I am Bread

4.1 (1.3K)
1035.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
tinyBuild LLC
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for I am Bread

4.06 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
2 years ago, ****^kenn
Great game but one small issue
Coming back to this game after completing it a few years ago, I thought “Can’t wait for the comical game with a surprisingly sad and dark story.” Everything I remember. Pc gamers have more for the game, but I accepted that years ago, the one issue is, which I guess shouldn’t be considered if your buying this game, is the save data, I’ve deleted the game, deleted storage connected to the game, and even signed out of my Game Center account. However the game kept the progress I had years ago. My only complaint is that I want to be able to reset the data, I’ve seen this in tons of games where you can switch to local and iCloud data. So you should be able to download your iCloud data if wanted, and switch to local and restart while keeping your progress on the iCloud. I just want the joy of striving to complete the game again, and nothing will do that unless I get a new phone and sign into it with a completely new email, and I ain’t doing that. Other than that, it’s my only problem, I would’ve given it 5 stars if it let me restart my progress. I know I’m probably the only one who feels that way.
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4 years ago, INKSTAR1
Ok, THIS GAME IS AMAZING🤩😍😉 ! just a few SMALL problems that make it 4/5 stars. I like how hard the game is, it gives you a good challenge. But there are a few things I SUGGEST. Perhaps the home-owner has pets, by that I mean a cat or a dog that you would have to avoid. Also, I think putting jam or butter on your toast/bread should make it BETTER 🍞 🧈 .i know I said that I like how hard it is, but make the controls just a LITTLE easier. It’s hard playing this game as a 10 year old. Tbh, I’m out of things to suggest, now to the PROBLEMS. UNLESS you already have this on mobile, CHALLENGES. 🥖 like the baguette smashin thing, Or the 0 gravity thing you see on the PC. If it’s already in mobile, well I’m just dumb. The only OTHER problem is how DIFFICULT it is just to ATTEMPT and get inside the toaster. I really do UNDERSTAND that the game is suppose to be difficult but you REALLY should make it a little easier to get in it. Ok so uh. There’s NOTHING else wrong with this game ❤️😃, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. 💕 ❤️ 💗=🍞🥯🥖 +-[dog walks up and literally eats the review]-+ 🍔🐶🐕🐩🍔 I feel bad about this, but can you lower the cost? 1.99 would be MUCH more reasonable (:
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8 years ago, Amazinglizard4
4.5/5, Would toast again.
This is one amazing game. Just like Surgeon Simulator, it is infurating, but once you get the hang of it, you'll find that it is rather easy to control. I have only one suggestion. Please make it more like the computer version. Add the different modes. At the VERY least, I'd like to see Free Roam mode, but Rampage mode, Anti-Gravity mode, and The Bagel Race would be nice. Those modes were very enjoyable to watch, and, without a computer to get I am Bread on, would more than likely bring this game to it's full potential.
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4 years ago, Chloe The Game Cat
I Am Pleased!
I am bread is a good game. I just have a few suggestions. Maybe there could be a few more levels, there could be a level where there are humans and you have to avoid them? That would be nice! Another idea is if you could go outside of the house or the bedroom and whatever you’re in at that time to see what there is outside without having to go through all the levels. I saw a YouTuber play it and I thought it would be pretty cool to try out and it was neat. Although it does get boring after a while and you may end up quitting, the fun you have while you DO play is definitely worth the money. Don’t worry about the game crashing, I’m using a super low end iPod touch and I have never crashed even after hours of playing. Super fun, no glitches so far! Keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, unithepetlover
One small problem
I think you should make the edibility go down WAYYYYY slower. I mean, two seconds after I touch the floor, I’m a dead bread. Also, the camera makes the game sometimes impossible. Also, the controls can be REALLY hard sometimes. Like, for example, sometimes I would be on a flat surface, like the table, and I would swipe, and swipe, and swipe but it won’t go. Also, I think you should show where the heat sources are like on the first level so it won’t take forever. Overall the game is a blast. I spend forever on it having sometimes rage, but most of the time happiness. I guess it would be kinda hard for a 9-year-old, but still. I guess this isn’t just one small problem, lol.
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6 years ago, Boopnoddle101
Epic and creative! Please read.
