Hungry Shark World

4.7 (543.3K)
327.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hungry Shark World

4.74 out of 5
543.3K Ratings
4 years ago, mw0616
Best Game Of all time
By far this is the best game I have ever played ! I love all the skins worlds and In my opinion there is nothing wrong with the game !!! I have been playing for about 2 weeks now and it has not gotten old the gem fish are fun to look around for and the sharks look awesome ! My favorite shark is the dark magic shark it is so cool and I just got him!!! Also Evolution is a amazing game too and the sharks look so real but so fake at the same time that’s really cool. Thank you for the free mako shark in world and he has the coolest skin ever the vamp is very fast and deadly. Also the games have been so fun and maybe one day you can release a new hungry shark game with all sharks and maybe a couple of new sharks. I think you should make a flying shark that can breathe all sorts of stuff like water ice fire etc. Good job on the game and I can’t wait for the next update !!! Also I had another idea you should make a bomb shark that has a bomb for a head and eats bombs and fires them at people and helicopters when on the jet pack and it would be so cool to see my idea in the game and also I think a new map is a cool idea maybe it could be on other planets like mars and the moon that would be cool but I think the dark magic shark or baldr should have warp powers like in hungry shark evolution thank you for reading and keep up the good work. also try to put hungry shark heroes in the App Store
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3 years ago, Mr.Illumino
I love this game, have a strange idea
I love this game a lot, I love all the hungry games in fact. I have hungry shark world, evolution, and dragon. This is just my imagination going crazy, (I do this for a lot of games). I have an idea for a new ocean for players that have the megalodon and beyond. This new area would be the Bermuda Triangle. And it would come with all its wacky conspiracies too. Their would be UFOs in the skies, dinosaurs on the islands and in the water (Maybe have cows on land be abducted). Many different sea monster to fight (Such as the king crab and kraken). And other cool extinct animals such as the dodo bird. One last idea I have that’s “ Out there” would be a rock you could find deep in this ocean. It would be very hard to get to and look sort of plastic, if you break the rock there would be a sewer lid. You could travel inside to find the home base of the Illuminati, there would tunnels of water under their land tunnels with openings every once in a while. There would be cultist shooting magic fireballs at you. If you make it to the end of the base you would find the cultist summoning a giant green demon from a red portal, it would have four arms and wings. It would be green, have red eyes, and a black eye imprint on its forehead. For those of you who are still reading this thank you, hoped you enjoyed my imagination.
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2 years ago, SpringTrap15
Great game but just one little thing needs to be added
This game is awesome but the sharks are to expensive tho, can you make them cheaper pls so I can get them all quicker. Also I have a new idea for a new shark, maybe you can make a shark that’s old and ancient and has been around since the ages of the dinosaurs and it will be called “Ancient Ultron” with the powers to slow down time and as it eats it will have the power to freeze time and this will only last for 30 seconds and have a 1 minute recharge and it should be in a new category of the sharks kinda like your apex but be called “The Age of Ancient’s”. For the design of the shark maybe you can make it have many scars, have a old, Ancient look and it will have a blue/Diamond like eyes and it’s fins will have vines and leafs on it and part of its body will go from past to present look as you play and it will go back and forth after playing 5 minutes of the game and when it dies it will explode and have a “travel back in time and go back” feature can you please make this shark and the level of it will be level 35 and the way to get it you will have to go to this map that goes back in time and it will have ancient fossils and it’s kinda like the Extinction so do you think you can make this?, pls make it please.
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6 years ago, Honeybeetoo
Great but..
I really love this game, I think it’s awesome and all you can eat fun, and I’m really good at the game too, but When i got the orca, and even when it got to full level it was tiny. So please make this shark/whale bigger, or at least make it smaller in the shop, because it makes the orca kinda seem like a ripoff. But despite the fact that this shark/whale isn’t as big as intended, I still think it’s one of the greatest games I’ve ever played. (Future) I just got the robo shark and it’s kinda being weird.. it doesn’t eat all mines, and when I got exploded by one, I had blood. I think that the robo shark should have black oil for it’s blood, and maybe some gears come out? I also think when it’s starving or health critical, it should make beeping noises like from hungry shark evolution. I know it might seem like a lot, but i know that the robo shark is the newest and it might have a few problems, but if you add all of these to it, I will be very happy. And also I read someone else’s review, and they said that some sharks aren’t able to be seen in the wild, like robo sharks, basking sharks, zombie sharks, helicoprions, and all of that. So maybe you can add a new map???? So much update that I want and so much hard work to make it happen. But if you CAN make this happen, please do and I appreciate it a lot. Thank you.
