Huuuge Casino 777 Slots Games

4.5 (59.4K)
121.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Huuuge Global Ltd.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Huuuge Casino 777 Slots Games

4.53 out of 5
59.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Command-Failed
Huuuge waste of money!
So, I’ve religiously played this game for a few months now, and have spent A LOT more than I would care to admit (well over $2k). The game is designed to take without remorse. You can buy a $20 pack and be broke in less than 5 minutes. The only way to win big is to bet big and the only way to bet big is with your debit/credit card. The games are fun and do a good job drawing you in, but the relentless pop ups for their “events” are just ridiculous. Every time you go to the lobby, you’re pelted with pop up after pop up trying to sell you coins. Customer service is practically non-existent, and no effort is made by the developer to make the overpriced packages worth it. Oh and let’s say you happen to buy an expensive pack, your store prices will automatically increase in price/size, prohibiting you from buying a small package in the future. Support claims this is due to an algorithm that is meant to be helpful, when it’s a flat-out money grab. Then there’s the whole “charms” thing where you are tasked with completing “sets” for extra chips. Sounds cool, but they have it rigged to where you can only get the rare ones on stupid high bets that will drain your bank account in minutes. I can’t remember the last time I got a new disheartening. Don’t waste your time or money here folks.
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2 years ago, 215Review
Disappointed I Returned
I’m not new to Huuuge. Level 2947 with HUUUGE title so I truly have history with enjoying the games. I guess I returned to play after a 3year break thinking that I could enjoy the games without having to spend my hard earned cash for fake chips. But what I found is that without spending personal money I will not progress with wins. I’ve noticed that I’m only able to play recently off of chips from Betty bonus and bonuses from other members jackpots. I only see trillions when I shop “sales”. As I type this I have determined that I will never make another purchase and I am okay with knowing the days of winning jackpots or Huuuge wins are over. We won’t have to expel club members, they will leave freely because they cannot enjoy Diamond 1 status without paying to play, so sad! UPDATE: Your latest update was a WTH happened!!! Diamond 1 club lost 50% of team as of today, moving to Diamond 3. Everyone complaining chips are disappearing too fast & no one should have to purcha$e using real money for a fake game, Huuuge you won! Plus, your response to me was fake. How am I supposed to contact you regarding my concerns, how does this happen?
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6 months ago, A Guy with a comment
It’s a gamble
I see reviews that were written a few years ago and the developers responses claiming to look into bettering the game etc etc whatever you want to hear was said but not really done, so if you’re a developer reading this I’d greatly appreciate a non response from you, thank you. To whomever reading this contemplating downloading this game….. It’s a casino app, real currency for virtual currency, bottom line. Casino slots, blackjack, poker, and other games in another area, I play at work and sometimes at home. The main issue is low payouts and wins coming few and far between. One would expect better odds of winning since this isn’t real but it’s the same as a real life casino. I see a lot of people pooring money into the app, they have packages from $2- $100 that can be burned through in 2 days due to lack of pay outs. Personally I just collect the little rewards given to my club and play off of that at a low bet and ignore all the purchase pop ups, I’d rather go to a real casino if I’m going to spend what is needed to get ahead in this game. They make thousands off of my club members alone. Overall it’s a fun app, the developers are extremely greedy and stingy and it looks like that’s going to be forever so I’ll give it 3/4 star depending on how I feel after I put this period at the end.
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2 years ago, BS1056
Huuuge Rip-off
They tell you it’s your luck, BS…sometimes you can’t lose other times you can’t win spinning a hundred times. Designed to take your money only. Beware don’t spend your time or your money on this game. The only algorithm is let you win if you spend a lot…then they shut you off and take it all. Apple should be ashamed to even sell games like this. Huuuge Rip-off Casino. Do yourself a favor and Boycott this developer…they lie about everything and think that we are stupid….I played this game 2 plus years and it got worse and worse. Cocky attitude the developer has to boot. Save yourself a headache and bypass…I quit playing not with the aggrevation. 2nd review…they are liars without remorse..if you have money to throw away then this the game for you…they lie about algorithms once they hook you it’s merciless take your money without rewards. Huuuge stop and think who would want to -Kay a game they constantly lose on? You are stupid ignorant people in my opinion, aragant to boot…what a shame Apple lets you sell on their app page..I guess Apple has no honor either. Response to developer…I have been playing the game now for at least a couple of years now…funny how after a few purchases your “luck” changes for the better and you get Huuuge JP’s until you decide that’s enough with no additional purchases and shut off any JP’s. Please we are not idiots out here..but everyone else does the sameI guess.
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6 years ago, TikiMike
Huuuge Rip Off
I have played this app daily for more over a year and a half. What I have come to find may be of help to you. The higher you climb level wise the less you start to win. As it became harder to win I found myself spending a couple hundred dollars. Some wins were not honored by the app, citing app glitches. One of the biggest being the puzzle portion of the game. During an event the payouts were reflected in the billions, I won 9B but was only paid 400k as an apology from the app provider. Several others were also cheated this way. Huuuge Casino told me that it was a glitch and that I needed to pay attention to the event details, not the actual payout screens because of glitches such as this. Yes I was actually told this. I had spent 50 dollars on this event and was completely ripped off by them. They never did make it right. If you play, do not pay! The app is a scam. Check it out yourself, google their fraudulent activities. Just got a response from the developer ensuring that the algorithms are fair, lol! Don’t care! Because I deleted the app and am never going back.
