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User Reviews for Authenticator

4.33 out of 5
99.9K Ratings
3 years ago, 3rd.GEN_CO_Native
Hooray it’s not Google!
App works smooth, probably the number one factor and best factor of all is it is not a google product! Website is quick for uploading documentation for verification are use for the VA in the military purposes but I also use it as a regular second factor authentication app. I’ve had the app for sometime now I have never had any issues whatsoever, never received an email making me feel like my PII is not safe or been breached, I feel safe with my information being where it’s at for verification purposes. Even Apple uses their verification for security purposes as well as the government. I wish they would implement a password generator and storing within the app would be amazing too!
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3 years ago, Unimpressed/Unverified
Unbelievable Unverified Unemployment
This app is pathetic! I consider myself to be relatively computer savvy and am able to navigate numerous new and familiar apps and websites on a daily basis- BUT THIS-it has me going from link to link and is only allowing me to complete steps 1-3, then taking me back to the sign in screen, and then only to steps 2 and 3. I can only imagine the problems others who don’t use the internet or aren’t as familiar with these type of websites will be faced with! I’m literally ready to just give up and forfeit all of my unemployment money that I’m entitled to because this app is seriously about to cause me to vomit from dizziness after being looped around in such circles! All I want and need to do is upload an image of my DL and let you verify my identity…this shouldn’t be so complicated! If like me you’re given no other options besides, “ if you want to get paid do it, you’re smart figure it out” then GOOD LUCK!!! Apparently this one requires something more than computer skills and internet navigation competence, general knowledge/common sense, above average reading/comprehension skills and the ability to follow directions as well as more patience than could realistically be required for such a “simple identity verification that takes MOST people only a few minutes to complete” so for everyone’s sake I hope I am a very lonely minority with all these issues!
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3 years ago, shjhdxhysvh
If I could give it 0 stars I would, this app is useless. It doesn’t let you do anything after you sign in other than: add another account, setup facial recognition, or to rate the app. The “help/Support option sends an email that they return with an auto generated reply apologizing for the delay and that you request is important to them. I’ve gotten 5 of those automatic emails thus far and it’s been holding up my DES for 3 weeks now. They claim to have 24/7 support, yet they do not. We are simply at the mercy of a system that cannot handle such a large volume of requests/functions during Covid-19 and this is hurting a lot of families. I don’t know what else to say or do at this point other than to plead for them to stop adding new requirements in the middle of this difficult time that causes further delays, I completely understand why these policies are in place but they need to properly function and they simply can’t. Another added stress to everything else happening lately.
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3 years ago, guy424
I just am trying to verify who I am for unemployment
I don’t know yet how this is going to turn out but so far I have been nothing but confused with the site how it works and really what the government or state room unemployment office gets from it . I’veProcrastinated doing this for three days now and finally today have to get it done at first the main website had me stuck on shop I’ll think of a website that helps somebody know that you were you wouldn’t have a random weird shop. And now I spent the last hour trying to figure out where I go to get started and what I actually need to upload her deals to that I can verify who I am and upload a document saying exactly that to unemployment so I may get my benefits. I have yet to figure out where to actually go and be prompted what it is that I exactly need :( I’m gonna explore the site more and hopefully find where it is I’m supposed to be or just write the support an hopefully can be helped in a timely matter! Good luck to anyone eles who is also struggling!
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3 years ago, aahleykswaneyemojiquees
I’ve had good experiences so far, however I have a question..
My husband was contacted by someone claiming there was a grant available called the “Home Care and Family Support Grant” sponsored by IDme. Asked for his IDme login info. Even said if he didn’t have an IDme account they would set it up for me. It was all through Facebook messenger and you pay the shipping and through fedex you will receive your money. Went to the trouble of sending videos of someone counting money using a machine but didn’t show their face. This is a scam right? Has anyone else heard of this?
