Hyper Light Drifter

4.9 (6K)
812.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Abylight S.L.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hyper Light Drifter

4.87 out of 5
6K Ratings
3 years ago, Hmm...Interesting...
Adore this Game
Stunning visuals and an interesting storyline. It is a full fledge game on a mobile device. The combat is challenging and rewarding although a little repetitive. It is definitely a game better suited for a controller, but touch screen is doable although a little wonky. But any way, the visuals and story is the most intriguing part for me! There is no dialogue and I am trying to piece together a storyline from the clues in game. It slightly reminds legend of zelda with how the triforce brings peace and order and without it there is only chaos. It is definitely darker than zelda games though which you will see as you explore the ruins of the surrounding areas. Also I am going to download the soundtrack for this game because the music is just done so perfectly. The music is very dynamic and changes as you progress though the different area. It captures the mood of the game so well and I love when games do this so much! If you have an affinity to syfy-esque, hero-esque, apocalyptic type game with great world building, beautiful music, and fast pace combat than this game is for you. The game simply draws you in, and I love how I can get lost exploring the areas. I am still playing the game now but I hope our character get a happy ending. I want him or her to be okay in the end 😭 🤞 I have to say I’ve grown pretty attached to a stoic character I know so little about!
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5 years ago, ZexyCheetah
Amazing game! Noticed a strange possible bug.
First off, fantastic game! I love playing this. Awesome storyline and reaches back to my younger years of playing Zelda etc. I play it on IPad and yes I also wish the controls were easier cause you can’t get the dash room achievements at all with IPad control system. Here’s the thing that happened. In the southern zone, the one module room that turns out to be a fake module and then you have to fight a mini boss. So as I have understood, it is still a module right? Cause after I defeat it you go to the next room and then pull the real module. But on my map the fake mod is still highlighted pink and I still haven’t been able to find the eighth module. I have looked all over and tried to reasearch the maps but it always points me back to the fake room. Is this a bug? Should I make a new game and try again? I also noticed something that happened when I equipped the Tanuki sword once I attained it, there would be an error window popping up and the game shuts down. Now all that is said, these are all things that I’m sure starting a new game will hopefully fix but I wanted you to know about it. I am a really big fan of this game cause it’s just too much fun. It’s nice to play something that actually feels like a real game with substance and it looks like real love was put into the making of it. Cheers!
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5 years ago, MikeIceee
Love this game! (1 small thing)
This game is amazing! So much fun and very rewarding! Only thing that needs to be done is the ability to remap buttons. Certain upgraded attacks are too hard to do in combat because my thumb is controlling movement and I have to hit two buttons at the same time to do dash attack. I’m sure it’ll be taken care of! Thank you for this amazing game! Best purchase in along time!!! Additional feedback... So I’ve been trying to collect everything before I beat my first play through of the game and I went ahead and researched where the outfits were *slight spoiler I guess* and I see that one of the outfits is locked until you can get 800 consecutive dashes in the dash arena... I’ve had a great time with the touch controls but I’m not gonna lie it kinda is disappointing that I will never get that outfit because it’s actually impossible to achieve 50 consecutive dashes with a touch screen let alone 800 lol. I hope you guys can add some kind of compromise so we can unlock the outfit! I understand this could have been missed in hindsight sense it’s much more achievable with a controller or a mouse and keyboard. Here’s to being hopeful that I can unlock everything!! Thanks again!
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5 years ago, Il'Khar
Fantastical, literally
From the the first scene of the cinematic intro, the player in pulled into the world of the drifter, they intrinsically understand that the quest he undertakes is not trivial, but life or death. The art, music and visual combined, tell such a beautiful and sorrowful tale of the loss of a world, the fall of a people. I find it amazing that throughout the experience there is not a single word in text or voice, and yet the player knows what to do and how to do it. The story is backed up by intense gameplay, which has a bit of a learning curve but is immensely satisfying. Dashing through projectiles, swinging to kill, and then dashing away again. The entire game works together, as fighting is backed up by more intense music, and quieter scenes with softer music to bring the player back into the world or the game. It is in this amazing choreography of music and image that the game truly finds it’s own unique style, when the player can gaze upon the ruins of a metallic giant, steeped in snow, and hear the feelings of the character. If you’re on the fence, give this game a chance and I’m sure that you will not be dissatisfied. One of my favorite games of all time.
