Hyper Drift!

4.4 (3K)
197.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hyper Drift!

4.41 out of 5
3K Ratings
2 years ago, AIita99
So much potential
Over the hours of looking for a simple drifting game that I could easily have fun with, this is definitely one of my favorite it’s very simplistic fun, etc. this game has so much more potential and I really hope my recommendations spark something. First idea was a day & night option. Would be very nice to change the vibe, added new maps as well would be awesome. Maybe like a highway with other cars that you have to avoid or maybe even a small city. The maps that are in the game now are still super good but they are short. So something like that would be nice, also new cars ofc would be more than amazing I would love to see the 4th gen Pontiac firebird since I haven’t seen a mobile game yet with that model. I have so many more recommendations but there’s are only few that I feel as if would be possible. Please take these ideas into consideration. This is an amazing game and I play it more that twice everyday. I’d love to see this game go places
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3 years ago, wreckerjr20
I don’t like the amount of ads
It’s a pretty fun game to play and it’s time passing. There are things that I’d like to see in future update like more cars one of them being an rx7. Also less ads, I hate having to watch a 20 second ad after every race. Other than that it’s an amazing game and I can’t wait to see what it’s like in the future.
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2 years ago, Da_Vinci1111
Nice simple car game
Great simple drifting game with good choice of cars and customization options. Im really impressed that the sounds of each car are different with even the BOV sound for some. I even turned off the music in game since I enjoy it so much. Really enjoying the new customization updates and wanted to add some more ideas since it seems like the developers are listening. • new scenery: the floating streets are neat but get repetitive pretty quick. A night city, beach town, or mountain road would be a nice change. Even adding breakable trees or light posts to add interest. • custom flame color: it’d be nice to have a choice over the color of the flame that displays when on a drifting streak • more cars: like the Porsche 911(RWB inspired body kit), Kouki and Zenki S14’s(there’s already the s15), Toyota MR2, the BRZ/FRS/86 platform, Honda NSX, different Subarus, different Evos, Mclarens, Honda S2000 • special effect colors: like metallic, color shifting(midnight purple), Satin, or pearlescent opposed to the usual matte If these additions are made without changing the overall design style of the game it’d be very special.
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3 years ago, Issac :)
Hyper Drift
This game is so good in my opinion because there are so many different cars to choose from and there are also different color you can use for your car. When the bodykits first came, they looked so good on the cars! Overall I give this game a 10/10! For the next update you guys make, maybe add some more cars or trucks If you can can you please add the S14 to the game with bodykits, I will be so happy for that! Thank you for making this game so much fun!!! - Issac :)
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2 years ago, edgadro <3 Reyna
App a big update
I have everything in the game name it I have it you should add more cars or other things to add to the cars and plz plz plz the game is so fun when you have to get something I been waiting for one and I have been trying to play at this point when I play is just for gold I don’t care about gold I can get that so easy I want to play for something not play while I maxed out the game level no everything else done
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3 weeks ago, Sizzlefit101.1
Amazing offline game
I’ve played this game for nearly 2 years and I’m on level 1003. It’s a fun drifting game that you can play without thinking too hard. My only complaint is that I can’t get the cars that you need to watch a video for because it won’t give me the chance to watch a video for it. This is still a great game and I still don’t have all the body kits you can get, so there is plenty of content.
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3 years ago, Scytg
nice game
This game isn’t like those cringe mobile ads. It’s actually good, with different types of cars, colors and stunts to do. the only problem I have is that there is Literally 1 ad after every race and it’s kind of annoying. if the developers could lower the amount of rates I think it would def be worth a good amount of your time, (I would say like 20 mins for every 2-4 ads so that people won’t complain a lot.)
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3 years ago, ShaggyBoss
Idk if we do play with random people or not but a private lobby for racing friends would be really cool! I’m sure your working on more features and cars the game is great I love playing it! Perhaps more back drops for the scenery, different drift game modes possibly, racing is cool but I really enjoy the drifting dynamic cause it’s forcing you to drift which is the best part of the game and please don’t take the 360 spin that’s my favorite part honestly!
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3 years ago, woodstreetjay
A new Dark mode
This game is great I play it almost everyday but sometimes I wish it was darker and not like brightness because I can just turn down my brightness but like a night time city like a different map I would really love that it would fit the game so well and change the vibe of the game to a late night drift type vibe I hope this gets through I would really appreciate it Thank you
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3 years ago, Ace0_0.
Great game
I love the game and I never get bored of it, I would love to see leaderboards for highest level, streak, and coins that would be so cool to see where everyone else is at. I think we all want an online feature but even without it it is still insanely fun to keep going back too! I would love to see more car customization too I think it would be really cool to see what people come up with.
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3 years ago, cash bro lilpepegang boys
New car ideas
The game is great! But there could be more cars you should do a corvette a lonnggg bus a Miata and a few others I gotta think of but you should make more colors and maybe add ramps and make achievements like you knocked off 100 ppl here’s a cool car sum like that make a online mode too and more harder maps they get all the same and get boring love the game tho
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3 years ago, John Chatmon
I honestly love this
I've been playing this game for a while now an I love the newest update with sound and the spin. I can't wait to see what's next with this game. Thinking about everything that can be added honestly makes me excited. Imagine different game modes, online mode, car customization, venues, etc. There's so much potential.
