I Ching: Book of Changes

4.9 (1.8K)
53.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Brian Walker
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for I Ching: Book of Changes

4.91 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Samuraic4t
Morning Ritual
The most beautifully designed app I have ever seen. Seriously. It works perfectly and is absolutely user friendly. The designers of this app should design every app for the whole world. This is an educational and easy to use app that is also a book. It has simplified my understanding of how to use coins to create the hexagrams and how to consult the I Ching. I love that you can keep a journal. You can use your own coins or have a digital toss. I will be gifting this app, along with a set of coins, to any of my friends who are ready to take charge of their lives.
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4 years ago, Ourant
A Rewarding App
Something is wrong with the app when it comes to accessibility. The app is great but the creators are non-responsive, which is a bummer. The iching is a gift to those who come across it. It can be used as a daily meditation or a consultant or both. For those who trust it as a muse, they will find great rewards and writing that initiates motivation and tackles boredom. There are some typos. If the creators of this app are reading, I'd totally copy edit it for them but (like I said in the beginning) they never respond to emails or comments. Too bad bc this terrific app could be that much better...
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7 years ago, Waveformula
Invaluable Navigation Through Life's Changes
I've used this app for years, on multiple platforms, and I can honestly say it has been indispensable at times when decisions were difficult or consequential. Given a simple contemplative question, the I Ching will provide exactly the advice you need, and this app has all the power of any other form of the book. It is also a great compliment to other editions if you consult another favorite. Highly recommended no matter how you engage with the I Ching.
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5 years ago, BrilliantByrd
Great Wisdom, Sub Par Journal Sorting
Firstly, the author does a great job of translating the ideas of the I Ching for us through the text in this app. Answers come swiftly with a few taps and when you are tuned in and trusting your guidance, the delivery speed is welcomed immensely. The inability to know what the reading is about once saved in the journal by simply scrolling the entries is a giant drawback. One must open every entry to get the description because the only information displayed is the date of the reading and the name of the first card of the reading pair. 5Star app with simply the ability to easily scroll the journal, let alone the addition of actual sorting features.
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6 years ago, FloydianEngineer
Bless you. Ching, I.
The iChing would have never changed me like it has the past two years, without this charming, straightforward designed app. But what has most brought me back to consult from it’s Wisdom, again and again is the superb literary style, particularly the precision and economy of words by the app’s creator. Magnificent! Five Stars. Hmmm. I may have already rated this app, but it’s only gotten better for me. So...whatever. Accept it. Snuggle up to it while you surrender to the Tao.
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4 years ago, OMGDC
Love It!
I already had BBW’s book and was throwing the Oracle when I discovered this app. I love how it streamlines the process and how it has the journal entry so easy to use. That has been a major benefit to me. I also love how I can have it pick a random Trigram for me which makes for a “What does the Tao want me to know right now?” type of Oracle without throwing a full I Ching. All in al it is fun and easy to use. I’m glad I purchased it.
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3 months ago, colearc
The App shuts down while saving comments to your journal!!!!
I have owned and found this app useful for a number of years now. I’ve known Walkers translation since 2002. However the development team has dropped the ball and failed to make the App function for users who save there dairy notes. For the last several months the App has shut down and not saved my entries. Imagine spending 20 minutes or so writing your thoughts only to have them disappear once you push the Save button. Most sadly, I can’t recommend the App.
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5 years ago, DrKate aka The Rock Doctor
No Support :(
I have loved and supported this app for years. I have referred others and gifted it several times. Now, the journal screen freezes and fails to save a new entry. Closing and reopening is necessary. Thankfully, six or seven years' worth of old entries are still present. I wrote support several weeks ago and am disappointed that they haven't responded. I see other reviews with the same issue going back ten months. I'm sad. This was a perfect app. 😢 PS I'm on iPhone 6s+ running iOS 12.1.2
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5 years ago, App Reviewer 43
Wonderful App but now crashes
One or two IOS updates ago my I Ching app stopped working! It now crashes a few seconds after opening. The developer’s website has no contact us information, so this is a last attempt to draw attention to this issue. I purchased the bundle, but mostly use the I Ching. Please restore to prior functionality. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Sunsay
Best I Ching App Ever
I have loved the book and was excited to find the app. So surprisingly relevant for every consultation, this is my Go To for every time I want to get centered and gain a helpful perspective...as good as throwing the coins. BTW there is a research on the physics of the I Ching, a scientific basis. But the best credibility comes from doing actual readings and seeing how they specifically relate. Also like how you can save and email the readings.
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8 years ago, Blues-Jazz-Rock-Blur
An App For Fine Tuning One's Relationship with the World
I've used this app for several years and have found that paying attention to the hexagrams for the day has paid benefits in how I treat others as well as myself. The hexagrams allow one to pause with a perspective that is larger than oneself and learn the many avenues to interaction with the world start with our attitude.
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2 years ago, joshuaisa
The depths
It’s not hard to see how this is a pause of such things as tho life gets carried alway by with legs or by the sea we need to remain calm at ease in away that we can read. This is not as an answer as such things that will come easy but it take it time or effort. No double work, not one thing is worth double work.
