IBC Bank

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International Bancshares Corporation
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11 months ago
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User Reviews for IBC Bank

4.63 out of 5
10.9K Ratings
9 months ago, MsMarvel29
Fantastic Banking App
I have downloaded this app numerous times on occasion just to look at my balance when my laptop wasn't available & didn't register my phone. The last time I downloaded I registered my phone, I can't tell you how easy & precise the App is to the actual IBC website. You get all the information, notices, features & updates. Plus the site is secure & safe to use. I would recommend the IBC app to anyone who banks with IBC or is considering changing Banks & is needing to look at there banking needs when a laptop is not accessible. Thank you for a great website. dpetunia29 😎 👍
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2 years ago, Zebram
Does not work well with iPad
iPhone no problem if you don’t need a transaction number when paying bills. iPad is a different story: bill pay launches a small window but the information inside the window is oriented for full screen viewing which means you have to navigate to see information designed to be seen without navigation. When navigating from one pay amount field to the next pay amount field the screen re-centers in the window which means you can no longer see who you are sending the money to! And when you go to the verify screen you can’t see the pay to and amount fields at the same time! Finally you can navigate to “change payee information” and enter new info but you can’t save the changes! FAIL These problems have existed for many months, support is aware but no update to remedy the problems. Bottom line: since I can’t fire the programmer I will fire the bank and take my business elsewhere
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5 years ago, 19bonnie
Mobile deposit issue
Mobile check deposit process is ridiculous, you make a deposit at the begging of a work week just to find out they put a hold and won’t clear out till the end of the week. I never had any issues when I started depositing until a couple of months ago that they started putting holds on my payroll checks. The first time they put a hold on my check I called and supposedly they put a hold on it for like a week because of the holidays which was a ridiculous answer since I deposited 2 checks at the same time but only one got cleared. When it happened again I called just so they can tell me that they put holds on checks over$200 which isn’t a good answer since they never put holds on my checks before. The bank needs a better mobile deposit process or at least train team members to stick to one story instead of making up one every time someone calls with the same issue.
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2 years ago, cthor1999
App overall.
App is normally very accurate. Very quick to update. One of my credit cards sometimes the payment takes too long to come out but it’s only that one so I don’t think it’s this apps fault. However. You can be completely screwed over using this app. At one point I thought I had just been saving my money really well and decided I had earned the pair of boots I had been wanting. Turns out the app was down all weekend and I ended up just have 7 dollars left after buying the boots. No apology no message sent out to consumers using the app. Honestly the only thing that’s upset me so far and it was a big one. Couldn’t pay my phone bill.
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4 years ago, Hem Ramachandran
Great generic app
Need to add face recognition please. Need to be able to apply for a loan from the app. Complementary credit score information should be provided. Should offer cashbacks to debit card. Should have the credit card be able to see from the same account. Should be able to pay the credit card from the checking account. Should be able to chat with a representative from the app. Should be able to status check of aloan from the account. Hope all this will be implemented soon. - Hem Ramachandran, happy user and IBC bank retail employee.
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10 months ago, sellthehousesellthekids
Definitely needs work
The free checking is great, the locations, they are plentiful. ATMs, everywhere … but the app definitely needs some updating. The fact that two people, both whom bank with IBC, cannot transfer funds between accounts on the app nor online and have to resort to using 3rd party apps like cashapp or PayPal to achieve said goal, all the while paying fee after fee, is absolutely ridiculous and completely unacceptable. They don’t partner with Zelle, so that’s out of the question. So yeah, the app gets one star cause I don’t need an app to help me reorder checks. I need an app that allows me to do the things I’ve done at other banks on other apps. Please for the love of god, let’s welcome IBC to the 21st century and try and get more than check ordering and direct deposit on the app people.