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2 years ago, jayraydar
Ads for tokens
Ive played this game for quiet along time and i thought i had found the right app for slots. At first it was the best ever. Here recently huuge casino has stopped the “chips to watch ads”. That was a lot of my play time and they helped me to reach level 243. Now all i have are the daily wheel chips. I donated the max everyday to my club before the changes and now the jackpots and the huge wins are very few and far between. Is it because ive never made a purchase? Noone ever stated that a purchase was mandatory. I just wish it could go back to where before the changes. I really like this game but a couple times it has started to bore me and im sure other players are beginning to feel the same. I hate to think of deleting this game but you guys have taken the fun and excitement out of the game. I really hope to get a good resolution before i see another game with winnings of better jackpots. Thank u for taking time to read. I hope to get to go thru all the game’s level be
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6 years ago, Xnysmokie
Was great 1-2 years ago now greed by Huuuge killed it
I’ve played Huuuge for 2 years plus, amassed well over 32 BILLION plus lots of diamonds with not a lot of any major issues until now. I had a balance of roughly 32 billion and at the end of the day I had less then 2 billion of course I emailed huuuge right away as did our team leader and after waiting several days Huuuge’s response was basically. Too bad so sad!! I figured out that at times my bet of between 5-20 million per hand bumped up to max without warning I generally do not check my chip balance when spinning as fast as I can during team challenges so I was totally shocked to see 30 bill disappear and despite playing for a loooong time they didn’t give a darn simply want u to buy more chips. On a fixed income and disabled means I have little money to buy more chips. I got it over 5 bill through smart play but missing chips are back in Huuuges Profit line and great way for a company to gain players trust, by sticking it to them and refuse to step up and do the right thing. Unreal. These guys don’t give a cra* about players, it’s all about $$$. I get it, they need to make money but the odds are 50% less then a year ago, don’t buy their BS even in Vegas, some slots with same game, have different odds but Huuuuge simply denies everything
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4 years ago, jinglekkk
I think that the game should not deny gifts when asked. They only give gifts if you have spent real money to buy fake chips. This is how I know that it is a factual statement.. my husband plays but he has not purchased anything in a while and when he asks for a gift they tell him “They are not able to provide him with a gift at this time”. Since September 2019 was the last time he received a gift. We have been playing for like 5 years and it is super frustrating when they won’t even give a little bit if you run out of chips if you have been playing for so long... I only gave this game a 3 star review because I play the game a lot and I am hopeful that the gift thing will change but chances are slim to none but if you guys would give a small gift when asked I am sure you would have more players willing to make purchases because we know you have our backs when we want to play but have no resources to make a purchase.
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6 years ago, DreadpirateM
Greedy changes, and I’m done with them now.
Late addition to my post. I am also very upset that I purchased the yellow topaz package which included 7.5 million in chips daily and five diamonds. At the time of purchase diamonds could be exchanged for chips, it was part of the incentive. Then without any prior notice this company devalued all of my diamonds making them no longer worth chips. I entered into a 30 day contract which I paid for up front and then they unilaterally changed the contract without any prior notice. I should be entitled to a refund of a prorated amount of The Topaz VIP package since a breach of contract was committed. Over the past several weeks this company has made several changes to the game that just show how greedy they really are. Little things like the lottery system where you can only win gold puzzle pieces with gold tickets now. Diamonds can no longer purchase chips. The games seem to have really had the Pay out algorithms tweaked to cut down on wins. It all combines for an experience that is no longer fun. As someone who has spent real money for fake chips because it was fun and worth it. They have gotten so greedy it is definitely not worth it anymore. I recommend don’t buy, don’t play, avoid this game and this company.
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6 years ago, MrsCollazo
Wish I read the reviews first 😞
In the beginning this game is fun... The clubs & social aspect keeps it addicting, BUT when you win... Soon you can’t win anymore... Call it Lady Luck or Huuuge getting more money from my account... I appreciate the algorithm (as stated response in earlier reviews) but when an entire club loses consistently?? It’s really no longer fun... Sad to go, but I’m sure company is FAT off the monies I’ve contributed... Let me know when the algorithm is FURTHER in the players percentage... You can STILL make your money on purchasing lottery tickets & diamonds... It’s just no longer fun when you are losing billions with no free spins or jackpots!!! Here are a few suggestions: 1) go back to $ for events instead of wacky points system 2) some slots have jackpots that have never been won & I’ve played for 6 months now, and 3) adjust your algorithms! Our club had added family members from all over the world, but now we are ready to let our club go because no one is winning anymore...
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7 years ago, GreatPatriot
Greedy Huuge
The odds of losing are high! As an example, daily mission needs free spins, high wins, 250 spins, etc. today for the lousy low chip return, I spun 250 times in Dorothy, got 1 not so big win, no free spins. Went to Aztec, another 250 spins, no free spins, no big wins! So, after losing 150m, I still have not completed the “mission”. What a rip-off! Every time there is a scheduled maintainence, our odds of winning go down! This used to be a fun site, at least once in a while I could play and break even for the day. Not anymore, not even with the lobby bonuses, team jackpot bonuses and purchase bonuses! It takes two weeks to get a mystery box! How about a 48 hour XP on the levels ending in 5! Oh yes, and the crappy 5 minute lobby bonus that I got four of with 15 lottery tickets! I guess you want me to hang around the lobby for 4 days collecting instead of playing? Getting a bronze ticket for a bronze ticket, a silver ticket for a silver ticket or a gold ticket for a gold ticket is a total waste of time!