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3 years ago, DotT7729
I cannot print the words I would use
This is the worst app I have ever experienced in my life first of all someone not me entered my name incorrectly and I cannot edit it so of course I cannot verify my ID because the name is wrong my last name is hyphenated the two names are not my middle name and last name Second I can’t get it to work from my mobile phone so I have to use my computer Third there is no list of what the error codes mean and there is no help other than a botThat is programmed with about three sentences I have been working on this thing three hours it’s never gonna work and of course TRWC doesn’t have a number you can call not that they’ll ever answer they’re too busy are you get us there were too busy recording and there’s no one here to help What a great scam to avoid paying unemployment
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3 years ago, NikkyQ
I wish I could give this app negative stars
I can whole heartedly believe the government is going through this site just to delay getting benefits. I have never seen such a more horrible site to navigate in all my life. And for it to be THE ONLY way you can verify your identity to get benefits?? When it used to be the DOL sends you a link to verify your identity. There’s not enough curse words in the world. The whole site is a complete loop and just links to guides that show you what to do when you get to the process of verifying your iD BUT DO NO LINK FOR YOU TO JUST CLICK TO START THE PROCESS. Support is absolutely useless and takes so long to even respond and I get it they are backed up but I’m pretty sure if the site wasn’t so horrible to maneuver on you wouldn’t have so many support tickets. FIX YOUR SITE ITS AWFUL.
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4 years ago, GoBigbee
Dumbest app ever! Completely incompetent!
This app is not worth the one star you have to get it in order to submit a review. You can put in all the correct information and you’ll still have to hold for over five hours just to get verified by one of their representatives.I sat on hold four times for over 3+ hours only to have the app require me to sign in again and start the process all over. It should be illegal to have someone hold for so long just to verify their identity and get resources needed during a pandemic. This is a ridiculous process! We should be able to go in person to show identification! In opinion this app needs to be trashed and the developers need to go back to the drawing board and try again or hire more workers to meet the demands of its clients, but sitting on hold for hours on end is a clear indication of epic failure!
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3 years ago, Delmas and Siri
Bogus app
This app is the worst ever created no help any where this stupid iPhone puts up this content blocker and you can’t use it all thi frivolous technology to make things complicated it’s absolutely a waste of time we shouldn’t even have to pay taxes on what land that we don’t own the first person who sold and bought land for the first time is a con artist and thief he didn’t own the land if that’s the case when a person is born their entitled to a piece of land no charge becasuse that’s what the first person did it’s all fraud and all you people are falling into it
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3 years ago, hgd sy
Over and over and over and over again......
I have been trying for 4 days to get verified, I understand they have to do certain things to help stop fraudulent claims, but for us people who have ligitimate claims, it’s crap !! I have repeated the process over and over and instead of having enough reps at ID. ME to help those who need help, you have to wait on hold for 5 hours plus, yes, 5 hrs. ,and pray you can get thru (which I cannot), why do I have to loose money? So far it’s been 2 weeks worth of benefits, going in 3. It’s definately not fair !!!!!
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2 years ago, iD me big hassle
This company wants business for the government services being in way that basically import reach anyone If any problems arise during process. They have no way contact someone emails week or but that’s just sorry you having problems. If you change phone you can’t log back In and delay many of your important things needed to get it done quickly. I can’t change phone or email and you can’t get any irs or edd account. Cause big life damage Finacial I hope someone will sue these guys soon lots people loosing money and time because this id me company. Go to directly to government website whatever you trying to do and create accout instead . Big marking and they want to download their apps
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3 years ago, 1 M WLF PK
I’d give this app ZERO stars if it was possible! You may as well have to submit your blood, your parent’s blood, your first born’s blood, your left arm, and … you get the point. The camera functions ALWAYS say there’s glare, when there isn’t any. The video function ALWAYS says the background has glare, even when using a matte black background, and the amount of information they ask for to simply verify your identity is beyond intrusive! A government issued, CA Driver License, along with a picture should be more than enough. I can’t believe this app even exists. First off, the EDD should be blamed for agreeing to use this app for identification and the developers should be hung on television. This app is more annoying than stupid people…JESUS!!!
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3 years ago, Femi999
Phone number basically determines my identity?
I’m uploading all the documents required and putting in all the information required. I have had a change of phone numbers and I no longer have access to the number and I currently have not gotten new service. Ive tried every number I can think of and it has denied my identity every time. How?! Im literally providing important primary documents and uploading real time selfies of my face to prove its me but a phone number error can cause for my entire process to be denied and rejected? This is frustrating me and its delaying my process to be able to receive my unemployment. I have bills to pay and I feel like this is being taken as a game! Please fix this!!
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2 years ago, kababotom
So far so good !
This is a very complete screening application that covers many personal aspects of each individual yet its quick , it should really help many people in the future..... After further experiences with it a couple of days later , I'm still trying to iron things out , I can't say that their not being extra careful , thats a fact !