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5 years ago, wasresting
Exploration is the game
If you like exploration in games you’ll love this game. At first I was lost but it comes together after you learn the map and what everything means. It’s not straight forward with explanations of the mechanics which I love. I hate tutorials. The game is gorgeous. The best pixelated game I’ve ever seen. For five dollars it can’t be beat. Glad it came out on iOS. Play this game. One thing though, it’s impossible for me to get to the top of the tower. The game force closes the game at what seems, any time I try to get far on/in the tower. I hope they fix it. I want the new droid and new weapon. There’s like eight different fire arms in the, which I only ever got three. So there’s more exploring to do than one thought. I plan on playing this game again and maybe again. As a fact, if they fix the tower bug, I will play it right then and now. Love this game, so much. It deserves the four point nine score it has at the moment. Anybody else get the tower glitch. I’ve sent report to developers but to no avail. Thanks for reading my review.
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5 years ago, !$-Rosenberg-$!
A masterpiece in your hands
Hands down and bar none the best game that you can get for your device. Hyper light is challenging and doesn’t hold your hand, expecting you to wander and see the complex world the developers created. It respects you as a gamer and rewards curiosity with story pointers or upgradeable materials to better your character. The ambient music is the definition of aesthetic and when paired with some good headphones is honestly one of my favorite parts of the game. Mix in some beautifully done framing, their well executed art styles, and general feel you get from traveling around their intriguingly desolate world, and you’re more than set for a unique game and an atmospheric play through. I’d say hyper light has done its part to be (in my opinion) the best game on the App Store. And even after finishing the story I still feel called back to find everything that’s tucked away. Cheers to the developers and thank you for a memorable game! I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.
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4 years ago, Foxcheetah
Terrible Bug In “The Tower”
I would first off like to start by saying that this is, hands down, an amazing game. From the extensive polishing to the extremely tasteful color palette to each unique area, this game is just frickin’ awesome. But I haven’t come here just to praise the game. I’ve come here to mention a bug that has practically ruined the experience for me as of late. In an area dubbed by the Wiki as “The Tower,” there exists a game-breaking bug. Destroying any explosive barrel (or at least most of the explosive barrels) will cause the game to suddenly crash without warning. This has caused my playthrough to come to a grinding halt in some places in this area. In some instances, I’ve had to comb my way through entire areas while tediously making sure not a single barrel broke, so that I could make it to the next auto save point. Not to mention another bug where the game just up and crashes randomly in the area. I’ll give you any data you need to fix this extremely buggy area. But please, I beg of you, FIX IT, DEVS!
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4 years ago, grimm quote
One of my favorite games and it plays great on iOS
When I started diving into the indie game pool on ps4 this was one of the first games I tried, and fell in love with it. Amazing soundtrack, amazing pixel art, practically oozing with passion and charm, and gameplay is responsive and satisfying with reasonable challenge. The story is also fairly interesting although, although the game really doesn’t do all that much to explain it fully to you within the game itself. On iOS one of my worries was that it would play awkwardly, I was mistaken. Of course I wouldn’t say play this over any console or pc version of the game, a controller is important, but controls for this version of the game do it’s fluid and satisfying gameplay on console an of justice. This is a buy. P.S. at the moment of me posting this. There is a sale on the PSN Store which has a few indie games. Hyper Light Drifter being one of them, it 5 bucks right now. But not for long.
