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Huntington Bank
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User Reviews for Huntington Mobile

4.83 out of 5
211.4K Ratings
4 years ago, LakeFentonBoater
Glad this is my bank.
Wasn’t sure what to think when our previous bank branch was bought by Huntington Bank since I hadn’t heard of them before then. I’m so glad I became a Huntington customer for a variety of reasons. They offer a 24 hour grace period if you overdraw on an account when you have money in another Huntington account to cover it, I have a checking account that draws interest, they’ll reverse fees on up to 5 uses of an Huntington ATM card outside their network per month. Their online banking system is user friendly and solid and their iPhone application is about as good as it gets. The application allows you to customize notification alerts and makes performing virtually all common bank transactions super easy including check deposits, account transfers (even between Huntington Bank and an outside bank) and even allows facial recognition to log in if you wish. The people I’ve spoken face-to-face to in the local branch are always friendly and helpful. There have been times I incurred a fee that I deserved and I haven’t questioned the few times that has happened. However the fees I had reasonable need to question were reversed without having to jump through hoops to do so. In short, they treat you like a customer and like a family member or friend. They are continually improving their service, their phone application and their online experience. I can’t recommend them enough.
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4 years ago, Mumba05
Learning Curve not too Bad!
Now that it’s been nearly a week with multiple uses daily, I’m over the initial shock, and I really am enjoying the format of the new app. It was difficult at first, because I’m always in a hurry, it seems, when I do online banking. I was a surprised by the changes at first, so had to login a few times before I became familiar with the formats. I have several accounts with children and grandchildren, which means I’m checking balances and moving small amounts of money frequently, in addition to our larger accounts. I do appreciate the new app now. I did notice today, however, because my grandson was with me and reading his message from you aloud, that I did not receive an important message that all Banking must be done at drive through. That would have been good to let me know. I looked all through app to locate said message in my accounts, but it’s not there. You may want to fix that one! Thank you for your continuing efforts to improve banking with Huntington. I live mostly in FL now, but still bank with Huntington.
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2 years ago, Ty Del Rose
Standby Cash
Standby Cash is a JOKE. They will let you withdraw freely the first few times, giving you the illusion it's a legit line of credit that can be used as a cushion for when times are tough. Then all of a sudden the restrictions - which are NOT disclosed at the time of applying for Standby Cash - start kicking in - first you can't make any more withdrawals until you pay your Standby Cash balance in full. Then, you have to have over a $0 balance in your main checking account. THEN, once you get over that $0 balance - THEN you STILL have to have a $200 balance to even withdraw the cash?! Like what is the point?! I thought the whole point of Standby Cash was to be a cushion of extra funds if times are tight and you need extra money. WHAT is the point of having a credit line that you can barely ever even access the funds - and at the exact time you NEED to use the funds for a financial emergency, they won't let you because get this - YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH FUNDS IN YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT. How backwards and against the point is that?!?! Yet more Huntington friggery that ends up inconveniencing the customer and COSTING you more money in the long run. I'm not sure why I even still have an account with this bank to be honest! I've never seen such backwards banking in my life. Such a disappointment!
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7 months ago, Buan aka
This bank isn’t reliable. Don’t bank here.
Unless you want to wait a month for a card that never gets delivered and want to do everything manually and not have a reliable bank. I waited over a month for my card which still hasn’t been delivered, I’ve ordered 2 cards and within the waiting time they’ve managed to send me 2 papers showing me they know how to deliver to my address. One of these papers claimed I had to order a third new card if I don’t have them yet. Ridiculous. The 7 day wait time for your card is a lie. Im going to have to ask the bank for a card at the bank itself instead and I was told it would only be a temporary card until my actual card shows up in the mail. Which is bull. How does a bank mess up so badly that they can send papers no problem, but not the important part that lets me use the money? I can’t use my money in the bank without the card and can’t transfer without ridiculous waiting times without it either. So now it’s like waiting 3/4ths a month for every paycheck bc I have to wait for me to get access to my funds by transferring somewhere else. Might as well save yourself the trouble and bank somewhere more reliable. At least then you’ll have access to your funds that you work for on time.
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2 years ago, Gram2354
What happened?