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4 years ago, Beyond aggravated
Tired of non stop losing
Don’t waste your time or money on this greedy app! It used to be a lot of fun and you actually had ‘winning streaks’! They have taken away all perks, Lottery Tickets are the biggest joke of all! Too many other fun apps out there to stay frustrated with this loser!!! There is one specific app called Slots Grape where many people have gone when leaving Huuuge! Some of the club names there reference leaving Huuuge!! It’s your call if you want to waste your time and hard earned money on this one. Really sad bc it USED to be great!! Your odds are better in a real casino. I expect to lose but this is over the top!! I contacted the developer and they replied with, ‘try betting lower and if you hit then you can raise your bet’! I am here to tell you that was a crock!! Didn’t work! Tired of trying after being a loyal fan. Brought a friend to the game and she stays in the $250-$300Billion range. Tell me this isn’t rigged! D-O-N-E
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7 years ago, @jdub1980fu
Odds and developers
The last update changed a lot on how the machines paid and there odds in real life it doesn't matter if u bet 1 penny or 100 dollars the odds are the same however in this game that's not the case. The lower u bet the better you win the higher u bet the more you lose. Warning if you buy chips they will be gone in less than an hour the make your odds of winning almost impossible. It's frustrating because you could be sitting on 20 billion and for 3 weeks you won't win anything at all. Plus when there is a problem there customer service if you want to call it that treats you as if your trying to rip them off and that your an idiot. I wanted to edit this because of there response they say it's on a machine basis lol we did this experiment on multiple machines with the same people it's funny they say it's not from person to person than why does everyone else win expect one person over and over again machine to machine. We moved and the person who was in a slump no matter what machine would loose even if we were all winning and big. Also before u use that as an excuse same bets were made by all parties
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5 years ago, OhioGirl88
Need get jackpot again please big amount thanks wink
Love this game and it’s not right I haven’t hit higher jackpot not fair I saw some ppl hit bigger pots of jackpot and I didn’t get jackpot bigger one only small one and I would like get bigger jackpot pots again it been almost 2 year haven’t got bigger jackpot pots it would be nice if I get bigger one if I get bigger jackpot I’ll give you 5 star rate and change this comment also game when I play apps close itself few time and I play low bet always broke fast and free spin hard get or bonus game hard get please fix and it kept spinning none stop and apps close few time before I can re open apps and I have close apps and restart my phone it’s game self please give me bigger jackpot pots and I’ll give best feedback positive right now get 3 star and when I level up no more chest reward I had before couple time n never got chest reward like pick one out 3 mean 1 chest had bigger chips than 2 chest please bring back thanks
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11 months ago, tzenk96
Money Grab
I took the time to read a lot of recent reviews… and I’ve come to the conclusion they all are on par with how I am feeling. Played this game for a while now and never usually spent money… and I could never reach above a certain chip amount, recently within the last couple months I started supporting the game and bought some packs… to my surprise I won a decent amount, and then after a couple weeks they decided I needed to spend more money and when I didn’t I lost all my chips, so I bought some packs and to my surprise, can still no longer win anything to keep myself afloat. Huge lost another player, greedy dev team **Update, the game turned its self around for me, idk If my review helped but I decided to give the game another chance since I do enjoy it and I went from under a billion chips to now having 7 trillion chips, I think Huuuge has been nicer now on winning chances
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7 years ago, Dandelion685 app! Update at bottom
I've been checking out quite a few slots apps lately and this one is just so-so. I have been playing the Diamonds slot game all morning and have only won "big" on bars - never 7's or diamonds. It would be nice if it paid out if you get 1 diamond, but it only pays out if you get 3, which I have yet to do and that is very disappointing! They do start you off with 11 or 12 million coins, so that is great. And I have won anywhere from 200k to 1 million coins on a combo of bars or 7's and 1 diamond - but I just can't seem to get all 7's or all diamonds. I have yet to check out the other slot games. I don't care for slots that have cartoon characters or weird symbols and weird matching because I find them soooo confusing! But this app is ok, it must be if I've been playing it all morning!! If I could just get all 7's or diamonds..... Update: so I tried a couple diff slots - like the 10x classic, I think that's what it's called, and NOT ONCE did the payline land on 10x or 3x - NOT ONCE in like 20 min of continuous playing. What a JOKE!! But it did keep landing on cherries - whoopie!!
