I Am Sober

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I Am Sober LLC
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User Reviews for I Am Sober

4.88 out of 5
142.4K Ratings
5 years ago, mwat2416
This app has so many awesome things about it!!
This is a pretty cool app actually. It’s awesome because you can track multiple addictions. Like for me I’m in recovery for alcohol and drugs but I also quit smoking like a month into my recovery so now I can also track that. It lets you put in how much you think you spent a day on your addiction in both money and hours and it’s pretty cool to see how much I’ve saved money wise. I had no idea how much I was spending a day on drugs and cigarettes. It blows my mind! It also sends you positive quotes and motivational quotes. You can buy extra packs of motivation for like a dollar and the one I got gives me exercises to try every once in a while. But I think the coolest part about it is it lets you review your day at the end of the day and you get to say whether or not you made your pledge how the day went from impossible to easy and then you put what activities you’ve done and then it gives you like a little text journal and you can journal a little bit about your day. Yesterday was a really hard day for me and after I submitted it it has a pop up that said “it’s tough. We’re rooting for you!” And I thought that was pretty cool. Little things like that make me happy. It also calculates milestones and shows you how many other people are teaching that milestone with you. I mean this app has so many awesome things about it! Just download the app and try it out and you’ll see just how awesome it is!! (:
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5 years ago, Lexyxx13
Such an awesome app for anyone struggling with any kind of addiction
I have been addicted to heroin for about 8 years, I just turned 25 a few days ago. I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl in January and she changed my life and motivated me to get clean. This app along with my clinic, my counselor, and my family all help me to stay clean. My family has a group text so every morning they look forward to me sharing my daily motivation because the affirmations start their days off with a positive mindset too!! I love how this app tracks your sobriety to the very second, and tracks how much money you’ve saved and how many hours you’ve saved since getting clean. The developers are constantly tweaking the app to make it better and add new motivation packs pretty regularly, I own almost every pack so every month once I finish one pack I start a new one. I realllllllllly LOVE how the app celebrates all the milestones, because it’s exciting to celebrate every month sober, especially the big milestones like 100 days, 6 months, 1 year, etc. I go to a methadone clinic and I always recommend the I Am Sober app to my counselor and to anyone there who is still struggling and especially to people who are newly sober because it’s helped me so much. This app has become a really important part of my day, and I plan to keep utilizing it for as long as possible for my sobriety!!
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7 months ago, Atxl.ntic
If you are a parent or want to be aware, PLEASE read this.
The overall app is amazing. I love the setup, the prices, and it’s just a great app… but the community is toxic. Day 2 and I’ve seen over 8 comments talking and making fun of p0rnographic addictions/harassment. I have since blocked every comment I see like this, but they keep popping up. There are women who show off intimates, inappropriate clothing/scenes, and just overall toxicity and disrespect. I’m 15 years old and I struggle with with sort of thing. Seeing people make fun of it like it’s a joke to be tossed around hurts… I love the app. There are also comments encouraging people to self harm, and giving ways to hide it from family and also ways to hurt yourself MORE. I can’t stand to go on the community page anymore because of the people. Some people take it seriously, and I don’t want to be the person that gets offended by everything. But commenting and making fun of things people are STRUGGLING with on an app that is supposed to HELP with that, is not okay. The guidelines say strictly not to do this, and yet it’s completely uncensored and unsupervised (to my knowledge). I’m leaving the community page to avoid the drama going on there. But if the people who made this app are reading this, please be aware of this and create stricter chats. I love this app too much to get rid of it, and it motivates me and makes me feel cared for. The ONLY thing bothering me is the community. If you read this far, just be aware.
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5 years ago, Anonymous913036
This is exactly what I was looking for
I’ve always been looking for an app to help me kick several addictions. If you’re like me and have tried a bunch of different ones and have never found your calling, look no further. This app has so many amazing features, like a live clock that tracks your sobriety down to the second. The reminder that you are making progress, even if it’s just been 20 minutes plus a few seconds, that truly serves as a helper for me. You can also add a picture and a message as to why you want to get sober. I have a picture of my girlfriend on there and it helps so much seeing her and knowing how proud she is of me that I’m working so hard to improve myself. There’s also a community page where you can post your struggles and people can shoot you supportive emojis and comments. The price is also very reasonable. If you provide a good product, I have no issue at all paying for it. In fact, I think you should pay for anything that brings you value as a thank you to the people who provide the service. However, many of these types of apps ridiculously overcharge you. This one is different. $4.99/month is extremely fair and reasonable. To the developers, I just want to say thank you for creating this app This is a service that will help a ton of people if they just give it a chance.