I am bread is a phenomenal game were you play as a price of bread who is trying to accomplish becoming toast. There are many levels to play and each one becomes harder as you try to bypass obstacles that will lower the bread’s edibility. In the kitchen, there is a toaster. Your goal is to reach that toaster with a decent edibility level. But, in all the other levels there is no toaster. You have to figure out how to make something burn, become hot, or figure out something you can use to become toast. This game tests you reflexes and ability to get around. I would recommend this game to many people despite its price. Great game.
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8 years ago, AndyMissed
🔘Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Wonderful
9/10 is my rating. Would suggest to experienced and determined gamers. --- I am Bread is a 3-Dimensional world with a comedic storyline and feel. When you first play the game, the controls are a bit difficult to utilize, but it's all in the style of the game. It's also difficult to get to where you need to go to get toasted without touching the floor for an extended time, but once you realize how to do it, it becomes obvious what you have to do. Many would find this game difficult, and thus why so many bad reviews saying "Too hard". But for those looking for a challenge and some humor to go along with it, this is the right game for you. I beat the game in approximately 2 hours or so, and found it very satisfying and humorous to beat. Completing the levels require common sense, logic, and a heightened state of awareness. Overall, a very fun game, (in my opinion) with difficult controls and a sentient piece of bread determined to be toasted. Great. --- ☑️Suggest ☑️Stable-Minimal/No crashes (iOS 9) 🚫No ads
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7 years ago, maxam67
All-around great game
This is easily one of the best mobile games I've ever played. The controls can be difficult at first, but once you get used to them, it shouldn't be too hard to move around. Each level is filled with amazing details, including bountiful bread puns. If you buy it, I recommend using headphones because of the great soundtrack. My only complaint is that the camera can be hard to control. This can make levels more challenging than they were intended to be, particularly the Garage level. But overall, I really enjoyed this game and believe that it was easily worth the $2.
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3 years ago, RoseTwinkieMama
Great! One problem…
Okay! Hello developers! :) so, I think this game is pretty amazing! 🤩🤩🥳🥳 there just ONE problem….. Why can’t there be more days? I usually play at least 2 levels a day. But, the days run short. Can you please add more levels? I mean, this is a 5$ game. I think it would be more worth it if you add more levels? Such as one month-days levels? That would be a little more better in my opinion, I just really wish there were way more levels! Ty! Please respond as soon as possible? 😇
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4 years ago, Richardf8
Fun concept but the UI is awful
I’ve played the game through. Conceptually, it’s great, but the UI is really bad. Far too often, I will find myself struggling out of a tight spot and BAM! the menu is up or the “share a picture” screen is up because an enthusiastic swipe crossed one the edibility gauge or something. But that’s not the worst of it. The worst is when you are between two adjacent surfaces and the POV zooms in so hard that you can only see one corner of the slice. It’s impossible to know how to move. Oh, and that thing where you’re on the ceiling and the POV shifts to above the ceiling; the bread becomes impossible to move then, without dropping to the floor and losing the round.
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8 years ago, Popstarkitty360
Spoiler DONT read if you want to play the game itself first
Is this game related to surgeon simulator!? I finished the episodes and epilogue, when I made the car crash with the dude in it. The dudes name was Bob just like in surgeon simulator and the hand that reached in the car was like the hand from surgeon simulator, I knew cuz the hand had a watch on it. But if this game is related to surgeon simulator that that's pretty cool. 🙂 P.s I also realized both games are made by the same app creator. P.P.S this spoiler is for people who have finished the game but have not realized these similarities between: I Am Bread,Surgeon Simulator
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7 years ago, Meeeeeeeee9553236790
Game falls short
I thought the premise of this game sounded entertaining so I figured I would buy it to play occasionally. I've spent a total time f maybe 4 hours playing this game and I'm already done. I'm very disappointed that I spent $5 on a game that's worth $1 at best. There were only 7 levels and each level was small and fairly disappointing. On top of that, yes the controls are bad. Sometimes I fling my thumbs all around the screen and the bread just will not move. I think the game should be challenging, but I think that the challenge should come through better level design and not through inconsistent controls.
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7 years ago, dkarl3083
Concept is fun but needs work
I want to like this game... Something really different than everything else that's out there... Which we really need. Unfortunately the game controls are ridiculously hard to maneuver, which I'm a gamer...i could get over that, except the camera makes that impossible. You're expected to render a 3d environment in your mind with unfamiliar controls because you can't control the camera properly... Why even give camera control if the game overrides it anyways? Fix the camera control to user defined only and I'll give 4 stars, refine the controls a bit and this game deserves 5.