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5 years ago, Zick Wad
Cool game but needs better controls
Im only giving it three stars because of two main issues, no ability to customize controls, and I have no idea what this game is supposed to be about. Its very clear this game was made for controllers in mind because the on screen controls are cumbersome and not suited to achieving the various attack combinations necessary. The response in controls is slow and often I can't move my character fast enough to avoid attacks or complete an attack combination. Also the healing button is in a poor spot and its very difficult to heal while in battle. This game needs the ability to rearrange controls and change their size. The other issue is that I don't know what the hell I'm doing. Theres lots of switches to hit and stuff shows up on screen that I activated something, but theres nothing that tells me what I just did. Talking to characters bring up images with no dialogue, which as a stylistic choice is interesting but with how little information you get through the rest of the game little of it makes any sense.
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4 years ago, Spumplz
I cry every time I finish
I have purchased this game time and time again (xbox, pc, switch, and iOS) you might wonder why I would do it... it is because of the beautiful yet somber world that I find more and more little gifts for my adventure. This souls style game hits every point needed to make this a must play, amazing gameplay, great controls for mobile, art style and animation, level design, music and story. This is a story of a loss of control and decay and will leave you in tears but the reason I always come back is because of the journey, your characters perseverance is your strength and although you are powerful, you must understand that every step must be made with caution. I will keep playing this game for a long time, just understand in your first run that you will get lost but that is part of the fun...
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5 years ago, Jeremy Nation
Breathtaking. Worth the 5 dollars
This game is fun challenging and gorgeous. The music and gameplay are immersive. I enjoyed the first play through and puzzled my way across a dystopian fractured labyrinth of a lost world. 10/10 Omg I just got past the ice trap door to get the blue cape on my plus game. Pro tip: if you hit the wall while you’re sliding you’re essentially invincible for a split second so you can survive the maze if you’re having trouble getting around the corners. Good luck! Searching through and completing this game is so fun. It’s incredibly satisfying to beat the platforming elements, particularly on my plus game. I’ve just obtained the final monolith on my plus game run and the only challenge I think will be impossible is the 800 dash challenge. I wish I could use a keyboard or a controller pad because the best I can do is about 77 with the touchscreen on my iPhone X.
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5 years ago, meat_gun
This is a hell of a game for a small amount of ¥€$
I’ve been on the fence about pixel art games, especially with adventure/exploration style because when playing on a phone (XS Max) the resolution can make it hard to discern things. Thankfully that’s a non issue here as Hyperlight is AAA through and through. The controls are excellent with a good mix between hack and slash and employing strategy to mitigate the limitations of your attack and defense. There’s plenty to see and it’s all beautiful. There are no words in the game itself, the story is told solely through pictures which I find interesting because while the creators have outlined the story you have to use imagination to fill in some of the blanks which makes the experience unique to you in some ways. Great game, thanks to the devs for doing such an amazing job on the port to iOS.
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5 years ago, Rane909
This game will be a part of my psyche as an adult as much as FF7 and ZELDA were to me as a kid. Such a stunning adventure, masterfully created, the best music I have heard anywhere in years, not just from a video game, but anywhere! It absolutely perfectly fits the vibe of the art style and helps push the games direction and believability. This was so well executed in control and playability that if I had not seen it years before on PC and Console, I would truly believe it was literally made for mobile. The graphics have been fully recreated and do not lose a bit of the quality or frame rate and I dare say I enjoy it more now in the palm of my hand than I ever did on console. If you enjoy adventure, puzzles, ZELDA or “Metroid-Vania”styled games, you owe it to yourself to pick this up immediately. Thank you to the creators for such an amazing adventure.
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5 years ago, Mdfd77
Held back only by controls
First of all let me mention that I love almost everything about this game. The visuals, sound and gameplay keeps you engrossed for long periods of time. But I have to admit that the control scheme sometimes infuriate me, especially during boss battles. The minimal they should do is allow for control mapping or being able to change it around a little. For instance, the health button is in the wrong place. How can you expect someone to take their thumb out of the movement area to replenish health using the button at the top left corner of the iPad screen? Also, the warp button is the biggest button on the screen and not the fire button. Again, all this game needs in my humble opinion is customizable controls.