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5 years ago, HRS36901
Random wrinkles
I love playing this casino I was perpetually plagued with issues in sit and go poker. I would have the alert it is your turn Winston even if I played immediately. My turn would be skipped, and my hand folded especially when I had good cards. This message would stay up throughout the game even when the game was ending. I went to the contact and sent screen shots but never got a response. I just quit playing poker. When wins in slots should have doubled it was hit and miss if I would get my coins doubled. I contacted the support site and goT no response. I have contacted them on several issues and just use it as a sounding board as they do not respond. Club slot events seem to be set so “tightly” that it is impossible to get wins. Even games I could usually win at seem to dry up when they are a current club event. I have played other slot games that are fun but when the “snafus” are not present I can still enjoy this site. But I consider it to be a giant outfit that does not care about individual’s issues and take my chances. Take it as it is or leave it
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5 years ago, Dannyboy518
Changes symbols when reel is stopped manually
First off, let me just say I did not spend any money using this app. At first glance, it’s pretty cool app but as I was playing I started to notice something you’d only be able to see for split second with the naked eye. There is a feature to stop the reel from spinning and you’ll either win or lose depending on if the symbols line something up (like almost all casino games). I started to notice on one particular game (“pinochio”) that the “wild” symbols would disappear when the reel would be stopped. I used another iPhone and recorded in slow motion to confirm if this was true, and lo and behold, my suspicions were true. Major disappointment.. if you too suspect the game isn’t playing fair, give it a test. The slot machine I’m referring to is called “PINOCCHIO” of all names. Totally ruins the point of the entire names. No matter how much this app asks you to pay for anything please don’t. P.S. I only downloaded the app because Swagbucks had an offer for it to make money for beating levels, otherwise it’s just a waste of storage space. I hope you guys update for the people that take this seriously, they are the ones who make you guys “huge”. Remember that.
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5 years ago, small print reader
It’s a hoax everyone please read what I have to say !!!!
If anyone would have read the small print on the downloading page before you open the app it clearly says this game is not intended for real winning in money just for fun ... I wish it would let me put the pictures of My screenshot I took up too show y’all where it says it bc I don’t believe there’s away to go back and see it now since you already opened the app. So all that real money you put into the game you mize we’ll just say you gave it away bc you will never get it back I’m so glad I read the small print before I even opened the game if your going to spend real money go play on real machines so you at least have a chance at getting something back ... I feel bad for a lot of ppl I read in the reviews that have spent tons of money but I hope this review stands out because this site is a huge rip off and I’d appreciate if who Ever is replying back to customers reviews to not even reply to me bc your not going to tell me anything different to change my mind to go in and playing this gold digging game ! Period hope all of you take what I say into consideration and stop wile your ahead !! Have a great day and good luck
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7 years ago, ONE77awa
I don't always play app games but when I do, it's this one!
I do not enjoy app games... but I love playing this one! I live in South Florida where we have several casinos within decent traveling distance. I love going to the casinos not just for the games but the environment and thrill! This game projects that thrill. The music and sound effects are on point and exactly what I want to hear when I think casino games! I love how the games teach you how to play as well! And as far as money spent, I've spent maybe $3 and didn't even have to, I just did because the deals were so cheap yet rewarding! The game starts you off with a lot of money and basically throws money at you at time intervals. If you know when to walk away from a "cold" game and when to increase your bids when the table is "hot" then you will really enjoy this game! Very social app as well, love playing for my Club, sending out round of drinks to fellow players and chatting as well! ❤️
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5 years ago, Dead in a shoebox
Not the best investment.
In Dec 2018, I spent over 750$ on purchases. At first I didn’t realize I was spending so much. However, itty bitty can become biggy piggy. Fast. I made a purchase I didn’t understand, where I purchased a big block of coins, but could only receive them, a little bit each day. It took 60 days to use the coins up. Whew! I’ll not make that mistake again. The second is purchasing tickets. Ya, dumb right? But I thought it would be fun. And I thought there was a payoff ahead built in. No. I continued buying tickets until I won the gold bonus. Whew! I’ll never do that again. So enjoy the games - they do fill the emptiness of those stress-relieving times we need, but spend wisely. Understand your purchases before you click, okay. And, one last stupid thing. I love giving to others. At least six, maybe even up to eight times, I made the $178,000,000 coin purchase so members could receive free coins. I felt great doing this, HOWEVER, I was the only member in my club. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB. Whew! I won’t be doing that again. In Jan 2019, I spent under 80$. Lessons learned!
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7 years ago, KatrinaFL
This is the Best & Most Fun Gaming App!
I enjoy playing the variety of games & the options to bet on Classic's when open to All. The 75 Golden tickets sale is Fantastic. I will write that I'm some disappointed with the sale before today's sale...I had over 100 Gold tickets & needed 1 piece to complete the 5B puzzle...I did Not get that piece...very discouraging. I've bought many times & now I have to question whether I should spend more 'Real $$$' on virtual chips if this is how tight or Greedy this game has become. Please loosen up so winning can be Fun & more Frequently! Show Appreciation for the member's that 'invest' monies into your App. I'm a Leader of a Club & really love my Club member's and I always try to keep them positive even when they are losing! If we Win, then Huuuge will also Win! Keep up with the Great CS! Very user friendly with the update on contacting Huuuge! Please make this a Win/Win for All. Have Fun & big wins for All 😊🍀
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5 years ago, Jenmglef
It could have been great
Except the pop ups. Constant pop ups. When I first started playing, there was one or two pop ups to attempt to get you to purchase chips. Now, less than six months later, when you start the app, you get a pop up. Close that one, another opens, close that one and a third opens. Collect your free chips, and another pop up opens. Try to go into your club, another pop up. Basically, you move into any other screen, you get a pop up. And if your settings aren’t set up to have to approve a purchase, the way the pop ups happen, you ALWAYS end up clicking one by mistake and a purchases tries to happen. It’s a completely underhanded way to try and make a buck off of players. So if you have little ones that play on your iPad, don’t install this or they’ll end up buying chips if they accidentally open the app. Or you might end up buying chips when yo7 didn’t mean to because of a crappy company trying to force you into buying chips. Also, if you do purchase chips on purpose and the game glitches, forget tech support helping you get your lost chips back. This company is greedy and scammy.