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11 months ago, meimei b
It’s a good app
I like the app, it’s good and it allows me to check my transactions and everything. Though sometimes it can be a little glitchy but it’s just minor things that don’t bother me as much but can be annoying at times. I just wish it had a feature where we could email the bank and such, but ibc seems to be more of a calling type of bank. I also wish I could email documents instead of having to fax, would make things much easier. Especially if it was built into the app. But overall the app is pretty decent and does what it’s supposed to do to an extent.
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5 years ago, HazelArtist
You have to request some sort of verification to be able to use the mobile deposit service, a service that is near impossible to find and I almost always forget how to get to IF I decide I’m desperate enough to use it. Did I mention it can take up to 11 days for mobile deposit to go through? I almost ALWAYS wait over a week! What’s the point of the app? It’s only function for me at this point is to check my balance. Bank apps are meant to be convenient, but there’s nothing convenient about waiting a week for your money to deposit- may as well have used the gas to drive to the bank and deposit a check there. This app needs a HUGE redo before it will actually be useful- an appealing layout, easier navigation, and MUCH quicker mobile deposit.
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2 years ago, Laurennlindsay
It’s a huge pain to try and transfer money to people or another bank without having to wait several days for it to clear. And they place a hold on everything. I was on the phone with the bank and they helped me through the transfer and hung up and as soon as they did I had a notice flash up saying they had a hold on my account and to call back in. I spent over two hours dealing with this just to have the transfer show up twice on my account. I have two charges of $35 for insufficient funds that they won’t take away. It’s annoying and stressful. Now instead of having what I need I have less than half because of this. It’s ridiculous.
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1 year ago, RabidCrabs
IBC Bank and Apps
Of the 3 banks I work with IBC and it's apps beat American Heritage and FBoPawhuska by a good bit. Got in a tight spot several months ago with Uncle Sam breaking it off in me causing me to get overdrawn and IBC covered me without dinging me $35 every other charge letting me keep more of my money to get back in comfort zone much quicker Love being able to turn my card on/off via my phone and notices of charges via push notifications letting me stay on top of potential thefts realtime
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3 years ago, Micamonster89
Good bank but the app needs major updating, no push notifications, no travel set up, it’s extremely basic , you don’t even have access to your routing number or account number whenever I need it I gotta go look for my checks that I don’t use .. leaves you wanting so much more tbh Update, I’m constantly confused because even though I don’t do much purchases my transactions get all messed up like one day I’ll get a deposit then I’ll see it added then a few hours later by total goes down or it stays up but then the deposit disappears. Or it’s there but for some reason it doesn’t show on my total. It makes me concern that I’m loosing money and I can’t even tell!!!!! I use this card mostly for savings so I don’t really touch it but I swear it concerns me
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3 years ago, MonicaMMA
Easy, efficient and fun
I like the new look of the application and the easy way to access my account. I would love that the options to transfer and quick pays have an explanation about the operation to make sure I’m using the correct one. I want to pay my rent to a different bank and I find only the option to send check instead making a transfer, I would hope there was an easier way. I want to see my money discounted when I sent the money out and no until the check is cashed. Hope you can develop those options.
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2 years ago, GalaxyRush427
Everything It Needs To Be
I have no gripes with this app and it’s functionality, it’s my first ever banking app and I think it does everything it needs to do in terms of giving you information and laying the ground work for all of your purchases and accounts. I just wished the control app was embedded within the banking app to have everything uniformed and there for you in all in one app. Nevertheless it’s everything it needs to be.
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1 year ago, cmk24578
Easy to use
Easy to use as a guideline to what's happening in my account. The withdrawls from locations show up very quickly once I've made a purchase, but pending approval of course. Helps me to be sure I'm the only one with access to my money. And while the password check is tiresome, "Remember me" button never seems to remember, I am assured only I have access to my app too.