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8 months ago, Hgjgjvv
Top Down Dark Souls
I love this game. It’s easily one of my favorite indie games of all time. It reminds me of games like Dark Souls and The Legend of Zelda with its punishing but fair combat, secrets scattered around every corner, and it’s ambiguous story that makes you figure it out through the gorgeous art style made for this game. The combat is some of my favorite with how many tools you have at your disposal and how fast you can glide around the arena with the dash. The music is the cherry on top. A perfect compliment to the game’s art and combat. I’m currently doing a ng+ run and find I have to be either incredibly careful during a fight or make the fight last as short as possible so as to not die quickly. 10/10 will play again.
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4 years ago, Request For Hardmode
Sure there’s not much context of what to do but it adds a sense of discovery to the game. Really amazing graphics, sound, and music to it, with simple gameplay as of right now. I’m only starting the game and the attention to detail is superb. Completed all but the bottom path and WOW! The best indie game I’ve ever played seriously. I still haven’t gotten to all the key sections yet but I got the blue uniform and sword gun (insane mini quest btw really awesome detail in it and the boss was crazy). Really hope you guys get around to making a Hyperlight Drifter 2 since this was just the best. Secrets are hidden too but are spottable with reasonability. I’m still confused on what the crystals (pink triangles) are used for besides doors and have no idea what the monoliths do yet.
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5 years ago, Volltern
tHiS dA bEsT (No really it is-)
When the iOS 13 came out I had a feeling that you can now finally connect any controllers that has Bluetooth or what ever it may be so it is best to get a controller like maybe you an Xbox or Play Station controller or maybe a... Wii remote perhaps? Who knows if it works and maybe its just out-dated. Beside all that. Gameplay! Im sure it'll be awhile to finish this, there’s loads of challenges to meet up against, it also has many or less (not finished with the game)puzzling pathway solutions or whatever you call it, the music fits soo well every time you move somewhere at a certain place changes the music, and absolutely beautiful design and artwork and just BREATHTAKING (maybe i guess). Best game of all time!!
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5 years ago, Captain_Anarchy
What a game....
I can't believe this incredible game came to ios. This is a game that I have purchased on PlayStation, Steam, Switch, and now iOS. Why you might ask? Because this game is incredible on every level. And if you read between the lines just a little bit, you'll see how much depth this game and it's story has. It's so obvious the passion and dedication put into this game, not just the ios port but in general. The overall feel of the game, the atmosphere, the gorgeous art, the incredible and perfectly fitting score, the animation, the controls, and the programming that puts it all together....this is what makes this game a masterpiece.... PS-Hyper Light goes for around $20 everywhere else. It's $5 here....nuff said.
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5 years ago, mersenne twister
Touch controls need work
This game is really fantastic except for one thing - the touch controls. I’m playing on an iPhone, and it’s very hard to change direction accurately, or to pull off some of the combos that become available later in the game. For the most part, this ends up not mattering much, and takes a backseat to exploration, fantastic visuals, and a really special soundtrack. But the boss fights are super frustrating - not because it’s hard to figure out what needs to be done, but because it’s almost impossible to actually pull it off. I think configurable button spacing would help avoid some misfires, but the main problem is really movement. If that could be improved, then I think this would easily be one of the best games on the App Store.
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4 years ago, Anthony Betzler
This Game is GOD teir
I love this game. I recommend playing this game with a controller. The smoothness of the game play was flawless. The way they styled the world is beautiful. A good amount of gameplay time (I spent a good 2-3 hours for 4 days). The only issues i had with the game was navigating around in the beginning since I didn’t entirely know what I was looking for BUT after I beat the first boss I had started to learn the little floor tiles pointing out where to find heals and coins(?) to upgrade my gear. Other than that this game is amazing for an APP GAME like I could definitely see this on a console platform or even PC platform (I have no idea if it is on console or pc so I’m assuming it isn’t) If this game ever got detailed graphics it would definitely be a hit though Last thing, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO FUNDED THIS ON KICKSTARTER, I appreciate it, because of their help funding this game I was able to play this and enjoy it. Also thank you Dev’s and the creative minds who put this game together it’s an Absolute masterpiece. If anyone reads this review before buying this game I highly recommend playing it!