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2 years ago, stelarqt
Quitting Gamified
I have a bunch of addictions I've either recovered from or am working on recovery, and this is the only app that not only supports my healing process, but encourages it. I'm able to enter several of my own motivational phrases that appear every day that I "pledge" and also on the main screen at any time. The app also has several packs of motivational phrases, which are surprisingly relatable and not super cheesy. It's also a pretty decent mood diary. I never was able to get into AA because of the heavy religious tones and the pressure of publicly discussing my addictions in front of a group. With this app, there's a sense of anonymity, and there's a lot of room to personally explore the reasoning behind your own addictions and express your frustration. Also, I finally get my chips!! This app has made me totally rich in chips, it gives you them retroactively if you enter a start date in the past, and the goalposts are pretty frequent, especially at the beginning. You can also customize the chips with a picture and description, which is really sentimental for me. Just make sure you pay for premium before switching phones, or you'll lose all your old customizations.
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4 years ago, kins907
I LOVE LOVE this app!!
I went to treatment for alcohol addiction and depression this past summer and I downloaded this app when I got home. I downloaded several sobriety tracker apps but this is the only one that I ended up keeping. I love being able to pledge everyday to a picture and sentence that I made as my reason to stay sober. At the end of the day I get a notification reminding me to review my day, asking if I stuck to my pledge, my feelings or mood and the difficulty of keeping my pledge for that day. Then I get a chance to write whatever I want as a journal entry. So it’s cool to go back and look at my previous entries to see my progress. One of my other favorite parts are the inspirational daily quotes. You start out with a pack of quotes everyday for the month and then you have to earn the next pack but staying sober for a certain amount of time. I get excited to go in and pledge everyday so I can see what my quotes for the day are! I even bought several other quote packs because I love them so much! This app has definitely kept me on track and motivated. I’ve been sober for almost 8 months now and I feel better than I’ve felt in 16 years. This app helps you rock the heck out of your sobriety! Highly recommended!
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1 year ago, y0uss3f_
Great app! But beware…
It has a lot of great features like a habit tracker, journal, groups if you receive an invite or decide to buy the subscription (even though the free version is good enough). It was definitely heartwarming to see other people who used to struggle with an addiction just like you make it break through eventually. The last good thing I have to say is that you’re given an opportunity to help other people overcome their addiction as well, which is just as important as helping yourself. That being said, I have two major concerns with this app. Firstly, while the habit tracker is a good feature to have, it’s easy to get caught up with it and think that once you lost your streak, all your progress is gone. That’s not true at all! The second thing is that it’s easy to become addicted and not realize it. Doesn’t it defeat the purpose if you become addicted to something else while trying to overcome an addiction? Overall, I’m still very satisfied with this app because I was able to get support from other people and reach out to the community. However, I uninstalled it because I realized how addicted I’ve become to it lately.
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3 years ago, RaeReaMo1200
I love this app because You got to say and express how you’re feeling without anyone knowing you and no one is judging you because everyone else is going through what you’re going through and everyone supportive some people tell jokes and some people tell her story is this a great app to tell people your life and to make sure that you don’t do anything bad to know that you have support without anyone looking down on you are treating me like a baby because you do something that you shouldn’t I love it so much everyone a supportive people use your pronouns people except you and you don’t have to know them if you don’t want to so it’s like everyone knows nose and it’s just a great way to keep track and it has great things you can say how you’re feeling if you say your thoughts of the day you could say how hard it was to keep your street you can pledge every day you can see your streak you can see it and lots of different ways you can add new things it’s just such a good app and I definitely recommend getting it if you’re struggling or if you just need to talk it’s not like therapy though so don’t worry about that
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2 years ago, West Coast Eyes
This app is here for you
When starting this account, I was skeptical as to whether me not using the pro feature would hinder my experience making me try using a different app. This wasn’t the case in the slightest. Yes, there are features not available with a basic account, but all that comes with it is more than enough to get you on the right track to sobriety. This app makes you feel like you aren’t alone in your struggles. With an entire community of people just like you, it’s incredibly easy to open up about your experiences and questions that others can read and reply to. My favorite part of this app in particular are the daily pledges you take in the morning and review at night. This feature allows to remember WHY your committing to this and to evaluate your feelings and thoughts through the day. There’s no doubt that the developers put very much effort into the UI design and user friendliness, but more importantly, they made sure this app was a community dedicated helping people reach their goals together. I’m still a current member on this app and do see myself leaving any time soon.
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1 year ago, ChancePotPie
I am Sober has helped me greatly.
The I Am Sober app is an incredible tool for anyone who needs help with addiction recovery. This app provides a comprehensive platform for individuals to track and manage their sobriety journey. With features such as daily goal setting, progress tracking, reminders, and motivational quotes, the I Am Sober app is designed to help users develop a strong support system, stay accountable, and maintain their sobriety. One of the best things about this app is its elegant and user-friendly interface, which makes it simple and easy to use. The app's feature-rich design and intuitive navigation complement the real-time tracking and management capabilities, allowing users to stay on top of their recovery journey at all times. Overall, the I Am Sober app is an essential tool for anyone seeking to maintain a sober lifestyle. It has all the features and support necessary to help you track your progress, stay motivated, and make it through every day of your recovery journey. I highly recommend this app to anyone who needs help with addiction recovery!