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2 years ago, salsercr
Reviewing the app
While the app serves basic transactions, I would encourage the team to look at other apps, that provide easier maneuvering and more options online. It would be good to have a place to see your account numbers and routing numbers. It would be great to have debit card control in the app as opposed to having a second app for that. I’m coming to IBC from BBVA USA and the app was very robust and professionally done. Again, the current IBC app is good for basic functionality but it could be so much nicer with a little effort. Thanks. Chuck Salser
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4 years ago, Nixoony
Very Impressed
It’s very clean and organized. It’s clear as knowing where to go with such ease. The app itself has additional perks rather then using the original website. Runs very smoothly on my phone; also works terrifically when you change tabs; especially while selecting options and other stuff on the app. I like it very much and will continue to use it.
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2 years ago, Elmisol
Needs improvement
I have been having trouble setting up person to person transfers .I had messaged customer support and they helped and said that it should work but every time I try to set it up on my phone I keep getting the same error message it takes me to an error 411 or something like that please log in again.I have tried logging out and logging in and it still does not let me I keep getting the same error over and over again it is frustrating.I end up having to use my other bank institution and I write a check to deposit to my friend instead.
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11 months ago, I💙Romance
Do not care for this Banking App or bank
IBC online banking is crazy. When we pay online bills sometimes it doesn’t show up for several days. This is frustrating. It’s not just the app, it’s the entire online banking format for IBC. My husband and I have both spoken about this with each other. If I deposit a check into my account, it may not clear for several days, but I we can deposit it into his account and there is no problem. He can then transfer the money to my account and it’s there with no delay.
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2 years ago, gottago1958
Pretty good app but doesn’t always send me the text for authentication
Overall this is a pretty good app but does not always send a text or an email for the two part identification and authentication. Also I wish they had the ability to upload a check using your phone to take a picture as with other banks. The thing I like about this bank is that they have branches everywhere in my area.
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3 years ago, alvrasa
Money not deducting from “Available balance”
I’ve noticed that i check my balance and it tells me a certain amount but if i make a purchase and pay with my card it won’t deduct the money i spent. I check my transactions and several don’t appear until days later (which then the money deducts) so i spend money thinking that’s my actual balance (what it shows me) when in reality that’s the not amount i actually have. Can someone explain to me or help with this issue? Also I don’t like how IBC takes 2 days to deposit a check into my account.
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10 months ago, ssister 2
I really like IBC bank I like the app on my phone it helps me but I still go in person to the branch the only thing I do on my phone at home is check my balance and check to see if anything has come through that I don’t remember putting down but when I go to the bridge the people are so incredibly nice I really like this bank
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3 years ago, Ethan_👑👑
The IBC app makes banking way easier with its user interface and the services it provides. Securely handles your account information and gives you access to all your financing needs. The features makes everything easier and as made my life easier by giving me access to all my banking needs straight from the convenience of this app.
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3 years ago, PinkyD123
Mobile Deposit is a nightmare!
The worst! This app is so frustrating! My whole reason for using the app is to be able to do mobile deposits. It almost never works! Practically every time I try to deposit a check, I end up being kicked off and bounced back to my log in screen before I am able to hit “Submit Deposit”. The only time I can sometimes get it to work is if I delete the app and reinstall it. Then if I am lucky, it might work for me but only once and then it stops working again. I am never able to deposit 2 checks in a row. I am so disappointed with IBC banks mobile deposit.
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12 months ago, E758
Very useful!
This app is very useful whenever I need to check my account BEWARE: You do have to login every time you close the app so it’s probably best you write down your password. I would personally like for it to not do that but I understand you need security to be the best when it comes to money. All and all it’s very good budgeting.
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9 months ago, 8694AF
•Wish it had notification each time ••I spend, ••automatic withdrawal. •I would like to have an option send memos to corporate ex. I would like to report a strange ATM aware time date and location. •Send a notification to bank to post I will be traveling outside my zone/city or state just to keep an eye for strange movements after traveling or during traveling. •A map to locate one of you'll branches or ATM
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10 months ago, Annette SA
No complaints
I have been using this app for years now and I have to say that I don’t have any complaints. It never crashes, stop working, or any other annoying thing so many apps do. It actually works every time I log in. It’s extremely user friendly and has a good layout.