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4 years ago, Ballin_123
Very fun to play, great exploration, and different from typical retro games
I did not know I would have this much fun playing this game. The first time picked it up I was debating whether it was worth it or not. But about an hour into gameplay and getting a feel for it, it gets very exciting to explore the world your in and get more of the boxes which are used for upgrading certain skills. The mechanics of this game are very satisfying when you slash and dash through every monster in this game. Some enemies get more tough throughout the game but it just makes it more fun to strategize how you approach a dozen enemies. It’s definitely a must play if you don’t have any other game to play.
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5 years ago, Regularbronyboy
This is how iOS games should be
Hyperlight is a very different type of iOS game, that’s what makes it so unique. We have the Minecraft’s and the fortnites but hyperlight brings something new to the table, I’ve known about this game Since it came to the console but I’ve never played the console version. The game is great, the fighting mechanics are very different but not difficult to figure out. It pushes the player to thing before they charge into battle creating a different experience which I can appreciate, from the moment you start the game you feel a story coming which is what most iOS games lack because who doesn’t like a good story :) .
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4 years ago, Jotaro★
An amazing game!
It’s a very lovely game. Very fun and challenging, and it took me a while to get the hang of the controls, but I can now chain dash fairly easily. Occasionally the framerate will drop if I try dashing after warping back to town, but other than that, I hadn’t had any issues until now. I had just found enough keys to unlock the six key door in town and was beginning to climb the tower, when my game crashed as soon as I began to fight the first group of enemies, and I’m not entirely sure why. Playing on an iPhone 6 running iOS 12.4.5 Edit: The latest patch fixed the issue and I completed the tower immediately after updating, then beat the archer after four tries. Absolutely love this game’s bosses.
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5 years ago, Ian-5hih
Great Game, would reccomend
This is my first review, so if I am not as thorough as the others forgive me. :/ Anyways, this is one of the best mobile games I have ever played. The story, music, ambience, and overall design is amazing. As soon as I played, I knew that it was going to be a great experience. Their attention to detail is also amazing, and was overall a enjoyable experience. One thing that can be improved on is the control movements. Sometimes you accidentally press the wrong button, causing some minor setbacks. (This is probably a personal problem). Overall, this game is definitely worth the price and is one of the best games that I have played.
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4 years ago, ghostie5
The best game ever!
I really enjoyed playing this game, I loved the cool battles and all the secrets that you could find out and I definitely loved the final boss battle. It really is a great game, I did wish that maybe instead of after you beating the final boss maybe you can go back to the city to maybe replay levels and other battles and not just to beat the final boss and that’s it you finish the game, but in the end I still loved it and would really enjoy if you made a second chapter or game but from the end doesn’t really look like it. Anyways loved the game, definitely my favorite mobile game!
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5 years ago, Lemonworm
A missed opportunity for a beautiful control scheme
Hyper Light Drifter is an amazing game. It sits among my absolute favourite games of all time, and for all the dozens and dizens of hours I've spent, Ive thought it would do great on the Nintendo DS. using dpad to move and stylus to dash and slash wouldve been incredible. When this game was ported to mobile I was ecstatic to see what they did with the controls. I was met with the console controls ported feebily into a generic ios game ui with the same unsatisfying buttons every console to mobile port is plagued by. With a little more ambition this port could have been something incredible. Hyper Light Drifter feels made for touch controls in some ways, and this port unfortunately fails to capture on any of them. Its a 10/10 game but this port is the absolute bare minimum.
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4 years ago, VapidHavoc
Dear God Please Make It Stop!