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6 years ago, NattleSnake💗
Best app ever
When I downloaded this I figured it would be of little help and I would eventually end up deleting it. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve been struggling to stay sober for the past 14 years and this app has made such a difference this time around. It prompts you morning and night to reflect on why you are wanting to be sober, has a great clock for keeping track of your sober days, and a meeting schedule. You get to track your progress and write a daily log like a 10th step almost. It’s my second day using it and can tell already it’s going to be a very useful tool. Thanks for creating this app! You can even write a statement of why you want to stay sober so you won’t forget (I always forget why staying sober is worth it so I especially like this feature). You also have the option of uploading a photo with your statement. I uploaded a photo of myself while I was using. Seeing that terrifying photo is enough to remember the urgency of maintaining healthy habits and routines to stay sober. Good luck to anyone reading this-it works if you work it-as they say.
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2 months ago, Xio0429
Great App
I honestly never knew this app could be used for anything else than the common types of addictions such as alcohol and drugs. But I discovered it even works for other things such as sugar, porn, and technology. You could really be “sober” from anything in this app. The ability to communicate with others being free from the same things as you are is incredible. You can post and talk about something random and others can comment and encourage! I also love that the developers made this app free. Y’all have no idea how many lives y’all are saving and helping improve. Thank you for making the free version of your app able to still help thousands of lives, like my own. TIP FOR THE DEVELOPERS: - I would like the ability to see when someone replies to my comment. Sometimes I comment on a post and I might never see it again… - I think the workbook feature is great. It seems/feels a little hidden within the app though.
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2 years ago, Alyeskaxx
I’ve been using this app since the second day I gave up alcohol. I’m about to reach three and a half years sober. I love this app and being able to track my sobriety. Unfortunately, the recent changes to the Pledge page have lowered my experience with the app. I’ve missed more pledges since the change compared to the rest of my three years of sobriety. What was once part of my morning routine has now been something I forget until the reminder notification pings. I wish it would go back to showing us our pledge streak. If anything, move the Workbook stuff to the Motivation page. If I wanted to work on something, I would go looking for it, instead of having it forced somewhere that many addicts in recovery used daily. I am not a developer so I’m likely speaking out of turn but one would think that the app would focus on maintaining a sense of regularity as its users are addicts in recovery. I’m thankful this app exists and I hope the Pledge part of the app returns back to the form in which it was most useful.
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2 years ago, Bella G. Langborgh
I don’t recommend this app unless you only plan to use it for a tracker, and not support.
I’ve had this app since 2020. The nice thing it did was I could see other peoples stories who were dealing with similar things as me. At first, there was a problem with no trigger warnings or graphic detail or pictures, but the app dealt with that. So we were good. Then they got rid of being able to post more than once a day(unless you paid for the premium). This sucked bc I rlly needed support some days or needed to rant and I couldn’t because apparently once a day is all you need. I was able to live with this though. What took me over the edge was how they now make you pledge 5 times if you want to see other peoples posts. Personally, seeing peoples posts and being able to comment and give advice was encouraging and therapeutic for me. Now I have to wait five days straight, assuming I don’t forget a day, to see them. It’s forcing the users to make a promise most aren’t ready to keep. This type of stuff makes people feel crappy about themselves or doesn’t help them when they’re crying and just reset the clock and need to see some support. If there’s another app you can use, I recommend that.
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3 years ago, Dragon-Teeth
This isn’t used like it’s suppose to
This is an amazing app, I love how it encourages others to become sober and lets you see all of the days and months you been clean. But I just got the app and had to flag 17 posts in the community section because they were inappropriate. There are so many kids going on this app saying things like (TW) “PLEASE SOMEONE KILL ME ILL PAY YOU 6 BUCKS” (TW over) which I feel makes a mockery of those who are in this to actually get help. These sections aren’t monitored which I think is horrible, I went into a panic attack and started crying because I relapsed, found this app wanting help, and yet was made a mockery of by kids who shouldn’t be using this app because they posted triggering content that didn’t even belong in the community section. These sections should be monitored more, I don’t want to report a million posts because it’s excessive but I do it for the safety of others who go into that app wanting help. This is literally my only issue with the app! Everything else is amazing. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, Neubig57
Love this App!!!!
Currently going through the process of getting sober. I’m in A.A., I’m seeking counseling and I’m working hard. I downloaded this app on a whim and wow! I love it! It keeps me even more focused than just a meeting or two, sometimes three a day 😂! It’s motivational and really helps you track all the stages of your progress. I paid for the monthly subscription and I’m not looking back. You can track how you’re feeling with each milestone. You can win free motivational packs for sober streaks. You can track daily and privately how you felt on that exact day and look back on it at anytime. You have a community of people who are right at the same milestone you’re at to talk to on a feed. It estimates how much money you’re saving based on what you think you spent on average everyday. It’s been two weeks and I’ve saved $244 and that’s at the low end of my estimate not including my $60plus binge nights. All in all this app really does help if you really are in it to win it!