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2 years ago, does not matterrrre
I love this game! I used to play hungry shark evolution and now i play both. The only problem i have are the timing of the ads. I don’t mind having ads however when ads pop up I’m either beginning to play the game and i die instantly because the game doesn’t pause due to the ad run. It’s hard to play when ads pop up during in game time and i can’t get anything done. If you guys can control when the ads pop up so they won’t interfere with my in game time would help a lot and when i do press on ads to continue after i die in game the game doesn’t “read” it and glitches out and put me at the loading screen and i lose all my points and coins… Also the divers when they attack you, you don’t know where they’re coming from because they shoot you off screen it’s hard to track down the divers especially if there multiple of them and you can hardly survive being a low ranked shark. Please fix these issues because it’s not fun playing the game if the ads run every 5 minutes and you can’t see where the divers are shooting you from lol especially if you’re being attacked by multiple of them and other enemies at the same time…. Overall it’s an amazing game
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5 years ago, Sean Roman
Updates... take a look
I just want to let you know that when I installed this game it was my fav mobile app in the world and it still has been I mean I have come so far though that I have unlocked maxed megalodon, big momma, AND killer whale. While doing this I come to realize when in the shop looking for new hats and stuff I come across shark week 30 I tapped on it to take a look and the first thing I see there is..... 2018?! That tells me either you guys are working on a new game or updating a different game and don’t have enough time on your hands, or maybe there just isn’t a new shark week right now and I am wrong. Anyway if you could possibly respond to this and tell me what is going on that would be great. Oh and last thing I noticed a gem glitch when playing the game the other day where you can have infinite gems. You do this glitch by watching the ads for 2 gems in the gem shop and it for some reason let’s you watch infinite videos so people could be spending tons of time a day generating gems by just watching ads. Just wanted to let you know that gem glitch and also gl creating later games and updates I enjoy all your games made and hope to see them more often in future updates.😁👍🏻
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3 years ago, Dutch20
Controls are stiff. Does not move smoothly. Sharks are weak to start and as you progress the newer sharks stats are terrible as well. You want a good shark? Well, open your wallets because this game is after your money. 75,000 gems for a laser canon? Have you seen the gem payout for real money? It’ll cost you thousands. Some of the in game offerings are ridiculously over priced. Field of view is so close with the bigger sharks you might as well play the game with your phone or iPad against your face. Payable sharks you’d think had great stats but they are lacking. If real money is involved, it’s time to start thinking of giving us decent specs. But they grab you another way. If you want to upgrade your paid for shark, it’s thousands of coins. And if you’re not making enough coins to upgrade your shark, it will collect dust just like this game. Ramming subs with boost does not always work. I spend a good portion trying to ram a sub to destroy it and I wound up swimming in circles. The hit box for those things are all over the place. All you do is chase in this game. You get a shark, you play with shark then you need a different shark but that shark is not worth the time put in to get it. Controls are lackluster at best. I feel like my thumbs are stuck in limbo when navigating around. Events are worthless just like the prizes. Buy a real game on a console or PC and pray that this “pay to win or enjoy” rhetoric gets wiped off the face of this planet.
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3 years ago, DUCKEEZ
Very good game but more game modes!!
Ok so I’m gonna keep this short. I think this game would be really fun with more game modes. The reason I think this is because extinction is really unique and it gives you another option than just the same old game mode (not that it’s bad or anything just sayin). Multiplayer could possibly be a good one and maybe things like races where you race on a small custom map with power ups along the way. I REALLY think that this would make the game more interesting. Every time I look at one of my mobile games I look and say oh yeah I’m not really looking to playing that kind of game today, but this would give players more of an option. If you consider this I suggest you don’t make too many because then it will make people want to play those more than the original (so maybe like 2 or 3). I just really like extinction and would like to see some other things like it 😁. Overall I love this game and I think that it is one of the most OG and good games out there (by OG I mean hungry shark evo as well). It has really good graphics and just has a feel that makes it good. (Once again I said I was gonna keep it short and I failed 🤦‍♂️)
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5 years ago, I'm Pichu
Best Game of All Time
Not gonna lie, this game is like a million steps up from Evolution. In evolution, the graphics were dark and gritty. The sharks were very dull in coloration and design for some. But World, on the other hand, is light and cheerful. All sharks have nice colors, tons of prey, and have amazing designs. Even the only XS shark, the Blacktip Reef looks good! And the Hungry Shark veterans have returned and have been revamped. Mako is better than before and is quite strong, Hammerhead has 2 counterparts, so does Reef Shark, Tiger Shark looks better, Great White has a way better model and has better eyes, and Megalodon differs from the Great White in ways other than bigger model, scar, and different color. Now, Megalodon is bigger, different model, different color, better class, and he is much rarer to find as an enemy. In edition, Mr. Snappy(a fan-favorite) and Big Daddy(now named Big Mama) have new tricks up their sleeves. Even the Robo Shark returns! Sadly, it falls short in the same area as its predecessor. The divers seem to do tons of damage. I’m only up to Mako, but the harpoons seem to get rid of 1/2 my health bar. But other than that, that is the only downside. Lots of new sharks have been added, like the Bull Shark, Whale Shark, Atomic Shark, Killer Whale, Blue Shark, Whitetip Reef, and Porbeagle(easily the cutest.)
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5 years ago, Chergan gamer
Really fun game!
This game is really fun and addicting. It has good graphics and fun maps to play on along with a variety of prey to take down. What I love the most about this game is that obtaining coins and gems isn’t very hard so you really don’t have to make in game purchases. I love that they recently added skins and I hope they make more because I think it’s definitely a fun add on to people like me who have unlocked some of the !!! Sharks. What you’ll find very nice about this game is that you get to choose between 3 sharks with different stats in each tier. People who just started playing the game get a lot to do but as someone who has played the game for a long time and has unlocked most of the stuff I find it kind of boring. I definitely think they should add more interesting sharks into the game and possibly do competitions for people to design new sharks,prey,maps,clothes,items,pets and skins. I feel like this would be a great opportunity for people who play the game and the game developers to share ideas and make the game even better. Although they have a lot of fun content already, I really think they should update the game more with new things for older players to do.
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6 years ago, EXICHONGO
Way to many flaws
Ive been playing the game for a while now and I get its supposed to get harder as you go but I’ve noticed that the longer you stay alive your healthy starts to drain ridiculously fast which is no incentive to get higher scores is almost a punishment for being better at the game. Also several times through playing the shark randomly doesn’t eat. It will literally swim through a school Of fish n eat nothing. Often when collecting the “hungry” letters or gold rush then too the shark doesn’t eat for a couple seconds. Plus I think when getting shot by the chopper the fact that you are frozen and can’t move is a flaw because it doesn’t allow you to move to regain health however it shoots numerous bombs at you which you cant move. There has been several times that any and all fish(FOOD) Have randomly disappeared through out the stage even when traveling long distance through the stage while health drain there was absolutely no fish. When missions are to eat a certain amount of specific fish or birds or drones it seems like when it’s the mission it’s harder to come across those things to eat to complete the mission yet when its not the mission you can find those fish or things in abundance. Ive noticed the glitches starting to happen more often in the past few weeks. food completely disappearing and the shark randomly stop eating. It honestly has made me play less then what I used to usually play.