First of all 10/10 would play again if i could. Second of all: Can you please please please please make the dash eternal quest just a taaaaaaaaaaaaaddddd bit more forgiving because i’m driving myself insane dashing and running for half-hours at a time. Repetition is my pet peeve, but the one thing i dislike more is abandoning a task, but this one here might bring me to tears. Believe me the game is great and i could not ask for a better experience but to spare my own sanity i beg of you, devs, to just make there at least be some other task to do to get the item. Please.
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3 years ago, BornBlasphemer
The very few lights
In certain ways I can relate to this game. The music is peaceful. Even in a torn world those game continues to bring encouragement where I had none. It's hard to imagine this is a full game. Thus also it has an ending most great things do so I'm kinda hesitant to finish it and just enjoy the detail in level. Small signs of past game life. And the wonderful full of wonder scenery. This game truly does take your breath away with combat most encouraging opening areas you couldn't go to before. I'm in love with it so I'm taking my time. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Gava5138
$5 is a bargain
I previously owned this game on PS4 and after seeing this on the App Store had to buy it again it to support Heart Machine. For only a fourth of the price of the console versions this game is a steal especially considering this is the special edition. The touch controls are adequate but I definitely recommend using a controller as the game is challenging. This game can be frustrating but it is such a rewarding game, plus it has great replay ability. Well worth $5. If you are having difficulty but want to enjoy the beauty of the games art play on easy and/or watch tutorial videos.
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4 years ago, 😬😄😊😝😜
Honestly, I’m listening to the soundtrack while I write this, and I feel nostalgia for something I completed TODAY. Incredible story telling, and while the controls aren’t always the greatest it’s because I’m on a timy phone and with no good way to hold it. This was so much fun! The music itself sometimes gave me this intense feeling of foreboding while exploring the nooks and crannies of every location. The story is told spectacularly well, and as an added bonus, things were difficult, but doable when I put my mind to it. 5 stars, would play again.
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3 years ago, Dr.Wiggless
So much potential
I will mostly echo what others have said about the touch controls. Obviously the game looks and sounds fantastic. Its also moderately fun despite the difficulties. The story element visuals when you talk to people are lacking though. I have played a few other games on iOS with similar touch controls (Dandarra, Wild Rift, and Oceanhorn) but none have been so frustrating. Aiming is almost not worth it, but I could live with that. What bothers me most is the chain dash upgrade ability. It works about 1 out of every 8 tries, which makes it unreliable. About 1/5 of the upgrade gears are unattainable without this ability.
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4 years ago, Daniels55555
One of best games on Appstore
As the title already tells I think HLD is one of the best games on the Appstore. It is quite challanging in the beginning but HLD provides a nice and motivating learning curve. I have to admit I at first liked the game, then didn‘t know what to do due lack of tutorial so I left it be for a while. After some time I read some „instructions“ how to start the game and then it completely took off. Just loved it. Great soundtrack, great mystery feel, great combat system, great difficulty. Just overall great. 10/10
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2 years ago, change your face
Hard but fun
Unlike other games I would just sit around stuck at a puzzle not knowing what to do at all and having to research it but in this game puzzles just snapped into my head I just know what to do at first I was skeptical because I was confused about what was happening then everything started to clear out the game is really good the combat is challenging I’ve had a hard time with it but so far I’ve gone through one section of the map it’s been really fun I suggested
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4 years ago, themlgjeff
Ok so after killing the toad and wizard bosses I went down to the left from town I had to find the 4 crystals I found two I tried to get the 3 one it was underground with the Crystal Monsters and every time I tried to get it I fell I have dash ability so I thought ok maybe I need to get the other Crystal to let me open this one so it was in the forest and I didn’t know where to go I keep checking the map it was really confusing I eventually gave up maybe could you add a item to track the crystals
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2 months ago, QuantumRoy
Issues on newer devices.
Please hide the home bar on newer devices. Until Apple gives users the option to do it ourselves, it’s up to app developers to do it, so please get on it, Abylight. It never goes away while playing the game and is extremely distracting. Also despite having ‘improved compatibility’ with 120hz screens, the game still runs in slow-mo if you don’t limit your device’s fps to 60 in Settings. Game itself is great, i’ve played it many times and have all the achievements on steam, this version is more than serviceable aside from the minor issues.