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10 months ago, Vida Love
Love it but some issues
Love having this app on my phone to track payments going in and balances. What I don’t like is the deposit side. Why should we wait a week or so to use our cash? Please work on the depositing side and all will be great for me. I work out of state and need my cash ASAP and would be lots of help.
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1 year ago, Rod9187
Limited information/performance
I think there’s opportunity in the account information, I’d expect to be able to see my account number, credit/debit card number, as well as to essential information to link bank in additional apps (e.g. routing number). Also you should be able to do transfer within accounts from the same or different banks with no fee (these should be for granted)
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11 months ago, Dori Stutsman
online banking bill pay.
I had to change accounts but still have online bill pay attached to my old account. Why is it so hard to find someone to switch my new account to my bill pay!!!!! It cost to pay them over the phone at most places and so much more time consuming calling them in. If someone wants to help I need my old account number removed from my bill pay account New one attached so I can pay bills. I’ve filled out all the paperwork and nothing months and months later please HELP
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2 years ago, kari_95gm
Ibc is not compatible with other apps when I want to transfer money - Slow and lack of futures
I want to be able to maximize my amount of payments like in stores o big payments online without calling the bank or going . Also, it you need to able to add apps to the app such as zell to transfer money to other banks . My mom has Wells Fargo and I had to open a Wells Fargo account to transfer money. Well Fargo has it . Guys get it together with technology please . I have been with you since I was 18yeras old I’m 25 and the app looks the same . Thank you
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4 years ago, Natesrate
Horrible judgment of actual funds
The mobile app for IBC compared to other banks mobile app is HORRIBLE. You spend the amount of money that it says you have in your bank knowing that you won’t overdraft but then the next day will come and it will say that you are negative even when you only spent enough to not go negative. IBC needs to work on making their mobile app more accurate with how much funds you have left in your bank account so this won’t happen. This is the reason why I left in the first place and went to BOA and I’m considering leaving IBC again for this reason
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2 years ago, sofia.koi
easily accessible
there are a couple things I'm not too sure how or where to access, but after a minute I'm able to figure it out with no problems. very little bugs/errors and shows every previous transaction with sufficient details
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5 years ago, 100pamarh
I’ve used this app for many years and never had problems with it but when I recently got a new phone I also had to reinstall app and it freezes the majority of the times I access it! This is so inconvenient because once you log in, you can’t even use it or close it. In order to close it you have to turn off phone or access the mobile website so what’s the point of having this if it’s not convenient or easier to use. I don’t know if it’s my new phone or app?
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10 months ago, security concious
Good banking practices
Open another bank account for all online/out in the world card purchases, open a account for auto withdraws, and have your main account, KEEP YOUR MONEY SAFE! Card skimmers are real and out there, separate your assets, don’t let them get everything! Happy hunting!
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4 years ago, capt_hawkeye_pierce
Mobile Deposit Charge
The app it’s self runs flawless but what I don’t like is they charge .50 cents to make a mobile deposit. Every bank I know doesn’t charge you to make a mobile deposit. They actually encourage you to. So they cut down on foot traffic in the branch’s to free up the cashiers time for other things. But not here. If your thinking of opening a new account you may want to try BBVA. I push all my employees there when opening new accounts.
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5 years ago, Yoyoyo wassap
Upgrade needed
This app NEEDS an upgrade it tells you it has so many options yet I can never find one I can’t make transactions from one account to the other one it doesn’t have fingerprint it’s difficult and it takes you to other websites. I am even thinking about changing banks because every other bank has a really nice app that allows your trips to the actual bank to a minimum and has a bunch of easy to use features. Y’all need something else cause you’re falling behind IBC
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3 years ago, ClynnnW
App Rating
This app gets a big fat zero from me. I always have to reset my password. As this not my primary account and I do not use it but maybe once a month or so. Without fail I have to reset my password, due to,to many attempts to login. Which usually means I have to call customer in order to take my account of hold. But guess what they don't have extended hours. Which means I have to make special effort during during regular business hours to have my account unlocked. Big problem for me as I usually reconcile my accounts and pay bills.