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2 years ago, Raiden81511
Few suggestions pls read
Hello I love this game SO MUCH I have played this game for about 8 days or so I have megalodon already and been having a blast! I have few suggestion although. One of them is to increase the rewards from quest. The reason for this is some of them take a unbelievably long time to complete (like the great white sharks quest destroy 100 boats) and let’s say you have the patience to sit there and complete those quest you will only be rewarded with 1.5k coins WHICH IS NOTHING I think it should be 10k at the least because if you take the right root you can get up to 30k coins per match. Another suggestion is to make it easier to get gems. I feel like the “get now button” for sharks is a scam. Because just to get a xl shark you need 500 gems which is close to impossible to get legit without paying 20 bucks. Also if you some how get enough gems without paying money you would already have enough to buy a ! Shark so you would not even need a xl shark anymore. I hope you take some of these ideas into mind and when designing your next update I’ll edit this post if/when these ideas are brought into the game.
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4 years ago, hdvsiqcejevtxxxzz
This is the best game I’ve ever played sense hungry shark evolution. and I love the fact that even when you delete the game it will still save your progress with a little notification. I wish I did the same thing as hungry shark evolution and hungry dragon. But I’m not here to talk about that i’m here to talk about The events. So recently there was an event where you had to use Mr. snappy in the Arctic and I got top 2%. So I waited for the event to be over and hoping to get the poisonous dragon skin for it to get all my stats maxed but it never came to me once over it’s over I looked in my inbox of a Hungry shark but it wasn’t there. Then I tried fixing some things in settings but that didn’t work and I didn’t get any of the other prizes from the other events. I tried saving my cloud up-to-date to make sure that nothing was wrong but it’s nothing happened I’m still a little disappointed about that. But other words it’s still a great game and I still continue to collect all the sharks and I’m still pretty good at it just need a few more sharks to complete the game I hope that your updates come with more sharks thanks for making this amazing game 😃
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4 years ago, VivaDeAsap
Good game but I really need help. Really need help.
This has been one of my favorite games for a long time and I’d definitely give it a five star rating if it weren’t for one problem I’m currently facing. See, I initially had this game on a Sumsung Galaxy s5 and I remember spending hours beyond hours grinding and making cash to buy different sharks as I progressed as making in app purchases is rather expensive in my country hence I had to unlock the sharks manually through gameplay. Now my big issue is that I recently got an IPhoneX and this have had trouble transferring my save data onto my new phone. I’ve tried countless times to sync the data via Facebook, but to no avail. On the sumsung, I had a bunch of sharks and even managed to finally unlock the Megalodon and I had a blast finally playing as a !! Shark. But now, I’ve gone back to having to deal with a black tip reef shark and that has seriously put me off and I’m having a hard time playing the game. Please, I need help in transferring my data. I don’t want to give up on this game, but with the current situation l, that’s all it looks like I can do. Please help.
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3 years ago, Daddy venom bir
Very good game , just needs some changes
I really like it , it’s the 2nd best game on my phone right now. It’s really good. There are a variety of fishes and they make the game even cooler. I just want more features. First , get more maps. I really want more , there is only like 5 maps you can play on. Add the Indian Ocean one , and Australia and japan. Next I want a sandbox map. You can summon fishes and their quantity , you can also load in maps. Put in bombs , pollution , add humans , add sharks and make your own map. You can also become any shark (besides the ones that need multiple sharks unlocked to get that shark to avoid spoilers). I also want a skill tree where every time you level up , you get DNA. Which is skill points. And you get several skills. You can devolve and reset skill tree. Several skills that must be here is , Metabolic Chromosome. It starts the skill tree. You need 1 point. Decomposable Nucleic Acid which is the ability to devolve and reset skill tree (cost 1 point). Thrasher Master. (Biting is 10% more affective) (1 point) Trasher Master (ace) (Biting is 10% more affective) Metamophorse Alopias (you unlock more sharks 10% faster)
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2 years ago, DOGSRCUTE263
Best mobile app!
I’ve played Hungry Shark World since it first came out and I love it. It’s a fun game where you play as a shark in four different maps. In each map you eat as much fish and other things. You can’t eat some kinds of fish until you unlock and get a better shark. You can get pets, skins, clothing, and even a jet pack. I think it’s a great game and have also played Ubisoft’s other hungry shark game: Hungry Shark Evolution. I’m even thinking about getting this game on my Nintendo Switch. There are a few things that annoyed me about this game. You used to be able to buy maps of the places using gold, but now you have to connect to the internet and watch an ad to temporarily get one. Another problem for me is that you used to be able to buy things like a jet pack or trash collector for gold but now it costs gems that are hard to get. Every round I can only get up to 3-4 gems. Other than that this game is awesome and I have poured countless hours into this game getting and fully leveling up every unique shark. Thanks Ubisoft, work hard to improve this game because it is has a lot of fun to be had.