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4 years ago, CMRnow
Don’t like new font
Something about this makes it unpleasant to read. There’s no reason this has to match the book font. Reading on a phone or tablet is a different experience. Could you at least give an option in preferences to go back to original?
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5 years ago, tinkmetpan
Truth and knowledge of the East
This book goes back so far and it’s beyond insightful!! I’m thankful that it came available on the App services! It’s just an eye opener and serves a deeper connection of better understanding in the tools to be skilled in every day life events, it gives you knowledge and perspective that is useful which guides the mindset away from the destructive habits that we tend to be comfortable in.
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3 years ago, mhNYC
They’ve fixed all the bugs!
I’m back to loving this app again. It’s wonderful it’s a good companion. They fixed all the bugs they had earlier, and it’s been running smoothly. This is such a great little thing to have to help keep you centered through the day. I highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, ithinkyouhaveaproblem
I Ching or Book of Changes
This is soo much easier than all the years I tossed the coins and thumbed through the Richard Wilhelm Translation seeking its counsel. Thanks for bringing this ancient wisdom another step forward into our fast paced time. Not to say there is still not a tremendous depth to be mined from the English version by Cary F Baynes when one may wish to understand the more profound.
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2 years ago, YoYoDeux
Beautiful and Always Provocative
This App is written beautifully. It is each time a softened zen koan, provoking thoughtfulness, resolve and resolution in it’s iChing interpretations. Whoever wrote it did a wonderful job. I go through periods when I consult regularly, then leave it for months, but it never disappoints. I am always drawn back to the quiet resolution that the writing invokes.
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9 months ago, Dax Anonymous
There are no instructions about how to use this application.
As an example, I want to toss my own coins. It doesn’t tell me how to input that information into the app. It doesn’t tell me what to do with the hexagrams once I have located them. It doesn’t tell me how to keep a log. It doesn’t tell me how to go back and check past history. Needless to say I am frustrated. No manual no instructions. It is not user-friendly. I like the concept of the app but it doesn’t meet its promises.
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3 years ago, acao
Spelling autocorrect is here!
Thank you so much for the update! Even as a tech-adept writer and editor, I struggled to hit the right keys when typing my thoughts in the journal. The spelling autocorrect feature is a great improvement to an already wonderful resource. (Also, deepest thanks from a former Brooklyn “lifer” who moved to Mexico thanks to the eerily prescient guidance of the I Ching.)
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4 years ago, neurotictoaster
Great App!
I love this app, always offers sage advice. Good interface and everything. Only suggestions would be to enable sharing via alternate app(gmail) and incorporating dark mode. These are minor things that could be improved but I recommend this app to almost everyone I know who’s looking for advice to get through the times, good or bad.
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6 years ago, Mtn. Laurel
I have used this app for years and love it. Since the last update it will no longer load on my iPad. Hope you can fix it! It has now been a month and I still cannot load since the last update. I have removed and reinstalled and restarted my iPad. Wish it would work. I really loved it!
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2 years ago, topologist
Good counsel in times of need
I use this app for daily reflection. The Truth will always come from within, but when the clamor of The World is loud, this app brings the still, quiet voice of The Way into the foreground. Update: nice update in the preferences section help with readability and keeping it fresh.
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4 years ago, Truckhaven
Overall I dig this app and use it a few times a week. I paid for the upgrade which now is confusing because I’m still getting asked to upgrade. Look, if I pay for your product, use that money to create a proper functioning App. Seriously I’m trying to be Zen but to be zen I need to overlook a poorly designed app that is trying to sell me the upgrade that I’m currently using. This is 2020 right (not 2010).
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8 years ago, Clmb65
Great tool for personal reflection
I have been using this app for two months and have found it to be an excellent tool for reflecting on my personal growth. The hexagram interpretations are straightforward and apply to a variety of situations. If you are looking to become more mindful within your daily responsibilities and relationships, this is a winner.
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3 years ago, Leerae59
This app is wonderful
The information that Brian has pulled together here is well written and easy to understand, and the tosses are the same when done in person. The ability to save a journal, and email a message is very helpful as well.
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2 years ago, circlefx
I use it and it helps
I don’t do horoscopes or anything else, but I do consult the iching when it comes to major life decisions. Very often it is uncannily on point, and even when it doesn’t seem so, still good advice. This app and the translations are excellent.
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8 years ago, Heehee haha
Next best thing to manual
I like this app. It's the next best thing to manual consultation of the oracle. I do not know if the random generation of the hexagrams is as effective here as with real coins or yarrow sticks, but if it is, it is much more convenient. You still must have a quiet, contemplative space and meditate for a bit to be in a space of consciousness where you are open to what will be revealed to you.
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8 years ago, Turnip73
Very helpful and insightful
Whether or not there is any predictive value to the I Ching, it is a beautiful vision of the way the universe is structured and is helpful to anyone willing to read and ponder its truths. This app is attractive and easy to use and has excellent translations and explanation of the I Ching diagrams and changing lines. I use it any time I need guidance or calming.