Ever since I did the latest update, when I open the app, I get a blank page? Please fix this. I have an IPhone 12 Pro Thank you for fixing the update. The app works perfectly again. I check my account through the app daily (sometimes several times a day). I have been with Huntington Bank for over a decade and they just keep getting better. I recommend them often. My Mom lives in a small town in Michigan and told me last week that they were getting a Huntington Bank coming to her town. I told her to bank with them and she would not be disappointed. Update on 9/2/22 - when I try to log out of the app, it keeps logging me back in with Face ID. I have to turn the phone around and hit cancel to get it to stop re-logging me in. Please fix this issue. Thank you
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3 years ago, RandumHero333
Horrible customer service. GIGANTIC DOWNGRADE from TCF
I wish I could give NEGATIVE 5 Stars. As of Tuesday my account was at 50 dollars and some change, I went and withdrew that 50 dollars… after waking up the next day and checking my balance it was at -$39 dollars??? I call customer service FOUR TIMES (Disconnected every single time) Now as I finally get someone on the line today from customer service, they tell me there’s nothing they can do. Apparently I have Overdraft Protection, but it doesn’t apply to this matter?? All I wanted was my 39$ back that I had to add to put the account back to positive after their system made a mistake and didn’t update my balance properly. Customer service didn’t care and told me that I was the problem and I made the mistake. Unreal, now you’ve lost 2 customers. I’m in disbelief how u professionally this was handled and how this woman acted as if I was stupid because I didn’t check every transaction. Why would I check every transaction??? The app should show me an up to date and correct balance at all times. I’ve never been this upset with a business before.. -Kyle Howard
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2 years ago, allysommer
Wanting to switch banks.
I have been banking with Huntington since 2018. I started banking with them because my mom had been banking with them forever and she said it was a good bank. Since 2019 I have had nothing but problems. Their locations near me are never open anymore. They shut down the locations and then move to different locations that are super hard to get to. They argued with me when I needed help with something going on with theft saying I needed to file a dispute with the other source. After three different people and angry emails, they finally got someone on the phone to help me. The app is never working and when it does it’s super slow. All of their atms do not work and do not accept certain checks. Then, needing to go inside to get a check deposited into my account, their banks are always closed or the person who knows what they are doing is on lunch. For 2 hours. I am in the search for a new bank that will satisfy my needs that for the past 4 years Huntington has not been able to. I strongly suggest not banking with them as their company is dying.
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11 months ago, joshmwalz
Coming from an online app-based bank, this app is ok
I had to have a little more regular ol’ bank features like paper checks and wire transfer abilities that my old bank couldn’t offer (I’m a previous customer of Simple Bank and One Finance). So I decided to switch to Huntington. As a bank, Huntington is perfectly fine. They don’t have all the fancy bells and whistles that the slick online banks have, but they’re not bad either. The app is a little clunkier than I’m used to, coming from One Finance. The interface isn’t as intuitive and the budgeting features aren’t as helpful as I’ve seen in other banking apps. I’d possible, I’d love to see Huntington implement a feature similar to “pockets” from One Finance, where you can budget your bills out every time you get paid into their own individual buckets of money. As someone who’s less good with numbers and traditional budgeting, I always appreciated those features from the online banks and will sure miss them.
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1 year ago, s.loops
App won’t open
Six days ago this app suddenly started to show a green screen with spinning gear and it just sits there. I have called the bank and they said no advice available. I have tried every known potential remedy and nothing works. One in a while the app acts normal. I am stumped. Honestly don’t even know who should be asked to deal with this since all other apps and functions of this iPhone 12 Pro work fine. Is it the bank the phone or the internet. Just don’t know. Please someone………. Help Update: I received an email from developer requesting information and I responded. All I got back was an email from them which contained their original email and the one I sent. Wow I sent one to the banks on line operations. so far nothing. It is now 10 days. Does anyone even care. I’m tired of uninstalling installing rebooting etc and trying to find an answer. Does anyone think I didn’t try everything in the past 10 days to fix this. NOTHING WORKS
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5 years ago, ESlike711
Super user-friendly. Mobile deposit is awesome. The only thing I wish they’d add is the ability to create “pockets.” Not actual accounts, but just little “pockets” of money. So if you’re trying to save money for something specific, but keep it away from your main savings, you can see how close you are to your goal without having to subtract it from your savings. It wouldn’t have an account number or anything - just a balance. Like a little piggy bank, if you will. I didn’t take off any stars for that because I don’t even know if that’s something the app is legally capable of doing. The process of just opening another savings account is so involved, there’d probably be some legal issues with doing it through an app, even if it’s not an actual account. But it would be pretty super if that was doable and implemented.