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2 years ago, Bigey.Mimis
Amazing app
I’ve never had issues since I started using this app. It’s so easy to check your balance and recent transactions, that is what I mainly use it for. I love that they added both Face ID and passcode feature for logging in. The passcode is the best now that wearing a mask is a norm for everyone.
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11 months ago, Magic112478
Great Bank and great app
I’ve been banking with IBC now for 23 years and they have kept true to customer service and providing their customers with up to date banking needs. 110% recommend IBC to any person looking for a secure bank that offers great customer service.
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10 months ago, Bethere58
Always the best
I check my account several times a day due to previous frauds, this way makes it easy to stop them in their tracks, I love the ease of using the app, you can check for things by amount or by name, best I have used
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3 years ago, Jose Caps
Great app for my buck
Helps me check on how much I have and the fraud team checks up on me for any unknown purchases which helps me stay on top of things that aren’t right. Just don’t like one thing that it takes a few days or more to take your money out when you make more purchases.
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2 years ago, christyt77
Really good quality
The app makes everything so much easier to check how much you have in your account and to transfer money from one account to another. There’s times where the app slows down or repairs are being made but other than that this app is the real deal.
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10 months ago, anhiamjc
Thank you IBC
I’ve had this account for over 30 years, actually before it was IBC, we were grandfathered to it from Rivervalley. I find it so easy to bank on the internet and feel very confident that my account is secure, please continue your great work.
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4 years ago, Romiha
Never Know What I Have in My Account
Two years ago, this was never a problem. I bragged about how quickly and accurately IBC ran their app. Now it sometimes shows I’m OVERDRAWN. That’s not even supposed to be allowed to happen?! The app shows it happens constantly when it’s only truly been overdrawn twice in the last five years I’ve had my account. Not to pull a Karen but with the holidays approaching I don’t have time to question whether IBC has their crap together this week. I’m sincerely considering closing my account. It angers me and disgusts me that much.
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2 years ago, Some difficulties but it's a good game
Love it but there can be some glitches
I absolutely love it! There can be some glitches here and there as in sometimes there’s money added when there shouldn’t be. But overall it’s great, easy to log in, and it shows all transactions. I trust it!
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2 years ago, Cyninsa
IBC Mobile App
I really like the improvements IBC has made to their app recently. A few quick navigation icons to quickly do functions like mobile deposit a check. I can’t make edits to recurring transactions though and need to delete one.
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11 months ago, snaggybunny
i’ve banked with ibc for over 7years, starting when i was in high school & the only issue i’ve ever had was someone hack into my account but i’ve heard that story from other banks as well. ibc didn’t give me any issues and they reimbursed me back my money and allowed me to change my account for safety. every since i have never had any issues and the app works just as well, im able to transfer back and fourth when needed & they give you a head of time notice which days they will be working on the account
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4 years ago, aaaasaaabbbbbbbbb
App is good
The app is good, but they do charge you .50 cents for a mobile deposit, which is ridiculous and then hold my paychecks for seven days. I have to call every time I mobile deposit for them to release it and they tell me if I come to the bank there will not be a hold. What is the purpose of the mobile deposit??!! No other banks hold any checks for seven days nor do they charge 50 cents per deposit. Four years of dealing with this, think I’m going to change!
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3 months ago, Monavertiz
IBC Greatest Customer Service
It’s always a nice feeling to walk into the bank and get a great feeling when everyone said’s hello and they show empathy to all their customers during this Pandemic crisis. Thank you for showing kindness and goodness IBC employees and Thank you for your service.
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11 months ago, cassthebeer
I love IBC but the app is so buggy
All last week it asked me to verify my phone, which hasn’t changed in almost 2 years, every single time I logged in or used faceID. As far as technology its also very behind the times in what is available and most times you end up having to call to do exactly what you need to get done anyways. I mean I need the app to see my balance daily since I’m a college student living paycheck to paycheck, but it is just an inconvenience most times…
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