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2 years ago, Varookie
Worse experience ever
I have never had this much trouble getting into a system. It’s the worst experience I’ve ever had. I can’t imagine if an older then me person that is not tech savvy would ever be able to get in. I have no idea if it’s accepted or not accepted as I have received both messages simultaneously! One of the phone one in the email. What kinda of rubbish is this. I have spent two days and lost count of hours trying to figure it out. Cannot ask for assistance cannot call anyone, submitted a request for help and still no help. Frustrating beyond words can explain. This is my livelihood and therefore should be considered somewhat important to people and help should be available.
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2 years ago, Khaleesi Targarian
I am tech savvy. And the IRS has made creating an online account for myself beyond ridiculous. I had to submit my credentials several times because the names didn’t match when they very clearly did. And then because the Face ID on my phone didn’t work I had to do a live interview. Which it took 24hrs to get that email. And then when I clicked on the link for the live interview Inhad to wait an hour and a half to speak with someone! All just to prove it’s me trying to set up and get access to my own IRS account. If I’m a millennial and this was hard for me, I can’t imagine how hard this is going to be for people from an older generation who may not have the same tech skills.
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3 years ago, MesaMaddy2021
You have my life at your fingertips
I have uploaded my driver’s license, my passport, my birth certificate and my social security card. I completed my credit history and confirmed my current address, my birth date and my mobile phone number and you still cant verify its me. I keep receiving a notification that there is a problem with my mobile number to where you have sent (and I’ve responded) at least 10 notifications this morning. I even provided a selfie. I am now required to do a video call for which there is a 5 hour wait. Ive worked in NC for 30 years and NEVER applied for unemployment. WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT??? I am 3 months late getting unemployment. Can I offer you. Kidney? Im becoming desperate.
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4 years ago, Jake81499
Dangerous app.
This app is a complete invasion of privacy and is an invitation for identity theft. I tried to get it to work yesterday because the VA supposedly uses it for verification to get meds through the meds app. I never could get anything to work after many tries. I tried again today and it stated asking for photos of passports, verify credit history, pictures of drivers licenses and more. There is no way on gods green earth I’m going to give them that. I also noticed that it gets two kinds of reviews. Either 5 stars or 1 star. That tells be someone is writing reviews for them. No thank you. I will be complaining to the va over their requirement for this app and I would encourage others to do the same. This app cannot be legitimate.
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3 years ago, A Mark's Salon
Unemployment Florida
Horrific this is the most unsecured and dangerous app and processes ever created. This is a horrible tactical process that the governor in acted to kick everyone off the unemployment system. This should be reversed by the governor immediately. This is a crime punishing hard working business owners trying to make it during this pandemic. I am a honest hard working small business owner trying to do everything correct and cannot get back in to my account. This has caused me to lose my payments from unemployment that I have worked hard for my whole life. Taking away the help that has been granted to us by the cares act. The governor of Florida should be removed immediately. Recall the Florida governor.
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3 years ago, kdice7
This app was clearly made to stall benefits not prevent fraud
This app is being used by certain states to create a road block and prevent people from getting unemployment benefits. They claim to prevent fraud. The thing is it’s complicated and has taken me an over an hour and I’m not sure if I have completed the verification process. I just get stuck on one page. No prompts or anything. When you verify by email you are sent to a shopping section. Nothing to do with government ID. Anyone who isn’t tech savvy will surely give up and not finish the process and go without benefits this children going hungry utilities not being paid. This is unacceptable. Most elderly people have never downloaded an app or had to upload a selfie video.
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2 years ago, Toukuss
It’s taking over everything
By the end of this Covid ID me will have everything! Insurance company USAA, IRS, VA, Social Security, EDD, my healthy vet, what next! All of this in the last two years plus the other million changes we’ve allowed! What happened to the world yell yell yell. God help us if it ever gets hacked! You spend more time trying to get into important websites every three months changing passwords and what not than actually doing the work Computers IT making things faster and easier? I miss my commodore 64. Who’s to blame I think everyone under 36 years old🤬
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4 years ago, s U C k S
Beyond Awful
I am a physician and I was required to use the Service because my electronicamedical record provider chose them for security for physicians to use when prescribing controlled substances electronically. My iPhone X stopped working and I had to get a new phone. The app would not work on my new phone. Understandable. The problem is that there is no number to speak with anyone to fix the problem and you have to use email. I have a busy office and I sent an email 24 hours ago and I have heard nothing. I have found, since the day I initially signed up with them, that they are really good at filling your email inbox with junk mail and advertisements. Quite the bottom feeding business plan.
