, the special sharks that once were extremely hard to get now were easier. They were also one of the enemy sharks or whatever you want to call it in the game. It makes it harder to get a higher score especially if you have a low shark. I miss how it used to be and I don’t like the new changes! I wish they didn’t change it but it’s still a pretty good game!!! I also noticed that you start getting ambushed by sharks and submarines and stuff at a certain score. Every time I get to a certain score an electro shark always pops up somewhere. It’s really annoying and it doesn’t make it very enjoyable. I miss when you only had to worry about the great white and hammer heads and stuff. If I wanted to fight with one of them, I would go over to the King Crab and fight him!
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3 years ago, bruh 666
Ok I’ve been playing this since I was way younger when i got my iPad, and I laid off a bit on this game. Just got back into the game recently on my new iPhone, and I was playing it for a few days and nothing was wrong, working perfectly... and one day I was trying to hop on and play a few rounds, the game just wouldn’t budge. It just keeps me on the loading screen, the sharks on the loading screen just keeps spinning, it’s not my phone or internet’s problem, perhaps it’s the game? Because I love the game, and I want to get right to be it asap. Hope y’all look into the problem. This is kind of frustrating, I just want to play my game, I’ve tried many approaches to fix it myself... offloading it in settings, deleting and re-downloading it, etc. nothing has worked. Thank you for reading.
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5 years ago, you_really_looked_at_this?
This coin and gem glitch
So first of all I am HOOKED on this game I love this game entirely. But there’s this glitch that gives a decent amount of coins and gems and I recommend using it if ur just starting out ur a beginner like if ur a reef shark to tiger shark this glitch would probably be useful. So the glitch is with the daily reward u go to settings click general and click date and time. Then click set automatically if u have it on if u don’t that’s what u need and just increase it by a day get daily reward then increase it by a day again and get daily reward. You know the drill just repeat that and u can get coins that oh and btw when u collect the daily reward make sure u quit game or it won’t save ur coins or gems u get. Other then that I hope u found this glitch useful and I really recommend u download this game if u haven’t already it’s amazing.
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7 years ago, Kennyxwilliams
Great game but new found issues.
I love this game. I initially got this game on my iPhone to let my nephews play. And they love it. I’ve been playing it myself because it’s so addicting lol. The only real issue that I’ve found. (Besides some of the missions being near impossible at times lol) Is the fact that I’m the past couple days. Maybe a week at best, every time I play the game the screen wants to flip. My iPhone 6s Plus has its portrait orientation is locked so that’s not the case. Idk if it’s something technical with the game or if it needs updated or what. But I love this game and this just makes the game so annoying to play. Because I’ll open the app. Start playing the game and the orientation will flip. And I’ll turn the screen to the way it flipped. And then it does it again. And again. At least 10 times each time I play the game recently. If you have any ideas for solutions please let me know
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4 years ago, pacgulli 0-0
Crap because now always crashes
I like the game it’s just that when you delete it, all data goes away and there’s no way to get it back. Can you add this feature to IPad please FGOL and Usbisoft? Thank you There is also a problem with the game now when it can’t let you get back in the game. When I open the game it immediately kicks me out. I’ve tried everything to get it to open again but it doesn’t work. I’d really like to give this game a 5 start but this issue I had to go 2 stars. Please fix this bug Usbisoft. Thank you... Usbisoft, at this point your sharky assistance won’t be able to help me... you guys are just gonna have to update the game... And I’m on IPad not computer. Hungry shark world has a app refresh and this doesn’t. Anyone who’s seeing this.. please don’t download the game. It crashes and it wont let you back. Now this is becoming a horrible game due to the bug that the game crashes now... Usbisoft I think the issue with everyone’s game crashing is luminite. Ever u added him the game keeps crashing. You guys are gonna have to remove luminite from the game.
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4 years ago, Talathar
It needs some work
It’s a good game but I thinking needs some more work on the way the enemy sharks attack. If you get so many points, bigger sharks that you can’t do ANYTHING to start to attack you. You can’t outrun them because they follow you until you die. You can try and boost but it’ll run out before they stop following you. They’ll bite you and if that doesn’t kill you, they’ll still chase you down until you die. Also, special sharks, like the pyro shark and electric shark, will make it so you can’t eat. Add that with the fact that you can’t run away from them and you are doomed to die. Megalodons will spawn at the starting zone for reef sharks along with a pyro shark. It’s kinda stupid how week you are until you get Mr. Snappy. Gems are hard to get which is understandable but the lack of gems is ridiculous. It’s a good game but these issues should be noted before playing it.
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6 years ago, Ihitscenekids
So the idea or the game itself isn’t bad but the whole 750,000 coin or 900 gems for a shark is to much in order to purchase that it’s around 500$ for those and that’s just one of them. Another problem is having to max out a shark to a level ten before being able to get the next shark is to much considering you then have to spend the coins you earned to max out that shark and to get the next one it’s just stupid I can understand if it’s on the great white or megaladon that’s ok but every single shark... really? Another thing I hate is that when you eat the fish in the area you have to go to a completely different side of the map and wait like 2 minutes just for the fish to come back to that other area which isn’t how it works in real oceans. The last two things is that your boost and health go down WAY to fast which again isn’t in real sharks, and that the “gold rush” doesn’t last long and takes way to long to get and if you only have the first shark then certain things are still off limits to eating
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