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7 months ago, Dj caile
Game keeps crashing but so fun
5 star game it’s very fun I suggest adding a few things like multiplayer and a mode to play with actual people but I have one complaint. Whenever I try to load it up recently it would say loading then just crash and no matter if I’m on Wi-Fi or cellular data then it just crashes.
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3 years ago, mop🗿
This game is too glitchy I’ve had to delete and re download it 3 times because it is too glitchy and this is the last time for example when I try and load up the app it will kick me out immediately and I had every car in the game so I had to delete and reinstall the app so I can play and another example is when I was on a bonus level it kept opening some website on my phone every time I touched the wheel but around that the game is good if you can fix those glitches I will play the game again and give it a 5 star review
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2 years ago, noloproplayerhd
Bro 💀
To all the idiots about to put one star on this game because of the ads even after you bought no ads, it’s because you keep pressing “skip race” or “2x money” which activates an ad, it’s better to find a real reason to hate on a game rather than hate it bc you’re an idiot, also please add dark mode.
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2 years ago, Nic Pinder
Great game but...
I love this game and all but after playing for only a few days I've basically unlocked everything, so I'd like to see some more customization options if possible, and maybe add more vehicles to the game. And maybe you could possibly add an endless mode. Other than that this game is great!
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3 years ago, obliquesauce🐲
such a gas game
Bro this game has got me through thick and thin, I wish there was multiplayer, new courses everyone and then and new cars and more car additions. I would like there to be more racing trucks in this game and maybe some more wraps for cars. Just ideas tho this game is so good I’ve played it so much keep it up!
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2 years ago, lIXMySoulXIl
What you can do to make it better
This game good ngl and I think if you added more cars because I’ve already unlocked all of the cars and I’m getting kinda bored but it’s really fun over all and I think a private server or online would be cool because just playing with bots is boring
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3 years ago, zenmeta
Endless drift mode
I think if there was a mode we’re it was endless drift and your goal is to see how far you can make it without falling and based off that is how many coins you get, And if there was more cars and more customization to them other then just the color.
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4 years ago, magicfeller
The add doesn’t false advertise
All the other adds for a game say “this game is impossible” “only 1% can complete the first level” and then you download the game and it’s the easiest thing ever. But this game doesn’t false advertise. It’s something to just sit and play with a little bit of a challenge. I have really enjoyed playing this game. I would just suggest to add more cars and be able to modify the cars
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3 years ago, Broden Glover
Pretty good except for one thing
I love this game expect for one thing. Whenever I play I get to play at least 5 or 4 levels before It kicks me out of the game. I'm not sure if it's the game that's doing it or my device I'm not sure if you fix this but it would be great if you could. Like I said it could be my device but I don't know.
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3 years ago, frankiethetank123456789
Love the game but..
I love this game, I’m a huge car guy but I wish this game was expanded a little more. A little more customization to the cars, more unique levels with different backgrounds, online mode, etc. this game could really be something if it was refined and worked on a little more!
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1 year ago, speed demon🔥
Some real upgrades
Been playing for about a week and love the game, got the ad free thing. I think something worth adding would be online, real online with other people and the races online could be longer and maybe a sandbox mode almost or free world driving with other players. :) love the game tho
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3 years ago, nest game evre👌🏼
It’s ok
The game is good and all of that they should make it so you can’t go on to a diffent level because you always have to go first and you cans have 2nd 3rd or even 4th I do not get bored of it I think they should add a thing could free rid so they can make a new map were you Can buy it will your coin.
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1 year ago, nichsjsbe
Very fun game!
This game is a fun offline game and I love it but if I may I have some suggestions, maybe there can be a mode where there’s a police pursuit and you have to drive away from them, maybe some mini games too but love this game 10/10 would recommend !!!
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2 years ago, GL | Hawk
Read this
Make the game online please other than that j love this game it’s so fun just make it online instead of making bots have names that seem like real people, you should also make it so that you can play with friends. Like an adding system.
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3 years ago, frcchy
Best drifting game
It’s great I love it but I want to race more people so I can knock them off and I would like more cars I think the cars are good but more would be cool and maybe a way to customize the colors on the livery or the cars you get by unlocking videos either way best drifting car game ever
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2 years ago, Likeabiketo type
Too many ADDS
This game can be really challenging which I love and is really fun but what really ruined it for me is the adds for example if you had fell off the bridge it would give you an offer to revive but you had to watch an add even though you turn away that offer IT STILL GIVES YOU AN ADD every single time you die it will give you an add that is why I’m rating this a 3
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1 year ago, 👻 juice_wrld63
Has potential
The game overall is good in a nice calm drifting and driving game to take time away. It has way too many ads tho, every time you have to restart, ad, overall I would recommend. Just lower the amount of ads.