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2 years ago, Cupid doll
I’ve been playing Huuge and Billionaire Casinos for a year or almost. I’ve had 2 stalkers and one follower. 2 men and 1 woman all would send or be on game I’m playing and send hateful vulgar messages. Terrible messages. Some threatening. Wishing me harm . I’ve sent screenshots of these texts and names and I D numbers of players and their clubs. My only response from support was to change names on accounts, play private, and don’t respond and remove friend and mute them. I did all the above. These players know how to get atound these so called safety features. I asked support to delete my account and was told since I have apple devices it can’t be done. These developers of this game should have knowledge of how to remove my accounts. I can’t play without being harassed. Very frustrating. Maybe this will get the attention of someone who can help me. Harassed and stalked
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5 years ago, Wish56
Save your money!
Fortunately I’m not struggling financially in life, so the money I continuously lost buying chips and lottery tickets that leave you one piece away from a payday didn’t bother me. What bothered me the most is that the more you spend the less you win. Great job developers!! You’ve lost another customer. How about introducing an ATM machine option where we can just click on the ATM in the lobby and deposit $$$ right from the card of choice out of our own wallet daily and watch the Hugggge account grow larger and larger...that would actually be more fun so we can all quantify exactly how much you are ripping off from your customer base daily. Update after update to decrease your odds of winning!! I’m going to go watch paint dry....that is undoubtedly much more fun then watching you’re reels land on nothing worth getting g excited over 200 out of every 199 spins!! No need to reply with the same response you seem to post to everyone! You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than you do of holding onto more than one billion chips for more than a day on this app..... Happy Easter Hugggeee.....thanks for the rotten eggs
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3 years ago, Imationrpgsucks
Still worst player loyalty
I’m in the vip club have been at Huuuge for years. They take your money pay out nothing don’t care about your business when you joined the vip club it says 2 b chips per week but get this it’s based of purchases they have no reward program and I haven’t received the full 2 b yet since the first time. The player events and rewards are also very small compared to other casino games. I started cash frenzy 3 months ago because I got sick of paying money here with no player reward. I’ve gotten 2000 times what I get at huge for thousands less dollars. The rewards always have a cap or the reward is no where near the effort you put in. They don’t respect their players and I’ve stopped purchases until they fix this issue. Don’t get stuck playing this game putting in money to have them give you nothing in return. Buyers and loyal players beware.
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6 years ago, Pv1821
After 3 years of constant downgrades I’m out
3 years ago Huuge was a great casino app. Fun games lots of freebies and a very enjoyable slot game. However after many “upgrades” the game has gone through a lobster boil whereby the good elements of the game were slowly taken away. To name two, you can no longer realistically hit a gold puzzle without buying tickets and diamond that you used to be able to redeem for chips are now only useful to send greetings to other players. Sure you get a daily bonus of perhaps a few hundred thousand chips maybe a million and every 15 minutes you get 100k chips but when most players spin 100k chips or more those freebies quickly run out. At the end of the day you either have to buy chips or tickets to complete puzzles very often or the game becomes a very frustrating game. I’ve decided to no longer play this game. It used to be fun.
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4 years ago, Mr. Awesome😏
Shady advertising
I only downloaded this game to leave this comment about their advertisement. I was watching advertisements to get free play on a free game when I come across the advertisement for this game. I watched the full 30 seconds and at the end, after numerous tries, couldn’t close out the tab. I could play the short game in the advertisement and go to the App Store, but couldn’t close out the advertisement to get free play. I lost that free play and wasted time out of my life. I would never download a game with this type of advertising. I only keep a few games on my phone at a time. This game is something I may have been interested in when I grow tired of the one I am playing now, yet after the trouble I had to go through this time, not only will I never download this game, but I hope people see this as immoral advertisement and don’t download it them selves. I will not be forced to play a game, and I will not support anyone who uses trash advertising to stronghand people into downloading their crappy game. But, I have a idea. Make a game that people would want to download. There is a idea for you.
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4 years ago, Katmech
This game sight hooked me from day one, now playing for awhile it gets more and more annoying, especially after the maintenance is done. Just like today and what drove me to write this review. Playing Phoenix Gardens, starting out with just under a billion points, and my level up 95%. 5million bet per spin, less than 15 minutes, I have less than the 5 million to spin again and level up % is up to a whopping 97%. What a joke and it’s not like I don’t spend money on your site, you would think that you’d like to keep people around that spend money, but I guess not. Shows me that you have to much money so I’m headed elsewhere and I know it’s not a big deal to you but it feels good to just say it, and not have one of your team members reply again with I’m not seeing anything wrong on our end maybe take it off auto spin. Anyway thanks and see ya Dawg
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7 years ago, BaddGman
Great Games!
I really like this app as it has almost-almost all of the best designs out there, game play and explanations are fantastic except, like I have seen others post, you tend to lose a lot more than you win the higher you bet on some games which is the opposite in most real Casinos... I would give the whole app a 4.5 Star rating but it only allows 4 or 5, because other than the payout concerns, this app is a Tremendous amount of fun-has Excellent graphics-a Lot less ads than others-and the Club experience is Top Notch and easy!! I have recommended this to all my Facebook friends! Is there a way that you can adjust the app to allow us to Gift our Club Members while in the Club Area? Thanks again for making my day better by giving me something fun to do no matter how the rest of it went! I know I can always get a smile with y'all's efforts!!!!