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4 years ago, destroyer283383
This game is real nice...🤔🤔🤔
I think this game is really fun. But I think they could fix some things for some reason there is this super weird glitch where I get like a score of 50 mil and then all the sudden I literally can not eat anything!!!😤😤😤 it is super weird, I do think it is a really fun game and all but you really need to fix all those bugs! Another one is when I cannot boost at all!!! It is so annoying!! So I have almost every shark except atomic shark. And I can not even get good scores with like dark magic shark anymore because I useually cannot boost. Usually my score is like 50k (because I cannot eat before I would get like 85 mil) now my score is like 10mil it is so bad!! I might delete this game if no one like gives me a free gift or fixes this stuff. So that is my review please tell me if anyone else is having this issue. And hungry shark studios please feed back and get these bugs out of the game. Or please give me a gift. Because idk what is happening but please fix this and let me have a better time. That’s my review! Please help quick I played to today it is still happening
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5 years ago, Silvara777
Hungry Shark World
Used to really love this hungry shark game but today I connected to FB and the game went totally to hell, from a 5🌟 to less than 1🌟 if I could cause can’t play without getting kicked out of the game back to my home screen. This means I cannot compete in the competitions for prizes and when I die and try to watch video to continue it kicks me out without getting my coins I’ve already earned on the level, tried turning off WIFI and I can play but then it doesn’t register for competitions, also kicked out when trying to watch videos for extra coins or gems, so.....kinda pointless to play at all. Very disappointed. All my other games have been working just fine so don’t know what’s up with this one since the linked to FB it’s been soooo messed up, trying to find a way to unlink from FB now. Really is a shame cause I loved playing it, but getting just too frustrating to play when kicked out at end of level and not getting what I earned. Very unfair and serious what’s the use in even trying to play a game so freaked up????? ‼️‼️ Read some reviews seems I’m not the only one with these issues and y’all haven’t fixed this for anyone it appears. Really.... developers don’t u even care if ur game fails and all these ppl stop playing, ur support from ads alone is worth a fix not to mention ppl who buy things when the game works.
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4 years ago, Admiral Gunz
Greatest free game!
This game is beyond what I imagined. The graphics are great, the sharks are amazing, and the new update was great! I also love how most of the sharks actually are (or were) real; extinct sharks like the megalodon, moasasaurus, and dunkelosteus really did exist millions of years ago! And others, like the great white, tiger, and the wobbegong ( you’d better know as Heidi, the camouflaging shark) do exist today!!! A cool new addition though would be a kraken or just some type of cephalopod, like the new kraken in evolution that you can actually play as, not just the boss. Also, it says the boss is a colossal squid. Colossal squids can only reach 40 feet, and when compared with my 70 foot megalodon, it looks like 1000 feet! A bit more acurrate please, if any Ubisoft devs or people are currently reading this. More on that, if the bosses could be easily accessible, like the giant crab in evolution, and more that just one, maybe add a giant clam or something, this game would be the best ocean-related game ever! (Even if the new apex sharks are slightly inaccurate) Even better than evolution!!! 5 stars!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, dmerc86
Fun Game BUT...
This is such a fun game to play. Gameplay is seamless and easy to continuously play. Truly love playing the game. Unfortunately this requires several minutes of advertisement views before you can truly enjoy the game. In order to get advancements in the game more quickly, you must subject yourself to 30 second advertisement videos for other apps/games/etc. Couple this with how often the ads crash and you spend a significant amount of time watching ads and not playing the game. On average, 5-7 minutes are spent watching ads in order to play for 10-15 minutes. This doesn’t include the amount of times the app must be force closed and reset in order to rewatch an ad for the unlocked bonus. Including the times I’ve had to close the app, only to rewatch the same ad for the bonus I did not receive, I’d say the gameplay to advertisement watch time is 1 for 1. If I want to play this fun game and unlock fun things without spending $10-20, I’d have to watch the same amount of advertisements and reset the crashed app for the amount of time of actual gameplay. This is extremely frustrating. Combine this with the inability to submit an app support complaint easily. The only way to identify such problems is by leaving a review like this.
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3 years ago, Derd164
Insanely Buggy (For some reason)
So this game is super fun when it works and to be fair, it works most of the time. However, the extinction mode expansion was super buggy at launch and is still super buggy almost a year later. For one, idk how, but I have accessories on my apex sharks even though you’re not supposed to be able to. And I’m not complaining because idk why you’re not allowed to have accessories on them in the first place. Also, for some reason, all my gadgets get unequipped in between each round, and this wasn’t even a thing a year ago. Finally, in extinction mode, itself there are a bunch of bugs. If you have the Jetpack equipped and have the world flip effect then jump out of the water, you completely lose control of your shark. I stopped playing this game a year ago because of these issues and I came back expecting them to be fixed. Nope. Not a single thing has been fixed. I even got a new phone in that time and that didn’t help at all. Could be an easy 5 star if they just fixed these issues, but since it’s been a year, I doubt they will.
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5 years ago, Derp1201
Best ‘hungry’ game I’ve ever played!
This game is amazing. It feels like you could play it for years and it will never get old! I love how the game presents so many options for the player, being able to choose from things like maps, sharks, accessories, and even missions is a real joy, because players can explore what they do and don’t like, which makes the game so much better for each individual. The graphics and art in general is also amazing. The way that the designs have a cartoon-like style, yet stay true to their real-life counterparts is something that I and many others can appreciate. You can also tell that lots of work went into the details, like the idle animations for the sharks and the Easter eggs and references to evolution. The gameplay is also extremely entertaining, from exploring the maps to trying to get a new high score, to finally being able to eat that great white that’s been terrorizing you for way too long. Overall, it’s a great game, the perfect way to pass the time, and something that can be played for years on end and never get old.