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2 years ago, Carter James :)
Great community
With this app you can track multiple additions. It has a timer to see how long you have been clean. There is daily motivational quotes that have actually helped me feel better. There is also a daily review where you can rant about your day if you so choose so. My favorite part is that you can post in the community with people going through the same struggle of getting clean. I love seeing how far people are and I am so proud of them, staying clean is had and this community really helps. I have also posted a few times when I have relapsed my timer and was having a terrible day, I always get at least a little support that reminds me I am not alone. Each time I fail, I am at least a little better next time. The whole situation is different for everyone, so it may take longer or shorter to get fully clean, but I would highly suggest this app right here, extremely helpful.
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4 years ago, nonolu1007
Great App but Needs to be More Holistic
I absolutely love this app!! The notifications are really helpful and I love the community you can connect with. I like being able to review each day, it helped me notice patterns and triggers. The only thing I don’t like is that it only counts streaks, like how many days in a row you go without your addiction. I see a lot of people that land back at day 0 or 1 beating themselves up, feeling awful and guilty and like a failure. But a lot of those people come off 30 days sober, 50 days sober etc. So I think mentally it would help people to see a counter that accumulates all their non-drinking days of the whole year or month or whatever. I used to drink every single day but this past month I only drank 15 days - that’s huge for me and I’m super proud! But on the app it’s not recognized, I only see I’ve been 2 days sober or whatever. I’ll still keep using the app because the other features outweigh the counter issue but it would still be nice to have a longer view of your progress.
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2 years ago, no longer a drunken fool
One of many useful tools for abstaining from alcohol
Surely the app has nothing to do with actually staying sober. Of course the answer lies in one’s mind and free will. This app is pretty darn cool. I allows you to track how many days you’ve abstained from alcohol, shows the amount of money you’ve saved by not drinking, and the empty calories you haven’t invested. Not only does it hold you to some level of accountability by making daily pledges, it allows you to leave notes on changes you’ve noticed, also a sort of journal for reasons you stopped drinking. Not to mention the daily motivational quotes, that can be truly helpful in keeping a person positive with kind words that keep the spirits up. There’s more to it but in the 12 days I’ve stayed sober this app has been a daily value to my recovery from alcohol. To the makers of the app, we’ll done old chaps, my hat goes off to you for a job well done!
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1 year ago, Allyaon
Solidarity and a sense of community
This app tracks your days, asks reflection questions, offers encouragement and inspiration, tracks money saved, AND! The best part! Is that you see (a) THAT you’re not alone in your journey (how many people are at the same level of progress as you) AND (b) the stories of people who are celebrating their progress or struggling. There are daily prompts you can answer, and all sorts of opportunities to practice pride and gratitude for yourself and the direction you’re heading, which is key to growth and change. I really appreciate this resource, especially since I want to be connected with a recovery centered community yet feel uncomfortable with the 12 step group mindsets I’ve encountered and their cult-like codependency and all-or-nothing deficit-based motivation. I’d like to find a group that isn’t like that, but I haven’t yet… so in the meantime, I appreciate the opportunity of this app.
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1 year ago, Getout Ofoffice
Problems with App Protection and the Community Board
I just checked out the community for the first time and it was shocking. I get that it’s a place to vent but other people can see the stuff you pay on there. I don’t want to see people complaining about how much they want to hurt themselves and easier ways to do it. I’m trying my absolute best not to and all they talk about is how much they want to and how much they do it. The producers should really crack down on it more or at least make it clear that it shouldn’t be a place for sharing easier ways to harm yourself but a place to spread motivation. I also HATE how you have to pay for the app to be password protected. I understand that people have to pay for some things so the company can make a profit but it’s completely counter intuitive to their mission. The app not being password protected, and then someone finding out your addiction can be so harmful. I love how this app gives me daily motivation to keep going but they should really work on the smaller stuff that will make this app so much better.
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2 years ago, Fruity._.frog
Great app! but here’s a suggestion
This is a pretty good app and I really recommend it, I don’t get that committed to many apps (including this sadly) but I’m trying to use more but it definitely works! My suggestion though is that there would be different things on the ‘list’ of addictions. Things more like “I have brushed my teeth every day for ——“ or “I’ve eaten every day for ——“ I think it would just be a nice addition to it and just give more options, if course there is the ‘custom’ thing you can choose but it doesn’t give much room to write the name (which doesn’t really matter but still) I think having more of those types of addictions listed would have more good types of community’s. I already really love the community in this app and I haven’t seen anything hateful yet, I don’t usually post anything but I like to read through other peoples’ posts on their progress :) it gives me more motivation which I definitely need
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11 months ago, Harm 🥖🪒
Love this app <3 seriously
I just had to come and write this review. My favorite feature of the app that I’ve been sleeping on is the little workbook feature. Where it asks really provoking questions that help you examine your addiction from different angles. Questions like “what are things you do to hide your addiction from your loved ones” “times you wish you didn’t say yes and boundaries you wish to set with people in your life that further your addiction” “things in your environment that hinder your progress in sobriety”. It feels wonderful just typing out all your thoughts on how these things are effecting you and your addiction. Venting about my current situation and how difficult it is and frustrating and how my addiction feels it’s all so relieving and enlightening. Such a wonderful tool in recovery. Really needed this after getting down on myself during a relapse.