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2 years ago, Collector_lwm
This app used to be great but…
UPDATED REVIEW: (5 stars) It would seem Huntington bank does actually listen to their customers complaints which is a pleasant surprise from a big corporation and what I’ve come to expect from dealing with Huntington in the past. I was procrastinating a tad in writing my review for this app but as soon as I did… magically there was a fix/update for the app and the issues from below went away. So I guess what I’m trying to say is you’re welcome. Luckily I’m nowhere near that narcissistic but it is reassuring that Huntington does listen and is willing to change features the customer don’t like. ORIGINAL REVIEW: (2 stars) This app used to be great but its beginning to go down hill. It’s not unusable by any means but its beginning to show the signs. I noticed the degradation with the recent addition of widgets and product/service ad’s that can not be removed or at least moved out of sight. This might not seem like a big issue but I see this as just a few steps from actual commercials or un-skippable ad’s being placed on the app. I will continue to use the app until it gets unbearable and then I’ll probably have to look for another bank since the app will be useless to me.
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3 months ago, 😐😶😐😶😐😶😐😐😶😶
Mobile check depositing and transfer between accounts not working…
This frankly is the first review I’ve ever written….says a lot I usually don’t have the time to write these. I have been trying for days now to use the mobile check deposit feature through the app to work and it’s been stuck on a constant loading screen. I’ve tried logging out/in multiple times, I’ve closed out of the app and restarted. Nothing seems to work. To further the frustration with Huntington’s inability to create software that works, I haven’t been able to transfer funds between my INTERNAL accounts for months and keep getting an error message stating that “oops! Something went wrong!” And it kicks me out of the app….I have no words. It’s 2024 and nobody seems to be able to figure out why. I’m almost to the point of switching all my accounts and changing banks! I can’t move my own money! Not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same issues as me, but any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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4 years ago, ptolve
Loan payments not right.
I had this app for a while and previously did not accept payment on loans. I use their website and never had a problem. Their website used to ask for a check number, which was a pain, but now does not. After the last app update, I noticed it now takes loan payments. I tried it for my August payment and no problem. However, I put in my September payment and it never cleared my bank. I checked the app and it said it could not process the payment due to NSF. I am very good at entering the correct information on forms. I called their Customer Support number and spoke to a nice lady about the issue. She looked at previous transactions I had done using the website and could confirm the proper bank routing and account numbers. However, for the app, the transactions are processed by ACH and she could not verify my bank routing or account numbers. Mmm. It’s possible I put in the incorrect account number, but very improbable. I deleted the app and I will stick to the website.
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2 years ago, Pkoe the Gma
Huntingtons app
I think your app and your messages are great no fabulous! Let me share why. I have gone below my limit 1 time in 30 years, no really. 2.5 weeks ago my Dear Mother passed away. When all of a sudden you are faced with expenses of that magnitude that you had no idea were coming , in addition to the overwhelming grief I wasn’t thinking about my cash flow like I normally do. Today I have to go buy a few things. I always check my bank balance before I spend any money. When I opened the Huntington app across the top it said; Your balance is $000 and your expected payouts are $000 I was shocked, I would have only had a few $$ left on the 10th of the month. I was immediately able to get a check from someone so I could survive May. At an extremely horrible time in my life Huntington Bank didn’t let me go below my balance! No, they gave me a warning! So incredible kind of them. they had no idea the grief I was going through but they did know I was spending large amounts of money that I don’t normally spend. I of course was buying the food for my Mothers wake, food for her house for the people who would be there. Thank you Huntington Bank Peggy Koehler 😃
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4 years ago, kitty cora
Customer Service
From every aspect Huntington has been a full service bank in not only banking services but the way they respond to any problem or question. I have been to several different locations and am always greeted and treated by friendly, courteous, l staff. Unlike the past. So happy I changed to Huntington. I had one issue after another with previous institution. The last straw was when they called to tell me they just cashed a check from an account elsewhere and they knew it was not my signature on the check. When I told them that the account the check (stolen) was from had been closed for sometime. They said I would need to come there right away with the money. When I questioned them the answer I got was, sorry everyone makes mistakes.
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3 years ago, Vimonah
Great and easy to navigate app. BUT
Huntington Bank itself does not have room for beginners and/or people without very good/ excellent and long credit history. That’s not fair enough. By ‘room’ I mean, “credit cards, mortgages etc”. I guess these are strictly for ready made customers, people who have alredi built credits and have fat accounts. ’The journey of many miles starts with a step’, says an old adage. Give some of us the opportunity to take that step and you’ll see how we’ll complete the miles in no time. Banks I do not keep my money with trust me enough to provide me with credit cards/auto loans with no credit history and no co-signs. Please give people like us that chance especially when you see we have income flowing into our accounts. It is true some of us may not earn much but when given the ‘room’ wel know it’s an obligation that must be fulfilled and so adjust our other expenditures to suit that purpose. Personally, I have integrity and I’m credit worthy. Consider these concerns for myself and for many who haven’t said thier minds in this regard and you watch your customer base quadruple. Your concerned customer!
