ICCU Mobile Banking

4.9 (53.8K)
104.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Idaho Central Credit Union
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for ICCU Mobile Banking

4.87 out of 5
53.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Robin1972
Mobile Deposit works half the time
**Updated**. There was a monthly deposit limit on my account that I did not know about. They have increased it and it should work from now on. I hope it does, so far so good. I am at the end of my rope with Mobile Deposit. I own 2 small businesses and have 6 accounts at ICCU. Mobile Deposit doesn’t work about 1/2 the time and I have to drive to the bank. I deposit about 5 checks a day. Why should I have to drive to the bank to do it? I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Logged in and logged out. Called so many times I cannot count. I am about ready to switch banks to a bank with reliable mobile deposit app. I cannot call support every time it is broken and sit on hold for 15 minutes just to be told to login and log out or to try to deposit into a different account. That is not acceptable. My Iphone is less than a year old and keeps the apps up-to-date. I am super frustrated.
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3 years ago, PHE and CRE
Connie Eastman
Excellent professional interest from each and every individual I have ever worked with at ICCU, no matter which Branch! No matter what time of day! No matter how difficult or simple what I need to take care of! The occasional: “sorry for the inconvenience” while you work on things in the middle of the night, is no problem because I know that very soon everything will be available on line. It’s so simple to transfer from one account to another, or to use the ATM’s. Things have been very difficult for us over the past year and so many things have been so changeable and unpredictable, but our relationship with ICCU and all of your help has brought calm and peace of mind that I have depended on. Without Our Great GOD and ICCU, I most certainly would have been sunk many times. Thank You All for your guidance and help😌
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7 months ago, sttub wubbz
Longtime User
I’ve been with ICCU since I was a kid and there’s no other banking service I’d ever use. I’m a dedicated customer even after moving to a different state. They’ve always been so kind a professional whenever I’ve experienced financial trouble. I know I can depend on them whenever I need their help. The app is very simple and easy to use. I like the fact there aren’t tons and tons of options to choose when using it because that can get very confusing for me. I know exactly where to locate things. No changes are needed for me. Please keep the app like it is. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
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10 months ago, InYourFaceAction
Great online banking
It’s amazing for online banking but could use some updates or upgrades. I’ll deposit a check online but doesn’t show I have the money for 30 mins or so at times but will let me spend it. Sometimes my pending transactions aren’t calculated into what I have left even tho it knows I spent it. Had a few times I paid the credit card after business hrs and couldn’t use what I paid off till the next day and was still charged the late fee. Most the time it didn’t, but those few times it did were during the worst times for me for it to happen. I still haven’t had to step foot in the bank for years at a time unless I needed to withdraw large amounts. Going on trips out of state I could just call ahead of time to keep my card from getting flagged and locked for suspicious activity. Great work but needs improvements
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5 years ago, -----s**
Mobile Deposit
********** Update *********** This issue seemed to have been fixed for a while, but it recently started crashing again. Once I get the picture of the back taken it pops up and says “you have been logged out - for your security your banking session has timed out due to inactivity”, and it boots me back to the login page. Please update again soon and make sure this problem is fixed! ****************************** The app is great EXCEPT... with the mobile deposit, when I try to take a picture of the back it never captures it automatically, I have to wait for it to give me the option to do it manually. Then after finally getting the picture taken it crashes every time!!! Mobile deposit is the only way to get money into my account since I don’t live near a branch! PLEASE fix this issue, it’s been happening for far too long now! Update the app please!
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2 years ago, Don't reinvent the wheel.
If it Ain’t Broke…..
I’m a fan of the bank 100%, but every time they touch the app they break it. Most recently, the change to the transfer screen. It used to be very minimalist and simple, and it worked very well. This most recent change makes it very confusing to look at and it takes almost 10 times as long to do a transfer. When you click on an account and click the “transfer” or “make a payment” option within that account, it is no longer the default “transfer to” option. On top of that, the app is poorly optimized, so the new animations are very delayed and cause the whole process to take unnecessary long. I understand a want to keep a competitive edge, but I’m not in my mobile bank app because I want to watch a movies worth of animations. Usually, I want to make quick transfers or review my account. The new changes have made those simple actions feel more like a chore to complete.
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4 years ago, Ianrek
This is becoming ridiculous.