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1 year ago, Katycat1017
I’m literally so sad I deleted the app ig (i don’t remember doing it honestly ) I do that for storage how ever I forget what happens when you do that and I went to update my feelings and stuff and when I told you when I lot everything my dates for how long I’ve been clean all my notes and programs I put down or not good feelings when I realize that it was deleted and I lost everything my heart dropped everything is messed up everything I did that was so important to me is gone but my posts and i didn’t post that much I literally sobbed about it and I know it may sound stupid to others but everything on there all the information and things I had were so important to me i don’t even know exactly how long I have been clean like the actual date and it is struggling me out so much I don’t wanna even do this anymore like my brain is all over the place it was my journal and I just want a way to get it all back
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11 months ago, spoon1818181818
Basic functions and easy to use!
In todays world everything has been made over complicated and excessive. Not this app! It’s easy to use and a great way to check in on your own journey to a better life and at the speed of your choice. It’s not in your face every second if you don’t want it too be. After becoming sober from alcohol for 2.5 years. I can honestly say this app has been just as helpful then as it is now. I didn’t use the community side of this app but I can see where for some people it could be helpful. With the right combination of healthy decisions, friends, family and the right attitude, this app can help to change anybody’s life for the better. I would like to thank the developers of this app for giving me a tool to help me on my own personal journey and I hope that others have the success that I have had. Stay positive!!!!
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3 months ago, it doesnt matter what my name is..
definitely keeps me motivated
I use this to quit nicotine. I quit for about a year and a half at one point and it was the best I ever felt and for some reason I picked it back up for the last year and a half. This app almost challenges you in a way to be a better you than you were yesterday. it gives you prompts to look at for when you’re feeling weak and need to remind yourself on why you’re doing this in the first place. every day when you wake up it asks if you would like to pledge that you will not break that day. Once you pledge that it gives you a motivational quote which I would normally find corny but it’s honestly very helpful for some thing as difficult as this. I only use the free version and it honestly has everything I need, but I like it so much I’m considering the paid version (never thought I’d hear myself say that)
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4 years ago, Bjamesthompson
Group therapy in an app.
The function and design alone are very well done. I truly feel like I can be OPEN about my story to people like me in this app. At first I wondered why it took so long for my posts to actually post, but I believe it's because they are reviewed by actual human beings and not some algorithm. Which, only makes me feel genuinely cared for, supported, and safe. The ONLY thing I wish was available is the option to quickly/ directly acknowledge/like someone's comment on your post. You can comment back on your own post to reply, but I don't think they get a notification. How do they know I appreciate their input, insight, or kind words? Unless it exists and I am just missing it? Haha. Anyway, I take a star away for that, but I was going to give this app SIX stars anyway ;) .. For beautifully designing an environment where we can listen, share, encourage, and inspire. THANK YOU for giving this app to the world <3
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5 years ago, Marijuana_Primadonna
Such incredible motivation.
I was skeptical of this app because all the others I’ve come across are really just counters. With “I Am Sober” it does keep track of the months/days/years you have been clean, but it has so much more to offer than that! It gives you the option to list the reasons why you should stay away from your bad habits. It also sends you notifications to look at your progress for inspiration and sometimes offers inspiring quotes. What sets this one apart from others though, is that there’s a little community of people on there also. You can read their stories, reach out to them, share experiences. It’s truly an amazing, safe place to be able to celebrate how far you’ve come. PS- I love that the list of addictions aren’t just drugs and includes things that other people struggle with. Adding self-harm to that list was huge! Thank you so much for this app.
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6 years ago, 18483926272
It has helped keep me motivated.
It’s a very simple yet powerful app that goes into great detail about your addiction. Besides telling you how long you have been sober, it asks you to make pledges, it gives you motivational prices for the day. It tells you how much money you have saved, you can rate your day by how you feel and then it asks what you did that day so it can statistically track what causes your hardest days and you can try to avoid things that cause you to want to relapse. It gives you milestones and you can say how you’re feeling that milestone and compare to how others have felt when they reached it, positive and negative symptoms. It’s just a very well designed app that has continued support and updates and it really makes you feel accomplished every time you open it. It helps me a lot. I advise at least trying it and good luck on your path to sobriety!