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2 years ago, Licorice_smile_22
Can’t login
I’ve had this app for awhile and it’s worked fine. But now, for over a month, I haven’t been able to log in. I get one of 2 messages. Either that something has gone wrong and suggests my internet service (but I’m showing 3 bars on my phone) or that it is an incorrect Entry and if I put it in wrong too many times I’ll be locked out. I’ve gone to my computer AND online on my phone and have been able to log in to my account using the same information. I’ve also changed my password when I went into my account on my computer just in case it’s my password that was the problem. That didn’t work either. I retyped my user name incase it was typed in wrong. That didn’t work. AGAIN, I was able to log into my account online on my my phone when I went through Safari AND on my desktop computer all within minutes of trying to log into the app. I can only conclude that there is an issue with the app itself.
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4 years ago, Kmebz
You need to pay attention to your app.
Sure you have tons of 5 star reviews but it has been really acting up in the past couple weeks.. I’m not able to do much before it freezes and I can’t do anything and have to reboot the app. That’s super annoying. I have a nearly brand new phone and I can just tell it’s not been really updated in a long time.. first of all, the biometrics most people have now is faceID not fingerprint. By the way, it doesn’t work for some reason. Secondly, you just need to redesign the whole thing.. the things that I want to look at most are hard to get to and not as accessible as the things that I don’t care about. Come on.. just because you have a ton of 5 star reviews, doesn’t mean you can just neglect the app.. it’s ridiculous.
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5 years ago, O'Connor On CSR2
Up and coming bank
This bank is slowly coming up! I work for a different bank and opened an account here since I won’t be tempted to go to the branch to touch the funds, and it’s been a great experience! This banks mobile banking tools are top grade! They even have Zelle now! My main bank is chase and honestly Huntington has a few more features (experimental features maybe), but it’s definitely working for them. Now the app layout is not as nice as the the mobile web page but I’m sure they’ll update it soon. I have zero complaints except that once I sent my barber $25 from my Huntington zelle and he never got it. I had to resend it from my chase account and he got it in 2 seconds. I haven’t bother calling customer service though. Other than that, they’re great!
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4 years ago, howinthehell
HuntingtonBank is the best bank ever! They know my usual places of spending, and my spending habits so whenever a more unusual place of shopping is recognize by Huntington they send me alerts to my txt msg’ing and Mail inbox notifying me of the select transaction(s) having been made just for certainty that it was me, or not .In the case , obviously, that I was not me responsible for making such purchase we can clear it up immediately. I can monitor whether an unauthorized transaction recently occurred; and if necessary Huntington takes immediate action for and with me. They are amazing! I love my online banking experiences through my Huntington app.; everything is very easy to use. I always recommend the Huntington Bank to others for their banking needs.
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3 years ago, Maya6940
Major problems with accessibly
As a former TCF customer coming over to Huntington, the process has been frustrating. First I had no access to either app for days during the rollout. Then when I am finally able to log back in, all of my historical transactions had not loaded. And, at this point, a week later my recurring bill payments are still not visible, however, they are being processed. So, if I needed to edit one, oh well. Also, I cannot deposit a check - it takes me to a screen that seems to be just thinking… I’ve also tried to send a bill payment off, except it requires that I pick which account to pull the money from, but it does not give me an option to actually select an account it just loads a blank screen. Such an awful way to do a roll out involving peoples money. And then forcing them to use an app that barely functions. And, Bill pay doesn’t even show up as an option online. Smh.
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7 months ago, Illya Nightshade
Hard to rate it but it gets 2 stars
As a bank I’ve had Huntington for over 10 years and not much issue. As an app, I’d rate it higher as an app but when I have to fight it EVERY time to log in it makes it hard to use and rate higher. Every time I launch it, it either fails to use Face ID and I have to tap the icon to start and even then 9 times out of 10 it fails to actually log in after capturing faceid and I need to close the app and launch it again! Sometimes it’ll just stay on the login screen after a successful faceid. Sometimes it’ll show the full screen Huntington logo for a few mins (I’ve waited up to 5 mins before force closing the app and trying again only for it to instantly launch faceid and fail to still log in and I have to force close AGAIN before it finally takes) It’s almost easier just to log in through my phones browser!