I recently reopened an account with ICCU when I turned 18 and I have been quite disappointed with the app. Don’t get me wrong when I am logged in and the app is working it is a fantastic interface, it’s the getting to that point that is the problem. Countless times I have opened the app only to be logged out again, when I go through the process of logging back in I ask for the device to be remembered for future use and it stops me because the name I chose has been used before, I only use the app on my personal phone which makes this quite frustrating. I also have a constant issue of the app not even bringing me to the login page and telling me to try again later, this continues to happen even when I verify that I have a stable connection as well. All in all I am not impressed with the app because of these issues.
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1 year ago, RaspRoc
Beat banking app but....
Edit: They’re making it worse. The CardControl function doesn’t work at all. Got a notification that a purchase was denied and the function doesn’t show and activity on any of my cards. Please stop making it worse. There wasn’t anything wrong with it. It’s like rearranging a grocery store. Not convenient at all. I’ve been able to add memos to transfers since I began using this app almost a year ago. But in the past few week it won’t let me. Very frustrating. You can add memos after the fact but it doesn’t display the same. Very inconvenient. Hope the devs can fix this. Other than that this app is crazy good. CardControl, credit check, clarity is stellar. I highly deny this Credit Union. The customer service is awesome.
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2 years ago, Atomham
Stop telling me I've been logged out!!!
Developers, please get rid of the "You have been logged out" step. Of course I have been logged out if I haven't been using the app, that should happen. But when I go to the app I just want to log in anyway, just let me log in... it is irrelevant that I have been logged out because when I go to the app I obviously want to log in or I wouldn't open the app in the first place, so making me agree to this step seems unneccessary. Whenever I pick up my locked phone it deosn't tell me "Your phone has been locked" and then I have to click "ok" and then I can unlock my phone, I just want to unlock my phone. So why do it on this app? Everything else is great!
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5 years ago, TiredSloth
Love ICCU, irritated with the app
Seems like it's crashing a lot lately. Just tried to deposit a check and it keeps logging me out or crashing half way through. I saw a similar review and it was responded with "others don't seem to have this problem", but I think others just aren't voicing it or haven't tried certain features yet. Usually I'd just hop on my laptop or go down to ICCU but I'm currently out of state, so now it's an issue that I can't get around, hence my rating. Update: i reinstalled the app and it fixed the previous problem. However now it constantly says "unable to authenticate". Still works, but that notice will pop up like 3 times before I can even log in. Not sure what's going on there.
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2 years ago, gcbgirl4him
New app update is AWFUL
I am seriously so frustrated at the new update to the app- the transfer page is HORRENDOUS! As someone that has well over 15 accounts (we use different accounts for our various spending and savings and businesses), I cannot tell you what a pain it is when moving our money around. It’s so slow, the drop down menu for both to and from is ridiculous and takes forever to find the correct account, and it’s so clunky and inefficient. The old way was simple, click on the account you want to transfer money from, next page, click the one you want to read after to. Is there any way to go back to the old app version? I have been with ICCU for 7 years and this update makes me seriously consider moving to another bank (yes, it’s THAT bad).
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6 years ago, CyclingSista
ICCU delivers again!
***UPDATE*** Since I wrote this review, recent changes have caused aggravation. The mobile deposit feature keeps crashing on me. In addition, when I turn the check over to snap the back, it keeps telling me to torn the check over...even though it has a good snap of the front. I realize this is first world problems... but annoying when I’m leaving town for two weeks and want to deposit funds to gain access to them... grrrrr. I’ve been using this App for quite some time and really appreciate how it has helped simplify my financial transaction... from the quick peek to check my balance to the mobile deposits which saves me a trip to the branch. ICCU has made improvements since the introduction of the app, and I appreciate that also.
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3 years ago, Poppinshug
KISS method
Overall the GUI is straightforward. What a pain to function in iPhones widget for quick view. It works about 80% of the time now. Latest update and now I cannot make any memos on mobile transfers. This was already a frustratingly clumsy interface and now it just doesn’t work. Come on ICCU, bring the #1 player in our state with a $5 billion market cap is it too much to ask for a seamlessly functioning mobile app? If it weren’t for the two issues: iPhone widget issues and ability to write memos in mobile transfers, I’d give it 5 stars.