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11 months ago, Jaqaivis james
Forever a game changer
Couldn’t get myself to quit porn and my drinking habits. I got sick and tired of living in constant stress and depression, wondering if there will ever be a time in my life to be myself at my true potential. Porn changed the way I saw women and how I interacted with them on a daily basis and I just felt like a unwanted tool. I got in a relationship and proved porn was still the most damaging, but also quite possibly the most consuming addiction as it was all I couldn’t think about even when I had a perfect 10/10 GF. This app helped me physically see and track my steps so I didn’t feel so lost and like my effort to not pleasure myself wasn’t just for nothing. I recommended to true even if you fail a few times. Seeing progress form each relapse can change a whole person’s perspective for life. 🙏
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2 years ago, Jadenlee
Frustrating Experience
As someone who is trying to recover this app helps with the basics. And for its basic features, I would give it a 5-star rating. Yet the community section is quite concerning. A lot of these people are children and it’s just frustrating seeing them talk about vaping and self-harm etc. Not only that but a lot of the stories are very attention-seeking and made up? I mean I understand things are rough at home. But going onto an app where adults are discussing sobriety and their journey. It’s not a child-safe environment. There should be an age restriction. Or some way of monitoring how many children genuinely use the app. It’s scary how they treat it like Instagram or a regular social media app, it’s not TikTok. It’s a sobriety app. I don't know if parents stopped checking children's phones to see their child complaining about how their $50 cotton candy vape died.....but maybe they should start checking again because It's something else.
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2 years ago, Kevjumbaroxs
I enjoy this app a lot. It grounds me from my self-destructive tendencies. Although I have some bad days, this app has blessed me with knowing I can see light at the end of the tunnel. This app allows you set your intention before committing to your journey. There are daily check-ins, which are highly effective along with the motivational message afterwards. Regardless of the bad days, this app will cheer you on. There is a “Note” feature after completing your daily check-in, which I’ve found useful for jotting down my improvements and what I can do better. I’m noticing my triggers more. There’s also the ability to log your mood and rate the your difficultly, which is really nice, because I’m more aware of my thoughts. Every moment where I’m about to fall back into my ways, I’m reminded of the pledge I made for myself. Progress is not linear, and the road will be hard but not impossible. Sobriety is allowing me to reclaim my life again and this app is instrumental in staying sober. For anyone who’s struggling, please do not hesitate downloading this app. The best time is now. If you’re ready to commit with full force just yet, mentally prepare yourself and set a future date on the app for conquering your goals. Be patient with yourself, and good luck to everyone! ❤️❤️
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2 months ago, elizabeth82000
I Am Sober
THIS APP IS SO GOOD. i’m still struggling with thoughts and stuff, and some of the stuff is “plus” which i’m never usually a big fan of because yk all the good stuff is in the plus. but it’s actually so so so good even without the plus. you have to make a pledge to show you aren’t going to do the thing you are trying to stay sober from every day, i don’t do it that often cause i forget, but when i start to feel down, i go on that app and just share what i need to. it makes me feel better when i don’t need advice and i don’t have much of anyone to talk to. it’s a nice comfort thing to feel like someone knows and understands what your going through and you don’t need to be talked to. AND YOU DONT FEEL JUDGED. nothing in this app looks overly pushy or cringy or literally anything bad. clean 87 days!!
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5 years ago, Snake&Hummingbird
Positive and helpful tool for staying sober
This app helps track your sobriety and to remind you of the reasons you want sobriety in your life. The daily encouragement and accountability it provides are a good compliment to other treatments and/or support groups. It also allows you to track the specific ways in which your life is improving as a result of sobriety, along with the aspects of life that may be more challenging, and it shows you, anonymously, how many others are experiencing the same “symptoms” in their lives at the same point in their recovery. I really like the daily pledge, which links me to photo of myself and my affirmative statement about why I, personally, want to maintain my sobriety, as well as the positive/inspiring thought for the day. I have not experienced any glitches or other issues with this app. It is a high quality tool for good living.
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5 years ago, nicole corin
Need some extra motivation to kick a habit for good!? Get this app
I have tried and failed to quit smoking for the last 5 years. My sister told me about this app, I downloaded it right away and I am so happy with it! I’m on day 5 of being smoke free 🚫🚬🙌☺️🕊 Being able to track your progress with multiple additions (the free version you can track 3 addictions) Being able to see the amount of time you have gone without a cigarette or whatever habit your trying to get rid of. I look at the time that iv already gone without and say well I can go another minute which turns into another hour which turns into another day 🙌 I’m also working on giving up gluten and there is a tracker for gluten and many others. Example: cigarettes , junk food, self harm, drugs, alcohol , gluten a bunch of other option I feel like this app gives me the extra encouragement I need! This is the longest I have gone (by choice) without smoking cigarettes It is possible it is worth another shot to quit!! Great app , I DEFINITELY recommend it I feel a new sense of self control I never thought I had! It’s really exciting I’m konmarie’n my addictions! If they don’t spark joy, ditch them. Live a better life !! I LOVE this app ♥️🥰🙏🕊 I haven’t felt this good in so long 💪
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6 months ago, raedizzle4shizzle
I LOVE THIS APP buuuutttt
I love this app so much, it is the only thing that keeps me clean and motivated. Tomorrow I will be a month clean from nicotine, and it has really helped me so much seeing how far I have made it in my recovery journey! The only thing I wish they would change is allow people the chance to reply to comments from people so we can actually engage with others; however, at the same time, I know some people are just not very good people and would use that feature for bad. Maybe they can come up with a word filtering feature or something to make sure comments stay motivating and kind? I don’t know… but it’s a great app nonetheless!!! Thank you to everyone who helped make this app possible for helping ME get clean this time. All my love goes to you!