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5 months ago, Fiderious
Scheduled Maintenance
It’s 1:55am on a Sunday morning. I fail to realize how those who manage this app don’t understand customers may need to check their balance at this time. I can’t check my balance, due to scheduled maintenance; which happens every weekend. I also can’t deposit a check. If I could I would have immediate access to the funds. I can’t though and I have no idea my remaining balance. This is ridiculous. I’m switching banks because of this app. I hope this who manage this app read this, and realize how dumb a decision it is to perform maintenance at a time and day where customers are most likely to be having a night out. Sunday at 4am wouldn’t be an issue for the majority of customers. You, have chosen Saturday, every Saturday, from midnight to 3am as the time when no customer can access their banking info, or deposit checks. Again, ridiculous, not very smart, and a deal breaker for me regarding my choice for a bank.
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5 years ago, Abren01
Mediocre, thanks to downtime & recent updates
The servers driving this app have considerable downtime, often multiple times per week that break connectivity for a couple of hours at a time. This seems to affect the website at the same time. Half the time I have to drive to the bank to make timely transfers. Devs: for the love of all that is good, could we please get some options to turn off all of the extra “features” that have been added over the last few months? I just want to do basic banking. I don’t want to see pie charts and bar graphs. That’s why I have Excel. I also don’t want to see notifications about every deposit, or how my spending compares to last month, or my “Spend Setter”, or my “Look Ahead.” There’s no way to turn any of this stuff off. The basic banking app that I loved is now a cluttered mess, which drives me crazy.
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4 years ago, Suuckitysuck
Worst bank ever
Never had a problem with a bank since 20 years ago and then this...joke of a bank.... deciiiiided to give me grief when Covid-19 hit and they closed my account holding up my direct deposit paychecks, and causing me HUGE financial problems for a month during an public health emergency. Essentially sitting on several thousand dollars of MY wages, causing me panic attacks...while “investigating” (ie. doing nothing until the 30th day) whether that account will stay closed or not, aaaaand enjoying ignoring me and not returning my calls and messages for weeks. Aaaaaand then deciiiiding to close my account for NO good reason - they had NO evidence whatsoever of whatever “fraud” there was. I’m still confused to this day.... Happily, I got my money out and found another bank. Life is back to normal (with ANY bank guys...) my gosh... in my 22 years as an adult I have never been treated this way. I implore you guys....stay away! ...don’t say nobody warned ya!
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5 years ago, Mejdij
The Huntington App is simply excellent! I access it every day, several times a day, as our family has 5 accounts that are seamlessly connected. There has never been a problem with the app, which is so important when it comes to monitoring finances and having access. Updates to the app continually improve and perfect what is already wonderful. Among other things, I really like the addition of the Spending Analysis and the Budget. It really helps me stay on track! Another thing I really like is that, through the app, I never have to step foot in a bank. For example, if a paper check is received, I can cash is right through the app by taking a picture of it! Love the app! Love Huntington!
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5 years ago, Kalamazoo2714
I love the service of Huntington. You are slowly competing on the technology level with your bigger National Banking rivals. I love the App upgrades and Zelle. I love Mobile Check Deposit I don't do a lot but when I do funds are always immediately available in the morning with no holds. I also love the external bank transfer only complain it takes 3 days, where my spouse has another institution and they take 1 day to do external transfers into Huntington. Also electronic bill pays take 2 days, where our other account they are done in one day. One thing I want is to be able to access PDF of statements and documents like my other financial institution so I don't have to login on the computer to access a statement. But overall we love banking with Huntington and Love the staff at the Indianapolis Willow Lake and Broad Ripple Branches. They are awesome.
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4 years ago, HowdyDo2
Bank app extraordinaire!
The easiest way to deposit checks, facial recognition to sign in, easy access to bankers when needed, easy to send money between accounts, even to those outside of Huntington, easy to set up recurring transfers, IN house bill pay vs using a third party, allows checks to be sent electronically to ANYONE, even to personal accounts if all the pertinent information is known, and all this can be done on the app vs having to go to a computer! I’ve about given up using the desktop to do banking or go to the branch for much other than clarity when online bankers are unavailable or to get that which can’t be done electronically, like getting cashiers checks, loans, etc.
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2 years ago, Tristan Isham
Pretty good for a banking app
As far as banking apps go Huntington is exceptional. The app is reasonably fast, though it stutters during view transitions, and uses up-to-date features like login through FaceID and the iPhone’s password manager that make logging in, seeing my money, and getting on with my day super easy. It’s a much more useful solution than any of my previous banks. I particularly want to shout out the Devs/designers/and copywriters who helped design the menu. It’s not a glamorous section of the app, but I have never once struggled to find what I’m looking for. It’s great to interact with on my 13 Pro, and it does what any menu should. Help me navigate the app. Great job! Just in general, the usability of this app for a bank is exceptional.