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6 years ago, Nathan Frabotta
Great Game / Glad to know you can get rid of ads
Thank you for your response to my review!! You guys got my five star rating and I’m happy to know that the bug will be fixed! Keep up the good work! And by the way, I have a few ideas for some new sharks. Is there any way I can submit them to a forum or something? ✌️😁 I personally love this game, I love the sharks and varieties, I love all the updates, and the work you guys put into this game, but I really hate how many ads there are. I understand that you guys use ads to make your money, but you should at least have a payment method to get rid of all the ads. It’s almost like every time I die on the game, another ad pops up. They are very time consuming and they use up my data. I just think there is too many. I want to rate this game four or five stars but I just can’t. If you guys can fix this, you’ll get a five star out of me. And if I’m wrong about the payment method to get rid of the ads, please let me know because I’d like to come through with it and I don’t wanna be hypocritical. Thank you. 😉✌️
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5 years ago, 🙂JC🙂
!!!GAME DEVELOPMENT TEAM PLEASE READ!!! I really like this game. It’s just REALLY imbalanced. Certain enemies do less damage then intended (and give you more health) yet enemies that shouldn’t give MASSIVE damage do and when you eat them, they barely move your health bar. This is especially true with scuba divers and the submarines. The submarines barely do any damage and give a lot of health, yet the scuba divers can kill you if there are two or three of them together (which is often the case), and even if you eat them you barely recover any health. This is also the same with the eels in the south Chinese sea. They take out a lot of your health, yet barely give you any back when you eat them. I’m all for making games a bit challenging, but I feel like these enemies are a bit overpowered at times. Like there isn’t even a way to warn you that you’re approaching a scuba diver or an eel, they just appear out of nowhere and if you’re not careful in a few seconds you’ll be dead. Even in the Megalodon and other sharks of its class, this issue persists (which is odd because I’m the much smaller xs and small sharks this wasn’t an issue). I almost feel like deleting this game because it’s such a frustrating issue to deal with, I HATE IT! This is a great game but this glitch gotta be fixed.
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4 years ago, AceOfJokers2ndHand
Hey, love this but these ads...
Love this game, tons of playability and absolutely crazy stuff when you get to the final shark tier. Only complaint is that the recent update has been forcing unskippable 30 second ads after every game. Now, I don’t mind ads in moderations, but when I’m doing missions and I make a two min run 3 times and watch three ads, that’s when it’s starting to really get on my nerves. Overall great game, just hope these ads get toned down a tad. Would definitely make this rating 5 star if this is addressed, but as it stands it takes a lot of data and patience lol Also, less of a complaint and more of a suggestion; I wouldn’t mind supporting the company here and there with in app purchases, but the amounts of coins and gems you get feel really low in comparison to what you can get just by playing, especially after competitions and missions come into play. That said, maybe add more exclusives/specials like cosmetics or pets and such for limited time deals? Something like that? Hope this reaches y’all 😄 (Changed to a four star in light of dev response, will change to 5 if it’s toned down a touch)
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11 months ago, pupppy dog🐶
A suggestion
First off the game is great, I just have a suggestion. When I am doing extinction mode to get pearls for the new apex shark, it kinda feels like a waste of my time because extinction mode is pretty easy when you have really good sharks, and 80 pearls is not that much when you’re trying to get a shark that costs 10,000 pearls. What I was thinking is that you could create a new mode, only for !! sharks and apex sharks, where there are waves of the mecha sharks that are like mecha sharkjira, except black, because when you have really good sharks, those sharks are as easy to kill as any other fish. The mecha sharks would blast from afar, occasionally clawing at you from up close, though, because if they didn’t it would still be to easy to defeat them. You would also get a lot more pearls from the mode than extinction mode, like around 200 or something. I think this would be a great idea for players who have the really good sharks and feel like extinction mode is a slow way to get new apex sharks.
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5 months ago, Daniel302453636
Hello (part 1)
Hey so anyways i thought that i can make the game a lil bit better so it is more easier while Danny plays it. 1. Pls make the sharks a lil bit cheaper because my big brother wants the manta and it is no fair that it costs a-lot of pearls or shark bucks whenever you call them. 2. Pls like do a bigger tutorial i know that you put a tutorial, but do it a bit longer and bigger cause, maybe my little brother forgets or maybe when I play it on my iPad. 3. every 2 mins ads keep repeating the same one and that’s a bit disturbing. 4. Pls make it easier for Danny because every time he doesn’t have enough time to save the baby mantas cause he gets eaten or maybe the big sharks and the jellyfish and the pollution and the different kinds of dangerous stuff needs to go away. 5. And the most important stuff is that i wish that it moves very smoothly cause sometimes you can get eaten or maybe you go to the wrong direction and hit the wrong object. So that was all pls make Danny happy!!!!!
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3 years ago, Patlinkben
Love this game, but…..
This game is awesome!!! I’ve been playing for years and I started playing again a couple of months ago and haven’t stopped. But there are a couple of things that I don’t like or need fixed, when you use the ancient megalodon in Arctic apocalypse, it bugs out and the shark moves really slow and you can’t use the shark’s ability to save yourself from dying. Also when you use the mecha sharkijra and you use the jet pack in the air and the laser it also bugs out and there is a blue thing at the end of the laser. I don’t like that in the Arctic and you unlock the final assignment for the mecha sharkijra you can’t use your laser to get through the wood to get to the great white sharks that threaten glutwell because I’m sure that a laser is stronger than a bomb. Overall, I have never played a game this long without getting bored and stopping, and if you fix these few problems it will be my all time favorite game, thanks for this amazing game.
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4 years ago, CreepyBugGuy
Good game but one major issue
. Please remove the inverted controls and world flipped in exsintion mode please. I am fine all of the other mutations except those two, ever time i end getting one of those i end up losing the run because of it. Also please make the apex sharks cost lest pearls or make it were you get more pearls in the exsintion mode please. Edited: i just got the amount of shark quests done to unlock mecha sharkijira and after i had gotten the quests done, i was so excited to play a apex shark. When to go unlock the shark and i saw that it cost 6,000 pearls. I spent over 20 hours completing quests and now i have to grind some more and for a lot longer. I did the math and it would take 83 hours just to get 5,000 and this is if you get 50 pearls each run, this excludes if you buy more pearls. I understand that the apex sharks are very powerful but at least make were we get more pearls during each run or something else. Otherwise i had a lot of fun completing the quests though. P.S thanks for responding to my review, this isnt perfect but it is still quite fun. Great Job :)
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6 years ago, Bulgaria Man
Addictive and not enough content
I love this game very much and wish to see it prosper in the future, but that will be impossible without content. Let us say you have all sharks maxed out and all props and you can pretty much blaze through all the maps without any worries. That’s the issue! In the beginning, it is challenging and rewarding, just like any other game should be. But once you done the challenges, gotten the very few array of sharks, and explored the very few maps, what else is there to do? With that said, there are lots of different other challenges offline, but they just feel like chores. I also found that my progress was slowing down to crawl, so I watched some adds, but I didn’t get the results! This game has a lot of passion into it, and a lot of high expectations, just sad to see this game this many flaws. I am super happy though to see that most reviews get a response so I know the devs are working on the problems. If they keep up the effort, they can make this one of the best games on mobile out there. So keep it up guys!