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4 years ago, The Elitists
Needs some updates
This app is okay, but compared to other banking apps I’ve used, both the app and website lacks a lot of features. The most glaring and frustrating issue I’ve encountered is the fact that I’m not able to delete phone numbers in my contact information, which has lead to some frustration concerning receiving text codes to old phone numbers. I should be able to delete phone numbers I no longer use, but for some strange reason this isn’t possible. I’ve also noticed sometimes the app gets stuck on the loading screen and I’m unable to see my account balances or make transfers. This app needs to be updated to improve user experience as it pales in comparison to other banking apps I’ve used, and I’m limited in what I can do with this app.
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3 months ago, Idahomars
Great support. Bill pay is lacking 1 feature
ICCU is great to work with. They are all polite and well spoken and very helpful. I love being able to do everything on line. However I do have 1 gripe with bill pay. Years ago when you went to pay one of your payees it used to show you the last time you paid them and how much you paid them. This is very helpful and keeps me from accidentally paying an invoice more than once. Now that feature is gone and I need to review all the entries in my checking account to see if I paid the bill or not. Please bring this feature back!!
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6 years ago, Bruce.88
Horrible update.
The new update is horrible. When you tap an account to see your transactions your account balance appears in large numbers across the top of the screen. No reason it should be that large just makes it easier for someone in a congested area to be able to see my balance. As well the descriptions for transactions are larger as well. Maybe for lager phones it is fine, but for smaller phones, I have to click on each one to be able to see the full description. All I get now is point of sale. Before it was better. I could see where the sale posted from without having to tap each transaction. Otherwise the app usually runs well and works well.
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4 years ago, Flatr8
Less features than it once had
It was a fine program, would’ve given it five stars, but in the past few months, it has had features removed. Now, if you’ve a loan through them, you can only pay your whole loan balance in one transaction, plus principal on top. A few months back, you could pay however much you wanted, a nice plus for people who wanted to do multiple payments a month. Another thing that once was, that is no longer, they used to graph your account balance for the past 6 months. Oh well, it still works, I suppose. EDIT: now you cannot pay more than just what you owe. It was set up after the previous change that you could, say, pay 400 toward a 300 payment. Now you’ve no choice but the bare minimum. What’s next?
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4 years ago, pmw2479
Loan Dept needs work
Some months ago, I was working on a home loan with you guys. In the end, I had to go elsewhere because your loan people were misquoting regulations involving VA loans. I did a review like this before and was asked about service. I enjoy the credit union but I can’t recommend the home loans. I was contacted and asked about what happened. There was no follow up so I can only assume it went nowhere. My father recently inquired about a construction loan and couldn’t even get a call back. He gave up and went to another lender. Even if you sell these loans, the credit union is losing revenue.
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2 years ago, Taga pinsao idi
Great when it works…
This app is so convenient while it works. 95% of the time when you transfer, you get stuck on an endless loop. It says later on that the “last request timed out”. No matter where, what time, signal of the WiFi or carrier signal. The transfer works most of the time when you are in the bank or close to it. I can’t send several screen shots to prove my point. I like the app… just frustrating when your doing your bimonthly budgeting.
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5 years ago, BartStar187
Due to some very rough and personal issues that my wife and I have endeavored this year, we have been extremely tight financially, first time we’ve ever been financially struggling. However, our account was overdrafted by ONE CENT. One cent, and I dont get paid until the 5th. They have charged us 20 dollars every day because of the one cent over draft. I’ve been with ICCU since my parents set up an account there for me as a child. I loved ICCU, but with other issues that we have had with them, we are done. The second we can go to another local Credit Union that we’ve been talking to that will actually HELP us and won’t charge us for a one cent overdraft and won’t be complicated with the other issues we have had with ICCU that we have discussed with them, we are leaving. I’m tired of dealing with ICCU.
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6 years ago, Moclove
Card control
I like the app except for the card control portion. I recently had my wallet stolen and needed to lock my cards. So I logged onto the iccu app and clicked on the card control tab but then it took me to a separate app that I had to download and apparently I had to register and enter the card number. What! I couldnt enter the card number because it was stolen. It makes no sense why I would have to go to another app for card control when I’m already logged into my accounts. This needs to be fixed. My other cards were so much easier, I logged on and tapped the lock card button and that was it. ICCU it would be very helpful if this feature was updated.
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2 months ago, Apple_user0327
So frustrating. Can’t wait to be rid of ICCU.