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3 years ago, Mountainbirdgl
This Website is a Joke
The easiest possible process in all videos, shouldn’t be a struggle.. Unable to upload ID photo because it only offers me the option to do so if I am a nurse, military, alumni etc. Contacted support about 11 times, get a robot that send you links each time with a generic email advising me to do the same thing I’ve tried to do 20x plus. Lame. If you’re bored and feel like cranking your nervous system, have some old boards you’d like to karate chop but need to get angered first, or haven’t had the balls to let that one special person in your life know how you really feel because your too zen to say so.. then this is for you.
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1 month ago, Mr. C-Dub
With all the technology available this is what we need to use to get our government to start giving us our money back after we work our whole lives for the day we can finally start getting our retirement benefits? Come on man! We can do better just ask AI for help. When you live outside of the USA other countries don’t ask for your SSN or any other information needed to sign up for this service. This isn’t user friendly and needs to be addressed by whoever is in charge of this service. Very disappointing to see this happening with the ones that have worked so hard just to get this type of service.
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2 years ago, oneupsetperson
It never worked for me
I have been trying to use this app since last year ( while I was payed off I went back to work for almost a year now laid off again and I need this to be able to contact unemployment) it keeps telling me that I’m signed in somewhere else(which I’m not ) and ask me to sign in again then tells me my account is suspended. They keep saying a service agent will contact me but it has never happened almost a whole year later and still don’t work and still can’t get anyone to help me. They only send me a email telling me they are sorry it is taking longer than expected
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3 years ago, fuuuuk uuu
I, like a lot of people am pretty computer savvy. This is hands down , the worst app and company web I have ever used. Most things are done digitally now, and I’ve used many for work, none have given me such a ridiculous run around like this one. It’s disgusting that States have contracted this horrendous company to verify our identities that provide absolutely no customer service/help. If you cannot figure it out, well then you are not going to get verified, and whatever is pending is going to stay pending . This company has to be reported to consumer affairs, your state, and local news. What kind of third world country are we living in here??!!!!
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2 years ago, REVIEWING 98765
Not user friendly! i’m sure it’s a great app once you figure out how to use it if you ask for help you get to talk to it guess what a computer! after numerous tries I finally got a picture that was clear and was acceptable I finally have an account to use with the IRS however this ID account does not give clear directions so I dare anybody to use it and be completely thrilled with it. Unfortunately the government has signed a deal with them or something so that’s one of the few ways you can get onto the IRS site and hopefully do something. 🤐
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3 years ago, shanika Davis
It’s not letting me do what I need to do
I uploaded my photo I uploaded my picture I uploaded my Social Security number and submitted it and still nothing and keep giving me different ticket numbers, and keeps sending me the same messages stating that they’re working theirBest to get my ticket number which this been since March 2021 me and my kids homeless right now I have a four-year-old and a 10-year-old going from house to house I’m glad that diapers DCP didn’t get involved yet, Because of your delay and I’m sick and tired of trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong and I did everything right still I cannot claim my benefits in it’s sad
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3 years ago, dot zero
Horribly redundant
I have been trying to just update my address on this to actually use it because my address is out of date…. It’s been three unsuccessful days. I have had to upload my id 4 times and it still wants me to upload it again even though it’s “verified” whatever that means in my wallet. I can’t change my address because the 4 government issued ids I have don’t meet the requirements for some reason. I tried to do a video call and they just rejected the call because one of the three ids I had uploaded was a hunting and fishing license. Can’t get ahold of any actual humans…. Have fun with this headache of an app
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4 years ago, TɛɛƇ
Doesn’t Support iPhone11?
I’ve tried countless times to upload facial scans and identification photos (.jpg format) but I get error messages telling me that my device type is not supported. An iPhone11, really? Mine isn’t jailbroken or modified from the manufacturer’s original settings. I’ve been trying for five weeks to submit an application for unemployment benefits. The State of California EDD uses this service to produce biometric facial scans of applicants, but I can never clear this hurdle and the 48-hour window closes - meaning I start from scratch. I’ve submitted request for help but all I get is boilerplate confirmations telling me that someone will contact me shortly. I have yet to hear from anyone.