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4 weeks ago, Viking9876
It’s a wonderfully played game that’s very smooth in my opinion that has amazing graphics & design. The evolutions for the different sharks are awesome. Although one of the first things you notice when starting is how much ads & micro-transactions it throws at you all at once. If more of the content in the game could be purchased from playing the game with in game currency, Instead of a 9.99$ pack or so & if they took away all the ads. I understand needing to sponsor sometimes but not as often as this game wants you to. It makes it seem very much like a pay to win layout. It would also be an overall more enjoyable game if they made diamonds easier to obtain then forcing you to purchase it with real money. Games like this could grow so much & be overall more enjoyable with a longer more loyal fanbase if it just took away micro-transactions especially so often. Overall it is a fun & entertaining game to play if you just try to ignore all the ads & micros-transactions it throws at you.
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4 years ago, jimm joan
Please consider the following
It is super hard to get the sharks that are really cool I wish you could pay money all it goes up to is the Meg and the others you have to buy or are not easy at all I still want it to be expensive but not to the point you might as well buy the stuff I know your company wants money that is one of the reasons you made it for happiness and money and there should be hungry shark world on Xbox I play it a lot I do it a lot and I am super good thank you that will be all if you do this I will ask everyone I know if they are allowed to get it to rate 5 ⭐️ I agree with some people here tho it dose a have some flaws like I have seen the ocean turn black or blue when you get to far down the ocean and you can not eat you can not see so you will be lost until you hit the top and it is not the favorite part about the game it is bad and I do not wish to own a game with to many flaws so this is also something I want in the game thank you and have a great day:)
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4 years ago, lambsauce12
Amazing game but I have some suggestions
I love playing this game because I can eat anything. I play this game nonstop. Some of my suggestions include the art style of the sharks. For example, the white tip reef is very short with a tall tail, but in real life it is long with not as big of a tail. I’m not saying to change the whole game, but it would be cool if it was a little realistic. I think you should maybe look up some of the sharks and there appearance to make some changes. Another thing I thing you should change is that some of the sharks like the basking shark are filter feeders yet you can still eat humans. You could make another map that would be the deep sea and you couldn’t go the surface and the basking shark would be able to eat plankton. In extinction mode I think there should be more prehistoric sharks like helicoprion or dunkleostus that you could only play in that mode. If the devs could please respond to my review and tell me what they think of my suggestions, that would be great.
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1 year ago, Webjake
Fun but until everything goes away
So I’m going to make this quick honestly it’s a fun “Grindy” game that has a lot of love and effort put into it, so I decided to try it out again after a couple of years. To my surprise it asked me to sign in *it’s been downloaded on my phone since 2021* so I though there might have been a big update, so I “signed in” thinking I can’t wait to check out my sharks after so long. But to my surprise again I get booted to the beginning “hard reset”, I thought it might’ve been a glitch or something but no it deleted all my progress and left me with the 1 beginning shark with a single pet. All my progress, all my sharks, all my pets and clothes GONE. The time and effort for all of 5 years disappeared. So yes my rating very “biased” but you get my point if you want to spend you money on this game that’s fine but be careful when saving your data, because it just might be erased. 1/5
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3 years ago, hbbhxggh
It’s amazing it’s so fun there’s so many great sharks I love how u keep adding more maybe u could add sarcosuchus,sperm whale or maybe even the old frilled shark from hungry shark evolution. I think it’s great I want shin sharkjira so bad but 60 bucks is a bit crazy. in app purchases on Nintendo for like a new smash champion costs 6 bucks for 60 bucks you could buy the entire super smash bros game! I get that it’s the best shark In the game but I don’t know 60 bucks also theres a few bugs. So I love to take my megalodon or mr snappy to South China Sea especially the sewers butall of a sudden a spear from like a spear gun comes from below me and I’m like there are no divers in sewers and then I go to investigate and like 20 spears come to kill me but this seemed to stop after a few times. I love this game it’s fantastic I play it all the time and it takes up less storage then you would think. Keep adding more sharks ( maybe you should make a hungry dino spinoff🦖)
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3 years ago, Maryam and Aasiya
Game breaking bug, but other wise it’s a great game
I’ve been playing this game for a few months now, and it’s way better than evolution in my opinion. There is so much to do and unlock, there are fun events with prizes, and there’s extinction mode which is the best feature in the game(in my opinion). The game isn’t a pay to win or have fun which is amazing, although you do need to grind a good 5 months to unlock everything. Ever since this new update, there has been a bug where when I enter South China Sea, it stays on the loading screen but you can here the game sounds, so I can’t really play, and I’m not sure if it’s just on that map or some specific shark. Another thing is that when I entered the boss fight with The Frenzy, I didn’t boost properly and it automatically boosts my shark and I can only regain boost by standing completely still, but if I move my shark with the joy stick, it boosts me. I’m very positive this is a bug and not a new way to control your shark so can you please fix this bug?
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2 years ago, bluewolf8000
Love the game but something is off.
I actually really loved the game and I’ve played it for quite a few years. But these past few days I purchased the Dark Magic shark with gems, I was excited about the shark and clicked on the map South China to use it, everything worked like normal until my shark died and the Boyd just kept sinking and it didn’t take me back to the main screen, I was confused and so I spent a gem to revive it and maybe around 5 to 10 minutes later my shark died and this time there wasn’t any button nor ad to revive it. It just the shark’s body sinking and sinking, didn’t take me to the main screen, I couldn’t exit the run either. I thought it was a small problem and so today when I check back into the game, I was planning to switch my shark and so I clicked the menu button. The screen didn’t went to the menu but just stayed on the Dark Magic shark’s equipment area and there weren’t any button. Please I would love this to fix, it’s one of my favorite game!