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5 months ago, iawygaueurhqkeoukwoq
this game is basic but fun, and something to pass the time on a flight or a waiting room etc. the only problem i have with this game is the incessant advertisements. there are constant moving pop-up ads at the bottom of the screen which takes away from the actual content, and everytime you pass a level it slams you with another ad, this time a video. even if u have wifi off and cellular data turned off for the app it still plays ads. this makes the game abysmal to play and simply irritating, the races aren’t long enough for an ad after each one.
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3 years ago, a customer named jake
Decent game the concept is nice just the amount of ads is so absurd this is the game with the most ads I’ve ever seen and all your other fake reviews are bull. After every race there is an ad it’s just horrible experience playing for 20 seconds then waiting 30 for an ad to pass you guys would make more money off your player base but you just decide to ruin the game with ads.
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3 years ago, Rocket3362
I love the game, but it's just so short. I finished the game and got level 150 in the first day. I would suggest adding more cars and maybe parts to cars to modify them. This game should also add online play so you can race with real people who are good.
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3 years ago, apillers hay
Amazing game everything works amazing and it’s very fun, I just want a leader board for points and aswell as coins and maybe even an online mode where you can play with friends but other than that this is a very fun game.
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2 years ago, butter ball27
To Creators
I have been playing this game since early 2022, and just recently i wanted to check to see if the game got any new updates but when i get on i see that all my progress has been reset. which i spent a lot of time unlocking all the cars and body kits. I guess i’ll have to grind to get all of it back
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2 years ago, Josvany A.
This game is so addicting.
I’m addicted to this game from the first time I played it. Is so fun and is a great option to pass time when you have it available. The game is so smooth is not even fair, satisfaction is a short word to this awesome game.
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3 months ago, Deethebeast421
Needs a cloud save and my game isn’t running
My game isn’t running, it stays in the loading screen, but when I redownload it I didn’t have any of the cars or modifications that I had been grinding for the past 2 and a half years
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2 years ago, q12w3e4r5t6y7u8i9o0p
great game but…
I love the game but idk if it is my device or the game, but i always kicks me out of the game when it try to play. It is always in the middle of a round. I love the game and I will continue to play it if you fix this glitch.
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3 years ago, turtlez342
More cars & customizable cars
Let’s see more vehicles and maybe body kits? Idk what else to say I already like the game but there are not any customization options unless it’s the colors. One request, please add the íntegra both versions I’ve never seen it in any game 👍
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8 months ago, Da_Beasty_Beast
Good game but recommendations
This game is way to easy it’s my favorite past time but now I gotta try and lose and make a come back but even trying to lose my car way to fast
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2 years ago, mrgrasshoppermtb
Games amazing
Honestly it’s just really simple, easy to get the hang of, the cars and the customization system is detailed for what it is, it’s super satisfying and overall a great little game to play whenever, great job developers.
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3 years ago, tiggertat1
New car (I just really wanna see it added)
I really love this game and I got my friends in it too but none of the cars I really like more than the 240sx s13 and with the new update with car mods i should make the mod the s14
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3 years ago, Jeshua_24
Please add more customization!
Just started today and already have all cars unlocked, please let me customize the steering wheel! Or maybe customize the cars with different designs?
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3 years ago, bakalol15
It’s fun but to much ads
I like the game and all it’s really fun it’s just the ads there’s to much ads every time I play there’s ads when I finish the race there’s ads when I die there’s ads even sometimes when I open the game even when I Stat raveling there’s ads.
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3 years ago, animetoddies
Make an online play
AMAZING GAME!!!. But it would be really amazing if you make online servers to play against people from across the world and maybe have stats to have cars have unique speed and stuff.
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2 years ago, Ulyses Newman
We want more
I can’t stop playing this game but I just wish there was a better reward system for keeping up a drift like gaining speed And more complex stages would make things intriguing And adding a leader board would do so much for the game Competing against friends would make this the game we need
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3 years ago, ..Loading....
Doesn’t work
I love the the game but after my friend telling me about the game i play for 2 weeks and then it stops working what i mean is when i try to open the app it kicks me out and back to my Home Screen and its really annoying and ive tried to re download the game 5 times but for me it doesn’t work so i stopped playing it and i had every car in the game so i was really mad but thats me review
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2 years ago, ColtonC416
Love it ♥️❤️
This game is a lot of fun but. Can you please make it so we can put strips on are car. I think it would make the game ten times better and make the car cooler. So please consider this.
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3 years ago, give me a name already
I feel that in the current day and age most free games are just low quality cash grabs. I usually tend to feel frustrated and angry at the game. This game on the other hand is super entertaining and feels much more fun
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3 years ago, yob3n
Add 6 more cars again 😅
You guys should add another 6 new cars again cuz I bought them all because I had left over gold. you guys should add 6 more like super cars and classic cars.
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1 year ago, brehsigmaface
Damion review
Overall a very good drifting game the problem is like almost every level like if you completed one it would send you to a add almost every time
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