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5 years ago, The Moorestowners
Thoughtful and versatile
Remarkably thoughtful interpretations of the text and nice to have the option to use the app or throw your own coins for an interpretation. The healing words of the I Ching amaze me every time with their acuity and relevance. This app is well worth it and prompts me to gift it and send the book to a few friends, too.
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4 years ago, Rippy801
Love it.
I love how simple this app is and it looks good too. The translation is great and I really like that you can save entries into a journal to reference back to later. I have the whole set of apps (which I also love) and I hope to see this feature added to the others sometime.
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7 years ago, Lis340
First Rate
As a long time user of the paper version of this oracle, I was skeptical. But this version is beautiful and highly accurate. Really. I depend on it frequently and have found it reliable for guiding me at life's crossroads -- at least as well as any other oracle. And I love that it is always with me.
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2 years ago, HoloBean
Asking thoughtful questions gets meaningful answers
The automated coin throws seem to work out well. I receive meaningful answers to my queries to the I Ching and usually are very helpful. This translation is concise and I use more detailed translations to get further insight.
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7 years ago, very_old
Handy useful easy and accurate
I've used this for two months and have incorporated it in to my week as I weigh big decisions and transitions. Easy navigation, good journal feature, and full instructions on how to throw coins yourself if you don't want to use the app's coin-toss.
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8 years ago, Peppercampbell
Beautiful translation
This is an accessible and deeply insightful rendering of the I Ching for English speakers. The app is easy to use, but I don't like the way the pages slowly turn every time you open it. Maybe I should use that as a reminder to slow down...
Show more
7 years ago, golden cindy
Much better than others out there
I've used the other I Ching that's out there by those people in California with the weird pictures and never truly liked it but this one here is very sophisticated and genuine and I'm enjoying it very much.
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7 years ago, firedanser
So better than ever expected
I've used the I Ching for years and assumed any app would be fluff and not be able to capture it in a real way- was I wrong. Great app with serious content. Some of the navigation could be smoother but totally worth buying!
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4 years ago, joyoustoo
Excellent translation
I have many translations of the I Ching, and this is the one I now consult most often. It offers calmness and direction during chaotic times. This app is also great to have when traveling.
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1 month ago, JohnnyV8
I’ve used this app daily for will continue to do so.
While the original text is good, options for saving entries is rigid and makes saving hexagrams in the journal impossible. But I’ll continue using it because the competition is worse.
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4 years ago, Merilee R
How is it possible that my friend and I discuss virtues and decide that we both need to focus on Grace, and the very next day I consult the I Ching and it tells me that Grace is not a pillar on which to build upon but rather a crowning jewel!?!? I immediately called her and told her that It Knows!!!! And It is sincere.
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7 years ago, I-G-N
Works Quite Well
Started using this after reading Man in the High Castle. It's turned into an exceptional tool that I've found great insight in, especially in times when a situation becomes frustrating or confusing.
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5 years ago, Libra1023
The Iching has been my greatest divination tool for decades. The book that is used here is one that I have consulted since it was published. I have but away my pennies after finding this apt. the toss is always right on target, aligned with the Tao and the interpretations excellent!
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5 years ago, ALnJart
Good app with some glitches
When you get your consult numbers and you click right there at first or second number, reading comes always incomplete. To get complete reading I have to go manually to the left side bar. Only then it comes complete.
Show more
5 years ago, pmrus
Always brings me peace
I’ve had this app for years, used it many times, and I love it. It’s calmed me down over and over in stressful times (very stressful, the past three years) and helped me to be kinder and saner. Can’t recommend enough.
Show more
6 years ago, ViVaVera127
Just like the book
I've been using this book for years and was excited to find such an easy to use format for my phone. I love this app and use it often
Show more
6 years ago, Cody15951
On one hand im happy this exists
On the other hand, i dont feel as if this is worth the 6.99 i paid for. It has quite a few bugs most notably when writing a journal entry if you leave the app for a second (for example to check the spelling of a word) then go back you lose everything youve typed.
Show more
6 years ago, Raggedrose
Last update broke this app
I have used--and loved--this app for many years. The last update has rendered it an exercise in frustration. While this is good for my spiritual progress, it is not a good way to spread the Way. Please fix this app so it doesn't snap shut every time one tries to return to the journal after viewing a hexagram.
Show more
4 years ago, the_real_nikster
Brilliant app
Having used this app lightly for a few months now I have to say it’s truly perfect. It’s better than any website I’ve found and right here in my hand, well designed. Flawless, really.
Show more
2 years ago, Kweiday
Master Crane
The display is too busy. I have difficulty in seeing the red changing lines. And sometimes the hexagram lines themselves. Otherwise an excellent app and commentaries. Especially like the additional text at the end from the HuaHuChing.
Show more
5 years ago, Dragonfly2060
One of the best I Chings ever
A profoundly beautiful interpretation that is also crystal clear in its recommendations, all complemented by pithy quotes from Wu Wei. While I will always hold dear the Wilhelm-Baynes version I discovered as a teenager, I use this one far more often now. It is a gift and a transmission.
Show more
1 year ago, DanielSanculi
Part of my daily practice
This is one of the best books I’ve ever read, it’s part of my daily spiritual practice. I toss coins every single morning for advice on how to live my day.
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