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6 years ago, Pokey3000
Awesome! But one thing...
I love the game and I have Killer whale, but can you add multiplayer? I just found out you removed multiplayer and I wish you could see your friends playing when you do it. Also, Can you maybe add a special Shark section like hungry shark Evolution? When will you add a new !! Shark? I know I’m talking a bit too much, but can you make a map where you can find a enemy basking shark?! And finally, can you make it a bit easier to get gold besides in-app-purchase? This game made me love sharks too! The reason I want it to be easier to get gold is because I needed to get a in app purchase to get this far. People would love these updates! Please?! 😀😀😀😀😀🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈But I’m also scared of going deep in the ocean because I’m afraid a Enemy !! Shark is going to come out of nowhere! And it will make me scream because it scared me! More like surprised, but whatever!
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6 years ago, Daydaysmom
AWSOME game but I have some issues
I love this game a whole lot, but I would like a little more ways to get gems just by playing the game. Like a gem rush that only lasts 4-6 seconds, the gem rush should happen after every 50-70 gem fish you find or it could happen after a number of mega rush or something like that. Also today when I was logging into my game i noticed that killer whale was missing. I had bought him about 2 days before this happened I was logging onto hungry shark world (as always) and it said to choose saved progress and it gave me two options my phone or my brothers iPad so I chose my iPhones data. I logged on and it had said false purchase or something I thought it was no big deal but when I went to play as the killer whale it said how much it costs and it didn’t even give me my coins back to buy it again. I just thought I would let you guys know about that. But I love the game anyways.
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10 months ago, 00CrAsH00
Not bad but frustrating
Fine all around, HOWEVER, when in extinction and the world is inverted, most of the time the controls also stop working properly. I don’t mind challenging but when you get stuck because the shark won’t move it is way too frustrating. I have stopped playing this multiple times because of this. It’s not that it is difficult because the world is inverted, I can absolutely use the controls backwards as I have done it when it works but I would say 80% of the time the shark just stays with its face against a rock and won’t go up, down, backward, or forward, can’t turn around. Then when I die, I figure maybe an ad will “re-set” the controls and it will work again…NOPE! Watch ad after ad, nothing. Only if the world rotates again and suddenly no problems. I don’t mind the environment inverted, but you have to at least give us a chance. I have not survived many, many times because of this issue. Other than that, it is an enjoyable time killer!
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4 years ago, BeaverLoogie
Amazing game! One error
I just wanna say I’ve only had this game for 5 days and I just wanna say that this game you created is truly legendary! I really hope you keep making games, I do have one idea for a possible “hungry” game. You already had Hungry Shark Evolution, and then Hungry Shark World and how Hungry Dragon. I think you could maybe make a Hungry Snake game or just something it that takes place in a forest. But I do have to state one error which is the ad variety on your game. In the five days I have had it I have only gotten two ads one of which is some crashing game (idk the name) and the other is the one I really see ALL THE TIME. It is Homescapes! GET RID OF THE AD. They are fake advertisers and I’m SICK of people falling for their DUMB advertising shenanigans. They are currently probably one of the most used ads on the games on the App Store and I GUARANTEE that you WILL get more players if you completely get of that Homescapes! ad. Please take my ideas into consideration. Thank you for reading this! (if you do)
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4 years ago, Jvgvghvghhgvgug
Stoked for new update, but
It’s buggy. This new update is really buggy. First bug: while using Mr. Snappy in the new mode, I hade the light weight mutation, upside down mutation, and was using the fully upgraded jet pack when I jumped out of the water. I just totally lost control. I literally couldn’t control my shark at all no matter how hard I tried which definitely wasn’t a mutation. Bug 2: I can’t charge up the normal atomic shark with toxic barrels anymore. He still kind of absorbs them for a second but never actually gets charged. At first I thought it may have just been a small nerf or something, but I absorbed like 20 barrels and never was charged. Also, what reason did you have to remove items from the shop? What good does that do? Just feels like I have less freedom to customize my shark. Plenty of other bugs I didn’t mention as well, those were just the kind of game breaking ones. All that aside, this game’s super fun and I’m super motivated to grind it again because of the new update.
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6 years ago, meh dogs
I need DRAGO!