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5 years ago, jhhomba
Solid APP That Does What I Need
I have been using this app for a long time and it has been pretty solid the whole time. I can make deposits, make payments bill payments and transfer money between accounts without much trouble. The only very minor complaint I have is the new analysis tool; certain monthly electronic debits show up as no category and the app will not allow me to categorize these. They go into pending which stays grey then goes into history which will not allow me to edit and assign a category. I don’t know if there is a reason for this but it is annoying to see a big grey arc in your analysis that says, “No Category”. But overall I like the app.
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4 years ago, suzanne nehra
Nothing but trouble
I moved to Mexico to 2&1/2 years ago. Talk to my branch before I moved. I was going to close my accounts becuz of distance. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the help I needed if something happene. I was right. My Wallet was stolen just be fore the Boarder. All my money an debit card Credit cards were gone. It took over two month to get debit card back from bank. I was here for Two month with NO money. It was a nightmare. I am still living the nightmare. My debit card is not working I am out of checks you won’t send to PMB so I have no way to get checks or card. We have no mail Deliveries. All mail go to PO Boxes in the states. It get picked up and delivered to our PMB. There is so much more that has happens but won’t go into it now.
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2 years ago, Lincoln Rohn
Technical issues
I absolutely loved this app until about 2 weeks ago. I’ve have nothing but trouble with the mobile deposit feature. First issue was it kept telling me my check was a duplicate, which it wasn’t and wouldn’t let me deposit it. I had already signed it and wrote “for mobile deposit only” on it so here I am with a large signed check with no banks open. Then yesterday it said that a $4900 check exceeded my daily limit. The only deposit that was made that day was for $550. Had to drive 20 minutes one way last evening to deposit 2 checks at an atm the said “for mobile deposit only” on them. It appears as though they went through but I wasn’t sure how that would work. Anyway. It’s been a pain.
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1 year ago, denie$
App won’t let me sign in
Last night I went to open the App and it gave me a screen that says “Sorry, something went wrong. It may be that you’re not connected to the Internet or we couldn’t complete your request right away. Please check your connection and try again.” I checked. No luck. Turned WiFi on and off. No luck. Went to bed. Woke up this morning, tried again. No luck. Checked updates, one was available. Downloaded it. Tried again, no luck. Restarted my phone. No luck. Deleted the App altogether, reinstalled, tried again. No luck. Please fix the App. I’m obviously connected to the Internet….I was able to download the update and I’m utilizing everything else on my phone just fine. Thank you. Two stars just because this is frustrating.
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5 years ago, GlipGlopFlipFlop
impractical to use
you can’t set up your login using the app, you have to go to the website to log in for the first time (per customer support) but when you get to the website to create your log in, you have to call customer support to create your log in, when you do so, you have to give them your SSN or bank account routing number, both i didn’t feel exactly comfortable to do so over the phone, so the only way you can set up your log in online, to get your log in info, to log into the app to BEGIN to use it, you have to go to your local huntington branch and have them contact customer care to provide your account number through an online registry (again per customer support) so to use the app, you’ll need to go to the bank, where you can do your banking and not need the app. possible the dumbest set up to use an app I’ve ever heard and i am switching my bank after learning this.
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2 years ago, LMohn
Some bugs, but works perfectly as intended
This app works flawlessly for viewing my accounts, processing transfers, anything I can think of! However, my Heads Up messages come through when I don’t want to and they come in too many times. For example, I transferred money from my checking to my savings and I got 4 notifications saying the transfer was processed. Plus, my scheduled balance reminder will go off when I open the app and at the time I have scheduled. Not just the time I have scheduled which is mildly annoying. I hope this can be resolved soon so there’s absolutely zero flaws!
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1 year ago, maryann530
Fraudulent charges/Customer service/ shady transactions
This is the worst bank I have ever dealt with. I had over $6000 in fraudulent charges. They investigated and found the charges to be fraudulent, told me provisional credits were final and mine to keep. Only to have them reverse the final credits to include 2800 a few days before Christmas. Also very shady, I will have something pending, then it goes to history and then disappears. You call customer service and get a different person every time you call, each one tells you different information. SAVE YOURSELF AND YOUR MONEY, DO NOT BANK WITH HUNTINGTON. VERY SHADY BANK. You go in to a branch and show them paperwork and they can’t even explain it. HOW MANY BANKS DO YOU KNOW THAT SHOWS TRANSACTIONS AS MISC. WITH NO AMOUNTS. I WILL BE SPEAKING TO AN ATTORNEY. Something has to be done!!!! What a joke of a bank with the worst customer service that obviously haven’t been trained!