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3 months ago, poo poo pee pee!!
amazing app, but some suggestions/feedback
i love this app. at first i thought it was kinda stupid to use for things that aren’t hardcore (like self-harm or harder drugs), but once i downloaded it and saw all the options for things to quit my view changed. i’m currently 54 days without vaping! i love how you can see the exact time and in different layouts, being reminded of the reason you quit, and how much money you saved. i do have a suggestion for the last one though; it would be better to have more options than how much money you spent “per day” and “per week,” bc i know i’m not only speaking for myself when i say i wasn’t spending money on it every day or week. even only adding every two weeks would be great, like i only bought a new pod every week and a half or so. adding an option to change the frequency of when you bought whatever thing it is you’re quitting will be helpful to a lot of people because not all of them were every day or every week. it would give more accurate amounts of money they’ve saved if they could input the exact frequency at which they were buying! overall, thanks for creating this app devs🩷
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1 year ago, CamdizzleWizzle
Please consider
This app is totally amazing. Very well developed and thought out. Great concepts. But man oh man a subscription is just the wrong way to go. I understand the need to make money but making this a one time purchase would be a 5 star no brainer for me. In fact the free version is almost enough but I can only track 2 addictions and I have a few I would love to track. I can’t understand how paying is helping anyone with that. Some peoples addiction is even gambling so paying to get help doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I would totally pay $10 flat out for this app and I bet a lot of the 1 star reviews would as well. If you have to throw some ads in the social feed I could handle that too. But a subscription just feels like a money grab to me in the hopes people will forget about it. Super bummed there isn’t a flat out fee and I’ll have my eye out for other apps to help me track my other addictions this app won’t let me track.
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5 months ago, paigeadd
If you’re thinking about it, you will not regret it!
I drink more than most but less than some, so I wasn’t sold on the idea I needed an app until I thought it might be nice to track how many days I’d gone without drinking. This app has been such a pleasant surprise! Not only does it track your progress, but it reminds you every day why it is (in your words) that you’re pursuing sobriety. It also has a community board where people post questions, updates on how they’re feeling, or motivation and as cliche as it sounds, it makes you feel less alone in this. It can be scary to take on the idea of sobriety but I have personally found this app to be very helpful, user friendly, budget friendly & an overall well made app!
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4 years ago, Gallowizard
What an EXCELLENT app
I am thoroughly enjoying this, out of the plethora of sobriety trackers that hide everything useful behind a paywall it is so great to see a company that actually wants to help people. The subscription gets you access to extra skins and a few bonus things but the core of the app has everything that you need. I am going to continue to use this for a few more weeks but as of now fully intend on subscribing just to support the developers and I recommend that you do as well if you are finding it helpful because such a thoughtful program like this one deserves to stay alive and to be kept up to date. That can only happen if the Devs can pay their bills and put food on their plates! Thank you so much for this, I am glad that I found it when I was in need.
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1 year ago, suqarskvll
Only thing that has helped my trichotillomania
It’s the only thing that’s kept me in check from pulling my lashes. Right now i’m over 50 days clean and my lashes are growing more than ever! I love being able to track everything daily from my mood that day, write down what I did, etc. It’s very simple and keeps me in check everyday. My habit of pulling is slowly going away. When I started I was almost bald on my eyes. There’s no guarantee of success, but it’s made me put my attention onto other things and focus on what I really want; no more trich and beautiful lashes back. I love the affirmations this app gives you as well, they actually helped put some things into perspective for me. They aren’t cheesy lame ones. I love I Am Sober!
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3 years ago, BRlNlCOLE
No widget without subscription
this app has been recommended to me by quite a few people, so i figured i would give it a shot. so far, i’m liking it. i like being able to see my progress as a reminder that i’ve made it, even if it is only a few days. the only thing i wish was different, is i wish we didn’t have to pay to be able to put the widget on the home screen. for me, it would make it a lot easier cause i wouldn’t have to always unlock my phone or even search for the app. i can swipe to where the widget would be quite quickly and then continue going about my day, cause sometimes i just need that little reminder. i hope the developers would consider this in future updates, cause it would definitely make this app a lot more convenient, especially for people constantly on the move
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1 month ago, shi ur sjidduu
Overall I am very pleased with this app. However, I have one suggestion that I think would prove very beneficial to your app. While I know the app is named “I am sober”, this can raise some issues with certain people; especially people working a Narcotics Anonymous program such as myself. I think you should add a toggle-able switch in the settings to change the mentions of “sober” in the app to “clean”, obviously this doesn’t have to include community posts but for things like where it says “sober start date“ or “my sober steak is” they could very easily be replaced by clean. Once the switch is toggled, just simply search for all instances of “sober” in the progress tab and replace with “clean” or something along those lines. Once again, just a suggestion. Thanks!