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4 years ago, _xShadowKingx_
Not like pc version
I really like this game. Though the controls are sometimes confusing I just click and do random stuff and it works. My recommendations for this game is to have the various game modes like the pc version of the baguette and starch wars and the cracker one. There are not that many levels but what is great is that you have challenges you could try to complete to get a better overall score. In the end this game is awesome. Very creative game.
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7 years ago, Dotto dotto dotto
Hope you can add this so I can have fun when I win the bread part
I love the game it’s what I’ve always wanted on mobile for sure!Just something I’m going to ask you if you could add so I don’t get bored and it feels more like the actual game…In the actual version of the non mobile I am bread at the end when you finish the bread levels they have a bunch of extras you can play like cheese hunt bagel race baguette and other things.I would just like you to add that please....Thank you!
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6 years ago, Nonee10
The controls do not work on ipads, total waste of money. I downloaded it as a reward for my students and we are ALL very disappointed. How they can charge $4.99 for an app that doesn't work right is crazy. I will make sure to never download another Bossa Studio app and let every teacher in my building know not to download anything from them. I tried the hard reset like they said, actually made it run even worse. If that is even possible. How can I get a refund? I am actually embarrassed I paid anything for this poorly designed app. I wish more people would leave honest reviews, this app is a waste of money!!!!! Especially on iPads.
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1 year ago, Saanelso
Fun you should try
Fun game it has different challenges 😘I love it it’s for people who never give up its a very fun game 👍it’s about a bread that wants to be toasted up 😅so they have to go though a million challenges so fun you should try it no adds at all it’s also available on Xbox for 13$ and computer 💻 and remember avoid the dirt socks bandage water bugs floor and many more there’s a who world to explore
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3 years ago, sunny143:)
Loving it but also not
It would be great if y’all could make it where the game is compatible with a game controller, because the controls on mobile are quite frustrating so 4/5 for me. The game overall is a pretty great concept and is pretty fun but I feel for 4.99 the person buying should be able to do more then what is available. Now if the price was 1.99 or such yes it would be very reasonable.
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5 years ago, WHFiveOH
To fast not sensitive enough
When you get on the ground the edibility goes don way way way to fast. When you are trying to move I HATE HATE HATE the fact that you have to hold it down you should just be able to swipe and be able to move everything sticks to you and Monday is way to hard make first level easier we are just beginning to start playing the game you make a level like that later in the game but just not this early in make it later he all hate you for that
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6 years ago, AppWrapper
A Great game for IPads
I am bread is a pretty fun game. There is a little problem with the controls though. It pretty hard to get where I want to go. Also the edible levels go down way faster than the computer version. Other than that the game is good. The price should go down until they have a few more levels. I rate it a 8/10 Note: if you don’t have patience, this game is not for you.
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4 years ago, im avrage
Great fun game
I love this game but it is so hard and there is so much glitches that makes it harder there is even barriers so please fix this stuff and pls add tortilla mode where have to find taco or burrito ingredients such as sausage and the affect your grades how much you have and the floor is not lava and the main goal is to cook yourself but if you’re a proper taco /burrito you get an a+.also a free Rome mode would be good
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1 month ago, BryceYoung
Bruh I can’t use a controller
I love this game but the only reason I gave it three stars is because YOU CANT USE A CONTROLLER I hate this feature and I hope that this app fixes this. It’s frickin IMPOSSIBLE to do this on an Apple device FIX IT!!!! I WANT TO USE A CONTROLLERRRRRR!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬I’m so mad at this game that I start cussing. I CANT EXPRESS HOW MAD I AM AT THIS GAME THROUGH TEXT! I am SO MAD AT THIS GAME! FIX IT🤬 TERRIBLE CONTROLS AND A TERRIBLE IDEA TO NOT ADD CONTROLLERS
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3 years ago, Apryl's iPad
Amazing! More levels! Please!
This game is amazing! But maybe ad a week 2, 3, and so on, and make it more difficult as you progress through the levels. I don’t ask much more, just that you add more levels over time for people to rage at (if you know what I mean.) also, are you ever going to put I am fish on mobile!?