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7 years ago, marfayjo
I got a new device and got locked out of my account when I downloaded it to my new device. I tried connecting through Facebook but I still lost everything! They started me at a level 1 with entry level chips. I was almost a level 500, with over 12 billion chips! I have attempted to contact their support team for over a week through every single support source they have and have, and not received one response, that was not automated. The response says that someone would contact me within 72 hours... well that 72 hours was up 5 days ago!! I have spent my hard earned money on this game with the understanding that the account was mine to play, win or lose! They stole that from me. I have a club and my members are sitting in limbo. Their hands are tied and so are mine. I am about to be booted from my own club because of inactivity! Now it's time to file a complaint with google play! If these thieves have ripped you off and you want to join me in filing a formal complaint with google play, contact me! I have also written a statement to send to the BBB to have them investigated for fraud.
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2 years ago, Trendy Mama28
I wish…
That instead of every time you sign on, all those deal pop-ups would be somewhere you could access them when you want to rather than having to close up to 7 different pop-up with a deal because then it’s a little annoying. Also, maybe you can create different levels on the Conquest challenge? There are specific clubs who win everything every time and those of us who have budgets that can’t buy billions in chips to stand a chance don’t try after we’ve suddenly been taken over by 15k+ rings. I mean, we don’t have to participate but it’s a fun challenge. I play almost daily and have bought chips in the past but am keeping away from that as much as possible. Please consider these ideas and I do like the new changes in general for everything else.
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4 years ago, mariad12345?
Loved at first! Just not worth it anymore!
I loved this game when I first downloaded it but now I have gotten to level 800 or so I am just frustrated with playing it! I am always having to buy coins because they go so fast now and it is impossible to get to the next level of the game and earn some free credits to be able to play the game! I am definitely deleting the app because I didn’t mind paying for coins to play but I don’t like paying for coins then almost instantly loosing them and no progress in the game towards free coins or tickets! The free ticket or few free coins are not enough to bother trying anymore! I don’t understand why the game has gotten so impossible to play and I wish it would have stayed at a more reasonable rate!
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4 years ago, retmussal
Huuuuuuge slots 777
I loved this game until you put up a new screen forcing me to download a game that won’t download and has locked me totally out of any game and lose my 5 Billion in points. Leave things alone. All y’all seem to do is totally lock us out! I’m very upset that it’s been one week since I was able to play my game! I still can’t get back into my game with over 5 billion points! I’ve paid a lot to play but if you don’t restore my game with points I’ll NEVER buy into them again! I tried to enter thru money bunnies and it just hung up and spins allowing NO entry into ANY game! Huuuuge slots 777. Either get me back into this game that has locked me out and give me my 5 billion points or I’m deleting every Apple game on my phone! Enough is enough and I’m tired of forced downloads to lock me out of my game and points! LAST CHANCE for you to get this opened for me! Over 2 weeks now I’ve waited! CANNOT get into SUPPORT! I give y’all a ZERO for not helping and taking my over 5 BILLION points! Crooks! I use to buy regular but NEVER again! Crappy bunnies game locked me out!!!
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1 year ago, Midnight Dee38
Please do not download this game
I spend a lot of money on this game and I was so happy to hit a major jackpot of 52 trillion dollars, but was only given 1.7 trillion. I was puzzled, had a second person look and it showed all 7s with gold around them . I immediately notified huge twice, and didn’t receive a response until later in the evening indicating that they d viewed the logs and didn’t notice anything. This has happened to me twice now, and it’s sad that they can’t honor a win. As much money as I spend on this game you’d think they would do the right thing. Once I go through my chips I’m done. I don’t have a problem spending, but this is truly greed when you can’t honor a win. They have lost so many customers and will continue to do so if they don’t show some concern to their customers, especially loyal ones. I ALSO REQUESTED LOG INFORMATION… but They never responded! PS - Huge don’t respond with contact us because I will be giving the same answer that you email me. You don’t truly care about your customers.
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2 years ago, Djkemsifns
Huuuge Thieves
This game should only be played for enjoyment and nothing more. No one should be spending any money on this scam of a app. They tell you it’s your luck or their made up algorithms. I’ve spent thousands and each time it didn’t last. It didn’t matter regardless whether I bet big or low because your wins will always be dry sometimes or you’ll be constantly winning and there is no i between. There’s really no luck variable in this game. The top clubs haven’t changed much and you can prob bet that majority of the members there work at huuuge. However on the bright side this app does a good job representing the real life gambling experience: you’ll always go broke in the end. The only time I was ever wealthy in the game was when I purchased tokens to complete a set. Never once had I hit a big win that would make me “rich” in this game. If you are considering playing this game then I advise you not to. True that it’s addicting but also true for the fact that there is no luck in this “casino game”.