I have had so many issues with making payments to my car loan through this app. Two months in a row it didn’t apply my payments even though I had screenshots of the confirmations. Now you can’t make same day payments from external checking accounts anymore. If you have an ICCU account it will let you but not if your paying from a different bank. It forces you to pick a date in the future. On top of that, the app no longer shows loan details until after you make a payment. These are just the recent issues, there are constantly little issues popping up. I’ve had it. I look forward to having this car paid off and closing my remaining ICCU accounts.
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2 years ago, Smileyspencer
Minor Bug, Please Fix!
I think the app is really great. Everything works pretty much as expected. Unfortunately as a financial app I understand higher security is required. This means using Face ID or manual login per entry. I experience an issue with the latter, specifically when I use 1 password, it autofills for both fields but when I select login it erases the password field and requires entry from 1 pass again. On the second login it succeeds but for as often as I have to sign in I find this very frustrating. Please fix this issue! I would really appreciate it! :)
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6 years ago, Er.kbradley
Love ICCUs App!
This app makes my life so much easier! I love the balance peak feature that just came out and over all it's simple, easy, and quick to use. I appreciate being able to adjust balances between accounts on the go, and being able to check up on my budget. Thanks ICCU! Edit: I did lower my rating to 4 instead of 5 because I feel that this app is frequently "under construction" and unavailable. Other apps simply give an update to download while ICCU shuts down the whole thing for a day or two. Kinda annoying. But still worth having the app for when it does work!
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1 year ago, Nick Name___
I have had the mobile banking app with ICCU for a long period of time. Almost every time I log in it requests that I verify my device. I am ALWAYS using my smart phone and have had the same phone for years. I have to keep changing the device name because I say the same device every time and it says it’s already saved that device but I still have to verify A device before logging in EVEN THOUGH my device is verified and is the SAME DEVICE. So I had to start changing the name and I am getting really annoyed with this. TBH not crazy about the update on the app either.. get your app right. Also the available balance next to current balance I noticed is gone. It takes DAYS almost a week for a charge to show up on any of my accounts which didn’t used to be the case. Now being extremely conscious of what I spend seems to be the only way to keep track because I can’t check my account to view how much is ACTUALLY available. Whatever this “update is” I don’t think you’re improving the app but in fact making it useless for its users. FIX YOUR APP
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1 year ago, Mctwist13
New update doesn’t show available balance.
I hate that I have 2 credit cards with this bank and when I go to look at my balance it only shows me what I owe. It used to show how much was available as well as the balance but now I have to remember which card has which spending limit, then do some math to try and figure out how much I really have available. I just don’t see why they changed that feature. I would like to know what I have down to the penny rather than pulling up my calculator or doing some mental math. It’s a quality of life feature that needs to come back. Not to mention the app constantly struggles to load the transfers page. I know it’s not my Internet so it must be the app.
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4 months ago, Barb& Mayn
Caring for your customers
I’m so pleased to be a part of the ICCU! Customer service support is always so positive when working with the agents. No problem is too small or too complicated. Whether on the phone or in the credit union trying to get an issue resolved, I am treated in a kind and courteous manner. I always walk away saying, “they really care about their customers!” Most importantly, things get resolved! Thank you for your stellar service! I just love the ICCU!
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1 year ago, Simple Simon the Pieman
Decent app, but periodic issues including incorrect balances
It does the trick, and is better than the website. Has been improved over time. Good app in terms of design! That said… Every once in a while, the first authentication attempt (using integrated Apple authentication mechanisms) will fail. This is nearly always fixed by reopening the app. It’s almost like there is a bad node in a load balanced pool, or something. A *MUCH* more major problem that I have seen within the past month or so is that current balances show outdated values. Transactions will go through just fine, but this is not reflected in any way in the app until several days later. I have not checked the values in the web version, so not sure if this is specific to the mobile app or not. Regardless, this could be catastrophic to someone who needs to carefully track their spending!
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6 years ago, Olsen795
This app is everything you need!
Idaho Central Credit Union has by far one of the best, in my opinion, apps on the AppStore available for mobile banking! The app is extremely organized and easy to use, the mobile deposit feature works extremely well too. Paired with Card Control I can control all of my accounts, pay my bills, and manage all of my finances without stepping foot into an actual bank. I highly recommend ICCU and this app to anyone who is looking into mobile banking.