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6 months ago, rjh19820813rjh
After the first half hour with this game, I watched an obscure intro video with no text, then got thrown into a world to explore and collect stuff for unknown reasons not knowing what this stuff is or does. Within this world are stores and shops where it appears you can upgrade stuff like your sword and gun, but there are no labels or costs that I can tell. So we go back out to the world to keep walking around and killing stuff that approaches you. I guess it’s kinda like a classic Zelda game in some sense except less charming and no explanations or text. Graphics and controls with my external controller are good. Just a really weird game. Maybe I’ll give it another try later on now knowing what to expect from it.
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2 years ago, Rubenhhh
A great release for Phil’s!
Hyper Light Drifter is an enjoyable pixel scroller with solid combat, interesting story, difficult enemies, and well-made graphics and mellifluous soundtrack. Although there is little to no dialogue, the game itself is so well-presented that you are aware of what’s happening around the game world while still being kept in the dark as to the Who and the why. The combat and gameplay is not as fluid as on PC but it’s still well-transitioned. Overall, HLD is a good game and it’s worth your time. 5 stars!
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5 years ago, TylerAllen86
Truly, one of my favorite games ever made!
I officially own this game on macOS, PS4, Switch, and now on iOS. I’ve given the game twice as a gift, and if a physical switch version ever comes to be, then I’ll buy it for a 7th time. From Alex Preston’s beautiful art, and perfect color palette, to disasterpeace’s infectious sound. This game is nothing short of a masterpiece! As far as the iOS port, it’s well done. This game will always be better with a controller, but they’ve given you the full game, and to have this in my pocket is a dream fulfilled. Thank you!
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4 months ago, Careless6256
Didn’t think through the controls for mobile devices
Great game but unfortunately I can’t give it a better rating because the controls for shooting your blaster weren’t thought out enough for them to be fully functional. For example if you try shooting an enemy, you can only fire in the direction the character is moving and can’t really aim if u need to move to the left and shoot straight. I wish I could give it a better rating but unfortunately for me until this gets fixed I’m afraid it’s a one star rating especially because it’s a paid game. You’d think you wouldn’t have to deal with this type of problem if your paying for something.
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4 years ago, Entrophy the 8
Almost Perfect
I gave a good review but I left a more up to date one and it didn’t save so. The ending Drifter battle with Judgement getting diced up with O.Drifter and Alt Drifter animation isn’t in the iOS. Some of the story scenes from console and PC aren’t in the iOS. When using different cloaks with the Alt Drifter his lightsword doesn’t change color like the O.Drifter and when the Alt Drifter throws the Lightdagger his animation is the O.Drifter. Also ain’t no way you can get 800 dashes on the iOS unless the iOS has alternative control options!!!!! Lol
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4 years ago, Hihhhhhhhhhhhhhhjjjjjjjj
The north
In the north section, I already have collected the three modules I can get. The only module left was the one you had to fight the boss for, but the gate never opened. I’ve checked every nook and cranny in the north and I am sure there is no way to open the gate to the boss fix that. Also, does the game keep your progress when you try to re-install it? Please make mode for saving progress... please respond. Thank you.
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5 years ago, CorpseEater81
Hard to play
I really hate giving this game a low rating because the graphics and sound are outstanding. The problem is with the touch controls. I understand this to be a challenging game but, even on the easiest difficulty setting, the combat is not very intuitive. There seems to be a significant delay in attempting to dodge and strike enemies. At least my attempts in doing so are never successful and it kills the experience for me. It’s not that I need to “get good”. I have been playing video games for many years. I enjoy a lot of games on various platforms. The touch controls for combatting/avoiding multiple enemies/traps simply do not work. Sad.