I’ve been playing this game for a long time now I just have L sharks I need a XL shark to kill the tiger shark and this event WITH XL drago for flying? I’m lelving up my things to get ECHO then soon get a XL and the first one is mega mouth? I can’t save up to buy the drago drago I guess is 300 gems becouse echo is 200 something I keep geeting bit two times then DIE ALLAGATTERS yup those are in side of the !! Gem thing when u break in look for the gator AND 1 SHOTS ME and says belly up so ded I need drago for free becouse when I’m on A good score there appears one or two tiger shark chasing me until they bite my head off ;-; I survive for a long time and have a great time :D I become rich until... I’m at a great score so I use my jet pack to excape easily I have a little boost left to go in the pool or the little island then I survive but TO MUCH JELLOs the jellos kill me in 3 or 4 stings Idk good game keep up the good work never give up this game this is the funnest game I’ve ever played And add double player
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6 years ago, mumununub. mkki
Educational and Rewarding/Appropriate to aged >5
Hungry shark is educational in the sense that a dad (like myself) can teach a boy what goes on at the beach... Things my 5 year old boy has learned: 1) sharks are predators and carnivores.. they eat fishes 2) jellyfishes have sting and toxins 3) squids squirts ink to escape predators 4) pollution is a real problem in the ocean 5) Extra: Coins and diamonds... I teach my boy to count thousands, hundred thousands, million (+concepts of expensive)... and to exercise delayed gratification against becoming a spoiled brat. I reward my boy with a game or two games of hungry shark when he finishes his homework and tasks. It is very very rewarding to him (I.e. he loves the game soooo much)! As a dad, I use Hungry Shark to motivate him to finish his homework! It is also awesome that the “blood effects” can be disabled for kids. The game is very timely with movies like Jurassic World and Megalodon launching during the time. The developers also did a good job adding Megalodon and dinosaurs that swim as part of the game. Hope the developers can expand on that... since they already have >100,000 downloads, please keep adding new sharks... We would like to continue playing this for the next few years with newer newer sharks (after Roboshark)! P.S. Can we play as the Squid next time? Or as the Jellyfish next time? How about adding thunder lightning tsunami or volcano eruption or earthquake? (Just some ideas)
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3 years ago, ur_COD_companion_app
It’s a good game
I like this game and it’s a lot better than the previous one. More things to accomplish, buy, use, and more. There is a few things however. It’s the same thing over and over so eventually it gets boring. Maybe add a few game modes or something to keep it fresh! Also some of the things are just unobtainable. The laser for example, costs 600 diamonds and it only stuns other predators. Lil bit of a rip off, but still a very fun game! Also, How do you get to things such as extinction mode? I hear about it but can’t find it. When things like this happen, it ticks me off so bad! Please help. Im also starting to get a little bored so can you add a few more game modes? I have 2 ideas. 1. Hide n seek. One person is the shark and other people are different things that you would eat in the game, such a fish, humans, and many other things! The objective is for the shark (the seeker) to eat all the hiders. (Fish etc) and infection.
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6 years ago, Ownbusiness
A few new ideas new shark ideas and a new area idea
Ok I love this game and I would like to have the gadget that basically make the shark a vacuum and also I would like a space portal and when you enter you end up in space and just like in evolution have a timer and you could extend it if you do good and a new area idea would be able to go to USA and one last thing... A NEW MAP WITH moon shark and mars sharks... (a future moon civilization and mars civilizations where they put water and plants on the moon and on mars but... now NEW SHARKS are on the moon and on mars... also a xxs shark... PIRAHNA SWARM (just like piranha 3D) because why not. (One of the space sharks should be a snake shark) Hope they read these ideas because I think my ideas are good like my ideas Ubisoft? Because your hungry shark world game is so good I’m glad you guys at Ubisoft made this game and I’m just a fan of the game you made a good game Ubisoft (and in the USA area maybe add a Ubisoft building in the background for a Easter egg)
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4 years ago, XxokboomerxX
Great game but
I love this game and at this point I have unlocked all the normal tier sharks and the megalodon. Truly a great game but one thing I noticed is that the farther into the game you get, your hunger starts going down fast, and I mean FAST. I reached the point we’re I bought around 5 save me’s and I could barely survive for seconds. Plus, this isn’t really a flaw but, I bought one of the packs and as soon as I bought it, it tried to make me buy another one. I understand you as the developer is trying to make money but as soon as somebody buys a pack, the game try’s to get you to buy another. I would like to add on that when I bought my pack, I bought the 25,000 coins + fully upgraded megalodon. I got the coins and the shark, but it wasent upgrades at all. If you could fix these problems I would greatly appreciate it, I would hate for someone to spend $20 on a game and not get what they were promised. Thank you.
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8 months ago, Ant54629
Constant Malfunctions
I’ve spent a lot of time playing this game because I enjoy it. It’s one of the best mobile games ever made and certainly one of my favorite. That being said, it is quite disappointing that I can’t access anything i’ve earned. I had synchronized my progress multiple times to the cloud using my Apple ID before I had to replace my iPad under warranty. Now the app doesn’t give me the option to sign in with Apple, only Facebook. If I close and open the app a few times i get the option to sign in with Apple, even then it’s as if I have never played the game, it says it has synchronized and shows a time stamp, yet none of my progress is restored. That isn’t the worst of it, this is the second time this has happened to me with Hungry Shark World, I reviewed the game once before with the same complaint and wasn’t offered a solution, even then i played the game and progressed all over again, further than the first time around. Like I’ve said, I like the game, it’s great, if my situation can be resolved you’ll keep a fan.
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6 years ago, Dinosaurology
Interesting game
I may not be a huge fan of the style of most of the sharks, this game is still pretty good. I would like to see a frilled-shark and prehistoric sharks other than megalodon (Not counting the dunky).I am also happy to see my favorite shark, the goblin-shark. Edit, now my game crashed ( Not counting those other times it crashed ) and I lost all of my progress, so I am now at the beginning of the game. It happened when I was playing as the Great White, and I had enough gold to buy the Megalodon, so I pressed "quit", it crashed at around the same time I did that, so I simply went back into the game, I noticed that I lost my progress and was at the Blacktip Reef. I am hoping that this does not happen again. Edit#2, something I forgot about is one of the facial animations for the Thresher shark, it may not be game breaking, but it is annoying. I have also gotten back to the Tiger shark and nothing like that previous crash has occurred.
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4 years ago, djwijsjd
Amazing game very fun but it consistently crashes. When it crashes (let’s say I’m extinction mode) the gems I have spent on reviving myself while playing are gone after I get back on, but the pearls I earned while playing are also gone. It doesn’t take away the 5,000 gold I spent to play the extinction mode, nor does it keep the gold I earned. Every time this happens, I feel very cheated out of lots of hard work and expense. If you could fix this I would be very happy. Also if you could maybe make it a bit easier to earn more pearls (Like giving a higher reward for finishing at a certain level. Maybe add 5 or 10 to each reward. Or instead of doing that, you could try to make the ad at the end triple the reward instead of doubling it. But any minor additions would be fine to.) that would be nice. I would really appreciate it if you would take my ideas and suggestions into even the smallest consideration. Thank you.
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