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2 years ago, WimpeeGirl
Super easy to use app. My daughters (8 & 14) both have savings accounts that earn while they sit untouched that I can transfer money into whenever I want. I have my checking & savings, & my 14-year-old’s checking accts linked for easy, immediate transfers, debit lock for misplaced cards, & easy monitoring. I also have my alternative savings acct from a separate bank linked to it for easy transfers (takes 2-3 business days for external transfers though).
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5 years ago, .:;(?;()$)4467
I couldn’t be happier
The ability to check my accounts from my phone is incredible! I can see my balance from the second I launch the app and then do all my transfers and bill paying right after I log in. It loads quicker than any other banking application and definitely pleases me more. I have been with ICCU for over a year now and there hasn’t been one time we’re they disappointed me. Their service online is just as good as their service in the store!
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5 years ago, moskidmore
Best mobile/online App in Idaho
I’ve had several different banks/credit unions in Idaho and all of them have crappy mobile apps and online banking. ICCU has the best mobile app and personal finance tools that I’ve seen out of all of the other institutions. Beating out Westmark, Zions, Beehive, Citizens, WaFed, & Bank of commerce. This bank is the only one I’ve found that integrates with Mint’s personal finance app as well. My favorite feature is getting instant mobile notifications when my or my wife’s debit cards are used.
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6 years ago, Asti1969
Rebuilt my Credit changed my life!
About year or so we walked into the branch and began the Journey to put divorces behind us and start to rebuild about 6 years of poor choices. Score was 410 for my wife and 522 for me! Now we are almost debt free and are in the low 700’s. We got the house, went to Costco got water softener on credit, replaced our secure credit card with a real one! Now everyone wants to give us credit! Now I get to say NO!
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9 months ago, Wish1CouldPlay
Hands down the worst app experience I’ve ever had
This stupid application is CONSTANTLY forgetting my device. When i say constantly, i mean almost every. Single. Time. I. Log in. And you can’t use a name for your device that’s been used before so if you have to use your banking app multiple times in a day then you better be creative with making up names or just accept that it will never remember your device and do a mandatory 2fa whenever you use the app. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times and it fixes the issue for a little while but never permanently. This is where i bank though so I’m stuck with this i guess.
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5 years ago, Rambow_L
Convenient but TOO many security updates/checks
I use an iPhone so my fingerprint is necessary to login. I feel like that is some pretty sound security but ICCU doesn’t think so! This app requires 5 security questions which have to be updated 2-3 times per year. Also, none of the security questions are intuitive. “Mother maiden name?” And “Name of first pet?” ARE NOT available. Instead you’ve got “Address number of first home?” And “first phone number you remember?” Like I’m going to remember that answer and whether I capitalized it 6 months later! Hahahaha Also, the email verification for identity never works and I know they have the right email... I’ve checked upwards of 10 times. Come to think of it... I’m pretty sure they stopped offering that option for identity verification anyways. I know it’s my money they are protecting and I appreciate the due diligence, but it’s excessive. I wish I could opt-out of some of their measures, or at least have alternative options that fit my preferences.
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4 years ago, Jeff, senior
Easy to use so it is easy to keep current what is taking place in my finances. Have been with the credit union for about twenty years and have used a variety of their loan product including real estate, several automotive loans, personal loans, etc and have been very satisfied. My two sons belong to the credit union so transferring funds to them is simple. Comes in handy at birthday times, Christmas and special occasions. Will probably be a member until death.
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5 years ago, macepj7
Disappointed after updates
This app was great until the last few updates, each time I get on the ICCU app it requires me to. Completely enter all of my information again instead of allowing me to use my finger print to login. It says it’s been awhile since I logged in, even if it was only an hour ago or the day before. Sometimes it doesn’t even recognize my phone and I have to register my devise again.
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2 years ago, freckled dawn
I absolutely love ICCU. Gave up a lifelong relationship with Wells Fargo to be with ICCU and the honeymoon continues! I recently did a refinance to have all my debt in one location! Went wonderfully well. And so happy and even have the payment pulled out twice a month. I don’t even have to think about my mortgage payment anymore! The folks that work there are always so polite and courteous. Very helpful! I highly recommend this credit union!
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5 years ago, JSquared208
I love ICCU!!!