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5 years ago, Snomels
Basically Dark Souls 2D
I hope this goes into a series one of the most unique games I played in awhile. Sometimes it may be tough some enemies can one hit you. Each time you die you get a second chance and more to rethink strategy. The main protagonist is interesting has a Samurai Jack feel to him. Enemies are balance. You basically have two weapons sword and gun. Ammunition runs out. If your into hardcore castlevania slashing this is for you.
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4 years ago, Mokeif
horrible game, designed to die even on easy mode
cant even change the joysticks settings to move to where my thumbs are for easier gameplay. the fighting & combat is trash, my player dies always gets surrounded even when im dashing. the double dash doesnt even work when you need it to. the timing to too sensitive, would be better of my player could get out of traps & the designed platforms without dying using the double dash. none of that 👆🏽👆🏽 is coordinated with each other properly. - designed to die what else? cant even heal myself when i need to in battle, i tap the heal button & my character dies because hes SURROUNDED & GET FOLLOWED BY THE ENEMIES WHO ATTACK TOO RAPIDLY. the button needs to work fast or be in a position where the player doesnt have to move their thumbs as much. its a heal button guys, come on now. -designed to die you have to aim with the gun??? when the player is already under attack? the player cant move while aiming????? most shots dont even register - designed to die refund me please
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5 years ago, trickassnerd
Love the concept but the controls are very frustrating.
This is a case of games that don’t translate well to mobile. Controls are just too hard for an iPhone XS Max even, the buttons are tiny and they all look the same. I’m an avid gamer on pc, switch,Xbox etc. I’ve beat several rpgs on iPhone and all of them had better controls than this game. I’ll keep playing it but it’s very frustrating to lose an easy battle early on because it’s impossible to not fat finger little buttons. The game is awesome but buy it on any other platform but mobile.
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5 years ago, dmyers9000
Controls are a deal breaker for me
I hate to give this kind of review. Because I know a lot of work went into this. But as of right now, this game is unplayable because touch isn’t precise or responsive enough to execute the maneuvers for boss battles to advance in the game. I want to love this game on iOS. But how can I when it’s more aggravating than enjoyable? Balancing mechanisms are needed, such as brief period of immunity while healing, so it’s not interrupted when reaching my thumb all the way across the screen corner to corner while a million attacks are coming. Can’t tell you how annoying that is to die over and over because it was not more thoughtfully adapted for touch screen. Also occasionally unresponsive buttons and no tactile response (again it’s just glass no buttons), makes for plenty of errors in heat of the moment. Everything else is great, and I’m going to try to play on my Mac with a plug in controller so I can enjoy the thing how it’s meant. But take it from me this game on iOS will let you down.
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5 years ago, Dietlama
Easily one of the Best Games on iOS
I enjoyed playing this game on my iPad Pro so much! I’d been waiting to play it on other platforms for some time, but it was the perfect way to get a high quality title with excellent controller support going on iOS and to show that games on the iPad could be so much bigger and more like their console and PC counterparts if only there were the will from developers and players. Here’s hoping for many more like this game.
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5 years ago, quazzy12
True games!!!
This is a real review for a real game that doesn’t have freemium for its price. Some say there are no words for the story etc...but just pinpoint on what is happening if you really pay attention to the focus that’s been made. From the graphics, gameplay and controls....for 5 bucks it is a steal, I would of paid 8-10 bucks for it...others probably would of paid cheaper lol. 5 bucks for 5 stars!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Yebo29
Splendid game with just the right amount of challenge
I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but the game won me over. Great mechanics, love the soundtrack, and had just the right amount of challenge where it didn’t feel impossible but gave you sweaty palms. Highly recommend to use a controller with this one, as it will be a much appreciated quality of life improvement. Keep it up Heart Machine!
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7 months ago, Brettmode
I’ve been looking long and far to long for an actual good game for the iPhone and I finally found it!! This game is perfect 5 out 5 hands down. Graphic perfect, story perfect, control perfect. I’m actually wanting to play this game even when I’m not playing it, if that make sense haha. Wish they would be a part two! Same graphics thou! Buy this game now!
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