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4 years ago, Eskargo
You should use this bank and app
I used to have terrible credit. I couldn’t get a credit card for over 20 years. I hated all banks. Then I opened an account with Huntington. After a couple of years, they offered me a small credit card line of credit. I took such good care of that credit. I paid my bills early and in about 6 months they increased my credit line by 5 fold. Together, we re-established my credit. I now have a credit score of 825! I took my phone into my Huntington branch and showed my credit score to the banker who set me up. She came around and gave me a big hug. She told the others working in the bank and they applauded me! True Story!
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5 years ago, Kwmcq
Won't Work on Apple 8
I have used the Huntington app for a long time and it has been great. I updated to the latest version and now cannot open it on my IPhone 8. It appears that it only runs on IPhone 9 and higher. I often need to use this app to transfer funds when traveling and other times when a computer is not available. I am really disappointed to have to upgrade my phone for this reason alone, when otherwise it serves my purposes and is only two years old. Seems very wasteful, so either I will have to not use the app, or upgrade phone. Neither is a preferable resolution.
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6 months ago, Orange_Igloo
Bait and Switch
Do not open an account with this bank!! I opened a checking and savings account and had used the promotional welcome bonus of $400. I had my direct deposit put into my account, used my debit card appropriately, etc., and not even 60 days later they randomly lock me out of my online account and won’t even give me a reason as to what is going on! Six weeks later I get a letter stating they closed my account with again no reason given. Thank God I didn’t have my whole direct deposit put into this account or I would have been totally screwed. However, it was frustrating to say the least that they were clearly closing the account just before I was eligible for the $400 bonus. Poor communication, horrible customer service and unethical practices left a bad taste in my mouth to say the least. STAY AWAY!
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2 years ago, nct127udream
Slowly losing trust.l with Huntington.
The only reason I have Huntington as my main account is because they took over TCF. I got a check that I have to deposit into my account and the app will not load at all. It is stuck on a green screen. And when I tried using the website, I get a message after signing in that it is down for maintenance and for the past 2 months I have been getting that same message. It is almost midnight at the time I’m typing this, so I will try one more time in the morning. I’d the app will not load, then I will be opening a new account with Chase. I have more trust in Chase than in Huntington at the moment. I will also update the review and stars according to what happens in the morning.
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6 years ago, Cancer62579
Worst bank ever
Ok. Been a loyal customer to Huntington for over 5 years now. I have had a few overdrafts but knew they was my fault and never disputed the overdrafts. Here lately what I noticed is over the past few months. I have been getting charged anywhere from $9 to $18 non Huntington atm fees. There is two Huntington banks in my location and yes you do have cvs you can withdraw from but considering I drive a 50 foot truck for a living. I can’t always withdraw cash from just Huntington banks and there locations. After 5 years of loyalty. I’m moving on to another bank. Any future customers I would hope they read this review and Choose wisely and go to another bank. Yes I know I am just one person and taking my money elsewhere won’t hurt Huntington. But hopefully this review does. Highly disappointed in this bank and would not recommend anyone to open anything with these crooks.
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5 years ago, Armand12!
Will Delete This App
Seriously, it took me five tries to deposit a check. I only downloaded the app because I had a temp job working six ten hour days a week and wouldn’t have time to drop a paper check at the bank. I put the check on a maroon background. The app said dark background. When that didn’t work, I put it on a black sheet. That still didn’t work. There was a quarter inch of paper on the bottom, the lip where the paycheck was sealed, that I hadn’t torn off. I tore that off. Finally the paycheck deposit was accepted. After trying five times with the first paycheck, when I got my second paycheck, I expected it to be easier. This time, only two tries. Apparently the light wasn’t bright enough, so I had to move a lamp. My husband banks with Chase and never has an issue with the app accepting check deposits.
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2 years ago, dissaponted darryl
This app is as reliable as a water proof towel
Since becoming a hunting member I downloaded the hunting mobile banking app. With huntington being such a large financial institution, I assumed it would have a reliable mobile banking app. I could not have been more wrong. Time and time again, even in the heat of battle (emergency need to transfer etc.) the app WILL NOT work when you need it too. Anytime past 12 am, the app will NOT work. Pretty much the app may have A.I. capabilities that knows exactly when to inconvenience you at the worst times. I am currently at a 82% rate for this. In conclusion, the app is either terrible garbage. Which in itself is pathetic due to Huntington being such a large institution. Or the A.I. they’re building to most inconvenience their customers for over draft fees is becoming sentient. Bank at your own caution folks.