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3 years ago, FORGOTTEN BADLY
Not American
The worst experience I have ever had in life. I have always had a job and showed the needed documentation with no trouble or delay. This app or system is faulty and has huge problems and delays. I submitted an escalation claim and the has to be the BIGGEST MISTAKE/DECISION I have to live with in my lifetime. Nobody told me that a live person will take their time in confirming my information and they have 8 weeks to do their job. So now the holidays are coming up and that live person hasn’t contacted me so guess how my holidays will be? No one will/can help since this app is 3rd party. I can’t help my situation and neither will they. Happy Holidays!!!
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2 years ago, Junior 456$
Too hard to add to a new or different device
Love the app. It affords me the capability of verifying my identity online. However when it comes to adding the app on a new device( either you upgraded our old one or just got a totally new device and/or number)., it very confusing and May as we’ll be rocket science. I’m this day and age it should be a lot simpler.
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3 years ago, Wendysfun
I have followed your instructions at least 3 times and it gets stuck over and over again. I press continue many times and nothing happens. I refuse to download personal information more than once and feel very violated. This site needs a lot of work. Thanks to you I have been unable to file a new claim and unable to resolve an unemployment issue that has been lost in complications for over a year. It is impossible to get through to EDD on the phone. Your app has devastated my life and if you ever need to use it, I hope you feel the pain you caused me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, she hjbb C C
My review Age 60 female
This app has been a nightmare! I am not computer friendly. I am still trying to get the hang of it. And I find the instructions lacking and maneuvering painfully difficult. Being somewhat forced to use this site by my need for government assistance to help me pay for internet services, has seemed very time consuming and frustrating. I still don’t have approval and I don’t know what to do. My provider Cox Cable acts hopeless and unsure. There are no real people to advice it seems. Just AI helpers, who don’t understand my questions. I hope everyone else is more capable than I ! Or God help us all.
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3 years ago, ScrambbledMeggs88
No Support from “Support”
I emailed Support for help on May 24, 2021 at about 4:10pm. It is now JUNE 16, 2021 and I haven’t seen a reply other than the automated “Your email was received, here is your ticket number and we will be in touch within 24-48 hours.” We’ll 23/24 days later I haven’t received any other email and definitely not any type of Support. My need for this is through Unemployment And completing this process is what is standing between me and my weekly benefits. So thank you for the prompt Support and help while I am receiving absolutely nothing weekly and barely surviving! Do you have any support for that??
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3 years ago, thomasvikki19!!
The app is really nice and easy to follow through the process giving options of ways to reset passwords and don’t have to use them every time going into an app. . I would recommend everyone who dislike passwords as much as I do. I go into an app now and all I have to do is type my ID address and the password is remembered by the Authorization app. I love it.
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3 years ago, Iwant2bacowgirl
The only problem I see and it is the more nontech people who are not quite savvy to yr program and you all need a fax number and at least some real people to talk to that can guide people who don’t understand how to use this, I am one of those people I really would like to able to speak to a live person. Thank you Sandra Pitts
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5 days ago, deflower3
Horrible app
This app has only helped my information to be compromised, and probably stole at some point, there’s no Customer service rep and the stupid robot doesn’t help at all, I deleted /closed my profile due to error and errors, and the Florida benefits can’t be accessed easily and on top of all of this the benefits were delayed, and I though I will never use it back . No wonder there’s a lot of poverty in FL right now … Before this app I could easily access the DEO. I need to ask a simply question and since you’re listening my calls and reviewing my pics please reply back .
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3 years ago, Loretta Townsend
Unemployment verification
I' verified me on the 7th of may and still hasn't sent info over to unemployment! I haven't received any income in two weeks already going on the third week now! I've emailed support more times than I probably should have and have only received two back both of them saying someone would contact me shortly! How am I supposed to feed and keep a roof over my lil girls head without any money? I'm going crazy not knowing what we are going to do! I didn't want to give a star at all because of this and the fact that support has done nothing tonrwaove my issues!
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3 years ago, papi_plugs
They still have not verified me. I’ve verified twice.
This is the worst encounter I’ve ever had with any website. I waited a total of 10 hours. I had two video calls and have not been able to proceed with EDD because they won’t verify me. I gave them all my credentials. I even recorded the second session as proof that I completed the referee session. They’re making it impossible to continue with my EDD. I’ve contacted their support on Twitter and they said they would get back to me via email and have failed to do so. Their wait time is between 3-5 hours and I’ve done this twice already.