I love everything about this bank! The tellers are friendly and helpful. The app is my favorite part!! Deposit checks with a photo, accepts ApplePay transfers. No charge for paying bills. You can track your spending and create a working budget. There are so many cool features; I haven’t even been able to use them all and I’ve been with ICCU for over 2 years. I recommend this bank to anyone who hates banks. ICCU changed my mind about banking!!
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6 years ago, Crazygixxerman
Like when I can see what I have pending when I make a purchase ... I used to be able to see a more updated purchase transaction on my credit card but not it seems like it is lagging more than a week behind when I make a purchase. Sure it shows up in my CC app but it doesn’t show what my current balance is with pending purchases! It would be nice to see what I have pending like my debit purchases. Chase seems to have it locked down with their app. Just saying!!
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7 years ago, Crime breaker
We were referred to by ICCU by our real estate agent Steve Jensen. We had our accounts at Advantage Plus Credit Union Pocatello but that was not convenient. Ever since we’ve been with ICCU the service is been fantastic and when there’s a problem they are right on top of it. They are very professional and all of the tellers plus Eddie who set up our account we’re just wonderful. I like the idea of not having to wait for a card to be mailed
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4 years ago, ripvanwinckle
Lost their way
This app has become a platform for advertisement rather than a banking app. 3/4 of the most usable top space is blasted with advertisement to other products and services. Not just on the balance and accounts screen but on every other menu or screen clicked on. What used to be a fantastic app has now become a cut and copy of other poorly designed apps that value people as numbers and clicks with high adoption of new services. I just want to click on my app, look at my balance and make payments etc. I don’t need a social network or whatever they are trying to be. Fix it or I’ll move to bank that cares about customers.
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5 years ago, Kortni121
Last update broke it
It was really nice having my account balances viewable without having to log in. The past few weeks i have not been able to use this app at all because the widget view is just white boxes with grey blanks where the numbers used to be. Then when i do log in it just says “unable to retrieve accounts” and i deleted then redownloaded the app and still have this issue. If the app were working its great but for me now it doesnt even function so i cant check my accounts at all using the app.
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1 year ago, The Biggest BFD
Best bank in my life.
This company makes everything so easy and transparent. These people make me want to do business with them because they are fair and reasonable. I’ve dealt with all of the big boys and some of the local credit unions. I’ve never felt this well taken care of before. Great experiences every time!! And, no, I don’t have a vested interest in say these nice words. It’s just facts.
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11 months ago, Crowbearbear
Best service by far
I have been with this bank since 2018 and I have never had any issues that IDCU could help or figure out a way to get it fixed. Every representative I have spoken to always has a friendly personality and helpful advice and if one person didn’t know the answer they would find it for you. Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, Jweighall93
App deposit doesn’t work
I continue to go to make a mobile deposit but your app won’t load my account and just sit at the “about remote deposit screen” I really don’t want to use my other bank to mobile deposit but if I have to I will. I have tried updating the app, deleting it and re-downloading. Still isn’t loading my bank account to make a deposit
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7 years ago, Occasional gamer
Apple Watch app needs help
Fortunately I do not seem to be having the same problems as others with the iOS app, however the watchOS version is a different story. The only function is to be able to "peek" at the balance of selected accounts and it doesn't work reliably. Some days it will connect just fine, other days I have to fiddle with the app on my phone then back to my watch to get it to work, only to have it not update after transactions are made. Love the idea; hate the implementation! Please fix this.
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4 years ago, Lamb2112
Can’t view the checks I’ve written anymore!
Recent update eliminated my ability to view the checks I’ve written. Used to be able to touch the little check picture and see the actual check I wrote on the screen. All I can see now is the amount that cleared my account. Yes, I have a check register to write it in at home, but my mobile checking account app should be as mobile as I am so I can see this information while I am away from home. Please bring this feature back.
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11 months ago, nikon #1
I was born here, I started my banking with Bank of idaho, then first security bank Then Iccu, I realize Iccu is a credit union and not a bank but it’s literally a night and day Difference. All their staff is top notch, Very kind as well as professional. Love the app. Bill pay ect. I believe a lot of businesses can learn alot from the level of customer service provided by Iccu. Outstanding. Proud to be a member.
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6 years ago, FroWhite
Works really well
Update: The new update looks much nicer, and the Touch ID is a nice touch. I like being able to scan in checks! Very easy to use. Original: Nothing special, but handy to see all your info and transfer between accounts on a whim. Room for improvement when loading multiple recent transactions, it would be nice to load like 100 at a time.
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