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6 years ago, Truestormlover
What happened to HUUUGE
After reading all the other negative comments I can’t put it any better than they have. Your customer service doesn’t listen. I don’t know what they’re reading but it’s not what I wrote. You have changed. You are greedy. I have spent thousands of dollars as a disabled veteran and after my last days of the black in VIP I bought is gone I will be leaving huge and billionaire and my team. You are a disgrace for what you have done to this once great game. Now if you put everything back like it was where diamonds bought chips and could give chips. Where you had a lottery that actually meant something, I might stay. The chances of you changing it back areZERO because you’re a greedy bunch Who couldn’t care less about your customers. Goodbye and good riddance. And believe me when I tell you I am not the only one. A lot of people don’t have the courage to leave. It’s like Netflix. They’ve got Obama Jarret Silverman and now Louis Farrakhan I canceled Netflix. At some point you have to stand on principle. That goes for HUUUUGE too.
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5 years ago, Vwoofy
I don’t bet the max but when you spin over 50 times and never win anything big or even your bet back. Or if you do win a big jackpot, it takes that all back plus a lot more before it hits again It’s not worth playing or fun anymore.. and you would have to buy coins to play more then the same thing happens again.. I won’t buy anymore coins.. and on the center Pauline don’t payout a lot. The line above and below the center pay line if those were win lines I would win almost every spin.. ex I hit the highest jackpot 7 times within 20 minutes on the line above and below the win center line which are not win lines.. got really frustrated so not I just stopped playing.. you just want people’s money.. you need to fix the payouts so people can have fun
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2 years ago, Luck & Beauty
Go to a real casino
Play Chumba for real money because you WILL have to spend to even play. Used to love huuge, it’s just not fun to spend and spend and such a bore to lose and lose. I’ve been in several clubs and they fall apart once players realize you really have to pay to play. You may get lucky once in awhile, but collecting thousand of duplicate charms to rarely make a set is boring and not fun. Winning is fun and losing is not. I truly believe this is a rigged game. It’s like fake players in room at a low level with Billions. It’s impossible, you can’t even buy that many coins. I’ve spent $600 and the most I’ve been able to win is 16Billion. So seeing someone at 176 level with over 100Billion is fake. Impossible and they are hoping you think you can actually get that high and if you happen to get many Billions. Like many in my club who have left went to bed with 260 Billion and woke up broke. I’m uninstalling and never coming back. Chumba casino is the way to play!
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4 years ago, StacieLirette
Pay to play site
Play this game until you start to lose, because you will lose,a lot, then delete it. It will be great for a week or two then you’ll start losing and not hit at all. I mean literally at all. Then you’ll buy chips and hit again for a day or two more and lose it all again. I bought several times, up to 2 billion chips each time, betting only 1 million and still lost it all in a matter of a day or two. No big wins, no free spins, or if I did get free spins they didn’t even cover my bet, and definitely no jackpots. You can only play if you pay, and pay, and pay. I get that Huuuge has to make money and I don’t mind buying once in awhile but definitely can’t buy daily. It’s sad because they have really fun slots but who can afford to throw money away daily. SERIOUSLY DAILY. That’s how fast you lose especially if you’re in a club that plays the daily events. So as I stated before PLAY INTIL YOU START LOSING AND THEN DELETE THE APP. Sorry Huuuge, but this free game is too expensive for me to play.
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4 years ago, Hidykat
Huuuge Casino
I have been playing for about 3+ years now I have love the site! But it is changing we play here to avoid the world outside a means of escaping the horrors outside! With the economy as it is so many people cannot afford to buy chips! We come here to escape but it takes the fun out of it when you never win. It has gotten so bad that jackpots are far and few between! The events are becoming monotonous because they keep repeating. Again we are continually losing what little we have! Yes there are several that have trillions but how much did they spend to get them. Please HUUUGE LOOSEN THE SLOTS SO we can escape the depressing things in the real world! Love you still but help the little people and when we can we will purchase again.
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7 years ago, JR 123!!!
Fun and Entertaining
This is one of the better slots out there! It can be frustrating when you don't win. A lot of fun and very entertaining! Downside is the constant freezes and getting kicked. The games are rigged so that those who bet high win high, those who play with a moderate bet rarely get ahead...If you buy chips, the game eats them up! The creators of this app need to level the playing field and give everyone a fair chance. This IS NOT VEGAS!! you can see, there was a request that I send an email to support. Well I did. I have not heard back from anyone regarding the game freezes. The games still freeze in the spin position and then you have to close out of the game or you get kicked off. Other times the game won't open at all. As for the wins, they are very sporadic... the app is very "real money hungry"... you pay pay pay to get chips and the app just eats them up. The new league challenges are very high completion amounts but the games don't pay high amounts when they are completed. Most of our team plays the events to try and help the club but end up with no chips at the end of it...this doesn't seem fair to me...the payoff needs to be better!
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5 years ago, Mntnlady
Becoming frustrating game
I have been playing this game for awhile and in a top level platinum team, but recently we have lost some top players due to the frustration level playing this game. In the past you had a decent chance of hitting big wins but now you win next to nothing. If you make the mistake of buying chips , instead of getting better wins you loose even faster as if they expect you to spend more money. It is a shame because most of us have made great friendships while playing in clubs and the way we win now is ruining the fun of this game. I for one will not be spending another penny on this game unless something changes. You as a company may be making money now but in the long run you will be loosing loyal customers who have now had enough. The greed in this country is a shame.