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3 years ago, soto2584
I’ve been trying ID that me
Do you know an appointment tells you to use this application to get verified and ever since I’ve tried I’ve never got a response back or have them verify my identity to get my unemployment within 72 hours it’s a shame that they tell you to come to this website and it doesn’t do what they say they’re going to do how do you spec to get anything done if a company like this takes forever to respond back to the peopleOr to get things done correctly so how do you spec me to read this app or website if it doesn’t do what it says it’s gonna do
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3 years ago, WishIwereinBahamas
I originally verified on my computer and it said I was verified. I checked later and it said I was not. I have been trying on my computer to verify for several weeks again but the right pages won’t open up. I tried two different browsers to no avail. I then found an option on the site saying I could do it on my device. I went to my phone and installed the app and then it charged me an undisclosed amount snd the app also does not allow me to verify. I want a refund!!! I have wasted several hours and horrid customer service. I also want to be contacted by the vendor because I need help to verify.
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3 years ago, royal f
Poor app
I have tried this app numerous times without success if you have a temporary freeze on your credit reports you’ll be unable to use this app !once you failed the first time trying to load, it will never unlock and reset !! I have reached out to customer service support which is subpar I sent out request for service five times with any successful help they always send out a blanket bulletin that states they are overwhelmed with questions or website help requests and we’ll reach out to you soon bit it’s been two months ? Hum ..just sad
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2 years ago, Infuriated in Ohio
No way to reset
This was easy to set up and use. Until I switched devices and forgot about this. There is not a easy way like send a confirmation to an email or send a confirmation to a number to reset the app on a new devices. This is ridiculous you have to have a zoom meeting and provide several forms of ID. Unsatisfactory customer service it took them several days just to get back to me and then they expect me to jump on a zoom meeting right away. Very disappointed in the government’s solution to protect my information.
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3 years ago, !!!OMG!!! Can it be?
Worst App EVER!
The IOS it utterly useless. Makes me use the URL and go back and forth. You must move between webpages, which becomes very difficult on a iPhone. Last but not least, the information they ask for seems to be used for other purposes then the actual purposes. They want everything…including my soul when I pass away. Now, I’m waiting for a video call and I swear…if it’s a person not native to the U.S…I will file a BBB. These documents are personal and no one should have them, let alone gaze your eyes upon them. This should be 💯 automated.
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2 years ago, msbehavin10
Horrible System
No matter what you do it comes back with documents not valid. Pictures are clear and in correct position for system to review. After spending 20 mins trying to get documents uploaded I still have to go through a document review that is over one hour and 15 minutes to wait to talk to someone. Totally ridiculous of a painful ID process. I have done everything correctly and I still have to wait and wait and wait. Person on the other end is going to get an earful for this nonsense.
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1 year ago, Mastersw0rd101
Don’t use this app
Previously, I did have problems with people who were trying to get a hold of me, but I didn’t know who they were and the app did do that but now I have forever lost the ability to have a voicemail on my phone. It looks and seems like my voicemail is working, but if I declined someone’s call, it does not go to my voicemail so unless you are looking to lose your voicemail forever, I would not recommend this app. Otherwise it does do what it says it does by ID any unknown callers and their location.
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1 year ago, Ghanawebs
This is without a doubt one of the worst apps I’ve ever experienced with respect to customer service. I am a physician and I got a new iPhone and transferred my data from an older iPhone which I uses for multi-factor authentication (MFA (. Neither my password worked nor was l able to get MFA on the new phone. The most wrenching experience was trying to get customer service. The chatbot was useless. The queuing was a joke. Because I need this app for prescribing controlled medications it is absolutely essential to have immediate attention. I am beyond despair.
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3 years ago, Glamtechk
Awful please fix or remove from App Store
It won’t let me do anything. I keep having to go around in circles and can’t get anywhere. Another way to hold up paying people. It’s very difficult to navigate and confusing. I don’t know who idea was this app purpose. Complete waste of time then it has nerve to send advertisements for shopping to my email huh fix my taxes punk site. I don’t need no shopping advice just taxes straight. Then irs site won’t let u verify and they keep you on them dumb phone numbers only to hang up on you.
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2 years ago, ozus77
useless and confusing app
I don’t know why IRS links us with this idme app in the first place? İt’s useless!!!!! I just needed some documents from irs but in orderfor me to retrieve it I was forced to sign up with this ridiculous app. 3 days and stressfull hours later, I still have no idea what I am suppose to do or how to get my documents on this app. I am being directed from One blank page to another blank page. I cant even change my password!!! I tried to get support, they were clueless, apparently they are still trying to learn.
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