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4 years ago, PokerAdam95
Amazing App - Suggestion for the developer
First of all, I love this app to bits I’ve been using it for years and has been a vital part of my recovery. The community is supportive and great and I’ve seen it come such a long way in terms of functionality. I joined back in 2016 when it was relatively new and just gave you a timer, an inspirational quote and maybe a couple other things. I love that the community aspect has been incorporated into the app. But if there was a way to log the notifications somewhere within the app, rather than solely through my homescreen, it would be helpful. Sometimes I’ll want to reference a comment I made on another’s post and have to spend quite some time trying to find it. Just a suggestion! Anyway, I love the good work these developers do.
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3 years ago, shaolinwarlock
One small thing
This app is helping me stay focused on my goal to quit smoking cigarettes, one of my favorite things is that you can put a picture along with a Reason/motivation for staying sober (in my case I am just trying to quit cigarettes but there are many options for other types of addictions). Looking at that really helps lift me up and feel more positive about my quitting goals. One small thing I would love to change if I could would be to put that picture and Reason for quitting at the top of the screen so I don’t have to scroll all the way down to see it. A lot of the time I’ll open the app just to look at that to give me a little push through any urges I might be having throughout the day.
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2 years ago, Bubblequeenmamamoo
i’ve never reviewed an app before, but i truly believe this one deserves it. after five years of vaping, i have been NICOTINE FREE for six months now!!! i am sober has all of the resources necessary to break a bad habit— you can review your reasons for quitting, track your progress and money saved, and communicate with others who are trying to quit (this was my favorite part, reading encouragements from others in the same boat and sharing tips for staying clean). it’s not magic… you do have to commit to change and put in effort on your own. but needless to say it definitely helped me stay on track :) all around a great app with a great community of people who are trying to get better. AND I CAN RUN AGAIN!!!!!!
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2 years ago, 916123546
This app is changing the game for me!
I love this app. It feels designed by someone who has struggled with substance use. The best part about this app is it is focused on Motivation, rather than just tracking time spent sober. Each day you make a pledge and you follow up on that pledge that night. In the app, you make a sort of vision board to answer "why do i want to be sober" and honestly it's been the most helpful thing. And so much more. It's also great for self-discovery. Track your physical and emotional/mental changes and see how they correlate with your substance use. Use their workbook feature to quickly reflect each day using their prompts (which i actually like). I had 1 piece of constructive feedback, but it turns out they already had the feature built in! It's a great app :)
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10 months ago, andiiidaniiilove
Thank you.
I never write reviews, so I apologize if this isn’t even close to being good. I love this app. I want to thank the makers of this so much. This app has helped me a lot during my journey of staying sober. My favorite thing about this app is the part where I can write about my feelings and my day. I’ve been raised not being able to talk about my feelings, so it’s very hard for me to express them. Especially because I’m a teenager. This app allows me to let out everything and it actually makes me feel better. I love how the app encourages me to stay sober. I’ve been in really bad places and the only thing that has helped me is music, and this app. Again, thank you so much for making this app. I know it’s helped a lot of people, and I’m super grateful for it. 🫶🏻
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4 years ago, layala 625J
I am sober
I cannot stress about this app, it helps me so much when I’m anxious seeing other people be so excited about their goals and accomplishments, and seeing others fall and hoping to rise back at the top because of the challenges that they’re going through in their every day lives, it’s like a therapy group, a big community and I know what everybody thinks when they hear therapy but they don’t try to exactly talk you out of your life decisions, they don’t judge or criticize it’s a welcoming community, you don’t have to talk to them daily or weekly you don’t have to interact, I love the simplicity of it the knowing that I do not need to feel judged or miss placed! I am now 11 days, 16 hours, and 31 minutes sober from Self-harming!
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6 months ago, trilldeezy
Accountability app
I’m so glad I discovered this app after I had been struggling to stop smoking cigarettes for several months. Even with patches, I was backsliding every 3 days. This is a great way to be accountable for your addiction. I think about smoking and then I look at the app widget and then I calm down and find something else to do. As of today, I am 8 days tobacco-free cold turkey. I plan on to continue using this app to wean my other addictions. Thank you so much for this! 10/10 recommendation for anyone struggling with an addiction and even if you have a good support system, it’s nice to have a reminder that you have to be mindful of your success and how far you’ve already gone. Take it one day at a time❤️
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