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2 years ago, Yoyo8801
Change you star rating people or nothing will change
Change the star rating if you have a negative review. Huuuge will not change back to how they used to be unless people change their star rating. I read so many negative reviews, but the rating says ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. They have CHANGED the chances for wins. The tickets are a joke now. Gold tickets now give bronze puzzle pieces. Silver tickets now give you only 5 million fake chips. You might get something good every once in a while, but not often any more. And OMG, I don’t know how long it takes to complete a GOLD puzzle now. It’s become a whole bunch of ridiculousness. All in the name of profits. The less fake chips they give you of course the more likely you are to make a purchase with real hard earned MONEY. Every time I write a truthful review I win even less, but the truth must be told. Good luck and happy spinning, because you are going to need it.
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4 years ago, Zombie 1965
Money taking app
I fully understand that streaks up and down are part of gambling, even in the virtual world, knowing that this is a game of chance. That being said, on several occasions I’ve purchased chips, both to enjoy the full experience and help support the developers. The issue I have is when the app quite obviously has no “intention” of giving out a win. When someone spends $50 or more on a purchase, earning nearly 3B chips, plays a variety of games and quite literally hits NOTHING the entire time. Even on Vegas odds, that’s nearly impossible. The right thing to do would be add chips back into someone’s account. There’s absolutely ZERO incentive to ever purchase more as why would you just throw your money away and have no enjoyment out of it. I wish there was another way to get through to them other than this. I’m sure they hear complaints about losing all the time, to this extent is utterly ridiculous. I’ll be deleting the app and taking my money elsewhere.
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7 years ago, Danny, broker, but wiser.
Legalized Robbery
I spent over $800 on this game, had billions of chips, but no matter how much I bought or won, the games are set to make you lose, that way you have to buy more chips. It is funny, paying cash for a game that you will never win money on, but is designed to rip you off. I warn anyone downloading this app, you will never get your monies worth out of it. It is so bad, I really think Google apps and Apple should distance themselves from this company, there is absolutely no response to my questions to the company, which claims to answer within 72 hours, I am going on two weeks with no response. I have decided to launch my protest on social media sources, the BBB, blogs and any online gaming review site I can find. Really a shame what this company does to its customers, but I guess that is the capitalist way, whatever, don't say you were not warned. Look at the reviews listed here, good ones are responded to with a "Hi", every negative one is ignored, see for yourself. In closing, shame on you APPLE!!!!!
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1 year ago, William knows
Was fun and enjoyable at the beginning
At the beginning this was a fun game. Jackpots were plenty and free spins were always there. You could play and enjoy the game. Now the game has lost the free spins , jackpots are few. But you get pop ups. Sometimes you get 6-7 pop ups in a row. It’s is very disappointing and ridiculous the developers decided to bombard the customer with pop ups. 3 pop ups in a row is ok then you can play a game. Forgot that now. You can complain but they don’t listen. That’s ok cause I don’t buy anything now. I used to play conquest but no more. As soon as I finish my tokens I’m out of here. The enjoyment is gone and the customer is not a customer now. They, customer service , will listen but they are powerless. The programmers control the game now and only if we leave the game will they listen. It was fun while it lasted
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7 years ago, BD5560
Absolutely Frustrated
Had sworn off playing app games but have had a blast playing this game. Only complaint is that I've lost a Huge amount of $$$ when the slot spins and seems to get hung up or crashes and kicks me out. It ta keys my bet amount 😤. I've got highest speed internet available so it must be due to site being overloaded. Third time today in the middle of Artic Animal I was in the middle of the 100 free spins and got kicked. It was well on the way to over a billion each time. Once I got nothing. The other two times you gave me far less than I would've won. Thanks for that but it's hard enough to build a bank but with that happening it's impossible. I've spent too much on this game to see that happen too often. Enjoy the game but if this keeps happening I'll look to other sites.
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7 years ago, ...Justice4All
Fun but money grab.
I casually played this game. Spent a few bucks here and there for fun to keep my coins up but not a lot. What really ended it for me is that the game has the max bet button so close to the spin reels button. During a recent game I had about 150 million coins and playing a machine that had a low bet of 100k and a max bet of 100m coins. Inadvertently my thumb hit the max bet before I hit the spin reels button. Instead of a normal bet I hit a 100m bet taking almost everything I worked for a long time to accrue. That fast, 1 quick second! Ripoff. A notice comes up as a little cloud when you do this but if you are just spinning reels and hitting the bet button it’s all you need to do to go forward with the max bet. Should be a more involved process to move from a bet of 100k to a bet of 100m!! Also the higher stakes machines don’t pay, the low ones do to get you into the game, then they slow them down!! It’s like they want you to lose so they can sell you more obviously.
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4 months ago, chickie1941
Programmed to never hit the top jackpot
Gone through 550 billion credits, only betting 500m, and can’t hit a thing. Only playing 2hrs. Once I leveled up I can’t hit anything. Also they offer different incentives like puzzles are now worth more but I’ve gone thru hundreds of gold tickets and never get the last gold puzzle piece. Every charm I get now are duplicates so I can’t complete the pack. Luck and algorithms have nothing to do with it. They can program certain things NOT to hit. It’s a shame they take all the fun out of playing. When my credits are gone, I will cancel the app. Update: I had over 240 charm tokens, and the other day I traded 80 to complete a pack during their promotion. They now have my balance at 88 tokens. They’ve screwed me out of tokens that I could’ve used to complete another pack. WHY? My updated question was not answered regarding my charm token. Balance error.
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