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6 years ago, DragonKingHallz
I absolutely love this game! This is so fun with all the places and hard work. The only thing that I kind of hate is that there’s only one mode. What about the other ones? Like the cracker mode and the baguette mode? I would want those in here to make the game better than just being bread. Otherwise, I would recommend this game to other people because it’s amazing! ❤️❤️😁
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7 years ago, a.marlowe696
Can't stop laughing as I play.
I've had my eye on this game for a while now. Didn't know what platform I wanted to buy it on, but I was bored at the airport so I thought why not. Reading some of the reviews... if you give it a bad rating because it's "hard" or you didn't do he tutorial then that's on you. This game is great! Now buy it so you can live the wonderful life of bread!!
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6 years ago, Zeekiel
Extremely Stressful
This game is unlike other games, because on other games, you can easily control something, however on this game, it is unnecessarily stressful! It’s very difficult to maneuver the piece of bread. If you rage a lot and are already stressed, this game won’t satisfy you. This is very sickening, the music is repetitive and annoying. The graphics look too cartoonish, and bright. If you’re sensitive to what I’ve just stated, trust me, don’t buy this app, pick something else.
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1 year ago, zwillgevanamazing
So I’ve been dreaming for this game like a long time and now that I’m finally been able to play this I’ve been watching people playing cookie world see PewDiePie it’s funny anyone or everyone probably I don’t know and I I’ve just been waiting for this day it’s the best day ever thank thank you for making this game. Thank you.😆
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7 years ago, joshkelbie
Awesome idea, poor controls.
5 star idea for sure. The games graphics are amazing. Upsides: Graphics Story line Length Lots of humor Challenging story Downsides: Impossible controls on a 7+ Doesn't always read when I touch. Again with the interface... the physics are good, but the way you move almost makes it impossible to do anything. When I tap to bump, it either does nothing, or jumps straight in the air. Final say: FOR $5 it is a good game. The levels are made very well, and it is a great great idea. The only thing that keeps it from being a 5 star game is the controls... hopefully we can see an update with some easier movements. But that's what makes the game challenging I suppose.
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7 years ago, RachelnKailani
I've been having so much fun with this game, because is the only game you can actually be bread, out of all the things. But, I'm kinda impatient, but I like a good challenge. The other levels were great, but now I'm on the Garden level, and I've never been so frustrated in my life. If only it wasn't so windy in that level! But other than that, BUY THIS GAME!
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6 years ago, FIX HER HAIR
This is my dream come true I always have wanted to be bread! I think it should be that on some levels the maniac guy try’s to figure out what’s going on and comes into the room for a little bit. Kinda like if you played night at the museum but in the game. I suggest that the controls should be simplified. Everybody is counting on this game! ALL HAIL THE BREAD!!!
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6 years ago, Farty Tetreault 2023
Really good
I like the game even though it makes me rage alot but I have a few suggestions. First off, I really think they should add the other mode like the Zero g mode and the cheese hunt and all the others. I also think they should add the "Starch Wars"and TF2, but other than that I love the game. Keep adding more updates and making the game better
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3 years ago, just_curious2020
Love it, but listen
I LOVE the game. It has so much potential, and i love the updates. But there’s one thing that drives me crazy. IT DOESN’T SUPPORT CONTROLLER!?!?!? As soon as i played the game, i thought it was controller reliable. As soon as i saw the it wasn’t supported, my heart went into shambles. I don't really write reviews, but this it something i must do. Please support controller, and i’ll be your best friend.
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7 months ago, That is savage
Girl this game is so good for real
Hello if you’re reading this, so this game I am bread actually so good just gave me entertainment for the whole day since I downloaded this game. It’s so entertaining it gave me entertainment for 1 to 4 or five days and even my brother plays it. He’s playing it now I’m dying now. So good so you’re welcome
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6 years ago, TacoTaylor:)
Ok... But Good.
I play I am bread a lot and it’s a great game. The graphics are great and it’s super fun. The only thing that should be fixed is Game crashes and more levels. Maybe there could be a level where there is an evil bread, or a human. Also I wish that you could dress up your bread or, whatever Your playing as. Overall it’s a great game and super fun. I like this game a lot.
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8 years ago, mavuono
Impossible to play
this game is extremely hard to play. You cant move the bread around properly and its not user friendly for a phone. It looks like more of a game you would play with a remote. The DESIGN is amazing though, it is very detailed and very close to reality, i was impressed. anyways, i usually dont write reviews but i was really upset with the fact that it was hard to play, because i had high expectations for this game and because it is expensive($4,99).