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2 years ago, Its M@ri
Do not rely on this app or their 24hr ATM’s
For a whole month I been having issues to log in to my app the screen just turns green and I can’t do anything , if you have to Zelle money you need this app, if you need to deposit a check and you want to do it from the app you can’t if you go to a 24 hour ATM they never work and I’m not sure why but it always happens on weekends and on holidays so I have to wait until they reopen to speak to somebody on the phone or go to a branch, there’s times when I have deposited money from an ATM and I have missing money on my account they give it back to me but let’s just say I don’t notice or I didn’t count my money before I deposit, I wouldn’t know that I had missing money so honestly this bank was good and the staff is very nice and they do what they can but don’t rely on them.
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1 year ago, sddfsvshsvag
App does not update the correct amount in account
The reason people are going into overdraft and overspending is because they don’t know the exact amount in their account. They’re misleading people to profit off of them. I’m thinking at this point, it’s intentional, because why has this not been addressed? The transaction does not update on the mobile app. It takes several days and even up to over a week or longer. Ridiculous. I have NEVER EVER experienced this with my previous bank. My previous bank would immediately show that you spent x amount and now this is your current amount in your account. WHY DOES THAT HAVE TO TAKE SEVERAL DAYS TO SHOW ON MOBILE/ ONLINE?! The money is already gone. Make it make sense. Not sure who to blame, the developers of this app or the bank. Terrible service overall
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2 years ago, Angierozm25
So tired of “regularly scheduled maintenance”
I wish they would at least send push notifications warning us that there’s going to be system maintenance and that you won’t be able to access your access for several hours. There’s no posted schedule online either for this “regularly scheduled maintenance”. You just try to login in sometimes and get the lovely surprise that you can’t access your account. You can’t even access your account through the website either when this happens. I like the app in general but this maintenance is seriously getting on my nerves. If you’re signed up for paperless statements, you have literally no way of accessing your account information when this happens.
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4 years ago, Artdogg1982
Pretty Good Mobile App
I would like more features added in. Like when you click on a pending charge, you can see more details on the charge. And when an item is pending like say on Saturday, it has Monday’s business day but it should be dated when the charge was done. Not when it is going to post. Also when something posts like a debit card transaction in online banking it will not tell you the city and state of the transaction. You have to wait till your statement ends to get that information. I have told this to many people and I thought I would say that here and see if something happens. Thank you for the time to read this.
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4 years ago, LoSully112285
6 month old defect!
Like many have shared, I’ve been unable to access my account using the mobile app on my iPhone. I can access my account using my daughters phone, my iPad and through web browser. I’ve deleted and reinstalled almost weekly for the last 6 months, and continue to get an error message saying that I’m not connected to the internet. I’ve had customer service email me directly several times, but there is usually a 3-4 week lag in between their responses. I recognize that all companies are strapped due to the impact of the global pandemic, but a 6 month delay to resolve this defect is really unacceptable. The most recent app update from last week has an improved chat feature....nobody cares about a chat feature if they can’t even log in to see their balance details! Absolutely unacceptable.
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10 months ago, centrefrenchie
Tired of Reauthing Device
You know what’s super frustrating? Every time this app does the tiniest update - even a content refresh - it forgets my device which means I have to redo the authorization for the quick balance and FaceID and it’s a HUGE pain. Sometimes I even end up locking myself out of the app in the reauthorization process. So my question is why device authorization is stored within the app itself and affected by the updates? Why is this not something that is logged in the backend on Huntington servers in a secure manner? Several other banks are doing that, not just to solve UX issues but also for customer security so they can deauth remotely if a device is stolen or compromised. Seriously, get it together, Huntington dev team - this is some basic security stuff that seriously messes with your UX.
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2 years ago, Mdw937937
Nothing but problems
I was approved for a Huntington credit card. A month later, it still isn’t added to my online login with my checking and savings. No one takes ownership of what is going on to fix the problem, so I am stuck paying it through the mail. My HUB has my checking and savings but not the credit card I got from them IN BRANCH no less. I have spent literally over fifteen hours of my life on hold being bounced around. Just a mess or a company that can’t fix a simple problem. I can’t even use my rewards since apparently you have to do that online. If I try to create another login for just the card it says “you have a login,” which is for my checking and savings, yet the card for some reason isn’t being added to that login.
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