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7 years ago, pennskee89
Hilariously creative, but not worth $5.
This game is amazing, and sets the bar for creative, quirky games. However, I wouldn’t say it’s worth $5 as it only took me two hours to beat. For those complaining about the controls, the fact that they’re difficult is kind of the point of the game. If they weren’t difficult to get the hang of, the game would probably only take half an hour to beat.
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3 years ago, GRpufnstuf
So good
I love random games like this. Feels like “Bacon” but it’s NOTHING like that game to be clear. Simple concept. Control really well on tablet and phone. Camera angle gets a little bothersome but doesn’t ruin anything Can’t wait to buy I Am Fish when I’m done with this one
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8 years ago, Zxyxxncmmiidduemh
Not enough for five dollars
There are a few things that keep this from being awesome. 1. There should be costumes like banana bread or wheat bread. 2. It should have limited grip so you can't hold on forever. 3. There should be free play mode where there is no edibility meter and the round doesn't end after your toasted.
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7 years ago, Phone Philmmaker
You knead this game
This game is priced just right - it doesn't cost a lot of dough. You may have heard that the controls are crummy, but it's meant to be challenging. If you're somebody with a sense of humor, who lefse lot, or who loaves games, this game is rye-t for you. So pumpernickel into the iTunes store and take a bite out of I Am Bread!
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5 years ago, Copy Of Panda Pop
I Love This Game
This game does cost money, but, it is worth it ALSO! !!! I would let recommend if you are easily frustrated saying how this game is hard to play!!!! And im wowed how there is no rage bad review because the game was to “hard”. But I truly do love this game it’s a good game to play when you are bored.
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3 years ago, anonymouse293018
One of my favorite games
The controls are super easy to understand and use although they're a bit buggy, the graphics are great, and I'm currently on the final level.
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5 years ago, Kckdkdko
Rage game
No I did not accidentally put five stars, this game is one of the most aggravating games ever, the controls are so annoying and the gripping is even worse I hate so much that I love it because it makes me enjoy the other things in life
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7 years ago, Jaromustard629
Great Game! and suggestions.
Overall, this is a great game. but i wish there was a cheese hunt mode like the pc version. or the free roam mode as the bread. i hope that would be added because just becoming toast becomes a little boring.. but i still enjoy the game. very good game. Good job!
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8 years ago, Gamer#123
it's really fun and addicting until The game randomly kicks me completely out of the app back to my home screen right in the middle of a level and I also wish the game was a little more sensitive to the touch of a finger that way it would be easier to play and more worth the money. But other than that it's a fun game.
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7 years ago, random king
Rip off!
This game needs updating because there's a lot of things that I want my money back for Dude rip off!:every time I get close to the pillow I get stuck! Please make sure your pillow moves or maybe try making it better....or rip off!every time I try to get in a closed spot That the flat bread slice goes into I can't see anything! It gets to close to the bread! Please make it more fun and playable please!bread out dude.
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5 years ago, cats and dog kk
So annoying
I thought I would love this game but it’s annoying can you give us check points to make It’s a lot easier also it’s very hard with the controls especially with an iPad I don’t know how people get to the end it’s practically impossible please update soon and make this easier to win and play. 🥺🤗
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1 year ago, dis noice
Ok, I am Bread is a good game and I have all achievements. But please add the other game modes like free roam rampage bagel race cheese hunt starch wars team fortress 2 and Ram-page, oh and Zero G. Adding game modes will be an overall huge boost and they could be unlocked when you finish story mode
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5 years ago, GameMaster01382
Good but one suggestion
My sister got me this game for a birthday present, and it is so worth it! Except for the fact of not a lot of levels, but can you make the different game modes in PC like zero g and other stuff available in this platform? Thx!!!
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8 years ago, IBilldobaggins
Really want to like, but controls and camera make it impossible to play
This seems like a uniquely fun and different game. The control of the bread make it nearly impossible to move. When you do finally get to move your bread the camera will shift views making it impossible to move where you need. This game needs some serious polishing, it could then be a contender for top game in App Store.
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5 years ago, 🤦‍♂️👌🏻
I recommend this game to anyone. But be careful, as YOU WILL RAGE! It is worth every penny. But to the Devs , I’m pretty sure there is a bagel mode where you can race. I would love that on mobile. The only thing I don’t like is just how HARD it is to succeed. Overall, great game!
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